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Personal Actions:
Every man aboard the Ommnisiahs Victory trembled as the thunderous roar of her mighty batteries echoed throughout the workings of the ship. Weapons Batteries belched fire into the voids of space as their projectiles burst from the confines of their guns to rain death on the metal inhabitants of the planet below.

Despite all this Roth Strang could not help but maintain his restless state, peering down at the casualty report presented on a nearby Holo-Pad he cursed under his breath. The battle was not going as well as he had hoped, the men on the ground were taking a beating and it tugged at his every nerve that he could do nothing to stop the unrelenting Necron Horde that pressed its way through the snow on the planet below. The bombardment could only slow them, bellowing some more orders to a few younger officers he managed to press his fears out of his voice.

A thunderous crack rang out amongst the bridge and for a brief moment the eyes of every man gazed out into the stars prying the darkness for some sort of tangible source. They were greeted by a truly spectacular sight, a swiveling portal of the warp from which emerged the gargantuan forms of Imperial transports. As the ships drew closer the insignia of the great Imperial world of Cadia became clearly visible on the transports sides. Men hooted and cheered before quickly being put back into line by a few choice words from Roth.

“The Cadian’s are here but don’t let up our boys on the ground still need us!”

He said before turning to address Cain in a much more suddle tone.

“Get me a report, I want to know every bloody detail about what their packing to the fight”

Without uttering a word, Cain simply nodded his head in understanding before turning back to his console to fulfill his Captions orders. It wasn’t long before he swung around again, this time offering a bright Holo-pad to Roth.

“They’re packing nearly as many men as we set off with, I would say that they might even be trying to outshine us if it wasn’t such a desperate situation.”

Snagging the Holo-Pad from out of Cain’s grip, Roth could determine that it was a list detailing all the equipment and men that the Cadia’s had brought with them. He would need something spectacular; gazing down at the list he contemplated what he could send down to the field straight away, something that was assured to win them the battle. One particular item snagged at his attention and once he finally realized what was written at the bottom of the Holo-Pad he recoiled in shock, and it occurred to him that his parents were right, there really was an Emperor watching over them.
Throwing the pad back to Cain he gave his orders.

“Bring it down Cain, I need that thing on the ground right now! Tell the Cadian’s to get their arse’s planet side as soon as possible.”

Casting a glance down at the Holo-Pad to determine what his Caption had been referring to Cain stuttered back his response.

“But…Sir, The things friging huge… it takes the Cog-Boys days to get these things ready for battle!”

Leaping up from his Chair Rothran ran his hands through his hair and threw his Captions hat to the floor.

“Frak! Who do we know that has the transport capacity to bring her down now?”

Suddenly an idea popped to mind and Roth shifted his gaze outside the bridge and into the stars beyond.

“Cain… get the Eldar on the line”
Within the confines of Kreutz’s shelter, a dozen officers were outraged at their latest political development and raised their voices to be heard above the battle that raged on above their heads. Platoon Commander Jancovitz Foch was at the forefront of the debate and managed to hush the assembled group enough to snap at Kreutz.

“The Eldar, I refuse to cooperate with such foul xenos! Surely they must take us for fools if they think that we will accept their lies!”

Kreutz, angry that one of his officers would raise their voice against him bellowed his retort.

Sit down Foch! I understand your anger but Roth has made a deal, the Eldar will deploy in force. He has given them our word and with our own forces, already pre-occupied we do not possess the strength to combat them. I fear that all we can do is go along with this ‘Alliance’, at least for the time being.”

Slowly, Jancovitz pulled his fist away from the table and took his seat. The officers fell silent and although their anger still burnt brightly, they were smart enough to not act on it.

“Now go to your Platoon’s, this fight is not over yet”
The screams of men and the shrill of artillery arching overhead echoed throughout the battlefield. Chaos had engulfed Tallision’s Hope turning it into a blood stained battleground. The Necrons pushed onwards unrelenting and merciless in their slaughter, it was a bleak, desolate situation for man. Still they ensured, fought on clinging to the hope that their deaths were meaningful in the grander scale of things. For many the trenches became their coffins, for others the snow became their burial ground. But the prayers of the faithful finally bore fruition and a hero emerged from the darkness, armor clad and sword unsheathed he rose from behind the hill that the Necrons had not yet passed and beside him stood an army. Cyber-Calvary men mounted upon metal machines, their lances shone in the daylight and together they drew their Laspistols and the armor clad man raised his voice above the din of battle to begin their warcry.


He shouted

“First into the fight!”

The Calvary bellowed in return.
Lances tore into the head of the horde as the Necrons meet the cavalries charge head on, mechanical bodies were torn asunder and riders blown from atop their mounts. Kreutz charged in as well, a detachment of Ogryn bodyguards shielding his own flanks. Together the command squad cut a swath through the Necron ranks, Vostroyan men who had become separated from their own groups were able to rally behind the melee and pill in behind the horsemen.

Without warning, explosions begun to ripple throughout the Necron ranks falling dangerously close to where the combatants were fighting. Overhead Imperial gunships strafed the battleground with rockets and machine gun fire. Each vessel bore the insignia of the Imperial world, Cadia and it brought some much needed relief to Kreutz’s pressured mind. Above the hill emerged the forms of hundreds of fellow Imperials, who came running down crackling off their Lasguns, with the most prominent of the men booming a warcry to inspire their soldiers.

“For the Emperor and the glory of Cadia, Charge!”

Response to Eldar: "This is Imperial Navy Admiral Roth Strang, And Boy am I glad you called. Im afraid that meeting in person is currently out of the question, our general is engaged on the ground right now but anything you can do to help is welcome. I promise you that our boys wont be firing at any of your men.
And one other thing...."

Response to Chapter Master Varian: "This is Regimental Commander Kreutz Kotaisoz, your assistance is greatly appreciated and it gives me great pride to fight along side you, Im sure that I speak for all of my men when I say that. The Eldar may be in the area but do not fire on them, our forces work together for the time being, there will be time for explanations later."

Military Movement: Deploy all forces to Tallision's Hope

Military Actions: Counter-Charge, take back our Trenches.

Space Actions: Begin Orbital Bombardment of Necron forces, Deploy counter-boarding measure's to prevent further incidents.
Get the Cadian Transports Planetside

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"

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Isamyr glared at the dead creature while the sorcerer investigated it. How could something infiltrate his base. Isamyr of the Alpha Legion, Masters of Infiltration.

