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I could see why Azreal was praised by Xerxia, I really could. Every blow was perfectly timed, using exactly the right amount of force to end the life of those he duelled. It was almost as if he had measured the force needed for a killing blow, he was so precise in his movements. There were no wasted strokes, no weak lungs; no second chances when fighting a swordsman of his calibre

We danced in that welter of blood and death, while Navanash and Aussir tore Gnolls apart with their claws and fangs. I intercepted a blow from a pike that would have plunged deep into Azreal’s back had Húron not been there to turn it aside. As I drove her through that Gnoll’s chest Azreal’s shield intercepted arrows aimed for my back. Our fight was full of occasions like this where we each saved the others life and all through it Navanash and Aussir were blurs of white and gold with claws and teeth red with blood.

I could not help feeling some disgruntlement at this. After all I had been cleaning Aussir only a few hours before and now her scales were more crimson than gold. But at least she was still living, still fighting. There was something calming in fighting in the presence of such magnificent creatures, something fulfilling. It enhanced my skill, that calm. It made me react faster when my mind was not clouded with emotion, made me think faster and more logically.

Then I felt the pounding beneath my feet as the troll rushed onto the road, headed straight for myself and Azreal. I gripped my sword tighter and felt joy, joy at the sight of such a challenge “We have to work together to take this beast down, me and Navanash shall distract it from the front, Kilaren, if you can get behind it with Aussir then we may have a chance. What do you think?” Azreal’s voice penetrated my reverie and I spoke myself only a moment after he was finished.

“There is nothing else we can do with the time we have my friend.” Then the troll finally reached the road and I spoke so quietly that none could hear me over the beast’s roar. “Let the blood that stains my hands finally be washed clean. Please...”

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Andaleth : The Gnoll shaman infront of you lets out an angry hiss before the hiss becomes a cackling howling laugh as he charges towards you in an ungainly swaying run as the glowing eye sockets on the tip of its staff blaze with more power as it howls syllables in its odd language. The Gnoll then stops several feet from you and thrusts the head of its staff out towards you as the glowing eyes of the skull unleash several crackling red lightning bolts towards you which you easily counter with your own lightning but before you are able to call upon another spell the shaman charges forwards and begins swinging its staff at you as it grips it in both of its paws, you can clearly see that there is still red lightning gathered in the sockets of the human skull and that it would be very unwise for you to allow him to land even a single hit as you do not know what kind of powers the shaman has at his disposal or even what kind of power is trapped within that staff. Now the staff is closer however you can see faint arcane lines etched into the human skull but they are too precise to be made by any creature such as a Gnoll which brings you to the conclusion that this staff must of belonged to a warlock or mage of some kind before it someone found its way into the paws of this filthy Gnoll. Now that the shaman is trying to engage you in melee you have the advantage of your training from Lady Xerxia to call upon along with your Fel magic, you are confident in yourself to decide to try a pure blend of Fel Magic and swordsmanship against this shaman. (You are free to kill the shaman in this post if you wish Midge and as usual we can work out something over msn, for now Sirrush just has Gnolls to deal with so you don’t need to post much for him unless you wish to.)

Azreal : Charging forward to meet the troll head on you easily jump to the right as its brings it massive tree-club down in a two handed strike that shakes the ground and throws up dirt into the air, even with your full plate armour on you are easily quicker than a stupid monster like the troll, smiling to yourself under your helmet you duck under another swing of its club before you roll towards the Troll and bring up your shining blade to cut into its scales which for you is like trying to cut into several layers of chainmail and while you manage it as you withdraw your blade to dodge back from the trolls fist you see that the wound you had inflicted has already started to heal. As the troll turns to face you Narvanash darts out from your left and slams into the troll managing to rake his claws across its head and even manages to gouge out the trolls right eye before nimbly jumping away from the troll as the brute attempts to punch Narvanash in the ribs. As you and Narvanash continue to face about the troll at the front you see that Kilaren and Aussir have managed to get behind the troll and have started to attack it aswell scoring some deep wounds but the trolls regenerate is just too quick to allow you to deal any lashing damage but now that the troll is constantly spinning around in circles it is unable to decide on who to focus its anger on. You will need to come up with a plan on how to deal lasting damage to the troll with the help of Sirrush, Kilaren and Aussir. (When you and Santaire figured out how to deal lasting damage to the troll between the two of you, you can heavily wound it.)

