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Default Letter to Games Workshop

Below is a letter I wrote to Games Workshop regarding Specialist Games. I emailed it to [email protected] but you can easily obtain a region-specific by calling your local customer service team I'm sure. I felt almost helpless when I thought that I would no longer be able to buy BFG without having to trawl the second-hand market for badly painted miniatures so I felt compelled to tell GW, and others in my position how I felt.

Dear Games Workshop,

I love the Warhammer 40,000 universe you have created. Quite simply, it contains some of the most evocative stories and imagery I have come across and I hold it dear to my heart. The miniatures are fantastic and I have accumulated an apocalyptically sized combined arms Imperial battlegroup, heretical warhost and a vile xeno hoard. I was introduced to Space Marines at 11 by my friend in 1998 and I remember gluing together the Space Marines and Dark Eldar of the starter box set. Over the years I have spent more money than I care to write down (I think I spent somewhere just over 1000 between September 2011 and June 2012, when I indulged in the world of cars and the hole in my wallet that resulted).

I love the entire 40K Universe and I own several Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying publications - a great read if only to create themed armies - together with three Battlefleet Gothic fleets and several Necromunda gangs. It is these spaceships and underhive scum that I have the strongest passion for. I remember my excitement when I got the Battlefleet Gothic boxed set and how much I loved reading through the rulebook, looking at all of the fantastic artwork, reading all of the wonderful background to Abaddon's campaign in the Gothic Sector and assembling the beginnings of my Imperial fleet. The miniatures were (and still are) fantastic and I remember reading the comic in the boxed set and then flipping to the back and seeing the assembly guide.

My next foray into Battlefleet Gothic was several years later when I purchased Battlefleet Gothic: Armada on my first pilgrimage to Warhammer World. I was excited to discover fleet lists for Battlefleet Armageddon and all the other lists contained within. I remember the excitement I felt when I saw the Armageddon Class Battleship for the first time and my ability to field Battlefleet Armageddon; the Third war for Armageddon being my most favourite campaign that you have ever produced. I remember buying a box of Salamanders Space Marines from my local toy store but not being able to glue the metal components as I didn't have access to super glue.

I did not live near to a Games Workshop in my earliest stage of my hobby and unfortunately missed out on buying the magazine for Necromunda and Battlefleet Gothic. I did manage to buy a few issues of Fanatic and have since managed to acquire almost every issue of the BFG magazine along with some Necromunda magazines.

I continued buying miniatures and re-reading through my BFG stash until the release of finecast, when I became worried that Games Workshop would no longer support the Specialist Games range, being all metal, and I finally purchased all the ships I needed to have sizable Imperial, Chaos and Space Marine fleets. I didn't just buy BFG as I bought two more Necromunda Gangs, Orlocks and Ratskins.

I was most proud of finally owning the Planet Killer, Repulsive Grand Cruiser, Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship and Cruiser and a Space Marine Battle Barge - vessels that had eluded me until now. My fleet until then consisted of the Emperor class Battleship His Will, 8 Imperial Cruisers, and three squadrons of Sword, Firetsorm and Cobra class frigates.

Just recently, my friends had reported ships being 'currently unavailable' on the Games Workshop webstore and I asked my local GW manager if he knew whether the ships were being re-released, whether there were any technical issues with the website or if BFG was being discontinued. My local manager was unsure at the time so I rang customer support in Nottingham where I head the saddening news that items in the Specialist Games range were being discontinued. I decided to complain and will ask my friends who play BFG and other Specialist Games to do likewise.

I will tell others I have connected with over various internet forums to complain by posting up my email to you detailing my heartbreak in the loss of Specialist Games online. I hope you understand this is merely to expand my reach of influence to other people who feel the same as I do, but isolated.

I realise (or at least hope) that the move to discontinue the Specialist Games was not taken lightly and was a tough decision. I am not ignorant enough to argue with cold sales statistics and feel partly responsible for perhaps not buying more miniatures (although you will insist in expanding your miniatures range). I feel, however, that the creation of the Specialist Games range was the start of the process leading to the discontinuing of beautiful miniatures lines. People were unable to play games of BFG, Epic 40,000, Necromunda, Warmaster, Mordheim, Gorkamorka or Blood Bowl in Games Workshop hobby centers and were no longer able to buy miniatures in store. I realise that with space as a premium and new and exciting ranges coming into the hobby (I'm looking at you Dark Eldar), the choice of what to stock is a hard one to make but I feel let down that Specialist Games became almost a taboo subject with some Games Workshop employees.

I implore you not to allow such a vibrant part of Games Workshop's heritage to slide to the wayside in favour of only supporting the games many love to play, 40K, Warhammer and The Hobbit: an unexpected journey (unless you have already read the books or failing that live in Europe, the Americas or many other countries). Maybe I am in a bit of a flap writing to defend a games system that is currently undergoing a secret overhaul for a Space Hulk or Dreadfleete-sque release (which I will be one of the first in line for), but in case not I write to you to continue selling Specialist Games and ask others to write to you asking what I ask in a show of passion for every aspect of the wonderful world created by Games Workshop including the wonderful Specialist Games range.

Philip Friston-Reilly
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Gothic & Necromunda for me

I also still play WHQ although that isn't in the Specialist range

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I have and want models from ever range, it will be sad to see any of them go. Unfortunately the lack of support makes it difficult to find opponents

can you post the response you get, it would ne nice to see what they say
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Necromunda and Inquisitor for me. Some of the =I= models are amongst the finest minis produced, ever, by any company. I have more than 20 of them, and am sorry I never got more.
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As far as the poll responses go, I'd love to see the specialist range expanded as I've only done 40K in the past and would like to (eventually) branch out a bit into other systems. However, the lack of availability of the models means that no one plays any of these smaller games in my local area (with the exception of maybe one blood bowl game every 3-4 months). I'd like to get into BFG at some point.

And as Cal said, definitely post up a response when/if they send one

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I wanted to get into the specialist range but heard that GW where stopping them. What would be a good idea is that they could update one every year till they all Are updated. Like all everyone else it would be nice to see the reply.

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Originally Posted by revilo44 View Post
What would be a good idea is that they could update one every year till they all Are updated.
That would be a great idea, but they haven't done anything for any of the specialist games in close to 10 years. Considering the size of some of the ranges of minis involved, like Mordheim, Necromunda and BFG, I can't see them ever even doing a rehash as they have done with Space Hulk, as they are just too large to put in a self contained box that requires no further support than that. Blood Bowl might be the only one they get away with doing that to.
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Very sad to see the end of BFG and Epic. Although we will never stop playing the thought that it will harder and harder fo find new models is quite depressing!!

Real Men/Women/Aliens/Heretics/Warp Spawned Filth/Big Scary Space Monsters play Battlefleet Gothic... why dont you???

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I have boatloads of the specialist range miniatures and I'm gong to put them all up on ebay.
The money i make will be put to good use buying miniatures from other manufacturers who support their product lines instead of letting them wither.
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Inquisitor and BFG for me, the first being what got me more into roleplaying and the second because it was a relatively easy way to pick up small games that either did not take a long time to play or could be moved out of the way very quickly if needed (you know, since its so much easier to move twelve models than sixty.)

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
I have more than 20 of them, and am sorry I never got more.
Isn't that the entire range or something?

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