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Icon Ordo Xeno

Right all this is my new role-play based upon the ordo xeno.

Thilax is a system on the outer edge of the Segmentum Tempestus. It is rife with xeno technology mostly old Eldar artefacts. A exploration team after receiving some strange xeno signals started to dig in the Eastern Hemisphere, a giant forest that covers most of the planet, apart from the two sprawling hive cities, have uncovered some unknown artefact, believed to be a webway gate. They disappeared before any communications could be sent on what it was, and the Ordo Xeno was informed off their disappearance. Inquisitor Alice Folan was sent to investigate. The players will comprise of a team of storm troopers, with two being deathwatch space marines that have been selected to join her.

Character sheet:
Background Information:

For example my charcter is:
Name: Inquisitor Alice Folan
Age: Classified
Appearance: Around 5"9. She has bright green eyes and blonde shoulder length hair.
Wargear: Power armour, Bolt pistol and a power sword. (No powerfists unless your a space marine)
Background Information: Alice grew up in the slums of hive city Primarius on the planet of Holax. When she was in her late teens, she was a leader of a small gang. During this time Primarius black market was full of xeno weapons, and the Ordo Xeno dispatched a experienced Inquisitor, Inquisitor Sol. He actually completed his mission which involved a firefight in the slums, during which Alice's gang was wiped out, a target of the xeno technology. Alice survived by pure luck and Sol took her with him and started her training.

She is a young inquisitor and has had very few missions, though she has fought alongside the Deathwatch, and the mission is top priority hence the two members of the deathwatch fighting alongside her.

I want about 4-6 stormtroopers and the two deathwatch members.

Deathwatch members are taken by: Dark Angel and deathbringer.

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Name: Christine Stantinus

Age: 28

Appearance: A woman, about 5'7" tall. She has dark brown, long hair (reaches her hip) and a completely scarless face.

Wargear: Standard Carapace armour, with white clothing underneath, Hotshot lasgun with scope for more long range fighting, combat knife, Hotshot Laspistol, frag and krak grenades

Background Information:Christine was raised by her grandparents, since both her parents were murdered by robbers. At the age of 5 she already decided she wanted to join an army. She still wasn't sure which one, since for a child her age they all seemed the same.

When she passed the stormtrooper programme she was glad. She has only had one mission before this one, which involved killing a Daemon Prince. Due to her daring deed of acting like bait they were able to kill it. It did give her some credits among the other stormtrooper. The damage on her armour wasn't fixed, as a memory to her first mission and the daring deed.
Other: Christine is daring and does what has to be done. She doesn't trust anybody right away. She'll only trust those who have proven themselves trustworthy.

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Name: Unknown, goes by moniker 'Shadow'
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Unknown, 'Shadow' never removes his armour in the presence of others. Some have suspected mutation due to this but he regularly passes purity tests dispelling those rumours until they surface again.
Wargear: Modified Hellgun named 'Lancer'. 'Lancer' is armed with a sniper scope and a modified firing chamber that allows long range fire with more powerful bursts in succession.
Background Information: 'Shadow's past is mostly unknown, many rumours circulate such as him growing up in a Hive, some even say he was born on a Chaos tainted world and remained pure. 'Shadow' himself does nothing to dispel this. He has taken many missions with the Ordo Xenos, some notable achievements being assassinating the Ork Kommando Nob Sneaka-Stabba before he could murder another Stormtrooper squad, putting down the Cult of the Crimson Tide with a single shot, igniting gas canisters to explode the entire district, and surviving a cave-in during the purge of a Necron tomb, during which he remarkably showed no fear.
Other: 'Shadow' is remarkably silent, never speaking a word unless necessary, preferring to answer orders with curt nods and questions with stoic silence. His armour is typical Inquisitorial Stormtrooper armour but with a painted white skull on the helmet. There is also a series of scratches on the shoulder pad, under the Inquisitorial symbol, these are suspected to be tallies for each notable kill he achieves.

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Name: Rakarn Garad, prefers to be called 'Drake'.
Age: 43
Appearance: Drake, while 43 years old, appears quite young due to the technology of the Imperium. 2 tatoos of a dragon are on each arm, the right blue, and the left red, their tails entwined around his throat. His head is bald, and his face gaunt. His expression is usually lifeless.
Wargear: Solomon wields a long-blade in close-combat, inherited from his father who was a prominent leader on the now-destroyed planet Garad. He wears standard carapace armour, and a hellgun. In addition, he has several krak grenades.
Background Information: Drake grew up training under his father in the Garad style, until the world was invaded by Chaos. The Imperial Guard became dogged down in trench warfare, and many Garadian soldiers died just to hold the land they had. Following the summoning of daemonic forces however, the remaining civilians were evacuated, before being searched for heretical taint. Shortly afterwards, an exterminatus was ordered on the planet, destroying the whole world before the daemons could gain a foothold.