Isamyr left, angry. He needed something to calm him. The new Hammer was ready and had been moved into position, all it needed was his word. Isamyr had won the planet, but he still needed to take the Moon. And with the entire enemy fleet in orbit, an invasion would be sucicidal. Looks like it's time for stealth...

Isamyr pondered his options when a vox transmition was sent out saying that Patraich Cultists had been spotted heading towards the base. Isamyr summoned his body guard and Land Raider and moved to where the cultists would attack. He would use kill some cultists as anger managment.

Send Message to "Lord" Nilat:

I am enlightened to see that you have chosen a patron God. Khorne none the less, a fine choice for one of your mental capacity. I pray you do not fail the Blood God.

Speaking of Khorne, I have created a new...weapon to satisfy Khorne's hunger for blood. I call it the Hammer of Khorne. And that is just what it will do. Hammer you and your pathetic excuse of an army into the ground.

How can you hope to gain Khorne's favor, when I controll such a powerful weapon?

Military Movement:
150 Marines, 5 bikes and 5 vehicles combat Cultists scouts.

All other millitary units move up behind Hammer of Khorne's artillery fire and kill any survivors.

Slaves continues to build/Mine.
Armoury continues to upgrade armor.

Marines on the moon use their camo-cloaks(to hide)and await further orders.

Military Actions:
Fire the Hammer of Khorne on Patriarchs line.

Space Actions:
Launch Dreadclaws on to Moon. Inside are the 150 marines still in space. Dreadclaws move back to ships.

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Day Eight

(OCC: Sorry bout that guys, life caught up with me this week. Ok, now it will come down to hero vs hero, and someone’s going to die soon if he doesn’t get his butt in gear, hehehe. Read Bane_of_Kings, Samu3, BlackApostleVilhelm, and Serpion5’s sections for all the action)


As the drop ships entered the atmosphere, Verriah checked his gauge one more time, making sure that everything was ok. He soon realized however that his forces were under attack from flying Nid’s that surrounded them. As he watched his holo-display in front of him he saw blips of green disappear as the Nids attempted to slaughter his forces in mid-air.

“Open up the ramp,” he ordered the Water Caste pilot, and soon he found himself shooting out the rear at flying creatures that pattled the armor of his transport with bio-acid. His forces were being bleed dry and they hadn’t even hit the ground yet. Damn his foolishness, he should have seen this coming.

“Two minutes till impact, please strap yourself in commander.” Verriah turned towards the ramp, firing at a pair of gargoyles that tried to enter the bay. He fired a missile out into a clump of creatures that were devouring a ship nearby. He turned back towards the pilot,” I will make a jump, make an emergency fly-by over the landing area.

As the ship came down low, Veriah jumped with his body guard, activating his jump jets to slow his decent. He was still shooting at the creatures as they swarmed towards him like a relentless tide of horror. Acid hit his armor, leaving small hole here and there, but luckily the extra armor protected him from the enemies powerful weapons. His men, however, weren’t so lucky as many of them fell dead from the sky and others crashed as their landing ships were demolished or devoured alive. It seemed that they would all be destroyed before even completing the landing.

Suddenly the earth beneath him began to shake with ferocity that Verriah had never felt; for even his suit couldn’t compensate. He saw in the distance a mountain just split in half, just like thatl; like the hand of God himself. Even the Nids were affected, for many of them tried to cover what he could only take to be their ears; some exploded because of the vibration.

The shaking subsided and was replaced by a massive shape, no two, shooting out of the rift that had been created by the quake. “What evil magic’s is this,” he turned to his second,” have all the troops finish landing and create a perimeter; NOW!” He turned back to killing his foes, glad to see that the quake may have actually saved what remained of his forces. Soon the war would begin.


In space the Tau faired no better as their fleet moved to engage the enemy fleet. The massive Hive ship had disgorged numerous space creatures, if they could be called that, that were hampering the Swordfish and Lance fighters that dueled with them. Shas’o Sheeva stood on the bridge commanding the small fleet as they moved in closer for the kill. Already a destroyer had been taken out, but at the cost of numerous enemy beast being destroyed.

However, as Sheeva could see, the battle was falling into the enemies favor with the massive amounts of creatures it had, and it seemed to be making more as the battle progressed. The carrier had sent out its last remaining fighters and space bomber and yet more enemy came forward. The only hope was to destroy the Hive ship before it could call for more creatures from its bowels.

“Charge the D-Cannon and prepare to fire. Have the “Blue Heavens” move to our flank and cut off that light ship of theirs. Flight commander, “she spoke into the comms unit,” don’t let them come any closer. Hold your ground and take out all incoming flights of enemy creatures.”

“For the Greater Good,” came the reply and she turned back towards the holo-map that she had out. It seemed that her cruiser had held the enemy off over the landing ships, but they had since engaged the ship itself and it was apparent that it wouldn’t last too long.

“D-Cannon ready M’am, firing,” the fire control officer reported as a massive lance of blue energy leaped out from the nose of her craft. It struck off target, killing a massive creature ship off the left towards the cruiser.

“Adjust the firing output and prepare to fire again, hold them off damn it.” Sheeva only hoped her commander fared better on the planet’s surface.

So you have rushed in and lost a large portion of your force. In addition, a large enemy force moves in on your landing site. What will you do?

Forces in Space:

100 Earth Caste Workers

Forces on Ground:

Yuli Prime:

632 Infantry
13 Vehicles

Space Force: 62%

Tau’nuhan is destroyer by Kraken ship
Cruiser Tau’s Pride has taken serious damage
Escort ship “Shas’o Fue has taken minor damage


378 Infantry
7 Vehicles



As Varian carved his way through the Necron ranks, he realized that they had touched down in the wrong position. They were on the wrong side of the base, fighting a flanking force that was trying to encircle the Guard. They needed to shift their position; and fast.

“Men, with me, fight your way towards the base,” Varian roared as he cut down another Necron with bolter fire. He turned, waving his arms in a circle, and his forces pin wheeled around and started towards the rear base. Varian could see an additional Necron force there, and hoped to the Emporer that his ships were standing by for orbit bombardment; for they would need it.

