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Icon 2.5k hells angels tourny list.

Well I have a local tourney coming up soon. the local meta is full of WAAC players sporting cheesy lists. So I could be facing things like cron airforce, triple drakes, guard mech/airforce, etc. so ive been thinking of ways to be competitive. My current idea is to focus on what ravenwing does best. Im playing around with a fluffy (and a little spammy)list of 53bikes and 2 dark shrouds.

Sam 200
I chap (bike,MOR,auspex,mb) 170
5x comsqd (gl,apoth,champ) 235
5x comsqd (BOD,Apoth,gl) 295

6x RAS bikes (2x meltas,mb) mmab 241
6x RAS bikes (2x meltas,mb) mmab 241
6x RAS bikes (2x meltas) mmab 236
6x RAS bikes (2x flamers) mmab 226
6x RAS bikes (2x flamers) mmab 226

Fast attack...
Dark shroud 80
Dark shroud 80
6x bk (1gl,p-sword,mb) 270
2500 pts.

The plan is to string out the RAS squads into 2 groups with the banner in the middle cloaked by a DS. 2+ cover for the banner and DS, while any RAS in range get a 4+ save. This mass of bikes can putout 140 twin-linked bolter shots. Using consentrated fire to try and wipeout my opponents troops. The flamer squads will be in the front for counter-assault. Or melta bikes in front for armored opponents. sammy, I-chap, 2nd comsqd, 2nd DS, and BKs are my quick reaction force. Debuffing and plasma-raping opponents elites and hqs. Most, if not all MMABs outflank to prevent first-blood and bottle up in the middle of the board my opponents armor and MCs. In the event of things like triple drakes and such. Hit & run tactics for as many units as I can to keep them safer and control the momentum of the game. Ive played this list to good results against my friends green-tide army. Which usually gives me a hard time. Its really hard to kill 200+ orks with expensive elite armies. This list brings the dakka for horde armies. it also beat another friends noise-marine/triple-drake list twice. I havent played any tau,gk,guard, eldar, demons,or crons yet. So ill have to see if I can get a few games in against them before the tourney. So if anyone has experience against some of the tier 1 tourney lists, pointers would be appreciated. What do you think?

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I suggest adding a Power Field Generator to your I Chap. It gives him and every model within 3" of him a 4++. Even enemy units. But with the helldrake and Eldar ignores cover spam you are about to face it would be a good way to keep some squads alive. Maybe consider taking a tech Marine on a bike with one as well. Maybe put the melta bombs in your flamer squads so they have a way to deal with armor.

The darkshrouds are great... Until you face weapons that ignore cover and there are plenty of them out there. A lot of eldar, helldrakes, heavy flamers, thunderfire cannons, Smart Missile Systems, pathfinders taking cover saves away with marker lights, and many more. And they will be the first priority.

Now I know you want to play fluffy and I respect that cause I love to run all bikes for fun as well but consider taking a skyshield and putting 3 las-predators on it. They can cover the whole battlefield and can take down a few fliers in a pinch. And they will also really benefit from the 4++.

Just curious, are you combat squading the Melta units?

Please do all of us ravenwing players a favor and post your battle reports, specially from the tourney. I'd love to know how well your list did and what gave it problems.

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