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Default Destroyer of worlds Imperial action thread!

Ragnaross V, Ragnell system. 2 weeks after the beginning of Abbadons 13th Black Crusade.
It wasnt a particularly large, or important system, but it was the perfect foothold for Azdrubael's war on the Imperium, and with that fool Abbadon drawing so much attention, he would have several weeks to setablish his foothold before moving on to the next system, aimed at the Gothic Sector. granted, cyprus Mundi and Mordian would be problematic, but he would crush them nonetheless. From the Gothic sector, the lines of resistance would be much less tested then those in Abbadons path, for the 13th time, HE would be the one to rip the Emperors rotting corpse from the throne, and HE would be the one to crush the Imperium under his boot, not that fool Abbadon.

------2 weeks later, Ragnar City------

The Arbites officer looked up at the sky through the blasted ceiling of the Precinct Office, they had gotten a message through, but wouyld anyone hear their call? A scarved heretic fired a round into the officers gut, then stepped back to watch him die a slow and painful death. The officer layed back jis head, and looked to the sky, and began to pray the litany of pennance for his sin of failure, the Enemy had taken the planet, enslaved or killed the people, and him, his precinct, the whole planet had failed before the Emperor. The Heretic swiftly kicked him in the side for his prayer, sending a spurt of blood out of both his mouth, and gaping chest wound; he arched his back in pain, but then he saw something miraculous... Fire.
"Emperor be praised!" he managed before the heretic looked up as well.
"Lord Azdurbael..." he began, but that was all the officer heard, before an unseen force removed his head.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Something was off, but that was easy enough to tell, the drop pod had struck another as soon as it was fied from the barge. Tehy would be severly scattered at best, destroyed at worst.
"Chapter Master Andronus, are you sure of your intelligence? even for a full chapter, destroying an entire warband could prove difficult. and attempting to deploy directly to the location of their leadership, they will have the upper hand to say the least, and we will not be cohesive upon deployment" Cassius checked the tactical display, to see hundreds of Valkyries and Thunderhawks all re-organizing their formations at random, and altering trajecteries, Chaos had tainted the Machine spirits enough to change which Landing Zones each transport was headed to, but not outside of that, it seemed; that, and collide the vessels it seemed, ats two Valkeries rammed each other at full speed. This trickery, combined with the usual losses of such an aggressive tactic would however, still leave the force within striking distance of the warbands leadership. Looking at their destination, it seemed 4 Valkeries, several drop-pods, and a sororitas Thunderhawk would reach it mostly in tact... unfortuanately, it was on the outer edge of the city, and they would have to fight all the way to the center of the city to reach the Warmasters, mist likely.

A webway portal opened up about two miles from the edge of the city, and a moderate sized Eldar Warband began to emerge. The farseer was speaking with his Rangers as they stepped through
"Yes, I realize the humans are here, and that they may well get in our way... but I have forseen that if we do not stop him here, he will reach the artifact, and he will find an entrance to the webway if we do not stop him. We will deal with the other humans in good time, but the Chaos worshippers must be stopped here."
"Very well, what is our course of action then?" one of the Ranger exarchs replied
"We will move just ahead of the main force, and stay at the forefront when it catches up to us, we move for the city as soon as the rest of the Warhost has arrived"

Boss Spinebreak looked at his fleet in space, da 'Umies were havin all da fightin up 'ere... but that waz o.k. by him, cuz alla his boyz was gonna get to the city where the fight was gonna be sooner, an there would be more'uv'em then if da Chaos boyz had been der to try an' slow'em down, an now dey waz gonna win even quicka' on account uv there bein so many boys in da fight.
"GROOOTS!!!!!" he shouted "Get my Flya ready, I'z gonna go down ta where all da fightin is!!!!!!"
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in short, Ragnar city is hell, now let loose the hounds of war, you glorious bastards!!!

