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Additional subject logged for study.

ID 173X-849cm-Psi noted to have poor understanding of this units primary functions. Such is the fate of all who turn from the Light of Illumination.

Full locational overlay assembled. Optimal location selected. *Activating vox-ponders* "This location is deemed optimal for sight of medical facility. Claimed in the name of the Omnissiah."

Cogsiin traces out a quick rectangle on the ground with his hand.

*Releasing manipulator arms* Functionality check. 100% cleared. Program 13-Xi-0 activated. Preparations for soil excavation completed.

Cogsiin's manipulator arms pop lose from his back with a hiss of steam. They whine briefly though a series of checks before forming together in a shovel-like setup. He begins to clear soil from the designated area.

*Activating vox-ponders* "This facility will require 8 six-foot, 10 five-foot and 8 two-foot lengths of local flora. This unit will require assistance to assemble required materials."

"Additional notes. Local reptilian-form xenos given edibility level <50%. Deemed unsuitable for mass consumption. Recommendation: focus foraging activities on local fauna designate Chi-1435-mu09"

Excavation now completed.
Time log noted: 34.23.45 minutes passed since excavation initiated.

"Look into my eyes, and see your death."
"Let them hate, so long as they fear."

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The strange assortment of sentient creatures gathered within a small clearing carved out from the Jungle. Some built structures, some gathered around a burning fire; drawn by the compelling aroma of a smoked meal. Uzarg Dregsnaga was hunched under the shade of a large tree, allowing the sturdy trunk to take his weight. So use to having a cohort fill in all of his usual duties he had not given thought to constructing a proper shelter until the other’s had meantioned beginning their own. Uzarg had decided against it for the time being, building things was a boring as sitting under this tree as far as he was could care to be concerned.

Suddenly an idea came to mind and clenching his enormous chain axe in two hands’ he heaved himself up before approaching the other’s in his group. Spotting the Magos and recognizing him as the human equivalent of his own species “Mech Boy’s”, Uzarg swiveled towards him and revved his Chain axe.

“Uumie!” He bellowed “Ya da one deyz calls da Mech Boy? Wull da bedda git ter wurk on meeb slag before Iz ab ta stomp ya good!”*

Revving his Chain axe once more Uzarg stormed off back towards the tree to take his seat, eyeing the Magos to make sure that he began his work. Moments after his display the Eldar returned from his venture to cluck down some item’s at Uzarg’s feet. One was a large axe, crude in nature like the ones of Uzarg’s species, and a slugga.

“Your Chain axe needs fuel but this can be swung around to your heart’s content without without being rendered unusable and the slugga is just for emergencies.”

Said the Eldar, examining the first item Uzarg snorted in disgust.

“Dat big choppa dusent makz dim load nois’s lioke meeb autow-matek choppa”.

Turning his attention to the second item however Uzarg smirked with glee.

“But’z meeb kan neva ab ta much dakka”

He declared as he snagged up the pistol and holstered it within a spare belt in between his other two. Still smiling, the Eldar turned to the other’s in the group to speak out load.

“During my travels I have come to realize that there are more than just herbivores on the planet. There are some who would love a free meal from some of us, so until our new acquaintance gets the surveillance system up and running we will be taking watch’s.”

Afterwards he took the Chaos Sorcerer aside and swapped a few words before disappearing into the Jungle once more.
The following morning Uzarg awoke to check the progress that the Magos had made on his shelter, but before he had time to search for the strange mechanical human he was called into a huddle and given instructions by Myr.

“Clear the surrounding forest of everything living, enjoy the fun while you can. If you finish come here and begin building.”

Without responding to Myr, Uzarg immediately proceeded to wrench his Chain axe from his back and run screaming into the foliage.


(OOC) * "Human - You the one they call the Mech Boy? Well you better get to work on my Shelter/ Settlement before I have to stomp you good."

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"

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Default Shas’vre Vior’la Fio’Shas

Fio’Shas stepped from the woods into the clearing to see the group before him. There was a be’gel, two gue’la, a mont’au’gue’la, a fio’tak’gue’la, and the final was a shas’ui by the insignia on his shoulder. This gave him some hope. None of these knew of the Tau’va besides the two Tau, and without that knowledge how could they hope to survive?

Fio’Shas approached the other Tau quickly. “Tau’fann,” he bowed in greeting, “It is good to see another Tau. I am Shas’vre Vior’la Fio’Shas.” Fio’Shas waited for the other tau to reply. “How have you been faring with this,” he glanced to the others, “M’mesme’monat?”

