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Default A Life of Adventure(Recruitment)

Right, im restarting the roleplay again from the beginning to make everything much easier. Those who wish to join can do so, the following is the information on this roleplay. I will restart the action thread from the very beginning once all recruitment is done.


The Idea of this roleplay is slightly freedom based as the direction of which it heads depends on how the characters act and decide(you will have a bit of freedom in the roleplay in which direction it goes, but once that direction is chosen then i will put a storyline around it).

You are a group of friends who live in a village in the land of the Empire Known as Nordland. You and your friends have grown up together and the last 18 years of your life have been peaceful until one night the village is attacked by a small group of beastmen. Even though you and some other villagers survive your families weren't so lucky and were killed during the raid. You decide there is nothing left in the village for you anymore and decide to leave to explore the great wide world. You leave with your group of friends and head off into the wild and the rest of the world seeking adventure.

To begin with you will start off with the most BASIC of gear and weapons(which i will list) but as the story progresses and you earn gold you will be able to get better weapons. Magically weapons will be added in much much much later on when i decide to throw a powerful enemy at you, for example...a troll or ogre.

Your characters will all be HUMAN and will stay that way, you may get the chances later on to become something "more" like a chaos warrior or even a vampire, but that will complete depend on the roleplay you do and if you dont actively search for it.

1) NO GODMODDING, if you god-mod i will inflict a punishment upon you which will either be the death of your character or a terrible deformity or even mutation.

2) Please respect the other people who are playing the characters in the roleplay.

3) I want a MINIMUM of a 5 line paragraph per post. If you do not follow this rule then there will be punishments if the length of your posts doesnt pick up within 3 of my posts/updates.

4) No killing/maiming/torturing other players characters without their permission.

5) When creating your character use the character sheet below.

Character Creation: Remember no character should always be perfect. You can have flaws if you want, but i dont want to see someone who is epically handsome, strong or powerful ect.

Character Sheet:

Age: (Must be between 18-20 years old)
Appearance: This includes eye colour, hair colour, facial features ect. (This can be a picture you have found, if you dont want to a picture or cant find one then type up what your character looks like. Pictures that are posted can be accompanied by writing if you want to explore his looks some more)

Personality: I dont want to see people like "only speaks when spoken too" or "is always silent" because they are just boring. If you have flaws in your personality then it makes things fun.

Village Job: You can choose one of these if you wish, they are for characters who wish to be slightly 'specialized' when it comes to fight, but they wont be super strong or smart only 3 people can ask for a main village job, and their can only be one of each job, the main rule is first come first server but you need to ask ME for it. The village jobs are:

Blacksmith's apprentice
: You spent most of your days working with the local blacksmith making horseshoes and metal tools for working in the field. You are used to holding and using a hammer and your muscles are slightly larger than the normal villager due to hours and hours of hammering metal.

Small Game Hunter: You have spend most of your time on the outskirts of the village and slightly deeper into the forest around the village hunting small prey like rabbits, hairs, squirrels and wild birds. You are a reasonable shot when it comes to hitting small animals which are standing still.

Woodcutter: You spend most of your time on the outskirts of the village during the day cutting down tree's for firewood and building material. You are used to carrying around your woodman's axe and your muscle have grown slightly larger.

Background: You can include your job description in here aswell.

Weapons: Weapons will be only very basic but you can get different weapons later. You can choose from this list of weapons unless you are the: Woodcutter, Blacksmith, or Small Game hunter.

Weapon List: Small slightly rusted family blade, small hand axe, pointed stick/crude spear, butchers cleaver, knives, dagger.
Woodcutter weapon: Two-handed Woodman's axe.
Blacksmith: One(Or two) Blacksmith hammers.
Small Games Hunter: Oak bow and arrows.

Equipment: Your equipment will be basic. No plate mail or chain mail ect. More like leather boots and fur liked shirt, leather shirt and leggings ect. You also all MUST have the following: small tinder and flint box, rough woolen cloak, bedroll, backpack, and 1 man tent.

Im looking for around 5-7 people to join and that is the maximum.

1) Aldegar Vestergeist (Darkreever)
2) Alfred Wessen (Rodmillard)
3) Nysard R'lyeh (Komanko)
4) Kiera (Deathbringer)
5) Kai Stelios (Angel of blood)
6) Merovech Gilles (Traitorshand)
7) Benepal Brocksovinch (Samu3)
8) Felix Vonjaeger (CaptainFatty)

My character shall be up shortly as im remaking him and changing several things.

