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Default 2k New Blood Angels

So I saw the book, and here is my first list that I came up with.


Librarian Furioso Dreadnought
-Storm Harbinger
-Blood Stasis/Quickening

-7 Thunder hammer and storm shield

Tactical Squadx3
-10 Man
-Power Fist
-Melta Gun
-Missile Launcher
-Rhino (Dozer Blades)

Heavy Support
Baal Predators x3
-Assault Cannons
-Multiple Missile Launcher

First off let me say WOW to Mephiston. He is now an absolute ANIMAL!. They made him much deadlier in CC (the boost to WS and I + the ability to consistantly impair the enemies assault&shooting) and an army multiplier (Quickening Field). He has no invuln, but that's why I tossed him with the termies, and he can protect himself pretty good with an amazing offense (almost always going first) OR transfixing gaze+ vortex of blood. The eternal warrior USR with t5 is just icing on the cake.

Mephiston goes with the termies(He will mainly be using Black Fang for Quickening Field termies). Tacticals assist where needed most (Either objectives or helping mephy). Baal Predators, Land Raider, and Storm Harbinger serve as my AT (20 Twin-Linked Assault cannon shots, 4 missile launcher shots, and a multi melta) or mow down infantry (20 Twin-Linked assault cannon shots, 4 small blasts, 12 twin-linked hurricane bolters). So let me know what you all think!

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Where are all you people seeing this book!? From what I can make out it looks solid. But I'm not sure how one is supposed to comment on an unreleased codex ... I'll let you know in April
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Haha thanks =D and I would tell you but it's probably against forum rules.

The book is very nice. Mephiston is absolutely beast now, he just takes finnesse to play, with no invuln you can't toss him against full on power weapon squads, but he can impair TWICE in CC (Transfixing re-directs attacks to my 2+/3++ termies, and Vortex of Blood causes an automatic str 5 wound for every one rolled against him in CC, and if it causes a wound to a single model, you can force re-rolls to hit against him!). He is a great army multiplier now.

All HQ's (even special character) do great things, for a very decent cost. So pretty much EVERY HQ has it's place in an army. I literally looked at every single HQ choice and did not find myself saying "Why?" now I say "Why not?!?!"

Tacticals are very cheap now, along the lines of space wolves cheap.

Dreadnoughts got a HUGE boost and Moriar is great, Storm Harbingers are awesome.

Baal predators can have any build you want them to have, for cheap. Baal predators are incredible.
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list looks good. I'm gonna have to see the book before I make any major comments however. It's gonna revolve aroudn the crusader which Is how I run my big games, making one huge assault force. I like it....

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OK. Got the book today thanks to some shady dude I met down a dark ally selling obscura & lho sticks (not).

So... You really have all of your eggs in one basket, this is a real 'uber unit list'.

Things that spring to mind (feel free to ignore me I'm just throwing my thoughts out there);

1. Mephiston is nasty & I was surprised that he costs so little. However, the TH/SS Terminators... Wow! Paying an extra X points just to take TH/SS!? I'm not sure if it's worth it in my opinion, at least not on all 5! Why not give Meph a RAS, VAS or Honour Guard? You only need bodies really. You can even throw a *few fists in there & get more bodies which might be better? Just an idea. Quickening is good but you can't use it in a transport, so I'm not sure here... Bottom line: 765 points on one unit is not my cup of tea. One lucky melta or lance & it's over 1/3 of your army stuck foot slogging it (in stye 'Quickening' admittedly)...

* well, one in a RAS.

2. Tacticals are solid. Why not throw a few Missile Launches in there? They're free and great for when you combat squad on objectives. Might also help cover the LR from things like Landspeeders & Devil Dogs.

3. I agree: Moriar is a beast, and I would never talk anyone out of something as fun & killy as him, that said he is an awfully expensive beast. Like the elites this combo of Moriar and the Harbinger has the potential to deliver a hell of a lot of damage, it also has the ability to die very easily & lose you > 300 points in a pile of scrap metal (though I'm not sure on what happens to a Dreadnought when it's shot down?). Just be careful... Beady eye for those Hydra tanks eh!?!

Overall, a good list but I feel that your army will be dependent on Mephiston & his unit, and Moriar. I hope they deliver!

Good hunting - Dallas

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Revised my list actually and play tested it today, tabled the opponent by turn 3.

Mephiston worked exactly as I thought he would. Didn't get touched in CC and was in the opponents backfield by turn 2. Cavalary terminators are almost flawless.

Ba'al predators are AMAZING.

Furioso Librarian dreadnought didn't do much (mainly because the one shot he had to be good I rolled horrible)

Harbinger did great too.

Will be getting more playtesting in soon, I will keep you guys posted.
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