Avariss : Evening as you tell Kell to deal with the Gnolls you see the inky black form of Typhon bursts from the shadows and lands upon the trolls back as he digs his claws into its tough hide as his head whips around jaws open to size the troll by the back of the neck but the Troll merely lets out an angry bellow before grabbing Typhon behind the head with its free hand and wrenches your dragon off of its back and with an awesome feat of monstrous strength hurls the shadow dragon into Gresh’Thoth. As the two dragons snarl and snap at each other as they try to untangle themselves you see the Gnolls charge towards both of the dragons but your focus has to remain on the troll clearly thinking the dragons can take of themselves. Mentally skimming all the destructive spells you know you realize that lightning will not be enough to combat the troll as such monsters can only really be hurt by fire and acid though while you have a small vile of acid in the potions bag at your side you highly doubt it will be enough to kill the control so you will have to focus on all of the fired based Fel magic that you know. As you start to spit out the syllables for a Fel Fire Storm to catch the smell of burning and see that Andaleth has set part of the forest on fire in his duel with what appears to be a Gnoll shaman but quickly push such distractions to the back of your mind as you focus on the troll infront of you. As you continue to speak the incantation of your spell Gresh’Thoth joins you with both of his jaws covered in Gnoll flesh and blood having dealt with those who sought to attack him. (Gresh’Thoth is yours to control in this update as dragons are pretty much resistant to fire so use that to your advantage, between you and Kell you can heavily wound the troll.)

Kilaren : As Narvanash and Azreal charge forward to keep the troll occupied you and Aussir slowly make your way behind it trying not to catch its attention while easily killing any remaining Gnolls that attempt to attack you or sneak up on Azreal and his dragon. As you move around behind the troll you look out across the forest trail to see that your fellow apprentices are either finishing off the Gnolls, with Kell and the warlock Avariss trying to bring down a second troll with the help of their dragons with the other warlock Andaleth engaged in some form of magic duel with what appears to be a Gnoll shaman which in turn has set fire to some of the surrounding forest. It seems that Andaleth has no concern for collateral damage and what it could mean if the fire spreads and you can clearly see concern for the forest written on the face of Endras the wood elf. Finally getting behind the troll you and Aussir start to launch swift strong attacks against its back and you find trying to penetrate the scaly hide of the troll is like trying to cut through several layers of chainmail and that any wounds you deal to the creature start to heal over within moments of you withdrawing your blade. Trying to remember the old tales of trolls you recall that only fire and acid can hurt these beasts and you let out a sigh remembering that all your dragons still have another year of growth before they are able to breathe fire. For now you, Aussir, Azreal and Narvanash carry on attacking the troll forcing it to spin around wildly as it can not concentrate on which of you to attack. You will need to think of a way to deal lasting damage to the troll and then you remember that the forest is on fire. (When you and Ramo figured out how to deal lasting damage to the troll between the two of you, you can heavily wound it.)

