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The Chapter Master of the Vanquishers stood atop the bridge, watching as the fleet docked with Guilliman's Pride. "Arm me," he remarked, guesturing to the aid. "I will march to war."

Obeying the Chapter Master, his aid scurried about the Battle-Barge, and returned moments later with several Servitors carrying Vorax's personal Terminator Armour, as well as his personally-crafted twin-linked lightning claws. "I march for Guilliman," Vorax let out his personal warcry, and before leaving the bridge to the field of battle, he shouted, "I march for The Emperor. And I shall know no fear."


Leading the charge into the enemy ship, the Chapter Master was supported by every veteran that he had avalible, fifty Terminator Veterans of the First Company, and a mixture of Sternguard, Vanguard and Honour Guard following behind. They were unstoppable, the agility of the Dark Eldar rendered useless in the dark confines of the xenos spacecraft. "We hunt for thier leader," the Chapter Master ordered. "Kill the head, and the body will fall."

Military Movement / Actions: the 3rd Company heads to Yuli-459 to support the 4th, 8th and 9th, who are regrouping and are conducting rapid assaults on the Necron Commanders and the Monoliths. The Veterans and Chapter Master Vorax are to try and find the Dark Eldar leader using the quickest route possible, and kill her before mopping up the rest of the leaderless forces. If they find the Leader, Vorax, a Chaplain and Five Assault Terminators will confront her whilst the rest of the veterans keep the Dark Eldar distracted. Also, maintain a constant watch incase the Dark Eldar try to board the Space Marine's fleet.

Diplomacy: Officially Requesting: Aid from the White Scars, as well as any other Imperium forces (Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition, Space Marines, Imperial Guard) nearby. The plea is desperate, and inform them to arrive near the Dark Eldar fleet.

Also, send a transmission to any Black Dragons in space and ask them to join the assault on the Dark Eldar Leader.

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Responding to Shadow`s Message...

Sorrow paused as he received the transmission from Shadow.

...Very well. I hope this works, Wraith. But I will finish this. Turning back to his human adversary, he prepared to strike...

Military Actions...

All forces phase out immediately, return to tomb at once!

Fleet Actions...

Lend strength to Shadow`s fire. As soon as ground forces are clear, bombard the surface.



Nonsense is our Salvation

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Personal Action's:
What was left of the Vostroyan 231st fought desperately to hold on to the only bastion of safety that remained within Tallision’s Hope. Kreutz, who was looking down at the chaos that war had wrought upon his encampment was humming an ancient tune that his father had taught him when he was younger.

Meanwhile several of his officer’s were fetching his weapon’s from the command room where he had left them, to his side he noticed that the same officer he had questioned earlier , back when they had first arrived in the system; was standing with a hunched back and a face full of fear.
“Does this trouble you?” Kreutz asked, the officer who was still not used to being personally addressed by his commander was taken aback and muttered a few incomprehensible noises before he finally was able to get his head around an answer.

“Si… Sir I… I only enlisted so that I could escape all of my depts!.. This is… horrible all of this… you don’t have to go out there!” The young officer declared as tears began to run down his cheeks.

“The Emperor will decide our fates, but sooner or later we all must die. But today I will not die like a coward, not behind these walls! Instead I will die with honour and fight to the last man standing alongside my countrymen!”

Feeling a cold breeze chill his backside Kreutz turned to see that the officer’s had returned with his things, a power sword and plasma pistol. Taking them in his own two hand’s Kreutz stepped from the command bunker, his full entourage trailing behind him. Outside he saw the full extent of the carnage, bodies and blood lay scattered throughout the snow, surrounded by the molten remains of their metal assailants.

Running down to towards the trench line he raised his sword aloft and bellowed as he arrived.

“Vostroyan’s, follow me into battle, in the name of the Emperor, the Omnissiah and the Patron Saint,we Charge!”

Hearing the word’s of their commander the Firstborn roared in approval and erupted from the trenches with Kreutz at their side. Some of the Chimera’s barreled ahead of the amassed horde and collided head on with the brunt of the Necron force, sacrificing their own lives to strengthen the Vostroyan’s initial assault.

With a thunderous roar the armies clashed, the firstborn throwing themselves into the fray with seemingly little or no regard for their own safety. Several dozen were killed outright as they were impaled on the horrible Necron flayers, Kreutz narrowly avoided the same fate when one of the warrior beings lurched forward to gut him as he charged. Leaping to the side in just the nick of time Kreutz brought his sword around to decapitate the creature. Suddenly several of the warrior’s fellows that had been standing before Kreutz only moments before were destroyed in a tremendous blast that rocked the ground under his feet. Panning his head around the battlefield Kreutz could make out the old and worn figure of a Sanctioned Psyker, he was accompanied by what have must been at least a three or four squads worth of Cadian troop’s. Kreutz was proud to stand by their side, but as he gazed in curios awe at the destruction that the Psyker was wrecking something slammed into him.