Varian jumped over a bunker and catapulted back onto the open field, grabbing a small squad nearby and charging a group of Necron ahead of them. The two sides crashed in a massive fury of death and Astarte’s were impaled and Necrons decapitated. Varian spun and sliced another in half, emptying his clip into a third’s head.

It was then he noticed two Necrons, one lying down and another hovering over it, off to his extreme left. He grabbed his weapons and started to make his way over to them; intent on cutting the head from this snake early on.

So what’s your next move?

Forces in Space:

896 Infantry
18 Vehicles
100 Workers

Space Force: 100%


104 Infantry
2 Vehicles



Kitaraq stood in her chamber, toying with the human she held captive there. He was a strong one, having not died on her or even come close to death, and she wondered if all the giant armored warriors of the Mon’Kiegh had such stamina; for they would make great play things.

A hum indicated that the EMP was ready, and that Kitaraq needed to return to her command post, so she ascended in her throne to the bridge. The Mon’Kiegh were still unaware of her position it seemed, and she was ready to make her next move. Soon she would ride herself of one troublesome foe, then move to kill the next.

So what’s your next move?

Forces in Space:
910 Infantry
20 Vehicles
700 Slaves

Space Fleet: 72%(you have three ships and the captured Mon’Kiegh cruiser, fitted with a cloaking device)

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……


Kruet fought left and right, killing Necron after Necron as they poured into the inner defense lines and communication trenches. Soon everywhere he looked there was fighting, or dying as Necrons marched over the bodies of the decease. He ducked and grabbed a Necron by the neck, ramming his sword into its chest and thrusting upwards; sending green sparks showering in all different direction. He reversed it and impaled a Necron behind him, then pushed it off his sword with his boot. He grabbed a grenade off a nearby troop and through it into a bunker, walking past as it exploded and kill both its occupants.

Kruet fought his way to the command center, the only secure location left on the base. As he walked in he threw a Necron off a sentry and decapitated it with one swift stroke. He walked into the comms center, ignoring the salutes he received and grabbed the private sitting down at the unit.

“What’s the status on those fething reinforcements soldier,” he roared.

“SSSir, ttthey are deploying aaaassss we speak, but they won’t arrive ttttill tomorrow Commissar.”

Stood there, realizing that now they were up a creak without a paddle forward and….”

“Sir, there are no reserves left, another Necron force appeared behind us and has engage our rear defenses.”

Kruet just stood there, the reality sinking in that they might be defeated. He turned to his men, and started to issue commands to set up a perimeter, but his soldiers just stood there; daed.

“Move it you ball of frakking feth, what are you waiting for; an invitation?”

“But sir, we are going to be overrun, why should we fight, maybe they will let us surrender.” Enrage Kruet walked over to the man, grabbed him, pulled out his pistol, and shot the man through the head. He turned to the rest of his men in the command center.

“We are soldiers of the Emperor. And we do not even think o surrender. We will fight, and die; taking as many of these fucking Xenos as possible. Now get too it.”

Kruet turned around, looking at the tactical display as the building shook from a massive explosion, wondering what he was going to do.

Force in Space


Force on Ground:

Yuli- 459:

298 Guard Infantry (First- Seventh Platoons)
5 Vehicles
Heavy Mortar Platoon
Archmagos Severus

Space Forces: 87%


402 Infantry
3 Vehicles
HQ base has taken 23% damage

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……


“Very well, Master Vorax was it,” Vorax heard the Squat commander speaking into the vox unit,” we shall have an alliance. I have no quarrel with you good human, and you seem like an honorable warrior. We shall be friends. Though I warn you if you have anything to do with the accursed Eldar or the damned green skin; I will end this friendship and take your head as a trophy.”

The comms unit cut off abruptly before Vorax could reply to the Squat commander; very rude creatures indeed. No matter, he had his alliance, and since the Squat didn’t know about the Eldar perhaps it was good he wasn’t helping them yet. Vorax had bigger issues at hand, for the Necrons were on the edge of over-whelming the Guard on the surface and his men had still neither not found hide nor hair of the elder pirates who had made off with the Guilliman’s Pride.

As Vorax fumed silently his aid came up to him with a midshipmen in tow; they stopped and saluted. “My Lord, Midshipmen Gavoir here may have come up with a solution to tracking the elder pirates if you will listen.”

“Speak,” Vorax commanded and the midshipmen bowed nervously, visibly shaking before his Lord, as he explained. “I have found a way that we could potentially track the pirate Eldar ships that stole the Guillimans Pride. As I’m sure your Lordship is aware that the engines on ships give off a radiation signature. I think I have tracked down the Eldar fleet that stole our ship, as well as the ship itself using the radiation signature left by there engine’s wake.”

“Excellent,” Vorax nodded, happy to hear some good news for a change. “So where are they?”

“That’s just it my Lord, according to my data, they are right in besides us so to speak.”

The data appeared on the holo-map and Vorax took a step back as he saw they were no more than 1000km away from him; cloaked and unaware that they had been detected. Vorax recovered quickly, realizing this was an opportunity he could not pass up.

“Move as if we have not seen them, also do not contact the Black Dragons as any communication could be intercepted.” As his men went about he smiled, and relished the thought of grabbing that elder pirate leader by the scruff of her neck.


Down on the planet’s surface the story was completely different however. As Castol dueled with the Necron leader, it became apparent that he was tiring from the fatigue of the fight, but the Necron had not slowed its pace down one bit. Castol parried a back hand, and then flipped over his opponent who grabbed him and flip him over onto his back; where he barely managed to dodge a downward thrust of the large scythe. He stood up and lunged forward, missing by a few inches, and rolled as he dodged a nasty underhanded thrust from the Necron as it swooped it’s war scythe down to decapitate him. It was here that Castol made a serious, and fatal, mistake by trying to swing around to his opponent’s blind side.

The Necron easily twisted its light form around and impaled him upon the scythe, blood dripping from Castols mouth. Castol looked up, blinking the blurriness from his eyes as his life drained away slowly; being sucked in by whatever dark magic the Necron possessed. Castol, pulling himself up the length of the scythe’s blade. He looked into the eyes the the Necron Lord and spat,” Porro Ago Emporer.”

With that Castol summoned up all the psychic energy within him and let it stream out in a massive explosion that consumed him and the Necron Lord.


