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The Age of Dragons.(Action Thread)

After a long and rather uneventful journey you make it to High Dragon Hold, a specific place within the northern parts of the Kel'Karadorn mountains which is the supposed location of the strange and legendary figure known as High Lord Modeus, the first of the Dragon Riders. After having received a rather cryptic offer to become his apprentice when you met The High Lord you decided to accept it as he had saved your life. Having made you way to the location he told you to go to, you stand ready and uncertain what this apprenticeship will entail and if you have made the right choice, only by learning from the High Lord will you be-able to make that decision. You slowly make your way down the small dirt road towards the mountain and as you get closer and closer you can see that the mountain itself has been build on and into, at certain places high towers appear to pierce the sky, ledges have been transformed into gardens and training area's. To the west of the mountain is a rather large looking forest which must be where who ever lives inside of the Mountain gathers their food.

As you follow the dirt road you can see something at the foot of the mountain, from a distance it appears to be something small and gleaming but as you get close the object becomes larger until you can clearly see that it is infact not an object at all, but two monstrously large steel doors at the top of a winding stair case. Standing either side of the doors are two fully armoured rather gruff looking dwarves who stare at you as you approach and from under head you can hear the screech's and roars of a creature you hoped you'd never see again, Dragons. Becoming filled with fear at the sight of these creatures you freeze where you are standing and can not draw your gaze from them until a ear shattering crack is heard as the large gates open and a short black bearded rather old looking dwarf greets you and ushers you inside. Once inside you feel slightly safer about not being out in the open as the dragon's may have stopped you but you still feel uneasy about having such dangerous creatures so close to where you are. As you eyes adjust to the low light within the mountain you can clearly see the inside of the mountain has been carved smooth and made into a luxurious home. Upon the walls you can see many paintings and tapestries of dwarves, dragons and even High Lord Modeus, clearly you have come to the right place. The dwarf leading you through the halls introduces himself as Grungar the Ironfist, leader of the dwarven clan of the Ironhammers who are in service to the High Lord.

Being lead through the mountain you legs start to ache as you feel like you have been walking for miles and miles inside this dwarven hold and without the sun you are unable to tell how much time has passed since you entered. Suddenly you come upon another set of large doors made of a different type of metal which Grungar taps on three times before they open, as the doors open you can see into a extremely well lit magnificent hall which is filled with tables, chairs and dwarves rushing around with boxes, barrels and creates of food and ale. All around the side of the hall are many smaller doors than the ones you have seen so far which look around average size to what the elves use in their buildings, and much like the first part of the mountain you saw the walls are filled with paintings and tapestries. As you admire the workmanship of the hall and the paintings Grungar taps you on the side and points at the far end of the hall, shifting you gaze to see what he is pointing at you can see a gathering of humans, elves and dwarves all talking to a figure.

As one of the elves bows before the figure infront of the group you can see that it is infact High Lord Modeus and feeling stupid for not seeing it earlier, right next to Modeus if the awe inspiring form of his Black Dragon, sat in a rather feline position and watching the group that has been gathered. Grungar then tells you that you should go and join the group as The High Lord has something very important to tell you that will answer all of your questions. Walking shakily and nervously over to the group you can hear the last few words of The High Lords sentence: "...and within these halls you are to be on your best behavior and treat the Ironhammer clan with the up most respect, is that understood?" With a murmur of replies the Dark Elf gives a small smile. "Now then i shall explain fully why i have brought you here. As you all know when i met each of you in turn i asked you to become my apprentice, and i know you are all wondering what kind of apprentice you will be." With an even bigger smile on his face the High Lord finally tells you something that makes your heart stop in your chest. "You are going to learn how to be Dragon Riders, you will become the greatest warriors this world has seen and save it from the darkness that threatens to consume this world with the help of your very own dragons. In a few moments i shall take you to the egg room where you shall pick a dragon egg which will eventually hatch into your dragon, and when it does your dragon will be your life long companion. Now let me tell you this, this will not be an easy path to follow and i will not be there to lead you by the nose the entire time, you all must learn in ten years what has taken me one hundred and fifty. If you believe yourself to be up for the challenge then follow me, if not then Grungar will lead you out and you may go on with your lives." With that Modeus nods to his massive black dragons which stands up and leaves through a different set of massive doors.

After watching the amazing black dragon leave you notice that High Lord Modeus has walk to one of the other hallways, quickly running to catch up with The High Lord you fall into step behind him and are quickly joined by the rest of the group as you are lead down the long and semi-lit passages of this strange and wonderful place.

ALL: This High Lord Modeus is a legendary figure who is renowned all over the world for having tamed a dragon and now uses it in battle and soon you shall do the same. What are you currently feeling about being an apprentice dragon rider? Are you scared and nervous? excited about the possibilities it could open and all the fame that will come with it? You wonder what kind of dragon you will get and what it will be like to have such a creature as your companion, maybe you should try and pluck up the courage to ask The High Lord about the dragons, and how he plans to train you? But first it may be wise to ask the names of your fellow apprentices as it may help to make friends here as the apprenticeship sounds like it could be hard to face alone.

OOC: using the info i gave you(i hope its enough) i would like you to type out how your character is feeling, what he is mainly thinking about now, and try to get to know the other dragon riders. I'll update this thread next friday(the 19th) but after that it will become a Monday thread.
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Default Uthiat Alenaneldth

Uthiat whistled as he walked. The road was better than many he had traveled. He looked in amazement at the mountainside, and the fortress that had been carved into it. “These dwarves must be very capable,” he said quietly as he pulled something from his pack. It was a fruit he had learned of from a farmer years ago. They had called it a muscadine. Much like an overly thick skinned grape they were sweet. He squeezed the first into his mouth, then spit the seed into his hand. After enjoying the first one he chewed on the bitter skin, and remembered what the farmer had told him, “Waste not”. He only had about two handfuls left. Uthiat wondered if any of the local farmers would know about them. There was a doubt as he was sure they didn’t grow natural here.

