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Default Gekokujo


It is the Sengoku Jidai, the Age of the Country at War. Across the land of Nippon mighty warriors called Samurai clash back and forth for control of the most powerful seat in the kingdom: the title of Shogun. The rulers of these might clans follow the teachings of the Jōei Code, the social rules that govern the economy and the flow of power between the Emperor and the Shogunate. They lived a violent, and often short, lifespan and train themselves to master the Way of the Warrior; Bushido. These Samurai are born into a time where war and violence govern most aspects of life and whose skills define the distance one may rise within the society. Their mighty Armies clash across the island, laying waste to village and city alike, killing thousands in their bid for power.

But now that order has changed, and new men have risen to challenge the order of their time. Men once considered commoners now rise from the ashes and become valiant warriors of their own. No longer does one have to be Samurai to carry a Katana; the symbol of the Warrior. Deep in this conflict is you, the stranger from an outside village that is simply on his way to whatever objective he has to reach. You come into this deepening tale as you walk into the village of Ono, a small village outside of Ichijodani in the central Echizen Province. Let the Adventure Begin!

The Game

So this RPG is a team based storyline that will follow the adventures of you; the characters within the story. The decision you make, the actions you take, the words you speak can alter the story in many different ways. Do not forget that for every action you take here a reaction will occur, and sometimes it will be very ugly. You are a stranger in this land, a roaming person from another village in a far away province. For you the decision lies in how you build your character. The background, weapons, fighting style, appearance, and much more will define who and what you become to think carefully when selecting what you want. There will be no changes once the game begins; so pick wisely.

Below are the simple rules I expect you to follow….


- No God Modding
- I am the GM, all decision are final and I ask you to respect that.
- At least a paragraph (10 sentences) long for each update you write.
- Update at least once per week. If you miss 4 updates (2 weeks) then your character may die in the story. Touch base with me if you cannot make it.
- Respect your fellow Players
- At least 2 posts when your fighting unless I state otherwise
- Follow the Character sheet
- Have fun, enjoy the story

Notes:Finally is the Character Sheet you will need to fill out. You may choose 2 weapons and 2 skills that you create. These skills have to be reasonable, such as Two-Sword style or perhaps a Martial Discipline. Unreasonable skills will be reset by me and you will lose the chance for customization so please choose wisely. I am looking for 10 players, and will start once I’ve reached 5-6. Message me if you have any more question; Good Luck

Character Sheet:

Name: Obviously give them a name

Age: How Old are you?

Clan Affiliation: (Which Clan do you hail from, do some research and give a name)

Physical Appearance: What do you look like, what features define your body? Also what does your armor and weapons look like; any special markings?

Personality: what are you like, how do you interact, who do you like, dislike?

History: What’s your Background, where did you come from, what are you doing now, where will you go next?

Weapons: What weapons do you carry? Pick at least 1 from List Below

Skills: What special skills to you possess? Fighting Style, Cooking, Tactical, Business, e.t.c.



- Single Katana (Normal Samurai sword)
- Single Wakizashi (Smaller, faster version of the Katana)
- Single Tanto (Dagger)
- Daisho (One Katana, One Wakizashi; Only for Samurai/Ronin players)
- Yari (Spear)
- Naginata (Spear with short Katana Blade on Attacking end; Only for Samurai/Ronin players)
- Bo (Wooden Staff)
- Janbo (Wooden Staff with Hidden Blade inside; Only for Ronin/Ninja players)
- Kanabo (War Club; Only for Samurai players)
- Kusarigama (Cahin0-Sickle; Only for Ninja players)


- Yumi (Bow)
- Tanegashima (Matchlock Rifle)
- Singamshi (Throwing Stars; Only for Ninja players)
- Blow Darts (Samurai Cannot Use)

The Companions:

1: Yaganimoto Gonnosuke (RoleplayKutu)
2: Hiroshi (Cleanser)
3: Daichi (Therizza)
4: Ashikai Miyamoto (Space Tank)

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(yup just realized how stupid it would seem trying to sneak on someone with a giant reddish thingy popping up from a bush or something :p)
Seems an interesting roleplay even though not warhammer-y which is an exception from what I usually see in here. I would like to hop in and see how something like that would turn out!

Name: Yaganimoto Gonnosuke

Age: 27 y/o

Clan Affiliation: Oda clan

Physical Appearance: Face is fitting for a 27 year old man, without striking features with somewhat short hair. The character is of normal height, 1.8 meters tall hardened by hunting and foraging. Ordinary brown leather armor with fur, used by bandits and village watchmen of the time, nothing too extreme, that provides comfort and mobility in most cases. Wears a small straw hat he uses as a makeshift fan when the sun is strong and thick fur boots for walking long distances. Carries a small backpack in which he stores various things he may have to carry with him and always keeps that backpack tied to his armor.

