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Default Blood Bowl 40k Rosters

Hello everybody!

I recently got into Blood Bowl via the Cyanide PC game and loved it enough that I wanted to get my friends to try it out. Unfortunately, they're well entrenched in the 40k camp and tend to look down on anything fantasy. Less out of malice and more out of not liking new things I suppose.

So this has made it sort of hard to get them to want to try playing a match with me. After thinking it over, I figured I could introduce them to the game concepts through homebrewed 40k teams, thinking that maybe if they learn the game, then they would look on the standard rosters with a more open eye.

So that being said, I've developed rosters for most of the major factions. I will say now that these have NOT been playtested and I don't expect them to be well balanced as of yet. What I have is an attempt to faithfully stat out people and creatures from 40k factions into Blood Bowl players and in the process, create a theme or play style that each team can be defined by.

I'll be back online later to write out my thought process for each team, in some cases I might have options that I wasn't sure on or wanted to use for fluff reasons. My goal was to do this without creating any new rules and I mostly succeeded, creating only one new Extraordinary type skill.

Until then, please read over and let me know what you think!

Originally Posted by Lexington
Ward's writing is the graffiti of an imbecile, scrawled drunkenly on something well-loved, and simply pointing out that it can be true doesn't make it any more palatable.
-Tyranids are a state of hive mind.-
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Ok then, here are my thoughts on the specific lists as of the initial writing.

Imperial Guard
Seems straightforward to me. Of course mostly based on the human team, replaces the catcher with ratlings. This gives a second faction that can use TTM. I'm torn on the Commissar though. He fills mainly the same role as the Stormtrooper Blitzer as it stands, but his iconic nature to the IG and the idea of a rookie player that comes with Leadership standard is an idea that keeps me from removing him out of hand. Any thoughts on differentiating him or giving him a more unique role?

Space Marines
A bash-y running team that can develop a decent passing game. A sort of dwarf-y human team. The Terminator fills a pseudo-Big Guy role, but lacks the nega-traits and and has General skill access. But his extremely slow speed and crap agility should keep him honest.

Sisters of Battle
Started with an up-armored Amazon player as the basis and traded Dodge out for my custom skill Martyrdom. My goal was to give them the ability to do the impossible. Or at least the very unlikely. And the bonus re-rolls will hopefully accomplish that. Also sets the Jump Pack precedent of higher MV, Leap and Very Long Legs.

Chaos Space Marines
A combo of the Space Marine team and the normal Chaos team. Reduction in the number of Beastmen and the loss of the Minotaur for the slower terminator will hopefully keep them just as bashy, but in a more methodical, dwarven style. In return, the cultists provide a bit of sacrificial chaff.

Craftworld Eldar
Really tried to play up the Aspect Warrior theme. Guardians are the ubiquitous linemen. Dire Avengers are the leaders and 'ranged' throwers, Scorpions are the bashers, Banshees are the fast and agile disruptors, Hawks are the faster and agile jumpers and the Warlocks are the mystical support unit. I wasn't able to think of a way to implement Reapers without stepping on the Dire Averngers toes, and Fire Dragons, Warp Spides and Shining Spears either didn't have an easily translatable role. Wraithguard have Really Stupid to represent Wraith Sight.

Dark Eldar
What can I say? They're Dark Elves. Incubi reference the Striking Scorpion/Incubi fluff, filling the same role on the team. They lose the Dump Off running game for the inclusion of super fast and dodge-y Scourges. Mandrakes have Secret Weapon to represent their un-attached nature to the team, bribes representing not Ref bribes, but bribing the Mandrakes to stick around for another drive. Wytches... Side Step instead of Jump Up. This makes them better at the Sideline and just as annoying to get away from your models, just in a different way. The sideline benefit may be too good though. Not sure. Wracks are mostly self explanatory. Add a little more Frenzy to the team which I think is appropriate.

Went with a Caste theme rather then a Fire Warrior/Pathfinder theme. Earth are the basic unit. This makes them play very similar to Humans and the Imperial Guard team. Shield Drones were an idea I was somewhat proud of, being mostly useless, but being great support pieces. Mobile, decently tough, and they boost the effectiveness of all the blocks around them. The Crisis Suit is the fastest Big Guy and Sprint and Sure Feet just adds to that. The idea is that his otherwise average Big Guy stat line and Secret Weapon status hopefully justify having access to General skills, but it might be too much.

Tough. Stupidly tough. But with crappy ball handling skills. No (useful) agility access. No passing access. But very bashy. Sort of like the Kehmri team, but with lower strength. Flayed ones fill a role I'm not quite sure about on the team. Probably will become killers but... lack of S access might curb that. Scarabs are supposed to just be annoying. Pariahs are the stars of the team skill wise, being quick, tough and disruptive. Destroyers are very fast, especially for this team, but with AG 2, getting them the ball could be risky. Spyders are a typical big guy, but just as tough.

Trying to figure out how to differentiate the Orcs and the Orks was hard. Eventually I decided to roll as many greenskins in as I could to put them all on one team, and replace the Troll with a bunch of Secret Weapons. Orks just want to have fun! Included snotlings to hopefully encourage their use as ammunition for the SAG, and the Killa Kan is pretty damn nasty. Deff Kopta may not fit, but I like the basic idea. Cyborks fill the blitzer roll, their lower number should be somewhat offset by their slight toughness boost.

Fast, low armored broods working around a slower and more solid base. Tons of Mutation access. Hormagaunts should make good Markers and Killers, Genestealers are hopefully as scary as they should be. Ripper Swarms are mostly useless, but can annoy opponents and their large numbers make them hard to permanently remove. Warriors should make good mobile bashers while the Tyrant Guard are the more sedentary bedrock of the team. Lictors are the odd man out honestly. Their stat line is hard to justify as anything besides what it is, but it makes them pretty nasty. To counter that I dropped General and Strength access for Agility. Otherwise should function in a similar vein to the Assassin and Mandrake. The Carnifex is nothing but a wrecking ball. A very powerful wrecking ball.

So that's my thought process on the teams. I hope that helps the lists make more sense.

Originally Posted by Lexington
Ward's writing is the graffiti of an imbecile, scrawled drunkenly on something well-loved, and simply pointing out that it can be true doesn't make it any more palatable.
-Tyranids are a state of hive mind.-
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