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Sleepily Kirai searched the room, her eyelids felt heavy and the lighting did nothing to alleviate the pounding in her skull. She rubbed her eyes as knelt on the floor looking under the bed. She blinked and forced her blurred vision to focus, there appeared to be something stashed out of reach. Sliding to her belly she worked her wiry frame under the bed and retrieved the item that she spotted. Cold plastic touched her finger tips and she grasped the bottle and pulled it close to her chest as she worked herself back from under the bunk.

The seal was still intact, a momentous feeling of hope and success raised in her chest as she stood and started towards the door intent on sharing her prize with Dr Holst, despite his insistence she still could not refer to him as Samuel. Her grandfather taught her to respect her elders and she still clung to his lessons. As she approached the doorway she froze, those noises were back. No, they sounded like footsteps, she risked a peak around the door frame and saw a large character ascend the stairway and turn down the other corridor. The brief glimpse she had of the person was wearing a strange helmet and garishly orange jumpsuit, they were also holding something heavy in one hand.

She darted into the room that Dr Holst was searching, clutching the bottle to her chest. She sprinted over to her guardian "someone else is here" she whispered hurriedly as she got close all thoughts of the water and hunger forgotten in her fear. "They've gone down the other corridor, what do we do?"
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Upon seeing the figure gabe raises his weapon taking aim as he darts after the shadow unsure if it's friend or foe, as he enters the room he takes a look around unsure where the figure went.

Stopping a moment to have a drink of water keeping his shotgun close just in case, he then looks to the hall way and decides to search for food, in one of the rooms he finds half if some sort of nutrition bar stale and soggy but it will do he eats it tasting like some form of foul rot in his mouth he frowns but moves on, he then makes his way back to the reception when all of a sudden he hears footsteps above drawing his gun again he makes his way up stairs and begins to clear the rooms in search of whatever was up here thinking to himself "whatever you are I'm ready for you!"....

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He looked behind, finally Kirai followed, she seemed a bit dazed but all in all she was fine and alive. Seeing that his 'adopted daughter' was fine he took the turn left and entered the first room his eyes saw. He saw Kirai walking on, probably to the adjacent room, he was not worried that she wandered alone, this building block should be safe as they did not meet or hear anyone when they arrived. Although... The strange noises from the ventilation system could mean that someone was nearby... He shook his head, better not to get all paranoid.

As Samuel entered the room the first thing he noticed is how astoundingly similar it looked to the room where he and Kirai camped before, it resembled their camp so much, even to tiny details like bed and desk placement, that's imperial standards for you, he chuckled as he moved on tearing through the room trying to find something edible.

After a few minutes of back and forth the Doctor found what he was searching for, three tins of pre packed natal food, a disgusting mixture of vitamins, carbs, fat and other essentials for fast growth. It wasn't even considered food to be exact more like ingesting essential elements to the body. Still, the government of Thessalonica did not really care about how tasty the paste like food is, is only cared for the growth rate of the population and for how quick a newborn can become a workhorse.
Then it hit him, who would keep natal food? Grown ups did not eat it only young children, his gut wrenched at the thought, Samuel preferred to think that the family simply had to abandon their home and not that they were killed, why would someone kill children, what harm can they bring... His mind turned on itself, going through memories from the Event, gloomy he got up, it did not matter anymore, he was looting from dead men and what they cannot use he can, more importantly, Kirai can.

Kirai... He did not hear from her in a few minutes, why was she always so silent... She even managed to sneak on him from time to time maybe the rat gave her special powers, he laughed silently... As Holst was about to call Kirai over he heard quick footsteps followed by heavy breathing, suddenly Kirai busted into the room, she seemed panicked? He was not sure. Her eyelids were wide, a sign of fear most of the time, or of readjustment to the lightning of a new environment... "Someone else is here" she whispered to him in a voice on the verge of tears it seemed. Who was this someone else? Holst was thinking rapidly, he was not a strong man, if there is more then one person he will not be able to physically deal with them, if the other one is alone he could get the drop on him and maybe stab him with a knife or the medical tools he had in his pack...

