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Default The Age of Dragons. (Recruitment Thread)

Land, Race and Dragon Information:

The Land of Em'Ralden:

Description of each land:

The Mountain Range of Kel'Karadorn:

The Mystical forest of Ela'Amnor:

Bel'angrath the Kingdom of Men(European like):

The Frozen Wastes and the North Men(Viking like):

The White Cities of Az'Neldaren:

The Icy kingdom of Narg'Aron:

The Dark Lands:

The Volcanic Region of Azgrad'dun:

Races and Their Characteristics:

Humans of Bel'Angrath:

North Men of the Frozen Wastes:

High Elves of Az'Neldaren:

Wood Elves of Ela'Amnor:

Dark Elves of Narg'Aron:

Mountain Dwarves of Kel'Karadorn:

Deep Dwarves of Azgrad'dun:

The First Rider:

Dragon Information:

Dragon Hibernation:

Dragon Flame:

Dragon appearances:
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The Plot, Rules, Character Sheet, Class Information, Magic information and spells:

The Plot:
Im looking for 6+ people to join. These people will play High Lord Modeus's apprentices(modeus is an npc controlled by me as the GM) who will start at the beginning of their apprenticeship. Their dragons will be almost ready to hatch and bond with their new riders from the very beginning of their lives. The apprentices will have to complete their studies and task's to fully master and understand their dragon between tasks, Modeus will send them all off to help the other races against the dragons and eventually the evil in the dark lands where they must defeat the latest Dark Lord that has arisen, i will also throw in twists to make the story interesting.

1) ABSOLUTELY NO GOD MODDING, do it even once and i remove you from the roleplay.
2) Respect your fellow roleplayers.
3) I want a minimum of 1 paragraph(7 sentences) for each post.
4) Roleplay battles will last a minimum of 2 updates as you will be fighting powerful monsters and enemies.
5) Follow the Character sheet exactly.
6) Post atleast once per every week.
7) Have Fun and warn me if you cant post.

Character Sheet(Player):
Race: (Race depends on what colour dragon you will have)
Age: (Human/North Men: 16-30. High/Wood/Dark Elves: 50-200. Dwarves/Deep Dwarf: 50-100)

Physical Appearance:


Background and How you met Modeus:

Class: Certain races are allowed certain classes, so check below. Classes that use magic need to pick ONE MAJOR spell and TWO MINOR spells from the spell list.(check below class list)

Equipment: (NO MAGICAL WEAPONS AND ARMOUR. Those will come later when they are forged for you..)


Warrior (Open to All Races):

Ranger(Elf) /Archer(North Man/Human) /Rifleman(Dwarf):

Mage (Open to All Races except Dwarf.):

Warlock (Human and Dark Elves only):

Paladin (Open to Mountain Dwarf, Human, High Elf):

Druid (Wood Elf Only):

Beserker (Mountain/Deep Dwarf and North Men Only):

Types of Magic and Their Uses:

Arcane(Mage) Magic:

Fel(Warlock) Magic:

Holy(Paladin) Magic:

Nature(Druid) Magic:

How dragons will work: You will get your dragons in the action thread after Modeus takes you to the egg room, where i shall then describe all the different types of eggs that are there. You will then pick an egg(in character) that you wish to have, 1-2 major updates after choosing your egg, the egg will hatch and you will find out what kind of dragon you have gotten(so its randomized so a Dwarf could end up with an ice dragon, or an elf ends up with a stone dragon). After they have hatched you will be told in character what gender your dragons are so then you can give them a name. The Dragons themselves will be npc's controlled by the GM(me) so that you will always have interaction with your dragon.

Now then Any questions? and feel free to send me a pm with your questions or post them.

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Name: Torak Delkrack

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Gender: male

Age: 83

Physical Appearance: Torak stands 4 foot 2, he is small even for a dwarf although he does not let that phase him as it gives him more power and balance. His face is smooth but has a rugged and old look about it, this is mainly because of his leather like heavily scarred skin. His eyes are a very piercing green, they seem to shine light in a place and help Toraks presence seem good and reliable. His bright Ginger/strawberry blonde hair is almost always tied up, this is mainly for practicality but it adds a little bit of height to the dwarf so he doesn't complain. His beard is heavily braided with silver beads making it look like dreadlocks instead of the traditional smoothly flowing beards of others.

