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Kyros greeted the Apothecary Daeka in passing, merely nodding and acknowledging the Death Guard's rank with respect, "Apothecary." Morturg spoke 'The first two hours,' he says, slightly short of breath, we barely made it from the trenches to the industrial zone. We passed several cites of World Eater dead, and I've already had to kill dozens of my backstabbing brothers to get this far. From the sounds of it, you have as well, Sergeant Straesan. Even so, this is far, far from over.'

At the mention of the word 'Brothers' Kyros perked up, a great swell of rage flowed through his blood, from within his bones, within his heart, his whole being ached at the mention of that word in reference to his former Legion. "With respect Lieutenant Morturg, those of the XII Legion that I have killed today were not my Brothers, they were usurpers and traitors. My Brothers are dead and I am eager to see their lives avanged."

Kyros took up a position at the front of the assemblage of varying units of Death Guard and the Mechanicum. As the Thallax Guards powered the massive ornate doors open to reveal a passing patrol of green and grey, The Sons of Horus, those who fell under the sway of the WarMaster himself. Traitors of the highest order, the Death Guard Destroyers opened up with their radiation weapons, lightning guns crackled from the Mechanicum and Sebastien roared out the the warcry of the Emperor's Children, which was responded to only by Darius, his loyal comrade.

Kyros had no attachment to the warcry of his own Legion, he wanted nothing to do with that heritage, but it was his and he could do little but accept it, and use the curse of his blood to the benefit of vengeance. As the fire began to pour forth from both sides, he knew they would need to close the distance to most effectively use their numbers.

The barrage of radiation missiles from the Destroyers felled two members of the descending Sons of Horus, but the rest seemed uneffected for the most part, however, the explosion had rocked them, taken their footing out from under them and caught them off guard.

The blood raced, pulsing through his body more rapidly and he felt a surge within him, he saw a moment to capitalize on the Sons of Horus as they clambored back to their feet. He knew of only one way to fight, his combat shield was firmly braced about his left forearm, his plasma pistol in hand, his power axe flared to life and he was off, like a snarling rabid dog that had been let loose of its tether. His hatred fueled his charge, his anger took hold, and he let it, walking a fine line of being in control and losing himself completely in the excitement of killing the enemies of the Emperor. He sprinted as fast as he could until he reached the Sons of Horus who were retaking their posture. A squeeze of the trigger of his plasma pistol saw a bright blue globe of searing hot energy roar forth, without waiting to see what targets he may have struck he brought his axe to bare in a series of slashes, each one followed with his left arm returning to its protective position, placing the shield directly in front of his torso, protecting his most vital spots. He was banking on surprise, supressive fire from his comrades and above all, sheer hatred of his enemies.
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Krejer roared and rent two of Shabran’s men apart. Tiberius was almost beginning to regret accepting the challenge from this brute, but he squashed the thought before it had time to mature. No amount of unfettered rage could make up for consummate skill and Tiberius possessed plenty of that. Though his legion had shirked it’s bonds of loyalty and fidelity, the honour of the Imperium and their distant Emperor still deserved to be upheld and so long as he wore the imperial aquilia and drew breath, he would be their champion. Come hell or high water. Several World Eater surged forwards with him into the traitorous ranks. Evidently not about to allow their jetbikes to be used against them or salvaged by any survivors, the World Eaters blew them up in a spiteful detonation of fire.

Then Tiberius was amongst them. A fresh World Eater, bereft of legion iconography or the black corpse soot that marked Shabran’s warriors, came at him wooping and howling. His chainaxe came in at a wide swing, which Tiberius blocked with the half of his Phoenix Spear. The World Eater broke away and came in with a downward swing. Tiberius twisted round it and took the new-blood’s legs out from under him with his spear. On the floor Tiberius drove his spear into his chest cavity and twisted, exploding both the World Eater’s hearts. He still thrashed as his life-blood drained though. Contemptuously, Tiberius pulled his spear out and made for Krejer.

Shabran was a few meters closer than him, but clocked his approach. “This one is mine, Emperor’s Child.”
“I will not see the honour of my Legion and my Emperor tarnished by this rabid dog. I will have his hide for his insolence.”
“Once he’s dead his hide is yours, but his head is mine.” *We’ll see about that* Tiberius hardened his face and gripped his Phoenix Spear tighter. He would not be outdone by these mongrels. Shabran reached his foe first, and launched at Krejer with a flurry of strikes with his ornate chainaxe. All of which Krejer blocked with his duel weapons. He seemed to struggle, but that was likely a symptom of whatever those blasted nails were doing to his brain pan.

Tiberius arrived a moment later. The Beast of the Fifth seemed to pre-naturally know that he faced another opponent and swung his own chainaxe. Tiberius’s spear came up to block the axe. By Terra Krejer was strong. Brute force would not save Tiberius. A second blow came from Krejer’s sword, and Tiberius twisted his spear so the bladed edge met the sword-edge. Tiberius could felt his strength slowly give way to Krejer’s as the sword inched along its previous trajectory. Shabran pressed his attack and Krejer broke away from Tiberius to launch a 1-2 swing of both his sword and axe, forcing Shabran’s offensive into a defensive stance.

