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Default A Life of Adventure(Action)

It would be a quiet night in the small town of Hiensburg. People would be settling down for the night. Men and Women are coming and going from the tavern ordering drinks and rooms. It was just the same as any other night. Except with one exception. About twenty minutes away from the town a large group of Gors and Ungors (Beastmen) are gathering for a raid on this isolated town. They would be preparing to break open the hate by cutting down a large tree and turning it into a battering ram. Back at Hiensburg a stranger wearing a long dark red trench coat and what appears to be a hat similar to the design of a witch hunter has just finished stabling his horse for the night at the Tavern. The Strange man then push open the door and walks inside his hat covering most of his face as he walks in and takes a seat in the corner of the tavern. On his person he has a long sword at his left hip, a short sword on his right and two pistols crossed on his chest. He remains seated and leans back against the wall as he waits to be served.

Aldegar: After a hard days working on the farm you have decided to go to the tavern to relax before you head home back to your family. While at the tavern you would be sat down with some of your friends, Nysard and Felix. You would also be talking to Alfred who is behind the bar serving you three your drinks. You would over hear some of the guards talking about the recent rumors of gathering beastmen but decided to pay no attention. You would then notice a rather strange man in a red trench coat and hat enter.

Alfred: You would be behind the tavern bat serving drinks and talking to the local patrons of the tavern. You father would also be busy serving drinks and you mother and sister in the back of the tavern cooking food for those who order it. You would see Aldegar enter the tavern and sit with Felix and Nysard and decide to go serve them drinks and talk to them. You would then notice a rather strange man in a red trench coat and hat enter, he would go and sit in the corner and waits for to to go serve him a drink.

Nysard: After a hard days working on the farm you have decided to go to the tavern to relax before you head home back to your family. While at the tavern you would be sat down with some of your friends, Aldergar and Felix. You would also be talking to Alfred who is behind the bar serving you three your drinks. You would over hear some of the guards talking about the recent rumors of gathering beastmen but decided to pay no attention. You would then notice a rather strange man in a red trench coat and hat enter.

Kai: After helping the new strange man dressed in red and wearing a odd looking hat finish stabling his horse he would give you a few coins and tells you to go get a drink for yourself in payment for helping him. He would then turn off and walks inside the tavern disappearing amongst the crowd. You can see your friends Felix, Aldergar and Nysard getting served by Alfred and decide to go over and join them in their drinking.

Kiera: It would be a quiet night at the towns temple. No-one had been brought in yet from getting into bar fights at the local tavern but it was only a matter of time before they started being brought in drunk and bloody from their brawls. You would be wondering around the temple when you stop a window on the second floor and look out into the forest. You can see camp fires in the distance, obviously come people camping out after now having made it to the town before the gates were closed. One of the other priestesses tells you to go and check the storage room and take a stock check of food and supplies incase they need to get some more tomorrow.

Merovech: You have just finished digging your last grave for today for an elderly man who had died at the age of seventy eight yesterday and his funeral would be tomorrow. After putting away your shovel and putting on your long over coat you decide you may aswell go and relax at the tavern. As you make your way down the hill from the cemetery you see some camp fires in the distance and just decide to ignore them as they are most likely travelers camping out.

Benepal: It had been a rather successful day hunting. You had caught 5 rabbits today and have taken them to the tavern where Alfred's father pays you a few coins for 3 of them and offers you a beer on the house before handing the 3 rabbits to his wife and daughter to prepare. You would take the other 2 rabbits back to your family after you have had a few drinks. You would then notice a rather strange man in a red trench coat and hat enter.

Felix: After a hard days working on the farm you have decided to go to the tavern to relax before you head home back to your family. While at the tavern you would be sat down with some of your friends, Aldergar and Nysard . You would also be talking to Alfred who is behind the bar serving you three your drinks. You would over hear some of the guards talking about the recent rumors of gathering beastmen but decided to pay no attention. You would then notice a rather strange man in a red trench coat and hat enter.

