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Default The Choral City

Recruitment Thread

The Choral City

The centerpiece of a world in rebellion against the Imperium, the infamous, Isstvan III.

Four legions were sent to crush the resistance, to overkill it, and set an example so harsh that the entire Imperium, stretched across the galaxy as it was, would learn the lesson clear.

It instead made something else perfectly clear, the ultimate betrayal.

Brothers in arms who had fought in the Great Crusade together, a military and colonization endeavour that spanned centuries, who had bled together, for each other, saved each other countless times, the Traitors...literally stabbed their brothers in their unsuspecting spines and throats, after sending the rest to their doom on the surface of the planet.

There was not a single part of Horus’s plan that included betraying and killing their brothers face to face, or with honor….until it was forced upon them.

Phase One of Horus Lupercal’s grand scheme flowed beautifully. Phase Two however, was nothing short of disastrous.

The virus bombing of Isstvan III had ultimately done nothing more than slaughter billions of bystanders and turned the Choral City into a hellish warzone of rubble, ash, and storm which massively advantaged the defender, vexing the attacking Traitors in turn. Overconfidence on part of the Emperor’s Children, and Angron and his World Eaters going into an uncontrollable and untrackable rampage on foot throughout the City streets made the situation even worse for Horus and his forces. Further still, knowledge of the Traitors’ arsenal, technology, and tactics was yet another factor favoring the surviving loyalists.

The storms, this knowledge, everything, denied the Traitor forces any real advantage in having air superiority. Scouting vessels were easily shot down, reinforcements could only manage to arrive in small waves rather than mass quantities. The Loyalists exact locations could hardly be traced, as sensors were all but useless in the environment given, and the endless ruins and subterranean passageways made their movements entirely unpredictable aside from a mere handful of locations such as the Precentor’s Palace and Siren Hold. Even there, exact Marine locations were a guess, always rearranging, and expertly defending these areas.

We will be taking a closer look at the streets of the Choral City. Closer than you might think, as we will be looking at these rubble strewn streets, fallen towers, and underground tunnels through the eyes of a small band of Astartes, loyal to Terra and the Emperor, who have just survived the battle against the rebellious forces, the virus-bombing, and subsequent firestorm. Who have just learned that their own Primarchs had tried to kill them. We will follow them in their journey through the city ruins, the struggles they face and fights they endure, and see what comes of them at the end of it all. Whether they survive and become some of the lucky few who found a means of escape and back into the void, or if they become part of an organized, large numbered last stand, or if they simply kill as many traitors as they can until their own death claims them. We will follow these Space Marines, through their own, personal point of views.


You will be taking control of one of these loyal Space Marines, who were sent down in the first wave of the Isstvan III assault. Your Marine can be from any of the four Legions involved, those being the Sons of Horus, the Emperor’s Children, World Eaters, and the Death Guard.

Your Marine can be Terran born or raised from the Legion’s respective homeworld. Please indicate this in the background information.

They can be one of the following ranks (following 30k legion disposition):
  • Legionary
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant (commands three squads)
  • Company Standard Bearer
  • Company Captain (Commands three lieutenants)

Rank will likely mean less than you might think, in terms of power over other players.

If you are a Legionary or Sergeant, you may be one of the following:
  • Tactical Marine
  • Assault Marine
  • Devastator

Your Marine’s armor can be any variation of MKII MKIII and MKIV. Details on armor markings, decorations, trinkets, trophies and the like is encouraged.

For weaponry I will leave this up to you. If something is too much or needs changing I will inform you of it. Please stick to what would be believable/accurate, fluff-wise.

Please submit the information in the following sheet format:
  • Name
  • Legion
    • Rank
  • Age
  • Appearance, Armor, and Wargear
  • Personality
  • Background, (Please include some crusade history, legion history, why they may have been chosen for the first wave and cast out by their primarchs and brothers.)

For all of these categories, if I feel there is not enough variation, I will ask for some changes. e.g. everyone is from the same legion or everyone is a devastator marine


God Modding - Please follow my updates accordingly. Do not decide there are NPCs around that I have not introduced, Do not take control of other players' characters or the characters I create unless permission is given otherwise. Your character is not invincible.