Finally the elf began to approach the massive doors. It was then he heard the cry, dragons. His eyes darted across the mountain, and then to the forest nearby. How many were there? As he stood for some time watching the creatures. What brought him back was the sound of the massive doors opening. The guards seemed not to mind, maybe it was okay Uthiat thought as a dwarf moved to greet him. It wasn’t until he moved through the doors that he finally felt safe. The workmanship inside was rather good as well. There were several tapestries hanging like he would expect from any noble. Finally he saw a picture of the dark elf, Modeus. As he did Uthiat smiled it had to be the right place. This place intrigued him. The tapestries and paintings appeared to be from several origins. One appeared to be a style from the south, most likely human made; another was plainly dwarfish by origin; and another appeared to be elfish design. If Modeus was the great figure that legend said then he must travel often. What might he have that Uthiat had never seen? “Does the Lord travel often,” he asked. The dwarf, who had introduced himself as Grungar, scratched his beard. “Aye,” he said, “Has to get his pets somewhere.” “Pets,” the elf asked. The only reply he got was a smile, “Come with me. You can ask him about it.”

After some time walking the pair finally reached a massive hall. Inside there were dwarves moving around objects, and rearranging things. As the elf glanced from wall to wall he spotted more objects he could recognize. A pair of doors possible of elfish origin. “There,” Grungar said pointing to a gathering of individuals, “I believe you’re right on time to join them.” And with that the dwarf turned back and disappeared to one side. Uthiat slowly approached and listened as he popped another muscadine into his mouth. Be respectful of the dwarves, yes that would be expected. Uthiat popped another purple thing into his mouth. Good the reason for the apprentiship. The elf was wondering why there would be this many apprentices. From his travels it had appeared that there was only to be one apprentice for each mas… Uthiat almost choaked ‘your very own dragons.’ He replayed the sentence in his mind again, and again. Dragon egg… own dragon… Interesting, Uthiat thought, quite interesting. Had anyone ever done this before? Sure there was Modeus who was known for this but he had heard of no others. Several of the different individuals appeared completely disgusted with the thought, others appeared fearful of the idea. The only emotion on Uthiat’s face, quickly after the shock, was intrigue.

Uthiat quickly ran to catch up with Modeus, as did several others. “Our own dragons,” he asked. “Yes,” the High Lord replied, “for each of you.” “Has this ever happened before? I mean besides you, of course you have done it. I can see the reason for picking them as hatchlings due to the bond a newborn normally has toward the first thing it sees. The idea is much like the falconers to the south. Choosing their egg, and being the first thing that the falcon sees helps to make the bond between the two. Quite interesting. Where did you gather your eggs?” The barrage of words was little more than nervous chatter. His excitement at the idea was easy to see.

The elf turned toward the others making their way down the hall. “I’m terribly sorry, where are my manners? My name is Uthiat Alenaneldth,” he said slowing down, “It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” It was the first time Uthiat had looked at the others.
One was a dwarf. He was a strong squat fellow who closely resembled an iron keg. As they walked into a hallway it sounded like someone was dragging a chain behind them.
Then next was a man in leather armor with a wolfskin cloak and the hafts of two large weapons. This fellow was covered with tattoos with long hair. Some kind of a tribal Uthiat guessed, a wolfskin of that size made him think northman.
Another man moved nearby. This one had a mixture of metal and leather armor hidden under a traveling duster. On one hip he appeared to have some kind of weapon, but it was rather hard to tell at a glance what it was. The elf guessed this one must be from Bel'angrath though the tattoos on his face were somewhat tribal making it harder to tell.
Then there was someone more familiar, an elf. It was easy to tell this one was a wood elf by the leaves and wooden armor. The stone staff was interesting in appearance; it must have taken someone a while to chisel it out correctly.

“Is that Ironwood,” Uthiat asked as he slowed to walk beside the woodelf. The decision was made rather instinctively, this was the only other elf here. “Did you make it I hear it’s very hard to work.”
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Torak trudged up the steep mountain trail, the journey had been boring. Nothing had happened out of the ordinary, Torak had actually hoped he would be ambushed to get one last fight before the years of training he would be going through.

Alas nothing except his cohort were seen on the journey, the five warriors had chosen to accompany Torak and make regular visits (once every three months) the see how their brother was getting on, of course high lord Modeus would have to approve but the dwarven stubbornness would hopefully tip the argument in his favour.

Torak reached a large gate with two gruff looking dwarves standing gaurd, they obviously expected some sort of explanation.

"My name is Torak Delkrak, high lord Modeus offered me apprenticeship. These are my brothers in arms, they wish to speak with Modeus."

"you may enter Delkrak but your cohort must turn and leave this place."

"they just wish to speak with Modeus," Torak replied with a tinge of added desperation. The dwarves were not convinced,

"you may enter Delkrak but your cohort must turn and leave this place." the battle of two wills, the stubbornness of dwarves against a force if equal stubbornness, it was obvious no side would let up before the other. Torak turned to his cohort and said,

"I am sorry, we could sit and argue for weeks on end but I had better not upset my hosts." the dwarves sighed a heavy breath, but nodded their heads.

"you had better not die Torak, if you don't return to us hell itself won't rescue you from us." and with that his cohort turned and left for home. Torak turned to the ironhammers who opened the heavy metal doors. A black bearded dwarf appeared in the space. Just as he opened his mouth to speak an ear splitting roar fills the air, Torak draws his weapons due to instinct. The black bearded dwarf chuckled nervously, "always a shock when they roar like that, lord Modeus assures me that you get used to it. Come grungar whites to meet Modeus' new apprentices."

Torak nodded and began following the Blackbeard.

The journey took a very long time, the spiralling hold resembled his own in many ways, he began to relax into his surroundings jus as they reached a large throne room. The ironhammers king granger sat atop a large golden throne. The dwarf exuded command from his very pores. Even the proud paladin that stool before him knelt in his glory.

"rise Torak Delkrak, I am not your superior here, this is your home for the foreseeable future and I wish to be friends with the only dwarven apprentice of Modeus."

"Of course Grungar, I feel at home already, your hold is very impressive, your crafters must be very skilled."

"only the best are made by the ironhammers, we shall speak more later, the high lord is waiting."

Grungar left his seat as the black bearded with two humans and a wood elf at his side. Torak leaned against the wall as grungar spoke to the others. They finally finished and began heading down the corridor.

They reached a large room, a group of elves, dwarves and humans were gathered and deep in conversation, beside them a magnificent black dragon. Torak tenses, he learned always to be on gaurd a long time ago and he was not going to forget it.

There was a high elf already in the room, he saw them coming and joined them. Torak stood and waited, he listened to the high lords words with avid interest. It was not until he heard Modeus say "your very own dragons" that Torak grasped the magnitude of the situation.

