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Default Raven Guard and Scions 1,500pts

Hey up guys!

So I'm back again. Due to magpie syndrome I saw the Militarum Tempestus codex and the lovely scions and thought I just had to have them! And now I have 4 boxes on my painting table with absolutely no idea what I want to do with them!

Came up with an idea to include them into my Ravenguard, and came up with something I'm almost on the verge of liking:

Primary Detachment Ravenguard – 1125pts
HQ – 105pts
-Jump pack

Troops – 500pts
Tactical Squad (x5)

Tactical Squad (x5)

Scouts (x5)
-Landspeeder Storm

Scouts (x5)
-Landspeeder Storm

Fast Attack – 360pts
Assault Squad (x10)
-Flamer (x2)

Assault Squad (x10)
-Flamer (x2)

Heavy Support – 150pts
Devastators (x5)
-Missile Launcher (x4) with 2x Flakk

Allied Detachment Militarum Tempestus – 305pts
HQ – 125pts
Command Squad (x5)
-Hot-shot volley gun (x4)

Troops – 180pts
Scions (x5)
-Meltagun (x2)

Scions (x5)
-Meltagun (x2)

ADL with Comms relay

Total: 1500pts

So what have I got?
Firstly, all of the Tempestus detachment deepstrikes. Scouts mounted in the storms outflank.

Chaplain joins a unit of assault marines. Both Assault marine units power up the middle of the board, with both razorbacks in front of them to provide a small amount of cover.

Devastators stick to the ADL and provide covering and are my only defence from anything with wings.

With the main force heading up the middle (and hopefully me deploying first), my opponent will probably counter with taking either side of board and bunch any ordnance in a corner.

Scions focus on armoured tanks, Command squad tries to butcher infantry while casting the odd order here and there to help themselves or the scions.
Scouts deal with transports. Can also use the blinding launchers on infantry ordinance to try at the very least to blind if they can't kill.

Major flaws?
-Massive reliance on good reserves rolls.
If only one unit comes in I'm in serious trouble. The Comms relay will help but is certainly no guarantee. And of course, even if they do come in there is no way of knowing if the dice gods will be with me when rolling for scatter.

-No effective long ranged anti-tank
The devastators are better than nothing I suppose, but they aren't exactly filling a tank full of fear.

-No backfield scoring
The idea of my list is to be upfield, not sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. This is more personal choice more than anything. A scion unit can deepstrike back home if they are very late to the party

-Horde control
Speaks for itself, I have no effective way to deal with hordes. Just have to spray and pray!

What do you guys think? Hoping to trial this at the local, but if proves effective, try it at the big leagues. I think it is a fun but potentially nasty list with a fairly aggressive feel to it. Do I expect to win every time? No? Do I think I'd have fun? Most certainly :D

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Sorry if this is off topic, but is the tempestus codex any good?.
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Originally Posted by Nacho libre View Post
Sorry if this is off topic, but is the tempestus codex any good?.
Depends what you're looking for.

It is basically a carbon copy of the scions in the AM book, just that they are troops and are not a platoon. Only have access to five units:
Scion Command squad
Taurox prime

Wargear is the same, no real new stuff added except for the 2 formations you can take and the added rules those formations gives you. The main thing is that the Scions are troops in this book, and does not require you to take any imperial guard units.

It is not a game changer, but fun and useful for certain lists.
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That bad huh?

Trialled it out at the local the other day. Hard fought battle against daemons. Those AP 3 hotshots suddenly became a very moot point!

On the plus side, the re-rolling from the comms was damn useful, flooding the board with reserves that thinned out the enemy before the charge. Would have won if not for a lucky warp storm table roll which caused my unit hiding in a ruin to violently explode, ending the game as a draw.

Overall a feel the list is decent but with only a single game against an opponent this list isn't really designed to face is not enough to shout 'success'
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