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There is a good chance I will be posting for each group after initial reactions or sending out PMs with further instructions. It depends on what happens, of course.

Krateron and Tiberius:

The concussive sounds of bolter fire come to a close.

'Know me, Son of Horus,' mutters Krateron, Tiberius’s voice ringing out in the background, echoing off the ruined buildings, ‘We are friends, not foes…We are betrayed, same as you. Stop this violence and let us talk as brothers in arms, not enemies of war.’

‘Or I’ll tear your hearts out, you fool’.

Another figure clad in the sea green of Lupercal’s sons emerges from the shadowy entrance of the threatening structure. He wields a bolter with a box magazine attachment, and makes quick long strides across the street, never taking his weapon sights away from Krateron’s backside. The Marine locking blades with Akkad gives way, stepping back with a quick maneuver, weary of the blade placed to his side.

The Son of Horus with the bolter speaks. Akkad recognizes the symbols of a Sergeant.

‘Never in my life...to believe one of the Emperors Children before one of my own blood.’ he speaks to himself, then, his voice raises yelling to Tiberius, ‘Decurion! How have you come to be here and not at the Palace? How do you know this brother of mine?’

His voice softens again, speaking to the closer Akkad, ‘The dirt of Cthonia rests on my tongue, brother, for I do not know your name. I am Sergeant Rydon Kyrimen, and represent Dillinger Squad, 18th Company. Our objective against the Isstvanians was to provide perimeter support for the main force of World Eaters, drawing them in to our cousins’s blades, and making sure they stayed in.’

His pause indicates he expects you to explain your reasons for being here, and here with a Decurion of the Emperor’s Children, no less.

Tiberius has already gotten back to his feet, by this point.

Running boots become audible again, and another Son of Horus turns around the corner of the side street so fast that his shoulder guard smashes through the weakened corner of the building. He drops to a knee, aiming a bolter with a crude yet vicious bayonet toward Tiberius. The Marine who locked blades with Akkad quickly raises a halting hand to him. Yet two more follow suit, rounding the corner in haste. A second with a bolter shoulders his as well. The third, with a plume of scarlet over his head similar to Krateron’s, adding a heavy bolter to the situation and pointing it toward the Emperor’s Child as well.

‘What’s left of my squad.’ continues Kyrimen, ‘Now, on this treacherous day of days, gain my trust, or join the ash and dirt.’

Gain the sergeant’s trust, or do whatever else you want to try.


The sound of gunfire ceases. The movement of your suit, pushing off various surfaces of ruins and debris, is the only sound that remains aside from the far distant hum of aircraft and whispers of wind.

You make your way through and over what was once a massive bell tower. You reach the giant bell itself, scorched black and warped from the inferno. From here, you can see that the bell tower fell on top of a large skyscraper that went down first. On the opposite side of the ruined building covering what was once a roadway, you spot a group of Astartes in the distance, in the middle of what must have been an intersection for ground vehicles. All of them are of the same legion, your legion, all but one whose purple armor shines in strong contrast to the rest.

From here, crouching in the cover of the enormous bell, it is uncertain what is going on. Guns seem to be pointed. You have heard the aircraft coming in since before finding Brother Thoret, and friend or foe tags have yet to come up.

You may choose to reveal yourself, or remain hidden. If you choose to reveal yourself, it will happen during my next post, but be sure to include how you intend to do so.

Sebastian and Darius:

As Sebastian shouts from behind his cover, The five World Eaters stop suddenly, instantly realizing they are in the open and likely being targeted, they each move to the closest amount of cover they can find. For some of them, this is not very much.

One of the World Eaters shouts back. Darius, looking down the top of his bolter still concelaed by his own cover, can see that it is one that wields a chainsword and pistol. Darius can make out enough details to be fairly certain this individual is a Sergeant.