Captian Finkyen stood atop the lone Land Raider in the massive formation of Vanquishers as they neared the battlefield. It was apparent that the guard would not last much longer if the assault continued. He had ordered his men into a full charge, the massive wave of grey wading into the Necron lines; fighting with the legions of metal skeletons and hovering Destroyers. Scores of Necron dead lay scattered at his feet, but just as many Astarte’s lay dead or dying. The few Apothecaries were running out of morphine and drugs to give the dying, and soon were reduced to cutting the gene seed out of the living before the Emperor’s Kiss could be applied.

Soon the Vanquishers found themselves surrounded, the Necron force encircling them with Monolith bombardment to where they formed a hexagon. It seemed that soon they would all perish at the xeno’s hands.

Boom, Boom, Boom, and drop pods came raining down from the sky, new Vanquisher reinforcements of the 8th Company surging out to help their brethren. The Necrons, not sure how to deal with the new threat, were easily divided down the middle, and the two forces met in the middle of the battlefield. That is where Captian Finkyen stood now, aboard the Land Raider as it fired at multiple enemies in all directions.

Finkyen had ordered a retreat back into the Guard base as the enemies Monoliths came closer to them. Massive green explosions pocketed the area in front of him as the Astarte’s fell back in an orderly retreat to the parked Rhino’s and Predator tanks. A Vindicator nearby fired it’s last remaining missile at a dying Monoliths, causing it to explode taking some Necrons with it.

As they fought through the Necron ranks and reached the first trench they exited the Rhino’s and dove into the trenches, setting up lanes of fire while they waited for the Necrons to come.

Only they didn’t; they just sat there, some of them turning to the east where a battle was happening near the location they had just come from. Finkyen wondered what was going on over there.

So your reinforcements arrive, only to be beaten back into the very trenches the guard held earlier. Whats your next move??

Forces in Space:

5 Vehicles

Forces on Ground:

Yuli- 459

4 Scouts
234 Marines (4th, 8th, 9th Company’s)
6 Vehicles

Yuli- 450

321 Marines (2nd, 3rd, 5th Company’s)
20 Scouts
3 Vehicles
100 Settlers

Space Force: 76%

3 Strike Cruisers, 1 Battle barge under Vorax command is on the edge of the system


214 Marines
5 Vehicles
4 Scouts



Nilat sat in his command center, pleased to see his cultists killing in Khorne name. He needed to prove his loyalties to his new patron god and blood of these traitorous retches would do just fine. He sat and saw the reports coming in, noticing that his luck seemed to have turned around, and that his cultists were inflicting more damage than he thought would occur. This was good news indeed.

The moon base would soon be done, within a day or two, and then he could start bleeding the alpha Legion dry with his new massive weapon. Nilat got up and braced himself as another massive shock rocked the HQ center again, signaling another hit by the Legions new doomsday weapon.

The cannon was a problem, one he would have to rid himself of. If he didn’t kill it, he would slowly loose all his forces on the planet’s surface, and would find himself on the defensive again.

Nilat got up, and walked outside to the battle line, sending words of unholy encouragement to his troops in the name of Khorne, hoping the god of blood was looking down upon his new champion this day. Nilat felt another massive quake as a massive explosion ripped the head off a hilltop nearby. He needs a new plan, and quick.

So what now, what’s your next move, how about that enemy cannon? Will you attack or not?

Forces in Space:


Forces on Ground:


259 Infantry( 191 Marines, 10 Havoc’s, 40 Ashen)
17 Vehicles

Galbatorious Moon

500 Cultists
50 Berserkers
100 Slaves

Space Forces: 100% Holding Pattern in synchronized orbit above your base.


41 Marines, 5 Ashen elites, 30 Havoc’s, 3 Vindicators

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …


TyrantLord felt the enemy fleet moving in, the Hive ship moved to respond to this new threat to the Hive. TyrantLord sent a notion of caution to the beast, hoping it wouldn’t be too reckless in its pursuit of the enemy. In the meanwhile his forces were gathering more bio-mass for the war effort, and new warriors were being constructed as he thought about this.

He was moving with his horde towards where the metal creatures were landing, his flying creature had gone ahead to kill as many as possible. Soon they would feast, all would feast; even he.

Suddenly the ground below him started to shake violently and he saw a mountain split open as a massive shape, no two, shot out of the planet and towards the sky. TyrantLord was fascinated, but lost interest as he fell over; crushing a unlucky gaunt beneath his bulk. Finally, after gaining his balance once again, he saw that the way to his foe was blocked by a massive gorge that had appeared.

He realized that we was going to need spores for this, and sent a mental command to the Hive ship and in a few minutes a massive creature slammed into the surface and unfolded, it’s one eye looking TyrantLord in the face.

“Fill,” was the only command he sent, and the creature moved to the gorge, and spread itself across the massive rift; bridging it and allowing TyrantLord to cross.

Now to crush his enemy!


The Hive ship had been engaged for awhile now when it got the command from it’s superior Hive mind commander. After releasing the creature, the Hive ship renewed its attack, releasing more spores and sending new swarms of fighter creatures towards the metal creatures that assaulted it.

It felt it’s front Kraken creature sputter and die as it grabbed onto an enemy ship and self-destructed. To it’s right it felt a massive spike in psychic energy as a beam lanced out and destroyed another Kraken escort creature. It’s lighter ship creatures were falling like rain drops in a storm, and it’s fighter creatures were starting to die as quickly as well. Therefore the Hive ship renewed it’s attack, bringing more spores to bear, closing for the kill as it targeted the large metal ship that was the source of all it’s pain.

So you were slowed, but closing in on your enemy. And in space the battle is a stalemate, so how will you proceed?

Forces in Space:


Forces on Ground:


100 Warriors

Yuli Prime:

1698 Warriors
7 Vehicles (Warriors)
1 Swarm Lord

2 Lictors on Yuli- 459
5 Lictors on Galbatorious
4 Lictor on Yuli- 450

Space Force: 100%

238 Warriors(mainly Gargoyals)

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …

Farseer Ulthris

Requiel watched as the Witchcannon fired towards the surface of the planet, striking it and taking with it w good two Monoliths from the Eastern Necronian Army. It seemed that two Necron forces had now fully encircled the Mon’Kiegh’s base and were moving in for the kill.