What was he thinking to himself, violence? Stabbing? Killing? That wasn't him talking, it was panic. He swore a duty to the living and to life, not to add furthermore to the deathcount created by the Event already.
Well first things first. He will have to see who they are dealing with, and if Kirai could see them from the corridor so could he. He stepped carefully towards the door, kneeling on one knee he grabbed the sides of the entrance and slowly pulled his head outwards, revealing as little of his frame as possible, trying to get a glimpse on the "others" before they could see him.

Success, at the top of the stair what seemed to be a woman dressed in an orange jumper and work trousers , she had a Arbites helmet on her head, something did not sit right, his mind raced quickly leading to the conclusion that it was probably stolen, looted, or worse... She did not notice him so he kept looking his heart pumping faster and faster. The newcomer was physically fit, well built, he could not take her in a fight, not a fair one at least, but he already decided earlier that he will not fight, not just because he could not but also because of his moral code... That left three options, one, running, at first it seemed like the best idea but further thought led to the conclusion that Kirai will be dehydrated before long, and he was not strong enough, at least not in his current condition to carry himself, Kirai, two bags, and a rat...

One option was gone, two left, they could hide, but if she was part of a gang or something, she might be scouting the area... Maybe the gang wants to relocate here... He estimated that there is an equal chance of them found or evading sight, yet it will not solve the problem that will come later. This left only a single option for him, confrontation... "Kirai... Listen carefully, I'm going out to confront her. We will try being calm and peaceful but first take this..." He handed her the food. "Hide it along with anything you found if you found any, we do not know her intentions..." Slowly he came out of the room and once his whole frame was outside in the hall he called, "Stranger? What is your doing here? My name is Dr. Holst, may I assist you somehow?" he spoke as confidently as he could.
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Pieter walked absent mindedly out into the street and looked around through vacant, uncomprehending eyes. There were people around. That was unusual, or at least to see more than one person at any single time. The man ahead was dark and suspicious. Pieter couldn't tell what he was carrying and didn't trust that it would be something good. He watched as the man disappeared into another building and forgot about him.

Down the street two more people ran by towards another of the hab-blocks. It was good when people ran. Running meant you had to get somewhere. Getting somewhere meant that you had a purpose. It was good that those people had a purpose and it was good that they each had a friend. A thin smile briefly tugged at the edge of his lips then faded back into the shadows with everything else.

His own purpose still evaded him though his belief that it was out there never wavered. These people around him were not a part of it, he knew that, or the Emperor would have guided them to him, not away from him as they all were moving. He looked around, waiting for his gut to tell him which way he needed to go but nothing struck him which was unusual. Then it dawned on him that was already where he should be, or at least almost. He wandered wistfully into the nearby chapel.

Inside was a horror story. Bloody desecrated bodies laid strewn among the pews and fallen masonry. Pieter didn't notice. The grand statue of the Emperor himself stood proud and unbroken and Pieter's eyes never wavered from it. He moved down the aisle, not even looking down when he tripped and stumbled on a body or almost slipped in a pool of blood. Quietly he found a seat a few rows from the front, sat down and waited.
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The silence that followed seemed to go on for a decade. Kanis listened intently for any sounds of movement, but there was nothing but the pounding of his heartbeat and the gentle hum of the servo skull, who was intently staring at the bag.

‘If this was a trap something would have happened by now’

He relaxed again and allowed himself the luxury of closing his eyes. The past few hours had drained him of what little energy he had left. The measly meal would take some time to replenish some of his stores so it was probably best to rest in relative comfort for a while.
He wasn’t sure how long he had shut his eyes for, but as shown as he heard the footsteps he knew the time for rest was over. Acting on instinct, Kanis jumped up from the bed, grabbed the servo skull and dived under the bed. Under any other circumstance Kanis may have simply waited and perhaps even announced his presence, opening a friendly palm. But his recent encounter with the voices had made him more wary.

“BIG MISTAKE” the words rattled round his head.

No, he could take no chances. The voices were a nuisance and a curse, but they had saved his life in the past. The skull tried to fight his grasp, desperately trying to escape. He touched the activation rune and the skull powered down, he couldn’t afford it giving away his presence.

The footsteps echoed down the corridor until the door of his room burst open. Kanis shuffled as far back under the bed as he could, hoping he could go unnoticed. A figure entered the room and grabbed the empty bag. Kanis couldn’t see anything bar the person’s legs, giving him no indication of who they were or their intentions. The springs on the bed gave way slightly as the bag was thrown onto the mattress. It was clear the intruder was searching for something in the bag, it wouldn’t be long before he would discover the missing food.