Tiberius swung his spear around, preparing to decapitate Krejer in his moment of laxity, but the World Eater spun in place and stopped Tiberius’s blade. Almost faster than Tiberius could react to, Krejer’s chain-axe came for Tiberius’s face. He backed away almost in time, the blow connecting with only the snout of his helm and skidding off. The force of the blow still filled his mouth with blood though and his helm has several new gouges in it from the chainaxe’s teeth. Tiberius snarled as he broke away as Darr pressed another assault in the opening unwillingly created for him, scoring a wound on Krejer’s hip.

The Beast turned his attention away for an instant and Tiberius could feel his ire rising. His instinct was to strike with fury, but that was not enough. The prohibitive implant afforded the World Eaters more wrath than Tiberius could manufacture. Besides, no duellist ever won through sheer bloody mindedness. It was through skill and a calm assurance that they were already the victor. Like freeing a statue from marble, it was merely a matter of creating the reality that already existed. Krejer’s response to Shabran’s attack was furious, and landed him at least one superficial wound on the World Eater’s chest.
Tiberius pressed a further assault. Krejer’s attacks on Shabran let up as he faced the warrior in gilded purple. Tiberius’s charge stopped abruptly as he jousted again for Krejer’s face. The Captain responded before the blow could land, battering it aside. Before Krejer could press another attack, Shabran was on him again, his chainaxe raking at his should pauldron. Tiberius, anticipating the force of the blow, let his spear be knocked back and twisted the blade, bringing it around for a horizontal blow. His chainaxe occupied fending off Shabran, Krejer’s sword moved to block Tiberius’s strike. The two blade briefly collided and then came apart.

Shabran’s attack required Krejer to devote his other weapon, hacking madly at Shabran to get him on the defensive again. That’s when Tiberius moved in. He had not yet perfected the famed Maru Skara, but he hoped his approximation would suffice. Again he came at Krejer, almost with a repeat of his previous move; a two-handed horizontal slice. As predicted Krejer moved his sword in an undercut motion to block it, but his blocked thin air. Tiberius had, at the last moment, pushed his spear down so that the tip of the blade was now in what had been his lower hand and he now held it in a one handed grip. By decreasing the length of his attack, he had avoided the block and let the blade continue. He had then reversed the direction of the strike and stepped inside Krejer’s guard, bringing a blow he hoped would take Krejer’s head off.

Sadly, the reflexes of the warrior were too fast and Krejer ducked back avoiding losing his head. However it was not fast enough to stop Tiberius’s blade slicing through his right cheek and the tip of his tongue as it passed. As impressively close at Tiberius had come, the fact that he had failed meant he was now dangerously exposed and with little room to defend himself. He back-stepped frantically, but Krejer swung both his weapons at him in an attempt to quarter the Decurion. The chainaxe skidded off of Tiberius’ armour, its power muted somewhat by his refractor field. The sword however, cut through the shoulder plating and into the meat of his shoulder and across into the tip of his pectoral before Tiberius could bring his spear to bear. Miraculously, both blows left the aquilia on his chest unscathed. He fended off two of three more frantic blows before Shabran distracted Krejer again with his own offensive. Tiberius silently scolded himself for failing but also knew that he had come close. Closer than Shabran. There was a good chance they could bring down this Beast and uphold the Imperium’s honour…

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

My growing IIIrd legion stuff:

17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

Crusade Army List tactica - Individual Legion tactica

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Vultus and Krateron:

'Sons of Horus'

The eight Luna Wolves froze for a moment, together. Gretivalus even let off the trigger of his heavy bolter, seeing the familiar livery at the opposite end of the street. Their focus narrowed. Their hearts thumped as if they were the only organs left in their chests. The World Eaters had been getting their turn before anyone else apparently but now, it was theirs.

The Luna Wolves who had been in cover stood up without care. The bolter fire coming at them stopped. Hazy figures who had taken cover along the street stood up as well, throwing their own caution to the smoky wind.

An exploding whirlwind of wrath played out in the background as the Sons of Horus just stared at each other.

Each, for their own personal reasons, bounded over their cover and surged forward in vocal silence. Clanking boot falls hit the ground. Chains and mirror coins clattered. Weapons were forgotten, dropped or maglocked. The air pressurizes between the two lines of Astartes sprinting toward one another, each warrior with a suit of armor like their own rushing up to meet them. The two waves of sea-green crash int each other, blending in their murder-make.

The crunching of fists, armor, and bones turns to a percussive song of vengeance and disgust. Vultus reverses a knee and spears a chest with the banner of Second Company. Muor's arm is caught mid-swing, and his elbow decimated. Gretivalus swings his heavy bolter down upon a skull, popping it. Rydon's helmet is pulled off and slammed into his own face. Herridon, with a short blade in hand, swings his remaining arm wide landing it straight through the mouth grill of an MKII helmet. He then digs, digs, and digs.

Guns are pulled back out, and three things capture the attention of Dillinger, forcing them to refocus once a line of dead Sons of Horus lays in front of them. The most obvious one is the Rapier Laser Destroyer being brought up on the traitors' end of the street. It's first shot nearly vaporizes half of Dillinger and obliterates one of the downed jet bikes beyond. The second is a grouping of spotlights in the air just above the highest rooftops over the traitors' position. Smoke and ash filled, low blowing clouds keep it otherwise concealed. More Sons of Horus suddenly appear through the even greater amounts of kicked up dirt clouds it seems to be causing. Straining engines whine with their effort. It is only from looking at this that they notice how strong the winds have now gotten above the city. The third thing they notice is all kinds of gunfire somewhere not far off.