Requiel sent a message to Alconol, wishing him well and telling him that he was moving to meet the Great Devourer that was nearing their bases back on Yuli- 450. As Requiel prepared to move his force through the Web way gate he received an awkward message from his base.

It seemed an ancient foe, or ally, had made them known to the Mon’Kiegh, for the Squats had come from below the planet’s surface and there massive ships were heading there as he read it. He would need to be wary of them, for though they were not an old enemy, it seemed they held a grudge against them for an unfortunate choice the his ancestors made millennia ago.

Requiels ship jumped into the Webway and came out the other side; only to find a massive battle already in motion. A race of blue humanoids he had never seen were battling the Great Devourer as they watched, and were starting to loose badly.

So now what, you have arrived, but a battle is already attacking place. What will you do?

Forces in Space:

Yuli- 459

100 Warriors
10 Vehicles

Forces on Ground:

Yuli- 450

500 Warrior
10 Vehicles

Space Forces: 80%

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …


Sorrow swung the war scythe around as the human lunged forward to make a killing blow. He parried expertly and side stepped, letting the bulking creature stumble past him and turn in rage towards him. Sorrow was tired of playing with this creature, and finally made his moved as the creature came in again for a reversed backstroke.

He reversed the scythe in the opposite direction and rammed it into the creature, taking a step back as he looked at his handy work. That’s was too easy, not even a challenge, and sorrow, disgusted, grabbed the scythe and started to pull it out when the creature stopped him.

It pulled itself up the length of the blade towards him, placing a hand on it’s chest saying,” Porro Ago Emporer.” Sroow’s sensors read a sudden massive build up of energy in the creature, something he had not detected before, and his world around him exploded as the creature self-destructed with him. He felt himself flying through the air and his body crashing into the ground on the opposite side of the base as his world tried to reorient itself.

As he got his sensors back online, his vision returned, and he felt a sudden shock as he saw a fresh new Legion standing right in front of him. The Wraith Lord from earlier floated before him; looking him in the eye eagerly.

“What have we here,” Lord Shadow spoke.

So what’s your next move, your forces are being depleted, but you are demolishing the enemy base. After your last fight you find yourself moderately damaged, and at the hands of Shadow, what will you do?

Forces in Tomb World:

200 Warriors

Forces on Ground:

Yuli- 459

740 Infantry
16 Monoliths

Space Force: 100%


210 Infantry
1 Monolith

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… .


“Fire,” came the command and the ground shook once more and an massive ball of fire and death shot outward into the sky towards the Wardens lines. Isamyr was impressed with this new weapon of mass destruction, eager to use it on future campaigns against his foes. For now he was content to watch the massive explosion off in the distance as the shell hit home somewhere in his enemy’s lines.

Isamyr had decided to commit to a full frontal attack, sending in all his first wave in and then slowly advancing on the enemies line with overwhelming force. Blood for the Blood

So what’s your next move, you will soon attack, any special plans?

Forces in Space:

4 Vehicles

Forces on the Ground:

773 Marines
2 Havocs
5 Bikers
15 Vehicles
200 Slaves
1 Hammer of Khorne

Space Force: 100%


Lord Rambo

As Alconol sat in his vacuum-tight seat the ship descended into the lower atmosphere towards the landing area. He thought of the risk that was to be involved in this next mission as he would sacrifice one of his best warriors to become the living Avatar of mighty Khaine. Then they would take these Necron down and eliminate the threat they played to the galaxy once and for all in this system.

As the ship touched down Alconol unstrapped himself and walked out into the fridged air of the polar caps. Funny that the Mon’Kiegh would choose such an inhospitable place to have a base; and for a field of battle. Well, they were dumb, as dumb as their ancestors, and would soon be dealt with in due time. As they prepared the ritual circle, Alconol started to chant the ancient language of the elder, the origins from which they had come from when created by the Ancient Ones.

Suddenly the warrior kneeling in the center spasmed and rose into the air; arms outstretched as his skin turned red. He rose, then plunged back down into the ground where a massive explosion of blood and lava exploded as a massive creature with a metal face stood up. With inlaid gems, a massive sword, and a growl the sound of crackling thunder, the Avatar Khaine roared his approval. He turned westward, and started to walk towards the sounds of battle.

Alconol ordered his men to follow, knowing soon that blood would flow.

Forces in Space:


Forces on the Ground:

Yuli- 459

100 Warp spiders
2 Wraithlords
100 Dire Avengers
25 Jetbikes
25 Shinning Spears
25 Bonesingers
2 Fire Prisms
1 Wave Serpent

Yuli- 450:

75 Bonesingers
100 Dire Avengers
75 Dark Repears
50 Striking Scorpions
50 Fire Dragons
50 Swooping Hawks
3 Falcons
1 Fire Prism
50 Rangers
5 Vypers
6 Wave Serpents
1 Farseer Kendra
10 warlocks

Yuli Prime:

10 Warlocks

Space Force: 72%


Farseer Darvaleth

Shadow found himself suddenly in space by the whim of the Outsider, and he knew what must be done. He had his ship cloak immediately before anyone noticed where it was. Slowly, surely, he positioned it right above the polar cap of the planet. As he did, he teleported his forces down to the other side of the fighting where he hopefully would have the element of surprise.

As they materialized, it seemed that the living had not expected this, for they were all embroiled in fighting the other Necron Lord on the other side of the base. He had achieved it, and the living workers fled in terror as his forces rumbled over the first layer of constructs.

As he walked forward a massive explosion on his left launched a dark shape into the air which flew up and landed down close to him. On closer inspection, he saw it was the other Necron Lord, Sorrow, and that he had been very badly damaged by some force.

“Well well, what do we have here,” shadow said, enjoying the delicious irony in the statement.

So what now, you are here and ready to fight, what’s your next move? In addition, will you help sorrow, or kill him, or perhaps just leave him; what will you do?

Forces in Space:

1000 Infantry
20 Monoliths
100 Scarabs

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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Default Sorrow


Sorrow parried several rapid strikes from the semi human warrior and turned the next one aside from the human`s left. Before the warrior could right itself Sorrow delivered a kick to its lower leg then quickly spun to swing his warscythe in a devastating downward stroke. In that brutal attack, the human found itself bereft of its right arm and the deadly staff it had been wielding...

