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Total War!

The Yuli system, home too many wonders of space and the interest of many of its creations. In its dark, cold depths flashes of light and opening portals mark the beginning of a new conflict within its system. Some races have come for power, some for destruction, others for destiny, and still others for revenge.

A flash in the distance signals the arrival of the Scale Wardens of Chaos, lead by the ambitious Nilat the FlameCursed. He has broughtened his men from the edge of defeat and hopes to build a new Chapter to achieve his goal as becoming a champion of Chaos. As his ships move towards the system he smiles; know all too well that he will crush all that get in his way.

A rift, boom, and suddenly a large white ship with a large U on its side moved out of the warp, followed closely by a small fleet. Chapter Master Adreus Vorax stood on the bridge of his battle barge, “The Volturis,” and surveyed the system before him on the auspex. It seemed as though it was ripe for the taking, but he had not come here just to conquer, but also to gain. He needed recruits, and badly; and so with a flick of his hand his fleet set off into the system, ready to conquer the unknown.

A dark shimmer in the depths of space indicated a cloaked Necron fleet, one that had lain dormant for eons. However a Wraithlord named Shadow, who had recently teleported to this fleet, found himself now in a position of power, one which suited him fine. His attention was all on the Sun, definitely the Sun…………….

Having already arrived later than the others, via a hidden Web way Gate on the edge of the system, Farseer Requiel Spiritwind surveys the forces that have already arrived. She see’s the Mon’Kiegh and the Yngir threat that has already arrived, and moved forward to prevent them from bringing annihilation to the galaxy.

Archon Kitaraq cackled as she surveyed the planets below her; for she was pleased with what she saw. She cackled even louder when she realized that this sytem was a perfect place in which to establish her new base of operations for future raids. More slaves, more profit, more power. That was her way.

A light, a glimmer, and a gap in space and time opened as another Chaos fleet slipped into real space. Lord Greeth stood on the bridge of his battleship, seeing the data before him. He saw a system rip for the taking, and no one in sight. Greeth had always been one to be careful; never engaging in unnecessary conflict, never take unnecessary risks. However, he now needed men and material, and both could be found here. He smiled a toothy grin, and ordered his fleet full speed ahead.

Sorrow woke up in the darkness, the same darkness he had fallen asleep in. He ached, or at least as close as a Necron can feel physical pain. His systems told him he was stiff, and needed immediate repair; and ironically along came a spider, a very large spider, and flushed some oil into his joints. Sorrow sat up slowly, and scanned his surroundings. He realized that he was in his tomb world, buried deep within the planets core. Soon, very soon he thought. Sorrow sat up to his Spider (your second in command) and started to formulate his plans.

The Imperial ships, gleaming green and surrounded by the void, cruised slowly into the system. As they passed the first system, Regimental Commissar Kruet Kutaiso (sorry, my key isn’t working) surveyed all his you and eager commanders in the briefing room as they looked to him. “Now is the time for the Imperium to reclaim this system from the Xenos that took it from us. An earlier exploration and Colonial Force failed to do this task, and now it is our time to finish what they started. So here is the plan…………………..

Autarch Alconol was in a meeting with his top commanders in his capital ship. He was thinking about his next move, how to prevent another catastrophe from befalling his people. For as long as he could remember he had defended his people with strength and honor, but now it seemed that the Fates had decided to once again threaten his peaceful way of life. His vision had been full of destruction, and odd signs that pointed to a potential ally of the same color. But as he looked up into the faces of his commanders, he knew he had to make a decision.

The TyrantLord awoke from its dream, its instincts kicking in and it mentally probed its surroundings. It was in Mother’s womb, onboard another organism that was within her. He felt aggression, then calm, then saw a telepathic image of a planet. He knew what must be done, and as he felt gravity play on his body as the Brood landing ship detached itself from Mother’s womb, he was already formulating a plan.

Both man and alien come from the corners of the Segmentum to gain for their own personal goals, but in the end the Yuli system can only be ruled completed by only one man; a great warrior, general, and strategist. To become the ruler will require battles to be won with the mind as well as the soul; for now is your time. Let Total War Begin!!!!!!!!………………………………………………………………………….