You should probably do something. Oh, and do detail that brawl for me a bit more.


The fighting finds its way through the smoldering building wreckage and out into a much more open plaza where it appears thousands of Isstvanians melted and burned away a short time ago. There are dozens of large circular structures that must have been fountains, now dried up, cracked and scorched. There are scattered defense lines throughout, and a small network of pillboxes at the head of the plaza in front of what had been some kind of significant building but whether it was religious or political in nature is impossible to discern now. More from the noise than anything you can see, an aircraft makes its way over your position. Not that you would risk a second's distraction to look anyway, given the current circumstances. Some of the other World Eaters have followed the there of you into the plaza, continuing their own fighting.

On the other side of the plaza, figures clad in an off-green color emerge, running across. Before you know it, Sons of Horus are dropped beside you, and envelop you in flame weaponry. Your shield holds against it. You hear orders commanding "Stop!" and "Hold!, Hold!" which then become closer to pleas as the fire dissipates. You look up to find Krejer laying into the Sons of Horus, making mincemeat out of them, who are forced to fight back in turn. Shabran Darr has been forced to break from Krejer and fend off the Sons of Horus as well, or perhaps he has also bene take by the Nails, it is hard to tell.

As if the tides of fate hadn't been odd enough this day, you soon find yourself fighting the Sons of Horus somewhat side by side with Captain Krejer. You may also notice that Squad Dillinger and your pal Krateron are no longer in sight.

Sebastian and Kyros:

Morturg, Kyros, and Sebastian are the first the reach the top of the stairway, triumphantly making the final step to level ground. More scars and holes in each of their armor have been made. One of the Thallax cyborgs sat dead with its back against the wall half way up, a gaping hole in its face plate caused by a Sons of Horus missile launcher. Magos Decima moved to it, to see if repair or life was still possible. A handful of black and white armored Death Guard both, were sprawled about the stairs in various endings. Overall, though, the climb was incredibly successful.

With clouds of radiation hanging about, there is no time to stand idle. Further up ahead you hear more weapon fire, and in the distance you see what looks to be a rhino transport and a handful of Marines deploying a Rapier Laser destroyer beside it. Fortunately for you two, it is pointed down a different path.

Darius and the Death Guard squads move up over the stairway and pan out. You hear the whine of aircraft engines and see spotlights in the dark, fast moving clouds that are blowing through the tops of the tall buildings around you. The weather has become significantly more violent during your transit through the catacombs. There is no rain, just thick black clouds, strong wind and blowing embers with heat lightning flashing above.

Before you can get to the Rhino or laser battery, cables are dropped, and approximately forty more Sons of Horus legionnaires drop down into the street. The first ten or so are gunned down, most before their feet touch the ground, and some are flung into the the sides of ruins from the storm winds, but they inevitably muster and quickly make formation. A barrage of rockets rains down on your position from the clouds above, sending several Death Guard off their feet, blowing off limbs. But Death Guard are hard to kill.

Work together with each other and your allies to push through this force of traitors. You can be as creative as you'd like, pretty much, with what kind of cover or terrain may be around. The Sons of Horus are similar to the last group, pretty standard tactical marines with no crazy wargear on them or anything. The better you try to coordinate your actions with each other and your allies, and by thinking of long-term objectives, the more rewarding the outcome will be. You can certainly claim the deaths of several, but try not to go overboard. They won't all be gone until I say so.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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Krateron was the last to move. Squad Dillinger and the standard-bearer, Vultus, swept out of cover together - Murder on their minds. Krateron was slower, he hesitated. The Sixteenth Legion, his Legion - His brothers and friends - Emerged from the murk, armour glinting with pale mirror-coins, trophies and fetishes. Short, stabbing daggers were clutched in mailed fists. Plumes wagged back and forth as they charged, ash billowing into the air around their feet. Krateron's hearts missed a beat, and then he was rising, spinning Oathkeeper into its scabbard.

'I'm sorry,' He whispered, removing his helmet for the first time. Hot ashes landed on his head, burning his lips and cheeks. He ignored them - The fire in his hearts burnt hotter, fiercer, than Istvaan every could.

Krateron selected his target - A Legionary with no trophies, a youngling. Perhaps it was cowardly, perhaps others would mock him - But it was, strategically, the best choice. Krateron would outmatch him, with experience and sheer determination.

They closed together, the two of them, and time slowed. Ashes flurried around them, combat-stimms filled their veins, curses flowed freely from their mouths.

Krateron reached down, to his hip. There, mounted on a thick, scuffed chain, was a golden skull. During the Medea Worlds Campaign, the Sixteenth had come up against the Greenskins. A putrid tide, indeed - They had infested the Medea Worlds like locusts, enslaving the humans who had inhabited them. The Seventh Company had been selected for the speartip, and Krateron had fought in the thickest actions, from the beginning until the end. He had ended it.

