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Tyrus saw the tension unfolding between the Space Marines in front of him, and decided to speak after Krateron. "I see what you mean, but I suggest we do as much damage to them as possible." "And to do that, we must do hit and run attacks to drag out the campaign against us here as long as possible. We must ambush squads, take out their command structure, and other things that will make us do as much damage as possible. But at the current moment, I do not care where we go at the moment, and I will let you debate on your own choice."
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Tiberius’s lips turned into a sneer, quite unbecoming set against such noble features. Krateron was a fool. A rash, insipid, fool. He had previously had the sense to steer clear of danger, but suddenly now he wanted to charge straight into death. He scoffed “Spears are no good against an ocean either Krateron…” Tiberius was indignant, although perhaps more at the slight against his legion than at what Krateron had suggested. “…If you were an Emperor’s Child you would be less of a headstrong idiot and see, as impressive as this force you’ve amassed is, you cannot face down a legion with it! Angron has the entire Twelfth at his back. And even if you can break through that barbarous hoard what then?”

In truth, Tiberius let the question hang for just long enough for Akkad to being forming an answer before speaking again. “The Sons of Horus are already landing behind the World Eaters. You would attempt break through, sacrificing at least half of this ensemble to protect your own hide, only to run onto the blades of your brethren. Perhaps that is the catharsis you are looking for, but it is folly. Perhaps…”

He had to concede something, his mercurial anger subsiding “…if we were to split into smaller groups we could hide ourselves in the ruins and simply let the tide of World Eaters pass and break through without the need for a fight. Angron’s forces will head for the main areas or resistance and hunt for survivors there, where the blood runs thickest, not stopping to pick over morsels in this carcass. But others will come and they will be more methodical.” Akkad would split from them if he had to, Tiberius had no doubt. Despite the hours they had spent together, his allegiance was to no one but himself and would only stay as long as it served him.

His attention shifted back to Sebastian, although his body language included the rest. They knew more about these catacombs than he did. “If what you say about the catacombs is true, then they are our best option as far as I can see…” Even if they weren’t, the time to discover a better one is a luxury we don’t have. “…Whether we flank our foes or head for the palace is something we can concern ourselves with later. We head for the catacombs.” This was a moment of leadership. Tiberius was not the ranking officer here, and the authority to make such a decision was not his. But, if the group let him, it didn’t matter. That’s what leadership came down to, pushing your authority until someone stops you…

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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
And for two fucking grand, I could buy enough rum and hookers to 'artistically' recreate the better part of Pirates of the Caribbean.
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His hair whipped in the wind behind him as he knelt, examining the grim work he'd committed against a Son of Horus. Kyros spat on the dead marine's chest whilst relieving him of his bolter and the munitions he carried. "We must collect what we can," he spoke, as if defending himself from the unspoked questions. In any other time, it would be abhorent to 'steal' from a fallen battle brother. But these bastards were no Brothers, and their weapons deserved to be in hands loyal to Him on Terra.

Tyrus, the Death Guard spoke of attacking their pursuers, launching hit and run ambush strikes against his former Brothers. The force that was lead by his sire Angron. Kyros could not know fear, but he knew a sense of uncertainty, and that sensation was unfamiliar and uncomfortable, "If we stay, if we stand against Angron, we will all die." His hands carried on stowing his newly acquired bolter, mag locking the extra magazines to his plates. "To survive the crash of the wave we must dive below," he spoke in odd indirect statements, as if he were incapable of speaking his wish to avoid fighting Angron, his Father.

He hated the Primarch now, hated him with a seething broiling fire that burned in his hearts and flowed through every vessal in body...but he knew it would be for naught. "We must make for the catacombs," the voice of Tiberius, the newly arrived Emperor's Child.

Kyros was ready to move out, placing his helmet back on, locking the seals, his voice taking on the mechanized qualities of the vox "We do not have time for long winded arbitration or discussion, we must move out to the Catacombs at once," motioning for Tiberius and Sebastien to lead. He was a Sergeant, but in what force? for the time being he was a blade to be directed into his enemies.
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Xaren listened to his fellow warriors argue over the be s course of action. Each one was ludicrous in the face of reality, though much of what he thought was real was shattered upon being betrayed. His father, The Primarch had sent them here to die and now was cleaning up the mess. Angering and his barbarians were massing a large scale assault that no one would survive. An option he heard crept to his mind. The catacombs. That seemed to be the best chance they had against such odds.
"The catacombs are statically sound when you think on it. Its narrow and maze like, with the ability to lose our foes should they follow. The tunnels are about two men wide and that will keep them from overwhelming us in close combat." His hand fell to his chainsword.
"For what happened to my squad and to my brothers, I revoke the name of Sons of Horus. I am a Luna Wolf through and through and I long for vengeance."

