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IF you can find it in your heart to allow the addition of another character.........

Name: Senor Shayde

Age: Unknown (approx 30)

Allegiance: De'Laque

Appearance: Senor Shayde is a misterious character of the Underhives; standing at approximately 6' 4" and dressed in a flowing black duster, his bald head glints in the dim background glow of the Underhive. No one has ever seen his face aside from a particularly gruesome looking scar on the left side of his forehead, they only ever see his trademark photovisor goggles and the dirty blood stained rag which cover the lower half of his features as they turn at the sound of his heavy booted footsteps before they die.

Personality: Shayde dislikes interactions with others; he is a loner, its how he works, its how he gets things done - its how he has always operated so why would today be any different. His motivation in all endeavours appears to be financial, however there are those few occasions when he eschews payment for an unknown reason - some have speculated that the scar may be from a previous associate and therefore is happy to take on jobs which lead him to some unknown ultimate goal.

History: Shayde has been an enforcer for House De'Laque for as long as he can remember. When De'Laque need a particularly difficult or stubborn opponent to their cause removed from play; they call Shayde. When they need some extra finds aquisitioned from the Administratum vaults; Shayde ensures the job is done. One thing is certain about his past - he gets the job done, although in many instances there are very few who know his methods, such is the character of Shayde of House De'Laque.

Combat Behaviour: Shayde swings from silent strategist to all out gunslinger. He often spends a majority of a fight moving from place to place, bounding in and out of cover without even unholstering his weapon. When the pistols come out, however, he certainly makes every shot count.

Wargear: Sword (blackened with boot polish), Laspistol, Lasgun
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Could you give a reason why he's hunting the bounty?
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Sorry about the incredibly long delay, I've just been having to deal with personal things, me constantly traveling and a lack of any real motivation. I feel as if I've jumped into this too quickly and I'm now completely drained of any ideas on how to advance the plot.
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This is still going? If so, am I too late to join?
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Name: Guardswoman Alexia Drakos

Age: 29

Allegiance: Independent (Guard deserter)

Appearance: Alexia has short red hair, usually covered by a dark brown, battered guard helmet. She also wears the breastplate that has served her well and has a strip of red cloth tied over her left upper arm, part of her old fatigues, hiding the tattoo marking her as a guardswoman of the Telrian 7th. The rest of her clothing is hard-worn and durable, clearly well-used and hardly ever removed.

Personality: Alexia is a firm beleiver in the saying 'The Emperor doesn't give a shit.', a mindset common in deserters, trusting in herself and her lasgun over any divine power.

History: Alexia was part of the Telrian 7th Siege regiment before she was almost killed fighting Orks. After the trauma, she ran from her regiment, and she never talks about why, even if she confesses that she is a deserter, which she hardly ever does.

Her hunt for Ripjaw is purely for the credits, and to cement her new life as a bounty hunter.

Combat Behaviour: Alexia usually perfers to stay in cover as much as possible, mostly letting others do the legwork while she takes potshots at her enemies.

Knife (A standard-issue Guard lasgun bayonet, somewhat chipped.)
Laspistol (A battered standard-issue laspistol, with the Eagle filed off.)
Lasgun (A heavily scarred Guard lasgun.)

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Last post in this thread was nearly a year ago to the day. Please keep an eye out for post dates in the future.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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Name: Reginald Ronksley


house: Bar tenders guild/independent

appearance:4ft 8 inches, stout, balding with a thick grey moustache but otherwise clean shaven, Mr. ronksley's wears a powder blue boiler suit with a dark green overcoat and white Beatle boots.

melee weapons:
bar stool
3 inch knife
baseball bat with barbed wire on the pummeling end.

purpose: Mr. ronksley serves npcs and players necromunda's finest ales as well as frying the rat burgers for hungry scum.

moon boots, ski jacket, floppy hat, bang on.
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moon boots, ski jacket, floppy hat, bang on.

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