Urgak had been the Ork Chieftain. Urgak had nearly killed Krateron, crushing the life from him in a embrace. His injuries had been extensive - A cracked Black Carapace, a pulped arm and a collapsed lung - But still Krateron slipped his blade, through Urgak's armour, and into the monster's heart. He had ended it.

His injuries had earned him a commendation from the Primarch, the right to carry Urgak's skull, and a month of healing.

Krateron slipped his fingers into Urgak's eyesockets. He raised the skull, above his head, and it shone brilliantly for a moment.

With a bitter laugh, he swung.

Ork-skull. Reinforced. Swung with the power of a heavy-duty piston.

It struck the Marine's helmet. The forehead crumpled, an eyepiece shattered in a rain of colourful glass, and the Son of Horus tumbled away.

'I liked that,' Krateron said, dropping skull away, as he encroached on the youngling. 'I will need a replacement.'

His opponent tore his helmet free, drew a tapered blade from his hip, and came at him. His face was smooth and tanned - Broad cheeks, bright, fevered eyes and a murderous grin. It was like staring at a mirror - A mirror intent on killing him.

The blade slipped across his cheek, opening it, and Krateron sneered. Blood, warm and sticky, splattered the side of his face, pauldron and arm.

'That's all you are getting,' Krateron spat, stepping into the youngling's guard.

A headbutt. Broken nose and jaw. Krateron's assailant reeled, his free hand reaching for his face.

Krateron yanked his bolt-pistol free and shot the Marine through his knee. He went down into the dust, roaring and spitting.

His bolt-pistol fired again, pulverizing the Marine's weaponhand.

'I told you,' Krateron said, unlatching a pair of mirror-coins from his side. Blood ran from their surfaces, thick droplets falling to the ground. He tossed them to the stricken Son of Horus, watched them roll away, and shook his head. Silently, he brought his foot down onto the Marine's skull. It burst, sickeningly.

'That's all you were getting.'

Nyctophobia- Fear of the Dark Angel.

"No one ever spoke about of those two absent brothers. Their separate tragedies had seemed like aberrations. Had they, in fact, been warnings that no one had heeded?"

'Killing a man is like fucking, boy, only instead of giving life you take it. You experience the ecstasy of penetration as your warhead enters the enemy's belly and the shaft follows. You see the whites of his eyes roll inside the sockets of his helmet. You feel his knees give way beneath him and the weight of his faltering flesh draw down the point of your spear. Are you picturing this?'
'Yes, lord.'
'Is your dick hard yet?'
'No, lord.'
''What? You've got your spear in a man's guts and your dog isn't stiff? What are you, a woman?'
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"Cover!" Sebastian yelled into the vox as the first barrage of missiles fell. The Decurion dived aside as one struck where he had previously been standing. The force of the blast augmented his dive and threw him heavily into the arch through which the Loyalist forces had just passed, cracking stone and ceremite together. As he pushed himself back to his feet the air was already filled with bolter fire and Sebastian groaned as he raised his own, firing wildly as he waited for his senses to return to him. A second later he was dragged off his feet and down behind a piece of fallen archway.

"Look out Sir." Darius said, retrieving his bolt pistol with his good hand and adding to the hail of fire.

"Thank you Brother." Sebastian replied, shaking his head until the cobwebs cleared. With his senses returned he looked out from cover at the situation before them. It took little time for the precarious nature of their position to dawn on him.

"Lieutenant Morturg." he called, opening a vox link to the Death Guard commander who had become lost in the fray.

"Go ahead Decurion."

"We have limited cover here. If the traitors turn that Rapier battery upon us we are doomed."

"I agree Cousin." The Death Guard replied. "Do you have a plan?"

"I do, but it will not be pretty. We need to punch through. With cover from the main battle line a spear tip could drive through and eliminate the battery before it could be brought to bear. It is simple. It is direct. There will be causalities but we do not have time for anything more."

There was a brief pause in which Sebastian thought the Death Guard would reject his suggestion and he was prepared to fume at him for his short-sightedness. "What do you need?" the sombre reply came.

"Your toughest and most capable close quarter troops. Have them converge on my position immediately."

"They will be there. This had better work Emperor's Child." Morturg said, threat clear in his voice.

"It will." Sebastian replied coldly then changed the vox link to pick Kyros out of the crowd. "World Eater. We are punching through their lines. I need you to be our spear tip. Will you lead the charge?"
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"Cover!" The voice of Sebastien rang out over the vox on open channels just as a salvo of missiles impacted their position. Kyros scrambled to find what semblance of protection he could in the form of a large slab of broken ceramite and plasteel the size of a small boulder. He quickly glanced around the battlefield, seeking the positions of his newfound comrades, taking into account where they were, the distances from himself and one another.

His scan also revealed the position of the Rapier battery that was being used to great effect to lay down covering fire against another front. It quickly dawned on him that if the battery were to be turned on them, their small skirmishing force would quickly be obliterated. He looked over the battery before being forced back behind the ceramite block from incoming fire. It was too far through open terrain for them to mount an easy assault. His lip furled with frustration and anger at the situation, his upper lip twitched, revealing his inciscors every so often, not too dissimilar to a wild animal that's been agitated or provoked.

Kyros propped himself up for a moment to unleash a blast from his plasma pistol, ducking back before he could know if he struck his target, or any target for that matter.