The pod slammed into the griund at the same time as the rest of the forces in this particular LZ. A dreadnaught came out of one, the rest contained Space Marines, mostly from Andronus' chapter. out of the three Valkeries that had made it, poured the guardsmen, mostly Cadians, but a few others as well. The Sorroritas Thunderhawk made a rough crash landing, and only 3 squads of Seaphim and a tactical squad made it out in one peice, the tacticals just barely. As the Imperium forces exited their transports, the Heretics sprung their trap, appearing out of the rubble and puring fire into the landing zone.
ooc: this is official GM officail background post, dont use it

Cassius assessed the situation, and quickly reacted
"Guardsmen, form a perimiter, Space Marines, CHAAAAARGE!!!!!!!!!!" he bellowed, bounding forwards, not even bothering with his bolter, at this range, the rage would have him losing it all to quickly anyways. He extended his powered blades from their mounts on his cybernetic mounts, and leapt into a pile of ruble several trators were using as cover, and quickly began cutting them down. Finally used to the Marines of other chapters seeing him as a Chaplain, he began to shout the Litanies of hate at the top of his lungs.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
My fluff so far, plz read and give feed back

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OOC: YAY!!! It's here!!!

Veldt jumped out the Valkyrie, and rallied the troops following. "Alright men, you know the drill. Kill some heretics, purge the city, and kick Azdrubael's sorry ass right back to the Eye of Terror!" There were a number of cheers, those these were suddenly cut off by gunfire from the numerous ruins. Veldt went prone and looked through the sight of his lasgun. A cultist, covered in Tattoos and symbols that made your head hurt. Veldt let two rounds off, and the cultist let out a silent scream of pain, before crumpling into a heap, breathing his last. Veldt got back up and advanced, letting his guard down. Suddenly, a raving mad cultist charged from a rubble strewn alley, wielding a ceremonial blade. The cultist slammed the blade down on Veldt, cutting into his arm. "AH!!!" shouted Veldt, drawing his power sword in response. The cultist made another attempt at hacking Veldt to pieces, but the blow was met by the block of Veldt's power sword. The two swords locked, and a deadly push-pull fight began. Seizing the initiative, Veldt kicked away the cultist's legs, flinging him to the ground, and plunged his power sword into its gut. The cultist let out a cry, a prayer of deliverance, and died.

Veldt heard some Space Marine scream charge at the top of his lungs, and hack away at some unfortunate heretics. "Guardsmen, form a perimeter, Space Marines, CHAAARGE!!!" mumbled through Veldt's microbead. Typical Space Marine, stealing all the glory and leaving the Imperial Guard in the shadow. Still, there wasn't time to dwell on this; a moment's distraction could leave to a lifetime of pain.

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Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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The dust settled, vaporised dust turning the weak sun, partially concealed behind the translucent vapour from the large industrial city of Ragnar, far to the south. This planet would be the vital lynchpin of the Imperial Defence of the system. The Hordes of chaos were tearing through space for a chance at the Slaughter, while the hastily assembled defenders, taken from the Cadian Gate were marshalling. The planetfall had been quick - the aim was to gain a beachhead, and gradually fortify it into a Strongpoint, from where the mobile forces of the Space Marines of the Architects of Malice would be able to strike anywhere on the planet.

Even as Gur'Tark Andronus looked out over the haze war torn land, he could hear the dull krump of heavy weapons batteries, his sharp eyes picking out the hair thin streams of light from the Defensive Lasers over the city. The forces of chaos were already attacking - knowing the insidious nature of the Heretics was Andronus's job - he knew that rituals would already be beginning to set up the summoning of the dread Daemons of Chaos. Not for the last time, Andronus wished that he had but a company of Grey Knights to aid him - such a force could win this battle. Emperor's Will, a even just a single fabled Terminator Squad would be a blessing, even with his knowledge of Chaos, daemons could prove too much for the Architects of Malice.

Remembering his task, he quickly organised his troops. The few drop pods remaining aboard the single Battlebarge he had taken from the defensive fleet Cordon of Cadia had been loaded with the Vanguard and Sternguard veterans, armed to the teeth, and with even a few of the sacred Dreadnoughts that Andronus could spare from the dropsite. Andronus did not know how the battle was progressing, but seeing that the preparations by the Servitors were under way, a quick message around the Pilots of the Thunderhawks around him and their engines ignited. Quickly and efficiently, Tactical squad after Tactical squad fell back under the cover of the Devestators and Heavy Armour of the Chapter. The Assault Squads who had not joined the Drop Pod assault were already mounted in their Thunderhawks, and speeding to the City. Watching as the last of his Marines boarded the Gunships, the Tanks finally made their way into positions for the Thunderhawk Transporters to lift the vehicles into the city. Smiling that this part of the job was done efficiently, he snapped a Salute to the Techno-Magus organising the preparations of the pre-fabricated structures. Although it was to the back of its hooded head, one of the Servo-tendrils rippling out of its back like a great metallic snake waved a jaunty goodbye.