Most of the rest of the day was spent utilizing one of the two drones to map the immediate clearing. Fio’Shas spent time drawing out a small map, and then designing a building for him to work from. By the look of things it would need to be made of local wood. Not undoable, but he would need some additional items from the piranha. If he was lucky he might even be able to return to the base. When Fio’Shas finally found a place to sleep both of his drones floated close by prepared to defend their master.

In the morning Fio’Shas spent his time preparing several clips, and maintaining his rifle. The thought of being commanded by the eldar didn’t make him happy. Then everyone was called together. It appeared that the mont’au’gue’la was being left in charge. The displeasure didn’t appear on his face though it ran deep in his mind. What did these kna’la know of working together? Until the last day he would have tried to kill these things. As each of the others broke away to their tasks the elder approached. "Although I am giving myr command he is still a chaos slave, vox me if anything...... Suspicious happens." Fio’Shas nodded. Before leaving the camp the engineer gathered what he could from what the others left behind. Most of it was little more than scrap, and broken objects.

“Do you trust this kau’ui,” Fio’Shas asked when they arrived at the piranha. A construction drone moved over the hull, and began to deploy tools as Fio’Shas began to send orders to it. Chunks of armor over the thrusters were removed. Fio’Shas began work as the dron removed additional plates. It became quickly apparent that the engineer was not pulling the power core, but working on the thruster array. “If this works,” he said replacing a small assembly, “we should have several raik’ors of power. So we will have to work fast.”
It took almost an hour of work before Fio’Shas moved back from his work. “If I had access to the stricken hammerhead I might be able to make a more permanent repair.” As he moved to the rear of the craft he signaled to the fire warrior. “We need to be in place.” They stood on either side of the craft as Fio’Shas finally activated the engines. The craft slowly lifted several inches from the ground. “PUSH,” Fio’Shas yelled.

The pair managed to push the craft into the clearing before Fio’Shas disengaged the engines. It landed with a loud thump. Then came the long work of converting it into a power relay. As he began to dismantle the outer armor the engineer turned to the fire warrior. “We will need some building materials, refitting this will do nothing if it is not protected.”

The surveillance system contained several sensors tied to a single monitoring station. As he connected the power system one of the drones gained altitude again. It was a rather simple ordeal to load a quick map into the sensor system. Now came the process of setting up the sensors, but the first would need to be an omni-directional motion sensor located at the station itself.

By the time mid afternoon came the tau was ready to begin construction on a building. Fio’Shas turned to the materials and looked back at the area he had chosen. The sensor net would give good coverage for now. He knew the sensors could be far better placed to increase efficiency, but for now a building was more important than reducing triple overlapping. The construction drone zipped into place. Good, now to check the plans again and begin. By night he should have the ground prepared and stakes in place. In two or three more days the structure should be finished. As the first stake was taking form Fio’Shas glanced around. He wondered if there was a battleground nearby that he could scavenge from. By the appearance of others buildings there might need to be a reinforced above ground unit here.
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Markus was, at the best of his description, uncomfortable. Having xenos and a heretic around did nothing to calm that mood too. He just did as he was told however and pulled his large combat knife from his sheath. With the fire already roaring to life and keeping who ever wanted warm, he knew the next thing was food. He dissected whatever the hunters caught and examined the insides. He compared it to wildlife back on his homeplanet. No they didn't look even close to similar but on the inside it was a tad different.

What looked like meat he cut out but didn't remove from it's spot. All organs were kept exactly where they were. Unless he had a test subject that would like to eat a bit...

He turned to were the ork was siting but decided against it. If he was going to exact the Emperor's will against these things then he was going to do it with the scout. Twice the fire power.

With what ever he collected as 'Ediable' he hung in skinned fur over a close by branch so no creatures could get to it. The monkeys how ever would be a bit of a problem. They could build a cellar and keep it below ground but that sound like he was planning on staying here for a long time. He gripped his knife tightly at the idea.

After hanging up what wasn't about to be cooked he staked up a fire pit again with more fresh and dead logs thanks to the green skin. He needed it to be really hot to get the meat cooking. He stuck two long sticks into the ground that had something like a 'Y' at the end to place another stick across the fire.

He stepped back with a grin, happy with his work. He began stabbing a large chunk of meat onto the stick one by one until everyone had a slab on the stick.

