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mortifactors needs help

hi guys,

i got new list for my mortifactors vs tau,
have look see what yous think of it!!!

HQ- 1 space marine captain with terminator armour 140 points
storm bolter power sword

HQ- 1 space marine chaplain with digital weapons 130 points
melta bombs jump pack

Troops- 5 man scout squad with camo cloaks 140 points
replace sergeant with sergeant telion

Troops- 10 man tactical squad with meltagun 210 points
missile launcher break down five-man squads
dedicated transport rhino

Troops- 10 man tactical squad with meltagun 230 points
missile launcher break down five-man squads
sergeant with plasma pistol melta bombs
dedicated transport rhino

Troops- 10 man tacticl squad with plasma gun 245 points
missile launcher break down five-man squads
sergeant with power fist melta bombs
dedicated transport rhino

Elites- 1 dreadnought with twin link lascannon 160 points
missile launcher extra armour

Elites- 5 man terminator squad with heavy flamer 205 points
sergeant with power sword storm bolter
captain joineds squad

fast attack-10 man assault squad with plasma pistol 210 points
break down five-man squads
sergeant with melta bombs
chaplain joineds combat squad

Heavy support-5 man devastator squad with 225 points
4 missile launchers
dedicated transport razorback with lascannon
and twin-linked plasma guns

Heavy support whirlwind 85 points

total 1980 points
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think bout razor backs instead of rhinos, that way you can have cover fire from the other 5 man squad and the razorback

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As I read the rules you can't take a razarback on a squad bigger then 6 even if you want to split them

why break up the assualt squad? they will get shot down and won't just cut straight through squads

and with that twenty points upgrade two rinos to have storm bolters

and go to crush the cursed xeno

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Its in the FAQ that you can take a razorback as a rolling gun platform and you'.

I agree about the assault squad

Storm Bolters are pretty much useless, buy Razorbacks and you get HB

I would personally, upgrade the captain to a Chapter Master for the orbital strike since you didn't take a command squad or Give him a Lightning claw or Thunderhammer to let him hit hard or use his high I, it basically guarantees a wound vs MEQs

I would ditch the dread and buy 5 more men for the Devis and upgrade them to Lascannons. You get more lascannon shots and since this seems to be a mainly antitank dread thats the point. Its also always better to have 2 shots than TL, chances of a single hit are about the same, but their is the possibility for TWO HITS. Combat Squads also lets you engage seperate tanks and if you put them at the extreme edges of your side of the table, you can all but guarantee that you will be hitting Side armour, the extra dudes also provide great ablative shielding. Missile Launchers in devi squads really arent worth it when the template they shoot is the same as a bolter and the solid shot is weaker than the lascannon option.

I would also ditch the transport as the weapons you are looking at have enough range to effectively command the board and the pts/transport could be of better use somewhere else. Just be careful when you place them that they wont wind up becoming useless later in the battle.

I would also ditch the scouts altogether cause w telion they are costing a lot more than they are worth, or give em sniper rifles and a teleport homer so they can fulfill the roll of taking some wounds off of MCs and getting that Termi Squad safely on the board.

I would replace the heavy flamer w an assault cannon, rending makes up for the cover save thing and since you will probably be DSing in at least 12" from the enemy so that you arent in danger, it will get a ton more shots off. Plus it gives the squad and effective weapon against light vehicles, med infantry, and MCs. It'll also instant kill/AP a bunch of annoying units people use against terminators (IG Command squad w power fister and plasma, Eldar Howling Banshees/Embedded Psyker, CC Inquisitor/Deathcultists, etc). Personally I would get the pts for this from the Razorback.

Just my thoughts.

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