Personality: a paladin wouldn't be a paladin if he wasn't positive, Torak speaks very slowy but what he says in one word most others would take ten to say. His accent makes his wisdom seem infinite even though he just makes a lucky guess most of the time. He is generally friendly to most except his cousins the dark dwarves, he looks down to them like they are mere shadows to the great and powerful mountain dwarves. His friends say he is just sour that they aren't the only dwarves anymore but Torak knows that isn't true. His hate for them is unexplainable, the look of their dark dwarven feature just drives him mad for reasons he can't explain.

Background and How you met Modeus: Torak was of course an orphan, for this reason the order of the silver hand took him in and raised him to have fire and faith in his heart and logic in his brain. He was an excellent student and grasped magic fairly early on and left his home with a band of five other paladins who were twice his age at the time. They fought dragons for a long time, after the first month two were dead through stupidly trying to take on a large group of dragons bythemselves. The others survived by hunting the mountain boars and on the odd occasion trading gold at other dwarf holds.

The trio spent twelve years fighting and surviving in the mountains, they returned to their home to re-stock on gold and to see if any other recruits wished to join them. 6 more volunteered. The group set out in the hope of finding a nest with a baby dragon. They found a nest but no baby dragon, they found an egg. Just as they turned to leave a fully grown white dragon screeched at them, the dwarves turned to fight but they were caught off guard and 5 were killed within the first moment off the battle. There was almost no chance of survival without intervention, the remaining four retreated into a cavern too small for the dragon. It began melting the rock and widening the hole, bravely 2 dwarves convinced Torak and the groups leader to escape while they held it off until their blood no longer flowed in their veins.

"Torak looked back to see Izrandril's head bitten clean from his shoulders, "DON'T WORRY ABOUT THEM, THEY CHOSE TO DIE WHILE WE LIVE DON'T MAKE THEIR SACRAFICE A WASTE TORAK." yelled Thrthal, Torak nodded and ran, the pair passed under an archway and into a tunnel. They could hear the dragon turn and begin coming for them. "I am sorry Thrthal, you will have to go the rest alone." muttered Torak, the older dwarf looked at Torak reproachfully, "don't be stupid boy, we can loose him in the tunnels, we are dwarves are we not? We are carved from this stone. That beast isn't."

Torak laughed, I has been good to know you Thrthal but don't kid yourself with false hope. And who knows I might just survive." the older dwarf sighed and turned to start running again. This was it thought Torak, this was to be his death ground. He leapt into action climbing a stone archway so that he would be level with the dragons head.

The dragon was certainly a peice of work. It ragged white scales reminded him of his old teacher and his White beard and old wrinkled face. It roared it's displeasure at the paladin covering him with saliva and prices of dead animals. Torak roared in sync with the dragon as he leapt at it brandishing his hammer to strike. The blow landed on the dragons forehead making a loud,


Time seemed to slow down as the dragon recoiled and Torak fell to the ground, his hammer still shone with holy power from the attack, he felt weaker but his determination didn't let him falter for a single second. he got to his feet and ran for the dragon, he hit it's knee cap hearing a sickening crunch and a scream of pain from the dragon. It knew what to do this time though. It grabbed the dwarf with it's other arm, it raised it to it's face and opened it's mouth to burn him alive. And it would have done it too if a certain dark elf riding a certain black dragon hadn't appeared to save his life. The effort was almost pit to waste when Torak saw the elf as he nearly fell off a cliff when he fainted, the dragon gave Torak a sense of dread but the rider calmed that with reassuring words and good intentions. It was completely surreal, he wandered if he had died and was having a death dream, "w...who exactly are you?......... AND WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU RIDING A DRAGON? YOUD THINK IT WOULD WANT TO EAT THE TASTY LITTLE DWARF WOULDN'T YOU?" Torak hadn't meant to yell but the surprise was very unexpected. The elf laughed and said, "My name is Modeus,"

Modeus took Torak back to Thrthal and in exchange for Toraks life he took the egg from them. The pair returned home empty handed but with smiles on their faces and fire in their hearts. They recruited 13 more dwarves and set out again, they were sent as an envoy to the humans to the west. The dwarves wanted to trade gold for weapons and it was Toraks and the other dwarves job to deliver them and collect the gold.