“Can’t go back, not there. Can’t go back. Can’t go back”

The figure muttered as it rummaged through the bag. The voice was male, but as choking fumes in the hive tended to deepen everyone’s voices, it was difficult to determine an age. Eventually, the man must have found what he was looking for as the feet turned away from the bed and towards the door. It was then that Kanis heard the second pair of footsteps.

This was not panicked running that had propelled the first figure here. No, these footsteps were far more ominous, each carefully placed to project the echo as much as possible. This person clearly wanted their victim to hear their approach, to terrify them, perhaps to make them reveal their hiding place. With every footstep the first figures breathing became more rapid, their muttering increasing until Kanis was barely able to tell what they were saying anymore. He knew he had to keep his wits, to remain calm. His thoughts returned to happier times in the chapel and prayers to the Emperor.

“Come on child, don’t hide. Come out, come out wherever you are”

Kanis’ heart stopped dead. The voice echoed from the corridor, it was clear that the second figure had reached this floor and was getting ever closer to the room. The voices in his head began to stir, he could hear them laughing and taunting him, mocking his attempts to keep calm and telling him to run. He tried to block them out but this just spurred them on. The footsteps reached the doorway and stopped.


Kanis knew that sound only too well. The gang leaders always carried a pistol to show their superiority, and anyone who heard that click knew that their death would soon follow.




“There you are”

Kanis heard the first figure gasp. He wrapped his arms around his head, and waited mere seconds for the inevitable.


The first figure collapsed to the floor, blood pooling out of a head wound. He could see that this was just a boy, barely at the cusp of manhood. The dead eyes stared into his, and all Kanis could do was stare back. He knew that things had gotten worse after the Event, but he didn’t expect this. This wasn’t a man protecting his own from a band of looters, this was a boy who had been hunted for sport.


Kanis turned back to the doorway and saw the legs of the murderer. He gathered they must be admiring their kill, for they made no effort to move towards the boy or to loot his remains.

“You’ve gone and hidden again, haven’t you.”

Kanis almost jumped at the suddenness of voice. The playful tone had been replaced with an urgency, as if this man’s life depended on finding Kanis, like a father desperately search for a lost offspring. Did he know he was here? Was there someone else nearby?

“Don’t worry, I’ll find you. Daddy always does”

It was clear the murderer was a psychopath. There was no pity, no remorse in that voice. It rattled through the ears and plucked at the primal regions of the brain, the parts which know why you should fear the dark, and those who dwell it in. The legs disappeared back into the corridor. By the sounds of footsteps, they were moving further down the corridor.


As long as I draw breath the Emperor will guide me, The Emperor Protects!

The voice sneered and disappeared once more into the throng of the others, clamoring and clawing at his mind. He knew he had three choices, he could try to defend himself, remain hidden or make a bid for freedom. He knew that no man could outrun a bullet, and it was only a matter of time before he was discovered. So that left only one option.

Kanis had never killed a man before, even on the streets he had always fled before a situation had escalated that far. He reached for his knife he stowed away in his pocket before he had hid. He would have to get close, and that would be a very dangerous thing to do. It was then Kanis noticed the glint. The boy had been clutching a pistol in his left hand. Slowly and quietly, kanis raised himself from under the bed and grabbed the pistol. It was cold and its weight felt unfamiliar in his hands. This was the first time he had ever held a firearm, he had no idea how to use one. He couldn’t rely on himself being able to use it effectively without risking his life unduly. He didn’t even know if it was loaded or how he would even check. Would the Emperor condemn his soul to oblivion for killing his fellow man?

No’ He thought, ‘This man had lost his human status the moment he fired that weapon, he is nothing more than an animal

Kanis quietly slid the pistol into the open bag and slipped it onto his shoulder. When he had time he would figure out what to do with it.

It was then he got an idea, perhaps there is a forth option.

Kanis re-activated the servo skull and activated the control dataslate. He quickly typed a command to the servoskull and watched it fly out into the corridor. Muttering a prayer under his breath Kanis quickly typed a message and hit send. The servo skull spoke in a loud, automated voice.