Game Master - I am here to keep cohesion, narrate, and keep everything centered around a single focal point. Please follow what I say and ask for the sake of everyone involved.

Post Rate - Please be able to post on a regular basis, and inform me if you no longer can. Please be considerate of the time and effort that the other people involved are putting into this. The whole point of an RPthread is that it is a group project.

Post Length - A couple of paragraphs, at least. However, keep in mind that it is possible for RPthread posts to be too long sometimes. If each post of yours is a book, others might find it hard to read in detail.

Post Quality - I always suggest reading back a post you have typed up before submitting it, and if you can, to do so out loud. This is the best way to see if your words and sentences make sense and to pick up on any typos.

I decide character acceptance based on what is submitted, rather than first come first serve. I am looking for about 4-8 players.


Representing the XVI Legion on the surface of Isstvan III will be:

Decius Vultus, 2nd Company Standard Bearer - Played By Lord Ramo

Akkad Krateron, 7th Company Legionary - Played by Dark Angel

Representing the XII Legion:

Marcus Tharr, Tactical Sergeant - Played by DariusO

Kyros Straesen, Assault Sergeant - Played by Krymson86

Kazimir Rostislav, Assault Legionary - Played by Euphrati

Representing the III Legion:

Tiberius Loculus, 10th Company Decurion - Played by Deus Mortis

Sebastian Aurellian, Fellow 10th Company Decurion - Played by Asamodai

Darius Gratus, 10th Company Legionary - Played by Nacho Libre

And representing the XIV Legion:

Alaros Gilgumann, Devastator Marine - Played by Angel of Lies

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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Count me in for this. In regards to the rank chosen, is the number of people they command just an indication of how high up that rank is as it were, or will you then have to say, pick three squads to command if you chose a Lieutenant?
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count me in mate, ill write up a sheet tonight.
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You have my interest in this Unxpeckted. Looking at all the Sons of Horus fluff currently, though you might be able to help me on this aswell. Do you have any memory of it ever being said who took over Captaincy of Fourth Company (Sons of Horus) after Sejanus Hastur was killed?

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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I shall post up a character as well

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Oh I'd really like to get in on this, but I'm going away tomorrow for two weeks.

Expect something from me at the end of the month; I'd like to be Death Guard. Can we be members/sergeants of Destroyer squads?
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Sounds pretty cool. I'll try to knock something up.
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Default The Choral City

I read this thread and realized there was no way I wasn't going to try to be part of this. you should have received a PM from me regarding some circumstances you might consider when you decide whether to accept me or not. Regardless, here is my character and I hope you like him:

Name: Decurion Tiberius Loculus

Legion: Emperorís Children

Age: 203

Appearance: Tiberiusí hair is ash blond and shaved close to the scalp to show off much of his patrician features, which are still noble despite a scar across his nose and lips which leads down his chin. His eyes are a deep violet, much like his armour. He has the Palatine Aquilla tattooed onto his chest, beneath where the one embossed on his armour would be. A portion of his left forearm is bionic, although not the whole forearm. His skin is a healthy olive brown colour, much like his ancestors from Europa would have been. He is well muscled and stands a reasonably impressive 7í 4Ē outside of battle plate and about 7' 8" in full battle plate.

His armour is ornate and artificer wrought, as you would come to expect from a ranking member of the IIIrd Legion. His helmet is a Phoenician pattern with a transverse crest of white Terran horse hair, donated to the legion by the noble house from which he is descended. Like the rest of his legion he has the Palatine Aquilla emblazoned on his chest-plate. He also had the legion symbol on his left shoulder and a bold ďIIIĒ on his right shoulder. Unlike the rest of his armour, his shoulders are painted white instead of purple to denote his membership within the elite fraternity of the Palatine Blades. A hand painted tabard hands from his waist, painted and embroided to show his notable victories during the Great Crusade as well as his own rendition of the Primarch and the Emperor's faces back to back in the style of the ancient Terran god of time Janus. He also has numerous molecular bonding studs in his shin and knee-guards.

