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Wolves 2000 points for Tournament.

I made this list for a tournament I'll be playing in soon. I'll first list the missions (which look really nice!) since they are relevant.

Mission #1
  • 5 Objectives. Evenly placed in the middle of table and middle of each table quarter
  • Choose 5 units from opponent's army pregame as Key Elements (Kill Points)
  • Spearhead deployment
  • 10 battlepoints for more objectives controlled than opponent
  • 6 battlepoints for killing more Key Elements than opponent
  • 4 battlepoints for controlling more table quarters than opponent (different than controlling/contesting objectives. You control a quarter by having more units in that quarter than opponent, at least one must be a scoring unit)

Mission #2
  • Single objective in center of table
  • Pitched Battle deployment
  • Night Fight rule on Turn 1
  • Pregame pick 1 model in your army to be the Intel Officer. Write it down and keep it secret until post-game.
  • 10 battlepoints for controlling the objective
  • 6 battlepoints if your Intel Officer is alive and opponent's is dead, 2 bonus battlepoints for Intel Officer being within 6" of the Objective at the end of the game (both players can get the bonus)
  • 4 battlepoints for more Kill Points than opponent

Mission #3
  • Spearhead deployment
  • Night Fight rule on turns 6, and 7 (all missions are random game length just like regular missions in rulebook)
  • Pregame choose one table quarter aside from your deployment zone to be a Key Area (written down and not revealed until post-game)
  • 10 battlepoints for controlling more table quarters than opponent
  • 6 battlepoints if you control your Key Area and opponent does not control his
  • 4 battlepoints for having at least one unit in your opponent's deployment area (both players can get this)

I'm interested in hearing people's thoughts on the missions, and who I should take as an Intel Officer. I think I've taken a force that will work well since there are a lot of mobile scoring troops to zoom to objectives and quarters along with the Speeders if they survive. I'm a bit limited by the models I have available, but have some options for changes. On to the list;

Rune Priest - Chooser, living lightning, storm caller
Rune Priest - living lightning, tempest's wrath
8 Wolf Guard - combimelta x3, combi/powerfist, TDA/cyclone/chainfist
Lone Wolf - TDA, Thunderhammer, Storm Shield
5 Wolf Scouts - melta
5 Grey Hunters - flamer, pLASmaback
5 Grey Hunters - flamer, pLASmaback
5 Grey Hunters - melta, pLASmaback
5 Grey Hunters - melta, rhino
8 Grey Hunters - melta, wolf standard, rhino with dozer
Landspeeder - typhoon
Landspeeder - MM, HF
Landspeeder - MM, HF
6 Longfangs - missile x5
6 Longfangs - missile x5
Predator - lascannon sponsons

total: 1999

I thought about making the Lone Wolf or Cyclone be the Intel Officer, or just a GH who will be sneaky and sit in the rear and not bother with the bonus points to try to stay alive. I could shift things around and take another terminator with a Storm Shield to hang out with the Cyclone and take wounds, but I don't have a second Cyclone launcher.
I also don't have enough missile launchers for a third Longfang squad. I can free up some points by dropping the Pred down to heavy bolter sponsons.

Other models available that I considered:

2 lascannon, 2 multimelta, 2 heavy bolter, 1 extra missile launcher for another Long Fang
Terminators with hammer/shield, shield and unglued right arm, assault cannon/chainfist,
2 dreds with autocannons and 1 with MM/DCCW/HF
1 tank that can be either a Rhino or assault cannon Razback
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