Smiling, the Chapter Master mounted the Gunship, his honour Guard waiting inside, with the Praetorians, the fabled First Squad of the Chapter, the Terminators of Squad Valerian, with their Chain-halberds held out in front of them like a statue of a hero of old.

Together, the enemy would die under their hand.

As the assault ramp closed, the Thunderhawk took to the skies, the Phalanx of 15 Gunships forming into an unstoppable wing of fury, each one loaded with enough bombs and weaponry to destroy an Imperial Guard Regiment.

- - - - - - - - - -

Taking a seat, he removed his Helmet, his clean shaven and unscarred skin oiled smooth and taut, free of weaknesses and imperfections, like the killing machine he was. Picking up a headset, with but a thought, he patched into the coded messaging system of the planet. Hearing the blasphemous words, blaring praise to the False Gods, he cursed. The heretics had taken the Radio stations to the East of the designated central citadel, where the final stand in this city, where the final stand of this planet, where the final stand of this system would be.

It would have to be taken, but not yet. Calling to the Communications servitor to search for local friendly radio signals, he locked onto the first of the Assault Waves. Captain Fyrdraka answered. Quickly, he patched over the codes for the hastily erected command post in the citadel, and wished the Master Good Hunting. Repeating the words, Andronus heard "For The Emperor!" amid the static and flak filled background, and the gigantic whir as the Capacitors for the huge Turbolaser powered up. Seeing in his minds eye a hundred Marines plummeting from the skies on Jetpacks, armed with Bolt Pistols of righteous fury, and Chainswords of Pure Hatred, the attack against the Heretics couldn't hold against such a surprise assault.

Coming back to the Present, Andronus gave the coding to the Servitor, and immediately the signal was picked up by a nervous adjutant to the General commanding the horror. The repeated explosions as the huge artillery pieces, Earthshaker Cannons, and the odd heavier sound of a Bombard could be heard, the sound crystal clear, which was surprising. A quick exchange of words, and the General was put through. Again, a cursory chat, before the line closed.

"Marines - this is your time now. Do not disappoint me."

Suddenly, the craft was rocked by an explosion. Dialling the cockpit, a Marine answered, telling that they were passing through the outer defence lines of the encircling forces of Chaos, and several anti air batteries were targetting the Marines with air burst shots.

Hearing a quick prayer to the Emperor, the Machine Spirit engaged, and aided the Servitor manned Heavy Bolters and Artillery spotters to fire the weapons. With a whistling sound, the heavy bombs were dropped, and the chattering of the heavy Bolters could be heard over the sound of battle, and the gigantic engines.

"BRACE FOR IMPACT, BRACE FOR IMPACT, BRACE FOR..." The warning sounds came raw over the tannoy, the metallic voice void of emotion. A Missile Lock - before the inevitable call, the Pilots called down to the Chapter Master. "Sir, multiple targets engaging from the north. Hellblades by the looks of things."

"Marine, your priority is getting us down safely - keep the heretics busy after we have landed."


The Pilot knew that although this would almost certainly cost his life, his life was worth the thousands his brothers could save if the Marines could be landed.

Going into a steep dive, the rattling intensified, the small portholes showing the huge factory chimneys, thousands of metres high roaring past. With the same suddenness of going into the dive, the gunship levelled out, the size of the ship belying the agility that a skilled pilot and well behaved machine spirit could coax out of the bulky transport.

"At the Target LZ in 2 kilometers..." Two seconds passed, "500meters, In 3, 2, 1, Doors Opening!"

"For the Emperor!!!!!" With a Roar and Howl that chilled the hearts of the Traitors, the Marines charged out from the Assault ramp, coming into combat immediately with a squad of Space Marines. No sooner had the last Terminator jumped clear than the Thunderhawk once more lifted off, Lascannons spearing towards the Iron Warriors Vindicator picking its way through the rubble to target the new hostiles. The White hot lances pierced the armour, burning holes straight through the metres thick armour, and igniting the ammunition inside. The tank exploded, destroying the Hab block nearby, and crushing countless Traitor Marines and Heretic guardsmen in the rockrete avalanche.

