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Descent into Hell

Inquisitorial Notice

The rouge priest “Christopher the Lightbringer” and his folowers has declared open rebellion against the Imperium!!!

By order of:

Inquisitor, Cortez
Inquisitor, William, the Ironheart

As of:

M41, ######

Christopher the “Lightbringer”, formerly a priest of the Imperium, is declared a heretic. He is wanted dead or alive. By order of the inquisition, any who have information relating to this man or those loyal to him, or information that could lead to their capture, should report this information to their local officials at once.

Thought for the day: The emperor is always watching


The inquisitors pace up and down the cabin of the Valkarie

“Each of you have been hand picked for this series of missions.”

Sais Cortez.

“Each of you have specific skills that will be required to complete the tasks ahead. The main war will be fought by the arbites and PDF, we on the other hand, will be infiltrating the heretics directly, striking deep into their territory and carving out the heart from within. It is our mission to kill this “Lightbringer”

William speaks.

“Elysia, the planet with the highest percentage of converted individuals will be our focus. As of now, it is the planet we believe him to be hiding on. He was last seen in the capital city, named “Eilzen” The heretics have congregated around and in the city. The main areas of resistance from them are the Arbite precinct headquarters, and the city center which houses the local PDF detachment.”

Cortez interrupts.

“The PDF is at the moment distracted however with the matter of weeding out heretics within its own ranks. Should we be able to assassinate their leader, the heretics will be disorganized and fall like dominoes. The heresy on the other planets is minimal, they will be weeded out once the main body has fallen.”

Green lights blink on by the doors of the Valkarie

“Last check! Everyone has a grav chute? Good!”

You line up as the doors open, the inquisitors behind you. One by one in quick succession you leap out falling into the city.

You land in a now ruined building that by the looks of things once contained a metalworks. A few hundred meters away a mob of about 20 heretics can be seen haphazardly stomping thru the rubble. One of them spots you and they begin to move in your direction…

"A true king is never alone, his will is equal to the will of all of his followers."
-Alexander the Great, kind of
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Urudiah Valgar landed first and rolled as he hit the ground to absorb the shock. Standing within the building ruin, he noticed a group of around two dozen heretics charging towards their position. Looking to Wrath (His Evisorator), he counter-charged the mob. Others landed behind him and followed in a similar suite.....

"You doubt my loyalty to the God-Emperor? How dare you accuse me of consorting with Daemons!"
- Crimson Fists

Pedro, once the most feared Daemon in the Warp, why not drop in and say hi to the retired Daemon and his mates?
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William landed lightly on his toes, the anti-gravity systems in his armor setting himdown softly. Cortez lands next to him and takes his weapons out. As William takes hold of his mace and inferno pistol he looks at Cortez,"I will take two of our group around and attempt to find a seperate way into the traitor's harrem." he turned and looked at the group that just landed, "Sisters Ravier and Epsilon! With me!" he didnt wait for them answer and he ran off into a blackened building.

Here is the beginning of my fluff for my Iron Warriors Eighth Grand Company

"A fortress is a living thing: the commander its brain, the walls its bones, the sensors its eyes and ears, the troops its blood, their weapons its fists. This tells us two things: If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone."
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Jedon giggled as he landed on his backside on the jump down. He saw the Heretics and acted quickly, leaning on all fours and licking the ground.
"Don't worry Inquisitors there are no Heretics here." The Sanctioned Psyker said loudly before getting up and looking shocked at the group running towards them. He was silent for a moment longer before screaming and racing towards them, during the run his eyes began to dilate as he used his powers, causing the shots fired at him to swerve out of the way and towards his own allies! When he reached the first heretic instead of clubbing at him with his staff or shooting him with his pistol Jedon simply spat in his face. "You little brat!" was the response just before he hit him in the nose with the butt of his Lasgun. Jedon collapsed to the ground and could only manage a gasp and a "Holy Emperor I'm a tomato!" as his nose bled and the enemy levelled his gun at him to shoot...

((OOC: told ya my guy was mad. . .))

"Playing Warhammer is just like making love. It's usually done on a table and afterwards you always feel great shame. Plus like most fun things the older you get the less fun it becomes. So remember, always wear a condom while playing Warhammer - I've got mine on now."
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Hitting the ground hard, Lynata rolled before getting to her feet, only to hear inquisitor Tolle calling for her and sister Epsilon to follow him as he fled the area to do what inquisitor did best, she guessed.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the witch charging forward, if they were lucky he would receive His peace and die. It was beyond her why either inquisitor tolerated such an abomination when they did not have to.

Catching up to Tolle, Lynata could not help but ask the question that had been nagging at her for some time. "My lord, why have we come here of all places? If the rogue is dangerous enough to warrant you and lord Cortez than surely even he is not foolish enough to stay where he has been seen." Had she asked such a thing to any of her sister superiors, lashings would have been in order; but it had been seven years since the inquisition snatched her away and not all of them were as strict. Nor did they always have the utmost faith in Him, she reminded herself.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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The Vindicare Assassin had been inserted on the planet for a week prior to the two Inquisitors main open move against The Lightbringer. Settling into the lower warrens of the city on Elysia was an easy task.