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Several Death Guard Breacher Marines hurry away from the tunnel entrance. Clouds of lingering radiation caused by the rad-weaponry of the Destroyer Marines can still be picked up by your helmet sensors, ghost-crawling into the Catacombs with you.

The four colors of each Legion stand side by side here, along with the black and red of Decima and his minions.

Tiberius and Sebastian nod to one another, glad that the acumen of the Emperor's Children led to a quick and smart decision.

Akkad Krateron stands behind them, perhaps reluctantly, but once again with little choice if he wished to survive.

The Breacher charges detonate, sending a shockwave through the crowd, and rubble pitter-pattering over the ground, and into your boots. The tunnel entrance sealed.

In the midst of the group Lieutenant Morturg stares at an auspex scanner, and beside him Decima studies a topographical device. The radiation interferes with much of the available technology, and even the walls of the Catacombs here seem to be made of material that dulls radio frequency and scanner efficiency. The local heretics actually tried to hide their blasphemy once, it seems. Fortunately, this means the World Eaters above will have a hard time picking up your own movements as well.

In the coming moments, Morturg and Centurion Darr (I think I may have made a mistake about his rank before. If so, this is Shabran's actual rank) would truly begin the rise to their future legacy as masters of ambush.

The tunnel entrance leads to an expansive chamber full of shrines made from stonework that looks like it could have twisted itself into shape rather than have been carved by human hands. Statues were sunk halfway into the chamber walls, some the ground...or perhaps they were half emerged from these areas. From this expansive room, a dozen tunnels and hallways are linked. As off-putting as the structures are, they serve a well-enough purpose for you at the moment.

Seemingly based more on a sixth-sense than what the scanners were reading, Shabran and Morturg begin sending groups of their men in different directions.

'Enemies.' Morturg says over the vox.

'All directions.'

Simply due to habit of following orders from superior officers, you all follow Shabran Darr's grouping of you together down one of the tunnels.

'Hands and blades.' He says, and moves down an adjacent tunnel with a gang of his dirtied World Eaters. Morturg sends a trio of his, led by a Sergeant Muzg, to assist you.

Tiberius, Sebastian, Akkad, Besnik, and Kyros: All five of you are together with two Death Guard NPCs, as well as Brother Darius. Your group is responsible for making sure that any Traitor forces that come down your assigned tunnel die instantly and quietly. The tunnel is not straight, it twists and turns somewhat and it can fit two to three Marines shoulder to shoulder depending on the section. Their are several growths of crystal and stone throughout it to hide behind. A full ten strong tactical squad of World Eaters runs through your tunnel. It only takes a blink or two for them to warn comrades, or a quick shout on their vox channel. You would do well to collaborate, as failure in your task of stealth is certainly possible.

Tyrus and Xaren have been put on hold. Please PM me if you wish to change this.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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The inside of his helmet blinked a faint warning that the air here was radioactive. The heavy weight of the ionising cloud hung on the Destroyers like a shroud. Personally Tiberius had never cared much for the Destroyer cadre of his own legion, but the one of the Death Guard were brutally efficient. Also, with the whole planet burning, bleeding and radioactive, his concerns about wholesale slaughter and the aftermath of such weaponry hardly seemed important.

The charges detonated and another layer of dust coated his purple armour. The blood and ash dulled the vibrant purple but didn’t entirely blot it out. He wanted his brothers to know who killed them. He nodded in approval at Sebastian. Despite Krateron’s protest Tiberius was sure they had made the best decision. However the best in this scenario did not mean it wasn’t still lethal and quickly their rag-tag force was on the move again.

The signs of the native populace’s deluded rebellion marked the walls and Tiberius scoffed quietly at the absurdity of it. There were no god, no higher powers. The Emperor had taught them that and all else was madness and folly. The channel itself looked more like it had naturally formed rather than been forced and statue seemed to be part way through pulling themselves out of the walls rather than having been carve into the wall. It was odd, but he had seen Eldar psykers work their peculiar wraithbone in the same. Not being a genetic mistake the exact whys and wherefores of sorcery eluded him, but Tiberius imagined the same feet could be performed on normal stone and the Isstvanians certainly had psykers.

The quickly reached a terminus of multiple tunnels. Morturg ordered them down a tunnel with a word “Enemies.”
“Hands and blades.” Can the other order from Centurion Darr. Quite right too. With their only known escape route sealed, they did not want to have to fight a protracted battle down here. The tunnel they went down had many crystal outgrowths and twisted at odd angles. It almost reminded him of Laeran. The heavy tread of footsteps was not far off.