Kreutz was lifted off his feet and sent spiraling into the snow below. Wrenching his mind back into the matter at hand Kreutz was able to quickly recover. Examining the opponent before him, Kreutz could make out a few defining features that seemed to separate this one from the rest and it occurred to him that he may be dealing with a figure of high authority.

Kreutz wasted no more time if what he feared turned out to be reality then he was in for a tough fight, which would mean that he must make the first proper strike if he hopes to gain the upper hand. Throwing himself at his assailant Kreutz brought his sword around only for the creature to throw up its own weapon in response, blocking his attack. Withdrawing his weapon he lined up for another attack in no-time, and began making strikes one after the other. The Necron was skilled that he could to admit his blows were deflected with a precision that Kreutz only saw in very few opponents, but bring his sword up to attack again the Necron found an opportunity to strike. Using its free hand the being punched Kreutz straight in the ribs, the sound of cracking and the pain kicking up in his guts told him that the Necron had managed to break something.

Kreutz’s age did not help his situation and crying out in pain and anger his worn out form collapsed into the snow. Slowly but purposely the Necron approached his side and raised its war-scythe like weapon, it seemed that there would be no gloating.

Was it really destined to end like this? Kreutz thought, To die wrapped up and cold in a field of blood stained snow looking like a pathetic mess? Is this my fate?

Finding strength in his pride, Kreutz was determined not to die lying down.
Surging forward, he threw himself once more at the creature, thrusting his blade through its exposed chest cavity until the hilt of the blade rammed up against the things metal torso before withdrawing the weapon and leaping backwards. An odd assortment of alien wiring could now be seen through the small hole which he had torn in its armour. While it may have been a good blow the Necron was still not organic and it would only serve to slow the thing down.

There was still a long fight ahead.

Military Movement: Charge!

Military Action's: Same as Above

Diplomacy: N/A

Space Action's: Remain as they were.

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"
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TyrantLord hissed as the creatures fell back. It was almost time. It wanted to taste flesh, it wanted to taste blood, it wanted to fight again. There was a twinge in its mind. Tyrantlord felt fresh adrenaline shot into its bloodstream. They were ready! With a roar it charged. The swarm was with it. They surged forward turning the ground into a moving thing. Under a quick thought they spread themselves to disrupt any ranged fire, blasting weapons may kill one or two but not enough to stop them. Ever forward the swarm ran. As the wind began to blow Tyrantlord released a roar. It could smell fear, and that made for truly great meals.

Military Movement:
Lictors ordered to maintain surveillance, but not to move on any targets directly.
Spores, 20 genestealers, 20 Hormagaunts, 1 Ravener deployed into the massive gorge to form a hive hidden there.

Military Actions:
The flying creatures will fly for altitude beyond the Tau’s range. The acid sprayer Harrian will begin to expel acid down onto the defensive line. If any ships try to make orbit again then it will be engaged.
Should the Eldar interfere with their flying units: Engage them at altitude, if needed Harrian will be all that attacks at maximum range.
Biovores will begin to fire spore mines upwind, and into the defensive line from cover(forest, behind a hill, ect). Ravaners will dig beneath the line, and start the work to destabilize the earth.

Once in place the assault will begin.
The swarm will charge first. It will be kept spread as they assault. The ultimate goal is Melee. Biovores will approach and launch at the rear of the defenders. Tervigon will release their broods when they reach the line. Tyranofex/Pyrovore/Carnifex will assault the heavy armor first.
As the charge begins the flying creatures will dive in from above, and begin firing as they drop. The Harrian will engage the heavier armor with biocannons from above.
When the flying creatures have engaged the Ravaners will continue destabilizing the ground beneath the defensive line, and then pop up amid the defender’s Broadside suits. THIS IS ONLY AFTER THE SWARM HAS MADE CONTACT!
Biovores will continue to expell sporemines into the sorrounding area. If the Eldar are detected they will expel the spore mines into their way.
Should the Eldar attempt to interfere, or the ship in orbit come under fire: Begin the assault immediately and spread out. If ships are moving in the entire swarm will get in as close as possible, and engage in close combat if needed to deter orbital bombardments.

