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Default Isolation (recruitment)


"Survival for the sake of survival is weak, those without purpose are dead in the eyes of fate. These men, things are suffering such a fate on a planet that never existed in the hope that relief is on it's way, it's a shame it's never going to come."

There was once a planet, it was rich in resources, plants, animals, and a wide Variety of different semi-intelligent xeno races. It was a rare oasis in a galaxy of strife. It was a very widely sought after planet. For many years the eldar were in control, they were wiped out by an unknown disease, none survived. Eventually people got curios, a planet that held many riches but always guarded by an undefeatable foe. The temptation was to great to resist now that opposition was gone.

First came the emporors angels of death, all that came were 8 battle brothers, an Apothacery and a veteran sergeant ahead of three entire companies searching for fleeing renegades.

Next came the Tau, two stealth squads and a battlesuit commander they came to research and improve their technology.

Then the Orks, drawn to the planet by rumours of the space marines and hoping for a good fight. A 200 strong force arrived with assorted prices of armour and space vehicles.

Next there were the other humans of the imperium, The space marines had called them to harvest the planet for all it's riches.

Then the eldar stepped from the webway and into the orkish camp, they fought their way out and fled for the safety of the jungle. They came to resupply their dwindling supply of fugrielti tree sap, they would get plenty sap, but they would also get a battle they didn't bargain for.

Then the chaos, drawn by rumours of a daemon weapon of unmarked power and the hope of killing the servants of the false emporor.

Then the necrons awoke, they were there to harvest souls as is their way.

The last were the dark eldar, they came to harvest emotions and play their twisted little games.

The forces soon met and an almighty battle raged on for two hundred days until every army was defeated, the survivors of the battle were forced to work with their enemies to survive, they had to learn how to hunt and live with the planet without destroying the increasingly fragile Eco system, they had to learn to work with the semi-intelligent races and avoid the bigger predators and hope that relief would present itself and take them back to familiar places, there are no promises though.

So this is an Rp where you will have pretty much total control of the story line, almost every race is playable in all of it's glory. All you have to do is survive, you are forced to work together if you want to live. One of you will command the group. Your first task will be building a temporary settlement and then survive long enough for a means of escape with a few twists and turns along the way. I shall be playing an eldar autarch who has ultimate command but I will rarely intervene and main command is up to the player who gets the Hq option.

1. No GOD-MODDING, no exceptions, I will give you one warning and tell you to edit, if you do it again your character will be killed.
2. Updates will be when everyone has posted, obviously if we are waiting on someone for to long I will just update without them.
3. 6 sentence minimum, or three paragraphs whichever one is bigger.
4. As GM I reserve the right to tell you to edit your posts, if you argue or question you will get a strike. Unless of course what I am asking is unreasonable if that is the case pm me and we will work something out.
5. I impose a three strike rule, missing consecutive updates and poor quality posts will get you a strike, three strikes and I kill your character.

Character template:

Name: obvious

Age: obvious

Race: (space marine, imperial gaurd, mechanus, inquisition, all other imperial forces excluding the Titan legions, Orks, Tau, eldar, dark eldar and necrons.)

Class: these are the different classes,

Commander: I will only allow 1 commander in the Rp i will roll a dice to see who gets it if multiple people want it. Examples would be, eldar autarch, necron lord, ork warboss non group HQ options.

Warrior: examples of a warrior would be space marine of a tactical squad, Tau fire warior. Pretty much any troop choice from the codex.

Engineer: any kind of person that works with machines or bodies, e.g Apothacery/techmarine, painboy/mek.

Psyker: anything that uses psychic powers, e.g farseer, ethereal, sorcerer

Sniper: any ranged specialists, e.g sterngaurd veterans, scouts with snipers, endar rangers, devastators.

Beserkers: close combat specialists, e.g khorne Beserkers (of course), assault marines, wraiths.

Personality: what are you like?

Appearance: what do you look like?

Background: what did you do during the battle? How did you survive? What did you do before coming to this planet?

Equptment: what weapons/armour do you have? Codex restriction apply, however some exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.

My character can be used as an example on how tonset yours out,
Name: AutarchCai' ron' en

Age: unknown

Race: Eldar

Class: HQ

Personality: Cai' is calm and cool, he doesn't loose his temper or get frustrated, he patiently waits for an opportunity to overcome his obstacles. His calm persona rubs off onto other people making him a born leader. He has a voice that seems impossible to argue with.


History: Cai' came from nowhere during the start of the 41st Millenium, he was apart of craftworld iyanden originally as a dire avenger exarch until he and the majority of his squad were separated due to tyranid intervention.