The vox crackled again as a line was opened, "World Eater, the Emperor's Child Sebastien requires your abilities," it was the voice of Lieutenant Morturg, a blip showed up on his HUD as to Sebastien's location and Kyros scrambled, half hunched over to the position along the edge of cover, towards the location some ways down the line of Sebastien and Darius.

Clamboring behind yet another makeshift barrier Kyros made his way to Sebastien. Darius nodded to him in acknowledgement, but it was Sebastien who spoke. "World Eater. We are punching through their lines. I need you to be our spear tip. Will you lead the charge?"

Kyros grinned beneath his helm, his teeth exposed like the maw of a wolf in a truly disturbing, gleeful smile given the situation. He quickly looked over his shield to make sure it was secured, he placed his plasma pistol on his hip, locking it in place much to the surprise of Darius, who tilted his head quizzically as if he were baffled by the World Eater's tactic.

"I will lead our charge, keep pace cousins!" Kyros quickly broke cover, his shield braced firmly in front of his chest, covering the lower portion of his helmet, leaving the only flat surface the shield, which would help absorb the impact of any incoming fire, the rounded shape of the upper portion of the helm would allow rounds to skim off the surface unless they were a direct hit, in which case he'd be dead. These were not thoughts that crossed Kyros' mind though. 300 meters...280 meters...250 meters... The countdown echoed in his mind, his shield arm rocked as impacts from incoming fire slammed into him, his momentum carrying him forward, several rounds creating deep gouges in his helmet as they raked across the sides but ultimately skimmed off.

Kyros didn't look to see where his cousins were now, he just counted down each meter, every second until he would crash into his enemies like a singular rampaging wave.
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Default The Choral City

Not that he would ever admit it, but Tiberius knew this duel was not going well. After slicing Krejer’s cheek open, he had not been able to make any significant gains. Shabran was holding his own, more through sheer dogged rage and determination than skill. Still, Krejer’s armour bore more gouges from his chainaxe than it did from Tiberius’s Phoenix Spear and that irked him. The frantic whirling of the battle had caused the trio to drift away from the main brawl between the two World Eater forces. It had also caused them to drift from anyone Tiberius could reliably call an ally.

For a while Krejer had been on the defensive, or as defensive as one of Angron’s berzerkers could be. Shabran’s blind fury and Tiberius’s pride, having swelled from feeling so close to ending the Beast, pushed him back into the building Krejer and his men had reliably bombed out with their Jetbikes before this mess started. Tiberius twirled round ruined pillars trying to catch Krejer off-guards, but often found either his chainaxe or the bastard sword ready to block his strike. Even when he didn’t his strike was either only glancing or, occasionally, blocked by Shabran’s body.

Finally Tiberius seemed to have a good opening. He wound up a strike, intent on taking a limb from Krejer if nothing else. At the last moment Krejer swung with his chainaxe in a wild motion, striking Tiberius in his chest. By this point, most of the teeth had been shorn away, but the force of the blow was enough to send Tiberius flying through an opposite wall. He crashed into an open plaza, or perhaps the courtyard of some thane. Whatever it had been, it was unrecognisable now. He tasted blood in his mouth and his chest ached from the force of the blow. Moments later Shabran and Krejer came charging through an archway, their wild blows reducing ancient stones to dust.

In retrospect, Tiberius should have let Shabran have his duel. He should have stuck with those with the presence of mind to defend themselves rather than attack their allies. He had not and he had set his mind to bringing Krejer to justice and he would not see that frustrated. He got up and several other World Eaters, their weapons slick with gore, fought their way into the plaza, each caught up in their own personal murder-makes. Tiberius charged back towards the two duelling Captains in white and blue and the whine of an aircraft could be heard overhead.

As Tiberius defended from a series of blows from Krejer, opening him up to a glancing strike from Shabran, he noticed figures in off-green appearing on the other side of the plaza. Moments later several Sons of Horus appeared beside the trio. Then the world disappeared in a cloak of fire. Most of the heat washed harmlessly over his shield, occasionally a fiery tongue would lick his armour, leaving a scorched smear on his ash-caked battle-plate. There were frantic barks, pleads and supplications to stop or hold. Eventually the flames subsided and Tiberius saw what, or more precisely who, had caused the Sons of Horus to crumble.

Krejer was laying into the Sons with furious abandon. Tiberius was stunned. For what had felt like an age he had been fending off Krejer’s blows. Blood had been spilt and victory had almost been his. He had expected Krejer to fight until the end. Now he was gone, the duel ended as if Tiberius was not even worth noting. As if the wounds he had inflicted and sustained were nothing. It wounded Tiberius. That whoreson couldn’t even finish the fight he started. Tiberius was worth more than that.

Tiberius ground his teeth and quickly scanned. He would have his due, even if Krejer would not give it to him. He found a worthy foe. A sergeant, slathered in Cthonian glyphs and serpent eyes, covered in barbarous spikes and with a mangy top-knot flapping in the light breeze the over-head Storm Eagle kicked up. His HUD marked him as Sergeant Eralak. Yes he would do perfectly. “Eralak you Cthonian bastard! Finish sucking on your mother’s teat and face a true foe...” Tiberius shouted. The Horus-son withdraw his power fist from the crater he had punched in a World Eater’s chest.
“So be it peacock. I will end your idle boasts.” Tiberius’s mouth twisted into a snarl.

