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Default Orks - Dakkabad's Loot

Hey Heresy Online

This Ork Roleplay thread is officially open for recruitment

On the desert planet of Arinah wages a year-long war between the forces of the 203rd Cadian and the relentless Ork Waaagh. 5 kilometres from the FEBA a small ork camp is filled with huts, shacks and tents teeming with orks ready to reinforce the battle line. In this Ork cesspit, sits a very powerful Warlord, Boss Dakkabad.

8 months before hand, Boss Dakkabad used to live in a ork city, at the base of a string of mountains before the imperials mounted an attack big enough to drive the orks out of there. What the imperials didn’t know was that Boss Dakkabad kept his enormous pile of Teeth in a vault beneath the surface. Ever since, orks all over the planet have been attempting to get to the Treasure. However the Cadian commanders keep thinking the orks want the city because of its strategic position. So the imperials built powerful defenses to keep the orks at bay.

Meanwhile Boss Dakkabad sits there running out of teeth to fuel his waaagh. He knows mounting a huge attack on the city gets him nowhere because he cannot trust any of his boyz not to run off with the loot for themselves. So he turns to his last resort, hiring a small task team to infiltrate and steal enough teeth to keep the waaagh going. If the mission is successful the orks have a good chance of stompin the humans, if the mission fails the boss will run out of teeth and the orks will be supply less within a month. The boss will have to set a high price for the team if he wants them to remain loyal, so he spread the news that he was taking applicants to venture on a suicide mission worth thousands of teeth….

Ork Task team

6-8 players

You have decided to join the suicidal mission to get Dakkabad's loot! Yaaaay!
Now your character can be chosen from the following classes

Ork boy
Mek (Big Mek-maybe)
Dok (Painboy)

Players can choose two options from the character option list - For example you could be a Nob Kommando. However be sensible we cant have a nob gretchin.


We NEED at least one mek, one pilot and one dok

Weapons and equipment

What every player gets as a basis
Slugga& choppa
Basic ork armour
Stikk bomb

You can choose to swap slugga for...
Big shoota

Power klaw - for nobz and big meks only

if you have chosen tank busta you get a Rokkit launcha and some explosives

Storm boys obviously have rokkit packs

Burnas have burnas

Well you basically get the idea I don’t need to list everything

But Gretchin can only have

Grot blasta
small Stikkbomb
small Close combat weapons

Specialist gear:
Meks- get tools
Doks- get surgical gear
Weirdboy- has a staff
Etc etc

You know the drill

No godmodding
No continuous posting
Blah blah blah

However because your character is an ork you MUST make him act like one. Don’t make your character have super intelligence, remember these are ORKS. That means when your character fires his weapon don’t make him have the ballistic skill of a space marine

My character

username: TechPr1est
name: Morgabad
Class: Painboy
appearance: tan coloured clothes, blood stained apron, Dok's equipment in back pack, Average ork build and has robotic right leg.
Biography: Used to be part of a Kommando unit, saw plenty of medical combat experience during a war against a renegade Chaos space marines warband. Retired from the Kommandos after right leg was ripped from its socket by a maulerfiend. New robotic leg couldn’t keep up with the intensity of the Kommandos and was discharged.
Gear: Dok's equipment, Slugga, Stikkbomb, back pack, basic ork armour

post your profiles and questions

and by the way this is my first RP thread so dont expect flawless material

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
"My first model had so many layers of paint, that an excavation team could probably find fossils in it".
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Username: Ratvan
Name: Da Grunt
Class: Gretchin Dok's Oderly
Appearance: Red loin cloth, carrys/drags a burlap sack oozing blood, blunted bone saw (small) grot blaster, small boomstikks, leather gloves and goggles.
Biography: This skittish Gretchin randomly appears at Dok's workshops looking for body parts and scraps to eat. No real medical intelligance but likes to try and KO grenskins with a small wooden mallet
Gear: Blaster, CCW, Small Stikbombs
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Username: Znoz

Name: Snos
Class: Gretchin Loota
Appearance: Brown patchwork-cap, torn black pants with many little pockets and belt crossing shoulder (with pockets for screws, bolts, tooth and other small thingies).

Biography: Gretchin must be useful, fast and sneky to survive, so i loot all scrap i can find and bring it to Mekboy in exchange of some butt-kick aka "new mission". Ammunition scavenging also helps (Sometimes i even loot those clumsy Orks for bullet or two, and sometimes i even escape unseen - not flying across camp from kick, with broken nose and arms). Mostly my battle experience is "after-combat"(lootin'), but i screamed WAAAGH!!! a lot (from behind some protection like tank or wide ork shoulders) , so you can consider me as "experienced".

