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Default From the Warp (Action!)

Adam ran as fast as his legs could take him, the walls of the corridor seeming to close in upon hims with each footstep. Risking a glance backwards, he saw the wall of darkness at his heels, almost engulfing him.

‘Gyaaaahhh!’ He screamed, absolute terror gripping his heart. The laughter of the shadowy creature echoed louder and louder in his ears, his legs getting weaker by the second.

Finally, he collapsed, his last moments before he blacked out resounded with a chilling voice.

‘...At last...I have found my vessel...’
--- --- ---

The meeting chamber of the four powers seemed vastly empty without the gods themselves upon their thrones. Furies had been dispatched to each of the realms to deliver the message, the daemon known as Anon had requested the presence of the four, but never would they deign to enter the presence of such a lowly denizen of the Formless wastes.

Instead, they had each dispatched one of their servants to tend to the matter for them. Amighty Bloodthirster stood in front of the Brass throne of Khorne, a lithe Keeper of Secrets stood before Slaanesh`s cushiony lounge, Nurgle`s vast and rusted dais was tended by a Great Unclean One and a sniggering Lord of Change hovered before the great Pedestal of Tzeentch.

Each of them was accompanied by a group of daemonic champions, who bickered, conversed and glared at each other across the chamber like children.

The four masters silenced their servants as the last member of the meeting entered the hall. Veiled in a robe of pure darkness that seemed to swirl and flow smoothly as the creature moved.

‘Anon!’ The Bloodthirster, Bonecrusher, bellowed at the newcomer. ‘What nonsense have you that requires the attention of those shuch as us?’

‘It is a pleasure to see you as well, Bonecrusher.’ Anon said, lacking any sincerity whatsoever. ‘You are surely aware of the threat posed by the star borne, are you not?’

‘The ones without souls?’ Poxgiver asked. ‘What possible threat can they be to us here?’

‘Though they are somewhat of a hindrance in the mortal realm...’ Bonecrusher growled.

‘Precisely.’ Anon continued. ‘Recently, I have learned of a device that may alleviate our problem. It lies hidden on an imperial world and could end the threat of the star gods forever.’

‘Really?’ Caressela perked up. She had been bored so far but the mention of an imperial world caught her interest. He two present servants, basking in her intoxicating presence, revelled in her excitement. One of them pressed her form to the larger daemon`s leg, being stroked in return as Caressela returned the sensual favour.

‘Bah!’ Wyrdcaller scoffed. ‘Everyone knows that only the eldar`s cursed weapons and the might of our own masters are the only things that can destroy the star gods of the mortal realm. ‘ The four daemonic horrors stood behind him laughed. In their ees, such was common knowledge and Anon was simply making a fool of himself.

‘Yet, your master remains typically unhelpful...’ Anon muttered softly.

All eyes snapped to focus on Anon as he uttered these words.

‘You dare mock Tzeentch?!’ Wyrdcaller descended to stand before the shadow, dwarfing the smaller daemon and glaring down menacingly. ‘You cannot possibly comprehend the scope of your words! I should destroy you this instant!’

Everyone waited.

‘But perhaps...’ The Change Lord said. ‘I might forgive you if you tell me your true name.’

‘Ever the schemer?’ Anon said passively. ‘Very well. Come closer.’

Wyrdcaller leaned in close, his arrogance unbound. Anon leaned forward also, and whispered...

‘WHAAAAHHH!!??!’ Wyrdcaller recoiled in horror, clambering desperately to remove himself from Anon`s immediate vicinity. ‘How did you...? How could you possibly know?!’ He screamed.

‘I trust I can count on your support then.’ Anon said.

Wyrdcaller struggled, as if trying no to speak. ‘...yes.’ He muttered finally.

‘Hmph.’ Bonecrusher grunted. ‘I will go with you, not for your sake, but to drown this world in its own blood!

‘Indeed.’ Poxgiver conceded. ‘The chance to further our Lord`s work canot be passed up.’

‘Ooooh!’ Caressela shivered. ‘This is exciting isn`t it?’ She giggled, squeezing one of her servants tightly in her grip as she spoke.

‘I am pleased to hear it.’ Anon said. ‘Meet me at the borderlands of the Formless wastes in one revolution of the black sun. I will be waiting.’

And with that he turned and left.

--- --- ---

All: Anon has just left. You can take this opportunity to speak to the other characters if you wish. Like it or not, an alliance has just been forged, and the four Greater Daemons have adjourned to discuss further, leaving the rest of you in the antechamber. You can ask the others what they make of this strange leader, you can taunt your rivals, or you can remain silent.