What came next for a good chunk of time was slowly spinning the damn thing. He let a sly smile go as he quickly checked his surroundings. No one was looking at him as he produced a little steal shaker that had a small 'S' stenciled on it. A few taps and the sparkly minerals fell on Markus's slab of meat before closing the pouch and the salt shaker with it.

"Chow time you Skakkers!"

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011010 walked back to the damn after getting his command from the Chaos Worshiper, and looked down at the work so far. It had blocked off about half of the river and decided to work on the stream first before completely blocking off the river. 011010 powered back on his Warscythe and with the gauss blaster started making a deep and wide groove back to the camp.

After about several hours it finally made it's way back to the camp with the stream, and when he reached about 100 yards from the camp it began to work on a reservoir for the water to keep in. After a long period of time it finally completed the reservoir and returned to the source, and after a coupe more trees it finally blocked off the river which was diverted into the stream and down into the reservoir which began to fill. When 011010 completed this it travelled back to camp to find Myr, and as it saw him it came up to him for further instructions.

*Switch language 153 Gothic

"Order?" it said using a speaker where it's mouth shoud have been to project an automated voice.

""0110010, cover the 'river' that brings it in. We don't need anything getting in that." Myr said simply, and 011010 nodded slightly and headed back out to the forest where it got to the work of chopping down more trees and slicing it into planks to be placed over the stream. After it finished, it grabbed up the planks and started placing them over the stream

The Undefeated 13th (SW) - W 3, L 0, D 2

The Swarm (Nids) - W 33, L 14, D 0

Da Waugh Squad (Orks) - W 5, L 9, D 2

The Gunline/Gundam Wing (Tau) - Under Construction
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After Quintas got back from his hunt he handed the snimals over to Marcus to clean and cook, and then pulled up a stump and sat next to the fire with him and started cleaning his rifle. As he was pulling his sniper rifle apart and throughly cleaning it he whispered to Marcus, "Hey gaurd, Im Scout Quintas of the Angels of Retribution space marine chapter. Whats your name? It might be better if we stick together with all of these xeno bastards around. We should also share a shelter and keep watch as the other sleeps. What do you say?" (MARCUS" ANSWER TO BE INSERTED)

After they had eaten the Eldar Exarch returned with another fracken alien!! Quintas just shook his head and continued going through his gear and taking inventory of what he had. A little bit latter the Exarch announced to the group that he was leaving for a while but was leaving the Chaos traitor in charge. Like hell im ganna listen to him, Quintas thought. He was given the duty of second watch after the Necron. While Quintas was waiting for his turn to start watch he laid down and closed his eyes but did not sleep, fo he had already gotten the implants that allowed his brain to rest parts at a time. When his turn came he went and releived the necron. Shortly later the Exarch came over to talk to him.

Quintas asked, "So, you Eldar claim to be smart and reasonable but your leaving a Chaos worshiper in charge? No wonder you guys are going extinct."

The next morning he started on a shelter by squaring out a rectangle on the edge of the clearing. He then went and gatherd trees that he cut down with the chain sword that was his former sgts. He quickly had a sturdy frame up that he was ganna palnk together with more wood and tie together with local vines.

Check out my Angels of Retribution fluff!! All c&c is welcome
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Cai' clambered up the hill towards the old structure, on his travels he had noted that there were many ancient stone structures depicting the image of a valiant hero casting down the servants of the dark god. He had gone in search of more evidence and structures in the hope of unravelling the secrets of the planet.


Back at camp things were starting to move in a good direction. The members of the group had decided to have their own huts/shed type house instead of one big communal hall that hey were to share. It was understandable why, but cai' had always believed that even the orks were reasonable enough to make peace with I'd you went about it the right way. With the camp doing fine, it would have probably been a good idea to make some sort of urinal building and a building to store and cook meat from.

All(in short, see further down for your own specific info): as you relax after a days work around a fire, Myr brings up the topic of what you should all do for the next couple of days, feel free to post more than once as this is a discussion with the other players but ultimate descision is left to Myr. As you speak you begin to hear to feel reverberations in the ground. It does not seem like an earthquake as it is methodical instead of a single deep rumble. A member of the group is dispatched to find out what is making the noise.