He was going to get his own dragon! This was huge, it took all Torak strength not to burst with emotion. He noticed the others had similar expressions on their faces. Modeus nodded to his dragon who left the room through a massive set of iron doors. Torak gazed at the dragon until it left his sight, he turned to look at Modeus who was no longer there. Torak set off at a run to catch up with him. They soon fell into step and at a good pace. Torak turned to the human berzerker and said,

"My name is Torak Delkrak, I hear you Northmen have strength to rival us dwarves, I thought it just a lie but you have a chance to prove me wrong."

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Bjor had made the long arduous journey from his homeland in the northern wastes to where Lord Modeus had told him his keep was, yet he was not tired. Yes it had been a long journey but he was a man of the north, his endurance was second to none, and he smiled as he recognized the mountains Modeus had spoken to him about. Slowly he made his way towards the keep, seeing others who he assumed were also would-be apprentices on his way up, and the occasional dragon keeping watch.

His eyes narrowed as he saw the drakes, he had nothing but hatred for their kind, they were the cause of many of the troubles of his people and he had no love for them let alone any sort of sympathy. They were a bane upon this world and he would not stop until they were driven from his homeland or until he died trying, that was the norseman way.

They reached the gates to the keep relatively sooner than he thought they would, it appear that the fortress was much larger than he had expected. Two dwarves flanked it, each of them heavily armed and armored, he could kill them both easily if he wanted to, but they were not his enemies so he did not. He heard a voice speaking to him from his side and he looked down to see another dwarf garbed in different clothing then the others here, were they everywhere here? He had to admit he was excited to be among those of like mind but he had expected them to be...taller then they were.

They entered and eventually were taken to meet Lord Modeus, he spoke to them of their apprenticehood and of thier purpose. They were to attain their own dragons? Like him? His mind reeled at the thought. He was disgusted that it was even an option, they were beasts and they had killed his whole tribe, why would he want to train one? He was silent as he fought to control his anger, he stared at the black dragon sitting beside Modeus and stared into its eyes, strangely it seemed to calm him.

Maybe this could be a new weapon for him, one with which he could eliminate the dragon taint from his homeland. He would think on it more, but for now he must answer the midget talking to him.

The dwarf speaking to him spoke in common so that they could understand each other, "Aye," his voice was thick with accent as he spoke to the dwarf, "I am of the north. I am Bjor, and I have also heard of the fabled strength of the dwarves..." his eyes narrowed as he spoke his next words, "You will have a chance to prove to me that your stature does not hinder your fighting abilities."

Here is the beginning of my fluff for my Iron Warriors Eighth Grand Company

"A fortress is a living thing: the commander its brain, the walls its bones, the sensors its eyes and ears, the troops its blood, their weapons its fists. This tells us two things: If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone."
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High Dragon Hold. 'At fething last" Kell thought to himself as he took another small sip of his almost empty water flask. The journey to the Kel'Karadorn mountains themselves had taken long enough, making his way up them had taken even longer. He had met precious few people along the way, others taveling the long roads to other far away places, the occasional bandit, most of whom were wise enough to avoid a man armed and armoured like Kell, two weren't quite so wise, they found out the hard way. At times he had gotten lost on the winding paths through the mountains but eventually he found the small dirt road to the Hold.

He took in his surroundings as he trudged down the path. The Hold was built into the mountains themselves, towers rose out of the mountainside, whole ledges had been transformed into gardens, which couldn't look more out of place in the harsh mountainous area. To the west there was a vast sea of green, the forest looked more natural than the gardens however, birds rose and fell back into the trees as he watched. He groaned as he approached the bottom of a winding staircase, he took another his last swig of the flask ad he started to climb the stairs.

At the top of the stairs were two enormous metal doors flanked by two heavily armoured dwarves, who silently appraised Kell as he approached the doors. He went to say something to them, but suddenly felt himself unable to move as he heard a distant sound. Everything seemed to have gone eerily quiet, the dwarves hadn't moved or reacted in any way. Then he heard the sound again, only this time it wasn't as distant and he realised with terrifying familiarity what the sound was. Dragons.

He slowly turned to look towards the forest and saw exactly what he dreaded, a green dragon had burst from the trees and snatched one of the birds out of the sky, letting out another piercing roar as it did. An answering roar came from the mountains as he noticed another dragon perched on the mountainside. A trap?

He drew both of his swords in an instant, not knowing how they would possibly help against the drakes. "Don't worry yourself with them" A powerful voice said. He turned to look back at the doors, which were now wide open and saw another heavily armoured dwarf standing before him, although this ones armour was far more intricate and worked than the others. "Come" he said and turned to walk back through the doors. Kell remained where he was, swords still drawn. The dwarf sighed and said "You have mine and Lord Modeus word that they will not attack, now come" then walked through the doors. Slowly Kell sheathed his swords and warily followed the dwarf.

They walked through the luxurious halls, it was hard to believe they were really inside of a mountain. The walls were lined with long tapestries and ornate pictures, the walls were smooth and clean, completely unlike the sides of the mountains outside. The dwarf saw the way he was looking at the walls and said to him "The Hold was built by my people the Ironhammer clan, i am their leader Grungar, from what Modeus told me, you must be Kell Alenko. Now come, Modeus is waiting"

They continued to walk in silence for what felt like an age, he dearly wished he had more water, he was about to ask Grungar if they could stop when they finally came to another set of large doors, which Grungar knocked upon three times. The doors swung open to reveal a magnificent hall, bright, warm and more importantly full of food and drink. Dwarves were busily working around the hall, carrying boxes of food, ale and supplies between the tables. He shifted his gaze to the end of the hall where Modeus himself stood infront of a group of others.

Modeus truely was an awe inspiring figure, but even then Kell could not help but stare at the monstorous dragon beside him. He once again felt frozen to the spot and realised his hand was instinctively reaching for the pistol at his side. The dragon seemed to sense this and moved its piercing gaze towards him. He carefully moved his hand away from the pistol and the dragon seemed to blink in recognition of the action as he made his way forward towards Modeus and the others.

Modeus had just finished a warning about treating the dwarves with respect. He then said something earth shattering.

"You are going to learn how to be Dragon Riders, you will become the greatest warriors this world has seen and save it from the darkness that threatens to consume this world with the help of your very own dragons. In a few moments i shall take you to the egg room where you shall pick a dragon egg which will eventually hatch into your dragon, and when it does your dragon will be your life long companion. Now let me tell you this, this will not be an easy path to follow and i will not be there to lead you by the nose the entire time, you all must learn in ten years what has taken me one hundred and fifty. If you believe yourself to be up for the challenge then follow me, if not then Grungar will lead you out and you may go on with your lives."