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I'll join in on this too, will post a bio up in a bit.
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Tossing up the character sheets of those you have listed as playing with the exception of deathbringer because I think he mentioned altering his character or something.

Originally Posted by me
Name: Aldegar Vestergeist



Aldegar is a heavier man, time spent as a farm hand toughening his features and tanning his skin to something more akin to leather. His weather beaten face is framed by a pair of green beady eyes, topped with a mess of mid length brown hair, and crudely kept stubble around his chin and jaw. The flesh of his arms are nicked with small cuts from various animal bites, plan spines, or testing the sharpness of a tool where needed; his hands receiving amongst the worst of this as well as heavy callousing.

Height: Five foot nine (one hundred eighty centimeters)

two hundred ten pounds (ninety five kilograms)

Personality: Aldegar is fairly simple, having lived a simple life as a farmhand for his family since he could walk. He is far from the brightest, and more often than not willing to start a fight in order to quiet down someone trying to act over on him. To say that he has gotten in trouble for knocking a few teeth out is no stretch of the truth, and to say the favour has never been returned before would equally not be a lie.

Aldegar is simple, easy to anger when he thinks someone is trying to act high and mighty with him even though they are the same, and a fair bit easier to tempt. A tad on the gullible side of life due to a life spent in or near the village not interacting with those who are less than honest. However, due to the trauma he suffered in being unable to help protect those he loved, Aldegar secretly desires to either butcher those responsible or at least die trying.

Village Job: Farm hand, was to join the Imperial Navy

Background: Aldegar comes from a long line of men in his family who began as farmers and then joined the Imperial Navy of the Empire. It was tradition for each man to learn the trades of his father, and then around his twentieth season he would join the marines as someone who could work hard, take punishment, and understood the value of hard work. The reward being to see the world, to earn your way, and pay back the land by keeping it safe from the vile beasts and horrors that would desire otherwise.

Aldegar is no different than any other member of his family, headstrong but a hard worker; things all but beaten into him over the years by his father like they were all but beaten into him by his father. On his last day in the village, it was attacked and though Aldegar did his best to protect those important to him, his ma and three sisters and the woman he loved enough to consider running away with; it was all for naught. Aldegar managed to survive the ordeal but not without losing all those he cared for; of all things, revenge and death fuel Aldegar though he does not care to admit it.

Weapon List: Hand axe and cleaver, neither of them are anything special and Aldegard is far from any master swordsman. Then again, a big, strong guy punching, clubbing, chopping, or stabbing you is probably not a great thing anyway.

Equipment: Aged leather jerkin and wool shirt, rough leather boots, worn down pants. Aldegar has a belt, one of a few momento's of his family, this one of his father; it is tanned bear hide with a back sheath for the knife and a goatskin pouch for water. In addition Aldegar has some tinder and flint, a rough woolen cloak, tent, and pack. (He's a farmhand, used to sleeping on rough, hard, or uneven ground with only his clothes for comfort.)
Originally Posted by Rodmillard
Name: Alfred Wessen
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 154 Lb

Appearance: Alfred is short, barely 5'6" tall, but is well muscled from carrying barrels up from the inns cellars. He has mousey brown hair which falls to his shoulders, but is usually tied back in a loose pony tail. His eyes are his most striking feature, being a deep sea green colour. Being from a (comparatively) wealthy family, his clothes are of good fabric, but practically cut and in muted colours.

Personality: Alfred always has a tale to tell that he overheard in the bar, or a new song he has heard (which he can repeat perfectly from memory, in a pleasant baritone voice); he is actually deeply insecure, and his constant jokes and tales are a coping mechanism to deflect attention away from himself. Much of his popularity with the local youths stems from the fact that he can usually sneak a flask of mead or a bottle of wine from his father's cellar when he thinks his parents aren't looking. The truth (which only his closest friends know) is that he secretly wants to become a bard, wandering the roads of the empire and literally singing for his supper. Although he mourns his parents, there is a tiny voice at the back of his mind which says "now is your chance..."