Space Actions:
Request Kraken and Escort drones from mother with all haste. The smaller ships will need to be replaced quickly as this new threat has appeared to assault the fleet. Request any additional forces that are available. This is the last truly biomass rich world and the assault must succeed. Failure here will end the hive’s ability to take this system.
Cruiser beast will deploy all the spore mines that it has produced. Half of them are deployed to the planet surface covering a massive around the Tau's retreat and the battlefield itself, the others are left spread in orbit over the battlefield.
All remaining ships will reform, and jump into open void where they will remain hidden while waiting for the addition of new swarm ships.(they give off no emissions or communications) Leaving a single ship behind near the battle zone. IF ENGAGED IT WILL RUN IMMEDIATELY INTO OPEN SPACE AWAY FROM THE FLEET WITH ALL SPEED.
The hive ship will produce more fighters, and warriors.
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Verriah knew things were getting extremmly grim for his troops and self. The threat however was one of sacrifice. If the Tyranids were so easily beaten then this abomanation of a race would not have lasted for so long. Many lives would be lost before these creatures would finally be put to rest.

Verriah regained his position and mental standing amongest his troops. He knew that the fear he felt was obviously amongst his men. Verriah now held a pulse carbine which was taken of a corpse.

"Stand together!" He ordered amongst the ranks. They need leadership to survive this. "Concentrate fire and make sure to kill the synapse beasts first!" Cut the head off and the body falls limp.

Verriah then focused his attention on the comms.

"Admiral Yvresh Windseeker, I welcome your aid." Verriah started before issuing some other orders at men moving some heavy equipment. "We will hold our position and gather as much attention as possible. I pray you strike hard and fast!"

With that Verriah joined his body guards amongst key points of the defense. He wanted to keep near the broadsides to call out targets.

(I thought I deployed my earth caste planetside already?)

Military Movement:
-Get the kroot organized in the front ranks. Verriah even let's the kroot fest on the corpse of the fallen comrades if only to revitalize them and boost morale.
-All gun drones move from booby traps to a defensive position over fire warriors.
-Path finders are spread out amongst the line with markers to designate key enemy for vehicles and infantry.
-Hammerheads are evenly spaced out along with and devilfish remaining.
-Broadsides moved towards ceter already dug in for combat.
-Earth caste are to make immediate bunkers for fire warriors with whatever time they have.

Military Action:
Scan arcs and pray that their aim is true.


"Admiral Yvresh Windseeker, I welcome your aid." Verriah started before issuing some other orders at men moving some heavy equipment. "We will hold our position and gather as much attention as possible. I pray you strike hard and fast!"

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Default Day 11


Your forces come out of the warp, your Hive Lord awakens(you didn’t give him a name) in the belly of its mother ship. It scans the surrounding system, realizing that something big is afoot. You also notice another Tyranid force deployed at a planet within the system.

What your first move??

Forces in Space:

1000 Infantry
20 Warriors
100 Rippers(Workers)

Fleet: 100%



As Verriah stood strong with his sword the Nid’s charged enemas, with menacing screeched and snapping of teeth setting his nerves of steel on edge. As they nearing they gather so much speeds that eve the kroot were not able to stop them. Verriah swung his sword forward as a hormogaunt came sprinting head on at him. He easily sliced through it and then stepped forward and twisted; bringing his sword through another warrior that was trying to come up from behind.

He saw his gun drones combating the flying beast above, but it seemed as if they were spraying something acidic; for the air smelled stale.

Forces in Space:

100 Earth Caste Workers

Forces on Ground:

Yuli Prime:

632 Infantry
13 Vehicles

Space Force: 19%




Varian swept inside the Necrons guard and stabbed out, being rewarded with the feeling of impaled metal. He had broken through its phase armor and had penetrated its left arm, snapping it off as he pulled his weapon back. He smiled and twirled underneath another deadly thrust by the Wraiths claws, stabbing out again and feeling another hit in reward.

However, as his senses caught up with his body, he realized that it was flesh, not metal, that he had impaled. He looked up the gleaming black armor into Chaplain face, blood dripping from his mouth as he tried to say something but feel limp on Varians outstretched arm.

The Wraith for his part hovered back, beeped, then disappeared in a flash of green. All around him the Necrons were disengaging and teleporting out of the battlefield; leaving the living to deal with the dead and dying.

Varian felt sadness, a emotion he had not felt in a long time; but was quickly replaced as a massive wave of anger boiled up from his very core. He leaned his head back and roared out across the battlefield, letting his anger spill out into the skies above. He turned, and walked over to Apothecary who immediately dropped to a knee before him.