Hundreds of Marines followed suit, supporting the ever dwindling numbers of the Space Marines from the initial drop. A single Dreadnought remained, it's huge Inferno cannon blazing through hordes of cultists, and its drill shredding any who got close enough. The Veterans, bloodied from hundreds of wounds, several mortally so, but fighting nonetheless had been decimated, but the deaths on the Iron Warriors had been hugely demoralising. The Gunmetal armour of their warriors were piled five high, the grim barricade occasionally shuddering as heavy calibre bolts ripped towards the loyalist position.

The Praetorians and the honour guard had quickly reaped the lives of the traitors - the Terminators charging forwards like unstoppable behemoths, their storm shields stopping bolter shots, deflecting grenades and dissipating the ribbons of Laser weapons like rain off armour. Together, the ten men hit the howling horde of gibbering cultists, their charge sending dozens of the weaker men flying like ragdolls, broken like so much wood. The chain halberds scythed through their first ranks, each blade killing 3 with each strike.

The Honour Guard had followed suit, while an Aspiring Champion of Chaos met their charge. The Chosen of Chaos had hit the line, but with the Banner of the Chapter aloft, and their Lord leading them, they would not fall. The Honour Guard was known as a Council of War, for so it was. Members of the Chapters Ecclesiarchium, Librarium, Apothecarium and Armourium were present, and with righteous fury did they strike. Thunder Hammers and Chainfists struck home, slaying left and right. The Chaplain summoned his power, and with a mighty strike, his Crozius Arcanum, a weapon that he himself had created out of the marble that had littered the ground of Titan, his blow rent clear through the armour of 3 traitors. The Librarian, with a whisper of power sent streams of Lightning flickering through the air to incinerate and melt the Chaos Marines opposing him. The Master of the Armorium, with his huge Servo Harness managed to stop the downward strike of a daemon headed berserker. The two handed axe caught in the grip of the twin Callipers of the Harness. Anger turned to shock as the daemon enhanced weapon shattered when the Power enhanced tools twisted. Knowing he was smiling behind the faceless helmet, Andronus saw the Techmarine slam his Thunder Hammer into the gut of the Marine, passing clean through body of the fallen, the broken veterbrae jutting through the armour. Slumping to the ground, the Berserker drew its power knife, and attempted to cut through its own neck. "Skulls for the Sku.." Before he had a chance to finish this final act of worship, the Thunder Hammer crashed down into the head of the marine, shattering it like an eggshell.

Soon, all that was left of the Chosen was the Aspiring Champion. Being the foremost warrior of the Chapter, it was Andronus duty to accept his Challenge.

Stepping forward, the Master readied his stance, his Storm Shield Roc, held ready in front of him, the huge Chain halberd, forged by his own hands, in the riposte position.

With a sneer, the Champion removed his helmet, and through it on the ground. "Won't you remove your mask, and fight me, with your own eyes? Your own ears? Or are you too scared, Lapdog?"

"Lapdog? You are the one who panders to your gods every whim. I merely am given a task, an order. I am a Soldier. I do my task, I fulfil my order. I give my word to my Emperor. I do not renege on my word for mortal gains, for I fight for what is right. As for my helm, why should I remove it. You do not deserve the right to see my face. But know this, traitor. I am Gur'Tark Andronus. I am your death."

Spitting hatred, the Chainblade screamed as the Champion charged, the insults to his Gods punishable by death. Ripping noisily into life Andronus's Halberd, Skyscorcher started up, just in time to meet the axe. Deflecting the downward sweep, Gur'Tark shunted the shield forward. The traitor was quick though, and regained balance before the spear could pierce him. Twisting aside, the axe flashed forwards again.

He was ready for the strike though. Instead of blocking the strike, Andronus, swayed away from the blow, and pushed the axe wide away, leaving the chest exposed.

Before Skyscorcher struck home, there was one emotion written on the scarred face of the traitor. Fear.

With the death of their Captain, the first wave fell back from the Marine barricades. Turning around, Andronus and his honour guard stalked towards the flagging lines on the the Northern sector of the defencive circle, where a Great flame coloured dreadnought, millenia old, burnt its way through Traitors and heretics.

The shoulder mounted Grenade Launchers of the Honour Guard sent air burst shots skittering into the ranks, shredding gaps and breaking morale. As the distance closed, Storm Bolters rang out, Kraken Penetrator rounds slicing through multiple bodies. The battle was far from over.