Village Job: Innkeeper's son

Background: Alfred had a very lonely childhood. He was an only child, and his parents both worked long hours leaving him alone upstairs while they served in the inn. He was bullied mercilessly by some of the other children, and indeed for most of his life he has had to put up with distasteful jokes about his height (did your mother **** a dwarf? you get the general idea).
When he was old enough, he started to help his father in the inn - at first just seeing to the guests horses, but later working in the kitchen and cellars. On his sixteenth birthday, his father hired a wandering bard to perform and threw a party for his coming of age. From then on, he worked behind the bar with his parents, serving customers and on occasion helping his father to break up fights - he was strong enough to pull fighters apart, and soon learned how to defend himself if someone pulled a knife.
Alfred was away from the village when it was attacked, bringing a wagon load of ale back from the brewer in the big town. When he saw the smoke he abandonned his cart and ran home with just his pack (by the time he thought to go back for it someone had stolen the wagon, along with its precious cargo). He tried to go into the inn to find his parents, but the heat was too intense. Some of the other survivors told him later that his parents had hidden in the cellar - which would have been a good idea, if the fire hadn't reached the kegs of liquor...

Weapons: Stout oak cudgel and a dagger
Equipment: leather boots, grey wool tunic and braes, beige linen shirt, leather apron, flask of spiced mead, small tinder and flint bow, black woolen cloak, bedroll, backpack, and 1 man tent.
Originally Posted by Komanko
Name: Nysard R'lyeh (:D)

Age: 19


Appearance: Nysard stands at about 5.7 ft,with a pretty muscly and athletic build he looks not to high but high enough to not look low. He has a long brown hair, but most of the time he combs his hair and forms a ponytail so it wont interfere with his work. Nysard has green eyes, and he grows a small beard which he loves to "pet" while he is thinking. Beyond that Nysard has a scar across his face from the left part of the forehead down to the lower right cheek. Most of the time Nysard wears a leather shirt and a fur jacket on top of it.

Height: 5.7 ft

Weight: about 75 kg ( I think its ok)

Personality: Nysrad speaks his mind most of the time and wont hide what he feels about a certain thing or about someone. He is a fun man to be with and he trusts easily. Generally Nysard is a good person, which will help someone in need. Except that Nysard wont agree to do a job for someone without getting paid unless he knows this man or woman very good.

Village Job: Woodcutter

Background: Nysard R'lyeh was born and raised in the same village as his parents, the same village which the story takes place. He always liked sports and it didn't matter to him if he wins or loses. He treated sports as fun and not as a competition most of the time. The formal education that he had was from his parents which taught him how to read and write and various other things. As soon as he was in age, his father took him to work with him in the woods, as it was a tradition in the family. since the age of 15 he worked with his father in the woods, at first it was hard for him, but as time went on he grew stronger and the work became easier and faster, But one day there was a raid on the village. A group of beastmen attacked the village laying waste to the village and killing his mother, while that happened Nysard and his father were in the woods. They heard a loud noise from the direction of the village so they ran over there to check whats happening just to see the village aflame. As they approached the village a bestman attacked them, the vile beastmen which carried the mark of chaos undivided on him impaled his father on his horns, piercing him in the hard and killing him instantly. In a rage unknown to him Nysard lifted his axe and slashed at the beastman dismembering his arm, the beastman yelled with pain but was still alive and with a swing of his arm his slashed half of Nysards face leaving a nasty and big scar in the shape of three straight lines. Nysard didn't feel any pain and with rage he lifted his axe again and decapitated the beastman. Only after the killing Nysard rage left and the pain began, he was about to go and help the rest of the village but something hit him strongly in the head and he passed out. The next thing he knew was that he waked up near his dead father in the next morning. He mourned his family for a while but then decided that there was nothing left for him at the village so he and some friend formed a party and decided to strike out on their own, and see where destiny will lead them.

Weapons: Father's woodcutting two handed axe and a small knife.

Equipment: Leather boots, leather pand and leather shirt, also he wears a fur jacket. Small tinder and flint bow, rough woolen cloak, bedroll, backpack, and 1 man tent.

So rodmillard and Komanko, if your making any changes to your characters then shoot me a PM so I can remove what I ave quoted above.

Damnation is paved on good intentions; subtle and sugar coated or blunt and honest
A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down.
Popularity is what people strive for when they lack the strength to be themselves.

Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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Name: Kai Stelios

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearence: Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Handsome, with a rogueish smile. Of an athletic build, not over muscular but still quite well defined. Not from a well off family, his clothes tend to be of the standard village wear of a shirt and plain trousers.

