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Default Mark of Chaos

In the large voidness of space appeared a small chaos battle barge. The ship enjoy slowly came to life as it hid behind an uninhabited moon. It had about only 50 chaos space marines yet it had a large number of cultist and several traitor guards. Even worst was it had even a few Orkz and even a Dark Eldar aboard. Nearby this damned ship was an Imperial world. It held five important locations. If any of them were destroyed it would deliver a crippling blow to the Imperial Defense.

There was the spaceport which was probably the most heavily guarded due to all the nearby ships. Destroying the spaceport would cause confusion among the Imperium and make it easier for the forces of chaos to strike. Then there was the planetary defense cannon. Able to shoot down large ships and even fire down on the ground killing anything it hit. Capturing and holding this weapon would be nearly impossible due it large number of Tech Priest and Veteran Guardsmen who protected it. Even some space marines and sisters were stationed to protect it. But destroying it would be much easier and would be a crippling blow to the Imperial defenses.

Then there was the Imperial Guard Command Base. Which has a vast amount of guardsmen and high ranking officers ready for battle at a moment notice. Yet there weakness was there moral. A large number of these guardsmen were former prisoners. To make matters even worst they were also usually neglected by the rest of the planet due to the Space Marines and Sisters of Battle who were also stationed on the planet. Destroying this base would cause the number of chaos followers to rise and would also deliver a crippling blow to the guardsmen on this planet.

The Sister of Battle also had there own base. Not as large as the guardsmen base but still pretty large. This base was also similar to the guards. It had large numbers and high ranking sisters. Yet there weakness was there own zeal. Any attack of a nearby city would cause a large number of sisters to leave the base to put the attack down. This would give attackers a window of opportunity to attack. Destroying this base would cause everyone but the space marines moral to drop.

Last base was the space marine training center. Full of scouts and veterans who were constantly training to become full fledge space marines. Although have the smallest numbers they could still fight off entire armies. It would take a well planned assault to defeat the space marines. Yet it would be possible to convince the marine’s new recruits to join chaos. This would greatly increase the power of chaos fighting ability.

The war master look down to the planet in his battle barge thinking where to strike first. There were twos gap in the Imperial defense and right now he could launch two attacks. One of the space marines training center and the other on the sister of battle base or the war master could combine his troops into one powerfully attack.

((OOC: Everyone else you can start off in your own quarters or you can go see the war master to see what is going to happen next.))

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Zek walked onto the observation deck, standing just behind the warmaster. Azaulathis, his ancient demon weapon, shivered in it's scabbard, eager to be unleashed and fed. Zek stroked the weapon's hilt, soothing the demon trapped inside.

"My lord." said Zek, placing emphasis on the upstart's new title. The former Thousand Son had little time for the newer Hosts, preferring to fight alongside his brothers from the most honored of Magnus's host.

"The sensorium slaves inform me the planet is in range. Landing craft are being assembled. They await your orders."

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

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Approaching the command center, Reinal removes his helmet as the door's open before him. Saluting, he approached the Warmaster and the elder sorcerer. "Sirs, I have been examining the major objectives on this planet. It seems that the best way to assault the Adepta base will be to draw them out by playing to their overzealous nature. I recommend that the nearest cities power generators be attacked before the assault on the base. This will cause confusion and discord among the civilians drawing their law enforcement and the Adepta into the streets to quell the riots. Under this cover a force may be deep struck into the base to clear out the remaining defenders allowing it to reinforcements to be brought in to occupy it."
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Lucifer shifted in the dark of the bridge watching the marines below him. As of now he was on the cieling using his power claws to hold tightly to the metal. He recognized the sorceror but couldnt put a finger on who he was, but knew that he had most likely been around since before the heresy and as for the other whelp he wished he could kill him right now but he needed more information first. He lightly dropped from the ceiling and landed behind the three of them. He lightly bowed before the warmaster, "Warmaster, I ask for you to employ me to scout out the Imperial defences." He nodded at the sorceror and sent a message with his mind knowing the sorceror would hear it, well met brother, we must talk.

