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Default Saviors of Chemorus

Change. A concept that would come in many different ways for many different people in the Chemorus star system at the turn of the new millennium. Located in the calixis sector, forces loyal to the Gods of Chaos fare freely in realms very near this area of space ruled by the Imperium. Dark mechanicus entities emulate an Eldar Haemonculi's obsession with biological 'progression' in their pursuits of technological advancement. Alien beings run rampant, eager to hurt the human empire that doesn't even know of their existence. Daemon cults, worshipping freely...yet still feeling chained.

Chaos fleets and speartips have tried to joust the Cadian Gate for millennia, and next to no success has come from it. The Imperium has, in turn, thrown countless of its own forces into the Eye of Terror. The many right hands of the Dark Gods residing there have equally thwarted these futile attempts of war creating a bloody, long standing stalemate of the region.

Unlike the Imperium, the forces of chaos have utilized many of the tools sent to them, turning them to their cause rather than wiping them from existence. At the forefront of the events unfolding in the Chemorus system is one such group. A renegade chapter from the Abyssal Crusade, now called the Oracles of Change. Though, where this story begins, their main part to play has already come to pass.

With the Cadian gate and Eye of Terror in such a long standing stalemate, multitudes of independent forces have tried other means of usurping or wounding the Imperium. This story revolves around one such attempt, where instead of spearing through Cadia, the worlds and systems around it are to be turned subtly, efficiently, and more importantly differently than ever before until Cadia is trapped; its own backyard turned against it. The Oracles of Change and their allies, found the perfect location to begin with...

Lord Rogal Phlintte is the Planetary Governor of Chemorus Beta and as such is also the ruling Governor of the Chemorus system, which is comprised of three worlds. The closest to the Chemora star is Chemorus Alpha, a Mechanicus forge world in its fairly young stages of development. The middle planet is Chemorus Beta, a heavily industrialized world with many cities. Most notable is its hive city, the capitol of Chemorus and home to Lord Phlintte's Palace. Chemorus Epsilon is an ice world, with little going on about it. An orbital shipyard is located around Chemorus Alpha. A planetary defence station floats around Chemorus Beta, but it is currently inoperable, still waiting to be rebuilt after the recent war.

On their angry warships painted red and gold with icons designating fealty and praise to the Chaos god Tzeentch, the Oracles of Change arrived in the Chemorus system without warning from the security council's astropaths. Chemorus Alpha was hit first. The governing Magos and his council reported the attacks successfully, and rather easily, repelled. Phlintte was surprised to hear this, due to the Chaos ships remaining near the planet for almost two weeks before moving on. When the attention was finally turned to the second planet, the hive of Chemorus Beta suffered gravely.

Upon learning of the Oracles' arrival in the system, Governor Phlintte immediately sent a distress call to his world's sworn defenders; the Adeptus Astartes chapter the Angels of Absolution.

The Astropaths reported the warp distorted, and none were sure the message went through to their desired destinations for the first two weeks. Finally, they received a reply from one of the Angels' bases of operations, but it was only an acknowledgment it had been received and nothing more.

Lord Phlintte had several men on his security council who were, quite frankly, brilliant strategists and tacticians. Some of them still live today. With a large PDF force garrisoned on Chemorus Beta, they drew the fight out for just over a week by themselves. Though they noted the Oracles of Change were barely taking any losses at all, and most of those losses were cultist forces. The PDF was also fortunate that Lord Phlintte and his security council had decided to train a PDF force very similar to the ways of the Imperial Guard. Just less than three weeks after the Oracles' of Change entered the system, the closest regiment of the true Imperial Guard arrived. With their aid, and an unusually good cooperation between Guard and PDF forces, more weeks passed with the Capitol still under Imperium control.

When much of the Capitol was in ruins and the remaining PDF and Guard forces were at their last defense points with defeat seeming imminent, the attackers retreated. The Oracles' red ships vanished from the system. Not knowing why, the remaining Imperium forces shrugged their shoulders and decided to just accept the victory. However, there was a certain wound that the Lord Governor could not merely shrug off.

