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2500 Space Wolves

Hello Heretics,

this is my first attempt at writing a SW list since getting the codex, it took me a couple of hours writing it up (put alot of thought into it) and here is the end result, Praise/Constructive Criticism if you please:


Ulrik the Slayer

Rune Priest: Murderous Hurricane, LL, WT Necklace, WT Talisman
(goes with a LF squad) - 115

Rune Priest: JOTWW, LL, COTS, WT necklace, Runic Armour (goes with a GH squad in Rhino) - 135


Wolf Guard Pack - 154

1) PF, PP (Grey Hunter Squad)
2) PF, PP (Grey Hunter Squad)
3), Terminator Armour, Twin Wolf Claws, Cyclone Missile Launcher (Long Fang Squad)


Grey Hunter Squad x3: Grey Hunters (9), x2 Plasma Guns, x2 Melta Guns, x2 Melta Guns, x3 PF, x3 Wolf Standard, Rhino's+HK - 705

14 Blood Claws - 2 Plasma Guns - 220


Ven Dread - HF, MM, WT Necklace, Drop Pod - 220

Ven Dread, PC, HF, WT Necklace, Drop Pod - 230

Heavy Support:

Long Fang Squad x2: 5 Missile launchers: 280

LRRC, MM - 260 (Blood Claws and Ulrik go here)

Tactics wise i am unsure, but this looks like a fun list to me with a mixture of Close Combat, shooting at and Armour Killing. So any advice would be awesome as i am really taken with this Army.

For the Allfather!!!

Please Help lvl up my Nid's, they need to grow!
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You can tell you have some of the basic concepts of the codex down, but there are some errors and a lot of improvements you can make.

Grey Hunters have to be 10 strong to take the second special weapon. That is the tradeoff you make to stick a wolf guard in with them. Better leadership, a powerfist and extra attacks, or two special weapons.

I don't have my codex on me, but double check how many blood claws you need to be able to take a second weapon. Or better yet, leave them off the list.

Wolf Guard have to be 5 strong to take a cyclone missile launcher. You'll have to add at least two more to be able to take one.

Suggested Mods:
Ulrik is not that good. He's overpriced, and if you really want to take a wolf priest, take a regular one instead. It's not always the best idea. A wolf lord or battle leader is probably better if you want a killy HQ.
You might like a wolf guard battle leader in power armor with Saga of the Hunter. Than attach him to a wolf guard squad and use it to outflank.

I highly reccomend a chooser of the slain for both of your rune priests. 10 points for hitting on 2s for your shots? I think yes. Runic armor is nice but not totally necesarry.

Dual wolf claws on a terminator that is going to be with long fangs is a waste. They're going to get shot most of the time, so cc upgrades are unnecesarry, and any unit that hits them will likely be strong enough that one terminator isn't going to make a difference.

Rather than plasma pistols, go with a combi-melts. It gives you a second melta shot in each GH squad that you're attached to and is only 5 points.

Best to take 4 wolf guard in power armor, power fist, and combi-melta plus one in TDA with a CML if you want that terminator.

A 5 man unit of wolf scouts with a melta gun and melta bombs is only 115 points and can be superstars. They're a lot of fun.

If you really want to take a Land Raider, have it carry some wolf guard terminators in various loadouts, a few in power armor, and a wolf lord kitted how you want him. This gives you a solid rock unit. Try to balance cost with benefits.

If you want to run dreadnoughts, run the basic ones rather than venerable ones, but I'd prefer Wolf Guard, Wolf Scouts, and a Lone Wolf instead. The role of dreadnoughts is filled by plenty of other units in the codex, so they never seem to fit all that well.

Lone wolves are a ton of fun. I like mine in terminator armor with storm shield and chainfist or thunderhammer and two fenrisian wolves. They have to be dealt with or they will do a LOT of damage. And any guns pointed at them aren't pointed at the rest of your army.

Heavy Support:
Your Long Fangs are fine. I like to give mine a razorback with T/L Lascannon. This gives them a transport if they need to relocate or get in position in dawn of war. Plus it's another armor threat your opponent has to stop and gives you a nice tank popper yourself.

Remember that if you want to get a land raider, you can get one as a dedicated transport for one wolf guard unit in your army. That frees up a heavy slot.

Get rid of the blood claws. WS and BS 3 and only boltguns make them pretty lousy as well as not even being able to shoot in assault range if there isn't an IC attached. Spend the points on more hunters.

Run packs of 8 grey hunters with a melta gun, power weapon (fist is too expensive), mark of the wulfen, and wolf standard. Than attach a wolf guard and a rune priest. Priest and a melta gun can than fire out of the rhino's hatch. Combi-melta gives you a second melta shot as well as a power fist in the unit with two base attacks.

I do like the dual plasma gun squads. A single ten man squad with two plasma guns in a rhino can provide pretty good fire support.

You might also consider a couple bare 5 man GH squads with just a flamer in Las/Plas razorbacks for extra anti-armor and armor saturation.

I hope this advice helps. Take it and play around with your list until you find a combo you like. I've been playing Space Wolves for almost a year, and I'm just now starting to figure out what I like (either a thunderwolf heavy list, or one with a Terminator rock). However, they're always a blast to play, and the models are fantastic. Don't be afraid to experiment and go against the grain, but do take some of what I've said here in to account. There ar eso many ways to play them you're bound to find one you love.

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Stewy makes some good points, very good info!
Drop the wolf claws from your termie though, he comes base with a power weapon. Just use that. If anyone gets close enough to assault the fangs, claws won't matter one bit and they just cost too much. One thing space wolves can't do well is the TH/SS or dual claws termies due to the points cost. Also if you really keep the land raider, the wolf guard can take one (and only one) as a transport. And drop the pistols from them too, just use a combi melta if your giving them a fist as it just adds utility and makes them cheeper and less likely to kill its self.
Wolf scouts are 110 points for 5 with melta bombs and a melta gun, but his point obviously still stands, they rock at killing! They also act as a phychological tactic too, making your opponent second guess their deployment and making their deployment box smaller so the scouts can't come on and charge a target right away.
Lone wolf goes without saying but, chain fist for vehicles, and hammers for walkers and monsterous creatures
HQ would be fine just left as your rune priests, but if you want killy, do as stewy suggested. And strip down those priests, like just the CotS on both and one with a bolter or a talisman. Don't worry about kitting them out, they perform best the cheeper you can make them.
Run your troops just like he suggested
Only thing I could really add would be to concider landspeeders. I like the typhoons personaly, but the HF/MM setup is the most popular! They do the same thing the scouts do, but add on a heavy flamer on a fast platform. It would be good to run one unit of each (5 scouts and 1 speeder).

You really need to max out the fangs though! Missile support really is the standard for wolves, cheesy, lack of thought, whatever. But it works for standard lists. Hell, a wolf guard, pair of typhoons, and 3 full fang squads will give you 21 per turn! And I really like the ability to shoot at 12 to 14 targets a turn with a reletive chance to kill or supress something
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Good catch on the points for scouts. But like you said, they're cheap and rock. Last night I actually had them lock down a defiler in assault for an entire game! Sure they didn't kill it, but it kept it's big ass cannon from killing anythign from the far side of the board.

I forgot about landspeeders, because I don't use them often, but they are great a swell. When I do run them they are killer.
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