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Default [Blood Angels w/ Imperial Guard] [2500pt] FEEDBACK REQUIRED - take all challengers

[Blood Angels w/ Imperial Guard] [2500pt] FEEDBACK REQUIRED - take all challengers

Hi all, first thread so forgive me if I have got any of this wrong.

I am looking for people to point out flaws with this list - how would you beat it, who would you beat it with, what would you use? I am keen to see where I am vulnerable.

What would you add/take away if you were me? Please tear this list apart limb from limb

Anyway, tournament coming up this year with army lists pre-submitted before the start of tournament (so no tailoring list to suit next opponent). This means that in one game you might have to face a specialist Grey Knights army whilst in the next take down a Ork horde with largely the same army list from your previous battle.

Couple of rules:
1. No special characters/forgeworld.
2. Work with inventory system (what are you talking about?) - essentially before each battle you can swap anything on your list with anything in your inventory. For the tournament there will be a 500pt reserve. So for instance, I could swap a terminator squad with a landraider before my next battle if I had a landraider on my inventory list.

Would love to hear any ideas over what I should include on my reserve list, though I have included a few ideas of my own at the end. Flyers, Fuioso, More Infantry maybe?

So without further ado here is my Blood Angels & Imerical Guard 1500/1000pt list

a.k.a. a list of Wannabe Vampire Boys and Some Very Manly Men...

Blood Angels

Librarian w/
jet pack

Sanguinary Priest w/
jet pack

Terminator Assault Squad *5 models w/
5*Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

Fast Attack
2 X Baal Predator w/
dozer blade & search light

Heavy Support
2 X Vindocator w/
dozer blade & search light

2 X Scout Squad *10models
missile launcher; 5* Camo cloaks (sniper combat sqd)

Assault Squad *5 models
Meltagun; power fist & combat shield (on srgt)

Imperial Guard

Command Squad 6*models
vox caster; autocannon OR heavy bolter (?); flamethrower AND grenade launcher

2 X Techpriest
3* servitor each

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Tank Squad *2 models; battlecannon; camo netting

2 X Infantry Platoon {
Command Squad *5 models
flamethrower AND sniper; mortar; vox caster

2 X Infantry Squad
Flamethrower; vox caster; missile launcher

Notes/Inventory Ideas:
*** Use up that spare 5pts by switch a techpriest for a techmarine. Improved cover saves for a Leman Russ or snipers anyone?
1. Swap a Baal Predator for a Furioso Dreadnought with drop pod OR librarian upgrade
2. Swap Termies for more Assault squads if required more manpower
3. Could swap a Leman Russ and a techpriest for larger/more infantry platoons
4. Thinking of reserves, obviously agesis defence lines spring to mind as well as adding flyers

Tatics: Scouts/Baal Predator to engage the enemy and allow Vindicaotr/LR to take up good firing positions (the lucifier engines come into their own here). The IG infantry are there to slow down the enemy advance. Mortars/snipers hopefull will pin the enemy allowing the LR better opportunity to decimate the infantry. Techpriests/marine hopefully only have to look at a tank to fix it. lastly, the assault squad/termies can be used to deal directly with whatever might threaten my army head on eg. deal with tank hunting squads, tie up chaos demon for a while, slow down advance of fast/elite units.

If you have stuck with me this far hopefully you will have some interesting comments, so please feel free to tear my list apart below!


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I worry about Vindicators, because anything in range of those big guns is also in range of things as simple as Meltas, Bright Lances, lots of anti-tank can do alot of damage at the 24" range. Considering you also have the Russes, I'd probably use those points for at least one Storm Raven to offer some air support... or perhaps some Vendettas in the IG side.

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So be it.
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Libby ok, but I would take more RAS than just 5 models honestly. Also special weapons > CC weapons on them every time. You're committing >300 points to a 7 model squad, that's pretty vulnerable.

I'm kinda confused about the scouts thing, as it says "the entire squad can take camo cloaks at 3 points a model". You could put it on one but not the other, but IDK. I would also take less of them, probably 1 squad max, I prefer 5 men in that squad personally.

Tanks are good (vindis are good in pairs), termis could use transport but are fine.

Split the tanks into 2 squads. What are the techpriests for?

Autocannons over missile launchers every day for the IG. Other than that, I'm not to great with them.

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Jamob's got the idea, use the IG to take on hordes. Autocannons, being cheaper and better transport killers, are better. Also, are the Baals with assault cannons or flamestorms?

If you hyave the models, switch the vindis for vendettas or a Raven, both will bring as much pain while being alot less killable. And take a bigger Assault squad, it will help against the tanks.

The main thing to fear with this list is an IG list with plenty of russes, but if that comes up then DS the assault squads in the rear armour.

I would take a techmarine, Bolster makes a stealthed sniper unit, or even hidden russes a nightmare.

Anywizzle, best of luck.

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I'm with these guys, vindicators are awesome but in this case I'd switch them with a flyer. The only other thing I'd change is the assault squad, a) you need more guys in it and b) i'd swap the sergeants fist for a power weapon and melta bombs. If you end up in a challenge using him you don't want him striking last, plus he can still take on vehicles.
Hope that helps!

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