“See to it that the good Chaplain is retrieved with honor and……………………….”

Before he could finish a massive flash lit up the sky above him as a massive explosion off in space became visible to all around.

“By the Emperor, that could not have been good,” he said with a tone of worry

Admiral Velos was in the middle of overseeing the deployment of further reinforcements when the alert klaxons started to ring. He immediately suspended all operations and sprinted to the bridge where his aid was standing over the tactical holo-display.

“What do we got,” he said as he scanned the information that was flooding in front of him. He could see that everything was still where it was suppose to be; except for a massive explosion off towards the far side of the polar orbit of the planet. He recognized the Cairn-class Necronian ship that the Vanquishers had positively I.D from their earlier engagement. However, another massive ship, if it could be called that, had apparently rammed into the ship and caused a massive collision.

As Velos looked over the details his ears picked up a small but vibrating sound, like a bolter’s recoil only softer. He looked up from his holo-display, looking around for something or someone to identify the sound. Others started to notice it too, and more heads looked around for the source of the noise.

Suddenly the bulkheads in from of him tore themselves apart as a massive cone shaped object forced it’s way through them. Velos turned to grab his sword, but a flash of light and he knew no more……………………………………….

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………

The Black Dragon capital ship suddenly exploded in space, taking with it two other escort ships. The two remaining strike cruisers were pushes violently away, one colliding with debris from an earlier battle, rendering it disabled for the moment. As the light died down the wrecks slowly started to drift towards the planet, pulled by gravity, and fall into the atmosphere.

Your enemy has disappeared, your army is in need of aid, and a weird collision may have just redefined your position in this fight. In addition, you just lost most of your navy, what now?

Forces in Space:

689 Infantry
17 Vehicles
100 Workers

Space Force: 42%

Strike Cruiser, and two Escorts destroyed
Strike Cruiser “Right Hand of the Emperor” is heavily damaged


105 Infantry
1 Vehicle


Xianren was still paralyzed, no ideas coming to her head when suddenly a massive shock blew the doors to the bridge down. As she turned she saw a massive human, similar to the one she had chained below turn and point something at her.

A sudden massive pain, then her world fell down and darkness started to creep in. she couldn’t move, and the only thing she could feel was an intense pain. As her mind drained away she became aware that she had been shot.

Thus ended the life of Archon Kitaraq, who left her responsiblilites in a critical time and thus was killed.

Forces in Space:


Space Fleet: 0%
……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……


He stabbed at the Necron, his blade reflecting off the armor as it barely penetrated it and bounced off in a shower of sparks. The Necron knocked him over a second time, smashed his knee cap in, causing Kreuts to gasp in pain as a shockwave of it bombarded his brain. His weapon was kicked from his hands and for all intents and purposes it seemed like he was going to die.

Suddenly a flying form distracted the Necron, and then drew it away. The two pairs seemed to dance with a grace that Kreut had never seen before as he tried and failed to crawl away from the battle. He felt a body fall on top of him, knocking the wind out of his lungs; followed by a dull thud that caused his world to go black.

When he came to he realized he was back in the trenches, a medic standing over him on a stretcher. He sat up, looking out in front of him at his men still locked in battle. The medic was urgently asking him to lay back down, but he ignored her. “Bring me a chair and a comms set; I’m still going to direct this fight.”

A few minutes later the chair was brought and the comms station active as he talked to his squad leaders; giving them orders to execute a orderly withdrawal.

So now what, your men are still locked in battle, and your knee’s busted, meaning your out of the fight physically. What now?

Forces in Space:


Force on Ground:

Yuli- 459:

647 Guard Infantry (First- Third Platoons)
13 Vehicles
21 Rough Riders
Heavy Mortar Platoon
1 Titan

Space Forces: 87%


63 Infantry
4 Vehicles
12 Rough Riders

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……


Vorax roared as he smashed another Eldar against the wall, smirking as he felt it’s bones crack below the power of his fist. He twirled and decapitated another with a flick of his wrist. His sword claimed soul after soul, fighting his way to the bridge door of what use to be the “Guillimans Pride.”

“Shape charge, now,” he bellowed and a Marine emerged from the throng with a charge in his hands. He placed it then backed off, detonating it with a hand held trigger. Not waiting for his men, Vorax charged through, spotting a rather tall female, and popping her in the head with a round from his plasma gun. He then chucked a grenade in the pit, which detonated and took the crew with it.
As the smoke cleared Vorax looked around at his handwork. The bridge was splattered with purplish blood, the leader was face down in her own, and blast marks were everywhere. As his men went about the business of finishing off survivors, he sat down on the command throne of the enemy ship.

