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Hey man, it seems like the point allocation for Cassor was a typo. Fixed. However, I have additional changes I wanted to get your thoughts on. What if I substitute the Sanguinary Guard with a Command Squad instead? This gives me a cheaper unit and three decent benefits. It frees up enough points for 4 storm shields (3+ invul. save, this includes one on captain), 3 combi-gravs for those Tau monstrous creatures and a built in Feel No Pain for the squad and Captain. Oh and they had enough points for jumps packs too.

The fact is, when this squad makes an appearance, his riptide will get his insane 9 shot plasma equivalent shots (it has interceptor). In my experience against Tau, armor can be a fickle thing since so many weapons nullify it at close range. And that's right where this unit will sit for one turn, hopefully right next to him.

Oh! I took away the Razorback and added a Vindicator also. Let me know your thoughts.

Flesh Tearer's Strike Force

- 175 pts

Captain - 175 pts
- Artificer Armor, Iron Halo, storm shield, Jump Pack, Valor's Edge, Veritas Vitae, Warlord

Elites - 655 pts

Furioso Dreadnought - 190 pts
- Magna-Grapple, Frag Cannon, Heavy Flammer
- Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod, Deathwind Missile Launcher, Locator Beacon

5 Command Squad - 185 pts
- Jump Packs, 3x Combi-Grav, 3x Storm Shield, 1x power sword, Narthecium (FnP)

10 Death Company - 280
- 10x Bolter, 8x chain Sword, 2x PW Fists, Jump Packs

Troops 325 pts

Cassor the Damned - 190 pts
- Blood Talons, Built-In Metla, Storm Bolter

Tactical Squad - 135 pts
- 5 marines, Lascannon
- Dedicated Transport: Rhino

Fast Attack - 85 pts

Drop Pod - 50 pts (Cassor Transport)
- Deathwind Missile LauncherDrop Pod

Drop Pod - 35 pts
- Storm Bolter

Heavy Support - 260

Predator - 125 pts
- Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Overcharged engines

Vindicator - 135 pts
- Demolisher Cannon, Over Charges engines, Dozer Blade

Total = 1500

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I have a friend who plays Tau as well. His list is no doubt different from what your friend plays, but here's what I've learned over the years. You'll have three main types of targets you'll have to deal with. First one is cover camping t3 4+ or 5+ squads, such as pathfinders or firewarriors. Pathfinders should be the first things to go, so you should have something to deal with those guys. Whirlwinds could work nicely since they ignore cover and pathfinder armor, but you are using up a heavy support slot. Podding fragioso dreads might work well do, but you run the risk of not being in range (bubble wrap, per say). The same thing can be accomplished with a squad of 10 tactical marines with heavy flamer, flamer and combi or hand flamers in a drop pod with deathwind launcher. Thatll get you up close, give you your required troop choice and give you some nice anti-infantry. However, it runs the same risk of not being able to deal with a unit bubblewraping your target. The second type of target is going to be the suit type units such as crisis, broadside and riptide battlesuits. These guys are frustrating because they're typically surrounded by drones as meatshields and can jump shoot jump to mitigate damage. For these guys, I like to use things like sternguard vets for their ammo versatility (maybe some combi-plasma or grav to cut through 2+ armor). Psychic shreiking librarians also work well, since tau generally lack psychic defense. JP death co will do very well. Charge up a flank, hit a crisis suit squad or something and watch them evaporate. You have the right idea about putting pressure on his units early on, and something thats crucial is that you'll have to do it with your entire army at the same time. I've found tau can easily kill whatever they markerlight, but its limited by how much they can markerlight, so they'll only be able to reliably kill a few units a turn (which also means redundancy!). Get in his face, have some things die, and hit him hard with whatevers left. The third unit type is his vehicles. 13 12 10 vehicles with a 3+ jink are frustratingly tough, so you're going to need to either 1) bring enough heavy anti-tank to get through his cover save or 2) bring ignores cover anti-tank weaponry. Since your army should be built to be fast and in his face, multi-melta attack bikes are something to look at. I can't think of anything in the BA dex that has ignores cover weaponry, but you could consider allying in a squad or two of legion of the damned and equip them with multi melta, melta gun and combi melta. very solid squad for ~150 points, and the ignores cover rerolling deepstriking melta weaponry is beyond useful. But also keep in mind if he's jinking he'll be shooting snap shots, which more or less tanks his tanks out for a turn (or means he uses marker lights to buff their BS and not to ignore cover). Some general things to watch out for is tau are able to spam a lot of ap2 weaponry, so definitely bring a sang priest. You can't rely on cover considering how easily its stripped by the markerlights, but you definitely should still put all your units in cover to make him use his markerlights for ignores cover and not for the +BS bonus. See if you can split up his force, to mitigate the overwatch tau can get. Hope this helps!
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Originally Posted by Ant85 View Post
Tactical Squad - 135 pts
- 5 marines, Lascannon
- Dedicated Transport: Rhino
Why not Assault marines in a Pod with whatever weapons make you happy? Command squad's a good choice in this new list I think.

Originally Posted by Arcticor View Post
I can't think of anything in the BA dex that has ignores cover weaponry
It's a sad state of affairs outside of frag cannons. I wish something else, basically anything else from our Codex, could take some version of the frag cannon.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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