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Svent's engines were glowing red and turning white from the strain he was putting them under, the back of the jetbike was bellowing out smoke like a Ork Fightabomba. he hadn't headed the warning that he should slow down, instead he had just pushed his bike harder, and harder, and harder, till he reached it's breaking point. Svent flew through the area like a bat out of hell, dodging, weaving, and swerving in and out of the various obstacles in his way. it wasn't until he saw the system Critical warning light flicker on and then die violently that he actually turned towards the landing area, the jetbike stuttering and sputtering while it's back end belched out plumes of smoke.

as Svent came down to land next to Dras's bike, his engine finally gave out and his bike smacked into the ground with a crunch sound. despite the injured jetbike though, Svent seemed rather pleased with himself, the rush of it all still flowing through his body as he strode up to Dras, his neon orange mask still hiding his wicked grin, but his cloak couldn't hide the excitement in his movements. though he was visibly suprised as Orlath told the two of them to follow him.

as they entered a building Svent watched as various Eldar all dawned the armor of the craftworld Ulthwe, his twisted smile faded however as he watched other Eldar from other worlds remove their armor and dawn this new set instead. stepping away from it Svent shook his head, "i just don't see anything in my color..." he'd muse as he quickly stepped up on a bench and stepped over to the other side of it. "could use a drink though" he noted, placing his arm round a guardian's shoulder, his head resting on his wrist as he looked to the guardian, "you know where i could get one? thinking a big old jug of some spiced beverage." he'd tease, slipping off of the guardian

at first, Svent tried to proceed to the next room, though two Eldar with spears prevented this. "no weapons beyond this point" they'd state in unison, their spears crossed as svent just stood there looking at the two. "but they have weapons" he'd retort, leaning over, drawing his power cutlas, and just leaning on it, it's blade on the ground."outcasts are forbidden from bringing weapons into the presence of the war council" they'd retort. a mischievous grin sprawled across Svent's face as he'd feint left then go right, only to have it be a feint as well. his only intention was just to dick with the guards a bit. just seeing how many times he could get them to screw up with how they would block him, though it didn't take long for Svent to become bored of this little game, only about five seconds to be honest, at which point he complied and disarmed himself. setting his Power Cutlass on the rack as well as his shuriken pistol, Svent however seemed reluctant to place his rifle on the rack, and clearly did so only to gain access to the next room.

moving into the next room, Svent quickly darted through the rest of the noncombatants and other "Lesser" paths, only to make his way to the Dias to stand alongside Dras. seeing however was a problem, as Eldar were known to be rather tall, and well, not everyone was the same height. how did Svent solve this? By bouncing up and down like a rabbit. he'd BOING into the air, jumping as high as he could to see what was going on around him and in the room. "by the gods what i wouldn't do for a jet pack.... a warp spider's pack would also be nice... but that would mean conforming to all their restrictions... well that, and not as many opportunities to blow things up. "

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. for it is better to burn out than fade away.
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Default Update

As the Court finished gathering, and all the visitors had taken their place, all eyes were turned towards the primary platform. Maechu`s apprentice warlocks were all present, but the farseer himself had not yet arrived. Nor was the assigned Autarch present. A low murmuring began, it was unusual for such important officials to be this late. A few of the exarchs began to exchange nervous glances, aggression was their nature and this business of having nothing to focus themselves upon was discomforting.

'I wonder what`s going on...' Orlath muttered from the rear platform. A few warriors spared him a glance, doing their best not to pay any heed to the larrakin ranger beside him.

The pilot sect seemed similarly disturbed. Though they were not as tempered as the warrior exarchs, they maintained enough discipline however to keep such concerns silent. It was a full further five minutes before Maechu finally emerged onto the platform, alongside the Autarch Eldranna. Eldranna was a lithe figure bearing the black and bone armor of the craftworld. She carried her helmet under one arm and the Hawk wings at her back were furled to avoid impaling the seer beside her.

As impressive as these two were, it was the figure accompanying them that drew the most attention.

'Mon-Keigh!' Jolinaar hissed, only to be swiftly silenced by a glare from Eldranna. There was silence as the farseer raised his hands and began to speak.

'The Great Enemy has shown their hand and the time to strike approaches. The human world of Calleth is falling under siege, and we must make all effort we can to keep it from falling. The Imperium maintains a strong presence here, but their strength is insufficient to the task. As such, we must lend our might where it is needed most and ensure that the forces of Chaos are driven back and exterminated.' He paused, before lowering his hand and stepping back, allowing Eldranna to step forth.