Gear: Small stikkbomb, rusty scrap-dagger "Leg stabba" and three bullets for Big Shoota in my pouches and trousers.

What? Boo is outraged! See his fury! It's small, so look close. Trust me, it's there.
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name: Komodo (as in dragon)

Class: Gretchin Burna

appearance: Komodo is a little beat up looking, even for a grot, he wears a pair of dirty old camo pants and a pair of oversized goggles with orange lenses, both cracked. Down his torso Komodo has burned in the outline of a dragon into his flesh. He has a broken metal box that he has fastooned into a backpack after stealing some string off some boys shoe.

Biography: Komodo is a lucky bastard, after sprouting from the ground he was quickly rounded up by a runtherd. This didn't last long as the runtherd and all the other gretching were crushed by a passing squiggoth (some speed freak was sure he could beat the bosses truk in a drag race). Komodo being the lone survivor struck out on his own to forge an epic tale of badassery. This was cut short, a burna nob quickly came across him and bullied into serving as his fuel runt. This was the nob who burned the dragon tatoo onto Komodo's body. Being a slave and all Komodo followed his nob around everywhere, one day the Nob decided to drop his teef off at his stash. But someone followed, a komando had heard the Burna bragging and decided to help himself to his fortune. The fight very quickly got out of hand leaving Komodo to do as he pleased. He chose to steal the big bag of teeth and buy himself some gadgets.

Gear: 'zippo' style ligher (instead of blaster), aerosol (instead of ccw)

Lemme know if thats all ok.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0
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Originally Posted by warsmith7752 View Post
Gear: 'zippo' style ligher (instead of blaster), aerosol (instead of ccw)

Lemme know if thats all ok.
You can have a hand held mini flamer, think of it like a flamer the size of a grot blasta with the zippo style lighter glued to the barrel.

Profiles are looking good everyone

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
"My first model had so many layers of paint, that an excavation team could probably find fossils in it".
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Username: HonorableMan

Name: Zogof Yagit
Class: Kommando
Appearance: Fairly lanky (for an Ork), missing half of his right tusk, wears cobbled-together night-vision goggles (slapped together from "borrowed" Imperial devices) around his neck, a satchel on his back, as many sharp implements as possible strapped to himself, large scars all over his left cheek, neck, and shoulder, showing a crudely-executed daemon face carved into his flesh, staples around the top of his skull.

Biography: Zogof Yagit was named after his response to nearly everything anyone said to him in his early years (he was a rather antisocial fellow). This, as you can probably imagine, leads to interesting exchanges (i.e. "Oi, Zogof, get over 'ere!" "Wot you callin' me, ya weedy git?") and generally to good, healthy brawls. Given his solitary nature and practiced beating-the-snot-out-of-some-Ork-who-called-him-Zogof, he fell in with the only other solitary, murderous lot around- the Kommandos. From them he learned that sneakiness and being quiet actually helped, as you can stick a knife in a human far more easily that way- and can still just as easily shout and wave your arms around and kill more afterwards!

And Zogof's never looked back. Over the years, he's never gotten bored of slaughtering humans and other squishy things (although that might, in retrospect, be because of some Painboyz who opened his head and took a look around inside while he was asleep late one night).

Also, he's on the mission for more of a personal motive. When the Cadians stormed the Ork city, he forgot his favorite slugga on the way out. The way Zogof sees it, either he gets his slugga back or gets the teef to buy a new one. Win-win.

Gear: NV goggles, lots and lots of little sharp things to poke humies with (his cutty-slashies), and a couple stikkbombs (just to make things a bit more fun)

That all right?

"You all did see that on the Lupercal
I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
And, sure, he is an honorable man."

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Username: Commissaraidan

Name:Gor toof

Class: Tankbusta

Appearance: Ragged clothes, pieces of shrapnel through his skin, a pouch filled with missles and spare vehicle parts as armour plating.

Biography: Gor Toof wasn't that normal ork he didn't like slaying humies with a slugga or a choppa , though he liked blowing the humies up. He left the rest of the tankbustas to become a kommando because he has always wanted to be sneaky and good at blowing humies up.