The Angels of Absolution, the Imperium's sworn protectors of Chemorus, never showed, and thousands of lives and countless amounts of ruined infrastructure were a testament to it.

Indeed, the Angels and their attached Guard forces were already engaged elsewhere with no forces to spare. Mainly, they were and still are engaged in the current Ork problem festering in the nearby Scarus Sector. Aside from that they are also dealing with supporting the region in lieu of the 13th Black crusade. Even without knowing them, Lord Phlintte didn't much care about the reasons.

Phlintte is a man who considers himself aware, though still angry at the turn of events, aware nonetheless of the fact that currently the Imperium is stretched thin and that soon it would likely be every world for itself anyway. After meeting with Mechanicus emissaries from Chemorus Alpha for a post-war evaluation, he was convinced he should start taking the defense of his world more securely into his own hands. He wasn't sure how to do so exactly, until having a very long conversation with two particular tech priests named Rhu-Helbor and Voldyrin Tark. Hearing of their ties with a small group who had the means and desires to be benefactors of such a project, Phlintte had all the resources he would need. Since the Space Marines sworn to protect his system were not reliable enough to show up when needed... he would make his own version of them, who would always be right at home, ready and waiting to defend it.

This is where you come in. You will be part of the initial subjects for the "Savior Program". Wanting to start small and go bigger if the experiments are successful, Phlintte and his security council scoured the PDF forces for individuals who showed extraordinary promise in some way or another, not being entirely sure just what type of person would be best for their Saviors. This project is of course extremely confidential for the time being and even the individuals selected for it have not been told what they have been inducted for. Your character profiles will be designed as if they are one of these confidential documents that have just landed on the Lord Governor's desk for reviewal approximately half a year after the war's end, and the format is as follows:

Age: (18-30)
Rank: (Since the PDF here uses similar standards to the I.G., their ranks are equivalent. The rank may be trooper, corporal, sergeant, or lieutenant.)
Summary of character and qualifying factors for selection: (this may include brief background information. Since this is the first wave of trials the council is not looking for any specific type of person, not knowing what will work best and many believing a variation between individuals is key to a better Savior force as a whole. So aside from personality description, you will choose a trait or skill area in which your character excels, whatever it is that made them outstanding enough to be selected as one of the first group of Saviors.

Some examples:

This could be a physical trait such as brute strength or some form of endurance, it could be a mental skill such as strategy or a natural ability to lead others, or perhaps a skill such as incredible aim or quick at repairs of some kind. The Council will be looking for these traits based on what your character did during the recent war, so any particular examples are to be from that scenario but none of your characters will have killed any Chaos marines. They may have seen some of the Oracles, but kills will only be from the enemy's more mortal resources. Remember that they do not yet know what the Savior Program is.)


I am looking for 6-8 players. This will not be a first come first serve basis. I will select them.

My Goal in this rp is to create a strong sense of individual freedom and course of action in a well organized manner and in a detailed environment. The Saviors will have the chance to forge their own destiny, something most beings in the galaxy during the 41st millenium never get. Whatever this destiny is, is entirely dependant on what the player decides for their characters. If they want to try and go into hiding, there will be opportunity to do so. If they wish to ally themselves with something larger, then they can try to enact those ties. If they decide they want to build their own armies, there will be potential for this too. They could work together, or tear each other apart. Death, always being a stagnant contender for fate, is also a possibility in any endeavor the Saviors may partake in. They may even choose it by the end.

As the GM I will be guiding the plot and deciding the outcomes for the majority of your character’s actions, but the character itself is yours, of course. You do their thinking and choose what they do. I always look for interesting characters, character development, and interesting interactions between them. This is the most important variable. Though this RP may see much more solo work than in my previous RPs here, depending on the choices you make for your character. Even if they do spend a lot of time doing things on their own, these actions will be affecting the rp as a whole, as in they affect the environment and so likely the other players one way or another whether they be near your character or not. Also, if they are alone a lot I would still like to see in-depth insight into their minds and as to what they are thinking. An eye for detail, in other words.

