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Default Help with My Blood Angels

I cant seem to win many games with my list right now so i was wonderin if anyone new wat i should do


Chaplain- Jump Pack

10 Death Company- Jump Packs

Furioso Dreadnought- Death Company

Assault Termis

Veteran Assault Squad- L.claws, flamer, Melta, Power Weapon, Power fist

2x Tactical Squad - Flamer Rocket, Launcher
Assault Squad- P.Pistol Power Weapon

Predator Annihilator

Thats my list right now if someone could help me improve my list it be loads of help..
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Some questions, and some advice, which you're free to take or leave; if I sound short-tempered, I'm not, just tired; so apologies if it comes out sounding like I'm telling you "do this, do that".

Who are your usual opponents? That might give us some clues.

I'd drop the chaplain with jump pack and take Lemartes instead. It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. The Death Mask is worth the extra points - you always want the DC going against troops, I'd say, so a fear-causing ability is great. And there's the extra wound. It doesn't make sense to have a jump-pack chapplain at all I reckon.

Get Rhinos for your Tac squads - they need to be closing with the enemy quickly, not trying to run across the board, or maybe Razorbacks if you're combat-squadding the guys. A bit of extra firepower. If you do this, maybe drop the Pred. 2 Laserbacks will maybe get you by...

I think the Dread and the Termies are an either/or. You've got DC (assault), a veteran assault squad, an assault squad, a cc-dread and some assault termies. Lokking at that, I'd drop the termies to find points for... a dev squad maybe? looks to me like you need some more ranged firepower.

Anyway - just some semi-random thoughts.

Good luck!

:sanguine cyclops:

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First off, I know how us BA players adore our Mephiston, but in all honesty, he is what I like to call the most efficient point sink. He is wonderful no doubt, but in any game size, he just soaks up WAY too many points, I'd definitely drop him.

Again as red orc stated, take Lemartes, he's awesome.

And again, since you have the death company, assault termies aren't a necessity, I would drop them hoenstly, make that CC dread a Las/Missle Dread, throw in some MM attack bikes, specialize that Vet squad, either the flamer or melta, and from my experience, Lightning Claws are another point sink, just go with a second fist.

These are just ideas, dont feel threatened by any of this, i just hope you can see where im going with my post and possibly allow me to help you

BTW, I love vindicators
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Thanks i'm gonna try it but justnto tell u Mephiston runs through squads like there nothing( unless i suck on my rolls) the opponent i usaully play is chaos or SM. TY and keep posting
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You have a decent troop base I like that. IS it a 10 man assault squad and is the plasma pistol on the sergeant?

The main problem with this list is it's lack of anti tank. It's just on one tank or close range. I would recommend getting a 10 man devastator Squad with 4 missile launchers, that way you have two units firing 2 missiles a turn, doubling your killing abilty and still keeping those heavy weapons safe.

Yuor C are way too big IMO. in large squads they tend to get targeted a lot more than say 6 or less and are a masive drain on points.

The assault termies are a major point sink without a crusader. I know it sounds weird that they are a point sink without a very expensive vehicle but think about this. If you deepstrike them they can't fo anything but look pretty and absorb fire, if they footslog they can't do anything but advance slowly and absorb fire. A crusader get's them there fast and in one piece, With enough firepower to take on an entire army.

Mephiston is good but honestly I would change him for lemartes and maybe a whirlwind. That way you get a Brilliant cheap HQ, and a very good long range support weapon. I never leave home without either(Except I use the generic jump pack chaplin for Lemartes. He's just UUUUGGLY)

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I made some Changes to my list to day.
instead of having 2 man assault i have a 10 man VAS with 2 Power swords a power fist and 2 flamers. I already have 1 5 man Dev with 3 rocket Launchers that i forgot to mention. TY and keep posting
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Mephiston may go thru squads, but he doesn't help the army. For 25 fewer points you can bring Dante and create a 12" bubble of re-rolling that really enhances DC and VAS. With Dante, Lemartes and a big DC you can destroy any unit you hit. The biggest advantage to Dante is that you don't have to get in the charge to get the re-rolls. And with that many Rending attacks not even 30 man Ork Mobz last long.

I agree with the others that the Assault Termies are redundant. With no transport they are too slow to really work. Adding another VAS is good, but you only have 2-4 scoring units and that's not enough.

So I'd suggest swapping Mephi for Dante, upgrading the Chaplain to Lemartes, replacing the Terminators with another Tactical Squad and fitting a Rhino or two into the mix. And maybe going with HB sponsons on the Annihilator or swapping it for a Destructor with Lascannon sponsons (much more effective against light vehicle squadrons).

Hmmm, sounds like a complete re-write of your army. As we've all said these are all suggestions that can be used in whole or in part depending on the way you like to play your army.
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Thanks im going to take out the Termis and 1 will change to DAnte as soon as i have enough money. As for Lemartes i think he looks really ugly do u think theyd let me use a normal chappy with Jump Pack. TY and kep posting.
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ummm.....i dont play bood angels sooo.....what the said ^

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If you can change the Veteran Assault Squad to a 5 marine squad and arm them with 3 combi-weapons 2 melta/plasma guns and give them all combat shields it will give you a great one of kill team.

I have used this in five battles and won all of them with the shock of this squad.
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