The two weaved through the ranks to meet each other. Eralak wound up a swing that was obvious to Tiberius. After facing Krejer, Eralak seemed to move painfully slowly. Tiberius lazily spun around the blow and struck Eralak across the back of the head with the blunt end of his spear.
“You are pathetic.” Tiberius purred derisively. His spear turned in his hand and sliced deep into Eralak’s side. The Son spun with a heavy fist. Tiberius hopped nimbly back and brought the blunt end of his spear up into the Son’s jaw. Eralak stumbled back and laughed bitterly.
“And you are deluded. Horus is Mankind’s rightful master and you are too blind to see it.” There was a moment of charged stillness between the two combatants, and then they flew at each other again.

Eralak lashed out with a serrated combat knife, forcing Tiberius to lean away to avoid being gutted. The power fist swung again. Against a foe with a shorted reach, it might have landed, but Tiberius’s Phoenix spear twirled and separated the arm at the elbow. The power field deactivated abruptly and the loose fist bounced harmlessly off Tiberius’s shoulder. “You will die here. You and all of those unworthy to share in Horus’s new Imperium.” Eralak spat. Tiberius scoffed and cut Eralak’s legs out from under him.
“Perhaps, but your Primarch will fail and his rebellion will come to nought. The Emperor is the only ruler of Mankind. So it is…” Tiberius drove his spear into Eralak’s forhead “…so it shall ever be.”

Krejer was rows deep into the Sons. That battle was over for now. Tiberius would have his honour’s due in time. However, with so many combatants here already and more incoming it seemed, he knew it was time to leave. He needed to link back up with Krateron and the rest of Dillinger. Or better yet. “Sebastian, come in. Krejer is wounded, but…I lost him to the Nails. He charged off into a squad of traitor Sons of Horus. The enemy of my enemy…” Tiberius let that tacit implication hang. “What is your status and location?” Tiberius began to move back to where he had seen Krateron last, prepared to cut down anyone who stood in his way…

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

My growing IIIrd legion stuff:

17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

Crusade Army List tactica - Individual Legion tactica

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And for two fucking grand, I could buy enough rum and hookers to 'artistically' recreate the better part of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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I have added in the two new players. This is another long update but there is a lot going on here. As always, PM me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for sticking with it despite the slow pace. I am still enjoying writing for it. I know my RPs can be pretty demanding, time-wise, but some of these characters are really starting to shine, I think.


You step back into the flame filled ruins of the building you passed through, mostly uncontested bar some shots reflected by your Refractor Shield or hitting your armor. You turn to make your way through it, noticing several of Shabran’s scorched World Eaters, likely those not lost to the Nails, stop in their tracks or finish off their last foe without a care, staring over the distance of the ornamental plaza. You pick up on the uncharacteristic nature of this, and turn around to see the cause of it.

It’s as if a warhammer strikes you in the chest. Your eyes sharpen to pinpricks and you feel the closest thing an Astartes can to feel to fear: panic.

At the opposite edge of the plaza, a monstrous figure garbed in gore-soaked gold, and weilding two massive chain axes, cuts into view. The Red Angel. Angron.

The cityscape behind him becomes speckled with white-armored warriors as they clamber through the ruins, following their Primarch’s lead. The Sons of Horus take a supporting role, filing into the bombed out defense lines slithering over the plaza, and letting the World Eaters push by.

You make to retreat, but notice Shabran Darr still fighting against a band of Sons.

You know you must at least try. He is clearly too valuable to simply leave behind, as nearly any ally is, at this point. Your job for this post, is to convince a World Eater… to retreat.

He will come back to his senses, the bite of the Nails fading after killing over a dozen Cthonians. So, you can at least speak to him. I will speak for him, though.

Sebastian, Kyros, and Tyrus:

200 meters…

Bolt shells hammered the World Eater's Shield, and battered his feet. A dozen or so Death Guard had propped themselves up from the ruins and fell in behind him as he moved forward, some with shields of their own, pulling them over their heads and onto their arms.

The Mechanicus Magos had rejoined the line, adding more plasma fire to the already fatal air. His Thallax warriors quickly became the main fire support for the spear tip.

Morturg directed the few heavy weapon Marines he had left toward the sky, missiles launching upward toward the rocking, cloud-concealed stormbird. As the transport vessel attempts an evasive maneuver, a powerful gust of wind from the storm throws it into the side of a skyscraper. A wrenching metal sound and screeching whine cuts through the battle. The ship does not fall, but the bright spotlights lighting up the street quickly disappear as the pilot disengages.

Kyros’s shield finally gives in, simply not able to take any more punishment. Huge swathes of it are blasted away, leaving a mangled scrap of metal left in in the Sergeant’s hand. Two Deathguard beside him are cut down. One of which trips up the Marine behind him, causing a bloody hole to be blown into the top of his helmet.

Sons of Horus ahead are dropping as well. Bolts of lighting and mutli-lasers streaking into their positions.

Kyros casts the ruined shield away, raising his battle axe high, coming up to the first Son of Horus to charge out of cover at him. Faster than the eye could see, his axe slices down between the neck and collarbone of the Traitor, whose chainsword then weakly connects with Kyros’s side armor as he falls.