Drake was a mere child then, and he was taken in by the Schola Progenium, with his fathers blade, left back home while he fought with his great weapon against Chaos, his only possession. He excelled enough in the stormtrooper program, utterly indoctrinated, to become Inquisitorial stormtroopers. Until recently, he served with an Inquisitor Farrius, until, the Inquisitor, his rival, and almost all of the Inquisitors and all of the rivals servants were killed. Now, Drake has been assigned to assist Inquisitor Folan, his experience and skill deemed useful for the mission. Drake seems to feel little to no sorrow about his former masters death, and is quite pragmatic. The dead will be dead, after all.

Writer of crappy fics, I hope you might derive some enjoyment from them.

FictionPress.com: For original stuff.

FanFiction.net: For stuff that is part of an established universe.

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I might as well, I have alwas wanted to play a Guardsmen

Name: Mikael "Wolverine" Angelo

Age: His age was lost in Imperial Records, When he was first taken to the Schola Progenium, He came up as 'Decieced'. Nowadays, He jokingly says that Age doesn't matter if, in the eyes of the Emperor, he is dead.

Appearance: Mikael Stands at around six foot even. He has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. His body type is like that of a normal Stormtrooper. Large biceps, thick thighs, six-pack, and overall slightly larger than an average human, mostly impart due by the inhancements and implants that Stormtroppers recieve. He is a bit baby faced though, mostly impart because he shaves off any facial hair he might have.

Wargear: Carapace Armor, 'Hot-Shot' Lasgun or Grenade Launcher (depends on what we need), Frag Genades, Combat Knife

Background Information: Mikael was raised in the Slums after being orphaned by his mother, a Brothel worker. He grew up on Violence, Drug dealing, and arms trading. He raised himself mostly, Living off whatever money he could steal, or earn, weather it be legally, or illegaly. By the time he was old enough to enlist, he did, In part to escape the Life he once had, but also too see the galaxy and make something of himself. Whilst in training, his sergeants where impressed by his combat ability, and his ability to preform in secret, though the latter was discovered not during Basic training. Both of these attributes where what got Mikael sent off to the Schola Progenium to Train as a Stormtrooper.

Other: Mikael is trained to use a Lasgun like most, but He is also trained to use a Grenade Launcher. But most of all, he has learned how to use some Xeno technology, mostly impart due to a mission-gone-wrong that he does not like to talk about much. This fact is something he keeps to himself mostly, and would only call apon this knowledge in a dire situation.

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My first post but seemed like a fun one to play.

Name: Cain McDowd


Appearance: 5'11 with a slightly thinner but muscular build. Medium length jet black hair and frost blue eyes. A moon shaped scar looping the outside of his right eye socket as well as scars from the blades, shrapnel, and claws of enemies fought on his home planet of Helion (a death world spotted with hive cities).

Wargear: Black Carapace armor with a blood red uniform under, Bolter (with a solid stock for easier wielding) Large combat knife (about the size of a large bowie knife), Frag & Krak grenades.

Background: To some extent a delinquent youth spent most of his time growing up in the slums earning money in pit fights. Hitting adulthood he was pressed into imperial service. This is where he came into his own. The guard satisfying his love for combat and competition, but he also found purpose believing fully in the Imperial cause. Its this strong belief and his deeds in combat that lead him to be plucked from the guard and tossed into the Schola Progenium Storm Trooper program.Still fresh out of training when compared to others in this unit but that will not stop him from performing his duty. Its just not in him as a soldier to ask why he was selected for special detail with Ordo Xenos or why he was placed under the command of Inquisitor Folan but has decided there are worse places he could have been assigned.

Other:He is a relaxed and soft spoken young man who would not think twice to lay his life on the line for his imperial brothers and sisters. Also taking his duty very seriously meticulously cleaning and maintaining his gear. He has never in his career faltered in the line of duty never hesitating to execute his orders with lethal and calculating precision. A position held by him has never fallen and any attack he has led was never allowed to fail.

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5 people already?! Didn't expect it to fill this quickly but if deathbringer and dark angel get their marines up soon i can start the action thread by the end of the weekend. By the way you are all in. Masked Jackal could you change it to a single blade not two thanks. Oh and Gorechild you aren't a Kasrkin but an imperial stormtrooper. If you could just tweak your background and armour a bit to fit that would be great.

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I assume their is room for one more, if so I will take that spot.
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There is room but after that no-one else to join as i will close the recruitment thread once necrosis posts his character and deathbringer and dark angel post their marines.

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Name: Sileven Rai
Age: 27
Appearance: Sileven is about average height and average weight; she has a light blonde and slightly white hair colour. She also has green eyes. Yet what sets her apart is her body colour. It looks similar to that of a dead person giving her a white and colorless skin. This is due to her home world that she was born on.
Wargear: Carapace armour, Hot-shot Las gun, Hot-shot Las pistol, frag and krak grenades, close combat knife.
Background Information: Sileven was born on planet Vixicus III. The planet sun emitted an unusual type of radiation. This caused everyone born on Vixicus III skin colour to look that of a dead person. When Sileven never knew her parents and was sent to Schola Progenium at a young age. As far as she remembers she was always at Schola Progenium. She is silent and cold, usually not being talkative to others, as others are usually not very talkative to her.
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