‘Tell me, Decurion, why is a lieutenant of the Emperor’s Children all the way out here? If I’m not mistaken, all of the loyalist forces from the III Legion landed at the Precentor’s Palace! How can we trust you while you hide and aim your guns at us?’

He pauses.

‘Our own Legion brothers have come down to slaughter us, why should I believe cousins from another would be any less merciless towards us? Now that my men have found some cover of their own, let my opinion be known. We are World Eaters, loyal to the Throne and its true king!’

They wait for some form of reply. Your reactions to this does not need to be long, in fact if one of you posts first and says something sufficient it may be enough for me to add the second part to your update.

Tharr, Kyros, and Gilgumann:

Tharr and the legionnaire pay no heed to the warning shot fired by Kyros. They continue to exchange brutal blows. Kyros gives his command to Alaros, and charges into the fight. With intent to break up the fight and only kill if he must, he elbows and shoulders the Legionnaire to the side. Tharr, lost in rage himself, swings his fist into the side of Kyros’s head with another roar, pushing him back as well.

The legionnaire comes back, his chemically induced reage renewed. He throws his blunted chain axe into Kyros’s chest and swings at Tharr who catches the wrist and kicks out with a heavy foot. Lost to Nails, the Marine seems to feel no pain and comes back once more. All three fighters end up taking blows from each other, the sergeants lost to madness for their own separate reasons and the legionnaire insane.

The Deathguard devastator stands back, watching.

Between the two Sergeants’ blows, and his blocking weapon discarded, the World Eater’s face becomes bloodied. Blood sprays from his mouth. All signs indicate a broken chest cavity beneath his battered armor plating. Punctured lungs, broken bones, who knows? Kyros sees this and begins to let up his assault. Tharr does no such thing and brings his whirring chain axe down, grinding it into the collar bone of his assailant. A scream of pain is followed by a bellowing roar. The World Eater knocks the chain axe aside with his hand, rising again, gripping Tharr’s throat.

Kyros’s power axe lashes out with a blow finally meant to kill, and it does just that, decapitating the body that surely was already dead, technically, from severe internal wounds. A spray of blood catches both sergeants as the corpse spins round during its descent to the dirt.

The cracking sound of bone comes from the wrestling pair to the side. When everyone looks to the sound, one of the two World Eaters is charging at Kyros, screaming, glaring, the other legionnaire a broken heap with a loose neck.

More traitors! I’ll kill you all!

Saliva flies from the corners of his lips like a savage.

‘How dare you betray us. Honorless bastards!

No shot from the plasma cannon comes.

He is on Kyros who swings his axe, again aiming for the neck, but somehow this Marine plows through the strike, knocking it off course. His fist is the next to his Kyros square in the faceplate, putting a harsh dent into it.

‘Working with the Deathguard too! Death to Angron! Death to Mortarion! Traitors all!’

His punch throws Kyros off balance, and the World Eater takes advantage, tackling the Sergeant to the ground. Through a scuffle, Kyros ends up with his belly to the ground, a hand on the back of his helmet shoving his head into the ground.

‘Time for you to be stabbed in the back, you bastard!

Tharr, still lost in madness and wanting something else to attack, raises his bolt pistol and puts a see-through hole into the legionnaire’s head. The noise stops. The gladius falls harmlessly.

What are your reactions? Does Tharr come back to his senses?

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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Sebastian let out the deep breath he didn't realise he'd been holding and the tension momentarily flowed out of his chest. At least the World Eaters hadn't immediately charged them as Sebastian had been half expecting. That being said, in this time of treachery it was difficult to take anyone simply on their word, although such trickery would be unusual for a World Eater. For now he would have to take them on their word.

He signalled for Darius to keep his weapon trained and kept his head down as he responded.