Tiberius' Phoenix Spear, like all of the Legion's Phoenix Spears, is modelled after the powerful pole-arms of the Custodes, but with a swooping imperial eagle where the boltgun would be. The Serpenta he wields cannot be as adorned as he would like, due to the complex internal circuits, but the grip is Kataran hide, a personal momento of his personal victory. His Bolter is more decorative though. On the side of his Bolter is both the legion III and the Palatine Aquilla, to remind him that the Phoenician and the Emperor are watching his actions on the battlefield. His refractor field is incorporated into the duel eagle heads he has fashioned around the exhaust vents of his power pack.

Wargear: MKIV ĎMaximusí Armour, Phoenix Spear, Volkite Serpenta, Tigrus Pattern Bolter (with attached strap and scope), Refractor Field

Personality: Tiberius is a well-spoken and eloquent man, capable of great diplomacy and soothing wounded prides and cooling raised tempers. The arrogance that has infested much of the IIIrd legion takes a far more subtle form in Tiberius. It comes out in him not as it does in men like Eidolon where he bands about his authority and presumes himself infallible, but in a soft-spoken condescension as if he was speaking to a child. Despite this, he is well meaning and encouraging to his men and so is generally well liked. Like all members of the IIIrd Legion he strives for perfection, both personally and in the wider battle and can be counted on to execute orders to the letter.

He does have great respect for several legions such as the Sons of Horus, the Iron Hands, the Imperial Fists and even the Blood Angels, but ultimately believes his legion to be superior in all respects to those he admires. That being said, he is not above learning from his contemporaries, if only to out-do them at a later date. He believes that whilst most legions have a sacred ethos, only the Emperorís Children have the force of will and determination to exalt such arts of war to the heights of perfection. Despite his legion enshrining perfection in all its forms, Tiberius does have a predisposition to rapid assault and melee combat rather than trading shots from a distance, although he is still a good shot with his Bolter and Serpenta and appreciates when they might be mor effective than charging into combat like one of Angron's bezerkers.

Background: After the discovery of Chemos and Fulgrim very few recruits were taken by the Emperorís Children from Terra, since the only had tertiary recruitment rights to the homeworld. However, several houses kept their standing tithe of children flowing into the IIIrd legion, and the House Loculus was one of the most generous donators of initiates. Tiberius was the first born son of a family of the House Loculus and so was marked for being sent to the IIIrd legion. As such he was excluded from the company of women and drink (or so his parents believed until several women claimed bastard children descended from him after his departure) and forced to focus entirely on the art of war. He was educated in military tactics and given extensive training in both ranged and bladed combat, although he swiftly found his affinity with the spear, preferring the reach of the weapon and, paradoxically, the closeness of combat.

It was on his fifteenth birthday that Tiberius was sent to the IIIrd legion for review and, hopefully, initiation. Presiding over the recent batch of recruits was a Sergeant by the name of Saul Tarvitz, a man Tiberius would come to serve under in the 10th Company. The induction into the IIIrd Legion passed quickly and without incident. A man with Tiberiusí formal training and predisposition towards warfare excelled well in the Legion and was promptly placed in one of the three assault squads before rising to become the Sergeant of the 9th assault squad of the 10th company under Lieutenant Commander Abdemon.

To become Sergeant Tiberius had some minor achievements, but on Katara was where he began to truly distinguish himself. As the Emperorís Children began to penetrate the lower levels of the Kataran city-complex, several squads found themselves rushed by lone Kataran warriors, wielding all manner of exotic xenos weaponry. Tiberiusís squad was attacked by one wielding a weapons which the annuals of history would call a ďKataran Sun-spearĒ, essentially a spear wreathed in plasma at its tip. It cut through three of Tiberiusís men before he challenged it to an honour duel. At the time Tiberius wielded a two-handed power sword and he coveted the Kataranís weapon, hoping to slay it and take it as a relic.