Kell couldn't believe it. His own dragon? Become a dragon rider, like Modeus himself? Kell had thought that becoming an apprentice of Modeus might gain him some renown, aswell as riches. But this was something else. They would become famous, just as much as Modeus himself perhaps, he would never have to worry about money again. And most of all, he would be able to take the fight back to the dragons, on one of his own, the symbolism was not lost on him. A smile crept across his face.

He turned to look at how the others had reacted. An elf, a high elf no less by the looks of him showed little outward emotion at the announcement, he merely look curious, how typical of their kind Kell thought to himself. A well armoured dwarf had an expression much the same as Kells, he looked like he could hardly contain himself at the news. Another one of his new companions was a man of the north, barely still a man in Kells opinion, he had no love for his northern kin, he was not looking forward to spending a long amount of time with the 'man'.

He realised Modeus was leaving through a side door to another hall and hurried to catch up to him. The elf turned and introduced himself as, Uthiat Alenaneldth. He overheard the dwarf and the 'man' introduce themselves to each other as Torak Delkrak and Bjor respectively. Kell fell into step beside Modeus and asked him "Lord, how will we pick our dragon eggs? Have they been decided for us already? Is it possible to tell which type of dragon is within the egg?"
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P.S Its possibly a little incomplete but thats because A. Im tired. B. I think I'm sick XD (not mentally this time )

It has been a month seen Avariss started his journey from the north lands to the far west. It wouldn’t have taken him this long if he actually tried to keep a strict pace of walking but he didn’t, he did not like physical action much. Thus he walked in a medium – slow kind of pace not straining himself to try and keep normal. The last few days he began moving upwards as he knew that he is approaching the Kel'Karadorn Mountains and it will not be long before he actually could see them and hopefully the famous High Dragon Hold which Modeus resided in. The last time Avariss met Modeus was in the farmstead and he did not have time to ask him questions as he quickly vanished after taking hold of the egg which still remained a mystery to him. What hopefully Modeus did not know was the fact that Avariss marked the egg with several nearly invisible symbols; they did not mean anything but it will still mark the egg when and if Avariss will be able to locate it.

Avariss’s journey was a success as he was not confronted by any bandits, ambushers or looters along the ways and wasn’t even attacked by beasts it was like those type of scum stayed out from this area… “Maybe it is because of the Dark Land’s ever expanding influence…” he passed the thought through his head wondering if it could really be so. The threat of the Dark Land was growing with each day, slowly those dead and evil lands engulfed the surrounding area which made them bigger and more powerful, if not stopped somehow the dark influence will spread to other places as well and so will the creatures that hail from inside those vile lands. Yet Avariss paid no real attention to this threat as he lived many years near those lands and in some way the marked him. Maybe as one of their own… Nonetheless it was a challenge and a threat that needs to be overcome and it made him wonder about the possibilities, one of them was Modeus.

Avariss only heard stories of Modeus and his Dragon and although he met Modeus he did not see his dragon which was quite unusual as all the stories tell about the both of them, the black dragon and Modeus, both as a time, fighting the evil that befallen the land. This thinking of Modeus reminded him of the weird and even cryptic offer that he made in exchange for the egg, “Become my apprentice.” he said, those were the exact words and Avariss remember them like he just met Modeus yesterday. He was excited as such a powerful figure could teach him a lot. Yet the fact that he could surely learn a lot from Modeus did not stop Avariss from trying to guess what the apprenticeship might be. And as he continued his futile tries to maybe figure something out about that offer Avariss did not notice as he nearly passed the High Dragon Hold which was pretty hard to miss considering the fact that it was not only magnificent but also carved out from the mountain itself. Surely it is not the work of one man, he had to have some kind of help otherwise it would have been impossible… This brought Avariss to the conclusion that Modeus is not alone in the huge hold... “He must be having guests from time to time too…” Avariss mumbled to himself as he made his final steps towards the hold’s entrance.

Taking a deep breath Avariss looked at the huge two steel doors, they were well made and gargantuan. Paying attention to what’s going on around him Avariss finally heard the screeches and roars of the creatures around him. He did not know what those beasts were but they were surely magnificent and he could not wait to study them and see what gives them this kind of terribly loud sound. They had to be huge for such a noise to come out of them, “assuming it’s them and not him or her.” Avariss wondered to himself. He gazed at the steel doors again this time noticing the two smaller figures standing by them, dwarves. Two angry, short tempered, big bearded and short dwarves stood by the door piercing Avariss’s face with their look. For some reason Avariss finally remembered why does screeches sounded familiar when he looked at the two dwarves, although it had nothing to do with dwarves, maybe perhaps eating them Avariss finally remembered that those familiar screeches and roars closely resembled the ones of the dragons who used to pass over Azril’Neldar. He had hard time remembering as it was seventy years ago but such magnificent creatures could not be easily forgotten. He was more fascinated then scared from dragons as they were creatures of beauty and chaos in the same time, they were ultimate war machines but also ultimate protectors it was all about from what point of view are you judging dragons…

“Stop that!” He commanded and smacked himself in the head, “Stop the day dreaming and get going, you imbecile!” he said again, “Fine! Fine!! I’m going!” he said cutting out his day dreaming and continuing the walk towards the gates. Avariss was about to speak and ask the guards if he arrived at the right place when one of the steel doors opened slowly and a short dwarf came out of it, “It’s a funny thing to think, considering they are dwarves.” He said, speaking with himself again. “Oh, do shut up!” Avariss moved on and bowed before the short black bearded dwarf who seemed to be some kind of a guard or a taskmaster. “Hello dwarf, I’m hailing from Narg'Aron and came here to meet High Lord Modeus, is that the right place?” For a moment the dwarf was silent, clearly evaluating Avariss’s face and expression, for some reason Avariss got the feeling that the dwarf is not too fond of magic but at any rate after a moment the “taskmaster” as Avariss decided to name him smiled and said, “That’s right, you’ve arrived at High Dragon Hold and Modeus is inside waiting for you and the others to arrive.” Avariss smiled it was a nice dwarf and his smile even got wider when he heard that others are supposed to arrive too this meant he could speak with more people. “Thank you for the nice welcome but can you please lead me to him?” Avariss asked politely. “I sure can.” The dwarf replied, smiling. He then turned around and walked inside gesturing Avariss to follow him and so he did.