"I'm with the 10th Company. I don't know all the details but our Captain, Captain Tarvitz, missed the first wave. When he arrived he warned us of the bombardment. He then left the Palace to warn your leaders. We deployed several squads to accompany him. We are all that remains. I am looking for him."
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Krateron could not hear the bark-crump of the bolter. His eye-lenses were locked with those of his opponent, red and venomous, his ears pounding with the sound of blood. And then, his opponent stepped back, disengaging, allowing his blade to drop away. Krateron straightened, sheathed his shortsword, but kept Oathkeeper close - Punching the tip into the dirt and leaning on the pommel. Footsteps crunched behind him, crushing ash and bone and metal. Krateron turned his plumed head, seeing smoke-and-gore streaked green, a Son of Horus. A Sergeant, in fact.

He introduced himself as Rydon Kyrimen, a Sergeant of the 18th Company - One of Tybalt Marr's lot. Krateron had never taken to Marr, but he had known, and mourned, the loss of his veritable twin - Verulam Moy, Captain of the 19th. He found himself remembering Davin, remembering the felling of Horus, and stiffened. The Legion had become darker after that, unholier. Remembrancers and iterators had been murdered, brotherhoods and bonds - Once thought to be unbreakable - Had been shattered. Krateron had watched all of this, watched as the Luna Wolves became the Sons of Horus, watched as Isstvan had burned, and done nothing. He was as responsible for this slaughter - All of his brothers were - As Horus and his gets. Inaction had caused disaster, and this disaster would cause complete and utter destruction.

Krateron listened as Kyrimen spoke. He was dimly aware that more Sons of Horus - Three, in fact, - Had appeared along the street, one of them hefting a huge, devastating heavy bolter. That would be a pain in the arse, he thought, if things went sour. These Marines were world-weary, tired and embittered. How could they not be? They were cast-outs, unworthy in the eyes of their father, the Warmaster.

'My drop-pod was blown of course,' He said, eventually. 'I know the 18th, Sergeant. I have served besides you - I was 19th, before all of this,' He shook his head. 'Companies matter little now, though.'

'My Squad were slaughtered, by one of those screeching bitches, the Warsingers,' He continued. 'I found the Decurion here, alone, so we tagged along together. And, now, here we are.'

He stood up, and in a flourish, swung Oathkeeper around. The blade slapped against his open palm.

'Read the name, read,' He ushered, holding the blade forwards. 'Oathkeeper, it says. I have never broken an oath. Syrakul, rest his soul, knew that. Moy knew that. Horus Lupercal knows that,' He shook his head. 'I will not start now, Rydon Kyrimen. I am loyal. Why should we - But two Marines - Be trustful of you? You outnumber us, you outgun us, you assaulted fire on us. You and I, Kyrimen, are kin. We were raised from the tunnels of Cthonia, and now, we are fallen upon the hell of Isstvan.'

He shook his head. 'I would much rather we be friends, Sergeant. Friends, it saddens me to say, come few and far between on days like this,' He let that hang in the air for a moment and then added, grimly - 'I don't want to hurt you.'

Nyctophobia- Fear of the Dark Angel.

"No one ever spoke about of those two absent brothers. Their separate tragedies had seemed like aberrations. Had they, in fact, been warnings that no one had heeded?"

'Killing a man is like fucking, boy, only instead of giving life you take it. You experience the ecstasy of penetration as your warhead enters the enemy's belly and the shaft follows. You see the whites of his eyes roll inside the sockets of his helmet. You feel his knees give way beneath him and the weight of his faltering flesh draw down the point of your spear. Are you picturing this?'
'Yes, lord.'
'Is your dick hard yet?'
'No, lord.'
''What? You've got your spear in a man's guts and your dog isn't stiff? What are you, a woman?'
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Tiberius’s mind raced towards the possibility that he had just trusted a murderer and a traitor to let him rise. Tiberius refused to let his mind reach any conclusion down these dark roads though. To do so would be to invite fear and hesitancy into himself and Tiberius had long since steeled himself against any such imperfection. If he was being targeted by Horus’ traitorous brood then he would put his faith in his armour and weapons, as he had in every warzone between Terra and this hateful soil. His assumption was correct. Even though he held his position having half-risen, expectant to receive another hail of bolter fire, none was forthcoming. Tiberius breathed an almost silent sigh of relief. At least somewhere else on this blasted world there were those as wronged as him and his brothers. Another of Akkad’s brethren emerged wielding a bolter, differing subtly from Tiberius’. Crude markings adorned his armour, acid etched deep into the finely wrought ceremite. Several gold-plated skulls, both human and xenos, stared and gasped as mute witnessed to the monumental upheaval of honour that happened here today. Not once did he take his bolter stray from Akkad’s back. Tiberius was somewhat relieved that he was not the ones in the man’s sights. Although he doubted that, if this Son of Horus found a reason to fire, he would have very long before the mainstay weapon of the Great Crusade was trained on him and spitting death.