'We have contacted the Imperium and given our warnings. By the grace of Khaine, they have agreed to prepare their defenses. However, they are not aware of our coming involvement save for a few, and in the interest of keeping on good terms for the foreseeable future, we have agreed to be as covert in our operation as we possibly can. This is Inquisitor Jacob Mykyas. He will act as our liaison and ensure that our peoples do not meet. Understand however, that the enemy`s defeat takes priority over this arrangement, and should Human forces prove insufficient to the task at hand, we will intervene.' She spares a glance at the human ambassador, and he nods understandingly. Eldranna nods in thanks before continuing.

'The focus of the battle is to intercept a convoy that will reinforce their primary staging zone. Their landing zone is too well entrenched to attack directly, but once they begin to travel they must traverse an expanse of jungle terrain to reach the Imperial Strongpoint. If we can starve them of reinforcements for a few days, it will give Imperial forces enough breathing space to prepare a counterattack and drive Chaos from this world. If necessary, we will assist at this stage as well. Once the forces of Chaos are in retreat, we will pursue their fleet and wipe them out before they can contact more of their filthy kind.'

At this point, Maechu stepped forward again and looked at each of the exarchs in turn. He then turned his gaze to the rangers.

'The task will fall to you to meet the convoy when they have entered the jungle. Pick off as many of the leaders as you can and withdraw. While they are in disarray, the warhost will move in. Our Scorpion and Spider aspects will meet them in the flanks while the Banshees and Fire Dragons meet them head on. We will then have our Hawk and Spear aspects deliver death from above while the Reapers ensure the destruction of any who attempt to retreat. There can be no mistakes. Our guardians and Spirit host will be in reserve, ready to redeploy as needed. Are we all clear on the task at hand? This will be the first of many raids in this campaign, and we cannot afford casualties this early.'

He pans his gaze across all of you, then turns and leaves. His warlock council follows him out before Eldranna and the inquisitor leave as well.

--- --- ---

All: This will be a fairly simple update. You will react to the events described above before your exarch/Orlath/Maechu leads from the chamber back to your temple/hangar/dome to prepare for combat. You may express your opinion regarding the collaboration with the Imperium, you may ask any questions of your respective leaders regarding your tasks, and you may see to any pre-battle rituals you may have.

After this, your respective leaders will lead you to the main Webway port to await deployment instructions.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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Jaeriel turned to Othuen " I am Jaeriel of Biel'tan, and your words of welcome are most appreciated my friend. Know that if we indeed survive this battle, then you shall always have an ally at Biel'tan." After he spoke, the council assembled and he leaned forward to listen.

As he watched, Maechu emerged into the chamber followed by the Ulthwe Autarch, Eldranna. Jaeriels eyes were drawn to the smaller figure that emerged with them, and he felt his hands tighten on his death spinner as he realized it was a Mon-keigh. Fighting the overwhelming urge to end the life of this pathetic creature, Jaeriel forced himself to listen to what this council had to say. As the council outlined the situation on Calleth, Jaeriel felt his rage building at the mention of contacting the Mon-Keigh, and allowing their presence on a craftworld. what madness is this, that a pathetic human be invited, even allowed, onto a craftword. He thought.

After the meeting of the council, he made his way back to the warp spider temple with the rest of his aspect. During the short walk, he turned to Othuen " I do not like this arrangement with the Mon-keigh. They have betrayed my people once, and I do not wish to see them do the same to yours my friend. " he said, remembering the events on Tartarus as they entered the temple of the warp spider.

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"I am Requiel, do you feel up to leading a squad in battle, or are you more comfortable supporting the great seer?"

Kendra looked over at Requiel as he introduced himself to her. She smiled at him before replying, "Requiel, a pleasure to meet you. I am Kendra. I am hoping that I will be able to lead a squad into battle, though I would also like to be near the great seer, the things that we could learn from him are staggering." She said this as they walked slowly towards the briefing dome, the other aspects would already be there when the farseer and his entourage entered.

As they reached the dome Kendra quickened her pace to match the farseers, "If I may farseer, I would put myself forward for either leading the Ghost Warriors or a guardian squad in the coming days. I feel I am up to the challenge." (Late reply but still)

Soon the warlocks took their places, the farseer dissapearing for the moment. It was obvious that the other aspects were unsettled by his absence, some visibly looking around for him as they were forced to wait five minutes for him to reappear with a Mon Keigh and the Autarch. Kendra stayed still the entire time, even though she was bursting with energy. She was slightly put off by the appearance of a Mon Keigh on the craftworld, but the Farseer and Autarch would know what they were doing, they would not put the craftworld needlessly at risk, and she was sure that they had taken some form of precaution.

