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Default Total War!

It is the 39th Millennia, a time of darkness and constant war between humanity and the alien. In this never-ending nightmare, humanity fights to spread its light across an ever dark galaxy in an attempt to create new worlds for its people. In the Segmentum Obscurus one such system planets was been picked out for colonization; having been discovered by an Mechanicus probe. Thus does the Imperium send a colony force to the planet to set up a permanent settlement. However, all transmissions were lost with them by 39,445M and they were presumed lost. Now the race is on by not just the Imperial Colony Force (which falls under the Imperial Guard) but also from various other factions ranging from the Mechanicus to the Ecclesiarch.

However, humanity is not the only predator on the prowl. Other races have discovered these planet’s and there rich natural resources. From the Orks to the Eldar, Tau, and even other unknown alien races, they all are coming to conquer the system and claim it as their prize. Now the shadow of war spreads across this peaceful planet as the inevitable clash draws ever closer. Let Total War begin!


Ok, in the spirit of FOG and others like komanko, I have decided to take a leap of faith and create another empire-building based RPG. Here is your chance to create an army from a pre-existing Warhammer 40k race, or create your own from a Warhammer 40k based species, and conquer the known system itself. I ask that if you join that you take a measure of commitment in creating a great story about an epic clash that’s about to happen. This is not a simple quick post RPG, and will require that you spend a little time writing down your races actions. Please be aware of this from the start. The following rules apply…….

1. No God-Modding. I’m more lenient than other, and I’ll understand if you want to work your story in with another player’s action, but do not control or dictate the other player’s actions.

2. Be fair, no mega weapons, no “Ganging Up” so to speak. Let’s do this like men

3. All combat results will be done with a Combat Calculator that I have pre-designated. No arguing with the results.

4. I am God in the sense of what you get. You may request for additional troops, but in the end I will give you what works best for the story.

5. I am the GM; I reserve the right to change, alter, or boot anyone or anything that is getting out of line.

6. Commitment! I don’t want people who will register then disappear, it’s very rude. Once or Twice a week people are what I’m looking for.

Alright, on to the fun part, below is the system which you will all be killing each other over (starting from the ones closets to the sun outwards).

Galbatorius: “Galba” as it has become known is mainly a volcanic planet, one that supports a thick atmosphere similar to Venus. There is little worth in this planet other than its unusually large amount of natural resources; specifically Tibian Gas used to power beam and laser weapons. However, the atmosphere blocks all scanning and communications so as to hide what really occurs on the planet’s surface. Only one continent stands above the sea of magma and it will be a challenge to whoever attempts to utilize this planet. No moons

Magnar: This planet is in the final stages of development as far as developing stars are concerned. The volcanic activity hear is minimal, and indeed some forms of vegetation and life have sprung into existence. Natural landscape with small lakes and large mountains. Has one moon, Magnar-1.

Yuli-459: This planet is a desert world, devoid of life; similar to Mars. It has little in the way of resources except its naturally occurring polar caps; which house a large amount of ice formations. Has some ancient ruins to the south of its equator that might be worth checking No moons

Yuli-450: This planet is mainly desert, with a curious small continent that is teaming with vegetation and life. The continent could support a small city with enough resources. Surrounded by oceans, with some mountains, make an ideal place for defense. No moons

Yuli Prime: the pride of the system, Yuli is a livable, breathable planet with four major continents and resources aplenty. Mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, hills, plains, deserts, its another Terra in the making. Ideal for any race attempting to settle system. Two moons, Yuli’s Pride, and Yuli’s Joy, both orbiting at opposite sides.


Alright, so here we will discuss your race creation rules; and its rather short.

1. Warhammer 40k races must stick to the Codex in essence. No “going off the beaten path” so to speak. However, you can still be creative. You must crave out your own factions, but use the race rules.

2. If you decide to take an alien race, they must be alien, not human. They must be based on a preexisting 40k universe species, check if you’re not sure. Also, they must be some kind of intelligent life form with some kind of weapons. No Hrud or Flood type races here please.

3. You will each start out with 100 settlers, 1000 infantry, 20 vehicles, and a basic space fleet (consisting of your Capital ship with up to five escorts of any kind).

4. Be creative!!!

Any other question should be directed to me and I’ll assist you.


Alright, below is the system of how we will conduct the actual game. In each post you fill out the following sections…

Blah Section: (Not literally its name, but this is where you tell the story from your commanders point of view)

Military Movement: (Consists of troop movements, settlement development, any building, supplies, and positioning.)