The insides of the mountain were quite peculiar; they were not really mountain-like. It was more like a home nonetheless Avariss was glad to be in cover again as he did not want to stay out there with dragons on the loose who could attack him any moment and in a sudden slight paranoia attack he looked back fearing that some dragon is sneaking up on him. But of course nothing was there. As a dark elf Avariss’s eyes quickly adjusted to the dark of the halls and where he now saw everything perfectly clear. As the grim light did not hold any bars and restraints on Avariss’s eyes he could clearly see the vast amount of paintings and portraits scattered on the walls of the well made and carved out room. One of the many portraits was of Modeus himself which made any doubt go away from his mind, it was Modeus’s hold. As they continued travelling for a seemingly endless time the dwarf finally speaks breaking the eerie silence, “I am Grungar the Ironfist, leader of the Ironhammer clan who resides in this castle and serves Modeus and his will.” Introducing himself he turns back and looks at Avariss quickly regaining his sense from all the things he saw he politely introduced himself because he earlier forgot to, “Avariss Phyraere, son to Lordar the patriarch of house Phyraere, until he died of course.” Said Avariss looking to happy while saying that which made the dwarf raise an eyebrow but then continue walking like nothing happened. He clearly has seen worse than that as an introduction.

The dwarf led Avariss through the endless halls and it seemed already like they were working for hours, be it out of boredom or out of real amount of time. Avariss also could not predict the amount of time they walked as no sense shone above them, the only thing he knew for sure was the fact that his lags are begging to ache and he did not like that feeling. For some reason he thought that this won’t be the first time he would have to walk this distance. After what seems to be another decade they finally arrived at another pair of metal doors, this time they were not made of them same compound as before, closing the distance between him and the doors Avariss smelled them. The smell was completely different although having a slight tickle of steel in it. He decided that the door was made out of many different metals combined to form… This, obviously. Turning back like nothing happened at all he saw Grungar looked at him with a kind of amazement and laughter in his eyes and the embarrassed Avariss could only smile and shrug. “You are making a fool out of yourself… No I’m not! I can do perfectly well without your annoying additions to everything I do, so stay silent.” Avariss again said, he whispered so the dwarf won’t hear.

Finally stepping back from his position near the door the dwarf got closer and knocked on it three times. On the third time the door opened quickly revealing a huge room full of tables, chairs and most of all characters. Humans, elves, dwarves, every major race was represented here. Nearly everyone were busy some carrying barrels others creates of food filled up till the end with unknown stuff. Also Alcohol was a plenty here as nearly every third dwarf carried a keg of ale for some reason… “I don’t like big events…” He said, “Yes you do, you did not speak with anyone for about seventy years…”, “That’s true, you’ve won this time Avariss...” Again he said looking at all the buzz of work. The room itself looked like a major one as many smaller then before doors were placed on the mountainous walls. Those doors unlike the previous were smaller, they were at the same size as the doors in House Phyraere were and as most of the humanoids were shorter then elves, counting humans, dwarves and other elves in this calculation it was of the best interest to create elf height doors. No one could complain about it afterwords… Looking at the walls Avariss saw that again they were covered with paintings and tapestries as well as other art types it was surely a well lit and well decorated room fit to be a mess hall of a king or a living room, at any rate it was surely more than Avariss was used to in the past seventy years.

Avariss looked around a bit more before Grungar tapped on Avariss’s shoulder thrice and then pointed to the far end of the hall; looking to where he was pointed Avariss saw several figures talking with someone. It seemed that everyone were surrounding him, trying to sneak word in and have a word with it. Humans, elves and dwarves surround it and as one of the elves bowed, probably with respect Avariss saw that the figure was in fact High Lord Modeus himself and quickly it made him feel quite stupid for not noticing him earlier. A movement caught Avariss’s eye as he saw what seemed to be part of the blackened wall move, only when the thing opened an eye Avariss realized that it was a huge black dragon that nearly blended in with the room, his instincts yelled at him to shout “A DRAGON RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” but as no one paid special attention to the dragon even while looking at him Avariss decided that maybe he was not as dangerous as other dragons, in terms of hostility of course. After calming down Avariss took another look at the huge form of the black dragon, it was amazing, he never saw a living dragon so close and felt a huge urge to go and touch it but it would be rude as it was Modeus’s dragons probably. Avariss completely forgot of the dwarf near him and he got scared for a second when the dwarf tapped him in the back and said that he should go and join the group that gathered around Modeus as he has something important to tell them.

Avariss was nervous and not sure of himself when he walked towards the group; he did not interact with people for over fifty years and was not sure how to enter such a group of people, so he just sneaked his way inside like he was there before. Not saying a word about his arrival and not asking anything. As he got inside the group he heard Modeus finishing talking about something, “...and within these halls you are to be on your best behavior and treat the Ironhammer clan with the up most respect, is that understood?" People around him murmured with understanding and agreement and then Modeus gave out a small smile. He then continued speaking, talking about something completely different. “Now then I shall explain fully why I have brought you here. As you all know when I met each of you in turn I asked you to become my apprentice, and I know you are all wondering what kind of apprentice you will be." Avariss’s heart pounded with excitement, he had no idea what Modeus was going to say next but he knew that whatever it was he will be ready for the task completely and won’t be afraid to make the first step. Saying that Modeus let out an even wider smile and said, “You are going to learn how to be Dragon Riders, you will become the greatest warriors this world has seen and save it from the darkness that threatens to consume this world with the help of your very own dragons. In a few moments I shall take you to the egg room where you shall pick a dragon egg which will eventually hatch into your dragon, and when it does your dragon will be your life long companion. Now let me tell you this, this will not be an easy path to follow and I will not be there to lead you by the nose the entire time, you all must learn in ten years what has taken me one hundred and fifty. If you believe yourself to be up for the challenge then follow me, if not then Grungar will lead you out and you may go on with your lives." Avariss’s heart literally stopped in his chest, for about fifteen seconds everyone were silent, it was like a tomb which no breath is allowed in because you may wake up the dead. Not even a heartbeat could be heard and this made Modeus’s smile even wider which right now did not really seem possible. Avariss was in utter shock he not only forgot how to speak but also how to move his body he literally was frozen in place. With that said Modeus nods towards the massive beast which resided nearby as it stands up and leaves the room through another monstrously large set of doors, every step of this beast made the ground shake and soon Avariss will have the same power also, with the right caring and parenting he could raise a powerful dragon and now came the question, which dragon, will he knew what egg to choose, he won’t be he decided that if he would see his own egg he will choose it, this egg was marked as his by destiny.