Dedication will be very important in this rp. I am looking for people who have a serious desire to see it through to the end. It will be difficult for me to bring in new players. Please be realistic about your ability to post on a regular basis. I put a lot of thought and time into my RPs and its nice to see that reciprocated through the players.


I will post an update and you will be free to post as many times as needed or desired until the next update, unless I say otherwise. Usually multiple posting comes from conversations but I welcome and encourage players to PM a conversation between themselves and post the convo all at once. The same can be done with me and any NPCs (non-player characters controlled by me) if you are speaking with them. Interactions with some of the NPCs in this RP will definitely be significant toward the outcome of your character.

Instead of making a specific post deadline after each update I simply ask that you post regularly and in a timely manner. I will give a heads up to everyone when I plan to update next.

Please PM me if you do not think it will possible for you to post for a certain update.

Please do not God-Mod. Your character will not be invincible by any means. You cannot control my NPCs unless I give permission, that includes speaking for them. You write the thoughts, dialogue, and actions of your character and I will reveal the outcome of those decisions.

Each post should be at least a couple of paragraphs.

Please PM me or the other players, or post in this thread for any questions, co-op work, concerns etc.

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I haven't posted anything in years and though you really peaked my interest with this idea I just don't know if my writing skills are up to the task ^^

Still, I'll see what I can scramble as this one looks really great

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CANDIDATE AGE: 26 Terran Years


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The Candidate is muscled in build. 051 stands at approximately 6 foot in height and is obviously at the peak of physical fitness. His face is composed of hard features, a square jaw, a gaping hole where one eye should be, and numerous scars across the skin. His hair is cut short, although its dark colour is still evident upon his head. Through close medical examination, numerous injuries have been located and recorded, including countless bone fractures and scars beneath his clothing.

PSYCHIATRIC EVALUTATION: Gathering information from our own interviews, and the opinions of those that know Candidate 051 personally, we have gathered he is a man who seems to be above emotions such as pain, remorse and guilt. He is wholly dedicated to his squad’s cause and will do everything in his power to ensure that the mission is completed, no matter the consequences. When pushed in a virtual situation, the Candidate appeared to resort back to his training, acting in a methodological way that was apparently unaffected by pressure or crisis.

CANDIDATE HISTORY: The Candidate has served for the Chemorus systems PDF Regiments for nearing a decade, signing up as soon as physically and legally able to. He soon proved himself as an able soldier, easily dealing with the pressure and work involved with the intense PDF training program. Emerging as a fine soldier, it was barely a week before he saw his first action, deployed against a Chaos Cult that had reared its head in the underbelly of Chemorus Beta. During the engagement, the young Candidate saw much death but seemed to emerge unscathed by the horrors he had witnessed.

After successfully putting the Chaos Cult down for the foreseeable future, 051 was shortly transported to Chemorus Epsilon, where his PDF Regiment encountered a previously dormant alien race and engaged the recently awoken Ice Beasts upon the planet’s surface.

In the rapidly escalating conflict, as more PDF Regiments were moved to the planet to contain the situation, the Candidate saw gruesome deaths and grievous injures. It is understood that while fighting upon the planet, 051 became separated from his own Regiment and became attached to a Medic Core, where he saw first-hand the front-line treatments administrated by the trained Medics in the heat of battle. It is believed that the Candidate began practicing some of these treatments himself as the Medic Core he had attached himself to continued to find itself in the heart of the growing conflict.

The conflict upon Chemorus Epsilon spanned almost nine years, and it was only after the final Ice Beast was put down that the Candidate re-united with the remains of his own PDF Regiment and returned to Chemorus Beta to rest after so many years of never-ending war. However it was only a few months after 051 had returned to Chemorus Beta that the Traitor Chapter, the Oracles of Change, entered the system.