Military Actions: (Consists of engagements, fights, duels, and such)

Diplomatic Actions: (Consist of any diplomatic envoys, results, and the like.)

Space Actions: (Ship movements, calls for support, fleet actions and engagements)

Simple, too easy! Now please use the below template when developing your nations. They need a figure head and an identity. I ask that you please post a flag as well.

Leaders Name: Joe Shmoe

Age: (whatever, be young, be old)

Background: (give at least a basic background as to how he came to power. The rest is up to you)

Equipment: (your armor, weapons, additional tools of war that you bring)

Race’s Name: (Ex: Imperial, Tau, Ecclesiarch, Mechanicus, Ork, Dark Eldar (yes, I’ll allow them), Eldar, Necron, e.t.c.)

Army’s Name: (Ex: 101st Space Marine Force)

Description: (Tell a little about your militaries or Army’s specialties)

Space Force: (You have one large ship, a battleship, and dreadnought, whatever you heart likes, and then five small ships, usually destroyers, nothing big. The battleship is your forces center unless you request more space forces, so choose wises)

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"

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I <3 race building, count me in as an ork or Tau force. A couple of questions though, if there are more than one player of a race does that mean they have to ally? And would humans still be part of the imperium?

Edit: throw chaos in the mix of possibilities,

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Leaders Name: Nilat the flamecursed

Age: unknown

Background: Nilats background is shrouded in utter mystery, speculation says that he was killed but then resurected by a sorceror of immense power who went by the name dargus haledan. It os believed he served dargus privately on infiltration tactics (for this reason some think he may have been of alpha legion) he was eventually given command of 1st division and lead them for two hundred years before dargus met his end at the hands of regal knight chapter master Ruhr Falco, he took command in the place of dargus and returned to the eye and claimed thier home planet. Nilat conducted the wardens siege on fenris and participated in the "war of flame" his deeds speak of legend. Nilat always makes himself seem brilliant even in loss, when they win Nilat is at the spearhead, when they lose he fights his way off the planet and into safety.

Nilat lead a cruisade against the imperium taking all but one division, two divisions survived the cruisade. Nilat returned to the eye expecting his forces to be ready and rebuilt. He was instead met by iron warrior defence lasers, most of the unsuspecting space fleet was torn to pieces before they managed to get out of range. Nilat took five marines and painted his and the other armour like the the iron warriors and led an infiltration mission to retrieve their gene seeds. It was a tiring process and nearly failed but after two months the Nilat detonated his 200 small inciniderys in various different places around the fortress, Nilat was long gone by then of course. Loading crates of gene seeds into thunderhawks and dreaming of future battles. He took the wardens who now numbered only at 300 marines and 700 cultist soldiers to the yuli system to rebuild what they had lost. He had once heard a tale of darkness and the burning of planets, this suited him very well.

Equipment: magma sword (power weapon) and hand flamer, charadon power armour in place of the normal adamantium. Incinidery grenades,

Race’s Name: cultists

Army’s Name: scale wardens, high sorcerer, dark magos, dark Apothacery, ash champion 150 traitor marines, 50 havoks, 50 raptors, 50 "Ashen" (chosen/possessed). 500 cultists armed with lasguns, 100 heretics (these guys worship the minor chaos god of flames and gives him power) 100 cultist sacrifices (I sacrifice these guys to summon daemons) 1 stolen Baal predator, land raider incinerator(armed with two plasma cannons and two flamestorm cannons) 9 rhino APCS. 5 basalisk artillery tanks, 3 leman Russia battle tanks, 2 chimeras.

Description: the scale wardens are fanatic about flames and burning, they do not field much in the way of heavy support of fast attack but rely on troops and little elite units to win battles. They worship the minor chaos god of flames, this gives them heightened resistance to flame or heat based weaponry. When the god gives mutations the marine bursts into flame and is turned to ash but keeps his form, the ashen can summon flames themselves on rare occasions. The Human warriors are not a force to be trifled with either as they are not shy to underhand tactics.

Space Force: 1 repulsive class grand cruiser, 4 infidel class raiders, 20 thunderhawk gunships

Banner: orange background with two dragon head breathing fire on a full dragon with seven scales circling him.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0

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Well then, I'll call Space Marines. Although, I'm new to this sort of thing, so be warned.