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It was a hard day at the farm, Nysard was working like a dog under the raging sun which burned his back, he was all sweaty and his muscles stretched. When evening came it was a relief, the sun went away and gave her place to the glowing moon. It was a nice night so he decided to go to the tavern with his friends. Nysard caught a table near the bar, then quickly Felix and Aldegar joined him. He saw Alfred serving drinks to the regular patrons, Alfred quickly noticed them and finished his business and went towards them. While he was walking towards them Nysard heard the guards talking about rumors that beastmen were gathering nearby, but he quickly dismissed the thoughts about this. Alfred reached them and after a friendly greeting Nysard said, "I will have a beer if you still have anything left after all this customers.", turning his head to his Aldegar and Felix he asked, "What would you order?". Nysard then noticed an odd looking man going through the door, he was wearing a red trench coat and also a hat. He was not one of the regular patrons and not many travelers were passing in this town. He then returned to his friends and asked, "What a day huh?"

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The white dress, slipped easily over her head, her limbs devoid of fatigue, full of life and vigour. It had been an easy day, the odd wound of a farmer stepping on a rake yet nothing more.

The night was just beginning, the usual mellee of horrors leering and sneering as they lolled drunkenly in there chair. Bloody noses, broken bones and the occassional gash of a knife or pistol wound.

Easy to deal with, much easier than a difficult birth, though without the joy of new life, the subtle triumph of overcoming yet another obstacle, of holding the bawling babe tightly in her arms. Watching the mothers face soften from agony to ecstacy as she held the child to her bosom.

Oh twas a wonderful thing.

She skipped down the stair two at a time the dress swishing round her ankles as she landed upon the rug, and the gentle weight of her golden tresses tickled her back. She faced the glasseless arch and placed her thin fingers upon the stone, cool to the touch, calming and soothing as looked out over the village. Of from the village over the forest, flickers of flame dancing within the deep boughs.

More than usual.

Must be lots of travellors locked out tonight. Another night on the road would be nothing to those weather beaten types.

On she went her delighted steps slowing to a more respectful gate as a priestess approached her and she stopped as the elder opened her mouth to speak

"Kiera, we need not your assistance for the moment, the healers are unoccuped, yet check the storage room. We will be going into town tomorrow"

She turned and walked away and Kiera rolled her eyes at her retreating back. She preffered to be out on the temple floor, even unoccupied she could talk to the other healers. Oh so much still to learn, in some ways she was still but a babe and in others she surpassed them.

They knew so much yet often those they thought were certain to die, were soothed and healed by Kiera's ministrations.

She was seen to be a talent, a possibility and a progidy, a last resort in essence and those who still got worse were often sent to her, to be seen into death or reborn to new life at her touch.

Her dainty footsteps echoed on the cobbles as she made her way towardsthe storage room.

An involuntary shiver racked her body and she frowned

something very bad was about to happen

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Merovech walked down the cemetery hill. The uneasy silence only broken by the crunching sounds of gravel under his boots. His long black over coat skirted around his ankles, creating a pleasant swishing sound. His long auburn hair gently blowing in the wind. Merovech pulled his over coat up a little and wrapped it around his body, it wasn't too cold, but years of poverty had made him dread the cold no matter how tolerant he was to it.

Stepping off the hill and into the village center he briefly wondered where he should go. He didnt feel quite like going home, and the last time he entered the Tavern he was meet with awkward silence and a short man that wished to have a go at him, no doubt to drunk to care about the Morr superstition, but he was Thirsty from his long day at work, and it would take more than one spawn of a dwarf to stop him.

His feet contiuned its long crunching trek and he stopped only once to look at the ominous red glow of the travelers fire, before turning back to the path to the tavern and continuing his trek.

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(Please dont hate my first time on this kind of RP)
Benepal stared down into the bottem of his empty mug. He knew he shouldn't be drinking, tomorow he would be shooting worse then a blind Ork but the bartender insisted and he didnt want to offend.

Gazing up from his mug he spotted the strange trenchcoat man in the corner, they didnt get many of his type around here Benepal suspected he might be a witchhunter back on the farm they got plenty of those....Always asking for directions to strange places. He was keeping an eye on him not because he suspected he was here to hurt people but because if this guy is anything like the Witchhunters that visisted the farm then he better keep the Drunks away from him least they want to end up with the healers in that temple up the hill.

Benepal got up from the table taking his bow with him and went outside "Just for a little while" he said to himself. It got so crowded and stuffy in there. Leaning on the taverns outside wall he observed the fires coming from the forests.
Good, he thought to himself the wildlife would flee from the fire's right into the hunting grounds.
The cause of the fires themselfs however were most likely Travelers, his father had just gone to see them, ask if they mabye wanted to trade some of todays catch for coins.