Afterward, you will leave this place and return to the palace/fortress/garden/labyrinth that you came from, and prepare your forces. You will summon a cohort consisting of between five and ten of your fellows, and when you are ready, your master will lead you to the designated area in the formless wastes.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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Yorn growled and walked around the chamber uneasily, he wasn't killing so he wasn't happy. As he walked around he bumped into a Horror, but instead of pulling away, Yorn just kept going and knocked the Horror off its feet.

Worthless piece of Warp energy.'
And with that Yorn went for the exit.

Yorn ducked a slow swing from a pathetic Human, he then came up and ripped both of his knives up the humans ribcage, penetrating its heart instantly and destroying all of its major organs.
Yorn was getting bored of this, he had killed three other Humans and they had been no match for him.

Yorn walked off from the blood arena, he was bored of killing such easy targets, he wanted to fight great enemies, like the Loyalist Space Marines. Yes, that would be fun.
Yorn called up five of his most trusted Bloodletters and made sure they were ready for war.

I'm a major fan of Winston Churchill and Walter Tompson (his bodyguard.) So that is why my avatar is of Winson and Walter. No I'm not wierd, I'm not stupid, I'm just Snowy.

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Korthose fumed with anger that this deamon had dared mock his lord, He made a mental note to himself that he would definetly doublecross him when he got the chance. An evil plan began to formulate in his mind, Korthose cackled to himself. Even if the deamon was a blasphemer his words taunted his mind could this puny futile being realy know of something to match the power of the great god tzeentch and how is it that a servant of the lord of change is not the one to find this valuble piece of information? For now i will go along with him........ for now.

"Vetis, Tor'aknar, Xerphon Asazzod what say you? is this thing worth following?"
The three horrors gave thier replies, "I go now brothers to make ready" and with that Korthose left the building taunting the plaugebearers as he left.

Korthose arrived at his library soon after thanks to the miracles of warp travel, he was greeted by one of his flamers who informed him of the goings on in the library. Being a tzeentch deamon Korthose was desparate to know all and if he didn't know everything that happened at his reside he was as useless as a bloodletter armed with a sponge.
Korthose called 2 of his flamers and 8 of his horrors to the main gate. He informed them of the metting that took place and they swiftly left to meet wrmcaller.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Gong'alt couldn't help but stare at the Daemonette wretches. Fire flared through his eyes and his hand clamped so hard around the hilt of his hellblade that ruby blood was drawn. Had Bonecrusher not ordered them to fall back, he surely would've slayed every-single one of them! No one has ever survived Gon'alt's attacks: He only died three-hundred and forty seven times in his immortal life! Turning away from the hateful female-like daemons, he pounded past his other two brethren. He grunted with contempt at how large he was compared to them.

Gong'alt entered his blood soaked homeworld once more, where his cohort awaited him. Ten Bloodletters of the might God Khorne. They all stood silent before him, large Hellblades clasped in their hands. As brutal as they were, Gong'alt used em mainly as a mobile shield. Staring them down one final time, Gong'alt roared animatedly "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!". The daemons roared back. "now, my brothers, it is time to ravage humanity once again."

If someone lacks intelligence, than he is not stupid, because one cannot be stupid without intelligence.

If someone reverts to having to complain about your grammar, then you already won.

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This was an interesting turn of events, a being of the formless waste asking for help from the all mighty Tzeentch? Such a thing was not unheard of just uncommon. The lowly being of Anon of course would have to be punished for such impudence in the face of Tzeentch then again he supposed that he should have seen it coming from such a misguided and aimless soul that has yet to see the glory of Change. Perhaps the fool could even be manipulated into joining the vast family of Tzeentch? Only time will tell but for now the precession seemed to be coming to a close and Anon was moving to exit the room.
Korthose, a fellow Horror like himself turned to address him and the others.

"Vetis, Tor'aknar, Xerphon Asazzod what say you? is this thing worth following?"

Vetris gave Korthose’s question a brief thought it was obvious; of course they would why let all the other Gods take the glory which belongs to only Tzeentch ?

If such benefits our master Korthose, we shall show these pathetic wastes of warp space what a true servant of Chaos is capable of!”

Vetris turned from his brethren and panned his head to all the other minions of the various gods. The Bloodthirsters were of no concern they were just brutes whose minds were linear and easily manipulated. Slaanesh had brought its own servants to they were creatures of pleasure and their presence was fine by Vetris as long as they don’t interfere with his masters grand and ever-changing plan. But the Foul, putrid sacks of filth that seemed to infest the warp these days known as Nurgle daemons were also here, Such creatures are not even worthy to serve as Tzeentch’s foot stool. When the opportunity arises then they would have to be dealt with.