The mission was successful and they returned with a crate of gold coins for the hold. Upon Toraks return they found the hold empty and inhabited by dragons. There were to many to engage by themselves, they made pave to the nearest known hold and offered the gold in exchange for service of any Millitary trained dwarves to assist in re-taking Toraks hold. They were given 79 warriors of different shapes and sizes but all fearsome warriors in their own fields of combat. The attack was a disorganised slaughter. The dwarves charged in and killed all in their path. There was no real leadership in the group meaning it was every dwarf for himself. However the dwarves skill, luck and numbers tipped the battle in their favour even though casualties were high. The most kills were made by those in Toraks group, not through skill or command but sheer hatred at the dragons for destroying all that they had once called home.

They returned to the neighbouring hold to meet a dark elf astride a dragon requesting to speak to Torak. Modeus asked Torak to become one of his apprentices He couldn't refuse as he still owed the elf his life, he aggreed but decided to make his own way to the dark elfs mountain. Modeus thought that it was because of his dislike of dragons but Torak just wanted to fight alongside his brothers one last time before he left.

Class: paladin:
Major- holy shield
Minor1- holy weapon
Minor 2- minor healing light

Equipment: Torak wears well crafted steel plate armour with mail under armour, it is brightly polished all the time so it reflects the sun and you can see your face in it. He carries a rectangular shield and a stout battlehammer.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0

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Name: Bjor (pronounced Bee-yor)

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: North Men

Appearance: Bjor stands at a tall six foot seven like most men of his people, his body covered in thick corded muscles that not only serve to aid him in battle but also to keep him warm in his natural home of the northern wastes. His whole body is covered in black and red tribal tattoos that weave around and form beautiful and intricate images and runes. His long brown hair flows down his back in large dreadlocks, he has a thick unshaven beard (think mountain man beard), and he has beautiful blue eyes that seem to pierce your soul.

Personality: Bjor has a very straightforward no bullshit personality, he speaks the truth as he sees it and he makes no effort to filter his tongue. Contrary to most rumors of the men of the North he is very intelligent and can learn very fast if he is interested in the subject or it has some sort of meaning to him. While he seems completely fearless of almost anything he often tells others that he does have fear, he just chooses not to take heed of it and ignores it, but he is still capable of being humbled or awed. He loves food and drink and has heard the stories of the dwarves and how they also love battle, food and drink and is very excited with the possibility of meeting one. He rarely speaks of his family and why he is with Modeus but if asked he will tell the tale.

Class: Berserker

Equipment: Leather armor from his waist down, his chest is completely bare showing his inumerable tattoos. He has a large wolfskin cloak to keep him warm that drapes across his back and over his left shoulder and he weilds two large doubleheaded axes.

Backround/How he met Modeus: Bjor was born the son of two very long lines of warriors, both his mother and his father taking part in the many battles that are a daily occurance between tribes in the Northern Wastes. At a young age he had taken to the sea to aid his village in hunting for food and raiding and pillaging for other things that they might need to survive. He was a fearless warrior, the fear of death never crossing his mind as he went into battle, quickly growing in heighth and size until he rivalled even his father.

Like some of his people he had chosen the path of the berserker in battle, forsaking thicker heavier armor for lighter thinner armor to give himself increased speed and movement. Part of his reasoning was that the tattoos that covered his body helped protect him from harm, each one had a special meaning and a certain act that it was supposed to gaurd against, and he and his people fully believed it. Whether they work or not Bjorn developed into the finest warrior of his tribe and they began to grow quickly, expanding into the nearby hills, but little did they know what they had awoken.

One night while he and some men were away at sea an Ice Dragon snuck close to his village and waited for the perfect moment to strike. An old man left his longhouse to relieve himself, as soon as he turned the corner he was snatched up and all hell broke loose, the dragon bursting into the town and tearing down buildings as the bewildered and drunk villagers struggled to fight back.

Bjor and his men were on their way back to shore when they saw the ambush from their boat. They quickly got on thier oars and powered their way back to shore, leaping from the boat and charging the dragon with warcries on thier lips, yet it was too late. The dragon fled at the sight of twelve of the village's best warriors charging it fearlessly, and they lost it among the wastes, yet sadly many in the village were either dead or dying. Bjor found his parents dead amongst those that had fought the dragon and his wife to be had been torn completely in half.

Filled with grief at his inability to protect his people, and against the wishes of his men, he left the village and traveled into the wastes to hunt the dragon down and kill it himself. For weeks he traveled, hunting what he could to eat, eventually finding a pack of wolves and killing three for food and one for its skin which he used to stay warm. He eventually found the dragon's lair and entered it, the battle was quick but fierce, both combatants bellowing in rage as they fought.