Once more called to take up arms, the Candidate aided in keeping the great Hive Cities of Chemorus Beta under control as Chaos Cults began to emerge from the shadows at the news of the Traitor Chapters arrival in the System. After managing to ensure that Chemorus Beta remained under Imperial control, the Candidate’s Regiment was one of the first to come under direct attack from the Oracles of Change as they shifted their focus from the Forge World of Chemorus Alpha and targeted the Hive World itself.

After experiencing little success against the Traitor Chapter, the Candidate found himself once more cut off from the fractured remains of his own Regiment. From there, there are many reports from other Regimental Commanders of his movements as he continued to fight upon the front-line against the encroaching Chaos Forces on the planet. Many of these reports tell of a solemn and courageous soldier that appeared amongst their own Regiment and fought with the ferocity of a lion against the Cultists that assailed them. A handful also tell of him working with the injured, fighting his way through the enemy to reach an isolated wounded soldier, and dragging that soldier back to the PDF lines to administer his own extreme but efficient methods to get the soldier back on his feet and fighting the Chaos Forces.

When the first Imperial Guard Regiment successfully made planet-fall and reinforced the beleaguered Hive World, the Candidate supposedly found himself amongst their own ranks, working alongside the highly-trained soldiers as if he was one of their own. More reports tell again of 051 aiding the trained Medics of the Imperial Guard in aiding their injured and distributing the God-Emperor’s Mercy to those that could not be saved.

The Candidate continued to fight upon the frontlines, even as those front lines were pushed further and further back. He continued to fight against the Chaos Forces, as well as administrating aid to the injured and wounded. When the Oracles of Change suddenly left the system, the Candidate did not allow himself rest, instead joining with the Imperial Guard Regiments to crush the last Chaos Forces remaining on Chemorus Beta.

After the conflict finally drew to a close, the Candidate re-joined what was left of the PDF Regiments upon the planet and resumed normal life, continuing to train.

CANDIDATE’S QUALIFYING FACTORS: The Candidate has proven, from several reports, that he continues to fight against the Imperium’s enemies no matter the likelihood of victory, and he will continue to battle ferociously. What is most interesting however is the skill that the Candidate has developed with front-line medicine, having picked up his methods from observing those trained in the arts. He has an innate understanding of the human body and is obviously a quick learner and adaptable soldier.


Just something I thought I'd throw together on the spur of the moment. If there are any problems with this, on't hesitate to say so.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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Ooooh me likey

I should have a CS up soon enough.

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Name: Ptolemy Kraas.

Age: [Classified]

Appearance: [Downloading Pict.]

[Pict Downloaded. Please enter your authorisation code.]

[Access confirmed.] Ptolemy Kraas stands at an imposing six-foot-three, with broad, square shoulders and a strong, sturdy frame. His hair is golden-blonde, and under the lights, glints like sun-flame. He has grey-blue eyes, passionate and determined, and a strong, well-defined nose. His lips are wondrously red, hiding snowy-white teeth that too, much like his hair, shines when it catches the sun. His body is sculptural, his every muscle stands out, like stone. By the Emperor, Lord Phlintte, he is handsome! A two-looker, he is. One look would not allow you to dine in his beauty!

Rank: [Classified]

Gender: Male.

[Compiler's Note: Information on Candidate-0128, Ptolemy Kraas, is disappointingly scarce. Public and Military records are largely off-limits, Lord Phlintte. However, I have managed to gather substantial evidence in favour of Kraas's secondment to Project: Savior.]

Psychiatric Evaluation: Cross-references with the Chemoran Commissariat has given several interesting insights into Candidate-0128's mental state. During the Candidate's time at the Schola Progenium, his instructors noted that Kraas is highly charismatic, if somewhat calculating. Candidate-0128's instructors also noted that he suffers from a serious flaw - His lust and desire for women. Kraas is, heh, a serial seducer. All attempts to beat out Candidate-0128's licentious nature - The file notes shock-therapy, isolation and whippings, specifically, My Lord, - Have failed.

