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Default Engine Kill

Across the galaxy the Imperium of Man fights wars on every front, few of those worse than against the greenskin menace of the Orks. Not to be taken lightly in any number, when enough Orks gather they inevitably form what is known as a WAAAGH and reduce dozens of worlds to ruin. One of these WAAAGH's, led by the Ork warlord Ghazkhull Thraka, has engulfed the vitally important system of Armageddon. Located within Segmentum Solar, the Armageddon system has vital warp routes that must be protected at all costs.

It is the year 942 of M41 an while the main source of fighting is on the world of Armageddon itself, Thraka's forces had spread themselves throughout neighboring systems and further weakened imperial support throughout the region. Within the Calveus systems lies the forgeworld of Midlais, whose production of weapons and armour are vital to mans effort in pushing back the greenskins. While space superiority above Midlais is hotly contested between the Orks and imperial navy, the true war is being fought on the ground.

Arrayed against the Orks are five regiments of Cadian shock troops, two regiments of Mordian iron guard, two Narmeniam armoured regiments, elements of the Ultramarines fifth company, and a elements of the Legio Gryphonicus.

Howdy everyone, welcome to Engine Kill; my attempt to do something a bit different than many might be used to. You are members of the legio gryphonicus, the war griffons, and it is to be your job to break the back of the Orks on Midlais and return to the task at hand in throwing Thraka off Armageddon. However, though your all war griffons don't think this means your all going to be piloting your own titans.

No, in this RP you will be the crew, some of you princeps and others their moderati.

-As GM my decision is final, if you feel their is an issue then PM me. Trying to make a public spectacle of things is an easy way to ruin the fun for yourself and everyone else.

-Death is possible, and remember that its not just your life on the line should that occur.

-Each crew is a team, divided you will get nowhere.

-No godmodding, just because you think you know what is better for the story than me doesn't mean its going to fly.

-If you have questions feel free to PM me, you never know what information or allowance that may give.

-Looking for a minimum of eight sentences per action thread post.

-PM me if your unable to post for a while or need to leave, nothing gets on my bad-side worse than someone who doesn't have any courtesy.

Right now I am looking for two warhounds and a reaver, though if theres enough interest more warhound and reavers may become available.

Character sheet:
Name - [Rather self explanatory]
Age - [A warhound princeps will be between the ages of 30 and 45, a reaver princeps between 40 and 75, moderati 20 to 60 depending on titan]
Appearance - [what do you look like?]
Personality - [What are you like? Remember that the crew of a warhound can be more impulsive and rash while a reaver crew is more arrogant or reserved]
Background - [All characters are either void born or hail from the legio's forgeworld of Gryphonne IV]
Position - Princeps, left moderati, right moderati, forward moderati (reaver only)

Princeps - The main control of the titan, a player who takes the role of princeps is the one who determines the general appearance of that titan. In game he/she is the one who controls the titans movement and on occasions can take control of weapon systems. The princeps is also the only one who can communicate with other princeps. [A player taking the role of princeps gets to name the titan.]

Left moderati - Operator of the left weapons system and shielding, a player who takes the role of left moderati chooses the left weapon system. In game he/she controls the left weapon and can regulate where power is drawn to on titan. (This includes reducing power from weapons to regain shields, for example.)

Right moderati - Operator of the right weapons system and sensorium, a player who takes this role chooses the right weapon system. In game he/she controls the right weapon and the titans sensor system, it is his/her job to inform the rest of the crew of threats/danger. (Though it may not be prudent to report some things.)

Forward moderati - Operator of a reavers carapace weapon system and ground coordinator. A player who takes this role chooses the reavers carapace weapon system. In game he/she controls the carapace weapon and coordinates the objectives/orders of the skitarii forces under the reaver crews command. Skitarii forces are a total of four hundred tech guard and one hundred fifty praetorians mounted within various transports and carriers.

Warhound weapon options:
Plasma-blastgun, inferno gun, turbo-laser, vulcan mega-bolter, chainblade with integrated double autocannon or double heavy bolter array

Reaver weapon options:
Arms - powerfist with built in quad heavy bolter array, gatling blaster, laser blaster, melta cannon, volcano cannon (may not be equipped on both arms)
Carapace -apocalypse missile launcher, plasma blastgun, turbo-laser, vulcan megabolter

And I do believe that is it for now. A word of advice, you are going to be working in teams so it would likely be a good idea to team up with others and work on your characters together somewhat.

Reaver titan Auratus Salvator
Dark Angel as princeps Isabelle Acantha
Deus Mortis as moderati Elijah Dobesh
unxpekted22 as moderati Rusilay Cartillisto

Warhound titan
Nacho Libre as moderati Erinyes Persyne
Oldman78 as moderati Varben Hesh

Damnation is paved on good intentions; subtle and sugar coated or blunt and honest
A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down.
Popularity is what people strive for when they lack the strength to be themselves.

Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

Reporting Posts - read this

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Sign me up mate. I shall write my character sheet in a few hours as I will be occupied with a chemistry exam.
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Name: Rusilay Cartillisto

Age: 39

Appearance: At an average height of six feet, Rusilay is a light skinned man with a well defined chin structure and a thin pair grayish of lips, with sharp yellow-green eyes. His head is completely shaven, to allow for the several augmentations of metal plates, wires, and tubes connecting devices to his brain and stem. Similar hoses run to his gut, running up along his side to a device he wears upon his backside. This device is cybernetically linked to him, and keeps trace of his body’s hormone and chemical balances. This is vital to keeping his body regulated when connected to a Titan’s engine and machine spirit. He also bears the necessary neural input ports along his scalp, and spinal column for engine connectivity.

Personality: Not the most ambitious of men, he often muses that he is happier continuing on as a moderati of a Reaver Class Titan than becoming a novice Princeps in command of his own Warhound. He, for good reason, has a fear of the machine-spirits that dwell within the Engine’s he assists in piloting, and knows of many in the Collegio Titanicus that have fallen to madness and insanity. He has seen it in the eyes of Princeps when conversing with them; their weathered and addicted souls. He maintains steady control over the forward position, and has done so for just over five years now. While sustained so high above the ground, he has always had the habit of looking down rather than forward, so a knack for commanding the Titan’s skitarii ground forces quickly evolved. Not always being the most confident individual, he focused much more of his time in the Collegia Titanica Academy of Gryphonne IV studying the defensive sections of the Titan Engines. He came to understand the potent strategy of taking out such a monstrous threat on the battlefield via boarding actions. Knowing the innards of the Engines like the back of his hand was another trait that brought him to the forward moderati seat and control of the skitarii when the Princeps is too occupied to do so themselves.

Background: Born on Gryphonne IV, a forge world harboring more than eight billion people, Rusilay was swarmed by more than just the technology and ever-constant construction for the Imperium's war efforts. He was born of a couple who were assigned to the task of constructing a mighty Warlord-class Titan. He had been around the engines and their parts since birth. The Mechanicus always keeps a keen eye out for individuals capable of piloting their massive war-engines. Rusilay was one such individual. Between these two coincidences, Rusilay was brought to the Collegia Titanica Academia. Before ever seeing the completion of his childhood’s Warlord Titan, he and a fellow moderati were paired together in a Warhound Scout that saw several actions against the most recent concentrated actions of Abaddon the Despoiler. He and his fellow Moderati were then elevated to a Reaver Class Titan.

Where his comrade remained in the same seat position as before, Rusilay was assigned to the new, forward position. This has been his role for the past several years now. Now the time has come for he and his Legio to lend their hand in the Second war for Armageddon. He is much more confident going up against the mashed together war machines of the Orks over the wrathful and demonic machine spirits of the Traitor Legios.

Position: Forward Moderati

Carapace weapon: Apocalypse missile launcher (If character is accepted)

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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I was so hoping Engine Kill would be titans! I'm in, for the first time in ages. Will work a sheet up today.
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Name: Isabelle Acantha.

Age: 65.

Appearance: Isabelle is a short, beautiful woman. Her skin is golden, sun-kissed, her youth retained with continuous augmentations and surgeries. Her hair is long, falling to the small of her back, and a deep, electric blue. Her features are fine, delicate, like a doll - Her eyes green, flecked with silver and bronze - Her lips thick, red, contrasting heavily against her flesh. The skin of her right cheek glows from within, a sub-dermal electoo of the Icon Mechanicus. Her breasts and her hips are shapely, noticeable, her legs long, graceful and muscled like an athlete's. She wears a coronet upon her head, an hololithic display that allows her to interface with the Auratus Salvator, her steed, a mighty and revered Reaver-Class Titan. When she is fully interfaced, her face takes on the aspect of something far crueller, and yet, she's still beautiful in an animalistic way. She wears a form-hugging body-suit, a simple affair with bronze gauntlets, the finger ending in sensory arrays.

Personality: Usually a calm, collected woman, Isabelle sometimes finds the bloodlust of the past, where she commanded a Warhound, bubbling beneath the surface. She is intelligent, having downloaded a great deal of information directly into her brain - An unorthodox, though not unheard of, method. Isabelle has a sharp tongue, often throwing her witticisms out at the most inappropriate times, her humour is morbid, though always followed by a mellifluous laugh. She likes to flirt with danger; to put herself in places where the odds are often against her favour. She leads assaults with ruthless ambition, systematically demolishing the enemy forces, her jaw set, her face unreadable save for grimaces and grins. She is, overall, a friendly woman - She'll converse, quietly and calmly, with anyone who makes the effort with her. When slighted, however, Isabelle is a fearsome beast, she will be sly and sarcastic, if not outright vehement.