Suddenly it started to twist and it descended into a lower part of the ship, a dark room that was barely lit. It was then that Vorax noticed a human figured chained to the wall below. He quickly moved over and cut the man down. Looking at his face in night vision, he realize it was the Captain of the “Guilliman’s Pride.”

“Come with me Captain, were going to get your ship fixed up right away,” Vorax said as he slug the Captain over his shoulder and made his way out the door.


On the ground Ferox kept his men moving, constantly shifting position in the trenches as the Necrons engaged with the Guard in front of his position. The Commissar had charged in without warning and now it was Ferox’s turn to do the same. His men hacked left and right, bolter’s firing, bladed slashing, blood flowing. It was a melee, brute force in its raw form, a free for all kill one.

Ferox joined in, hoping that reinforcements were on their way.

So you have killed the Dark Eldar, and reclaimed your cruiser. Whats next??

Forces in Space:

3rd Company(107)
5 Vehicles

Forces on Ground:

Yuli- 459

104 Marines (4th(moderate losses), 9th Company’s(moderate losses))
4 Vehicles

Yuli- 450

114 Marines (2nd, 3rd, 5th Company’s)
20 Scouts
3 Vehicles
100 Settlers

Space Force: 89%

4 Strike Cruisers, 1 Battle barge under Vorax command is on the edge of the system


43 Marines
2 Vehicles

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …


As TyrantLord watched, a second force deployed beyond his sight behind the mountains, obviously here to kill him. Tyrantlord was now enraged at the continued failure of his troops and ordered his swarm to charge forth as he sent more specialized creatures to dig down into the earth. His flying warriors started to spray acid all over the metal creatures position, some being wiped out by AA fire from the ground.

As he watched the swarmed smashed into the tree line, the Swarm Lord roaring and demolishing entire vehicles as it battled on his behalf. He could feel the ground tremble as his warriors dug for all their worth to destabilized the ground below in preparation for the trap to be sprung.

As he watched, he noticed the elder force was doing nothing, just sitting there and forming a defensive perimeter. He would have to wait to find out what was going to happen with them.

You suddenly feel a ping as a Lictor reports that the planet know as Galbatorious has finally been conquered by the stronger metal creatures, and that they are reorganizing. So now what’s your next move?

Forces in Space:


Forces on Ground:


100 Warriors

Yuli Prime:

1502 Warriors
6 Vehicles (Warriors)
1 Swarm Lord

2 Lictors on Yuli- 459
5 Lictors on Galbatorious
4 Lictor on Yuli- 450

Space Force: 54%(Hive Ship1 is killed, three Kraken are killed, as well as many fighter creatures)


238 Warriors
1 Vehicle


Farseer Ulthris

Your men forma defensive perimeter and await further orders as they watch the Tau get slaughtered by the Tyranid.

Forces in Space:

100 Warriors
10 Vehicles

Forces on Ground:

Yuli- 450

100 Bonesingers

Yuli Prime:

500 Warrior
10 Vehicles

Space Forces: 80



Sorrow stood over the human, twisting his scythe around, and then bringing it down for the killing blow. Only, it never came as the human kicked Sorrow’s leg out from under him and rolled away to the left; avoiding the killing blow. Sorrow swung his scythe around, using gravity to bring it rushing inside for a decapitating blow. Again, the human managed to parry it just in time, but the blow knocked his weapon from his hands and he stood defenseless. As Sorrow walked towards him the human drew a pistol and fired uselessly at his chest, the rounds bouncing off his reflective Necron body. He walked right up to the human, who was muttering something, and kicked him into the dirt; stomping down on his left knee in order to break it that he might not escape his fate.

Suddenly a piercing screech drew his attention to a figure somersaulting towards him from his left. He brought up his scythe to block the blow, but the figure passed right under it like the wind and cut off Sorrow’s left hands.

“AAArrrgghhh, damn you,” he hissed looking his opponent over. He suddenly realized that he was looking at an Elf; an Eldar as they had been once called. This Eldar was decorated nicely, with a trimmed sash across it’s armor, an elegant blade in its hands. It spun the blade, circling sorrow like a loin circles its prey, waiting for an opening to strike.

Sorrow would not be taken that easily, and moved away from the human as he used his remaining hand to shrink the scythe down to a useable size. He then started to circle too, looking for an opening in his opponent’s defenses. He didn’t have to wait long as the Eldar suddenly stood tall and started to mutter something under it’s breath. Sorrow charged in, bringing the scythe up for a upper cut…………….that bounced off a shield of some type.