Kell : As you think of Typhon you catch a glimpse of two glowing red eyes coming from the shadows created by the tree’s behind the troll before the lean inky black form of Typhon bursts from the shadows and lands upon the trolls back as he digs his claws into its tough hide as his head whips around jaws open to size the troll by the back of the neck but the Troll merely lets out an angry bellow before grabbing Typhon behind the head with its free hand and wrenches your dragon off of its back and with an awesome feat of monstrous strength hurls the shadow dragon into Gresh’Thoth. If the troll has been using its full strength when it had punched you it could of easily crushed your ribs but luckily for you it must think you’re not even worth its full strength. Turning your attention from the two dragons which are now snarling and snapping at each other with their fangs as they try to untangle themselves from each other you look back at the troll and try to come up with a plan of attack that won’t see you running into a suicide mission to give the damned warlock time to unleash more of his cursed spells. Having no better idea other than to try and distract it you start to move towards it as Avariss unleashes more of his Fel magic you see the large monstrous form of Gresh’Thoth lumber towards the troll and are awed by his size as the corrupt dragon is almost as large as the troll, moving reluctantly to join the corrupt dragon your ‘sixth’ sense kicks in as Typhon flips you into the air from behind before you land rather painfully in the saddle on his back, now that your dragon is being co-operative for the moment you might be able to deal with the troll. (Typhon is yours to control for your post, you can also work with Komanko to defeat the troll. Between the two of you, you can heavily wound it.)

Endras : As the forest trolls appear from the woods you let out a small groan as you watch the two monstrous stupid brutes entire the skirmish but what alarms you more is the fact that the magic duel between the shaman and Andaleth has caused some of the tree’s to burst into flames which is not stopped could possibly set the entire forest on fire which would kill everything within but you are unsure on how to stop the flames so you decide to deal with them after the fight has finished. Turning your attention to the trolls that Kell and Avariss are fighting you start notching arrows and firing them at the breath brute aiming for its nose and its eyes where your arrows will deal atleast some lasting damage as normally they wouldn’t be able to penetrate the trolls scaly hide. As you fire at the troll Jadeus jumps around the forest trail picking off those lone Gnolls that are trying to sneak up on your fellow apprentices and easily deals with them using his razor sharp claws and sword like fangs with the occasional whip of his tail sending Gnolls crashing into tree’s, other Gnolls or simply crushing them into the ground. Judging by the amount of Gnolls left it seems that the battle will soon be over however there are still the trolls to deal with. (Feel free to help Kell and Avariss heavily wound the troll they are fighting along with thinking of a plan to deal with the flaming forest.)

Aseer : Remaining upon Seraphim’s back you twist around as a foul reeking odor catches your attention along with heavy footfalls and the crashing noise of broken tree’s to see that two forest trolls have entered the battle raging on the bath. You see that Kell and the warlock Avariss are attempting to deal with one as Kilaren and Azreal fight another, the wood elf Endras like you is picking off the Gnolls still in the tree line while Jerome and Salas the dwarf charge around the ambush sight attacking what ever Gnolls dare come within the reach of their weapons. Notching one of your few barbed arrows you take careful aim at the troll that Kilaren and Azreal are fighting before loosing your arrow which flies straight and true to piece the left eyeball of the troll which staggers back with a bellow of rage as he uselessly tries to swat at the arrow now protruding from its skull. Before you can attempt to take out its second eye Seraphim spoils your shot by swinging around to lunge into a group of four Gnolls which in turn prompts you to draw your sword again and start to twist in your saddle as you attempt to hack at the Gnolls. With a final glance across the ambush sight you see that the battle will soon be other once the remaining Gnolls have been defeated and the trolls have been killed. If you shout that the battle is almost done to your fellow apprentices then it is up to you. (You have the group of 4 Gnolls to kill and then can kill up to a further five or after killing the four Gnolls you can join Kilaren and Azreal to fight their troll. If you join in the troll fight then you can help heavily wound it.)

Jerome and Salas : You still haven’t posted from the previous update so if you can do that then great, but also feel free to join in helping your fellow apprentices fight the trolls aswell.