Once the briefing was given the farseer, human and warlocks exited, Kendra moving near the back. She hoped she would be given command of a squad, to guide them to victory. Hopefully she wouldn't fail and have members of her squad killed, she thought as she moved gracefully back to the dome to prepare herself. She was content in their mission, she just had to find out if she was in command of a squad, preferably leading the Wraith Guard into battle.

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The Ranger's borrowing of the jetbike had proven to be amusing...not at him, but that there was at least someone who shared her joy in such pursuits when she had not expected it....albeit from someone for whom it would be a 'hobby' rather than a 'calling'.

Though late for the council, Carane had not skimped on garbing herself in the ritual armour and intoning the same phrases she always did: "Vengeance for the fallen. Justice where required. Search the knowledge, for it hides in the dark places."

Though she was respectful and did not try to draw attention to herself as she entered the War Council room, she did not care if others saw her rushing...she was there and she considered that this was what mattered.

However, the sense of anticipation was palpable to Carane's senses...not necessarily that she was any more attuned than others assembled, just that most of her life had been geared towards sensation.
Some other Craftworlds may have said 'hot-headed' or even 'dangerous', yet Saim Hann travelled as straight a path as any -perhaps even narrower than the others because of this- yet she had little to compare themselves to.

She was a little irritated at the stand-off-ishness of the others around, although she knew it was expected to not make friends quickly, as well.
'Perhaps all it may take is for me to be more forwards myself?' she considered.

Lacking an obvious source of verbal discourse, she tried instead to 'read' the unsaid body language of people around, trying to discern the things that were not said just as much as the things that were.

Clearly the pilots were was good that they kept their own counsel, yet she was unsure if something that threatened one threatened all?

Although her propensity for aerial endeavours meant she shared an 'arm's-length' bond with such a sect, she knew that it was the the close quarters combat and the aerial duels she craved, not the battle-at-distance of a Vampire Bomber or even a Nightwing.

Although no stranger to new experiences, Carane took an involuntary step back at the sight of the 'human'. The name of 'Inquisitor' meant nothing to her, yet he was more powerfully built than her kind and his bearing indicated someone used to holding quite important standing in his own community.

However, he also did not seem fazed by the assembled ones who he might once (or even in other surroundings) have termed 'aliens'.

No matter, the stain of the Great Enemy and its accomplices had to be stopped...even if it meant forging new alliances with old foes. It was something she fully embraced and looked forwards to seeing the humans of this 'Imperium' in action.

The hit and run tactics were well suited to her preferences and she understood the need for saving their precious fighting resources. it may even be an opportunity to see what the Hawks could do. If their Autarch was anything to go by, she was sure it would be a sight to behold.

For an instant, she felt the glance of the Farseer upon her and it gave her a boost of the energy she enjoyed the most: the one that challenges and drives her to achieve all she can.

With the meeting over, she sought out her leader:
"Exarch, we may come from different places, yet have common purpose. These new allies fill me with excitement that we are not alone in the galaxy to push back the evils of Chaos.

"I supose you know that Saim Hann is well-reputed for it's wild ways and fury and this is with good reason. We seek 'thrills' and sensation not for their own sake, but for the good ends and true deeds that we put our skills to. Perhaps this makes the Path narrower to follow..? But I have never yet heard of one of my Shrine back home falling from it.

"But I would not derelict my duty to either yourself or to your Shrine, or to this cause for the sake of such 'rebelliousness'.

"I am here to learn all that I can, not to steal your secrets, but to better myself and gain a greater understanding of life and the Path.
"I will be as close to the squad as it respectful and allowed.
"I will prove that I do not need special treatment to fight at your sides and I would very much welcome your guidance in the times to come."

[Awaits response, then goes to the arming docking bay/launch chambers/etc to prepare for war].

Urgently trying to trace any living relatives of Private Sam/Samuel "Jock" Wilson (Black Watch, No. 6 Commando, UK Army Service ID 2764432, died 10.06.44). Any info/suggestions gratefully received.

"Mockles! Pent on silpen tree, blockards three a-feening. Mockles! What silps came to thee, in thy pantry, dreaming?"

Please check out the HOES (Heresy Online Stories) threads and vote for the tales.
More feedback = better stories for everyone.

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svent ended up just mellowing out once he saw the human, eyes locked on him throughout the entire thing. the whole thing didn't set well with him. the humans were too stupid to understand impending doom less it was by their own hands. hell they'd throw a stone at a tyranid if they thought it would do anything. as things started to wind down for the meeting, Svent made to leave, slipping past his fellow eldar much to their confusion. right as he made it to the doors everyone was dismissed and Svent simply slipped into the armory to retrieve his weapons before a single soul left the room. it was a good five minutes until svent even heard anyone coming to gather their gear. and in that time, svent had been spending his time prepping his own and gathering up plenty of explosives.