Citizen, you are in direct violation of the laws and ordinance of the hive! Put your weapon down or face the Emperors Justice

As soon as the skull had begun to play back the message, the animal in the corridor raced towards the sound. Kanis could not judge how far they had run, or even what direction, but he saw this as his only chance. He ran towards the staircase as fast as his fatigued legs would carry him.

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Cally could do with the cold broth. She gave it a stir to see if there were any bits of creepy-crawly proteins in it or not. At this point, she hardly cared to eat a bug honestly. With or without them, she'd go about and start breaking apart furniture to create her pile indeed, already missing the warmth of her earlier spot. Turning to the door at the noise she watched and waited, one of the short desk legs in her hand. The elderly man surprised her, not thinking someone of that advanced age would have lived this far, and it brought her a spark of hope.

The pistol, however, didn't do much for her. She'd stand a little more upright, slowly. "Searching for food, water, and kindling. I am sorry if I've invaded in on you, but.. Well, hunger drives us all at this point." She tried to quirk up her lips into a smile to ease him a bit. She wasn't the most charismatic after all. "I would be more than happy to share what I have with you, if you were to kindly lower the weapon. I mean no harm to anyone." She'd very slowly set the desk leg down, standing up again to show empty gloved hands. "I was a worker at the munitions Manufactorum.. Displaced and lost, like anyone else alive I'd assume. What is your story, Sir? What've you seen?"
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Kirai "The Rat": Samuel tells you to hide. He has left you with the food and the water you were carrying and ventured into unknown territory. Perhaps unwilling to let another paternal figure be killed to protect you, you don’t instinctively hide as asked. Instead you wait just behind the door entrance, out of the line of sight. You hear Dr Holst repeat himself before a gunshot goes off. The noise makes you jump, sloshing the water cup about and spilling some of it on the floor.

At this point you have a few options. You do not know if Dr Holst is the one shot, but it certainly sounds like there is a scuffle going on just down the corridor so if he was shot he is likely not dead yet. You could either venture out after him, risking yourself getting attacked by whoever is still out there but at least confirming if your adoptive ‘father’ is alive. Alternatively you may now wish to hide in this room. There are several cupboards you could fit in, as well as ample space under the bed-frame and even behind the door that is ajar, although sadly no vents. Finally, you could make a break for the room you started in and escape into the vent. This has the advantage of being nearly inaccessible to those larger than you, but you will not have time to look back if you do run for it.

Gabriel Frost: As you make your way up the stairs you hear a voice call out from about a floor up. “ Stranger? What is your doing here? My name is Dr. Holst, may I assist you somehow?” Perhaps that is true, perhaps it is a ruse to lure you into a trap set up by whoever you followed in here. You might choose to call back or not, but regardless you decide to very cautiously make your way to the bottom of the stairs leading up to the 3rd floor. As you get to the bottom, you hear a gunshot. Reflexively you recoil out of the stairwell, away from the line of sight of those above.

You look at the walls and cannot see any bullet holes in the walls and you have not been hit, so either the shooter was not aiming for you or they simply fired as a warning to you. You cannot be sure. However, from above you think you can hear the sounds of fast footsteps and heavy-breathing. You could lie low, either by exiting the building or by hiding in one of the rooms. Alternatively you could make your way up the stairs and investigate who or what is up there. (Note that if you do ascend the stairs, you will only be able to see the knife-wielding man and the Arbites helm woman you followed in there, one or neither could be the voice that spoke to you. Anyone down the corridor is obscured from your sight.)

Samuel Holst: You call out but get no response from the woman. You begin to wander further up the hallway, closer to the junction at the end, and repeat yourself. You can still hear foot-steps in the corridor, which stop as you near the end of the hall. Suddenly a gun-shot rings out, proceeded by grunts, the sound of metal striking metal and then the softer, wetter sound of metal striking flesh.