Ok, so here’s how this is going to work girls and boys. I will color code your name, and then give you your story line instructions as you go in your specific area. Like in FOG’s previous RPG, you each have a second at your command to request reinforcements and other things (except Tyranids, you have the Hive mind link). You each shall build your empires and grow, and fight, and some will eventually be destroyed. For now in this first post you should start your initial movement into the system, landing, and setting up your HQ.

P.S- I'm working on the map, but my computers systems are being funny

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"

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Blah Section: Isamyr sat in the bridge, and waited. He had been seated there for some time, waiting. The bridge was completely silent. After what some would call an eternity, a cultist walked up to Isamyr and dropped to a knee.

"My lord, we are ready to exit the warp."

"Exit, then."

"Yes...yes my lord!" The cultist scurried off and relayed the message.

Over the ship intercom, a metallic voiced announced that they were about to exit the warp. The ship shook some as it was expelled from the warp. Scanners went up and the ship main engines started. Behind Isamyr's Murder Cruiser, the Deception, the other ships came out. All of them were small ships. But they were all hard to track and find.

"My lord, do you have any orders?" the cultists said back on a knee in front of Isamyr.

"The same one's as I came up with earlier."

"Yes, of course my lord."

Before the cultist could scurry off, Isamyr reached out and picked up the small man.

"What is your name, little one?"


"Thank you that will be all."

Isamyr dropped Klen, who had pissed himself in fear by this point. The cultist scurried off to change his clothes, presumably. Isamyr stood finally and walked to the bridge windows. He smiled. It didn't matter how long it took, but Isamyr would controll this sector, and with it he could create his own reign of blood.

Military Movement:They begin to gather all recources. 50 Legionaret, 10 bikes and 50 settlers go to the planet. The soldieres start to move across the contenent and scout out good places to hold ambushes, build outposts ect. No 'HQ' is set up, just camps. Rescources are gathered immeditly.

Military Actions: They Kill, Maim and Burn...nothing.

Diplomatic Actions:None.

Space Actions: Fleet flies on minimal power to Galbatorius. They stay hiden from all opponents they come across. Once there they send down the 'settlers' and marines. 2 Murder Cruiser stay in orbit aroun the planet

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Blah Section:

Chapter Master Adreus Vorax looked at the new area of space as the Vanquishers fleet burst from the Warp almost simultaniously. He folded his arms and looked at the worlds in front of him with a smile on his face. "My Emperor, I will not let you down. The worlds will be claimed."

The five planets, plus their moons, came up quickly as Volturius approached her destination. Behind the Chapter Master, various astartes and non-astartes were runnning around, making final preperations and final adjusments.

Military Movement: The Chapter Master sends twenty Scouts lead by Captain Isaiah Aurio to investigate the planet of Yuli-450, and other twenty Scouts lead by a Librarian to Yuli-459, to investigate the ruins.

Diplomatic Actions: None at the moment. The Vanquishers Chapter prefer to work alone and will not call upon the Guard unless they are interferring. They will contact no other races, despite having a little respect for the Eldar.

Space Actions: There is no engagments as the astartes haven't met any enemy ships yet. Half their fleet, including Volturius, flies to Yul-450. The rest of the fleet flies to Yuli-459.

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Default Sorrow


Sorrow awoke with a scream of agony as all of his systems reactivated at once. Before him was only darkness, the confining lid of his sarcophagus had yet to open fully. Sorrow inhaled sharply, his internal sensors taking stock of the current state of the atmosphere.

There was an alarming absence of toxins here. The world had been a lifeless rock when he left it, but if the airborne toxins had receded, chances were some form of life would have re-emerged.

His patience finally at an end, he laid his heavy metal foot into the slowly opening sarcophagus lid, breaking the mechanism and hurling it across the chamber. As his mind reactivated, he became aware of the many minds comprising his complex. The other commanders, the warriors, drones, and other sentient mechanisms all becoming active little by little.

He stepped forward, immediately falling to one knee with a hiss of pain and shock. His body was failing, immediate repairs were required. His personal assistance drone, a modified Tomb Spyder, approached steadily, and Sorrow was relieved as the field of the machine`s scanner enveloped him. Quickly locating the source of the faulty parts, the spyder disgorged a swarm of microscopic repair scarabs. Sorrow was enveloped in the metal insects, his body made strong once more as the swarm was reabsorbed by the drone.