With the lines now met, Sebastian and Darius, who had been running up behind, make a break for the weapon battery. Sebastian makes aim to fire at the two Sons of Horus manning the Rapier beside the Rhino, but sees them blown apart just before pulling the trigger. Though they fall to the ground in pieces, the Rapier fires again, apparently set on autopilot so the drivers could join the fight…

Sebastian the front and sides are too well armored for an effective bolter attempt. With no more opposition between you and it, you make your way to the Rapier. The very moment you plunge your blade into its control system, you find Akkad Krateron standing beside you. A half dozen Luna wolves following suit.

Shortly after, another Son of Horus emerges from the back of the Rhino. All guns are aimed at him immediately, the air tense. The only thing that saves this Marine is the bright green lining from everyone’s HUD. One named Xaren, from the Sons of Horus Tenth Company. One of Captain Loken's.

detail the post with his perspective of the described events, and then continue his action from where I left off, meeting with Krateron, the newcomer, and the rest.

Kyros finishes off the last of the Traitors, and moves up to Sebastian and Krateron’s position, meeting them, leaving Morturgs’ bunch to regather themselves for a moment. Detail this for your post, and follow up with any conversation that may be started by the rest.

Tyrus, you are among the Deathguard who are ordered to join Kyros in the charge. In your post, detail the charge from his perspective, his thoughts on the World Eater leading it if he has any, and the battle at hand. End with a description of the melee once the lines meet. You may kill a couple Sons of Horus Legionaries, but no more than that.


Somehow, you were separated from the rest of Hellebore and all of tenth Company in the chaos that was the First Wave. And somehow, you survived the virus bombing and the firestorm that followed. You had been wandering aimlessly, for all intents and purposes until A vox message was finally able to cut through. It was Captain Torgaddon (this is froma few updates back if you wish to read it) explaining that there were other survivors and to head to the Precentor’s Palace if possible, also noting that limited Vox communication was possible and makeshift friend or foe tags were up. Moving in what you believed to be the right direction you eventually came upon the sound of battle.

Moving in with caution, you follow the lights of what must be an enemy stormbird’s lights toward the warzone. You turn your head around the corner of a hellish street to find dozens of Sons of Horus being deployed from a Rhino Transport and the Stormbird, some of them setting up a Rapier las-battery. These are the first Traitor forces you have seen so far. Some of them go down the street perpendicular, moving out of sight, and the rest go down the opposite direction in a battle with what appears to be mostly Death Guard. You likely find it odd that a group of Death Guard have come so far from the Western battlements.

As you sneak your way along the street and the rubble strewn throughout, you decide you need to add your own weight to this fight as the stormbird is knocked aside and forced to flee. You make your way into the Rhino transport through one of its still-open side doors. You find two Sons of Horus within. One is operating a Vox unit and the other is standing guard; likely the pilot. Kill both of them however you see fit.

The sounds of gunfire will have subsided by then, for the most part. Exiting the back of the vehicle, you will find a multitude of weapons instantly trained on you, the only thing that stops them from obliterating you is the thin green outline around you on their HUDs indicating you as ‘friendly’. These Marines are the players above, Sebastian, Kyros, Krateron and the NPCs (non-player characters) with them. Move to meet with them.

You can include as much detail as you want regarding his response to the betrayal and his journey through the Choral City to this point. From there, guide us through the events laid out above through Xaren’s perspective. Remember, his thoughts are important as well as his actions.


You rise from your kill. But the real threats still remain, and no plan to address them has been made through the emotions wrought by Dillinger’s first delicious taste of vengeance. Snap shots are made toward the Rapier as Dillinger, Vultus, and yourself move back into cover. More Sons of Horus move up the street to fill their dead brothers’ emptied position.

While fighting hard against this new wave, you notice missile-fire streak through the air, hitting the already unstable Stormbird above. As it tries to evade further damage, a powerful gust of storm-wind nudges it into the skyscraper beside it. A wrenching metal sound and screeching whine cuts through the battle. The ship does not fall, but the bright spotlights lighting up the street quickly disappear as the pilot disengages. You also hear the sounds of weapons almost certainly not being used by Astartes. Rapid fire cracks of las-weaponry and snaps of lightning..unless the storm above has moved to street level…

What must have been the majority of Traitor reinforcements from the stormbird moved to engage this other threat, leaving the seven of you less than a full squad’s worth of Sons to deal with.

After defeating them, all that remains ahead is the Rapier and its two pilots, the spotter and driver. With no allies in front of them again, they are sure to let loose with the weapon once more. Gretivalus fires upon its position with his heavy bolter. Its armored front holds up with minimal damage, but the spotter and driver are blown to pieces behind it.

Believing the path now clear, Dillinger begins to move forward. Vultus is the first one to move, charging out of cover into the middle of the street with the Banner of Second Company raised high and proud, a roaring battle cry on his lips.

Despite Gretivalus’s success...the Rapier fires.

Decius Vultus becomes fully eclipsed within the blazing light. Even within the beam, his eclipsed form could be seen still running forward as his body was forever erased from head to toe. His armor, body, and banner evaporating into nothingness. It was as if he ran straight into the light of the Emperor upon his death, and all that remained of him was his battle cry, Echoing through the ruins of the Choral City, and a scorched shred of his banner, now lost to the wind.