But Bjor was not prepared for the icy chill of the dragon's breath, it froze him where he stood, the only thing not encased in ice being his head as he struggled to free himself. He spat at the dragon as it came close to him but to his surprise a huge black mass was on it and a pale elf was suddenly in front of him working to get him out. That was when he had met Modeus and found out that the High Lord had been following him as he traveled the wastest to hunt down the great dragon that had killed his village.

Bjor cursed the drake when he found out that it had escaped Modeus's dragon and had taken up Modeus's offer to become an apprentice of his, if it brought him closer to killing his town's devastator then he would do it.

Here is the beginning of my fluff for my Iron Warriors Eighth Grand Company

"A fortress is a living thing: the commander its brain, the walls its bones, the sensors its eyes and ears, the troops its blood, their weapons its fists. This tells us two things: If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone."
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Name: Uthiat Alenaneldth
Race: High Elf
Gender: Male

Age: 94

Physical Appearance: Uthiat is a slender elf standing only 6 feet tall. At first glance his eyes almost appear silver though one is very pale blue, and the other is light green. His skin is pale and smooth. His face is kind and almost always formed into a small smile. His mid back length hair is silver in color and normally tied back.

Personality: Uthiat is a quite individual with a thirst for knowledge. He will listen attentively to what many others say. Most of the time he can be found reading, or writing. His thirst for knowledge is not exclusive to intellectual affairs. He constantly tries new experiences, and has very different tastes compared to what others expect from an elf. While he may appear naive Uthiat has spent the past 59 years in search of knowledge and experiences.

Background and How you met Modeus:
Uthiat was born into the High Elf aristocracy. His father was an ancient elf even before Uthiat's birth. His mother held a position within the high courts. Uthiat was the fifth child. As such he was normally pushed aside in favor of the older children. Even at a young age he showed the curiosity that would drive him later in life.

When he was old enough Uthiat request training in the magical arts. His parents were hesitant, but allowed him to begin. By the age of 25 he was deemed ready for his apprenticeship. He spent years in learning from his master, and constantly visiting any library he could find. At his apprenticeship’s end Uthiat had learned much not just about magic, but about the world. He quickly began to find ways to travel. From investigating the family's holdings to following caravans Uthiat found ways out into the world beyond the white cities.

By the age of 35 the same paths stopped being sufficient. Against the wishes of Uthiat's family he didn't return with the caravan. Over the next 58 years Uthiat traveled from place to place without true direction guiding him. He would take work where and when it was needed.

One such occasion was during travel through the Kingdom of Man. A caravan that Uthiat had traveled with came across a ruined village. The men spoke of a blue dragon attacking their land. Uthiat asked to assist the men in stopping this threat. For several days they searched for the beast until they finally reached its lair. With two men they assaulted the dragon as it left its lair. The trio struck. The battle was short, and violent. It ended as, in a moment of panic; Uthiat put everything he had behind a single spell. The fireball was enough to stop the beast, and brought the mountainside down upon it. As he tried to recover from the drain a second shape appeared. As the elf prepared to defend himself again a voice called out. Uthiat smiled and thanked the figure before finding himself in the dirt.

After a day of recovery Uthiat was able to meet the Dark Elf. His name was Modeus. After a barrage of questions the High Elf learned about what Modeus was doing. Shortly thereafter Uthiat found himself traveling toward High Dragon Hold to begin a new apprenticeship.

Class: Mage
Major Spell: Fire Ball
Minor Spell: Flaming Weapon
Minor Spell: Scrying

Equipment: Uthiat has a light chain shirt that he wears beneith a simple tan robe, and holds a simple looking walking staff. He carries a pack with adventuring gear of different origins. On his hip he carries a pair of small leather pouches with carefuly wrapped books, and several small scroll casings. He has a small charm that is found around his neck.

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Just posting this up quickly: The characters will not know that they will be becoming Dragon Riders just yet, Modeus would only of asked them to become his apprentice but not an apprentice dragon rider. Do you all know what i mean? The first 1-2 updates in the action thread will reveal that they will be trained as dragon riders.
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will get my sheet up tonight, lucky most of its done from last time as i've had a criplling case of writers block for a while :S
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Komanko and Angel of Blood you going to get your characters posted up soon?
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Yes, completely forgot about it, will get it up tomorrow I think.

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Yes! sorry, got back to work this week after xmas and whole manner of hell has broken loose, will get one up as soon as i can
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