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Default Total Wipeout - Necromunda style

Have been thinking of a way to get more territories to the necromunda campaign I'm playing in. We're 3 players, and the campaign's about 9 games in and whilst overall the income's been ok we're kinda at the limit of the number of gangers we can support without taking a serious hit. So I've come up with a three player race/it's a knockout/total wipeout style scenario. A bit of fluff to go with it, one of the big houses in the hive (Ulanti or whatever) is holding a big competition for the entertainment of the masses. Participants risk limbs and serious injury for the chance to choose the best territory that's up for grabs.

Some pre game prep.

Roll up a number of territorries equal to the number of players participating, the winner gets to choose which one their gang claims, 2nd place gets 2nd choice etc.

Pariticpating players choose (up to) 5 gangers or juves to participate in the scenario. No leaders or heavies. 1 of the selected gangers is nominated as the participant.

The scenario is split into a series of challenges. The first four challenges are run on seperate lanes, each competitor will face their own challenges. The final challenge is performed in the same area for all participants. The rules for the challenges follow;

1) Minefield

D3+3 photonflash grenades are scattered (placed by opponents) across a 9"x3" 'minefield'. The photon grenades have a circular 1" sensor range which if the participant crosses then the grenade is triggered on a failed Initiative test. Running automatically triggers any grenades the participants pass.

2) Shoot the barrel

3 barrels which must be shot. They're out in the open in a 9"x9" area and placed by opponents. The barrels are T3 and need to be wounded once, at which point they explode in a D6" radius causing an automatic S4 hit on anything caught in the blast (including other barrels).

3) Beat the droid

Contestants then face a multiple combat against three very weak robotic/zombie opponents. They have a stat line of 1 across the board, except M4 S2 and LD- (no leadership tests required). They start at a random edge of a 9"x9" square (1-2 left, 3-4 back, 5-6 right). Each must be defeated for the competitor to progress, shooting or CC allowed, the robotic/zombies will simply attempt to engage in CC. and are armed with a single knife.

4) Walk the plank

There's a 6" greased plank across a pit of acid that needs to be crossed next. Max move allowed is 3" on this plank, and any move over 2" requires an Initiative test. Any character wearing armour takes this I test at -1. A failed test means the contestant falls in, misses one turn and has to start the plank again at the start of their following turn. If a model does fall in, on a 4+ they suffer scars, roll a D6 1-2 Old battle wound, 3-4 Horrific scars, 5-6 Impressive scars. (These would be in addition to any other wounds the participant might suffer)

5) The final climb

There's a tower to climb, a tower as tall as your collection of scenery will allow. This one's fairly straight forward, climb up to the summit and the big red button to win. There are however four members of the opposing gang(s) on this tower and the contestants must get past them to win. The npc's are placed by their owning players at the start of the game, but may not be placed on the top level, and they are automatically on overwatch. They will only fire against competitors that have reached the tower, whilst following the overwatch rule. They will fight back if engaged in CC but otherwise will not move or participate.

The additional gangers on the tower also form a reserve in case the original participants are incapacitated, at which point they are magically teleported to the start of the stage where the last competitor was incapacitated, or stage 4 (walk the plank) if on the tower, on the following turn.

Post game sequence.

Any serious injuries apply as normal, however re-roll 'Death' result. There's high quality medics on hand to avoid any potential court cases against the organisers.

Food and drink is provided aplenty for the particpating gangs, but they're all so pissed up that no income or shopping is calculated after this game, there's a big aftershow party!!! Exception to this is the income from the new territory a gang earns, which the leader is keen to go check out. This is added straight to the stash.

Thanks for reading through. Hope it's clear enough to understand what I'm getting at. Any constructive criticism/queries/opinions much appreciated as always. Havent play tested this yet, bit will be doing it this Friday, will post up the group's thoughts on it too.

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Go on, be honest how many people checked this because you thought i'd come up with a futuristic racing game? Sorry, didn't really notice the link there

So what do people think, does it look like it might be fun? Been thinking about adding in a test of strength. 'Carry the boxes', M is equal to strength value maybe?

Update: Played this last night, was a good, pretty fast paced scenario, and allowed for three players simultaneously. Admittedly, it's not a serious scenario. A couple of amendments we made on the fly, the teams were made up of 3 gangers, rather than 5, a few changes for challenge 1 (the minefield) the area was made up to 9x9 and we felt that a 2" sensor range was more appropriate. A few other creases to iron out, we plan on making the tower challenge a bit more complex next time, with a safer, but longer route as well as the route outlined above. We also varied the 'prizes' available, such as an option for a hired gun contract that was paid for or a choice from the rare trade chart. All in all, a good, fun scenario.

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That's me breathing fire in my avatar, my aim was a bit off to start but i got all those orks in the end!

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