Leaping back into the realm of his own mighty Lord, Vetris summoned his numerous minions. They were like children only young spawns they had yet to taste the many years of experience that Vetris had and savoir the sweet taste of killing their first Loyalist marines. They were a vast assortment of differing shapes and personalities and numbered a total of ten.
“Kin, today our masters have struck an alliance with our more naïve brothers and we go to war”
Vetris said nothing further and decided to let his little ones anticipation swell for the coming battles, it would give them something to ponder. For now however his other champions would want to speak with him and he set off to see them.

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"
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Tha'aktos stood beside his lord bonecrusher, revelling in his promised words of bloodshed and slaughter. It had been too long since he had wrecked havoc on an Imperial World, and he longed for the corpse-god followers skulls.
He glanced around the room, snickering at Anon's unrespectful words of Tzeentch. His eyes set on the spawns of nurgle. Filthy creatures he though, how he longed for this so-called alliance to be over so he may kill them in honour of the all-mighty khorne.
Lastly, his eyes set on the loathsome daemons of slaanesh. He stared in disgust at the touching, and the pleasure emanating from them. He did not take his eyes off them for the rest of the meeting, his hatred burning within in retinas.
His hands rested on his dual hellblades throughout the meeting, ever-ready for a fight. As the meeting ended, he turned to follow gong'alt out of the room. He smiled at Gong'alt, even though taller than he, Tha'aktos was much broader.
Leaving the room, he saw his small 12-daemon cohort of his most trusted and ruthless servants of khorne.
Tha'aktos said 5 simple words "To battle! For the blood god!"
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Tor'aknar glared menacingly at Anon. Who was this pathetic daemon, unfavored by Tzeentch, to coerce Wyrdcaller in such a base and boring way? In the blink of an eye a thousand different schemes of Anon's demise raced through Tor'aknar's mind. The thought of that blashphemer burning in the Master of Fate's fire filled Tor'aknar with such savage joy he couldn't help but cackle maddly. Still, the daemon had learned Wyrdcaller's true name, if Tor'aknar was correct, which he always was, and that showed Anon had information worth getting.

"Vetis, Tor'aknar, Xerphon Asazzod what say you? is this thing worth following?" Korthose gibbered.

Turning to his fellow champions of Tzeentch, Tor'aknar smiled viciously.

"It matters not if Anon is worth following, all that is worth is the leverage he has over Wyrdcaller. Our Master expects results from us and I will deliver, unlike those pustulent children of the Pox God." Tor'aknar multi-layered voice echoed hoaresly. Looking past the servants of Tzeentch, Tor'aknar saw the brutal forms of Khorne's bloodthirsters talking in their gutteral accents and the delicate daemonettes non-chalantly talking to one another. Last, and most certainly least, Tor'aknar saw the disgusting children of decay. That pure warp-spawned daemons of Tzeentch must serve alongside the Lord of Decay's ilk chaffed at Tor'aknar's very being.

Releasing his form back into the beautiful Sea of Souls, Tor'aknar drifted through the currents of the warp towards his Master's library. A swirling mass of warp, ever changeing and never the same thing greeted Tor'aknar as he entered Tzeentch's realm. Immediately, Tor'aknar psychically summoned his minions. In an instant 9 brightly colored floated over to him and morphed into their true forms. Though they were young compared to Tor'aknar, a thousand different strands of Fate were woven and destroyed by them every second. If a mortal could ever understand the mind of a daemon, they might be able to figure Tor'aknar was happy before they went mad.

"My Horrors. My Flamers. We go to do the Weaver of Fate's will!"

Though they said nothing, the 5 horrors and 4 flamers skin glowed brighter, showing their approval and joy.

Releasing their form, Tor'aknar lead his troupe through the Empryean following a shoal of Screamers

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Lumina stared toward the minions of Khorne, her usual seductive smile on her face. "Oh, how boorish those blood-monkeys are... no time for the pleasures in life..." she thought, before chuckling as one of them drew its own blood as it glared at them. Eyes flitting to her left, she winked at Lacessera in a lurid, knowing fashion, her smile widening very slightly.

As the daemons started leaving to gather their cohorts, she sauntered around Caressela to Lacessera's side. "This should be enjoyable... those brainless blood-monkeys looked ready to explode just seeing us. Can't wait to see how far I can push them..."

After Lacessera's reply, she sauntered off into the Warp, gliding effortlessly to her 'cohort' of fellow Daemonettes, who just happened to already be gathered, revellling in their own sensuality. She grinned luridy as she watched them for a few moments - she'd taught these young ones well...

