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2,000pts - Dual Stormravens

Here's a 2,000 point list that I plan to use tonight (or this Friday) at my LGS.

Librarian (Unleash Rage, Sanguine Sword)

Furioso Dreadnought (Blood Talons, Magna Grapple)
Furioso Dreadnought (Blood Talons, Magna Grapple)
Sanguinary Priest (Power Weapon)

10x Assault Marines (no JP, 2x Meltaguns, Sgt w/Power Weapon)
10x Assault Marines (no JP, 2x Meltaguns, Sgt w/Power Weapon)
10x Tactical Marines (Flamer, ML, Rhino)
6x Death Company (2x Power Weapons, Rhino, EA)

Stormraven (TLAC, TLMM, EA)
Stormraven (TLAC, TLMM, EA)
5x Devastators (4x ML)

2,000 pts, 50 models, 14 KP, 3 (or 6) scoring units

The Librarian goes with one Assault Squad in a Stormraven with a Furioso in tow, and the Sang Priest goes with the other Assault Squad in the other Stormraven with the other Furioso in tow. I attach the Reclusiarch to the Death Company in their Rhino, and set up the Devastators in some cover with the Tactical Squad nearby (preferably all near an objective).

Now, I'm not a fan of putting all of my eggs in one basket (or two for that matter) but I'm trying to see how a list with Stormravens will actually do on the tabletop. I'm not sure whether to play with empty Stormravens as distractions (they won't ever start empty in this list though), or to use them to their full potential by filling them with marines AND shooting the bejesus out of anything that moves.

I've had some very successful games with them, and some pretty horrible ones as well, but I love the model and I love the concept of a Space Marine gunship/transport skimmer. I threw Extra Armor on them to ensure they stay mobile (unless immobilized or wrecked) and I usually refuse to pay for anything else on them since they're usually a huge points-sink.

Any thoughts? My local meta is comprised of 60% Marines (DA:DW, BA, SW, SM, Salamanders, Chaos), and 40% xenos (Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau, Eldar (mech), Tyranids).

I like high model count lists, but I'm not afraid to spam tanks or elite units. Just as long as no one says "use scouts" I'm open to suggestions or even tactics.

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Blood Angels - 15k pts
Tyranids - >9k pts

Tau - ~4k
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How you deploy the Stormravens will depend entirely upon who you are playing against really. If you're going second then reserving them can be a good option if your opponent has a lot of ranged anti-tank firepower. No point deploying them in the face of 18 Long Fangs etc.

If you do reserve them play a refused flank, then when you're Stormravens become available they can Flat Out onto the board on the 'refused side' to swoop objectives off what are likely to be a token force, or onto your strong side to bolster.

You could alternatively play a full reserve list, using the fast nature of all your vehicles to get to where they need to be fast. The only problem with that are the devastators, being kinda static.


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Nice list.

Aramoro makes some sound tactical points (I'd +rep but apparently I need to spread my love or something).

All I would add is that you can swap one of those Furiosos for a DC Dread with Talons, that would give you an edge in most melees the RAS can't handle, not that Furiosos are a push over...


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I personally would take the death company in a stormrraven over an assault squad for the pure reason that they can assault out of it, wheras they have to hang around waiting for a turn with a rhino.

Otherwise, things IMO to consider....
- Give your Devs a Razor with TL Lascannon: this gives your DEV mobility to redeploy if they need it and well as giving you a bit more anti-tank.
-Drop tactical squad and rhino for assault squad with meltaguns for Descent of angels anti-tank.
-Swap a furiso for a DC dread with blood talons as they are absolutely nasty....
EDIT: Damn....Ninja`d!

Good luck!
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DC in Rhino does increase his target saturation though since nobody can really afford to ignore a fast Rhino full of DC, I'd still go for the S.Raven but it's a decision at least. I'm still working S.Raven's out myself but I'm currently thinking that Baals will work very well with them (scout). In a S.Raven list the only thing I'd drop a scoring unit for would be 2 x Baals w/Flamestorms, why? Well they can Scout up when you start on the board (more AV & can do wonders to enemy GEQ/MEQ AT like Long Fangs & IG h.weapons teams) & they can Outflank on when you come in from reserves, again mostly killing dug in stuff that can hurt your S.Ravens. I also think that Honour Guard are the no.1 choice for S.Ravens to ferry into combat, closely followed by SHP boosted TH/SS, LC Terminators. On the whole I think it's hard to get enough scoring bodies into these lists so this one should do fine.


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