Many years of deception and staying in the shadows followed as the group hid aboard space vessels of mercenaries and xenon in the hope of being re-united with their fellows. They made their first contact with eldar on centurion VII. They were hiding on a traitors battle barge, they pretended to be dark eldar mercenaries, they slit the chaos lords throat while he slept and escaped in the middle of the night. It was lire chance that they stumbled upon a small group of eldar rangers who were scouting ahead of a craftworl draneor. Their autarch was near death from a conflict with a chaos lord of tzeentch and almost all of their farseers had been wiped out b a combined force of a lord of change and a daemon prince of tzeentch. Needles to say they were fairly short staffed and were pleased to get some re-enforcement's.

Cai' fought with the craftworld for a long time, he became a veteran of a thousand battles and an expert commander. He was a natural choice when the autarch was eventually killed. He was given command of the craftworld even though some thought there were better candidates than him, cai' soon showed them otherwise. There were no really brilliant moment during his leadership, they traveled and fought, they won some battles lost some. It was a very average time for the eldar of craftworld draneor.

The healers made a request that they go to a planet that supported thefugrielti tree for it's sap had very good healing qualitys. The eldar stepped from the webway to meet brawling savages eager to battle.

"Cai' ran at the nearest ork and beheaded it with his spear. A rather bulky ork ran at him and swung a crude looking whip with electricity cladding through it. It was aimed to snare his arm but the ork stupidly failed to notice there was a sheid attached to it. It wailed in exasperation asthe autarch proceeded to stab it multiple times until it fell to the ground dead. His dire avenger bodyguards were also holding their own against the green xenon. "fall back to the trees, we are not here for war." no arguments were made against the order as was expected."

Cai' and his warriors held off any inquisitive enemies while the others gathered the tree sap. They did not count on the arrival of the necrons though. The eldar lost against the metal beings but the majority escaped through the webway back to the craftworld. Cai' was not so lucky, an imperial psyker held him still while the rest escaped. By the time the Orks arrived to cause chaos the portal was closed and the autarch was stuck. He hid in the forest and waited. he eventually came across another survivor, he explained what had happened before dying of hunger, Cai' traveled the planet and hunted for food whenever he needed to. The autarch eventually came across other survivors, one by one the group grew in number, he convinced them that staying together was the smartest option and the aggreed.

Equptment: power sphere, shield, eldar guardian armour.

NOTE: you don't control a squad, you are survivors from your squad that has otherwise died. Apart from 10 servitors and a severly damaged tech priest to control them you are utterly alone.

Player list:
Name: Uzarg Dregsnaga berzerker (same)
Name:Sorcerer Myr sorcerer Hq (Anfo)
Name: Markus Tenner warrior (Sibern)
Name: Magos-Biologicus Cogsiin engineer (MEQinc)
Name: Quintus sniper (marshal Ragnar)
Name: Shas'Ui'Dal'yth'Shi'ur'Kais' sniper (farseer ulthris)

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0

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This is certianly Different. I Will play Beserker, I dont think any of the races would agree on putting an ork in charge.

: Uzarg Dregsnaga

Age: Thirty Two

Race: Ork

Class: Berserker


History: Uzarg was born on an Imperial world, in a contested city called Broucheroc. His spawning was timed to the end of the conflict and the day that he emerged from his cocoon was the day that Broucheroc fell. Taking many supplies from the dead or the dying he began his life as a simple boy.
After Broucheroc fell the Ork horde prepared to continue the Waaaggghhh elsewhere. During the Six years that it took for the preparations Uzarg laid claim to the skulls of several of his fellows and became obsessed with fast moving vehicles and loud noises. He donned the colours of the Evil Sunz, but was never wealthy enough to afford his own “trukk”.

When the Ork’s went on the move Uzarg was beaten into line by a much bigger Nob and forced into doing the creatures everyday chores. When the Orks emerged from Warp space they were immediately greeted by an Air Caste naval fleet in orbit of one of the Tau worlds. During the conflict his mob were engaged by Kroot and in the chaos Uzarg sought to be rid of the oppressive nature of his larger kin and waited till his leader was weakened before striking at the Nob. With the successful defeat of their Nob leader the boys fought the Kroot before then turning on each other, Uzarg came out on top and brandished the skulls of his kills around his belt.
His body grew to become larger and his skin became much darker, it was the nature of the Ork. Using his newly found strength Uzarg beat many of the other lesser boys into following his lead and in doing so followed in the footsteps of his predecessor.