"Oh ladies, time to be going..." she called in a sing-song voice, to a chorus of dismayed - and a few unrelated ecstatic - moans. "Now now, you don't have to stop when you join our little gathering..." she said, before floating off to join the gathering of daemons, her cohort of eight Daemonettes close behind.

It would be funny to see the reaction of Khorne's blind followers when an orgy of Daemonettes arrived in mid-revel...
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Krankheit stood next to Pox Giver as he debated with messengers from the other three lesser gods. When the four agreed on a truce though, Kran was disturbed. He didn't want to have to deal with the followers of Tzeentch and all their planning he just wanted to spread more and more of his Grandfathers gifts across the galaxy...however if that means teaming up with other lesser beings he would do it.

He looked over at the Khornate daemons. They weren't as bad as the other two, but nonetheless they were simple-minded and never could think farther than violence. Then there were the Slaaneshi daemons, weird, disturbed, kinky-sex daemons that weren't meant for the battlefield and Krankheit made a promise that he was going to show his opinion of them when he gets the chance. Lastly there was his least favourite group, Tzeentch plotters, daemons that were the pure definition of all talk. He hated that all the Tzeentch daemons would just plan and plot then do nothing. He just realized then a Khornate daemon staring at him, Oh the thoughts he must be thinking. Krankheit thought to himself. "Best be watching the birds." Krankheit said in his guttural voice over to the daemon, pointing over to the daemonic schemers. Then he noticed they were looking over at his kind, and he glared over to them before turning to his brothers, Oon'nu and Viralistopheles. With a slight nod of intent to them and a sickly smile he started to depart, as he walked by the Tzeentch daemons he spat a gobbet of blood, pus, mucus, and saliva down on the ground next to them. "Lets see how tough you schemers are in battle." he said before leaving the room completely and heading back to the Garden.

At the Garden, Krankheit walked through the foliage of disease, the sickly sweet aroma of decay rose from the plants around him and he smiled in his moment of happiness surrounded by disease. A small nurgling appeared on a tree next to him, and Krankheit nodded to it. "Go and round up my followers and your brothers." he whispered to the nurgling. "Tell them to collect their favourite and most effective diseases for we soon break through to the real world to spread the gifts of our Grandfather. The nurgling made a happy confirming noise as it slips back through the foliage.

As he walked further down the path he came to his personal spot in the Garden. he looked at all his plants, he smiled to himself, Grandfather would be pleased he had successfully created a few necrosis diseases that he had been dying to try on humans after his last few died before he could cure them again. He ate and digested some of the putrid leaves creating new sacs of pus on his body. He looked down and checked that they were in place, and also refueled some of his other sacs of his favourite poisons, and grabbed a few more before attaching the fleshy hoses on his swords to two sacs and heading back to the entrance.

When he got to the entrance his group was already there and prepared for their incursion. Krankheit looked at the four plague bearers. They were slightly smaller and thinner than Krankheit and they only had a few sacs instead of Krankheit whose body was covered with giant sacs. Instead of sacs of already pre-made poisons the plague bearers had flesh pockets on their body where they had stored their own concoctions as well as some of his personal brews. Along with them were dozens of nurglings that ran like a carpet around the plague bearers. Krankheit knew that the nurglings would become useful when it comes to advancing on the enemies, they will do their duty on tying up the enemies, and also if it comes to it...and it always does...they would do their duty as meat shields for the plague bearers to get closer.

"Lets get going." He whispered before he started heading out, his disciples in tow...

The Undefeated 13th (SW) - W 3, L 0, D 2

The Swarm (Nids) - W 33, L 14, D 0

Da Waugh Squad (Orks) - W 5, L 9, D 2

The Gunline/Gundam Wing (Tau) - Under Construction
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Viralistopheles stood by Poxgiver, gently caressing him with his tentacles. Always agreeing with poxgiver. Though he did not know why the Tzeentch were allowed to live. He assumed Poxgiver was just being sneaky.

Viralistopheles just wanted to spread some plague around and agreed to the truce. He headed back to His personal Plauge wastes. A cesspool of waste the size of a lake. There were thousands of Nurglings swiming in his poxes. They swarmed when they saw Viralistopheles coming. Lifting him like a wave to the center of the bog of cesspools. There his minions were waiting for him, six beasts of Nurgle. Viralistopheles is proud of his beasts.

Summoning them up and Heading to meet his master, Viralistopheles takes on last look at his home, not knowing if he will ever return.

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