While watching the dragon leave Avariss didn’t notice that Modeus continued walking into another passage which led to somewhere else probably the egg room as this is what he said he will be doing now. The sense of excitement and adrenaline filled Avariss as he rushed after Modeus not wanting to waste a moment, acting as a child who really wants a piece of cake, he was impatient but he knew that he will get what he wants in the end. As the others quickly caught up as did Avariss he saw them introducing themselves and Avariss decided that it’s his turn so he spoke, with pauses because he was still in the process of catching his breath from the short spring, “My name… Is… Avariss Phyr…Aere.” Finally catching his breath correctly he said the whole sentence, “My name is Avariss Phyraere from house Phyraere if anybody heard of it hear. I’m looking for a nice time training a dragon with a good company.” He said arrogantly, assuming that he will get a dragon just like that. While introducing himself he saw one of the others ask Modeus about the dragons residing in each egg and thus Avariss blocked any other side from his mind as he tried to clearly hear Modeus’s answer. “NANANAANANAN, Is it annoying?!” His mind yelled at him. “Oh shut it, can’t you see I’m trying to concentrate.” he muttered maybe a little too loudly forgetting that he is not alone anymore…

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Walking from the forests of Ela'Amnor the journey was long but well needed as Yeta had time to recover and recuperate from his wounds from his flight from a green dragon. At last though Yeta had made it to High Dragon Hold in the Kel'Karadorn mountains following the directions of the High Lord Modeus. As he stand upon the dirt trail leading into the mountains he could see in the far distance towers and other constructions which reached as far as the sky itself. It amazed Yeta as such things could even exist, they were easily far larger than even the dragon he had escaped from before.

As he made his way further down the path into the mountain he could see a small shining object but as he finally came and approached the object it had been in fact two great doors followed by spiraling stairs. Guarding the doors were two dwarfs which intrepid Yeta as he had never came into contact with an actual dwarf, only spotting them from afar inside the forest. These dwarfs had great hard looking armor and a constant gaze which followed his every movement. Just as he got to the doors he heard a great screech he could not easily forget. He instantly remembered what made that noise as it came again, Dragons. Frozen in his place from the sheer thought of seeing such a magnificent yet deadly creature the two gleaming gates the dwarfs were protecting opened up. Another dwarf had come through the gates had a short black beard band appeared to be very old had ushered him inside the mountain passing the gates and inside still felt the unease and discomfort from the terror of the dragons roar and yet again being inside another mountain. Inside the cave which the dwarf had led Yeta into he could barley make the objects inside, his eyes straining to adjust to the little light inside.

As he looks from wall to wall he could clearly see the mountain had been carved, smoothed and had a very beautiful feel to it. Seeing many painting of the dwarfs themselves, dragons and even Lord Modeus it was interesting and he questioned about the outside world, about all of these things he had never know about before. The short dwarf leading him finally introduced himself with his deep thundering voice as Grungar the Ironfist leader in charge of the dwarven clan, Ironhammers, which served the High Lord Modeus. Yeta like wised introduced himself as Yeta Koeh, student of the spirits. After an untold time of endless walking just started to feel the unease of walking before reaching another pair of great doors which Grungar had tapped and opened. As the doors open Yeta saw a great bright room which he had to stain his eyes again to adjust to the light inside, and saw many people from dwarfs, humans and even elves inside with many objects all around the room from more doors and paintings to drinks, food, tables and many other things.

As Grungar points and tells Yeta to go to a group talking with the High Lord Yeta seeings the group made up of a dwarf, two humans, and another two elves beside Lord Modeus and a great dragon sitting calmly as its deep stare looked strait into Yeta and yet did not scare him but yet felt calm and walked towards the group. As he thought about it Yeta wondered why he had felt that way and wondered what had happened too all the fear and anxiety he had just had before from only hearing their scream. As he came closer to the group he could only hear, "...and within these halls you are to be on your best behavior and treat the Ironhammer clan with the up most respect, is that understood?" With a murmur of replies the Dark Elf gives a small smile. "Now then i shall explain fully why i have brought you here. As you all know when i met each of you in turn i asked you to become my apprentice, and i know you are all wondering what kind of apprentice you will be."

"You are going to learn how to be Dragon Riders, you will become the greatest warriors this world has seen and save it from the darkness that threatens to consume this world with the help of your very own dragons. In a few moments i shall take you to the egg room where you shall pick a dragon egg which will eventually hatch into your dragon, and when it does your dragon will be your life long companion. Now let me tell you this, this will not be an easy path to follow and i will not be there to lead you by the nose the entire time, you all must learn in ten years what has taken me one hundred and fifty. If you believe yourself to be up for the challenge then follow me, if not then Grungar will lead you out and you may go on with your lives."

Yeta couldn't even contemplate what the Lord had just said. He, himself was going to be GIVEN a dragon to train and take care of? The thought filled and rushed him with so many feeling to couldn't think were even possible, excitement, wonder, curiosity, anxiety, confusion. But before he could pull himself together to had seen the others following Lord Modeus through another pair of doors and rushed to keep up. Still pondering on what was happening he was questioned by what he assumed a High Elf given the fair hair and eyes, "Is that Ironwood," "Did you make it I hear it’s very hard to work."

Yeta replied, "Yes, the spirits showed me how to craft and mold it from the earth, I'm not sure of another way to "work" it though."
Not sure of what to ask the elf since he never had much contact with any other beings, he simply asked,
"Where do you come from? I've rarely seen elves that look similar to you in the woods of Ela'Amnor."
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While walking through the many hallways that are within High Dragon Hold, Lord Modeus listen's to all of your question with a slightly amused look on his face, once the last of your group asks their final question does he then start to answer them starting with Uthiat's question. "I have checked the records of all three of the elven races due to we are the oldest and most long lived of all elder races, and it has never been recorded that any member of the elder or mortal races has tried to tame a dragon and then teach the skills onto others, so in short. No what i am doing has never been tried before within the last four thousand years." Modeus then reaches up with his left hand and brushes back some of his long obsidian black hair behind his ear and out of his face so he can see where he is going more easily. "As to where I collect the dragon eggs, I gather them during my many travels searching for Dragon caves in which i usually find a clutch or two. But in some cases, like Torak the Dwarf" Modeus casually motions to the Dwarf Paladin in the group. "Other races have already found them which they usually give to me in exchange for helping them with their dragon problems."