The pairís duel was long and arduous. The Kataran was possessed of skill with his weapon that Tiberius struggled to match. It inflicted several wounds on him, one of which lead to his scar as it cleaved through his helmet, Tiberius only narrowly avoiding being split in two. However, for all its skill at arms, the endurance of the Kataran began to wane and it was then that Tiberius pressed his attack. His attack was one of impressive and calculated fury which led, ultimately, to him decapitating his foe and its Sun-spear falling from its limp hands. Without a momentís thought, Tiberius seized the foreign weapon and ordered his squad ahead.

The conquest of The Katara and Abdemonís triumph over Hamaya are recorded, but after the battle Tiberius kept the Sun-spear not only out of personal preference, but also as a sign that he had been one of the few Emperorís Children to triumph over a Kataran champion in single combat. He then went on to distinguish himself on numerous other battlefields, such as the Praxil Compliance, the Breaking of Konig Secondus and Fall of the Lords of Gardinaal. However, soon enough their now-Captain, Saul Tarvitz, were ordered to support a contingent of Blood Angels on a planet designated One-Forty-Twenty, later to be called Murder.

It was here that Tiberius was to ascend to the de facto rank of Decurion after his original Decurion was cut down by a brutal assault by the Megarachnids. The assault left Tiberius with 2/3rds of the original forces that had landed and promptly been separated from their Captain. He marshalled the remaining units and ordered them to strip the bodies of the few Megarachnids they had slain in order to cannibalise their exoskeletons into a form of shield which Tiberius hoped would be proof against further xenos attacks. This tactic proved moderately successful, and resulted in a significant drop in casualties after the first encounter.

Tiberius and his cohort were isolated from their brethren for 27 days before they regrouped with the combined forces of the Blood Angels, the Emperorís Children and the Luna Wolves. By this time Tiberiusís men had been reduced to half their original strength and those that were alive were all wounded in some capacity. They had however survived and the men praised Tiberiusís leadership in ensuring that. After much needed medical attention and re-supplying, Tiberiusís cohort re-joined the fight to scourge Murder of the Megarachnid menace.

After the Emperorís Children left the joint forces of themselves and their brother legions, Tiberius was elevated to the rank of rank of Decurion proper. As was befitting of his rank, he was gifted by his Captain with a Phoenix Spear to replace his Sun-spear. Upon being presented with the Legionís signature weapon, Tiberius is said to have cast his Kataran relic to the ground, its purpose apparently served. Once their contingent re-joined the main 28th Expedition, Tiberius was exposed to the new stimulants which were circulating the legion. Much to his dismay though, Saul Tarvitz forbade anyone under his command from sampling the chemicals of the Apothecary Fabius.

Despite this, Tiberius is known to have sampled them and has approached his Captain about repealing the ban, stating that there is no harm in these stimulants. This has led to, on several occasions, the two of them having heated discussions about not just the purpose of these new chemicals, but also the superiority of the legion as a whole. However, despite these minor disagreements in ethos, Tiberius and Saul generally get along well and Tiberiusí prowess in personal and commanding wider battles is well noted. Should his Captain die or another such position become available, Tiberius is pegged to be one of most likely candidates to ascend to such a rank and even further, fate permitting.

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

My growing IIIrd legion stuff:

17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

Crusade Army List tactica - Individual Legion tactica

Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
And for two fucking grand, I could buy enough rum and hookers to 'artistically' recreate the better part of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Sign me up! Going to write up a World Eater Assault/Tactical Marine later.
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To address the question of whether or not you will be controlling squads based on your rank, the answer is no.

Your rank is, as Angel of Blood suggested, merely an indication of how high up that rank is. I just wanted to make sure everyone was clear where on the ladder those ranks are. I just added the Rank category to the submission sheet format. Forgot to add that in at first, my apologies. Or just include it in the name as Deus did, either way works for me.

The "squad" and I use that term loosely, will mainly just be the group of players working together to survive.

I look forward too all of your character sheets. For those worried about going away for a couple weeks, I would suggest submitting a character before you leave, if possible, as it will almost certainly take a couple of weeks before the action thread goes up, anyway.

I will read over your submission, Deus, and PM you about any necesary edits I may find.

Oh and Revan, I am not sure, but I will try to look into it.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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