The marked Astartes seemed surprised by Tiberius’ presence this far out of the city and wondered how he came to know Akkad, although he didn't really give him time to answer before he addressed Akkad directly. Tiberius was right, the Astartes who identified himself as Sergeant Rydon Kryimen was Cthonian. The IIIrd Legion still maintained a healthy stock of Terran’s in their midst, although not as many as the VIIth Legion for example. In other legions however, there seemed to be an almost subconscious culling of the natives of the cradle of humanity that preceded this most recent massacre. As Rydon finished his introduction, Tiberius heard the sound of running boots. They were close. In a flash his Serpenta was in his hands and the moment that another Son of Horus smashed aside a portion of ruined wall, his sights were lined up with the Astarte, and the two more who came round the corner. His sights finally settled on the one weilding the heavy bolter. If it came to blows, that weapon would need to be taken out first of all. It was only when he saw the man who had brawled with Akkad wave a warding hand did he lower his weapon, although curiously they didn't lower theirs. Sergeant Rydon explained that they still were not trusted, something that bismerrched Tiberius' pride.

Tiberius was about to explain how him and Akkad had came to meet, but Akkad beat him there first. Probably better too. They would swallow the truth easier from one of their own gutter-born ilk than him. Tiberius nodded to Akkad's story, although his eyebrow cocked at Akkad's emphasis that be had been alone. Tiberius let Sebastian and Darius slide into obscurity as Akkad continued. He would mention them at a later date if they became relevant. Right now it was more important that they be unified than nit-pick at each other. Akkad presented his blade as proof of his loyalty, the quality seemed to be woven into the very alloy of the killing weapon. Up until now Tiberius had remained silent and he was aware that eyes were on him to present a plee for his loyalty too. He cleared his throat and spoke, his voice like the slow peal of thunder. "I am not called a Child of the Emperor without good cause Sergeant. I wish that were enough in and of itself to prove my loyalty, but dark times as these are, I fear more is required of me. Therefore..." Tiberius opened his arms, encompassing those around him and daring them to fire on him "...let this be my testimony and make your judgements after I am done..."

Tiberius wheeled his spear so it stood upright, in a flourish of martial skill and to draw attention to himself. He planted his staff into the ground, kicking up a small cloud of ash at his feet. His voice was measured to include, but not be overwhelmed by the sorrow and anguish of the day's events but also tempered with his rage and determination for revenge. This booming regal voice reverberated of the shatter buildings and broken walls, echoing up to the heavens as if defying his brothers to come and claim his life. "...I am Decurion Tiberius Locolus, warrior of the 10th Company under Saul Tarvitz. I have enforced the will of the Emperor for one hundred and eighty years. I have defied the foes of humanity and championed it against foes uncounted. I have and will continue to serve Terra until the day I die or mankind. And for this most grevious sin..." Tiberius said with a venomous dose of irony "...I was betrayed by those I had called brother and sent here to die..." The storm has broken and his last words came with all the violence and power of lightning bolts cast by a vengeful god. Tiberius drew back into himself after allowing his anger to surface. It seemed important that this violent hoard understood that he felt their pain and rage. "...Now you have heard all I can offer. Let us either discuss what we do from here, or get to the business of seeing how many of you have to die before your treachery claims us." Tiberius hoped it did not come to that, but at least he had his weapons in hand if he needed them...