Something welled up in his gut he couldnt put a finger on it a feeling of some sort, or mabye it was just the Beers? Either way he didnt like this.

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Things a Guardsman would say
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Felix wiped the worst of the dust off his face as he headed towards the tavern. It had been a long, hard day and he wanted nothing more right now than to relax and drink with friends. As he opened the door, the familiar smell of beer and smoke hit him, the relaxing effect bringing a smile to Felix's face. He looked around and saw Nysard sitting at a table near the bar. He walked up him, grinning widely, hand extended. Soon after, Aldegar joined them and they sat together, waiting for Alfred. While they waited, Felix could hear some guards talking about the rumors of beastmen gathering nearby. Felix shook his head, wondering why the guards were always so paranoid despite the fact that nothing had attacked for a long while.

Alfred eventually came up to their table and greeted them, asking what they wanted. Nysard was the first to answer, commenting on the amount of pwople in the tavern. "What would you order?" Nysard asked them.

"Just a beer as well, don't need anything too heavy tonight," he laughed just sighting the man in the dark red hat and coat, laden with weapons. "Any good stories today Alfred? Have you had a chance to talk to that man yet or did he just arrive in town?"

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Things could not possibly get much worse, Sigmar be praised of small mercies on this night. Aldegar thought to himself, staring into the half-finished pint in front of him. This was to be his final night in Hiensburg, tomorrow he would travel with pa to the capitol of Nordland and enlist to join up with the marines as his father, and his father, and his father had all done before him. It was tradition, something that had been beaten into him as well as how to work the land right had been over these many seasons. There was nothing more that Aldegar could want; at least until he had met Kristen that is. She was Nysard’s sister, a true beauty that stole the look of many here at the inn; but by the grace of Sigmar she seemed to only have eyes for him, nothing more than a farmhand. They had fallen for each other two winters ago, and managed to keep their relationship mostly silent for the most part.

But now, now it was all about to come to an end; if his father had spoken true than he would not be returning to Hiensburg or at least not by choice. He would likely settle down somewhere else with someone else many seasons down the path. He didn’t want that though, he didn’t want just anyone; not when he loved Kristen as he did. That’s when Kirsten had spoken to him, had asked of him the thing that racked him so now. “Run away with me.” Four words, that’s all it had taken and now he was torn between the tradition of his family, or his true love. Worst of all, Kirsten was Nysard’s sister; how would the man feel after learning that his own friend had run away with his kin? He couldn’t tell anyone, she had already made him swear to remain silent, and he knew that if he left the parting would be a death to them both.

After some time sitting by himself, Aldegar noticed Nysard and Felix enter and motion him over to a table. Sighing, he downed what remained in his pint before nudging his head in the direction of his friends to Alfred, indicating that he was heading to the table and wanted another pint. "What a day huh?" Nysard muttered as Aldegar took a seat and the big man couldn’t help but take the line. “No worse than any other, but what would a dandy like you know about real work anyway?” He said with a smile before the answer to his dilemma came to the fore of his mind. He would run away with Kirsten, his love for her meant more to him than the tradition of joining the navy. They would see the world together, he already knew of work and that would be able to get them by; as long as they had each other that is all they would need.

"Just a beer as well, don't need anything too heavy tonight, any good stories today Alfred? Have you had a chance to talk to that man yet or did he just arrive in town?" Felix asked, and that’s when Aldegar actually noticed the unusual man. He hadn’t seen him in here before; definitely hadn’t seen him in town. Was he a traveler or something, maybe he’d be able to take him and Kirsten away or be able to share with them some idea of where to go. “Yeah Alfred, who’s that?”

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He was an odd looking man Kai thought. Looked more than capable of taking care of himself without the arsenal of weaponry he seemed to have on every part of his body. Kai had just finished stabling the newcomers horse when the man handed him a few coins and bade him to buy himself a drink. Kai instantly forgot his suspicions of the man in light of his generosity and quickly headed off to the tavern after the newcomer. He passed Benepal who was on his way out "After a bit fo fresh air? too much drink already?" asked Kai smiling as he entered the tavern. The tavern was busy as usual, guards talking of rumours of gathering beastmen, the stranger sat alone in a corner, most of the other townsfolk and sat around one table Kais friends. Jenna didn't appear to be inside either 'must be at home' he thought to himself. Shrugging he made his way over to his friends. "Yeah Alfred, who's that?" Aldegar said, "Witch hunter by the looks of him" Kai interjected "but by Sigmar i like him, paid me a handful of coin just for stabling his horse! Besides whats the conflicted look on your face for Aldegar? Looking forward to the navy that much" Aldegar was after all being sent to the marines much against his own choice, Kai could hardly blame him for looking slightly conflicted, 'must just be nerves' he thought.