Height: 5"10

Weight: 90kg

Village Job: Stable boy

Personality/Background: Kai spent almost his entire life in the village having only been to the near towns a few times. He and his twin sister Jenna were inseperable as they grew up, both popular and well liked by most of the village they would often be found organising the social events or genrally joking about. Kai himself being quite handsome is often teased by his closest friends as being a 'pretty-boy' and his good looks are all he can fall back on in life were anything to happen. Always up-beat and trying to keep his friends humours up, even in the years when the harvests were particularly bad or on the busy work days at the height of summer. One day though on his way back to the village from one of his rare trips to the local towns he instantly saw thimgs were wrong. Smoke was billowing on the horizon. As he urged his horse over the crest of a hill he saw the village aflame and bodies everywhere. He raced into the village and dismounted from his horse which instantly bolted away. His house was one of the few not on fire and he eagerly ran in to see if his family were safe. Both his parents had been brutally murdered though. As Kai broke down he realised Jenna was nowhere to be seen. He checked all the bodies he could find but Jenna was not amongst them. In the aftermath Kai joined up with his surviving friends to see where fate would take them, with the hope that somehow Jenna somehow survived the attack.

Weapons: From the wreckage of his home he managed to find his fathers old sword from his army days, the years have taken their toll on the sword however and is nothing impressive. He also carries a small dagger hastily strapped to his boot.

Equipment: Simple cloth trousers, leather boots, plain shirt with a simple leather vest. Basic backpack with a rough woolen cloak, bedroll, 1 man tent and a small tinder and flint box.

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No changes needed, thanks DR\Arkreever wanted to do it but came home only now

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description whore
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Name: Kiera
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tall and slender with flowing blonde hair, her slightly elongated hawkish nose dominates light features making her face look slightly arrogant and sour. Her eyes are tawny brown and contrast deeply with the lightness of her pale moonlight skin

Personality: A starry eyed romantic she is shy of her love, her fantasy figures the princes from her novels, knights on white horses brave and chivalrous. She has grown up in a sheltered existance shoruded from the weights of the world, her dreams fufilled in healing and novels. Thus she cannot understand violence and hatred, the beastman attack leaving her shocked and shaken yet undoubtedly alive. Her feelings at the moment are a muddle, her pure heart and eutopian virtues fighting loss grief and bitter hatred.

She is quiet essentially yet when spurred she will not hold back and the words tend to burst from her in a frenzy of passionate emotion.

Her build is slender, leggy in fact yet she walks with a strange gait, huddled as if under some great weight.
Height:5 foot 8

Background: Born, orphaned in the Shallya temple, her mother came having been abandoned by her husband, who left the village to find fame and fortune. Her death during child birth left Kiera orphaned upon the hands of the Shallya. However she was not sent to the orphanages or placed upon the streets, she was taken in by one of the priestesses who was barren, though desperately craved a baby.

Thus Kiera was raised as a Shallya, a healer and midwife throughout her short life. She has been trained to despise battle and war, yet it surrounds her and engulfs her very life. She has never taken a life, nor eaten meat and thus she is as pure as a new born babe.

She is also unwillingly and unwittingly able to tap into the winds of magic in order to heal wounds. Hidden away within the temple they are not aware of her small gift, yet sometimes when desperate, when all hope has gone, her patients will take a sudden turn for the better, there wounds healing or fevers passing away.

Yet questions have begun to dabble about the world outside, why do men make war? what of her true father? Its mysteries taunt her yet still her dedication and devotion mean it would take a big push to steal her away.

An even bigger one to force her to harm a living creature be it man beast or pure evil

Weapon List: A small knife, used to cut vegetables

Equipment: A water bottle, bandages and a variety of poultices and other substances for the healing of wounds

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig

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Got enough yet's and thus's in there deathbringer?

Damnation is paved on good intentions; subtle and sugar coated or blunt and honest
A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down.
Popularity is what people strive for when they lack the strength to be themselves.

Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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(Hope its ok if I hop in, if not than that’s cool. I am new to this site, but I have alot of experience in Rping)

Name: Merovech Gilles
Nickname: Mero
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Village Job: Gravedigger
Appearance: A tall lean man almost scarecrow like with deep brown, inquisitive eyes, shaded by eyebrow length auburn hair, and a dark 6 o’clock shadow. A large scar given to him by the Beastigor, that lead the beastmen that destroyed his village, runs down his face starting at the top of his eyebrow and running down to his chin. Mero was never an attractive man being amazingly plain looking. From his humble background he has shabby clothes that are old and worn, any other clothes he may have had went up in smoke and flames.
Height: 6’4
Weight: 185
Background: Mero is a bretonnian. Mero’s parents tired of the mistreatment and poor living conditions, fled to the Empire. How they ended up far north into Nordland is unknown, and Mero tends to try not to think of his time in Bretonnia. Mero moved to Nordland around twelve and has enjoyed it ever since. At times during great stress his Bretonnian accent comes through which he is embarrassed by as the other empire children used to tease him. Due to his job as the village gravedigger and scarecrow like appearance, he was avoided by other villagers their superstitions about Morr never helping Mero is his quest for friendship.