Sorrow fell back to the ground like a rock, his body unresponsive, his systems gone crazy with some type of high pitched singing numbing his sound sensors. The Eldar walked over to him and raised it’s sword. “Prepare to die Ygnir,” it said.

Oh hot damn you are in a pickle, and your forces are not doing any better. What now?

Forces in Tomb World:

200 Warriors

Forces on Ground:

Yuli- 459

156 Infantry
2 Monoliths

Space Force: 100%


144 Infantry
3 Monolith

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… .


Your men also sit still as they finish off the enemy and start to clear up the mess.

Forces in Space:

150 Infantry
4 Vehicles

Forces on the Ground:

923 Marines
25 Bikers
21 Vehicles
300 Slaves
459 Cultists
1 Hammer of Khorne

Space Force: 150%(4 new ships)


2 Havocs


Lord Rambo

Alconol saw the human go down, watched as the Necron lord crushed it’s knee cap and then prepare to summarily execute it. Alconol closed his eyes and drew upon the forces of the warp, launching himself in a somersault towards the Ygnir and bellowing a warcry. The Necron Lord turned to block, but Alconol was quicker, using his moment to land shorter of his target and carry through underneath it’s guard to cut off it’s left hand.

The Necron stepped back and hissed something, the extended it’s scythe, shrinking it down to a more usable sie. Alconol raied his blade in the “Striking Eagle” stance and slowly circled his opponent who started to do the very same. Alconol new he was going to need a new plan, and decided to take a big risk. He let his guard down, and stared at the Ygnir, muttering a spell of protection under it’s breath; one that could only be used in the presence of the Avatar of Khaine. The Ygnir Lord didn’t wait for long, and charged in; only to bounced off an invisible shield that had materials around Alconol.

He then followed through by launching a bolt of high electrical energy from his hand and striking the Necron square in the chest. It fell like a rock, it’s body complete disabled by the spell that used it’s own energy against it. Alconol lowered his hand, hefted his weapon and walked over to where the Ygnir lay immobilized.

“Prepare to die Ygnir,” he said and raised his sword up for the killing blow.

Forces in Space:

75 Bonesingers
100 Dire Avengers
75 Dark Repears
50 Striking Scorpions
50 Fire Dragons
50 Swooping Hawks
3 Falcons
1 Fire Prism
50 Rangers
5 Vypers
6 Wave Serpents
1 Farseer Kendra
10 warlocks

Forces on the Ground:

Yuli- 459

75 Warp spiders
2 Wraithlords
50 Dire Avengers
5 Jetbikes
20 Shinning Spears
1 Fire Prisms

Yuli- 450:

75 Bonesingers

Space Force: 72%(On far side of planet)


1 Vehicle


Farseer Darvaleth

Shadow moved back as the human impaled it's fellow warrior and the effetcs spread across it's face; Shadow thoroughly enjoying the reaction. It was at this time that the next pahse of his plan popped itno his mind.

Forces in Space:

100 Scarabs

Forces On Ground:


600 Infantry
16 Monoliths


"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"

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Default Sorrow


Sorrow recoiled from the human`s strike. Eying the creature with a newfound level of respect, he decided the game was over. He renewed his own attack, driving the human to its feet before sending it sprawling with a heavy kick.

Spinning the scythe in his hand, he raised it for the killing blow.

It never landed. Something incredibly fast and strong impacted Sorrow from the side, throwing Sorrow completely off balance. He turned to face this new foe as it landed in defiant stance before him. An eldar, one of the ancient foes...

Foolish creatures. Sorrow thought to himself. Why would they seek to aid these vermin? As he thought, he retracted the haft if his warscythe, effective transforming the blade into a dagger, a weapon far easier to use against such an agile foe. As he advanced, it started to chant.

Sorrow was aware of the eldar`s warp abilities, and broke into a run. He swung his blade with a metallic roar.

An invisible field suddenly gripped him, he was frozen in midstrike. Completely and utterly paralysed. The eldar uttered some curse and Sorrow was thrown backwards. All of his systems were shot.

The eldar loomed over him, weapon poised.

There was one chance, and only one chance for survival at this point.

Military Movements...

All forces Retreat! Initialising phase out if possible.

Military Actions...

All forces withdraw immediately!


Request sent to Shadow:

My body is incapacitated, and has been lost. I request a new form, my own resources are inadequate to said task. I will be unable to act until this request is met.

Fleet Actions...