Turning and snarling with rage, the human began to roar and swing its remaining hand towards Sorrow`s head. Sorrow backstepped and, tiring of this now pointless duel, thrust his warscythe forth and impaled the human through its midsection.

Leering into the dying creature`s face, Sorrow watched in anticipation of its demise. But it did not die...

Roaring with a mix of pain and hatred, the alien pushed itself forward down the weapon`s haft, before speaking in a language Sorrow did not recognise;

'Porro Ago Emporer...'

Sorrow was aware of a rapid build up of energy emanating from within the human, energy that was not present before. Before Sorrow could react, his sensors were suddenly overloaded with noise and light.




A faint flicker of light, noise, and then the sensors began to return to full functionality. The command link had been momentarily severed, and Sorrow noticed that communication had become more difficult.

'What have we here?' A familiar voice spoke a short distance away. Sorrow turned with some difficulty and attempted to stand. His left leg was shattered, and his right arm was damaged from the elbow down. His neck joints creaked and spewed sparks as he looked up and saw Lord Shadow hovering before him. Shadow`s fleet had finally arrived!

'Lord Shadow...' Sorrow began, his vocal functions diminished. 'I require... repairs-' A mass of machine gibberish interrupted the voice before he could finish. 'Phase function damaged... Cannot... teleport.'

Military Movement...

Command Link momentarily severed. All units continue as previously instructed.

Military Actions...

Command Link momentarily severed. All units continue as previously instructed.


Need help from Shadow. Request spoken directly.

Fleet Actions...

Command Link momentarily severed. All units continue as previously instructed.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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A/N: Note that the Fourth Company is commanded by Betheor Kai, and the eigth company is led by Xavier Epsilon, consisting entirley of assault squads, known as the Assault Company. The Ninth Company is led by Captain Vladimir Nelis, and compromises entirley of Devastator Squads. At no point is there a captain called Finkyen.

Blah: On Board Volturis, things were getting pretty tense. Chapter Master Vorax was already angry about the loss of the Librarian Castol, who did have potential to raise himself high in the chapter's librarius. Meanwhile, the Chapter Master had just recieved word of the new arrivals on yuli-459. The Devastators were taking up position working in unison with the Assault Company, laying down heavy fire as they advanced. The Fourth was still faring well, despite the annihlation of the seventh. 'They shall be remembered'., thought the Chapter Master. 'If we are to survive this blasted campaign. How, how can there be so many traitors and xenos in one blasted place? I begin to regret sending my men to Yuli-459, we should have stayed on Yuli-450. There, we could have prehaps brought more time for more chapters to answer our call.'

When the fleet, which consisted of three rapid strike cruisers and the Battle Barge, joined by the Black Dragons Chapter's fleet. Hopefully, they would be of some use in the boarding action that was inevitable. The adeptus astartes fleet were nearing the still unaware Dark Eldar, and it was perfect for an assault. Vorax vowed that he himself would take the field of battle, as he had not done, for such a long time. Not since... Not since Theddadus, where he had seen his brother, Rawen Vorax, cast down by a Dark Eldar leader. This was his reason for hunting the pirates, and this was his reason for doing so. "Give the word, we're going to take those bastards down with everything we have. Once the dust is clear, if any xenos are still standing, every veteran aboard this ship will go and finish the job. Including any astartes, and any Dreadnought left. That's an order, and see to that it is done. Hopefully, the Black Dragons will get the message and join us."

"But, sire, if we send any communications to our Rapid Strike Vessels, the xenos will know that we're coming."

"I know," retorted Vorax. "They will not have time to react."

Moments later, after the communications had been sent, the entire payload of the Vanquishers fleet unleashed every weapon they could muster at the xenos. Crying out with one voice, across all of the fleet, the inhabitants yelled, "Imperial Honour! Imperial Glory! Imperial VICTORY!"


Officially Requesting: Aid from the White Scars, who have been told to arrive near the Dark Eldar Position and aid the Vanquishers in the cleansing of the Dark Eldar.

Military Movement: the Adeptus Astartes fleet attacks the Dark Eldar fleet with every weapon it can muster. If the fleet is still standing at the end, every veteran including Vorax will board the Dark Eldar Fleet, going for the biggest as they presume this is where the Dark Eldar leader is. Their one aim is to kill the commander, and then destroy the rest of the fleet. If they encounter the Dark Eldar leader, Vorax (In Terminator Armour, with two lightning claws), will fight the leader directly. Terminators will aid him. Remaining Librarian and Chaplain, both clad in Terminator Armour, will aid him as well.

Military Actions: On Yuli 459, Set up a perimiter around the Guard Defence. Request aid from the Squats to send any avaliable reinforcments to Yuli 459, and if they have any space forces, tell them to help cleansing the Dark Eldar.

Space Actions: All Vanquishers Fleet assault unsuspecting Dark Eldar.


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OOC: EH, you say I still have all my forces in space when I have deployed the following already:
Lord Shadow
- 500 Necron Warriors
- 100 Necron Immortals
- 100 Necron Destroyers
- 15 Monoliths

I'll just take it as a typo and move on.


Personal Actions:

Shadow's army hit the surface of Yuli-459. They had flanked around the back of the Imperial base, meaning whilst Sorrow's force hit it front on, Shadow would strike from the rear. The base would be crushed between the two forces, and be utterly obliterated. In the meanwhile, Shadow would order the Cairn to launch its Seeker-Shark Missiles; utterly deadly, these warheads used gauss atoms, but made them undergo uncontrolled fusion, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion. But the real strength of them lay in their un-traceability; their launch was silent, they could not be detected, and the Cairn ship wouldn't even have to uncloak to use them. Rare and highly valuable though they were, Shadow deemed their use necessary to bring the battle to a swifter conclusion.

Preparing to communicate with the Navigator, Shadow was abruptly stopped by the mangled form of Sorrow landing beneath Shadow. Peering down, Shadow saw the Necron was badly damaged.

"Lord Shadow.....I require r-repairs.....cannot teleport...."

Shadow smiled to himself, before hovering down closer to the body of Sorrow. Bringing his face right up to Sorrow's, Shadow whispered.

"Of course, ally. You shall be repaired, and you shall see the power I command."