His parents were very poor and had been since they arrived. They lived off of Meros income as Mero has had the Gravekeeper job since he was a child. When the beastmen came Mero was digging a grave, for one of the old farmers who had passed away. Hearing the screams from the village he turned shovel in hand just in time to spot a vicious little ungor charging at him with his shabby spear. Using his superior arm reach he swung the shovel at the side of the ungors face and a resounding ring filled the air knocking it off its feet. Moving with clumsy motions he placed the tip of the shovel at the ungors throat and stomped on the shove edges, removing the ungor’s head. The blood gushed out in large quantities and in stunned silence Mero realized what was happening, and still couldn’t fully believe it. Turning prepared to charge into the village to save his family he was instead met with a blinding slash of metal and a scream which he later recognized as his own. Stepping backwards as the hot blood streamed down his face he tripped and tumbled backwards into the grave he had just dug. Before his world turned black he saw his assailant; the large ugly beastigor grinning down at him, the butterfly axe in his hand held victoriously above his horned head.

When he awoke, he was in the inn with his left half of his face bandaged up. Moving with slow concentrated movements trying to reassess his depth perception, he stumbled to his house and found only smoking ruins. Falling to his knees he let out a scream of anguish vowing forever to fight evils that he could find, to avenge the death of his family, so that one day he could join them with his head held high.

Personality: Calm and observant. Despite having been a peasant in Bretonnia, Mero has a huge amount of pride and dignity. Mero has a good sense of humor and tries to make people like him, he tends not to share about himself preferring to listen and enjoy pleasant conversations, and will avoid any deflect questions directed about himself. He has a deep hatred of knights no matter the country. Thanks in no small part to the Bretonnian upbringing. He is extremely loyal to those that accept him, and although he never shows it, he has a huge self-worth complex, and always accepts challenges to prove himself to others and himself.

Weapon: Hatchet, and old rusted dagger, with a castle symbol engraved into the handle given to him by his father
Items: small tinder and flint box, worn black shirt, plain gray pants, black leather boots, Gray woolen cloak, bedroll, backpack, and 1 man tent.

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If its Possible I can play I will put up a Small one and Expand on it if you guys are interested.

Name: Benepal Brocksovinch

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance : He Is a painfully thin yet tall man with short brown hair cropped at the back. His face shows sign of a long perminat scar that run's horizontally across the left side of his face you can determine that this looks most likely like an weapon wound. He has a dark tanned skin tone and strange black eyes.

Height: About a Meter and a half

Weight: 194

Job: Hunter/Gatherer (The Small game hunter)

Personallity: Benepal is not people person he spends most his time working and is rarly seen in the village as he is always in the woods hunting with his father. He is a series and stern person but pride's himself on his ability to shoot (Bow wise). What many people dont know is that the man is petrified of running water and refuses to go anywere near rivers or lakes.

Backround: Benepal was born into a poor family who could only make ends meat by hunting what lived in the forests around their home once upon a time he had many brothers seven of them to be precise they lived in the middle of no-were and ran a farm of sorts the nearest village was a week by cart. Together his family worked the land many nights going to bed without dinner but they were happy just to be at peace. Until they came horrible twisted men found them marauders like no other they were accompanied by huge towering men and creatures not of this plane of existence. They Took everything from him His brothers tried to fight, tried to hold them back..... they were butchered his father his mother and himself ran for their lives there home burring behind them. But some had followed them and found them crossing the river bank to safty Benepal to this day does not recall the events of that hour it went so fast all he could remember is his mother being hit with an arrow, she fell he tried to save her but she was gone. His father saved him dragged him from the waters and to the other side, together they ran, ran for what felt like an eternity before they found the village known as Nordland were they settled he made friends with some of the other villagers but mostly kept to himself.
Now his only wish is to one day rise and find the men that took his families life from him Revenge.

Weapon: Just his hunting tools two small daggers hand me downs from his father (although in there condition there really only suited to cooking use) and a fine long bow that he made himself.

Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 View Post
It's called a meltagun because "microwave over gun" is retarded

Things a Guardsman would say
" Why do the Orks have one of our Basilisks?"
" Quick get that spotlight over here if our lasguns can kill then that mean's it must be a template weapon!"
" Lighter, X ray, tanning machine dang weres the kill setting on this lasgun?"

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only need 1 more person then ill restart action thread from the beginning.
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