Before you can have time to wonder what or who was making the noise, a middle-aged man skids down the hallway on his back, as if thrown. He scrambles to his feet. One of his hands seems damaged, the palm concaved in an odd way. He scrabbles at his belt, finding a knife. As he does so the Arbites helmed woman, who now has a bullet-dent in her helmet, appears swinging the wrench furiously. Neither seem to acknowledge you, locked in their own private duel. The man’s eyes are wide and blood-shot, the visor of the woman hides most of her face. You have a weapon of your own and could choose to aid one of them. Alternatively you could try to defuse the situation. However there is no guarantee that either option will end well for you, and Kirai is still down the hall. Both seem to be oblivious to your presence. It’s possible that you could simple move past them and let them brutalise one another.

Kanis Strike: Your sprinting carries you past the man searching the building and down the stairs before he has time to react. Hypothetically a normal person would have been able to effectively escape their pursuer. Unfortunately, your servo-skull is pre-programmed to follow you and so diligently bobs after you. As you glance behind you see it trailing, followed by you the man. You can see that, whilst he is certainly wielding a shotgun and has a knife strapped to his belt, neither of those weapons would have caused the shot to the head the boy suffered.

You make it out of the building before he catches up to you. You expect to be stabbed or shot, but instead the man simply throws his arms around you. “Oh son, I thought I had lost you. It was all so dark, and I…” His voice trails off and he releases you. As you back away slightly, he regains his composure. “…But I’ve found you and now everything will be ok. Just like it used to be.” Clearly this man thinks you are his son, but he cannot be more than 10 years your senior so it’s unlikely you bear any genuine resemblance to the man’s child.

Before you can ask any pertinent questions or set the man straight, you hear barking. You look down the street towards the manufactorium and see a cyber-mastif in the middle of the street, staring at you and barking. The man grabs your arm “Come on son, let’s go!” he pulls you after him for a while before breaking left slightly ahead of you. You can either follow him, whilst he is clearly unstable he may have resources you can use, or take this opportunity to break right, leading you back down the street towards the chapel.

Callista "Cally" Santigue: His handle on the gun is a little shakey, the tremor seems to start in his right shoulder and work its way down his hand. He keeps it pointed at you all the while you talk and for a few moments afterwards. Slowly he lowers his weapons and grumbles “I thought you were one of those piece of shit raiders from a few hab blocks over.” He sits himself down near your growing pile of kindling, although he makes no effort to assist and does not holster his gun.

A few more broken bits of furniture later and expending one of your fire-starters (5 left) you have a fire going. The warmth begins to spread through the room, and you set the broth on top of the fire to get it warmed up, occasionally stirring it. The man has not spoken since he sat down and is still shivering slightly. He can’t be cold, but there is likely something wrong with him. As the broth begins to boil he asks you “I lost my daughter, and my grandson. I came home and they were gutter. I’ve not seen my son since it happened.” he rummages in his pocket and takes out a faded photograph and shows it too you. “Have you seen him?” Unfortunately, the fact doesn’t look familiar, but lying might help the man hang onto whatever hope he has. You might also ask about your family, perhaps he has seen signs of them?

Pieter Hark: You sit in the front pew and stare at the statue venerating the Emperor. Surely is can be nothing short of a miracle that everything else in this chapel is damaged except for this one statue. You wait for several minutes under the shadow of the Emperor but feel no different. You are in his sight and yet feel no more direction or purpose than you did before you came in. Perhaps you expected a booming voice of direction or a soft tug of your heart strings to guide you. Whatever you expected, it doesn’t seem forth-coming.

Your focus on the Emperor is broken by a mirthless laugh from the rear of the chapel. A man, about the same age as yourself, stands in the doorway. He is wearing an officer’s coat but if does not fit him well, although it’s long flowing fabric hides whatever he keeps at his hips, if anything. “The faithful return to their thane!” He says, his voice filling the empty chapel. He walks down the central isle, easily stepping over corpses and blood pools. “But what power does an idol have, except that which we ascribe to it?”. He appears to be asking the question to you rather than rhetorically.