His Warboss had higher ambitions then serving under their current leader and an attempted coup meet with failure, his followers either jumped the train to join the other side or retreated into the warp to fight another day. Uzarg was one of these Ork’s, emerging from Warp space with only a merge force of some odd two hundred Ork’s. The Warboss made to fight for a planet particularly rich in resources, one which could be used to mount his own Waaaggghhh.
The fight that proceeded saw the demise of the Warboss’s entire horde. Uzarg was ready to fight to the last contempt in the fact that he would go down in a great fight. Yet fate had other plans, Eldar attacked their encampment and his mob left in hot pursuit. They came lost, wanders of the jungle by the time they found their way home the horde had moved on and been destroyed like all of the other armies that had fought over this prized world.

Weapons: A Large Two handed Chain axe, as seen in the appearance. Two revolver themed Slugga’s.

Equipment: “Eavy Armour”, Stikkbombz, Cybork Body parts include – Left eye, Left Leg

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"

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Name:Sorcerer Myr Carrnus

Age: 10,164

Race: Chaos Space Marine.

Commander: Sorcerer.

Appearance:Myr's armor has the same colors it originally had from the Emperors Children. He has two human faces stretched over his shoulder guards, and the face of an Eldar Farseer on his backpack.
He wears his Helmet most of the time. His helmet has six blades coming out of it. they go around his head like a mane.
Myr's force sword looks like two smaller blades coming out of the hilt. Between these two smaller blades, psykic energy sizzles and bounces.

Personality: Myr has few goals in life-but he will stop at nothing to achieve them. He will turn every world he steps upon into a Daemon world. He will do whatever strange and weird things to experience new pleasures(after 10,000 years-they are few things). Myr hates Eldar in all forms. He carries around a bag filled with spirit stones that he will consume. Spirit stones is what Myr uses as nutrition.

Background: Myr was part of the Emporer's Children since before Horus was Warmaster. When his legion fell, Myr began to pursue the skill of summoning daemons. Though he wasn't the greatest of psykers, Myr knew how to survive. Once he truly mastered how to Summon Daemons, Myr would send off his minions to fight. Never putting himself in danger.

Now, Myr has to venture out into battle to please his God. Sending an army of daemons at his opponents. Though he does not like to put himself in a dangerous situation, Myr is a more than capable warrior. More than once he has been compared to Lucius.

Myr has also been know to ally himself with others to gain power. All his alliances end in Myr being the sole commander.

Equipment:Force Sword, Bolt Pistol, Familiar(Looks like a griffin without wings), bag with Spirit stones.

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Both of your characters look good to me.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Name: Markus Tenner

Age: 28

Race: Imperial Guard

Class: Warrior (Kasrkin Trooper)

Personality: For a human, Markus is actually quite fearless. He has breaking points like everyone else but it always seemed to take something spectacular. He cares for his squad mates and like a good little Imperialist he is faithful to the god Emperor. He is not however a mindless drone and will not be thrown around blindly although he accepts missions that others would be crazy to go on. In a nutshell, he's a dependable person to get the job done no matter how much blood is spilt on his boots.


Out of the armour he sports a short, dark brown buzz cut and a nasty scar running down his left cheek because of a green-skin xeno filth decided to take a jab at him. Cacausian with pale skin from under exposed skin to the sun due to obvious reasons.


His squad touched down after the Space Marines in what was formed to be scouting parties. The team was designated a grid section of forest and off they went with their las-guns up and at the ready. Markus wouldn't have known how much fighting he would have to endure for the days to come. His squad spent the next hour uneventfully examining the forest until a scream was let out and a small, blue blob collided and killed the man right of Markus. The weapons discharged matched the Tau alright but where they were hiding was the real problem. After 10 days of fighting through the forest and playing a deadly game of cat and mouse was the victor decided. Markus, the last man in his squad, had killed previously a stealthed Tau with his combat knife so he turned it to his advantage. He layed the bulky body down and waited a good 5 hours until he heard a small twig snap somewhere close by. It was the last member of the enemy squad.

The Xeno scum bent down to inspect his fallen comrade only to get a combat knife into the leg. With fury and vengance for his own fallen comrades, Markus went into killer mode. He roared the chain sword he confiscated off his dead sergeant's body happily as he swung it across to catch the last Xeno who could barely stand in the gut. Limbs, bones and guts spilled out on to the forest floor with ease. He was re-assigned to front line troops due to the complete lack of any other specialist troops to take him in.

The last battle nearly did him in before a space marine saved him at the last second. Never really getting to say his thanks he continued to fight only to find a sheet of black blankets covered his eyes. A close by explosion sent a shockwave that slammed him into a nearby tree. He was out cold until confronted by a certain Eldar...