Shadow placed his Ghost's Talons upon Sorrow's chest, and suddenly Sorrow disappeared in a flash of green light. He had been teleported back to the Cairn ship, where immediately Tomb Spyders began to repair his body. At all times, he was to be escorted by 20 Necron Warriors. Shadow made sure of this in a message to the Navigator.

Turning back to the battlefield, Shadow ordered his assault:

Immediately, two flanks of 50 Destroyers each zoomed around the sides of the force, guarding the flanks and bombarding anything in range with their fearsome Guass Cannons.

Shadow takes a central position to the force, surrounded by his bodyguard of 100 Immortals, as well as 5 Monoliths.

The 500 Necron Warriors make up the bulk of the force, comprising of the front-assault of 300 Warriors, the rear-guard of 100 Warriors, and the active-reserves of the final 100 Warriors.

Of the remaining 10 Monoliths, 5 are in the frontal assault, and 5 are part of the active-reserves; the two groups of 5 monoliths rotate so as to repair and re-energise whilst the other monoliths are on the front, increasing their survivability by a colossal amount. They use their teleporters to swap once one group is ready to replace the other or if the front-line group requires immediate (if temporary) withdrawal. This method is also used for up to 100 Necron warriors at a time.

Finally, Shadow called down his ace card; the Seeker-Shark missiles, four in total, silently slipped out of the Cairn's silos, heading directly for the Imperial base. The firepower unleashed was massive, and the damage it would cause; only time will tell.

Military Actions:

Shadow's force of:
- 500 Necron Warriors
- 100 Necron Immortals
- 100 Necron Destroyers
- 15 Monoliths deployed and attacks the rear of the Imperial base on Yuli-459. Their formation is described in the Personal Section, along with their strategy.

In addition, 4 highly powerful guass-nuclear Seeker-Shark missiles are fired at the Imperial Base. Note that the whole idea of these missiles is their stealth; they can't be detected whilst being launched from the Cairn, nor does radar pick them up; you can see, but by then it's far too late.

Space Action:

Maintain position and full cloaking. Launch 4 Shark-Seeker guass-nuclear warheads at the Imperial base; note this is NOT detectable! I don't want another space engagement, otherwise I'd fire my Voidreaper at the base and completely screw it!

Also, we have a guest aboard; Sorrow his being repaired aboard the ship, constantly escorted by at least 20 Necron Warriors.

Note that there are 50 Pariahs, 50 Immortals, and 200 Warriors, and 5 Monoliths on the Cairns ship at this time. (including Sorrow's baby-sitters).


- Sorrow's plea for aid acted upon, and repairs given - directly communicated to Sorrow himself, no transmission required.

- Petition for support sent to the Outsider; Shadow has both sent this message with his ship, encrypted of course, in the hope the Outsider can hear, but has also made the thought inside his mind; perhaps the Outsider has some sort of direct link to Shadow.

Give a man a match, and he's warm for a day.

Set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life!

Cato Marquand
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Blah section: Something had to be done, his fortress was being torn apart by his own gods weapon in the hands of the cowardly alpha legion. It was not acceptable in the slightest, but of course Nilat had a plan, he always had a plan.........

Nilat stepped from the thunderhawk into the cruisers landing bay, 100 cultists stood before him ready to die for their lord. Nilat waved an order at a marine who barked at his troops who opened up with a volley from their boltguns. As the souls perished Nilat then signaled to a daemonhost who began creating a portal, behind it Nilat could see a daemon with a terrible smile across his face look through at the chaos lord.

Some of the younger marines trembled in fear but Nilat and his bodyguard stood unnerved. The prince stepped through the portal followed by a force of bloodletters.

"welcome Walzaar, I require your assistance in dispensing some of the cowardly alpha legion. As you know I do not have the Millitary strength to win outright but thanks to my spaceport I will choke him in his own dust and win the war of attrition."

"so why do you need me, if you truly are as mighty as you sound then I am here for nothing."

"morale daemon, morale......."

Nilat gestured to the waiting hell talons to his men and set about activating his own. Before he closed the doors he turned and said,

"I assume you can get yourself planetside balzaar but if you require transport my thunderhawks are available.

Millitary movement: all forces withdraw from Hq and up to main cruiser (void shields are left active) then all forces use drop pods to arrive planetside.

Millitary actions: ALL forces assault forces around the hammer of khorne, emphasis on stealing the hammer and using it against the alpha legion. Forces assisted by occasional barrages from ordinance weapons.

Requesting units to be produced and included in forces.

Diplomacy: n/a

Space actions: all fleet Assist main forces with occasional barrages against the alpha legion.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Anarchy was the only word to describe it, everywhere explosion’s sent ripples through the earth and men went flying. Those who were left fought a losing battle encircled by strange mechanical beings they had forgot all else, the cries of the wounded went unheeded and the officer’s that bellowed for the men to rally were ignored. Instead those that are willing to embrace death huddled in corner’s and awaited the mechanical horde, other’s choose to die fighting and lay in the snow slamming home power-pack after power-pack.

Kreutz watched the Chaos unfold from the viewing point in his command bunker, his mind still coming to terms with the fact that this battlefield may be his last. Taking a com’ bead from the desk he left the relative safety of the command bunker to feel the soft crunch of snow under his boot’s once more. He was going to have to rally the men, for glories sake.

“Firstborn!” he announced “Remember the heresy; remember the sins of our fathers, when the Emperor called and we did not answer. Remember the dept we owe, that bind’s our fates to his for it is paid in our blood! Give the Emperor what is long overdue, for even now this dept stands. Die on this hill today with honour and we shall be free men!”

Sending a few round’s from his bolt pistol down range, he backed into the Command bunker to hail the Navy. He was greeted by the gruff but stern voice of Admiral Roth Strang.

“Imperial Navy, Roth Strang here what do you need?”

Kreutz hesitated briefly as he thought of his family, they still resided above aboard the flagship Ommnissiah’s Victory.

“Roth, I am sure you know the situation. If all else fail’s then… I think you know what to do.”

There was a brief moment of silence as both commanders’ came to their own mutual understanding.

“It would be my honour”

With that Kreutz cut the link and joined his men outside.

Dilpomacy: Inform's the Space Marine's and the Eldar of Kreutz's end game plan.

Requesting as many men as Vostroya can provide, Vostroya is one of only a few world's that regularly reinforces it's armies. Requesting aid from any nearby Imperial World.