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

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17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

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Aloros stood there as Kyros entered the fray and soon became entangled just as much as Sergeant Tharr. The two of them quickly succumbing to the rage that cursed their blood. Aloros had a heard time following their movements since they followed no logical pattern. In most fights someone skilled would have an idea of where the next blow would land, what type of grapple would be made to counter or enhance it, and countless other factors. The World Eaters spat in the face of all combat logic. Punches were thrown when doing so made no sense, grapple moves that even the filthiest street brawler in a Hive City wouldn't bring himself to do was being done in the typical primitive (yet somehow gloriously well executed) style of Angron's sons.

Of coarse Aloros didn't fire his plasma cannon and he wondered if Sergeant Kyros was already lost in rage when he gave the command. A burst of plasma from a regular mark 'gun' would have reduced them to molten slag. A shot, at this close range, from a full-fledged cannon would probably also kill Aloros or at the very least leave him horribly burned.

He was contemplating putting his cannon aside and moving in with his bolt pistol to end this madness when Alaros heard the cracking sound of vertebrae breaking. He glanced over to see one of the World Eaters who everyone had ignored had finally triumphed and turned his attack to the three wrestling Astartes.

More traitors! I’ll kill you all!’ screamed the crazed World Eater as he charged into the fight. Aloros could have taken aim and fired but again, plasma cannons were not made for melee combat.

In surprisingly short order the crazed World Eater had already pummeled Kyros into the ground.

'Working with the Deathguard too! Death to Angron! Death to Mortarion! Traitors all!’ he screamed as he smashed Kyros' face into the ground and pulled a knife.

Aloros reacted instantly and moved with one hand towards his bolt-pistol in an effort to stop this, but even as he pulled his sidearm he knew he'd be too late. Suddenly a shot rang out and the crazed World Eater slumped over with a bolt-hole through his mostly detonated skull.

For a long moment there was nothing but silence save for Tharr and Kyros' heavy breaking that was audible despite their helms.

'That escalated quickly,' said Aloros at last. He moved forward cautiously towards Kyros.

'Sergeant are you still lost to the rage,' he asked neutrally. His hand was wrapped around his bolt pistol, but oddly he held it at an angle that would allow him to shoot Tharr rather than Kyros. Tharr still had the tension in his form for murder, Kyros seemed more deflated.
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Kyros looked up, his head tilted to this side with curiousity, having expected the death knell to be delivered. He got to his feet hesitantly, unsure if he would need to defend himself further, collecting his power axe from the ground, having lost it in the fray. Trying to quickly collect himself he looked first to Alaros, whose pistol was aimed in his general direction, but had not been discharged, he then looked to his left and saw Marcus standing there, plumes of smoke rising from his bolt pistol.

"Sergeant Tharr?" Kyros spoke his fellow World Eater's name as a question, as if to check if the Astartes was in fact there in any recognizable form or if he was still lost to the madness and rage that flowed freely in their blood lines.

"That escalated quickly," Alaros spoke as he moved closer, "Sergeant are you still lost to the rage?" also looking to Marcus to see how he would react. Kyros noted that Alaros had not holstered his pistol yet and his hand instinctively crept towards his own weapon before looking at the sea of bodies around them and realizing they owed these Brothers a grim debt. "These men were lost to the madness, there was nothing we could do for them...Still it grieves me to know we had to put them down to ensure our own survival."