What was another gang member, armed with a gun?

The peak of the towns main hall was a perfect place to hide. Having fallen into disrepair, and with the lack of funds to replace it, due to the greedy governer lining his own pockets, the building was in a state of collapse. Not that the Assassin cared.

The Cameleoline on his bodyglove blended perfectly with the masonry, and he had a commanding view of the plaza of where the Insertion was due to happen.

Hearing the sound of the vectored engines of the Valkyrie over the windy exposure, the Vindicare sighted along his scope once more. 3 Figures dropped out at first, little black dots to the naked eye - over 2 kilometers distant. Glancing over the rifle, he saw they were exactly two thousand, one hundred and seventeen metres away. Feeling the direction of the wind, he felt it coming straight in his face. Perfect. A quick calculation, and he estimated the angle of trajectory, and in all but two seconds, was zeroed in on the attacker standing over one of the Inquistors henchmen - letting out half a breath, the assasin squeezed the trigger once.

It was barely a test - he knew it had hit. But curiosity caused him to check the results through his scope. The man was lying sprawled in the dirt, minus his head, the blood fountaining for several yards around, leaving the dusty plaza painted crimson.

"One shot, one kill."

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Dimitri landed heavily, and with practised care, assessed the situation unfolding before him, The psyker was on his knees about to be executed by a heretic. under his breath, Dimitri swore "shit" and ran forwards, flamer at the ready, through the rubble. He was almost at minimum effective range when the heretics head exploded into a large fountain of red gore.
Reeling back from the gore, he saw the psyker become covered in blood, which was rapidly soaking the floor.
The heretics body stumbled around for a few seconds before it fell to the floor- a lifeless lump, yet it still continued pouring blood out of the stump.
Dimitri ran to the stricken psykers aid, and crouched down beside him and let off a wide arc of flame, catching two heretics in the blaze, they started to scream as the burning promethium coating their skin ate away at the nerve endings, and one sprinted forwards.
Dimitri pulled out his fathers beloved bolt pistol, took careful aim and fired. once. twice. three times.

The heretic fell backwords, propelled by the force of the projectiles, and writhed for a few seconds, until Dimitri walked up to him,looked him in the eye, sighed, and squeezed off a round point blank into the mans face.Dimitri then holstered his pistol, withdrew his flamer, and looked around for more targets too engage.

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OOC: Solitare, I dont want to hinder your fun, but keep in mind, there should be a reason the inquisition would pick you for a mission. Dont be totaly useless in a fight. (That said he's pretty funny)

Cortez landed in the rubble, brining his plasma pistol to bear. He looked around, finding the group of heretics. He watched as one of them colapsed headless.

Good he thaught, The assasin has had no probloms

He unshethed his blade and charged into combat, slashing out the throught of one heretic and incinerating anothers arm with his pistol.

The heretics began to fall back, so Cortez looked around. No one was hurt, the psyker, Jedon seemed shaken but that was normal. He saw his partner taking a detatchment in one direction.

"The rest of you folow me!"

He said, leading them off in a diferent direction. They kept to the shadows and avoided any more contact. He turned to the group.

"OK, we need to make our way to the city center, that is where we believe the target to be. It is imperitive that we end this quickly."

Cortez turns to Jedon.

"Can you sence any foes nearby? Witch way will be the swiftest?

"A true king is never alone, his will is equal to the will of all of his followers."
-Alexander the Great, kind of
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Elisa was one of the last to land and she landed she was already given an order. The “Ironheart” Inquisitor told her and a fellow sister to follow him. She nodded her head and began to follow the Inquisitor. She took out her plasma pistol and power sword just to be ready in case something happened.
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((OOC: Yeah I know sorry but I got confused about the length of my post and didn't want to make it longer with extra killings...))

Jedon smiled as he was splattered with blood.
"He's a tomato too!" He cried as Dimitri arrived next to him. He pulled out his Las pistol and let loose two shots, both of them seemingly hitting a heretic in between the eyes. When finished he got up and followed the others carrying his staff upside down causing the Aquila to get covered in mud. Once he was questioned by Cortex he quickly answered.
"Are the answer is simple Corty, just follow the stars." Jedon explained looking up at the clear blue sky. After a moment his eyes dilated and he spat out a dozen small glowing marbles which floated into the air and formed an arrow. "That is the safest path to the city centre, at least I think so." Suddenly he span around in circles until he was looking at Dimitri and started to glare at him. . .

"Playing Warhammer is just like making love. It's usually done on a table and afterwards you always feel great shame. Plus like most fun things the older you get the less fun it becomes. So remember, always wear a condom while playing Warhammer - I've got mine on now."
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