Candidate History:

Section One; Familial Background:

House Kraas first came to the Chemorus System in the 39th Millennium, uprooted from their worlds during the Tenth Black Crusade. This surge of political refugees, commonly known as the Diaspora in Chemoran history books, caused a great upheaval in the Chemorus System. Some were exiles, some were heretics, others were expatriates. Their worlds had been burned, their peoples enslaved by the Thrice-Damned Despoiler, curse His name. The Calixis Sector was a safe haven, and it was here that the seat-less House Kraas settled. House Kraas was then, and remains now, relatively powerless - Rich, yes, but lacking in manpower. For centuries, House Kraas appears to have supported the power magnates of Chemorus Beta including, Lord Phlintte, your ancestors. The Kraasi are a loyal family, sire. Candidate-0128 is, in my opinion, a most excellent choice.

Section Two; Ptolemy Kraas:

Ptolemy Kraas is the first, and only child, of Lord Leopardos Kraas and his wife, the Lady Domine. Tragically, during the Bread Riots, both Leopardos and Domine were killed whilst dining in the Mid-Hive, leaving a young Ptolemy in the care of his uncle, Theophilius. Theophilius is, most regretfully, an incapable and intolerant individual. He enrolled the young Ptolemy into the Schola Progenium at the tender age of six, citing lack of funds as reasoning. This was, of course, blatant lies - Theophilius wanted to rid of his brother's heir, allowing his own children to take his place. Cunning political maneuvering, if I do say so myself, though utterly detestable.

The young Ptolemy adapted quickly, however. He was a smart child, and my recent interviews with his former instructors - Those that survived their reenlistment, that is - Has come to the conclusion that Ptolemy absorbed all of the knowledge passed onto him. By the age of fourteen, Ptolemy was at the top of his class - Achieving the highest possible grades in his examinations and evaluations. Ptolemy also excelled in combat - Proving to be a dangerous sparring partner, after breaking several of his classmates's bones. His ability to decipher information and manipulate others, whether with charisma, his body or both, incited his instructors to second him to Military Intelligence, on graduation.

Section Three; Military Career:

At sixteen, Ptolemy Kraas was seconded to the Department of Military Intelligence, with the rank of [Classified]. Most of Kraas's early career appears to have taken place within the confines of the Chemoran Headquarters, acting as a liaison between the Planetary Defence Force and the localised Commissariat. He has served directly under your command, Lord Phlintte, on three occasions. We know that, for twelve years, Kraas's career was relatively undamaged - Serving with distinction during the [Classified], [Classified] and the infamous Hive Theta Insurrection. Indeed, it was Kraas's research and infiltration of Hive Theta's noble class that eventually led to their somewhat.. Spectacular arrest, trial and execution. However, Kraas caused much controversy after being caught in bed with the wife of General [Classified].

Kraas was immediately demoted to the rank of [Classified] and transferred, much to the young man's annoyance, to Chemorus Epsilon. Here he remained for an unspecified amount of time, though we do know that upon detection of the Oracles of Change, damn them all, Kraas immediately requested transfer back to Chemorus Beta. Emperor, Kraas is an hero, sire - He was one of the men that negotiated between the Planetary Defence Force and the men of His Majesty's Imperial Guard! During the Oracles of Change last assault, when all seemed lost, Kraas personally took command of the 88th Chemoran Infantry; summarily executing mutinous elements of the Regiment, and after delivering a rousing speech that called upon the men's honour, including a particularly ribald section on why the men's wives, and mothers - Heh - Were waiting for them, led a counter charge that ended the life of not one, but two, Renegade Space Marines!

I can say, Lord Phlintte, that Ptolemy Kraas - Despite his flaws - Is the perfect candidate. He has served you with both loyalty and distinction, and if I do say so myself, is utterly deserving of a place within the Savior Program.

Commendations of Candidate-0128:
  • Crimson Skull - Awarded during the [Classified] Insurgency.
  • Macharian Cross - Awarded for his efforts during the war with the Oracles of Change, most impressive.
  • Winged Skull - Awarded for his efforts during the war with the Oracles of Change.