Kyros shook his head as he came to a grim realization, they would need supplies, ammunition and as distasteful as it may have been here in front of them there was a macabre armory of sorts. "Collect what ammunition we can, we will need it. It may not be just for ourselves, we three were brought together through random circumstance, perhaps we might encounter others like us?" There was some amount of hope flitting in and out of his tone as he spoke. "...Or, if we encounter the force that did this...I will not want to run low of bolt rounds before I die." The ocean of dead was an imposing visage and as he spoke Kyros wondered to himself what force could be so destructive to cut through World Eaters in such numbers, he knew he did not want to find the answer.
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Lord Ramo has been in touch with me and is still planning on posting. I have not heard from Darius O's yet but am willing to spare a bit more time. Here is the update for Sebastian and Nacho since they have been waiting the longest.

Sebastian and Darius:

"I am looking for him."

Sebastian's last words trail off into silence, followed by a shrill wind passing through the small plaza.

Clanking becomes audible. Boots, guns, axes, and power armor. Some turning of your heads shows groups of figures rushing down two more of the five streets leading to the small plaza.

'I have never heard of this...Captain Tarvitz.' Says the World Eater Sergeant, grimly.

Without another second passing. Bolter rounds light up the stone and marble work. Sending clouds of debris over the two loyal Emperors Children.

They do no know exactly where you are hiding but are making educated guesses and lighting up any large enough chunks of cover they can find in the area. Again there were five streets leading to the plaza. Three of them now now each have World Eaters advancing inwards, all firing on your position. Besides the initial five, a whole sixteen more have entered view. As soon as you move to defend yourselves, it will get much harder, as the enemy will know your exact location. Any of the World Eaters will charge you the moment they get the chance. Sebastian may choose to kill up to eight between shooting and close combat. Darius may kill up to four. By the end of your posts, please make known whether your your goal is to take out as many out as possible, or to only to take as many out as necessary to escape down one of the two open streets.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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The sound of the gunfire that Decius was rushing towards abruptly stopped. Cursing quietly, Vultus picked up his pace as he rushed through the ruins and debris towards where the gunfire had originated, the standard flowing as he moved quickly. The only sound he could hear now was the pounding of his feet on the ground and the crunch as he stepped upon loose bits of debris and crushed them under his armoured heels. He could faintly hear the hum of aircraft engines, but those were far away in the distance, far from him and his objective.

Ahead he found some ruins and without breaking a stride, crashed right through a thin part of rubble as he took the most direct route to the original sound of gunfire. He paused for a moment as he surveyed the ruins. It had once been a bell tower, he could tell by the giant bell, blackened from the traitorous bombardment where it had once shone brightly when the world had been brought under compliance. Now all that remained was the blackened and twisted frame of it. As he looked past the bell he could make out that it had fallen on a skyscraper that must have fallen first, probably in the initial attack. On the other side of the ruined skyscraper which now covered what was once a road he could see a group of Astartes, some of his brothers.

He recognised his own legion and despite everything felt a glimmer of hope, even the purple figure in the midst of them, obviously a son of Fulgrim brought relief to him. He paused for a moment though, what if they were traitors? What if the men he saw below were not his brothers at all, but had betrayed him. He squinted as he made out guns seemingly being pointed at one another, were his brothers in trouble down there with traitors. No friend of foe tags came up when Vultus checked his HUD.

Sighing to himself he drew his plasma pistol and hoisted the standard. If they were friends they should recognize the second standard and know he was a friendly, if they had checked the roster of those making planet fall. Though if there were traitors down there they would also recognize it and kill him. It mattered not Vultus had made his decision. He moved towards the group intent on finding out once and for all, perhaps this is where he died. Perhaps not. He would march straight towards them, he was not a subtle man.

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"Damned savage sons of whores!" Sebastian growled, pulling his helmet on as he did, so the second half of the sentence was forced aggressively from the helms grill. There was little a Son of Angron could do that would surprise him but such deceit certainly did. He didn't believe it was in their nature.

Even without looking he could tell they were in trouble. He tried to separate out the sounds of individual boots flooding into the plaza and tried to isolate the bolters propelling rounds above their heads. There was at least a dozen, probably more. Without raising his head he pictured the layout of the plaza. Every detail, every piece of fallen masonry that formed serviceable cover. The World Eaters had set a decent trap, but they were no Emperor's Children. Their plan lacked perfection and it would be their undoing.

