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Reallocation of Strength

I've been collecting Blood Angels for close to 15 years without any real strategy or design. In recent discussions, (and reading posts!) I've decided I should rearrange and update my squads.

With this in mind, I've decided to post this a little differently. I'm going to list off the units I have and ask for the best/most efficient combination of units. (i.e. pairing meltagun with tac squad) etc. So here goes.

Dante, Mephiston, Corbulo, Lemartes, Tycho,
Terminator Chaplain, Terminator Librarian, Terminator Captain w/PF and SB(has Digiblasters which don't exist anymore)
Chaplain, Captain w/power sword, and bolter, Librarian w/Force Staff
Masters of the Chapter

Eversor, Callidus, and Vindicare Assassins

4 Terminator Sergeants with Power Swords
5 Terminators w/Power Fist
5 Terminators w/Chain Fist
1 Terminator w/Assault Cannon
3 Terminators w/Lightning Claws
4 Terminators w/Thunder Hammers/Storm Shield
4 Terminators w/Cyclone Missile Launchers
(these date back to when BA could have 10 men Termie Squads)

3 Scout Sergeants w/CS and BP
11 Scouts w/com blades and BP
10 Scouts w/Sniper Rifles
2 Scouts w/Missile Launcher
2 Scouts w/Heavy Bolter
Dreadnaught w/LC and CC, HF
Dreadnaught w/LC and ML
Dreadnaught w/MM and CC, SB
Dreadnaught w/AC and CC, HF
Dreadnaught w/AC and CC, SB
Furioso Dreadnaught w/HF
Furioso Dreadnaught w/SB
Venerable Dreadnaught w/AC and CC, SB

10 Death Company w/CS and BP, Jump Pack
10 Death Company w/CS and BP

1 Honor Guard Sanguinary Priest
1 Honor Guard Techmarine
1 Honor Guard Company Champion
1 Honor Guard Standard Bearer
2 Honor Guard Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack
2 Honor Guard Techmarine, Jump Pack
2 Honor Guard Company Champion, Jump Pack
1 Honor Guard Standard Bearer, Jump Pack

2 Techmarine w/Servoharness
4 Servitors
2 Servitors w/HB

I'll list all Assault Squads in Troops, although I intend to be able to field several VAS.


57 SM w/BG
7 SM w/Flamer
3 SM w/PG
7 SM w/ML
5 SM w/LC
1 SM w/MM
1 SM w/PC
5 SM Sarge w/CS and BP
1 SM Sarge w/PF and BP

32 Assault Marines w/CS and BP, Jump Pack
2 Assault Marines w/flamer, Jump Pack
0 Assault Marines w/Melta Gun, Jump Pack (have the meltaguns on order)
1 Assault Marines w/Plasma Gun, Jump Pack
4 Assualt Marines w/TH and BP, Jump Pack
5 Assault Marines w/PP and CS, Jump Pack
2 Assault Marines w/BP and PW, Jump Pack
3 Assault Marines w/PP and PW, Jump Pack
2 Assault Marines w/PF and BP, Jump Pack
14 Assualt Marines w/CC and BP
3 Assault Marines w/CC and PP
6 Assault Marines w/PW and BP
1 Assault Marines w/PW and PP
4 Assault Marines w/ PF and BP
1 Assault Marines w/Lightning Claws
1 Assault Marines w/TH and BP

Fast Attack:

4 Attack Bike w/MM
1 Attack Bike w/HB
4 SM bike
1 SM Bike w/Plasma Gun
1 SM Bike w/Melta Gun
1 SM Bike w/PW
3 Scout Bike w/bolter (realize these are Apoc only)
3 Scout Bike w/GL
1 Land Speeder w/MM
1 Land Speeder Typhoon w/HB

Heavy Support:

2 Land Raider Crusader with MM and SB
1 Land Raider Terminus Ultra, w/SB (Apoc only)
1 Land Raider w/ SB and HK
2 Vindicator w/SB
2 Whirlwind w/SB
1 Baal Predator w/HB SP and SB
1 Baal Predator w/HF SP and SB
1 Predator w/LC and LC SP
2 Predator w/AC and HB SP, and SB

Dedicated Transports:

