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Default Advice on creating a 2000pt SM force to go against DeathCompany

Hi :D,
Well i seem to be playing okay so far, won my first match at this club outright against SM but the second lost to on the last turn due to a sister geting just in range to contest the control point.

But next Wed im going up against 2000pts of death company, now ive heard this lot are a bloody tough lot to go against so im looking for suggestions on the best way to combat them and what would be the best units to deply against the DC as i dont know to much about them :D
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Your right deathcompany is tough and really killy. But there are ways to handel them. Here are some of my advice.

1. Scoring units: If he only brings deathcompany as his troops, he can't win an objective based mission, so at everything besides killpoints, you will atleast get a draw if he doesn't table you.

2. Feel no pain: Deathcompany are tough do to feel no pain. This basicly means that many weapons wouldn't do much against them 3+ armour save and feel no pain makes bolter fire kind of pointless. But you can work around this. By using weapons with ap 1 and 2 or weapons with str 8, he doesn't get to use his feel no pain. My advice is basicly to bring some lascannons and missiles for destroying his transports(if he use them else they will simply shot DC), and then bring a vindicator to shoot big holes in his units when they get out. The lascannons and missile launchers are also fine for shooting DC dreadnoughts if he are using some of those.

3. Close combat: Don't ever go into closecombat with them with ordinary marines! They will butcher you with ease. There are few ordinary marine units that can handle these guys in close combat. Dreadnoughts(especially ironclads) and assault terminators are my best shot. If the don't got a powerfist or thunderhammer they aren't able to harm the ironclad, so it will tire them up quite well. The assault terminators have a fair shoot at surviving their attacks do to their 2+ armour save and some stormshields for pw attacks. But its important that you get the charge and not them, taking the Furious charge bonus from them makes them alot easier to play with.

Hope you get my ideas and they will help you against these crazies;)

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DC-based army will have:
- Astorath the Grim as HQ (nearly a Land Raider expensive flying Chaplain without Eternal Warrior) (will most probably jump in your face with a squad of DC);
- DC marines with WS5, 3+, FNP, FC. And also "reroll to hit and to wound" if supported by Chaplain. But with Rage. And not Scoring. And they cost hell lot if taken with jump packs;
- If jump-packed, they'd scatter very little and may start in reserve and arrive in your face en masse on turn 2;
- If you aren't playing Annihilation (and your opponent isn't nuts) there may be some scoring units.

- you'll need to blast through 3+ and FNP so plasma will be your greatest friend. Pack a lot. Las/plas Razorbacks would also help;
- Vindicator pie plate would also make short work of his models (especially if you catch him after deep strike) (or at least you'd make him nervous if he plans to DS);
- any of your units would almost certainly lose CC to him (except for assault terminators maybe, but even they should not be charged - WS5 + FC + PW + rerolled everything = you're dead);
- by putting dreadnoughts in the right places you may use his Rage to force him to attack maybe the only model DC can't kill at once (Ironclad may work even better). But he may have Infernus pistols (6" melta), making it dangerous to play;
- his scoring units will be scarse, so if you manage to wipe them out you may win by objective control (if you aren't tabled, of course);
- did I mention no Eternal Warrior on his HQ?

Hope this helps.
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Hm, okay... Twin linked lass cannon dreads may be handy then, i have 4 i can field plus maybe the another 3 dreads.

Got quite a few Termies i can use and 3 LR crusaders, dont have a vindicator though

What HQ would be best, if i go for the Dreads i can use the master of the forge. I also have magnus,Lysander and vulcan if need be :D

I have a 4 termies with cyclone ML also but i can only take 1 per squad.

I have a predator i can use with lass cannons, also i have 6 ML marines and 4 Lascannon marines and quite a few meltas and plasmas.

i alos have a unit of GK termies and plenty of GK's.

hmm... this is going to be a difficult one to decide... the dreads are tempting becase i can use them as a buffer.
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If he deep strikes take mystics, if he deploys take empty drop pods and ladn them near his deployment zone kind of to the side of his army, they all have to run after it nd and punch it till it's dead and you would be surprised how resilient pods can be. Alternatively you can have the chase landspeeders and empty rhinos around all day if you want to.

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good advice so far from every one. i'd consider taking Sternguard with combi-weaponry, mainly combi-meltas + Vulkan.

when facing regular BA squad use their special rounds that wound on a 2+, when shooting DC, use the melta part of it, and with Vulkan it's twin linked.

melta weaponry melts FNP like a charm.

good hunting.

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First, I'd suggest taking two dev squads. 3 ML each, 1 LC each, put them in opposite corners on your deployment side. Secondly, I'd suggest you take two tactical squads with LC/Plasma and combat squad them, so the LC is static, and the plasma is mobile in a razorback, if you got them.

Ironclad Dread or two, but they'll just tie down the enemy, and you can only pick off those not directly in close combat while the dread sifts through them, so you don't want more than a few dreadnoughts (and I don't think they count towards objective holdings).

Terminators could be good, but remember, anything other than lightning claws, and you charging them with 'em, will result in massive wounds being inflicted on your termies during an assault, enough so that even the 2+ save will start to fail. If you keep them at a distance with assault cannons, missile pods and backpedaling (walk backwards six inches per turn, should keep footsoldiers away, and give you time to wipe out transports).

I would leave out the GK, though. Yes, the Nemesis force weapon's cool, but, you're better off sticking with shooty massed anti-armor. Though, I suppose, if you stuck a squad of GK terminators into an LRC, that might make your opponent think twice...
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Okay come up with a list that should hope fully work out :D

Master of the forge with Conversion

Troop 1
10 SM with Melta and Plasma Cannon

Troop 2
10 SM with Melta and Plasma Cannon

Troop 3
10SM with Melta and Plasma Cannon

Elite 1
Dread with Lascannon and ML

Elite 2
Dread with Lascannon and ML

Elite 3
10 Sternguard with 2x Melta combo and Melta bombs

Heavy 1
Dread with Lascannon and ML

Heavy 2
Predator with Twin/lascannon and lascannon sponsons

Heavy 3
Dev SM with 2x lascannon and 2x ML

the route im heading down is to have enough troops if its objective based.
The sternguard are going to be attached to lysander, this way i can reroll the vengeance rounds:D. should get a few rapid fires in there to :D.
As vengeance rounds are AP3, it would mean no Armour save, the DC may have Feel no pain but thats got lower odds then an Armour save :D
Each squad has meltas should DC dreads be dropped in or get to close.
enough ranged weapons to take out transports and the odd Landrader, the conversion beam will be good at that also.
Plasma cannon for there AP2.

Over all i have lot of weapons which are AP2 or less meaning instant death, and a lot of AP3. hopefully i can thin them out quite a bit at range, each troop squad will be accompaned by a dread.

I decided this route as i know i could not fight CC easily with out huge loses so im going the ranged approach which is not over reliant on to many vehicles

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If your entire army is foot slogging I would reconsider. IF his DC is jump packed you are in for a world of trouble, with all the lascannons you can pick off 9 DC but whoop-de-do all they need is 1 to completely shred a unit to ribbons. If this BA player is any good he will expect tanks and lots of them so there could possibly be a bloodraven and if that happens I will pray for you. And I hope those combi-meltas take their target out

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