"ha first one's out... show that howling banshee who challenged us to a ... who in the warp is that?" two guardians entered the room and were rather confused to see svent closing a box and tucking it under his arm. "what's a ranger doing here?" they'd wonder aloud as svent left the building, not bothering to wait any longer for anyone else, his supposed leader apparently added to that list.

svent didn't go to the launch bay right away, he didn't travel where everyone was supposed to meet up, he simply started wondering through the halls of the craftworld near the windows looking to the outside.

"time to be betrayed yet again is it? well, not much i can do bout dat then is there?" he'd ask no one inpiticular as he stared out the window for a moment longer before moving to the launch bay. though instead of gathering round with the rest of the rangers, he'd linger round where each aspect was to meet up, he'd drift from the howling banshees, to the warp spiders, everything inbetwene and back again. he'd stop to talk with the first one who called him out.

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Eriel stood among the Dire Avengers at the War council, when the Farseer Maechu brought the human Inquisitor to the podium.
Eriel reflected on the months that had led to this moment. The extreme training regiments the Dire Avengers had been but through, often together with elements of the Black Guardians. It had been clear to Eriel and his Exarch that they were preparing for war on a scale the Craftworld had not been a part of for a long time. Even Eriels father or mother had not been part of such a large engagement. Most of the younger warriors being very excited and worried about what the future was to bring.
Eriel had trained harder than most, knowing that the stakes however unknown to him would be extremely high.
Now the day had come, where the warriors had been called to the war council.

As Eriel suspected a hard outline of the theatre of war had been given and the initial deployment parameters had been given. Just enough for everyone to know what to do, but not too much in the situation where capture would jeopadize the operation.

Eriel watched the reaction from his fellow Eldar when the human was brought forth, with a little smile on his lips. He hoped not too many would take notice, but it was rather fun to see. The gasps of horror and contempt, the angry eyes of a look that could kill and the small body signs of true surprise.
It was not like it was the first time a human had set foot on this craftworld and probably not the last, Eriel remembering all the gossip there had been back in the days when emerald seer Thae'akzi had allowed an entire Space marine squad aboard, to send them into the eye of terror, deathwatch he believed they had been called.(Novel: Warrior Coven) Eriel still wondered from time to time, what had become of those warriors, that could call up so much hate and contempt in his own race.

Eriel allready ready for war went directly to the launchbay and the waiting wave serpents and other transports. There pilots not having arrived, Eriel sat down to meditate a bit and get what rest he could before the battle.
Watching a rather interesting Eldar in the usual fatigues of a travelling Eldar ranger. His appearance reflecting a person that was learning how to handle explosives. Unlike his fellows he walked a rather erratic path along the windows and then he started walking among the various aspects that was beginning to gather.
As he passed Eriel a second time, he couldn't help himself to talk to the Ranger.

"Greetings fellow rather erratic Eldar friend"
Making the eldar turn to see sitting Dire avenger, smiling slightly amused, Eriel continued.
"Its good to see that outside Eldar have come to our Aid, but I do not recognize your craftworld markings and colours. But I suspect you are a playful one, your walk remind me of Harlequins when they dance to battle."
Eriel waving his arms in a parody of the dancing Eldar of the laughing god.
"I hope I can be witness to some of your shenanigans master ranger, it is often..... interesting to see those outside our society make trouble for our enemies. I just have one advice to give to you, if you will accept it. Just once in the upcoming battle ask someone for advice. Ohhh and tell me if I need to run for some reason."

Sneaky Wood Elf.
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Svent turned to look at the person who had called him out as he passed. "if ya got words ta say lad, best say em now while i'm still livin, no tellen what this crazy plan of the farseer's will get us, never did trust the posh ones anyway. always going on bout some magnificent vission or the like... " upon recalling the question of his craftworld svent would let a smile creep up on his face as he dropped the explosives in a less than carefull manner. moving towards Eriel with a bit more spring in his step than more would normally think, eldar being mostly a calm and collected people.

"my craftworld? i'm not realy supprised at that. not supprised at that at all matter-o-fact. but ere, let me inlighten ya eh?" svent would reply as his spring bounced him up onto a crate still waiting to be placed inside the transports. " as for helping, didn't have much choice in the matter. i pop out of da warp, un find myself looking down the barrels of a few rather nasty guns. get hailed by this craftworld, and in the interest of not being turned into space dust, i agreed to help. " letting out a low breath as he plopped down and sat on the munitions crate he'd remove his helmet and lower his hood.