He was sure they would be World Eaters. Only the dogs would check the warrens. He spoke in a whisper. “We need a distraction. Akkad and Besnik fight Kyros. The rest of you, behind the crystals. When they come, they’ll aid their brother…” Or they’ll want to kill him first. In either case, 3 Astartes already killing each other wouldn’t raise an alarm. “…and when they come past us, gut them.” Between the three of them simultaneously turning to fight and the other 6 of them appearing, they won’t have time to react. “Oh, and Akkad. Try not to hurt him, eh?”

Whether by choice or because it was the only plan and they had no time to argue, everyone moved into position, Tiberius at the front to attack the very rear. Tiberius heard the chainaxe roar and the crash of steel on steel. He kept his phoenix spear deactivated, not wanting the light or noise to give him away between the shards of crystal. The exquisite blade would be enough to strike through the neck joint of his foe. He forced his hearts rates to slow to a crawl and activated his multi-lung, silencing his breathing.

In quick order a tactical squad came running past him, three abreast at the front, two abreast in the middle two rows and three abreast at the back. When the last man was just past him, Tiberius stepped out. He swung his phoenix spear, the full explosive power of his Astartes physiology behind the blow. He aimed it so it should cut cleanly through the neck of the one closest to the wall and into the middle Astarte, hopefully severing two heads whilst the third was dealt with by his partner opposite. With any luck, the rest would be as efficient and the entire squad would drop silently…

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

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17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
And for two fucking grand, I could buy enough rum and hookers to 'artistically' recreate the better part of Pirates of the Caribbean.
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They were doomed, all of them. That much had been clear ever since the first moments of the betrayal. The Loyalist forces were outnumbered by an enemy that were man for man their equal. They were cut off from all possibility of support or reinforcement and the potential for them to be bombarded from orbit was a constant threat. Everything they did, every treacherous life they had taken was nothing more then a bloody minded act of stubborn defiance. But as the entrance to the catacombs collapsed around them and the rag tag loyalist force withdrew into the relative safety of the underground tunnels, Sebastian felt hope. If all those around them were able to accept the superiority and perfection of the 3rd Legion's strategy, maybe they would survive this after all. With a nod to Decurion Locolus, Sebastian turned and headed into the tunnel.

For all the safety the tunnels offered at this moment, Sebastian did not like it down here. The place unnerved him. Its strange twisted structure felt alien, its sunken statues and religious symbolism even more so. He sighed quietly. It was a shame that this world had turned from the light of Imperial Truth. Sad that this retribution had had to fall upon them and worst of all that the Emperor's Children as he knew them were now denied the glory of the worlds true destruction.

In the large central chamber they found themselves in, the other legion commanders along with the Mechanicus Priest were trying to scan the tunnels with little success. Both a blessing and a curse as it could be assumed that their enemies would have similar trouble using such devices to detect them.

He didn't like the Death Guard and World Eaters taking command. They were off roughly equivalent rank and to his own mind, Sebastian knew he would be the greater leader. He was one of the Emperor's Children after all. He knew though that Lieutenant Morturg especially seemed to know the tunnel system better than he or Tiberius would and for now, he would settle for following his lead. As the thought passed through his mind, the Death Guard Lieutenant started issuing orders, directing detachments of their force down seemingly random corridors. Sebastian saw not obvious system or sense to the deployments but right now felt it best not to start questioning them. Something about Morturg's voice over the vox made Sebastian sure. "Enemies." Morturg said.

Alongside Tiberius, Akkad, Kyros and some others he was less familiar with, Sebastian fell into line behind the World Eater Darr.

"Hands and blades." the Centurion ordered.

Does a World Eater ever use anything else? he thought. Oh of course, he forgot teeth.

Despite hill sarcastic inner monologue Sebastian had no problem with the instruction. He mag locked his bolter to his lower back and carefully withdrew Spectre. He raised it to a high horizontal stance near his right shoulder but kept it deactivated so that its glow would not give them away in the darkness. As the group slowly made their way through the twisting tunnels, darting from cover to cover, shadow to shadow they heard footsteps. It was possible one of the other group had been turned around or their tunnels had somehow linked, but Sebastian had learned by now not to trust anyone left on Isstvan III until he had good reason to do so. Before he could think about it too much more though, Decurion Locolus leapt into action, laying down his plan. With no objections, Sebastian remained quiet and moved to a position hiding beside his fellow 3rd Legionnaire.

As the World Eater traitors came by, eager to assist their supposed ally the trap was sprung. Tiberius a step ahead of him cut down a warrior with a precise blow of his spear to the enemies neck. Sebastian sidestepped his own target lining up in a low stance to the World Eater's right as the traitor raised his bolter. With the perfect opening, Sebastian trust Spectre forward, activating its power field at the last moment so the blade pierced the World Eater's power armour and his lungs and hearts alongside it. The World Eater fell to the ground and Decurion Aurellian stepped forward already aiming for his next target.
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