Gear: Tankhammer,rokkits,stick bombs and a knife to be sneaky.
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Hopefully Zogof Yagit won't cause too many fights

Gor toof is fine also, though i don't get why there is shrapnel in his skin. perhaps you meant he has shrapnel scars

still don't have a pilot or a mek

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
"My first model had so many layers of paint, that an excavation team could probably find fossils in it".
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Ork rp? THANK THE EMRAH!!!!(If big mek is unavailable for some reason I will change it to normal mek)

Username: RoleplayKutu

Name: Wrenchgeerz

Class: Big Mek

Equipment: Big Shoota(bit kustomized by Wrenchgeerz gut sum flashy irun sightz and shiny bitz)
Power Klaw('Tis painted red from da chompan so Wrenchgeerz named it "Lobsta")
Mek Toolz
Stikk Bombz
Basic Ork Armour

Appearance: Normal Big Mek, nob size with extra pieces of metal patched up around armor to protect potentially fat belly but without apron because he doesn't like soft stuff. Has a small metal hat with tinfoil scraps around his head. Where he had no scrap metal to patch up his armor he has stuff like gears and small vehicle parts jingling.

Biography: "Uhh dez thing workin'? Bah bugger it. I is Wrenchgeerz and I is big mekboy. Other mekboyz grunt and rurr but when Wrenchgeerz getz der teef fur his pocketz dey stop grunting and they just scampar of. I is like building mekz and gitz and always be makin sure ye deff dred gut his sawz on his arms. One dere was this mek who put dem on its feet and de dred just rolled around and gutted him alive har! But no, Wrenchgeerz will build your mek fast and sturdy. If ya grots and squags be listening dis here dis is me mouth speeking from ze soundy box in ere may be some squig farmaz wunts to hear where am I. Tis dat warboss and he sez if we help im get his stuff back he's gonna give lots of teef. Wrenchgeerz needs da teef to keep making his meks so Wrenchgeerz follows da boss. They told him he can't be sneaky but Wrenchgeerz disagrees because he knowz the closest you get to humie the better you rip im so he go there be sneaky and help da boss for da teef. Ye' uh how'z dat thing closin? Like therez no lighty round thingy that bzzzt's hmm. *Sound of Power Klaw chomping* ."

Hope you like it !

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Username: Firedamaged

Name: Thakadaka

Class: Stormboy/Pilot

Appearance: Runty for an Ork, Thakadaka is shorter and wirier than most of his brethren. He wears a hodgepodge variety of garments looted from battlefields, based mostly on how they stand up to a good burning. He is often coated in enough soot, ash or burn-marks to the degree that he has been mistaken for a runty black-ork at a distance on a fairly regular basis, with little of his sickly green skin actually ever visible. His right arm is missing from the elbow down and has been replaced with a complicated device that his Mek "friend" has assured him will allow him to interface better with the vehicles he controls, or rather "Ya jam dis ting in da trukk or kopta or whateva an it goes betta, see?"

Bio: Thakadaka is obsessed with speed, always has been, always will be. Thakadaka is also a hazard around volatile chemicals, no one knows why and no one's ever really cared much to ask why. All that's known is the biker boyz won't let him near their rigs any more, not after the seventeenth incident of "I was just sittin' on it and it went krump!" His attempts to sneak into the Deffkopta hangars were met with various outbursts, mostly of shouting, but more often than not of dakka. That's when he made his way to the stormboyz who, frankly, couldn't give a toss. Thus Thakadaka spent six months of battles, small and large, charging around the battlefield to his heart's content leaving flaming debris, and occasionally enemies, scattered in his wake. That was until the 'incident', during which his rokkit-pack came partially untangled and ended up crashing him into the ground and burning most of his right arm off. Thankfully a Dok felt the need to amputate the thing and nick off with it as he was comatose, saving him from a slow death from orkish gangrene or 'Rotblud' as they occasionally called it when they called it anything. Two days later he was spotted half crawling back into camp and was set upon by a Mek who promptly jabbed something that could generously be called a contraption into the hole and cauterised it in place. Apparently he was 'purfekt ta test me new fingy' as the gadget obsessed ork announced. Now, armed with a new prosthetic and a potential new way of indulging in his speed-freakiness, a well paying mission from da Boss sounds like the perfect opportunity to test out his potential. If only he could get the zogging arm to move properly!

Gear: 2 very long Choppas (more longsword/claymore length than typical shortsword length)
1 Metallic arm contraption that may or may not explode/break/turn-into-a-mechanical-snake-thing when used to "plug in" to a vehicle
1 set of 'Guaranteed Burna-proof' ork armour (one arm missing)
1 knife
2 Stikkbombs (possibly duds as they have been in his possession for more than a minute without detonating)



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