"on my craftworld we have a saying. kind of a odd one, but it's I See You, now to most dat dont mean nothing at all save for what it means. for us it's more of saying we understand the paths we all take, and that they may be different, but we still see them. pretty much a rather strange way of saying good luck. last time i was there, pretty much got damned... got told I No Longer See You. pretty much mean i aint welcome dere no more... no fault of mine i tell ya, aint no fault of mine. dey just aint happy dat i left em an all to follow my path. ya see my craftworld don't look too kindly on rangers an da like. but for what it's worth, Lo'ranga is rather a nice place. miss it even, may even go back after dis is all over. settle down on a paradise world we got near there..." taking a heavy breath he'd paus for a moment, pulling out a small picture he kept in his sleeve to show the other eldar.

"nice little planet, the star that it orbits causes conditions that force it's life to utalize bioluminecence... you should see the place at night you should. aint a pretter place in dis here whole galaxy den dat dere planet under a stary night. screw all dis here fighting, screw the past, so we screwed up... aint make us no better nore no diffrent den anyone else in dis life. dem blue boys... da tau i think they call demselves, dey realize ya got to look for the future if you're gonna get anywhere, cant look behind ya all de time, ya just gonna repeat the past that way. but eh i've gone and bored ya wid my stories.... will say dis dough, hope dis here farseer of ours knows what she's doing, helpen dem humans like this an all... i aint got no love or no hate for em, just saying we gonna get stabbed in the back is all. dey gonna use us to do their dirty work, den they gonna blast us till we're dust in the wind. or glass on the ground, an ya, talken from experience dere... humans come in two varieties. the kind that don't care what ya are and will generally just leave ya be, and den deres da ones dat dont take kindly to anything that aint human or sympathies with anything dat aint human. "

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. for it is better to burn out than fade away.
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Shelwe frowned at the sight of the Inquisitor; not because of him, but because of the warhost's apparent disdain towards him. It may be that the humans are an inferior species, Shelwe thought, but that does not excuse our behavior. This was the Farseer's decision, after all.

And that was enough for him. The true enemy, he always believed, was Chaos. As long as the warhost was directed against the Great Enemy, the details of this or that conflict mattered little to the Death Reapers. Or at least to Shelwe.
He could already imagine the battle to come, raining destruction on Chaos filth. He swore in his heart that he will allow none of his enemies to escape with their lives.

With the Farseer and Autarch having left the Chambers, the council quickly dispersed, and the Death Reapers made straight to the webway port to await deployment.

Standing there amongst his comrades, awaiting the rest of the host, Shelwe noticed two warriors talking of the battle to come. He considered approaching them and listening for their opinions of the coming struggle against Chaos, but the almost incisive blabber of the ranger discouraged him from doing so.
Perhaps another time, he thought, when I'm not about to face an enemy that would probably try to eat my soul. Somehow, for some reason, these two seem light-hearted. They have a sort of calmness I...don'

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Othuen had kept his jaw tight, his teeth grinding slightly, but harshly, across one another. He maintained his anger until Jaerial spoke to him, asking of his opinion. His head turned to the side as they walked, away from Jaerial in embarrassment of showing such emotion, "Its an outrage!" he began, tightening his lips and inhaling heavily through his nostrils, "Bringing a human onto what little world and seclusion we have left. As if we need them to tell us where the human forces will be, bah! We have seers that train their entire lives for that very purpose. We Ulthwe are practically prized for our seers for the ancients' sake. Ridiculous. Absurd!"

He calmed slightly, letting his long years of meditative training kick in, and looked about for any fellow warp spiders that may have been eavesdropping. In case they did he followed with, "I will do my duty, and I will do so with the utmost of focus and respect for our leaders. But I do not agree with this. We don't need a pathetic human to aid us. They are an infantile race, merely spoiled!"

He continued speaking in a low, half whisper to Jaeriel, "It feels I have less faith in my own kind with each passing day. How can I have faith in mon-keigh allies? They're just as likely to shoot us as the true enemy."

After they re-entered the Temple of the Warp Spider, Othuen remembered there was still he had to do before going on this mission. He hadnt finished changing the colors of his war plate to those of the warp-spider aspect. He walked through the main room, then down a glass walled passage way that allowed the orange artificial light sunlight through as he made his way to the chamber in which each Eldar prepared and maintained their heavy aspect armor. He took hold of the proper tools, sat cross legged with his armor before him on the floor, and began to further his involvement in the Aspect. He would leave only very thin, sleek black triangular stripes over the arms, legs, and perhaps one down one half oh his front midsection. Highlighted with bone white would be nice as well. He wasnt sure he would ever be able to fully replace his Ulthwe' heritage.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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