"I'll pay for this round Alfred, may aswell make some use of this coin, haven't got long before i have to do this damned errand for the stablemaster" buying his friends drinks was part generosity, but mostly due to the fact that he would only have to turn the remaining over to his parents anyway when he got home. "Anyone seen where Jenna is by the way? thought she would be in here with all of you"
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Merovech pushed open the door to the noisy tavern. The light spilt froth from the door accompanied by warmth of the hearth greeted him. Merovech kept his face straight and did not show the relief of escaping the cold outside world. Stepping into the tavern his boots clunked against the floor, and some of the patrons stopped and looked at him in silence. He swore he spotted one man make the sign of sigmar for protection. “Bloody empire folks and their superstitions” brushing the thought aside he sat at a small table tucked into the back corner. Alone he leaned back into the chair to rest his weary back muscles. No matter how many times he has done it, digging a grave was always a draining experience. Under half closed eye lids, he glanced around the room recognizing a few of the patrons, Kai the stable boy and that farmer… Nysard was it? Well no matter, as long as the superstition of Morr held out he wouldn’t have to worry about drunks wanting to “tempt fate” no doubt trying to impress the homely tavern wench, on that note where was that women? He wanted a nice ale to sooth his back, but he couldn’t quite spot her.
Taking note of the large man in the corner with the weapons, Merovech examined him with a close eye. A tall man, not quite as large as him but tall none the less. From the weapons he carried he would have to be a trained warrior, but Merovech didn’t know much about the Empire military to place him, might just be a traveling merc, wasn’t his business.

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The strange man would remain sat in the corner of the room. His dark eyes peering out from under the shadow of his hat scanning everyone in the room looking for the one person he was here to find. Not finding them he motions to the bartender and orders a small flagon of ale to drink before shifting his attention back to the patrons.

Nysard, Felix, Kai, Aldegar: You are all sat around the table talking to Alfred and talking about the days work. You have no idea what the strange man in the corner is doing or who he is but you all suspect just a well armed traveling making sure he can get to his destination on him. You should all just get back to the drinking and talking but after awhile you all slowly get the feeling something isnt right here. Not expecting at all what will happen next.

Keira: You but your shiver down to the currently open windows throughout the temple which is keeping it very cool inside. After around fifteen minutes you have finished your stock taking and hand it to one of the sisters. The sister then tells you to go get some rest before more men from drinking to much come in with bar fight wounds. Not expecting at all what will happen next.

Benepal: The serving girl would bring you another beer which you had paid for before walking off back to the bar and taking some food to the others. You have decided to stay for another fifteen minutes in the tavern before heading home and getting some rest ready for tomorrow.

: The people of the empire as always act very strangely even though you have been staying with them for a few years now. The serving girl would bring you some food and another drink before walking off and talking to the strange man in red over in the corner before walking off to fetch him a drink.

Maxim: For the last hour you have been inside the tavern drinking and trying to catch up all of the serving girls who always seem to turn you down saying you are drunk. They keep telling you to go home and at the end of your hour at the tavern you decide to get up and leave to go rest for the evening. As soon as you get out side of the Tavern you see the sentry at the gate house fall off of it holding his neck.

Dyanah: After a long day you decided to go off to the tavern to do abit of volunteer serving work to earn yourself afew more coins. You would see a strange man in red enter and go and sit in the corner but think nothing off it. After an hour the man chatting you up finally gets the hint and decides to leave when he suddenly stops still in the door way with a look of pure horror on his face.

It has been fifteen minutes since the beastmen finished their battering ram and marched towards the town of Hiensburg. Once there they charge at the gate with their ram after taking out the sentry and start slamming it again the gate making alot of noise not caring if they alert everyone to their presence. After three more tries they manage to break open the gate and charge into the town roaring and calling out for challenges as they set about raiding and slaughtering everyone they can find.

Within the tavern everyone inside would hear they are under attack and try to get outside to see what by.

Those in the Tavern: You oddly notice that the strange man who arrived earlier remains completely calm while everyone else screams. Quickly you all turn and run out of the tavern to try and get to your families.
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