Turning to the left as the group being lead by Modeus reaches divide in the hallways of High Dragon Hold, Modeus starts to lead the group up several flights of stairs before turning his head slightly to look at Kell who has fallen into step next to him. "Well Kell, within the hatchery I have laid out a few dragon eggs which will be hatching within the next three or four days and it is from them which you will be able to choose from. Which in saying that i believe i have already answered your second question aswell. As to whether you will be able to tell what kind of dragon you get by the egg will be very hard for all of you as so far you don't have the required knowledge to tell which egg belongs to what species. In some cases it is very easy, for example the ice dragon eggs are always coated in ice, and Stone dragon eggs appear to be stone with molten veins. On the other hand it is impossible to tell shadow, black and purple dragon eggs from each other due to they are all similar colours and you won't be able to tell which is which until they hatch."

Having finished answering the question's so far you all have abit of time to fully examine High Lord Modeus for the first time. The High Lord stands around eight feet tall which is very tall even for an elf, his obsidian black hair tumbles half way down his back which must been a pain to deal with when putting on a helmet. Like all other elves his ears are pointed and his face is made up of sharp angular features. As per the all dark elves the High Lord has pale skin instead of fair skin making him appear as if he has no blood in his veins and almost vampiric, but what sets him apart from his Dark Elf brethren is his eye colour which is the rarest of all, dark purple eyes. Turning your attention from his facial features you look over the armour that he is wearing. He is wearing what seems to be something akin to full plate armour that the humans of the south wear but with a partial elven twist to it. Instead of the flat and sometimes circular plates of the humans of the south, these plates akin to the shape of dragon scales. The colour of the armour is a deep dark obsidian similar to the High Lord's hair with some purple plate trim on the chest and pointed shoulder guards. At his side he carries a extremely long looking blade inside of a dark purple sheath. The hilt and pommel of the blade is once again a very dark obsidian but what is most striking about it is that at the end of pommel instead of being a circular or square pommel end, is that it is in the shape of a roaring dragon head. All in all the High Lord looks like he would best be suited as an Elven king of noble leading great and vast armies into battle instead of taming dragons. Though as you look at his gear once more you find it rather interesting and strange, maybe you should ask the High Lord about where he got such things or who forged them for him? (this is the best image i can find out what Modeus would look like with his armour, please ignore the scythe things around him: )

Shifting your attention back to where you are being lead the High Lord has lead you to yet another massive set of doors, which begs the question about why most of the doors within this hold are build so large? Maybe you should ask him when you get the chance. What is different different about this door compared to all others is that it has no handles or bars on which to pull on to open it. The door is completely smooth except for a single hole the size of a dinner bowl in the center of the door. Striding up to it modeus adjusts his left gauntlet then reaches out towards the hole, his hand all the way up to his elbow vanishes into the darkness before there is a loud clicking sound before Modeus removes his arms. After a few uneasy seconds the ground starts to shake as the doors open, not splitting in the middle like normal doors but the entire door is retracted upwards into the ceiling, turning around with a large smile on his face Lord Modeus beckons you forward and inside. "Time for you to pick your dragon eggs." Turning away from the group the High Lord walks into a brightly lit room and awaits for you to enter.

Walking inside of the large brightly lit chamber you are astonished by the amount of dragon eggs around the room. The room itself is circular in shape with the walls split up into shelves which house the dragon eggs which are slowly being heated by what appear to be magical fires. Moving about the room are twenty dwarves of the Ironhammer clan who appears to be monitoring the eggs and making sure the fires remain going. Returning your gaze back to Modeus who is now in the center of the room facing you and the others, he is stood infront of fourteen dragon eggs. As you more closer you can hear the High Lord call out and explain to you. "These are the dragon eggs that are the closest to hatching at the moment, so it is up to you to pick one of these twelve that will eventually hatch into your dragon. Depending on which one you pick depends on the species of dragon you get. Now choose carefully as you will be expected to care for this dragon until it is able to look after itself in two years time, and it is at that age(two years) it will be the size where you are able to rider it. Is that understood?" Stepping to the side the High Lord motions with his right arm for you to move closer an examine the eggs. As you move closer to examine the eggs you can see that they are all roughly the same size and shape the the appearance changes from egg to egg. (Going from left to right).

Egg 1: The first of the eggs is a light coppery colour with small ebon spikes jutting out from random places of it, the egg also many small obsidian black dots over its surface.

Egg 2: The second of the eggs is once again a light coppery colour yet this one is completely smooth and has obsidian stripes instead of dots. Each stripe is evenly spaced from the one above and below and there are in total ten stripes.

Egg 3: The third egg in the row of dragon eggs is a pale yellow colour which has a pale blue spine running down the front of it. Each part of the spine is roughly two inches in length and looks very sharp to handle.

Egg 4: The fourth egg appears to be the complete opposite of the third egg, in that it is a very dark blue colour with a dark yellow spine that runs around the entire shape of the egg in a spiral type pattern.

Egg 5: The fifth egg in the line of dragon eggs is a rather pale grey colour which is completely smooth, and much like the second egg in the line, it has black stripes around parts of the shell.

Egg 6: The sixth in the row of eggs is almost completely silver save for a several white and grey dots on the surface of it. The egg itself seems to be giving off its own form of light which illuminates the eggs either side of it.

Egg 7, 8 and 9: These three eggs all appear to be exactly the same, being a rather dark, almost black, purple. Clearly this is what Modeus meant by Shadow, Black and Purple dragon eggs being impossible to tell apart from each other. The only difference between the three is that the first(7) has many thorny ridges around it. The second(8) is completely smooth and flat, and the third(9) seems to be similar in appearance to Modeus's armour patter, as if it were made of scales.

Egg 10: The difference from all the other dragon eggs and the 10th egg is that the 10th egg is completely covered in some form of green and teal moss, which no matter how much you pick at it, wont come off of the egg. Meaning you are un-able to tell what colour the egg underneath is.

Egg 11: The 11th egg of the line of dragon eggs is a rather strange shade of gold. The egg itself has many spikes, spines and horn like growths jutting out of it which would make it very hard to handle.

Egg 12: The 12th egg of the line of dragon eggs is a very bright yellow with spec's of golden scales at different angles of the egg. Like many of the other eggs this egg has thorny like growths on the outer shell, but only in a single ridge down the center from the top of the egg to the bottom.