Equptment: Carapace Armour, Hotshot Lasgun, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frag & Krak grenades.

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Looks fine to me Sibern,

I have been thinking and i came up with some abilities/spells for each class. So do you want to use my abilities for fights or come up with your own?

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Name: Magos-Biologicus Cogsiin

Age: 96 years standard

Race: Human

Class: Engineer

Personality: Cogsiin is a cold, calculating individual. Having spliced and fused several cloned brains to his own he is very intelligent. Though he can calculate to numerous digits he is completely unable to understand emotions. He is equally unable to form emotional responses of his own.

Appearance: Cogsiin is a tall, skeletal man with pallid skin and no hair. His eyes have been replaced with lidless, featureless silver orbs. His mouth has been stapled shut with ornate brass pins. His scalp is covered in binary tattoos and sockets. He wears long red robes which conceal most of his body. Both of his hands are complex amalgamations of steel and flesh. He has a pair of mechanical arms extending over his shoulders and folding back into his back. He also has several mechandrites.

Background: Cogsiin was deployed alongside the Imperial guard. His duty was to study the new species of this world and catalog them for the Index Xenos.

When battle broke out amongst the imperials and the invading aliens Cogsiin was seconded to the Guard where his vast knowledge of xenos was but to good (and violent) use.

Equipment: Digital weapons, hot-shot las pistol, armoured robe, mechanical replacement organs and body parts (pretty much all of them).

"Look into my eyes, and see your death."
"Let them hate, so long as they fear."
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Well I would love to hear them. We can talk and see what ones are desirable and what others may be rubbish.

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I agree with Silbern. Nothing like a good discussion.

I like the new picture warsmith. ;)

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I'll have them up today at some point, and your character in fine meqinc.

EDIT: here they are,

I am going to use a level system if you want to use my abilities, every couple of levels you get another ability. I will allocate xp depending on how much you do for the group. The following are the abilities you start with.

Warrior abilities:
Charge: you sprint at the enemy and leap at them, this stuns your enemy and pits you on an early advantage.
Overpower: you have much greater strength than all (except berzerkers) you use your strength to overpower your enemy and put them on the ground. This can also go to practical use when lifting heavy items for the settlement and things like that.
Accurate fire: you steady yourself and shoot a barrage of bullets (or whatever you fire) most shots will hit your target but some will go wide.

More abilities will be earned throughout depending on what area you choose to specialise in (ranged or close)

Engineer abilities (mech type)
Repair: quit simple, if we find a broken tank or any kind of tech you can repair it.
Construct: if you find resources you can refine it and turn it into ammo/guns/armour, this will be very useful as the group will run out of ammo/power very quickly.
Attack:your class can defend itself but your main purpose is construction. If you have a ranged weapon you shoot it, if not you run up to it and hit it.

Engineer abilities (biologist type):
Steroids: you use some stored drugs to completely re-energise your/anyone in the groups body making it stronger/faster.
First aid: you repair a group members body, you have a fairly large range of medical info meaning you can heal almost any ailment. I will tell you if it's unhealable.
Attack: same as mech engineer

Psyker abilities:
Bolt: depending on what race you are you shoot a bolt of something, taking Anfos char as example, myr shoots a bolt of utter pleasure overloading your enemies sensual circuits and causing it such pain it can no longer move.
Time slow: you slow time, there is a limit you can hold this for depending on your level, other members of the group can bypass the slowing effects if you wish them to.
Explosion: again depending what race you are and usin myr as an example, bliss erupts from the ground in a wide area and overloads your enemies sensual circuits......... Same effect as your bolt attack but weaker and effects more targets.

Sniper abilities:
Headshot: does what it says on the tin pretty much, aim then fire and boom goes the cranium.
Scythe: this is used when you are fighting 50+ enemies who don't have very good armour. You spread your fire evenly throughout the group and make a steady pace through them.
Shoot (rapid): rapid fire barrage that does immense damage to a large group of 15-20.
Shoot (semi- automatic): does an insane amount of damage to a single target.

Beserker abilities:
Bloodlust: you shy everything out and concentrate on a single enemy, charge towards him and rip him to pieces.
Anger: you get very, very angry and rip everyone surrounding you to pieces, you can also shrug off attacks that would normally kill (the equivalent of feel no pain).
Strength: you have muscles like boulders and can lift 3-5 times your body weight, this can be used on a battlefield to smash through armour or practical use lifting things back to base.

So what do you think? the Hq will get different rules depending on what race he/she is and will write them up the he/she joins.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0

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