[Compiler's Note: Kraas has also been nominated for the Obscuras Honorifica, though Segmentum Command has yet to award the medal.]


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Default Saviors of Chemorus

Contained is the report of Candidate 272, seconded for Project: Saviour.

Cause for secondment:My Lord, as per your request, I have sent to you a list of candidates which I believe are suitable for Project: Saviour. As with all other candidates, I will elaborate for the reason for seconding candidate 272 for the project. Firstly, I have seen first-hand the man's ability in prowess in combat, he is more than able to defend himself and the men under his command, but that is not my primary reason for selecting him. He has also served faithfully and diligently in the face of the recent wars and when faced with mankind's most brutal and horrific enemies, of which your knowledge is extensive, he had not shirked from his duties or flinched in their prosecution. However, that is also not why I have seconded candidate 272 for Project: Saviour.

My two chief reasons for seconding the candidate are as follows. Firstly, the man is a brilliant commando and marksman, for which he has been recommended for several company awards and distinctions. He is attributed to the successful prosecutions of Operation: Kandahar (which lead to the destruction of three cultist Basilisks and 150 rear-guard cultists, allowing our men and the Imperial Guard to reach their destination) and Operation: Athena (which stalled the advance of the forces of The Enemy for sufficient time for the city of Hardina to be evacuated and reinforced). He has proven an able leader and skilled in he field of expertise.

Secondly, the man's mind is remarkable. He has an IQ score of 192 and an eidetic memory. He is known to be in the confidence of many lieutenants and even a few higher ranking officers have been known to consult him on occasion. Not that I can blame them. All I can say my lord is you have to meet him to gain a proper understanding about what I mean, but I will do my best to render it in words. His is able to recall almost any moment at an instant's notice and he insists that he remembers everything. This gives him an unparalleled ability to second guess opponents he has faced only once. His intelligence grants him a great advantage for strategy, lateral thinking and combat. Attached is the man's personal information for you to look over my Lord.

The Emperor Protects

Name: Nicholas Jozwik

Age: 24 Terran Years

Rank: Sergeant

Note: A profile pict is included, but what follows is the key points from the required medical.

Appearance: Nicholas insists despite evidence to the contrary that he is six-foot exactly. Truthfully he measures closer to 5'11". Compared to other candidates, he could be mistaken as weak, since he has a smaller frame than many. However his body is described by the medical examiner as 'economic'. That is, whilst he does not have great bulging muscles that are obvious through all layers of clothing and armour, his body is clad in battle-hardened muscles. There are several notable scars and x-ray examination shows where broken bones have healed. However, such blemishes are to be expected on a Sergeant. His shoulders are in keeping with the rest of his frame, in that they are not as wide as many other candidates, but have strength in them.

Nicholas's eyes are a warm and inviting brown. Nicholas's jet black hair has been cut to a practical length and he maintains a short beard which is the same colour as his hair. Nicholas maintains all of his teeth and is it remarked that his smile is quite attractive. Nicholas's nose is slightly bent to the right where the bone had been broken and has not set properly. Whilst nothing indicated malnourishment, Nicholas's face appears slightly gaunt. Additionally, his face is rather narrow, but not comically so.

Physical and psychiatric evaluation:
Physical review by Dr Michael Bradley
The physical evaluation reveals that Nicholas is not particularly remarkable in terms of his endurance or his raw strength. However, in such competitions such as sprinting or sparring, he shows himself to be rather remarkable. Speaking with Dr Curtis (the medical examiner), I heard him say of the candidate that his body is built economically. Nothing is superfluous or unnecessary, and that is exactly how I would describe the man in his physical trials. Over extended endurance trials he is adequate but hardly remarkable. However, when he can use all his energy in a short space of time, he maximises his effectiveness and becomes extraordinary. Overall, I can happily pass and recommend this candidate to Project: Saviour on the merits of his physical evaluation.