Personality: Casual fellow, not extremely serious or frivolous who enjoys the company of others and knows how to start a conversation. Time spent in inns and hunting camps has made him value the meaning of a company even though he currently travels alone and believes in working together with others to solve problems. Doesn't hesitate to discuss with people he finds on his travels, share stories and of course do trade with them if he can find a good bargain.

History: Although there are connections with the nobility of the Oda clan in his family, he was born son of a village elder in the borders between Oda and Miyoshi clan. Without bothering to seek the noble ties of his blood, his skill was seen in the woods where he made sure he would provide himself and his friends with a tasty meal no matter what. As he started to grow up and travel in nearby areas, he learned how to live in the woods, how to interact with fellow adventurers and how to be at a point self sufficient. In recent times, there are many skirmishes in the borders of Oda that ravage the landscape while Ronin and Outlaws are free to harass villagers, infest villages and after he had to fight to protect his village he figured he had to travel to seek help. Initially his plan was to go to Kiyosu castle and ask for military help for his village but various military movements prevented him from doing so, so his travels were longer than he expected. In the road he learned about the state of japan, of how warriors were clashing to control the area and became ambitious of the possibilities he could have as an adventurer, thinking he could earn a lot more than he set out to while of course being able to protect his village. At this moment he just reached the village of Ono, a small village outside of Ichijodani in the central Echizen Province, eager to see what he could find in there.

Weapons: He carries a yari, which he managed to buy off a veteran hunter before he set off knowing that such a weapon would help him defend himself from wild animals and men at the same time. He has it sheathed on the back of his leather armor where he can grab it with a single stretch. Aside that he carries a small bent short bow in the fashion of the Mongolian ones used in his times, which he had made himself some time ago and served him well in most of his life and although it may not seem something dangerous at first sight, it has sufficient power to hunt most targets.

Skills: Although he is not some kind of terrifying enemy from up close with his yari, which he mainly uses defensively, he is a really good archer, being able to hunt and kill most animals with just one shot. He also managed to do well with firearms he first saw in his village but isn't really fond of them. His fellow peasants on the village and many good natured travelers he met taught him a fair amount of foraging as to find what he can eat, what he can't eat and what will make what he eats better out there in the wilderness. So in total, a good hunter that knows how to secure/improve food in the wilderness.

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Name: Hiroshi

Age: 51

Clan Affiliation: Shimazu

Physical Appearance: Despite only being 162 cm, he has a very stocky and strong build, and his face looks aged and rough, with a bald head. He wears light and simple farmer clothes which grant him much needed mobility, with a wide brimmed straw hat, to protect him from the sun. He carries with him a bedroll, a leather water sack, rice, gunpowder and shot.

Personality: Hiroshi is seemingly a mellow and carefree person at first glance, but behind the façade lies a ruthless and utterly merciless warrior of vengeance. He despises outlaws and bandits, spending much of his life hunting them down and punishing them based on how bad their crimes were. He has absolutely no respect for authority, believing that all the feuding clans are no better than bickering children and are nothing more than bullies.

History: Hiroshi was not always known by that name, for he was once a fisherman living with his wife and infant son. When the call to war came, the man that would become Hiroshi was conscripted as an ashigaru. He, like many other foot soldiers, was trained how to use the famed tanegashima, a weapon that belched fire and steel, and only needed a few weeks to master. After spending a year as a soldier, he received news that would change his life. In his absence, the village he had lived in was sacked and burned to the ground. Deserting the military, he finally made his way back to the ruins of the sacked village. Despite finding the bodies of people he knew, there were no traces of his wife and son. Filled with a desire for vengeance, armed only with his tanegashima and a simple bo staff he had taken from the ruins of his former home, he tracked down those that had done this to his village. When he found the marauders, he laid down bloody retribution upon them, using his skill with his weapons to kill them all. He left their bodies hanging from the trees where he killed them as a message to those that would prey on the weak. In the years following his massacre, the former soldier and outlaw had assumed a new identity under the name of Hiroshi, and lead a bloody campaign to exterminate the bandits that plagued the land. His quest eventually lead him to small village outside Ichijodani, called Ono.

Weapons: He uses a bo staff that he was trained to use as a boy, and is very skilled in it's use. Not only is he able to use the staff as an effective and unassuming weapon, he also uses it as an improvised walking stick, which helps him traverse rough terrain. However, the bo staff is not his primary weapon, with the tanegashima taking that role. He acquired the powerful weapon when he deserted the military and stole it, along with all the gunpowder and shot he could carry.