Life has infested this holy ground. Sorrow thought, his every word and whim shared by those linked to him. In the name of the Gods, it shall be re-sanctified...

MILITARY: For now, all systems are still powering up. The myriad Legion of necrons is undergoing command assignment and squad sorting. In addition, many require mainainance or repairs, so no aggressive actions are undertaken just yet.


FLEET: One Scythe Class Cruiser summoned from the nearby tomb complex escorted by Four Dirge Raiders. ETA 12 hours.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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Personal Actions:
Vast and empty, the glittering lights of a thousand burning suns were visible in the distance, they were billions of light years away but their light gave a degree of life to this dead like place. But then lightning cackled and space itself ruptured as a vortex was torn into existence and huge vessels emerged from its grip like a baby from the womb of its mother. They were sleek decorated ships they were the Adeptus Mechanicus and the symbols of the holy Omnissiah could be seen on every side. Guns protruded from the ships every angle as the small fleet moved forward ready to fire on anything that could be prove to be threat.

The Briefing room aboard the Omnissiahs Victory was abuzz with activity as officers franticly tried to organize their seats all the while having numerous papers being shoved into their hands by unnamed aids that scurried in and out of the room like ants in a hive. The room was packed to the point of overflowing which was not helped by the aggressive nature of its occupants who pushed and shoved those all of those around in a desperate attempt to find their positions or deliver the latest report to their assigned lieutenants. A huge oval shaped table was placed in the centre of the room with enough seats to house the whole population of a small hive. At the head of the table sat a tall and well built man dressed in clothing and armor that was lined with gold and ordinates. This man’s name was Kreutz Kotaisoz, and he was not happy.

Rising from his seat Kreutz became a much more imposing figure, he stood with his chin raised aloft like that of an arrogant nobleman, on his home world it was a gesture that demanded respect. Composing himself in the manner of a general he bellowed aloud to the crowd, his displeasure clearly evident within his deep voice.

“Order! I demand Order in the briefing room! If you are not an officer or member of my personal retinue then get out of my sight!”

Even above the din of confusion that had engulfed the room his order was heard and every man stopped were they stood. There was a brief silence, but it was followed by the rush of men finally coming to grips with their situation. Orderlies and Adepts alike left as one through the huge double doors at the rear of the room and a pair of heavy set guards slammed it behind them.

Silence befell the briefing room, the only noise came from the occasional rustle of papers or the awkward coughing of officers trying to clear their throat without being heard, least they invoke the terrible wrath of their General. It went on for quite a while before Kreutz finally sat down once more and inspected the papers that had been placed in front of him. They were interesting to say the least, the ships psyker population is willing to declare that they are not alone in the Yuli system.

Throwing the papers back onto the table in front of him with deliberate frustration he turned his head to the nearest officer, a young man who had only been assigned to this invasion right before they left Vostroya.

“Boy, do you see those papers in front of me?” he said as he indicated the ones that he had been examining.

The Officer had clearly not been ready for the address; his brow broke a sweat as his response came back in a series of stuttered remarks.

“They are….err...umm… the reports from the astro-telepath’s readings…ahhh… that detail the wrap inconsistencies in the system so far”

A nervous mannerism was clearly visible on the young officers posture and as much as the man tried to fight it down he could not help but show his fear at being picked out amongst so many other officers. He was probably thinking about how unlucky he was, or that he may have been chosen because of his past. He was not a Vostroyan in fact and therefore the odd one out, he had only joined the army to get away from a massive dept that he owed to a rogue trader after he got drunk and gambled away more than he had. But he was an off worlder and only made it through the basic recruitment requirements because he had distant family that left for Vostroya generations back and therefore he could claim he was related.

Sweet begun to run down his cheeks as Kreutz leaned forwards in his chair to get a better look at the man. They were not even a meter apart and it begun to make him feel like the most unlucky man in all of the Imperium. Does Kreutz know? Why he joined the army in the first place, had they figured him out somehow, did the rogue trader rat him out? Panic slowly enveloped his mind and he became grateful for his nervous nature, it hide his deeper fears.