Myr: it's your descision on who goes to locate the source of the reverberations, once you have decided pm me and I will pm the person the extra information required for their post. You should also make plans for the next couple of days with the rest of the group. You need somewhere to store food and cook it, some of the group might wish to shower (or hope the ork takes one) so a bath house might be an idea with the damn the necron has built. Have you got any ideas for anything needing built? Or perhaps you wish to send a scouting party to scavenge for supplies?

Berserkers: after finishing your days work you have a bite to eat. While you are eating one of you goes over to the other (I will leave the descision to you) and asks if you want a duel to keep up your skill level and also for a by of fun. Do you accept or decline? (this is a two post update for you, one for the duel, one for the discussion) after your duel you gather with the rest of the group around a fire and discuss what you wish of do for the next couple of days.Have you got any ideas for anything needing built? Some target dummies or a makeshift forge and blacksmith for weapons wouldn't be to hard to build......

EngineersG0arr) your progress on the piranha is good but you need more wiring for a camera system. It might be an idea to ask Myr for a scouting trip to find some metal ore. The planet has plenty open veins of pure metal as well as metal in it's ore state. After that your fellow tau asks you if you have any spare ammo, you have some ammo that you took from the tau base and you give him a round. After that you all gather around the fire and discuss your ideas for the next few days, if you wish to mount an expedition party now is a time to ask. Another thing you could write about are your first impressions on the group.

(Meqinc) as you head back to camp you notice a plant that you have never seen before, you pick it and analyse it. The small green plant has jet black petals and two leaves with an orange tinge. While you are analysing it all of a sudden the petals begin to decompose at an alarming rate. They go so fast that after three seconds the entire plant mass has disappeared. In it's place a single lump of the element known as vraccasium. Its properties are very useful. It is harder than adamantium, lighter than tin and almost impervious to heat. A plasma generator is required to get it red hot, let alone in liquid form. The mehanus searched for more of the element but it was simply to rare for mass production so they made 2 suits and sent them to honoured chapters that survive to this day. What are your thoughts on this? If some of the stuff is on the planet it could be an immense asset to the group, or if you wish to better you own race you could keep it to yourself and report back to your superiors once you get off the planet. You arrive back to the group standing around the fire discussing plans for future activities. Is there anything you wish to add, you had thoughts on a medical facility earlier, now is the time to speak up if you wish. Another thing to remember, Urzarg thinks your building his shelter. Are you going to comply?

Markus: After being labeled as the groups chef you sat down and dissected the beast. The rest of the group seemed to enjoy the food, or they are just really good actors. Asides from that, are you comfortable with doing all the cooking? It is probably one of the easiest jobs in the group but still important. While you cooked the meat the scout offered to share a shelter and band together, you have similar feelings of uncomfort with the scout but do you really think that the rest of the group would turn on you like that? After that the group gathers to discuss your plan of action for the next few days. Do you have any ideas for anything to be done or built?

Snipersquintis) although you are a young astares your hatred burns like those ten times your age. Your obvious discomfort is a barrier between your and survival. No matter how strong you may think you are, there is no point being that can survive by itself on this planet. Although you don't know this yet, so your thoughts are filled with doubt and worry. Your progress was good on your shelter, it is the furthest along by a long distance. Are you proud or do you find it trivial? Whatever the case the others ignore your achievement as if it's no more important than learning how to hold a spoon. As you sit by the fire an idea pops into your head to keep your aim in practice, you cold challenge the tau sniper to a duel and see who is the better shot (e.g see who can hit closest to bullseye from 300 yds) In the evening the group gather round the fire to discuss your plan for the next couple of days. Do you want to mount an expedition? Any ideas for things needing built? Now is the time to speak up as there will not be many chances for this kind of thing.

(farseer ulthris) as you help your fellow tau out you begin to relax, a welcome face is a brilliant thing for you. Anyway, do you like the other tau? Even though he is one of your kind he could still be annoying. Although it is unlikely that anyone could be more annoying than the ork.......... On your way back from the pirahnah you get an idea on how to keep you aim in good practice, you could challenge the tau sniper to a duel and see who is the better shot (e.g see who can hit closest to bullseye from 300 yrds) when you do arrive the group is already assembled and discussing plans for the next few days, do you have any ideas for things needing built or anything you wish to collect, maybe a foraging trip or a hunting trip?

(OOC: right, time for you lot to put some shape on the rp, anything you say here will go into the storyline of the rp. If you say you want some kind of forge this section of your rp will be revolving around that. It's very much a project that YOU influence, so make sure that you are certain on what you want before submitting your post.)

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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