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Following the cries of yet another arrow claiming its mark, Aseer twisted in the saddle to the sound of crashing trees and a roar which was the product of children’s darkest nightmares; a hideous odour preceded the trolls that tore through the undergrowth, almost as if the very air was suffocating in its presence. The archer was about to command his dragon to charge into the fray, but the two trolls were swiftly met by Kell, Avariss, Kilaren and Azrael, with fire blood and the sounds of swords piercing flesh accompanying the confrontation of rider, dragon and troll. Taking advantage of the lull in the fight around him, Aseer took stock of the battle: Endras was proving himself to be a truly capable bowman, slaughtering the Gnoll archers in droves, many before they could even nock an arrow – the elf’s bolts seemed to follow even the Gnolls that sought desperate shelter behind the tree line. Jerome and Salas meanwhile danced around the ambush site, utilising the speed of their dragons and the power of their blows to severe limbs, heads or entire torsos from any unfortunate that found itself in their path. “Aseer? We are in the middle of something!” Seraphim’s urging threw Aseer back into the moment, realising that he was in fact still a part of this fight, “Aye.” Reaching behind for his quiver, Aseer readied one of his few barbed arrows, the tip a grizzly horror that would embed itself deep inside flesh and tear apart all which it encountered on its travel; the result was often an arrow that caused as much damage when it was removed as when it entered, one’s insides became gore and many who survived the battle later perished from infection brought on by tiny barbs still embed in their flesh after the wound is cleaned. A casual observer would scoff at the shot: a top heavy arrow being fired from a mount over a distance great enough to cause even a clear shot to potentially go askew, and all without even considering the target; however, a trained eye would notice the slight breath out, the eerie mix of calm and concentration etched on Aseer’s face and the firm draw that preceded the release – the training of a Dragon rider. The mighty crack of the string snapping forward filled Aseer’s conscience as time seemed to slow, his hand instinctively correcting for the slightest miscalculation as the bolt accelerated onwards, the arrow made a low [twang] as it vibrated on it’s trajectory, bent and twisted by the sheer force placed upon it by the released tension. All of this occurred before the bolt even left the bow. An inhuman roar of agony widened Aseer’s view once more, as the Troll staggers back, desperately attempting to swat aside the arrow that lay embedded in its eye.

“Not a bad shot if I do say so myself.” Aseer hadn’t even finished his own compliment before he had another barbed arrow nocked, “Light’s out big guy.” However, the shot went far wide, disappearing into the trees. Aseer cursed as he gripped the saddle attempting to right himself, completely unprepared for Seraphim’s sudden leap. “Bugger all! Do you know few of those I have?” Seraphim’s blood-stained face twisted back at her rider, irritation clear, “Oh, I’m so sorry I spoiled your shot. Next time I’ll let the Gnolls get you, how’s that?” Aseer’s eyes widened as he realised his mistake. The group of four Gnolls - three if one didn’t count the creature rolling around in its own blood, a suspiciously Seraphim-sized bite mark of its torso absent – charged at dragon and rider, and were met by sword and claw. Aseer slashed to his left and right, forcing the Gnolls to take steps back rather than causing much damage. One Gnoll managed to wrap its filthy arm around Seraphim’s neck, whilst the drake tore into two of its brethren, and attempted to bring his sword arm about in a might cutting movement; however, the creature soon discovered that all that remained of its right arm was a stumb spouting gore, having been severed by the rider. Before the Gnoll could even register the appropriate degree of pain, Aseer’s sword pierced its skull and ended its life. All four Gnolls lay dead on the floor - and in most cases multiple pieces - around the duo; Aseer glanced once more at the battle, realising that it was close to finishing. “Keep at it! We have the monsters on the ropes!” Only the two forest trolls remained along with a diminutive number of Gnolls, from which the aggression and glee of combat had largely being replaced by fear of the mounted warriors and their mighty beasts. Aseer growled at his foes before pointing his sword, driven by inevitable victory, “Into them Seraphim!” The Gnolls seemed to become even more petrified by what could only be described as the malicious grin which appeared on the blood soaked dragon’s face. With a roar, the two charged into a group of four of their foes, the result of the confrontation already assured.

