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Default 2k points Space Marines (Raptors) + Imperial Guard Allies

Hi there, I'm just getting back into 40k after like a longish break (stopped just before 5th ed got rolled in). I used to play Blood Angels and Imperial Guard, and now want to put them together. Changing BA to Space Marines, new codex is so shiny!

Local gaming club is cool with Forgeworld rules. For those who don't know Raptors, they get Scout and may choose to fire Heavy 1 Rending bolters rather than usual rapid fire.

Tactics I use discussed after the list

Primary Detachment:

  • Lias Issodon - 175pts
  • 10 Sternguard - 230pts
  • 9 tactical marines, 1 vet sergeant - 150pts
  • 9 tactical marines, 1 vet sergeant - 150pts
  • 10 scouts, heavy bolter + hellfire shells, sniper rifles, camo cloaks -152pts
Fast Attack
  • 3 scout bikes, 1 sergeant, 3 astrates grenade launches, 1 combimelta, meltabomb - 102pts
  • 3 scout bikes, 1 sergeant, 3 astrates grenade launches, 1 combimelta, meltabomb - 102pts
Heavy Support
  • 9 Devastators, 4 lascannons - 206pts

Allied Imperial Guard Detachment

  • Command Squad, Astropath, Master of Ordnance, Master of the Fleet, 4 flamers, bolt pistol - 167pts
  • 10 vets, 3 meltaguns - 100pts
  • 10 vets, 3 flamers - 85pts
Fast Attacks
  • 2 Vendettas, x3 Twin linked lascannons, Heavy Bolters - 280pts

Other: Aegis Defence Line with Quad Gun -100pts

It's fairly simple how I've run it so far. Vendettas with vets go into reserve. Infiltrate scouts onto a flank and Sternguard (with Lias) into a building and the scout bikes onto a flank or sometimes a rear corner. Plus Scout moves for the tacticals. Aegis line between 2 pieces of terrain and/or try to get a swamp/pond in front of it.

If enemy has few blast weapons the command squad goes on the quad gun (commander shoots it for those sweet precision shots). Otherwise they hide behind a building for at least a turn to ensure their abilities are used. 4 flamers in squad to clear out charging hoards and deep strikes. 4 well placed flamers against an average 10 man MEQ is going to kill 3-4 guys.

Pretty much a standard gunline and harassment with the bikes (x12 st4 small blasts is not to sniff at). Having rending, especially with range 36' sniper scouts and range 30' Sternguard with Kraken pattern is delicious. I've popped the entirety of a Dark Eldar player's transports by turn 2 once! (Lias also gets to roll D6+3 wounds on a squad or MC, or D3 haywires on a tank - amazing versus Land Raiders)

Vendettas almost certain to come on Turn 2: +2 rerollable (Astropath + Lias' ability). Even if there's an enemy Master of the Fleet, I'm at a +3 reroll. Meanwhile the average player has a +5 for their reserves on turn 2 (Lias' ability + Master of Fleet). Go air superiority!

Vets stay onboard the flyers until at least turn 4 unless there's a major threat that has to go down. Melta squad to clear off any tanks and MCs, flamers to clear out a hoard.

I've played maybe a dozen games with this list. I do well against 'balanced' horde and light mech. Done in by Drop Pod Lists and Land Raider Armies (Iron Hands plus techmarines in 2 LRs are just beastly!) Not fought a true horde yet (the kind with 150+ orks, nids or guardsmen), but I suspect I may not have enough firepower to face them - I only have 1 inaccurate large blast, though lots of small blasts and flamers.

What are peoples thoughts on this list? How could I improve it? I need some defense against drop pod armies and I can't see how I can get more reliable anti-tank without sacrificing troops. Armies with lots of low AP blasts/templates (Guard with artillery, Helldrakes) will also chew me apart. Perhaps tweek list (less vets, less devestators and less scouts) to free up points for an IG platoon blob?

Thanks for your time
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