Commence Bombardment immediately. Hold nothing back.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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Syst stirred...
It had been a while since he had moved. He sensed warmth. He sensed darkness. He A slight hiss escaped his dripping maw as he became fully awake. There was food to be eaten here. Much food. He reached out with his mind, feeling his fleet awaken from their slumber. He felt the presence of mother, but she had yet to direct him. She had given him choice. He would satisfy her.

As he reached out, he sensed something different. There was another tyranid fleet here, already feasting. Curious. With a mere thought he began to dispatch prowler vanguard drones, to scout the system for edible worlds. But he felt that this would take a while. He also sensed that, while his fleet was of decent size, there were threats here that could overwhelm even his vast numbers. Perhaps there was a different way...

His drones began to report several worlds. He hissed in satisfaction. But was irritated to find that the most delicious of the worlds, a wondrous buffet, was already being consumed by the other tyranid force, and another bore the vast emptiness that implied it had already been consumed.

He ordered his drone ships to seed a couple of the worlds with lictor's and a few pods of genestealers, to begin infiltration and begin his consumption of this system. He also reached out, and through the vast hive mind he sent a request to mother...

Syst shifted slightly in the warmth that was his wet domain, as he began pondering possible ways his fleet would be able to properly defend itself, should he not be able to gain a proper number advantage. He also sent a telepathic tap to the Tyrant of the other hive fleet, but he was careful. Syst didn't want to agitate the other tyranid fleet.

Military Movement
Deploy vanguard drone ships to scout the system and to seed 5 lictors onto all planets, with an addition of 10 genestealers onto Yuli prime and Yuli-450. The forces on Yuli Prime aim to land well over several miles from the engagement. Should the drone ship's be engaged by a threat it will flee and attempt to use the planets gravity to slingshot itself away, jettisoning all of their remaining Mycetic Spores planet side as they attempt to do so.

Lictor's are ordered to begin picking off isolated and unpopular prey that wouldn't likely be noticed to be missing, to gather information from them. Should the prey not be isolated, they are ordered not to engage.

Genestealers are ordered to remain hidden and begin reproducing, numbers is something the hive needs to have.

Begin using the hive ship to reproduce more fighters and spores, the need to grow the fleet in order to defend itself against potential threats is a high priority.

Military Actions:
No engagements have yet to be met, and as such no real actions are necessary. Lictor's and Genestealers use their masterful infiltration (and in the lictor's case, assassination/information gathering) tactics on the specified worlds.

Diplomatic Actions:
Syst reached out through the Hive Mind, and sent a request to Mother for additional forces, stressing the need for the hive fleet to grow in size in order to efficiently consume this section. Syst also requested to tap into the information about the system that the other fleet had recovered, as the other fleet had been here longer and would likely hold vital information about this system.

Syst sent out a telepathic tap to TyrantLord through the Hive Mind, not necessarily relaying a message of any kind. TyrantLord would get a sensation in his mind, so that he would know of the presence of Syst's fleet, but not necessarily the location. He would also sense no hostility from Syst's fleet.

Me--> <--You

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A/N: Just to let you know EH, Tyranids don't warp travel.


Victorious, The Chapter Master turned the ship around, and after reclaiming the crusier Guilliman's Pride, he began to plan his next course of action. Yuli-450, he noticed, was the only planet not under threat there, but in case the Squats found out about the Eldar helping the other Imperial Forces on Yuli-459, which he didn't want to happen, the Chapter Master had ordered two companies, plus transports and several armoured units to remain there and guard the newly constructed fortress.

Suddenly, the only surviving Librarian, still with the group ran up to the Chapter Master, and addressed him directly. As Vorax looked, he noticed that the Librarian was wounded, his armour wrecked and his face covered with blood. "My... My Lord, I have urgent news."

"Speak quickly, Brother-Librarian," replied the Lord of the Vanquishers Chapter. "And then go see to your wounds."

"Yes my lord," nodded the Librarian. "Recently, whilst fighting these Dark Eldar, I... experienced... a vision. A vision... of the future. A vision of the terrible things to come."

There was a moment's silence, the Chapter Master eying the Librarian as though he was tainted. But Vorax knew better than that. He had a strong support for the psykers that were part of the Vanquishers, and had grieved for Castol's death. However, the only surviving Librarian on this Crusade, a Epoistalry, had just suffered a large amount of damage to his health, and the Chapter Master could not afford the death of him. "Inform me then, Brother-Epoistalry, of this vision of yours. After all, we will need all the knowledge we can have."

"Yes... my lord," the Epoistalry replied and began. "Unfortuantly, the news is not good, if this vision is to be believed. It appears that our enemies on Yuli 459, well, have started an orbital bombardment of the surface."