Background: Isabelle is the daughter of a pair of hab-workers, born on Gryphonne IV and faced with a lifetime of peril and toil within the endless, world-spanning forges. Her father, Iskander, regretted her birth - Blaming himself for his daughter's future of unending work. He was, however, a good man - He strived to give her a future, and after pulling many favours, the six-year-old Isabelle was considered as a prospective student of the Collegia Titanica. Where others failed, Isabelle excelled. She had the conviction and determination to work, the ambition to see herself one step ahead of everyone else. She sacrificed countless hours, weeks, months and years to her studies; a studious, quiet girl. It was this cool-headedness, this intelligence, that brought Isabelle to the attentions of her superiors.

These venerable Princeps and forge-lords lifted her through the ranks, and at the age of thirty-one, Isabelle was given her first command - The Warhound Cruor Victorum. It was a wild, passionate beast - The machine-spirit ancient, angry, lusting for blood and violence and victory. On two dozen worlds, Isabelle proved herself a capable and competent commander - Her Titan loping ahead of the others, clearing those areas where the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Astartes had failed, laying a wake of devastation for the larger Titans, the Reavers and the Warlords and the Imperators, to follow. She made many friends, and many rivals, during this time. Often, jealous eyes where turned on her - She was a woman, a mere woman, and yet she was tallying up the kills. And yet, this didn't bother her. She continued on, imperious, untouchable when comments were thrown at here, smirking them away and taking them in her stride.

On her sixty-third year of service, with multiple engine kills to her name, Isabelle Acantha was elevated to the command of the Reaver-class, the Auratus Salvator. It was a venerable engine, and recently bereft of a crew, and Isabelle found its influence a cool, icy flow when compared to the passion of the Cruor Victorum. In those two years, Isabelle has calmed significantly - Though, she still savours the taste of destruction upon her tongue, enjoying the rush like any sane man, or woman, should. Rusilay, her Forward Moderati, is someone who she has met before - During his childhood, Isabelle Acantha was assigned to the construction of the Warlord that he, and his parents, were working on - One of several Princeps who were inspecting, and overseeing, the operation. In their two years together, Isabelle and Rusilay have become good friends, ironing out most of their disagreements in tactical, theological and personal opinions. She considers herself friendly with all of her crew, and rules with a benevolent hand, and a cheeky wink here and there.

And now, the Second War for Armageddon has commended, and Isabelle will once again march. And a woman, as everyone knows, is a wrathful, terrible thing.

Titan Name: Auratus Salvator.

Titan Description: Despite the hunched, almost apish appearance of the Auratus Salvator, there is an undeniable nobility to this ancient, revered machine. A Titan that has walked on a thousand worlds, over seven thousand years, the Auratus Salvator has seen its fair share of warfare - Battling the dread forces of Chaos, the stinking, barbarous Ork hordes, the enigmatic, perfidious Eldar and just about every threat that the Imperium has ever faced. Whereas the Warhound is the skirmisher and the Warlord is the heavy-hitter, the Reaver is the middleman, a role that the Auratus Salvator bears proudly. Her machine spirit is ancient and calm, as methodical and destructive as Isabelle's, if not more so. When the Reaver walks, her huge, clunking steps are accompanied by the terrifying, ear-aching blare of her warhorn, a terrible dirge for the enemy. Clad in the dappled grey and yellow of the Legio Gryphonicus, the Auratus Salvator has been polished to a brilliant, glossy sheen - The fierce, rearing griffin sigil of the Legio carved into one of the 'shoulder-plates,' in fine gold. A kill-pendant dangles between the Titan's legs, displaying an Eight-Pointed Star for the forces of Chaos; a triangle for the Eldar, a crude, green circle for the Orks. Kill banners dangle from both of the weapon-arms, though these denote the kills which belong to the Moderatii, rather than Isabelle or the Auratus Salvator.

Should I include a description of the Titan? I wasn't clear on that part. Here's to hoping you like her!

Nyctophobia- Fear of the Dark Angel.

"No one ever spoke about of those two absent brothers. Their separate tragedies had seemed like aberrations. Had they, in fact, been warnings that no one had heeded?"

'Killing a man is like fucking, boy, only instead of giving life you take it. You experience the ecstasy of penetration as your warhead enters the enemy's belly and the shaft follows. You see the whites of his eyes roll inside the sockets of his helmet. You feel his knees give way beneath him and the weight of his faltering flesh draw down the point of your spear. Are you picturing this?'
'Yes, lord.'
'Is your dick hard yet?'
'No, lord.'
''What? You've got your spear in a man's guts and your dog isn't stiff? What are you, a woman?'

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Well hello there, I have had a long absence from these forums, but have found myself missing the dark, gritty future to RP in, I am tempted to create either a Princeps or Moderati for this thread if anyone would like to PM me to work on something for a team/group together? Perhaps I could join the two who have already created characters, if you'll have me ?

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Good to see you back Jack. Deus, Dark Angel and myself are hoping to be teamed up in the Reaver, but there is a fourth seat that will need to be filled by someone ;)

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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Hmmm, this does look good.

Well reever, I'll see what I can do

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Does anyone want to team up with me. I'm just writing my character sheet on paper as a first draft.
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I'm looking to write up a Warhound princeps CS if anyone is interested in joining the crew.
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