Military Movement: All forces rally on the headquarter's

Military Action's:
1) What is left of the 231st will form a perimeter around the HQ and await their reinforcement's.
2) Mines and Grenades are placed all around the HQ as Booby-Traps
3) Spare Power-Pack's which are taken from the Dead are overloaded to the point that they are explosive and will be used as a last resort in close combat. Soldier's will detonate these pack's to take both their own lives and that of their assialants.

Space Action's:
Ommnisiah's Victory) The Nova Cannon is now armed and the vessel turn's the gun on the planet bellow, targeting Tallision's Hope.

Escort's) Will form up around their Flagship in an even spread and "Go Dark", which is the equivalent of cloaking. Using the advanced technology of the Adeptus Mechanicus they will be able to pick up Vessel's in Cloak that come anywere near, if they detect an oncoming ship then they will give enough warning for the Omnisiah's Victory to bring the Nova Cannon to bear.

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"
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Blah section:
Isamy stood and watched as the cultists were killed. Sadly they were causing damage. To much damage at that. This needed to be finished. Now. Isamyr watched the battle unfold, the cultists were doomed, and they knew it. Knowing there was nothing lost for trying, Isamyr spoke into the loudspeakers.

"Cultists of The Patriachs of Carnage, your commander has abandonded you to die. You are expendable to him. To him you are nothing. But I am not your leader. I do not belive you are nothing. If you join me you shall live. You won't be a useless unit of cannon fodder."

Isamyr hoped his little speech would sway the Cultists, but before he could see a transmition came over the vow.

"This is Hammer of Khorne crew, the enemy has launched a massive counter attack, it looks like the entire chapter is attacking. We ned support if we are to keep the Hammer."

"This is Isamyr, all units fall back the Hammer of Khorne. Don't let them take it. Destroy all of those Patrairch bastards."

"Hammer of Khorne crew- place melta charges and destroy the Hammer."

Isamyr walked out into the battle. He needed all the forces he could get at the Hammer.
This is not how he liked to fight.

Millitary movement:
Fall Back!

Send the vehicles in space to the Moon(via Dreadclaw) and assist Marines.

Millitary actions:
Pull back and defend Hammer. Place melta charges and destory it if it is going to fall into enemy hands.

Kill cultists then reinforce Hammer of Khorne.

Forces on Moon begin to raid Moon Base.


Space actions:
Laugh as the enemy fleet fires at a planet they can't even see.

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Blah: Varian spun and lept through the necron ranks like a primal force of nature, every stroke a kill, his men screeching overhead on wings of fire. Suddenly he wasnt moving, he had killed so quickly that he had created an area of peace on the battlefield, while fleeting it did allow him the time to gather tactical information. He cursed, they had landed in the wrong area, at the moment they were fighting a flanking force of necrons that was attempting to take the guard's base from behind.

While he did want to stop this flanking force he knew he had too few men, but he did have more than enough firepower at his disposal.

"Ardros come in." he said into the vox. Ardros's deep voice responded immediately,

"Captain?" Varian waved for his men to follow him as he lept into the air and made his way towards where the real fighting was taking place,

"I want an orbital bombardment ASAP on our landing zone." They would destroy the flanking force,

"Aye captain." Ardros cut the link as he readied the fleet for a bombardment.


Ardros stood on the bridge, Apothecary Velos hovering over the tactical map as he helped direct the troops on the ground and the ships in space as they readied themselves for the orbital bombardment.

"Coordinates locked on sir." said the captain of the ship. Ardros nodded, his red eyepieces gleaming in his skull helm,

"Fire when ready captain." The Captain nodded and spoke into a ship to ship vox.

The Dark Wyrm shook violently as it unloaded its weapons onto the specified coordinates, the other five ships in their fleet doing the same.


Varian and his men made it to the other side of the battlfield in seconds, diving into the necron forces with renewed vigor. The sky above them darkened before quickly brightening to the point of almost blinding, his fleet's orbital bombardment slamming into the flanking force of necrons and leveling the entire area around the center of impact. His men roared as they saw the destruction rained down upon the xenos scum and tore into the the necrons around them, aiding the Imperial Guard and the Vanquishers.

He saw a flicker of light off to his left and turned his head to see what it was. Two necrons were by themselves in the middle of the battlefield, one on the ground and the other hovering over it. His visor zoomed in and picked them both out, one was most certainly a necron lord and the other was what looked like a wraithlord, the leaders of this force? His eyes narrowed as he opened up a field-wide vox to all Imperial forces,

"Forces of the Emperor this is Captain Varian of the Black Dragons Astartes Chapter. I have located the position of the necron leadership and will engage immediately, all battlebrothers converge on my position. All guard take note of the position and fight to keep the enemy xenos forces from aiding there leaders."

He opened up a private vox to Ardros, "Teleport to my position now. We are cutting the head of this enemy."

He did not wait for Ardros's reply but ignited his jump pack and flew at the two necron lords on wings of dark flame, his honor guard following in his wake. Right before he reached their position the one on the floor vanished in a green light leaving the wraithlord by itself and vulnerable. He landed almost on top of the wraithlord, his speed carrying him straight into the necron leader and pushing it back, he had caught it completely off guard.

His honor guard made a perimeter keeping any necrons from reaching the duel and Varian dove at the wraithlord screaming a warcry as he tore at it with his lightning claws and heavy flamers. Suddenly a bright flash lit up behind the wraithlord and then vanished, Ardros had arrived. The chaplain was dressed all in obsidian dark plate with his skull helm, his breastplate molded to look like a drake's skull, his crozius arcanum looking like a giant spiked mace, a jump pack on his back.

He bellowed a hymnal and dove at the back of the wraithlord as Varian attacked it from the front.

Diplomacy: Inform all Imperial forces of the current location of the wraithlord and to act accordingly

Military Actions: Varian and Chaplain Ardros attack wraithlord Shadow in the hopes of killing him or at least damaging him greatly

Space Actions: fleet commences orbital bombardment on the flanking force of necrons

Here is the beginning of my fluff for my Iron Warriors Eighth Grand Company

"A fortress is a living thing: the commander its brain, the walls its bones, the sensors its eyes and ears, the troops its blood, their weapons its fists. This tells us two things: If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone."
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