Skills: Even with long hours of practice, Hiroshi cannot match the pure skill of his adversaries, so he simply resorts to fighting dirty. When using his bo, he often aims for more vulnerable areas of the bodies such as the eyes, knees and throat. His real skill lies in with his tanegashima, which he is able to hit most targets he aims at, and is able to pop off two shots in no more than two minutes. When entering combat, he tends to shoot the more dangerous targets first before closing in to take down opponents with his bo.

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Very good gentlemen, I like the depths of explanation surrounding the background of your characters. I have notes for yuo both below but I accept your characters into the story.

Cleanser: You put your Clan Affiliation as independent but yet your character was drafted into an army belonging to a high ranking samurai. I would ask that your put a Clan Affiliation; more so we know what region he hails from than who he fights for.

RoleplayKutu: Your character is solid and I like the name Gonnosuke (which holds historical significance). You decided to take the Yumi, but that is a very large bow that would possibly hinder a hunter in the wooded terrain of Japan. There is a version of the Mongolian "Short Bow" that was used during this time. It may not have the power and reach of the Yumi but can fire faster and is more mobile for someone like the hunter. Should you like you can switch that out to better suit your characters needs.

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Originally Posted by emporershand89 View Post

RoleplayKutu: Your character is solid and I like the name Gonnosuke (which holds historical significance). You decided to take the Yumi, but that is a very large bow that would possibly hinder a hunter in the wooded terrain of Japan. There is a version of the Mongolian "Short Bow" that was used during this time. It may not have the power and reach of the Yumi but can fire faster and is more mobile for someone like the hunter. Should you like you can switch that out to better suit your characters needs.
Yup, edited it, I was baffled at how I wouldn't think of this...
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I made him a former Shimazu ashigaru, just for the irony of him deserting the clan which is most famous for loyalty.
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Your both ok, I'm waiting for another week or so to at least gather 5 members, if not the target goal of ten.

Alrighty then, anyone else for this epic quest into a historical RPG.

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Name: Daichi

Age: 29

Clan Affiliation: Shinmen

Physical Appearance: Standing 5'10", Daichi is in good fighting shape, born from his years of combat training. He wears a chestplate of plane iron armour with scaled arm guards. His mempo, or face guard, is dark red, looking akin to a demon. Removing his helmet reveals a lean face with short beard and long hair tied in a topknot. His katana and wakizashi are contained within black lacquered sheaths, with red died leather grip.

Personality: Daichi is a loyal companion and fierce combatant. Though he is a ronin, he comports himself with honor, never having born insults well. Quiet at times, his taciturn demeanor diminishes with time a he becomes comfortable around newcomers.

History: Born to a large family, Daichi learned to read and write from his father. Sent to train at the Yoshioka-ryū dojo at a young age, he learned Bushido from the warrior monks there. While in the dojo, his father and three brothers were conscripted into the ranks of their daimyo's army, all dying ignominiously in battle with a rival clan.

Shamed that he could not have used his skills in combat to bring honor to his clan, Daichi set out as a ronin. Work for a wandering swordsman was easy to find, and Daichi soon joined up with a traveling band of sellswords. Killing for the highest bidder, the group did quite well for themselves. Honing his skills learned over the years of training, Daichi learned strategy and tactics from the various warlords that employed him.

All was not well with his mercenary band, as an internal feud led to a fatal duel between two of his compatriots. After losing those ronin, the group disbanded, deciding to strike out on their own once more. That is where we find Daichi, walking down an unknown path into an unknown village to see where fate will take him next.

Weapons: Daichi wields a katana and wakizashi of humble lineage. Though they lack the embellishments of other weapons of similar design, their steel is still finely crafted and razor sharp.

Skills: In combat, Daichi is skilled at both conventional swordplay, with his opponent's and his own weapon already drawn. Along with this, he is practiced diligently in the art of iaijutsu, or drawing his sword and striking his opponent in one fluid motion. When engaging in larger scale engagements, Daichi is studied and practiced in martial strategy. Though he is no general, he could likely call out weaknesses in an enemy's formation or defenses, aiding his allies in that regard.

Originally Posted by Putch. View Post
All I can say is holy meltafuck.
Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
a massive mess of incorrect information and patrotic [email protected]$%s wiggling.
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Therizza I love him, classic Ronin style character, and I might add a bit of modern Japanese humor in with him. For the sake of simplicity I will refer to your Katana and Wakizashi combo as Daisho (which translates into "Sword Set"). Other than that your golden.