Kreutz stared intently at the man, probed his every aspect and examined his shaky features, he did this to all of the new officers. Just by putting a man under pressure like that could really reveal a lot about them, this one was fearful that much evident he would not perform well if his attitude is not re-adjusted before the conflict begins its opening stages. He made it a point to get the commissars to pay him a friendly visit, but for now he will just calm his nerves and put his mind to rest.

Slowly a smile begun to weave it way into Kreutz well built features and he threw his entire weight up against his command chair as he roared in laughter. Many of the officers sitting around the table joined in, trying to sound as realistic as possible. Abruptly his laugher ended and he spoke to the young one with a friendly face and a welcoming tone.

“Relax, I’m only toying with you! Alright everybody here’s the plan……”

Militery Movement: Vostroyans allegence is to Mars and on top of that they are winter warfare experts and that makes the polor caps of Yuli-459 quite appealing the fleet moves to that planet in an attempt to set up a base of operations.

Militery Actions: None as of Yet

Diplomatic actions: If possible contacts the Scouts of the Astrates sent to investigate the Yuli-459 ruins and inform's them that Vostroyan Survey teams will be on site also, wether they chose to perform a joint operation or simply ignore then is up to themselfs.

Fleet: All fleet make to move for Yuli-459

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"

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TyrantLord, Tyranid splinter fleet

Blah Section:
TyrantLord hissed as it crouched with Its eyes closed. There were worlds here. Mother had shown It what the scouts had seen. Here there was one world he wanted. It was young and held food. The world was hot, easy to digest. Young and tender yes it is.

TyrantLord drooled as It thought of the taste. Its fleet slid from below the primary orbital plane and approached the young world. As they did several spores were vomited into the system. Within the bowls of the ship creatures roared as they began to awaken. It was time to feed. TyrantLord stood and bellowed to the broods.

Military Movement:
Move to Magnar from below the system’s orbital plane. Once in place deploy spores to Magnar. (20 Genestealers, 5 Lictors, 1 Harridan with 20 Gargoyles, and 5 Shrike. 5 Spore Cluster, 10 Mananthrope, 20 Ripper swarms, 100 Termagants, 100 Hormagaunts) To begin consuming and scouting the world.
Spore clusters are to begin consumption as normal with the exception of 2 that are going to begin creation of hives.
Have the Hormagaunts begin laying eggs.
Deploy 2 Lictors to each world as scouts. They are to remain invisible and observe/sample the local wildlife and any activity.
Awaken all the synapse creatures, and place them through the ship to activate all the other creatures.

Military Actions: Does aggressive consumption classify as a military action?

Diplomatic Actions:

Space Actions:Begin launching fighter organisms from the Hiveship and reproduce more.
Reproduce forces sent to the world, and begin birthing first wave of heavy units (Carnifex, Tyranid Warriors).
Call for Vanguard drones transporting units, if not request additional spores containing lictors to be sent to the other planets/moons containing life in the system(1 per if possible. Same orders as given to my lictors).
Request ‘Cruiser’ beast.
Request additional colonization spores to be sent to Magnar.

Ooc(Is there an asteroid belt? Tyranids don't use transport ships. All of their ships but the Kraken can transport)

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Personal Stuff:

Shadow stirred inside the chamber. He had been waiting for too long now, and was beginning to get nervous. Odd for Necron, but still possible. Shadow was the first prototype wraith after all, and still retained his conciousness. Wriggling in his harness slightly, Shadow was eager to be free. He was hooked up to massive machinery, deep in the bowels of the Cairn-class monster-ship: Shadow's Talon. The colossal ship slowly plied the vast distances of space, its systems running gently under the guidance of the Navigator. The second ship, Fanged Dusk, was stored inside the main hangar of the Cairn ship, deep in the belly of the beast. The cold stars twinkled as the ship powered past, its proton engines moving it as fast as if it were in warp-travel. Of course, they could not be used at all times, and required all power from the ship to do so. It was something that the Necrons were still working on.