"Darius. On my mark target the group in that direction..." he gestured behind the Legionary in the direction of one of the roads. "...with a frag grenade. I will do the same with the others. While their heads are down we make a break for it this way." He gestured again to his right towards one of the two clear roads, this one having the most available cover, though still far less than he would have hoped for.

Darius nodded and drew a grenade from his belt as the Decurion did the same. Sebastian tossed the first out of cover without looking, having already judged the direction and distance of the original group. "Now!" he barked to Darius. The two of them got up just high enough to see and tossed two more grenades at the newly arrived squads. There was a loud bang and crack, followed by two more in quick succession like a heartbeat. For a moment the hail of bolter fire faltered. "Go!"

The two of them stood up and leapt over the fallen pillar that had been covering their rear. Sebastian dared a look as the group, now to his right. They were slowly recovering and it was hard to see through the cloud of dust the grenades had kicked up as they blasted apart stone and armour in equal measure. Even so he could tell at least one of the group wasn't moving. A second, who has lost or otherwise eschewed the use of his helmet was a sitting duck as he tried to clear his head. A short burst from Sebastian's bolter made it explode like rotten fruit and the body crumpled again into the dirt.

Fire started returning in drips and Sebastian fired back on full auto. A World Eater standing defiantly out of cover was clipped twice across the shoulder and a third winged of his helmet. He went down though Sebastian doubted it was a kill. Slowly the incoming fire built and Sebastian ran. Ducking low to use as much of the limited cover as he could, he emptied the clip of his bolter firing back blindly as he went.

The adjoining street seemed so near. Once they reached it they could try to lose the World Eaters in the ruins, or failing that, find a more defensible position to make their stand. But even the small space left to cover was a killing field. Decurion Aurellian lowered his head, pumped his arms and drove forward for all he was worth.
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Just over an hour has passed since you walked out from cover and discovered yourself, immersed in betrayal.

Vultus, Krateron, and Tiberius:

Before Sergeant Kyrimen or anyone else can speak further, a figure makes themselves known as two of the Sons of Horus squad retrain the guns on the hill of rubble behind Tiberius, calling out their warning to the Sergeant. With a quick look the Sergeant's hand comes up telling them not to fire.

A large Standard waves in the wind, held high in the hand of its bearer. Emblazoned, proud and bold is the roman numeral 'II' in the flag's center. Second Company. All of the Sons of Horus are well aware that this is Torgaddon's Company, and that his Company, was sent down in full. This Marine is Loyal, without question.

The Marine who rounded the corner, who shouldered his weapon, but did not directly aim it at anyone speaks up to Kyrimen.

'Brother Sergeant, if these two wanderers were Traitors, they would not fight this Standrad Bearer in front of us, but even so…I hardly believe that they are part of a Traitor force. There are only two of them. They will come in larger numbers than that, I'm sure.'

As Decius Vultus completes his descent and places his boot son the road, advancing, Rydon Kyrimen relents, folding his bolted to his chest.

'I suppose you're right. There is not much more we can do about it, and I won't risk killing fellow Loyal Astartes just for cautions sake.'

He looks at Akkad.

'If you place a bolt round or blade in my back, it is not as if it would be the worst betrayal I have felt this day.'

The squad lowers their weapons together and walks in to tighten the circle as the Standard Banner joins the group, successfully not being shot at, and knowing he is in the company of allies.

Greet with Vultus and hear his side of things, anything he may know to add further knowledge to the group. A sudden song of gunfire will spring up once again, quite a ways in the distance. Perhaps the light of the Emperor is not so far away, for everyone's vox and locator networks static back into life once more, though the signal is still poor.

Tiberius will see Sebastian's link and his relative location which is in the direction of the gunfire. You may try to contact him, move in that direction, or continue trying to find the Precentor's Palace. Of course, any decision will have to be agreed upon with the Sons of Horus if he want them to stay with him and vice versa.