"An orbital bombardment? The Necrons?" Vorax questioned, curiously. "Tell me, Epoistalry. Do you believe this vision to be true?"

"Yes, my lord," he nodded, and groaned in pain. "We must act, or everyone on the surface of Yuli 459 will most certainly die!"

"I was heading to Yuli 459 anyway, Epoistalry, but your vision has just made things more complicated," Vorax frowned. "Anyway, we will leave nothing to chance. After all, isn't that what happened on Moras V, was it not?"

"Aye, I remember that planet well," the Librarian nodded. "And I remember what happened there. My name is Brother-Epoistalry Revas, if you need to know, my lord.

The Chapter Master nodded, understandingly. "Very well, Brother-Epoistalry Revas.First we will eradicate the Necrons with faith and fury, and then, turn our attention to these... Tyranids."

"Yes sir," nodded the Librarian. "Do you want me to contact the Black Dragons?"

"Yes," replied the Chapter Master with a nod. "Inform them and the fourth and ninth on Yuli-459 that the Necrons have planned a bombardment."

"Yes, my lord."

Now, the Chapter Master turned away from the Librarian, and spoke into the comm-link. "All ships, set course for Yuli-459. Let's wipe these Necrons from the face of the planet!"

Military Movement / Actions:

All ships diverted to Yuli-459. All Vanquishers on the ground of Yuli-459 are to try and find the loaction of the Necron Lord (s) in command of the Necrons forces and exterminate them. All ships set course for Yuli-459, and upon arrival, engage the Necrons in the skies above the planet.

Diplomatic Actions:

Request: Request any forces of the Imperium in nearby sectors to send as much aid as they can spare, tell them to head for the planet Yuli-459. And also inform them, if they do arrive, of the Tyranids, Necrons, Chaos, Eldar and Squats on the planet.

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Whitetoof sat in his Orky throne on the command bridge of his asteroid Rok as it cruised through the warp towards its destination. Whitetoof simmered over the recent events that had ended in him being banned from the Holy WWWAAAAGGHHHH against the hummies on Armageddon.

The Great One had thrown him out, and now Whitetoof was on his own, with his warriors ready to make a name for them. He would find himself a new home, then take all it’s resources for his new WWWAAGGGHH which he would launch into space.

As he simmered, a mechboy on the lower deck started to whoop and holler, shouting that they were about to enter into real space again. Whitetoof gripped his big shoota and braced himself for the usual mind rattling feeling that accompanied the transition, but was meet with a very different reaction. He was suddenly thrown forward as a massive force of gravity hurled everything forward into the viewport and decks all around him.

The massive force died as quickly as it came, and Whitetoof struggled to his knee’s; trying to get a hold of his senses as smoke sparked frm a broken console nearby. He looked up and saw a massive, round starship in front of him that glimmered with a darkness that reminded him of the void itself. He grabbed a mechboy from nearby,” Dat thingy in front’o us. Wat is dat thing!”
The mechboy tried to answer, but was choked to death by Whitetoof’s massive grip; falling to the floor. Being impatient, Whitetoof grabs his weapons and activates the speakers.

“Boy, the moment ‘as arrived. Kill all the ‘ummies aboard dat ship.” As massive WWWAAGGHHHH was heard all throughout the ship and the orks surged through the broken wreckage, some choking from lack of air, in order to get to grips with the enemy.

So you cam in and rammed into what appears to be a Necron ship? What’s you move.

Forces in Space:

1000 Infantry
20 Vehicle

Space Forces: 96%


Farseer Darvelath

Shadow stepped back from the two humans as one impaled the other with his built in claws. Shadow smirked, then teleported back to his ship. He ordered his troops to do so as he released the smaller ship within the Cairn’s hanger and sent it on its way with its deadly payload. It floated out, and then shot strait into towards the human ship that was off the port bow, plowing into it and detonating inside, taking it and three other ships of the line with it. Shadow was pleased.

He was about to give further orders when a massive object came out of the warp and slammed into his stealth Cairn ship; blowing out the port size and setting gauss generators on fire. The stealth field failed and the two ships stood there in space as atmosphere escaped from the larger, asteroid looking ship.

Shadow was furious, how dare more living ruin his plans for conquest, now he would lose the initiative. He ordered his men to stand by as he heard a massive roar and saw large, green skinned brutes come flooding across the airless space and into his ship.

So now what, you suicide mission was successful, but an Ork Rok has slammed into your Cairn and has done significant damaged?

Forces in Space:

699 Infantry
14 Monoliths
100 Scarabs

Space Force: 56%

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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