Leaders Name: Adreus Vorax

Age: 643

Background: Chapter Master Adreus Vorax is a veteran commander of the Vanquishers Chapter and leads the Astartes into war when he can. After hearing of the planet Galbatorius and its nearby systems, Vorax thought that it would be an ideal recruiting ground for the Vanquishers. He gathered the full strength of the Chapter, and set course for Galbatorius, vowing to cleanse the world of every xenos and heretic that stood in his path.

Equipment: Terminator Armour, Power Sword and Plasma Pistol along with rest of Terminator Captain equiqment.

Race’s Name: Space Marines, Imperial.

Army’s Name:The Vanquishers

Description: See Here for the Index Astartes: Vanquishers.

Space Force: 1 Battle Barge 'Volturis', 4 Rapid Strike Vessels 'Emperor's Fury', I'mperial Honour', 'Vengenance' and 'Guilliman's Pride' and 5 Thunderhawks. 'Guilliman's Blade', 'Vanquisher', 'Imperial Glory', 'Imperial Victory' and 'Wrath of Guilliman'

Please note that the Thunderhawks do not count as ships. They are transports to deliver the Emperor's Astartes planetside. The twenty Armoured Forces are:

4 Land Raiders
6 Predators
3 Whirlwinds
3 Vindicators
4 Dreadnoughts

These are the Count of the Adeptus Astartes on the Campaign for Galbatorius:

1 Chapter Master Adreus Vorax
Grand Master of the Vanquishers and Lord of Kathurn Primus
19 Honour Guard
Led By Chapter Champion Sarus Xero
1 Commander Chaplain Theodore Izrail
1 Orpheus Asyder
Master of the Forge
18 Techmarines
1 Leonardo Expirus
Chief Librarian
5 Librarians
50 Space Marine Veterans Including Captain Juron Thengel
The Entire 2nd Company, led by Captain Harq Vidius, Including the Dreadnoughts (See above) - Total 107
The Entire 3rd Company, led by Captain Castor Exodus, Including 1 Dreadnought (See above) - Total 107
The Entire 4th Company, Led by Captain Betheor Kai, bar the Dreadnoughts - Total 107
The Entire 5th Company, Led by Captain Lexandro Draco, bar the Dreadnoughts - Total 107
The Entire 7th Company, Led by Captan Augustus Luthor, bar the Dreadnoughts - Total 107
The Entire 8th Company, Led by Captain Xavier Epsilon, Bar the Dreadnoughts - Total 107
The Entire 9th Company, Led by Captain Vladimir Nelis - Total 107
48 Scouts from the 10th Company, Including Captain Isaiah Aurio

The Seven Extra Men is the Command Squad, (Apothecary, Company Champion, Banner Bearer, Veterans,) the Captain and the attached Chaplain.

Tactical Notes: Total 1000 Adeptus Astartes. The Only full company that does not take part in this crusade is the sixth, which along with elements from the scouts and the remainders of the chapters tanks, ships and first company, are sent to gaurd the Kathurn Primus System.
The 100 Settlers are basically Chapter Serfs.

The Symbol is a Black Ultramarines U on a white background, with the stylised words "Vanquisher" written on.

Hope this is okay, if not, I'll remove it. Also, ignore the Chapter's history in the link as nothing happened before M38.

Bane of Kings Out.



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Mwuhahah you'll all be slain by the Necrons.

Leader: Lord Shadow

Age: Not really applicable seeing as the Necrons were around before the fall of the Old Ones. Millions of years.

Background: Shadow was the first Necron Wraith, the first to ever leave a mortal life behind and become a swooping, terrifying monster. After serving Lord Misery, Shadow soon found he tired of taking orders. After reaching a stable conclusion with his allies, serving The Forgotten, Shadow moved on, in the hope of finding The Forgotten again, or at least a means to summon him back from the brink of annihilation. He has travelled across the universe, finally reaching a very interesting system. What interested Shadow most was its sun, so Shadow decided to try and analyse it. Perhaps it contained some knowledge about where The Forgotten lay...

Equipment: Shadow has a Necron Wraith body with in-built Phase Shifter, has a Chronometron and a Veil of Darkness, and his Ghost's Talons; with in-built Disruption Fields.