Egg 13: The 13th egg is relatively simple to guess that lives inside, much like the 14th egg. Thanks to Modeus explaining earlier you can tell this egg house's an Ice dragon due to the way the air is chilled around it, and frost coats its outer shell and the stand which it is on.

Egg 14: Last but not least is the 14th egg of the line of dragon eggs. Having been explained earlier by Modeus it is easy to tell that this egg is home to a stone dragon, due to its outer appearance is very similar to that of a boulder and it has many 'molten' like veins running across its surface.

OOC: there are 14 eggs to choose from, 1 of each type of dragon(though there is multiple of two species). Its going to be post first serve with these dragon eggs, so if you miss out on the egg you want then you will have to pick another.
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Torak Smirked at bjorn, the humans facial expression vaguely resembled hostility which amused the dwarf greatly.

"no point in arguing lad, we will be here for years and I can hold a grudge for an eternity. You don't want me as an enemy."

Torak did not wait for a reply, he sped up ahead of the berzerker. Then high lord Modeus began talking, he answered the various questions that the group had asked one by one. Torak grinned smugly when Modeus mentioned his name, he looked at the others reactions which were not apparent so instead he continued walking.

Torak realised that he had never seen the dark elfs armour before. It was the complete opposite to the paladins armour. Where Toraks was bright, silver and let out a slight glow, the high lords was dark, ominous and seemed to exude darkness, Torak pictured him as a spectral avenger from the realms of death. At least that's where Modeus looked like he came from.

They continued walking for a little while until they eventually reached another door, all the doors in the hold were massive, this was of course so the dragons could pass freely through them. This particular door was very plain, there were no handles or patterns, just a sheet of metal in the doorway attached to hinges. A small centralised hole sat in the centre of the door hole.

Lord Modeus walked up and put his arm in it, there was a swirling of purple mist before Torak heard a lock click. The dragon lord smiled and said "time for you to pick your dragons." Torak was surprised, it was not in his nature to rush into big descisions, he had gone along this far for information but he was still not sure wether it was for him or not. The dwarf had half a mind to object but looking around at the eggs gathered in the room he could not help but wish to be a rider.

"which one of these did I give you Modeus? I'm not finished with that bastard."

"we do not harm the dragons Torak, they deserve respect."

"And my fallen comrades don't?"

"that was not the Childs fault dwarf, I do not wish to discuss the matter but if you feel that way you had better leave now and never return."

Torak stood defeated, his desire overwhelmed his lust for revenge. Deep down inside he knew his comrades would be lain at peace some day and he would be the one to do it.

The dark elf led the group to a row of 14 eggs laid out by the busy ironhammers who dotted about the room no doubt insuring the eggs would stay healthy. The high lord explained that the 14 eggs in front of them were the closest to hatching. Torak stepped up first, he looked at each egg in turn.The third, flourth, sixth, tenth and eleventh were the ones that cought his eye. Torak always let his gut instinct choose thing for him and it led him to the eleventh. But the sixth egg seemed to sing to him, it was not a song as such but a high pitched hum that would irritate most but it calmed Torak, it reminded him of the battlefield, where he belonged. Others shirked but Torak had only ever felt comfortable when fighting. That was when he felt most safe within himself, like an impenetrable bulwark that stood firm while all else withered and fell, Torak then turned to the rest of the group. He saw some of them in a new light, mainly the two elves. He would be glad to go to war with them.

Torak stepped forward and picked up the sixth egg, and then turned to Modeus and said,

"I normally go with my gut instinct which would lead me to the eleventh but I can sense something within this egg."

Torak returned to the group and waited for the rest to pick.

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Default Uthiat Alenaneldth

"Where do you come from? I've rarely seen elves that look similar to you in the woods of Ela'Amnor." Uthiat glanced over to the wood elf. Spirits showing how to craft and mold, was this a druid? Uthiat had spoken to only a few of them in his time. “Ela’Amnor? No no, I come form the lands Az’Neldaren. A land far different from those lovely forests. The place I come from is a land that is flat. You can easily see for countless miles, though almost all there is to see is farms. The White Cities though, those could be some of the greatest wonders one might ever see.”

The dwarf introduced himself as Torak and proceeded to offer a slight insult. The Northman, called Bjor, replied with a likewise slight insult. It was the dwarf that appeared to react the worse of the two. Simply appearing to smile and speak of holding a grudge for eternity, then quickly moving away. “Humm,” the high elf whispered watching the dwarf move away, “Interesting.”

Uthiat was silenced as Modeus spoke. They continued along to a single massive door. Strange how this place had such oversized doors. As the high elf thought of asking why his gaze moved to the black dragon. “Oh,” he said absent mindedly.
So Modeus had gathered these eggs, interesting. Uthiat smiled, upon a dragon one must be able to travel at speed. That would be invaluable for intercepting problems, or for traveling to those hard to reach areas. Imagine what things you could find, and experience with that power! It would be wondrous!

As the doors opened Uthiat smiled and reached down into a pouch at his side. He slid the pages open carefully using a cloth marker. He then freed a pen from another pouch. This writing interment was peculiar in its appearance. Uthiat tapped its side and placed it on the page. He began to write. The door was locked, smart if there could be baby dragons running around or if there was someone trying to steal one. If what he had heard was true then they could be very potent.

As they stepped inside the dwarf moved forward with intent. There was a brief exchange between the hot blooded dwarf and the High Lord. The dwarf apparently wanted a single egg for only one purpose. Uthiat was quickly scribbling down a description of each egg as the High Lord explained about them. They were the closest to hatching. Each one was expected to care for their dragon. Oh yes there would be many questions there. Two years until it would be large enough to ride. Only two years, amazing. Uthiat finished writing his descriptions.
“Amazing,” he said looking at the eggs, “Two years you say? They must grow very quickly.”

Torak was the first to chose. Uthiat made a quick note of it in his book. As the high elf looked over the eggs his eyes stopped on one. This one was bright yellow with specks of gold. What drew his eye was the arrangement of the thorny growths. These were in a single ridge. “Interesting,” he said reaching out. As his hand brushed the ridges he could swear the thing rocked. “What do you think little one,” Uthiat whispered. As he did he could swore it rocked again. This time the prickly barbs cut his finger. The high elf smiled.
“Well then,” he gently lifted the egg, “It appears this one wishes a ‘blood’ connection.” A terrible jest Uthiat knew, but he couldn’t resist. As he moved away the high elf began to scribble more information into his book as the others stepped up to chose.
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