Psychiatric review by Dr Francis Roven
I found my session with the candidate...uncomfortable and awkward. I felt that I was as much under examination as I was examining. It was like playing regicide with one, of if not the most, skilled players I have ever met. Much of what I believe I have found out about the man may well prove to be a calculated ploy, or simply an honest admission mingled in with other falsities to give them a note of truth. The candidate is certainly brilliant, as I have already remarked, however he does not appear arrogant about his intelligence. However he certainly relishes pitting himself against those he believe can challenge him, remarking "even the most exquisite sword may lose it's edge through disuse, and sharper swords than I have been blunted thusly". The candidate does not appear, from our sessions, to be psychologically unstable, but there has been tentative research that suggests a correlation between intellect and propensity for psychological instability, and with a candidate as cunning as this, it would be impossible to categorically declare one way or the other. He is a pleasant person, his persona warm and inviting. However, sometimes his emotions appear forced, but only someone with specialist training in psychology, such as myself, would be able to notice it. This might be him being polite and showing emotions which he understands as acceptable in the situation, or it might be symptomatic of a deeper problem. Mainly that perhaps all his emotions are force and he does not actually feel anything, indicating sociopathic tendencies. However, without sufficient evidence, I would not wish to condemn him over a slim possibility. Overall, I can recommend the candidate for Project: Saviour, although I might advise that he be continually monitored, in case some of my darker suspicions are in fact true.

Let me know what you think unxpekted!

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

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17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

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Crusade Army List tactica - Individual Legion tactica

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I'm definitely in for this ill have a sheet up tomorrow.

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If it's too short, then let me know, unexpeted .

Alaric Tiranus

Sex: Male Age: 23

Appearance: Mr. Tiranus stands at 6.1 feet in length and is a very lanky individual compared to an average trooper’s build. His hair is cropped, dark hazel in color while his eyes are a deep amber. His face is taut and impish and his mindset is often relaxed, calculating, and camaraderie-driven amongst his allies. To his enemies, he is much the same, but that said camaraderie is replaced with an utter determination to not only survive, but to see his foes thoroughly gone from this world.

Rank: Corporal

Character History: A regular grunt by the time the Oracles of Change fell upon Chemorus Beta, Alaric is most noted for his role in the commandeering of a relief convoy heading for one of the many fronts throughout the war. His experience handling various vehicles, valor for replacing the fallen driver at the head of the convoy, and leading the relieving forces into the teeth of a fierce battle have made him stand out as a candidate for this secret project. It is also noteworthy to mention that he fought in this battle alongside his squadmates against the cell of cultists assailing them.

Alaric isn’t the toughest of warriors nor the hardiest, but he is loyal to the Imperial cause and is always just a few steps behind the front of the fight. He isn’t one to lock blades with particularly intimidating adversaries, but his use with quick-draw sidearms is second to none. After our analysis, a position behind the front ranks maybe the most efficient position for someone like him. He also knows the ins and out of various turret and weapon emplacements, and also where to best apply them.

Alaric descends from a no name family born somewhere in the depths of one Chemorus’ urban sprawls. He is not a slummer, but also lacks any family possessions or titles that would come with a prestigious lineage. Given his background, attempting to rise further into the ranks of the PDF may become a harder chore than it really should. Admitting him as a candidate of potential for this project, it could give him all he needs to exemplify his traits and true skills we may have not seen or haven’t developed. He could indeed prove useful to our cause...

Mental Evaluation: Alaric is a shady character, but one that tries to be reasonable and honest when it suits him. When in conflict with others, especially those who he can’t match with brawn, I noticed he tends to favor some underhanded tactics to win an squabble. I remember watching one his recorded transgressions. Alaric’s debate with one of the chimera drivers in his platoon had turned nasty. The fight had ended with a humiliating slug to Alaric’s gut, but not before the man he was seen arguing with had lost his teeth to a tool that had been lying around. The underhandedness, however, comes from Alaraic commandeering one of the other vehicular turrets and blowing up the vehicle with the driver inside. If you do choose to hire this man, my lord, then I would advise you do so with some sense of caution.