[OOC - whoops =D Got a bit carried away - for those who thought it was too long - Marines Landed, Mounted Thunderhawks, Got off thunderhawks, Charged, Traitors died]

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It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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The chaos thunderhawk made it safely to the rear end of the city, silent, quick and unknown, it was just how the Blades were trained. Alex looked around him, standing on the edge of the LZ, his personal champions beside him, along with two other Blades of death squadrons all with bolter and chainsword, "sweep the area, and find a way to the city, maintain comunication and stay alert, Lord Azdurbael wants this operation to go swiftly." He need not look to his men, they knew what could happen, and they were well prepared. as they all ducked into a low crouch the three teams split off, Alex and his retinue went down into a dark alleyway where it would be hard to spot them, the 1st squad, led by a champion named Gethilus went through a narrow street, hugging one end of the street watching for tanks and snipers while the 2nd squad led by champion Jeltor tried to sweep around the other side of the coty to get a good bearing on any enemies to come. Alex voxed to his troops. "vox anything interesting you find, and may Tzeentch favor your paths this day."

(OOC:if anything is wrong with what I put then lemme know xD didn't have tiome to read all the posts)

"The Knights are broken, the Renegades are defeated, there remains only one truth to our order... Vengeance"
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[OOC - You posted in the Imperium Action Thread - try and keep to your own Action thread - we're all sneaky buggers, and will read your thread for weaknesses =D. Don't worry, your post will be read. Best if you post there, and just edit your post ;) Nice opening though, a good start!]

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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Sophia shack her head as she began to regain her senses. She remembered the thunder hawk being hit and had to make a crash landing. She began to look around to look for any other sisters that were still alive. Her squad and two other Seraphim squads had made it. A tactical squad had also made it but just barely. The Veteran Seraphim Superior quickly rallied the squads and formed a defensive perimeter around the crash thunder hawk. As Sophia got out she saw several heretics coming at them. They were armed with laspistols, lasguns and close combat weapons. Sophia used her jump pack to jump with into the air to avoid the incoming shots. As she flew up she fired several shots with her two bolt pistols at incoming cultist. The bolt shots ripped through several cultists, knocking them off there feat and killing them as Sophia landed back down on the ground. She moved behind several large pieces of scrap from the thunder hawk and used it as cover as she continued to fire at the cultist with her two bolt pistols.

((OOC: Hope it was ok, tell me if anything needs to be changed))
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Sgt Wei was rummaging through a heretic's equipment, desperately looking for something, when he saw Cpt Veldt beside him, and asked :"You got a light?" with a cigar in mouth.
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This was it, the hatch of the Valkyrie transport dropped and Jaxxon Kane led his men out of the breach. The battle was truely underway by now, the air hot with lasfire and the smell of blood hung in his nose. For what it was worth though, everything seemed as they had been briefed, on their side anyway. A quick evaluation of the scene allowed him to identify the Marines storming the centre of the enemy lines as well as the rest of the 114th piling from their transports.

He tapped his micro bead and spoke proudly with a hint of cheeriness that felt alien in the surrounding chaos. "You know your orders men, secure the flank and leave the glory to the nancys in the big armour."

There were a few sniggers and messages of confirmation from the platoon leaders of Blue Company and Captain Kane allowed a smile to escape his lips as he saw them moving into position ahead of him. Checking behind himself for his command team he flexed the fingers of power fist and followed them forward to the front line.
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Vurth told the other four men "large target at 12 o'clock. Aim and fire at my order." He trained his sniper rifle at the Greater Deamon's head. "Fire" he wispered to the other men as he shot. He then quickly moved to cover fifty meters at 3 o'clock with the rest of his squad. The deamon lied dead on the ground. "That's another one for the kill board" he told the rest of the squad.

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Vindarius stepped out of the drop pod straight after landing and proceeded to fire into the nearby building. His multi-melta turned whole floors into molten slag as he strafed the building. Cultists and traitor marines came streaming out of the building and he promptly torched them with his heavy flamer. One got to close and was crushed into a pulp as the close combat claw squeezed tighter and tighter. Turning, he saw a chaplain run into a small squad of traitor marines, yelling litanies of hate as he drew his blades. Such devotion stirred emotion in the ancient warrior, and he thundered slowly towards the combat, his massive dreadnought armour towering above all of those around him.
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