Sebastian and Darius:

The two Emperor's Children expertly, and professionally cover each other as they make their attempted escape down one of the empty streets.

As Sebastian reloads from firing his full clip, he slips into a thin dead-end alleyway while Darius fires back rounds into the street's mouth where it opens up to the plaza. Pounding hammer bursts sound off of the marble and rockrete ruins of building walls. Sebastian, a Decurion counting for many a legionnaire, has a handle on timing well beyond any of the other Astartes involved in the sudden firefight. The moment Darius's clip empties, his shoulder rounds the wall corner, ferrox bolter raised and firing.

The heat is on, the World Eaters no longer hunting hidden pray. The multiple squads file into the street's opening not expecting, or perhaps not caring about, such precise tactical acumen. One of them, chain axes raised high and howling, takes at least five of Sebastian's bolts to the midsection, rending the armor clear open with a wash of blood over his traitor brothers beside him.

Debris is continually kicked up by bolt rounds hitting the ground, abandoned vehicles, and fallen building chunks. An odd sensation, being on the other side of bolter fire for the first time in the two Emperor's Children careers.

While Darius reloads in cover, Sebastian moves out of the alleyway backwards while firing before finding more cover for himself. The two of them continue this leapfrog pattern the best they can. There are simply too many World Eaters on the road now to continue openly running without being gunned down.

The pressure creeps into Sebastian who quickly realizes that ultimately, he and Darius have just been found by the Traitorous forces and knows how many more there must be. Now found, is escape truly an option, or should he simply start counting down to his demise?

A glimmer of hope, perhaps, opens up to him, as his long range vox network suddenly statics back into life.

You see Tiberius's link. Do you attempt to contact him? No other Emperor's Children links seem to be around. Your eye searches for Tarvitz in particular, but does not see anything of him either. Aside from this, continue the run and gun as best you can in cooperation with Brother Darius.(you may take control of him for this, unless Nacho has been or gets in to contact with you about it via PM.) The World Eaters are practically insane chargers, and just two of you will hardly be able to hold them back for long at all. Remember, they may not care much for cover or precision, but they are still Astartes and most of them will take quite a bit to put down. Some will make it through the bolter fire and reach your position. I trust your superior close combat skills will be enough to best these foes, however.

Kyros and Gilgumann, (Tharr pending):

Tharr's pistol arm lowers. He does not respond to any prodding by either of you. Shortly after, he simply begins to walk off through the dead. He may not be lost to the Butcher's Nails, but he is lost all the same. Unfortunately, there is no time to be wasted on him. This may be upsetting, but you know there are Traitors on the ground with more incoming, and chasing after someone who has lost their mind won't help any Loyal survivors put up a decent fight.

A sudden fire fight not too far off alerts both of you, but also gives you both a direction to move in. Though you may want to stay away from any Traitor forces for the time being, a fire fight means there are Loyalists involved as well. The two of you, now each other's only companions, have little choice but to shrug your shoulders and move to investigate.

After jogging through several hellish streets, A squad of World Eaters happens to dart out in front of you in one of the intersections. They are moving in haste towards what seems to be the same destination you are. The lead Marine practically stumbles into Sergeant Kyros. Gilgumaan is once again slightly behind due to the added weight of his weapon and armor. There is a moment, and only avery small moment of confusion and hesitation. Then, this confrontation becomes clear as day compared to the last.

There are four World Eaters here. They are all tactical legionnaires with pistols and chainswords. Capitalize on the moment of surprise. The rest of the squad, or simply just seven more of them, are a bit behind these four, and see the six of you bump into each other. Yells of a charge already fill the heavy air. There are only two of you, so be smart about how you handle this situation, and prove yourself better than these Traitor scum. You may make your strikes and shots, but I will determine the outcome of injury and death.


You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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