For the rest of you guys I decided that if you wish to name your Character's Weapons then you may. Please limit it to one weapon only as I don't need 20 different names floating around. Something symbolic please, I need a historical name if you wish.

Great start, anyone else for the adventure. We might even have a 7 Samurai tale here

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Name: Ashikai Miyamoto

Age: 28

Clan Affiliation: Used to be Shimazu, now none.

Physical Appearance:
Average height for the time period (160 cm or 5.3 feet), and he has very long hair tied up with a ponytail.
His face looks much older than he is, with deep wrinkles and scars running across his forehead, a scruffy beard usually completing the "look".
One can immediately notice how his eyes are attentive and ready to react, a side effect of his experience with a rifle.
His armor used to be richly decorated and vividly painted heavy samurai plating, but now he replaced most of it for lighter, leather-padded armor.
His left arm still has the original armor with some added padding, somewhat restricting its movement but making it good at deflecting blows whereas his right hand only has basic clothing on it.
He still wears his Kabuto as it protects his head and helps him shoot by shielding his eyes from the sun.
Other notable features of his armor are the Shikoro nape guards (the "neck armor"), which are absent on the right side to help with aiming.
The Naginata he carries is self-made, the shaft of the spear made from solid wood and the blade being the point of his old katana, which he broke in two.
His Tanegashima was the only object from his past that was kept in perfect condition: he constantly oiled it and checked for malfunctions, so it worked flawlessly every time.

Personality: Ashikai had always been a simple man with simple ideas: do as you're told, execute orders, receive praise with humility.
This changed a little after his life took a turn for the worse: things weren't so simple anymore. People didn't trust him, he was attacked just because of his new social status and he had to deal with being a pariah.
He was forced to learn the hard way that he could not solve everything with simplicity: sometimes cunning was necessary, and without it he would surely be dead by now.

Ashikai came from a somewhat fanatically loyal family. Since he was a Samurai, he only knew how to serve his master, Shimazu Iehisa.
He was trained to be a rifleman, as his clan was known for being the first to use firearms. He quickly discovered that this was something he was really good at, and Shimazu himself befriended him for that, as his fame slowly grew, and he participated in shooting exhibitions.
Those were probably the best years of his life, and he himself would be the first to admit that he let himself go.
He frequently presented himself as the best shooter in the land to impress whoever he was talking to (particularly women), and, one night, he drank way too much sake while being in the company of fellow Samurai and his Daimyo.
He was so intoxicated that, when he woke up the next day, he remembered absolutely nothing. But what he saw was horrifying: the Daimyo had been strangled to death, and nobody knew who did it.
No samurai would admit to the crime, either because they were drunk as well or because they didn't want to be punished.
Many investigations and interrogations later, the samurai were all left to their own devices. Ashikai didn't know or care about what everyone else did: his own guilt was crushing him.
Even if he wasn't the one who killed his master, he was still responsible for the Daimyo's life, and yet he couldn't recall a single thing from that fateful night. But he did not want to take his own life- he felt that continuing to live would eventually make him feel at peace and maybe redeem himself.
And so he fled, taking his trusty rifle with him and breaking his Katana in two, burying the hilt under the ground near his house and taking the point with him, which would eventually become the end of his Naginata.
He was shunned and ostracized for many months before he managed to acquire the necessary skills to survive as a Ronin, working as a mercenary or private bodyguard for whoever paid him the most.
While he wasn't exactly rich, he had enough money to live as long as he kept moving, trying to precede his reputation as a traitor and murderer.
After travelling for many years, he felt that there was a storm brewing: rank was being disregarded, men from all walks of life were making their fortunes using their skills and not their lineage.
He couldn't be more thrilled: finally, an opportunity to rise again, to finally loosen the grip his past had on his conscience, to be whole.
And so he found himself near the village of Ono, outside of Ichijodani in the central Echizen Province.
He didn't know what awaited him, but it couldn't be worse than what was behind him.

Weapons: Self-made Naginata and long-range Tanegashima.

Skills: Ashikai is a shrewd negotiator, always knowing how to sell his services at the highest possible price. He can bargain with the best of them, a thing he had to learn since the money he got was not always enough for food, living quarters and weapon/armor maintenance.
His aim with the rifle is unmatched: he often performed shows back when he was a Samurai, shooting various objects as they flew in the air. Now, he uses this skill to assassinate his enemies with one clean shot, or to cripple them if they need to be captured alive.
(OOC note: obviously this doesn't translate into my character being able to one shot everyone: he just has good aim :p)

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