Apparently just in time before their deaths, the Traitors placed the weapon-battery on its limited auto-pilot mode. The Six of you left know that if you hesitate, it will fire again, and so sprint to its position. Just as you reach the Rapier, you find a familiar purple-clad warrior’s sword already plunged into it.

Decurian Sebastian Aurellian, alive after all, and Darius too, behind him.

A small army of Death Guard, Thallax of all things, and even a lone World Eater are present in the background, still moving up the street.

A clank of armor is heard and another Son of Horus emerges from the rear of the Rhino, caught by surprise. You may recognize him, but you wouldn’t have been the first to fire anyway. The rest, bring their weapons down at seeing him tagged as friendly. It is Legionary Xaren Lurghad. A Cthonian-born. One of Captain Loken’s.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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Tyrus raced to the ranks forming up behind the World Eater that was leading the charge against those blasted Traitors. Tyrus was at the very front, next to the World Eater about two feet behind him. Almost as if everybody knew they automatically started running towards the Sons Of Horus legionaries with the clank of ceramite against the ground. Tyrus knew that the blood that demanded his feet become stuck to the ground was the blood of Traitors. "Scum!" He shouted as the space between the two sides narrowed and narrowed.

Tyrus' thoughts drifted to the World Eater leading the charge. "He does not fall to a rage and possesses a great tactical ability, something most World Eaters didn't do" Tyrus thought. He was so occupied in these thoughts that he didn't know the lines were only a couple feet away from each other.

The lines crashed into each other, both ceramite and bone cracking under the onslaught. Screams of pain were drowned out by whirs of the chain weapons that rose and crashed down. Tyrus found his target through the conflict, and attacked the Son of Horus. Tyrus brought Spinebreaker up in an over head block that caught the wrist of the Power Fist determined to smash his head to a pulp. Tyrus activated Skullbreaker which cut through his opponent's armor and wrist. The Power Fist came crashing down on the Son's leg and shattered it. The opponent fell like dead weight and Tyrus brought Spinebreaker down, carving open the chest.

Another opponent from behind struck his shoulder Pauldron and Tyrus spun around and brought Spinebreaker through the groin and ripped upwards. The opponent was ripped in half and Tyrus looked at the melee. So far neither side had the advantage and Tyrus was the only one who plunged and broke through enemy lines. However, the Death Guard were pushing back the Sons of Horus by a few steps and still fought with excellent morale. Tyrus raised his Chainsword in preparation to take down as many of the Traitors as he could.
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"Damn crazy son of-" Sebastian cursed as Kyros burst from cover and launched into the charge before the rest of force could be assembled. Switching vox channels he added, "Morturg! We need those troops, now!"

To the Lieutenant's credit heavy Death Guard troopers in scarred battered armour carrying shields and chainswords were already moving from the Loyalist lines and forming up around the charging World Eater. Sebastian spared a final nod to Darius and the Emperor's Children too joined the charge. The weight of fire around them intensified, laser and bolter fire passing by them closer then Sebastian would have liked. The thought that the gambit could be foiled by their own cover fire passed through his mind, but he swiftly dismissed it. Not to do so was to dishonour his allies, Astartes without whom he would not be here. His vox lit up and a familiar voice filtered through, but in the chaos the Decurion didn't consciously register the words.

Then everything went dark. Sebastian hadn't seen what had felled the Stormbird circling overhead, only heard the tortured screech of scraping metal before the lights went out. The senses in his helmet quickly adjusted and it was good to know the enemies air cover was neutralised, for now.

A moment later and the spearhead was amongst them, Kyros cutting a swathe through the traitor forces, just as Sebastian had hoped. He shifted his grip on the bolter and switched it to his left hand, still firing, he drew Spectre from his back with a flourish, thumbing the activation rune halfway through a wide arc that decapitated a Son of Horus as he rose to fire. Surging ahead, the path was already clearing. The Death Guard were fine warriors, indomitable and unrelenting. Sebastian watched one cut a traitor from groin to shoulder in a spray of blood and flesh.

Taking their opening, the Emperor's Children pushed through the gap. The target came into view and both raised their weapons to fire upon the battery's crew, but the traitors fell before either could pull the trigger. For the first time since returning the the surface Sebastian allowed his muscles to relax for a second, until the weapon fired again. Cursing his laxity the Decurion charged, leapt from a fallen alabaster statue and drove Spectre through the weapon's control panel. The battery sparked and died.

Sebastian was immediately aware of a presence beside him and his bolter snapped up in it's direction. His helmet hid the amused smile that crossed his face as he cocked his head and registered the information being fed into his HUD.

"Krateron? So you resisted the urge to run for the hills after all?" He asked, the question lined with mocking condescension.

Before they could get much further there was movement behind him and Sebastian spun, redirecting the bolter, one-handed at the newcomer. His helm told him this one, another Son of Horus was 10th Company, Loken's group. A good sign, but if there had been only one thing Sebastian had learned so far today it was not to trust anyone until they gave you good reason to. This, Xaren was a long way from his unit. He had some explaining to do.
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