4 Drop Pods w/SB
3 Rhino's w/SB
1 Razorback w/HB and SB
1 Razorback w/LC and SB

1 Thud Gun
1 Rapier Laser Destroyer
1 Thunderfire Cannon

I think that's everything. I know I'm missing a techmarine somewhere, and probably a few odd soldiers (I've had my men stored in several locations and moved several times). Basically I need recommendations for combinations of guys. I'm planning on increasing the amount of melta guns (have 12 on order), and I have 5 assault guys not assembled yet (and thus not counted). Any suggestions welcome.


in case it's needed shorthand list
CS-Chain Sword
PW-Power Weapon
PS-Power Sword
BP-Bolt Pistol
PP-Plasma Pistol
PF-Power Fist
LC-Lightning Claws/Lascannon
HB-Heavy Bolter
HF-Heavy Flamer
SB-Storm Bolter
TH-Thunder Hammer
PC-Plasma Cannon
CC-Close Combat
ML-Missile Launcher
AC-Assault Cannon/Auto Cannon
HK-Hunter Killer Missile

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you're going to have to narrow it down a bit mate.

what kind of strategy do you like?

how do you usually play?

what armies do you play against?

how many points are you looking for in the army list?

i mean you have enough models to build 1-5 lists, depending on points without a worry.

you have 87 tactical marines alone in your collection. have you thought about throwing that plus one or two HQ choices at someone??
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I usually end up playing Annihilation style matches against Imperial Guard. The Imperial Guard player has the sit back and shoot mentality. never moves forward..ever.

As for my play style, well I'm all for run and gun or sit back and shoot as required. Hence the variety of units above.
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Although I might not seem like I'm much help An easier thing to do would be to write up a list based around your preferred playstyle and then allow for commentary on that. It might be more work for you but it will make us help you much better as you can have several different armies with several different playstyles in that kind of collection.

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I know of one person who has the entire Blood Angels Chapter... yes Chapter. But hell, you're well on your way there, that must look pretty blinking impressive when you put it on the table.

You have 13 heavy support choices. That's enough for 5 armies (minimum). Some of the stuff you do have however isn't available to BA, like the Thunderfire Cannon, the scout bikers and whatnot. You might have to branch out into another Chapter, or paint them as BA and use them in Apoc games as an allied force.

I think Lord Reevan's suggestion is possibly the best way forward. I mean, you could build pretty much any list you wanted - why not give us some ideas of where you want to go?

Or, start with something that makes sense; say, Assault Marines with plasma pistols. Put them in pairs; add Assault Marines with bolt pistols and Assault Marine sergeants until you have a bunch of 5-man assault squads. Keep doing that (starting with specialists and then making up the numbers) until you've built some coherent squads. Perhaps that might be a way of imposing some order on it.

Oh, and organise an Apocalypse game, inviting all your mates to come over and play against you BA army (and some of them probably with, I doubt you'll be able to manage 260 marines and 30+ vehicles on your own)!

Good luck!

:sanguine cyclops

EDIT: looking at your list again: I'd advise splitting up the special weapons on eg the Assault Marines who have plasma pistol and power weapon. Veteran + PP + PW is 55 points and you don't want to lose that to overheat. I'd recommend getting 3 of your 32 jump-pack assault marines, who have the same 'handedness' as your pp-pw marines, snapping their arms off and swapping them round to make 3 more PP-CS marines and 3 more BP-PW marines. That will give you (not even including the non-jump-pack guys: guys which have to be in Vet squads, marked V

29 Assault Marines w/CS and BP, Jump Pack
2 Assault Marines w/flamer, Jump Pack V
0 Assault Marines w/Melta Gun, Jump Pack (have the meltaguns on order) V
1 Assault Marines w/Plasma Gun, Jump Pack V
4 Assualt Marines w/TH and BP, Jump Pack V
8 Assault Marines w/PP and CS, Jump Pack
5 Assault Marines w/BP and PW, Jump Pack V
2 Assault Marines w/PF and BP, Jump Pack V

...unless you're using PW or PF guys as sergeants of course...

If you take my recommendation of puting the PPs into pairs, as you now have 8 that's 4 pairs which is 4 regualr assault squads. You need 8 marines and 4 sergeants to go with them (maybe 4 of the 5 PW + BP marines).

Just a methodology for organising what you've got. If you think it'll be useful, give it a go, you might get picture building up. Hope so!

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