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As Andaleth had a magic duel with the gnoll Salas rose to his feet. It was clear that the gnoll was no match for the mage and so turning on his heels salas turned to the forest trolls. The trolls were locked in combat with the others but there was no sign of Rolkaus, everywhere he looked he could not see him. running into the foliage he quickly found him. Rolkaus was locked in combat with a troll, a single beast that had fallen behind the others and was fending of the wyrm with its mighty club.

“Rolkaus duck!”

Salas yelled out shortly before letting out a mighty war cry and leaping into the air,like a pounce from a tiger he launched at the trolls face engulfed with rage at the damage Rolkaus had been dealt.Movement paced his eyes and everything turned to a blur all that he could make out was anger and blood.Eventually he awoke and not in the most comfortable of positions.the troll’s head lay atop of Salas’s belly pinning him,the rest of the body was scattered with arms in trees and the creatures body was in the center of the opening with salas stood in the centre surrounded by blood and gore.

“ha we sure showed him,er hello anyone help!”Salas chuckled but with little energy to stand he started to call to the others for aid.

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Azreal smiled underneath his helm as he charged forward fearlessly, sprinting straight towards the troll. This would be an interesting challenge, and he hoped that his allies could get into position fast enough to attack the troll, which would completely throw it off. The troll saw him charging towards it, and with a deafening roar it charged towards him, a massive tree club in its hand as it rushed towards him bringing the club down in a powerful two handed strike.

Azreal nimbly jumped to the right, easily avoiding the club even in his full plate armour. His reflexes and speed were still so much faster than the trolls, one of the things that would see him victorious this day. The ground shook with the collision with the club, throwing up dirt and dust in the air, Azreal thankful that none of the stuff kicked up by the troll could limit his abilities or get in his eyes.

He ducked underneath the next swing of the club, rolling forward to bring himself right up next to the troll. He brought his shimmering blade up in a two handed strike, shield on his back as he sliced into its thick scales, making him even with his elven strength push hard as it felt like he was cutting through several layers of chain mail. He yanked his blade free of the trolls leg before the troll could hit him with its fists, leaping backwards as he notice the wound he had just inflicted already start to heal.

As the troll turned to face hi Navanash, his brilliant white dragon leapt seemingly out of nowhere, leaping from the left it slammed into the troll, raking its skin with his huge claws and even gouging out his right eye. Navanash moved back as the troll tried to punch him, and Azreal leapt forward again to get its attention. As he and Navanash continued to fight the troll face to face he could see that Kilaren and Aussir had managed to maneuver behind the troll and both leapt to attack it, the for dealing damage to it as they attacked from multiple angles.

They couldn't get any lasting damage on it though thanks to its ability of being able to heal, but it was confused by the attacks and constantly turning to deal with the damage, though it couldn't decide who to unleash his anger on. Azreal yelled over the roar to his companions, "Kilaren, go for the head with your dragon, try and damage its brain with your blades and teeth while me and Navanash keep it distracted." He yelled, they had to deal with it somehow, and the head was their best bet.

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The last pieces of of the gnoll’s eyeball slid slickly off the end of the arrow head, landing on Jadeus’ hide. A snort of indignation passed through the dragon’s snout, and he grumbled. “Watch where you’re getting that. I imagine you won’t want to be cleaning it all up later unless you have to.” A hint of smugness had entered the dragon’s voice, but the smile it elicited on the elf’s face was quickly removed when the source of the noise within the forest was revealed. The trolls limbered forwards eagerly, extremely ugly and even stupider. Jadeus made to leap at them, but Endras stopped him with a twitch of his feet.