“Evil is relative…You can’t hang a sign on it. You can’t touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword. Evil depends on where you are standing, pointing your indicting finger.”
-Glen Cook, The Black Company

Tales of Heroism and Bravery, in the 41st Millennium and the Old World. Perhaps some Realm Gate Wars in the future .

Gods' Hall (Completed)

The New Word (Completed)

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Elsen Strab Von Kerg

Age: 27

Appearance: Slim, fit and seemingly too narrow for the angular cheek bones cutting off his face at sheer angles. He is not a handsome man, but he is striking in his severity. His left eye is a shimmering artisan augmentic replacement for the one lost in early in his career. The knotted mess of scars twisting their way across the edges of his face only hinting at the agonies suffered at his torturers.

Were one to remove his shirt one would see a patchwork of flesh torn and ripped in years past attached to an elegant augmentic hand. However that would require convincing him to remove either his immaculately kept uniform and omnipresent body armor - no mean feat.

Rank: Lieutenant

History: Elsen is a product of his upbringing - brutal, efficient, vicious and untrusting. Illegally sold by his parents at an early age to the Nexian Cartels he spent most of his formative years as the whipping boy of whichever ganger was closest and angriest at the moment. When the cartel was finally overthrown by the Arbities, he was discovered chained to a post slowly bleeding to death where his eye had been gouged out with a hot poker. His kidneys and right hand had been removed - presumably as part of a black market organ deal.

After agumentic repairs and rehabilitation funded by the seizure of cartel assets, he was placed in the care of the orphanages of St. Materis, where he was eventually taken with the mandator tithing for the PDF based upon his academic aptitude rating - which was astonishingly high for a child with little formal education. He graduated highly in his class and was elevated for Officer Candidacy school in spite of allegations that he had caused the unfortunate injury of his fellow platoon 106 candidate Geros Nex.

He has achieved the rank of Lieutenant on the heels of a series of ambitious small scale conflicts, leading stealth raids and sneak attacks into enemy territory. It is suspected - but has never been proved - that Elsen has been using PDF resources to find and fight the remaining Nexian Cartels. What can not be ignored is Elsen's extensive black market connections and ability to obtain resources for his own unit. No one is precisely sure how he achieves this - any allegations of black mail and bribery curiously disappear or are recanted prior to formal charges - but the results are unanimously popular with his men, who find themselves rarely without proper provisions and equipment.

Physical Evaluation: Elsen is in remarkably good health for someone who had his kidneys, right hand, and left eye removed as a child. Most of his organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, and digestive tract) have been replaced with superior agumentics, of a quality not usually associated with his pay grade. Reports of the specific surgeries are covered as[classified omega red] by order of the former Governor's nephew - his presumed benefactor.

It's sort of a running gag in the platoon that Lt. Kerg is a machine slowly becoming more human - a joke never made within earshot of the Lt.

Psychological Evaluation: Elsen Strab Von Kerg is a monster - but he is our monster. He does not flinch when faced with even the worst horrors that can be tossed at him. He is a humorless, emotionless and terrifying man but he has a near pathological sense of honor and duty.

In spite of this, his men largely seem to love him. He is strict, but consistently so. Discipline is immediate, summary, and without question but there is never a doubt in anyone's mind why he did what he did. Moreover his set of rules is not necessarily the rules one would expect from the Imperial Code of Martial Laws. I would go so far as saying that it often is not. Emperor Alone help the Commissar who executes one of his men for something he disagrees with - the unfortunate officer will soon find himself suffering from a friendly fire incident, which will - of course - never be linked to him.


-- Collection of intel, both from reconnaissance and the acquisition of "outside intel."
-- Gathering "human intel" from prisoners
----- [ Note : It is highly recommenced that one keeps those with weaker constitutions out of audio-visual range during interrogations. ]
-- Commanding large groups of soldiers in military engagements
-- Knowledge of local criminal cartels
--Extensive black market connections
--Ominous reputation

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Hey everyone. I'm still waiting on a couple of character sheets. I will be away the next five days but will still be keeping an eye on this. If no more characters have been submitted by that time I will likely start with what we have.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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