Shadow continued to squirm as metallic hands gripped his artificial body, and started to pulse with energy. Suddenly, there was a great discharge, and it was over. The hands retreated, leaving Shadow free. A Necron Pariah, Terror, stepped forward, Shadow's second in command. It was simply an office of tradition, as truly Shadow commanded alone.

"My lord, how do you feel?" asked Terror. Shadow activated his new device, disappearing from reality, then re-materialising behind the Pariah. Shadow leant forward, and whispered:


The Pariah was not startled, but simply turned to face his master, and asked for his orders. Shadow was bored, and gave his orders whilst gliding over to the viewing port. The cold light of the Yuli star glinted before him.

"Take the ship to a distance close enough so that we can begin analysis. Power down the proton engines, and advance on conventional propulsion. Also, give full power to all stealth and cloaking fields. We don't want to be noticed. And use that the physics dampeners; we don't want to be sucked into the sun, after all." Shadow said, mirthlessly. With a flick of his claws, the Pariah was dismissed.

Military Action: None.

Diplomatic Actions: Because communicating with another race would be so smart right now. No actions.

Space Action: The big ship (with the small one inside) is completely cloaked, and has moved towards the sun, on the other side to planet Magnar. Using special technology, it will not orbit the star, but stay in place. Begin to analyse the star. (I will describe what I'm looking at later...)

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Set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life!

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Blah: With the feeling of real space returning to him, the air feeling like oil to his lungs, Requiel gazed on a system tainted with darkness. The Yngir have already arrived, and the Mon'Keigh have already polluted the system. The Eldar turned to his Warlock bodyguard, sitting in meditation around him, he placed his hand in rune pouch and out came the glittering Wraithbone runes, levitating around him like a sun. The Farseer reached out and plucked a rune and the images flooded into his mind, first came the image of another Craftworld joining the fray, and the Dark Kindred coming forth in such of slaves and plunder and a threat, the likes of which the Children of Isha has never seen.

"Farseer" came a voice in the Requiel's mind, "what do we do next?" It was Admiral Yvresh of the Hand of Khaine, the Farseer replied " Set a course for what the Mon'Keigh call Yuli Prime, dispatch a vanguard of rangers and settlers to the surface into the mountain regions, here we lay forth the fleet's main gateway. The Eye of Lsathranil will use the Wraithbane cannon to project a small Warp Storm, the Mon'Keigh will be too occupied to notice us and Admiral, prepare for a potential conflict with our Craftworld and Dark Kindred".

Military Action and Movement: The Ulthwe fleet dispatches rangers first to Yuli Prime's mountains, when the all clear was given, Bonesingers immediately begin construction of fortifications. Whilst on the ships, the Aspect Warriors commence pre-battle meditations whilst the Farseer and Warlocks prepare the psychic shielding to mask their base.

Diplomatic actions: Too busy to do so.

Space action: the fleet immediately arrives at Yuli Prime and stay within orbit as they wait for fortifications to be completed. The Shadow cruiser prepares to deploy the fleet's personal gateway. Whilst the Wraithship immediately fires the Wraithbane cannon to distract the Mon'Keigh

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"
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Blah section: Nilat stood in the middle of the room, there were two men either side of him and a slate altar at the front. The Walls were of black marble, slowly ten cultists entered the room chanting litanies of chaos. The two marines on either side of him had already proven themselves to him and now he was giving them the honour of being possesed.

The ritual was an ugly affair and Nilat was never terribly fond the possessed marines lumbering around giving citizens who should be working heart attacks. He had to say that this latest batch were already in better shape than the others.

"Go and fetch the black wolf" Nilats voice was one you could not argue with when he gave orders, the possessed ran out of the bridge towards the commanding figures quarters. Nilat himself, the dark Apothacery, the dark magos, chief sorcerer and Fen the black wolf who Nilat treated as his prodigy. Fen was at his beckon call day and night. He was a perfect soldier in Nilats eyes, never argues with orders, he had that bit of incentive that keeps being alive. A good soldier.

Twenty minuets later a hulking figuire clad in charred wolfskin and terminator armour stomped into the room,

"You wished to see me?" fens voice was deep and gruff, some had difficulty hearing what he said thanks to his mixed accents but Nilat had known him long enough.