“Jadeus, fire!” he bellowed, gesturing towards the unnatural flames that had sprouted within the woods. Another snort passed through the dragon’s snout and an odd noise followed it. The elf immediately knew what was wrong; having spent so much time in woodlands with the dragon, they both had a connection with forests than most people. However, he heard the trolls stomping around the trail into the centre of the skirmish. He put the flames to the back of his mind; whilst he would have done anything within his power to put out the flames, he didn’t have the time to think about it; his fellow apprentices were in need of aid. With a graceful sweep of his arm, the elf drew an arrow from the quiver he wore over his shoulder and knocked it. He took aim, compensating for the rolling movements of the dragon beneath him and took a deep breath. He loosed, instantly drawing another arrow and taking aim once more, missing the result of his first. He thought desperately; his arrows wouldn’t make any difference to the bulk of the troll, at least no more than a fly bothering a horse, and came up with his solution. ‘The eyes,’ he told himself disparagingly, and let loose his second arrow, and then another, and another, all aimed towards the ugly creature’s eyes. ‘Please, gods, let them fly true,’ he thought, before Jadeus leapt.

The sensation of tearing through the air was extraordinary, and Endras couldn’t wait until Jadeus could fly truly, and he knew that his companion felt the same. The sound of Gnoll bones cracking, their death screams, filled his ears and for a second, he allowed himself to glory in the power he was astride, before coming to his senses when he almost toppled from his saddle, ‘Get yourself together, Endras!’

More arrows flew from his bow towards the troll that Kell and Avariss, but his mind wasn’t really on the fight; more the fire starting to send smoke curling into the trees. His soul cried out at the damage already being done, and knew how much worse it would get if not dealt with. The best he could think was getting Jadeus and the other dragons to uproot the trees and drag them away so he and the others could aid in putting out the fires, but that had its own risks.

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Despite the fact that Andaleth's spell raged around it, Fel lightnig called forth from the very core of Andaleth's being, the Shaman, the beastial Gnoll, lunged forward. It was obvious from its gait that one or all of Andaleth's spells had wounded it, but still it rushed on, its lurching strides closing the distance between the two combatants quickly. Andaleth sneered as it pulled up in front of him, its staff brandished in front of it, the path of the human skull evident as the beast swung the weapon, its glowing eyes tracing out the arc of its swing. Andaleth took a slight step back, his swords leaping to his hands in one deft motion, one held high, the other low across his body. Lifting his gaze, laughter bubbling on his lips, his contempt for the creature before him evident in his piercing gaze, so much so that the Gnoll, despite all of its feral prowess, began to tremble. As Crimson lightning spat forth from the depths of the skulls eye sockets, Andaleth almost felt, lost so he was in the pulsing torent of magic that engulfed him, that time began to crawl, like a helpless insect through a pool of molasses. Thrusting his long sword into the ground below him, Andaleth raised his right hand and batted the spell, pathetic bursts of lightning, aside, its power no more than a nuisance.

Fear.... Fear laced the air, he could feel it, smell it on the air, wafting, seeping from the wretched beast before him. He had no respect for it, the creature was worth nothing, mattered none, but still he mustered an ounce of respect, admiration for the depth of its stupidity, as it rushed forward, using its arcane staff as a weapon of blunt violence. Clearly it hoped to crush Andaleth's skull with a lucky blow. With ease Andaleth withdrew his long sword from the earth, a flash of fire clearing the blade of detritus as it rose to meet the arcing staff. The second their weapons met, a flash of sparks, orange and red, blossomed into life, bathing the clearing in which they stood in stuttering light. Each of the beasts swings met Andaleth's cold steel, its wild strikes keeping Andaleth at bay, unable to mount a counterstrike. In the midst of the melee, Andaleth noticed, that the staff, despite the fact that it was born by a savage thug, was intricately made, the shaft carved with intricate lacing arcane script. This was not the work of a half-sentient beast, but scavenged from some sorcerer or warlock that had met their end at the Shaman's hand. Perhaps it was this arcane artifact that allowed the beast to channel magical power at all. Either way, this fight would see the foul staff destroyed and its bearer dead. Andaleth vowed to see to that.