Race: Necron

Phalanx Name: Shadow's Spectres

Description: The entire force has 100 Builder Scarabs, 700 Warriors, 100 Immortals, 50 Pariahs, 100 Destroyers, and 15 Monoliths (I had some elite infantry, but cut out on 5 monoliths and also 50 infantry.) These are coordinated all by Shadow, an impressive feat, but with the Tomb Matrix it is easily done. This Tomb Matrix allows instant and undetectable communication, and can extend as far as a planet, as long as a ship is in orbit. It can also be extended across a whole system if there are multiple ships, orbiting each planet. The force can utilise extensive teleportation prowess, and their advanced technology is hard to trace. They also have significant cloaking devices.

Space Force: 1 Huge, Cairn-class ship: Shadow's Talon. This is huge, can use powerful weaponry, very advanced cloaking, and also can teleport Necrons onto and off of planets. The very size of the ship makes it so valuable that enemy fleets will not destroy it; instead, they will cripple it, then examine its technology for their own adaptation. Along with this ship, there is one other, smaller Night-class destroyer: Fanged Dusk. This is essentially a smaller, less powerful version of the Cairn ship, but is faster and more manoeuvrable. It also has similar cloaking devices used on Shadow's Talon.

Symbol: Shadow's Spectres bear the simple symbol of a black skull, lined by an iridescent green light.


I've only got two ships, but one is massive. Like, bigger than a Space Hulk. It's huge, and really good. The other one is quite small and nippy. Hope that's ok... I thought it would be considering I missed out on 3 more ships.

Give a man a match, and he's warm for a day.

Set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life!

Cato Marquand

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You can use pain if you want, I would love to kill my own creation.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Nah, he's gonna be used later anyway... you'll see....

Give a man a match, and he's warm for a day.

Set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life!

Cato Marquand
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Why is everything to do with miserys company so secretive? I hate being naturally curious sometimes.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Can I play the Imperial Army? Also If I do play the Imperial army could I field many more soldiers considering that they will be butched otherwise?

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"

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Alrighty then, Eldar it is,

Leader: Farseer Requiel Spiritwind

Age: 5500 years old

Background: An ancient Farseer from Craftworld Ulthwe, Requiel Spiritwind has served on the Seer Council for a long time, Requiel has led numerous Ulthwe Strike forces against the primitive Mon'Keigh to preventing their stupidity from awakening the ancient foes of the Eldar, the Necrons.

Having scried the runes of the Seer, Requiel has foreseen the coming of the Yngir threat and enemies that come from the Warp. The Farseer took a force, gathered from house Spiritwind and 4 detachments from the Aspect Shrines of Khaine. Using the ancient Webway network, the Farseer's Wraithship, the Eye of Lsathranil. Upon arriving in the system, Requiel discovered the presence of the Mon'Keigh on the planets and vowed to prevent their idiocy from causing any disaster.

Equipment: A ancient witchblade named the spirit blade, a shuriken pistol, an ornate ghost helmet, rune armour, runes of warding and witnessing. Requiel also possesses a pouch of divination runes.

Race: Eldar

Army name: House Spiritwind of Craftworld Ulthwe

Description: The Ulthwe force consists of 50 Artisans and Bonesingers for the settlers. The warriors consist of 300 Guardians, 300 Dire Avengers, 50 Rangers, 50 Warp Spiders, 100 Dark Reapers, 50, Jetbikes, 50 Warlocks and 100 Fire Dragons. The Vehicles comprises of 6 Wave Serpents, 5 Fire Prisms, 3 Vypers, 3 Falcons and 4 Wraithlords. This Strike Force specialises in fast strikes from hidden webway gates projected by the orbiting fleet, allowing them to strike from nowhere. The Eldar can also deal very well in fire fights and the support of the Craftworld's psykers can turn the tide of battle, The force is also hidden by holofields that can help hide them in plain sight.

Space Force: The Wraithship Eye of Lsathranil, 3 Nightshades called the Star of Isha, the Crimson Moon and the Bringer of Fate and a Shadow cruiser, the Hand of Khaine. Each ship is modified with 2 hangar bays, a miniature webway gate and numerous weapons. The Eye of Lsathranil is modified with a powerful weapon based on the technology of Eldar D-Cannons and a psychic shield powered by the Wraithbone.

Banner: Requiel has 2 banners on one stand, the Eye of Isha (Craftworld Ulthwe's symbol) and the banner of House Spiritwind, which comprises of of silver hawk and numerous Eldar runes

How's this?

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

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