"Yes Fen, I need someone I know won't fail to see to the landing operation, we will arrive in the sector in thirty minuets we will make way to a planet called galbatorius, I want you to take all of our astares forces and all of our armour to secure the land for our workers to begin constructing our fortress."

Fens face was blank for a moment while he went through his plan in his head. "It shall be done my lord, do you mean for mento take the new recruits with me also?"

"no, sorcerer dranesh will be starting basic training here on the ship."

"understood, I will go and prepare." Fen turned and departed the room, Nilat considered what he ought to do. He concluded that a visit to Apothacery dronish would be in order, you can't take chances with the future.

10 minuets later Nilat arrived in a large operating room, there were five rows of ten tables each with a young human laying upon them. The Apothacery was moving through them one at a time and inserting the first part of the gene seed. Scale warden genetics were not famed for brilliance and there was a sixty/forty chance the initiates wouldn't survive ten minutes. All Nilat could do was hope.

"everything satisfactory Apothacery?"

"y...yes my lord, all the initiates so far h...have showed p...positive signs."

"good, we will be making planetfall in ten minuets or so, I want you to stay here and keep working. I will except no mistakes, these are our future, if they fail we will fail."


"SIR! I have unidentified space craft in the aerospace of galbatorius."

"they look like chaos marines, try and raise them on the vox."

"Aye sir," the comm serf began pushing buttons like crazy, he wasn't experienced and obviously under pressure.

"This is trundik realsifar of the scale wardens, requesting an introduction." there was a tense wait in the room, everyone had gathered around the central console and stood eagerly. There was silence, tension hung in the air like smoke from a fire. The tension was broken with, "We should probably tell someone a bit more important. Quintim go and alert one of the commissars." the boy didn't reply, speed was more important than formalities in the scale wardens.

Millitary movement: 290 scale wardens led by Fen the black wolf to protect 500 humans that are to start work on the fortress.

Millitary actions: n/a

Space movement: fleet moves towards galbatrius, 2 minor ships carry ground forces planetside.

Diplomatic actions: an ambassador moves towards the alpha legion fleet and proposes these terms:
A two month truce,
Fair division of the planets resources

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0

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Blah Section:

Autarch Alconol stared at the holo-field in front of him as his commanders awaited his plans in silence. He pondered what he thought was the best course of action. Moments after he called this briefing a warp storm had appeared over Yuli Prime, obviously a ruse he thought, designed to keep others away and pre-occupied. Whether it was his Eldar kindred or the forces of Chaos he wasn't sure, and he would find out soon.

His visions had seen the destruction of his beloved homeworld, as he stared at its people being slaughtered and taken as prisoners by a nightmare force. He wasn't sure whether it was Chaos forces or the Fallen Eldar. Either way they came from this system and he would be damned forever to the warp if he let it happen. He looked over at his second in command, Farseer Kendra Agon, a young Eldar, determined to prove herself guiding him to victory. She led the other 49 warlocks from the strike force and he turned to her now. "Your assessment Kendra?"

She paused for a second before she spoke out, "Autarch I believe that the Storm was made by our own kind, but their intentions to us are masked as of now. They could fire upon us if we were to move closer." Alconol nodded before he turned to Admiral Y'leth on his right. "Admiral take us to Yuli 450, avoid the Mon keigh fleet in orbit. If we must utilise our stealth capacitys but do not let us be seen. If they detect us Kendra inform me immediatly. Althosus, lead your rangers into the mountains planet side, do not be seen but see."

He turned over to Kendra, "Kendra, take your Warlocks and 100 Dire Avengers, and 100 Guardians and the Cruiser Asuryan's Might and move towards Yuli Prime. Try and contact the other Eldar forces if possible. If you fail return here immediately."

Military Movement: 50 rangers depart via small transports down to the planet of Yuli 450 where they move into the mountain range of the small continent surrounded by sea. All forces prepare for landing.

Diplomatic Movement: Nothing to note as of yet.

Space Movement: Whole fleet except Asuryan's Might moves to Yuli 450, moving slowly and quietly so as to not be observed, holo-fields are active. Asuryan's might moves to Yuli Prime, and seeks out other Eldar ship, weapons powered down but shields powered up just in case.

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