Here is the beginning of my fluff for my Iron Warriors Eighth Grand Company

"A fortress is a living thing: the commander its brain, the walls its bones, the sensors its eyes and ears, the troops its blood, their weapons its fists. This tells us two things: If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone."
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Zek raised his chin imperceptibly, suddenly aware of the Raptor's touch.

"I take my leave, lordship." he said, turning from the rapidly growing view of the planet and walking toward the door. As he passed the marine who had used the mind-speech he replied.

Indeed? Then we shall talk.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

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Default Meanwhile @ the Librarium...

"Honoured Librarian, the Liber Mortis is quite clear in these matters, despite your feelings this is quite unavoidable..."

Brother Captain Otto knew when Master Librarian von Krowley would allow such discussions, but von Krowley dreaded what would come next, more than any other thing in all of the blessed emperors creation...

"I will have another 72 hours for the astropathic choir to verifiy your suspicions Brother-Captain, I have faith the Bundeskreig will make an unfashionably late arrival."

Standing near the chapter's Librarium on this world staring at the calm night sky, he recounted the roll of battle, the Chapter had 4 companies tied up in the expedition that what about to be declaired officially warp-lost. Although he held a third of the chapter under his command on their refitting and training cycle, the 1st company, along with a disturbingly big chunck of the chapters resources had just gone awol.

If luck held out he might be able to go find a horde of problems to fend off for the glorious death he prays for every morning, if not, he would have much worse problems to deal with than simply waiting....

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Hrex Tzarls was so busy studying star charts that he didn't even notice the Warmaster enter. After a few moments he accidentally detected his mind and shot to his feet in a flash, giving a smart salute and a cheery smile. Even his dark, spiky hair seemed to stand up more as if by magic.
"Forgive me my Lord I wasn't aware of your presence. I have been busy organising the threats of the planet into a rough guide of what I estimate to be the most dangerous. Foremost among them is the Planetary Defence Cannon. It is far too well defended to capture though we could destroy if we use a sneak attack and spread our forces wide." Tzarls passed the Warmaster a data slate containing the information he collected before giving another smart salute. "I have a good feeling about this mission. . ."

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REethalor watched the planet through a window on the command deck. He listend to Zek and nodded that he had heard him, when Zek had left he started to think about witch target to strike att first. Reainals idea wa sa good one, but he did not decide yet.
When walked to Hrex Tzarl he noticed that Hrex was very busy studying star charts that Rethalor could alost enter unoticed. When Trex had noticed him he listned what Trex said and took the data slate.
''I think your idea could work, Trex. But we need some one to scout before we attack''
He then left Trex and started to look for Lucifer, remembering he had said something about scouting imperial lines.

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Mordeth Kriss opened his eyes. The soothing sound of the engine filled his ears, and the smooth vibrations made him want to close his eyes and fall back in slumber.
But he knew that would never do. Not if he ever wanted to taste the sweet revenge he would claim from those that slighted him.

With a groan, he rose from his bed, and told his retainer, a tall Dark Eldar like himself, named Hauclir, a former low-born now pledged to Mordeth's service, to help him on with his armour. This done, he and Hauclir left the cabin they shared, and made their way to the bridge.
At the bridge, he spotted the warmaster stand with a few other people, some he recognised, some he didn't. Not that it mattered. Those of consequence he would get to know soon enough.
He silently made his way towards them, and after greeting the warmaster, simply stood there silently, with his retainer behind him, looking for possible threats to his life.

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Lying in his bunk snoring, Da Git was startled awake by the sound of footsteps outside his door. Letting off a round from his gun, he shot upright.
"Woodere, woodere?" he bellowed.
Staring around wildly for a moment, he wondered how he had got there.
Oh yeah, the job. For dose spiky buggers. Oh well, might as well go back to sleep.

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