The beast tired, Andaleth could feel that its strikes came with less frequency and far less accuracy. The time was his to strike. The forms of the sword, taught to him by Lady Xerxia sprang to mind, his own names given to each to help in rememberance. A surge in confidence, brought on by the thought of the mistress of the blades, her stern glare seemingly bearing down on him from the depths of his own imagination, drove him forward, graceful and deadly. The Heron in the Lillies flowed to the Kingfisher in Flight, as his blades flashed outward in a pattern to fast and accurate for the Gnoll to match.

His shortsword flashed out, a viper like slash to the right, and he felt the resistance as it took the Gnolls, left arm off just below the elbow. Blood flew as the beast screamed in pain, trying to bring its staff up to protect itself, only to have Andaleth's longsword meet it, the blade of the sword glowing orange with power as Andaleth infused his magic into it. A thunderclap, a noise loud enough to leave his ears ringing pealed as the blade took the human skull from the end of the staff. The backlash of power washed over Andaleth, coursing around him like the tide, and as his vision cleared from the blinding pulse of light he found the Gnoll, the shaman who moments before stood before him, so sure in its own power, writhing on the ground, blood pouring from its ears and mouth and the empty sockets where its eyes had been. The wailing scream that ripped from its through enough to pull at Andaleth's soul. With a grunt of effort, his long sword whistled through the air, and the sceaming stopped, the dull thud of the beast's head hitting the ground thunderous in the midst of the sudden silence.

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I watched as Azreal and Narvanash charged straight for the troll.

With Aussir at my side I circled it and saw the layout of the battle. Andaleth was in a magical duel with a Gnoll Shaman, Avariss and Kell fought another troll and the rest of the apprentices were in combat with the Gnolls. Even as I watched, I saw fire leap from one of the duelling warlocks and set the forest ablaze. I kept circling the troll, cutting down any Gnolls that got in my way as I did so. One lunged for me with a spear and I sidestepped, grasped the haft of the spear and kicked the Gnoll in the face, snapping its head back with a crack. I took the spear from its dying grasp and hurled it, watching it plunge into the back of a Gnoll about to attack Azreal

When I was finally behind the troll I attacked with Aussir at my side, savaging it. But very few of my blows penetrated its thick hide and those that did, the cuts healed over as soon as my blade was withdrawn. I kept attacking, praying that a cut would get through and remain but I had no such luck. Even the mighty claws of Aussir could not cause lasting damage. The troll seemed unable to decide which of us to attack, constantly turning to swipe at me before turning back to attack Azreal.

I heard Azreal shout. "Kilaren, go for the head with your dragon, try and damage its brain with your blades and teeth while me and Navanash keep it distracted."

“Toss me,” I snapped to Aussir. The surprise was evident in her voice when she responded with a question but I had no time for answering. “Just toss me at the goddamn troll’s head.” I ran at her and jumped and she slapped me towards the troll. It would hurt like hell later, but at that moment in time I was too pumped on adrenaline to notice.

I landed on the troll’s shoulder and Húron flashed in the sunlight as I clove deep wounds in the troll’s head. But they healed over just as fast and the troll reached up a hand, bellowing. I dropped from its shoulder and sank my blade into its back, ripping it from side to side but when I wrenched it free and flipped back to the ground, the evidence that I had done anything faded from sight. I cursed and then remembered that the only things capable of hurting trolls was fire and acid. But it was another year before any of the dragons would be breathing fire and the warlocks were occupied. I was about to attack the troll again when I heard a howling battle cry behind me.

I ducked and rolled to one side, coming up with Húron held up at waist height. The screaming Gnoll ran onto the gleaming blade and its battle cry turned into a scream of pain. I spun, ripping the blade free from the Gnoll’s waist and bringing it round for a coup de grâce that severed its head. I found myself gazing into the crackling fire consuming the forest and an idea struck me. I turned back to the troll, a smile of savage pleasure on my face. “Azreal,” I called. “The fire, we need to push it into the fire...”

We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment - and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.
— Flemeth

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
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