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Kirai looked crestfallen as Samuel told her to stay put, she did not want the man to leave her alone in this strange place with strangers about. She made to grasp his hand but he was already out of reach after handing her the food that he had found. She was debating going after Samuel and was in the process of working up the courage to stepping out of the room when she heard the gunshot and a scuffle. The gunshot shocked her to the core and she felt the loss of the liquid that spilt to the floor. Not wanting to waste the rest of the water she quickly downed the remainder and thrust the food into her satchel along with the empty water container. She had decided what to do and sprinted along the corridor to the room where they had holed up and slept in previously. Quickly she threw herself into the air vent and moved about 5 metres along the shaft, waiting for her heart rate to return to normal she retrieved one of the food jars from her satchel and started to eat the paste to settle the pains and cramps in her stomach ignoring the taste of the puree and her tears as she waited and prayed for Samuel to find her
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The plan seemed work. The skull’s announcement drew the predator’s attention for enough time for Kanis to escape. He flew down the stairs as fast as he dare move. It was then he heard footsteps, chasing after him.

‘That accursed skull must have led this way!’ Kanis thought.

Kanis darted behind a wall and glanced behind him. Indeed, there was the servo skull, closely followed by a man. He was carrying a shotgun with both hands, but it was not raised. It seemed to Kanis that his pursuer wished to finish this encounter close up. As he began to run towards the main entrance a thought crossed his encumbered mind, the man was not holding a pistol. A shotgun at that range would have splatted the poor boys head, so was this the same man who was stalking the corridor?
Kanis burst through the door and fell down the front steps. He cursed silently at the sharp pain in his knees as they connected with the hard ground. He could not keep this pace up, this was where he would meet his end.

‘May the Emperor have mercy on my tattered soul’

He thought as he turned towards the front door just in time to see his pursuer catch up to him. Kanis raised his arms outward to expose his chest and closed his eyes, hoping for a quick death. He heard the man run towards him and felt a tightness in his chest. But there was no pain, only a warm and tight embrace. Kanis opened his eyes to see that the man was hugging him, as one might embrace a loved one. This puzzling turn of events became even stranger as the man spoke.

“Oh son, I thought I had lost you. It was all so dark, and I…”

He pulled away, tears streaming down his face. He met Kanis’ with an intense stare, a stare which mirrored that of his own parents when they told him to run. It was a face put on to shield a child from the harsh reality, attempting to look calm and reassuring. But it was the eyes which concerned Kanis. They looked half-crazed, the eyes of one who has seen too much for the soul to handle. Kanis tried to back away slowly, it was clear this man’s sanity had not survived the time after the Event. But he moved closer, wiping his tears from eyes.

“But I’ve found you and now everything will be ok. Just like it used to be”

The man looked barely older than Kanis, and yet was convinced that he was his lost son.

‘Perhaps I can reason with him’ thought Kanis as he scrabbled around in his pocket for the servo skull console.

Suddenly a howl emanated from the end of the street. A huge beast stared at him with cybernetic eyes. He knew that some of the families were able to afford cyber-mastiffs, but this was the first he had seen. It was more machine than dog, its hind limbs and head glinting with robotic enhancements. It barked again, this time with a tone of urgency, as if it was willing them to move on out of harm’s way.

“Come on Son, let’s go!”

The man grabbed Kanis’ arm and pulled him down the street and followed the cyber-mastiff down an alleyway. He felt the grip lessen and was able to pull his arm free. Kanis looked behind him, he could easily make his escape now and leave the poor soul and his dog to their fate.

‘No, I swore and oath to help those in need’ he thought, ‘This must be the Emperor’s plan, he leads the faithful!'


Taking a deep breath, Kanis followed his new companions.
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Callista stayed patient and waited for him to come to the better conclusion on his own. She sighed softly when he settled down and took his aim off her. The pistol could stay out, it was good for safety in her mind. She'd get the fire rolling and the broth cooking, standing to stir it while occasionally looking over at him. She forced a bit of a side smile, trying to be more kind than her usual self. "I haven't seen many faces around here.. To be honest, your's is the first living one I have seen. It's sad and good at the same time. I don't particularly have any desire to see what did all of this, myself."

She'd carefully move a little closer once the broth got up towards boiling so it'd stir itself in some way, stomach giving a grumble. "He will likely turn up. After we both get something warm in us, we may even go look for him together? I've not much holding me here, but I wouldn't mind returning either. My body's too accustomed to high temperatures. It's a comfort for me I suppose. Something to focus on right now." She'd turn her head, looking for something to put two servings of broth into - a cup or bowl, or something. If she could find it she'd make a serving up and offer it to him, and one for herself of course. If she only found one she'd give it to him first to try and better ease his nerves.
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