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In truth the seclusion was welcoming. The bickering among the VIIIth was so painfully common finding silence among the ranks would be much more disconcerting than an open brawl. Still the quiet hallways on the way to the apothecarion would lend much better to a quiet discussion. The description could only be described as delicious. He could savor every bubble and boil as those affected by it eventually choked on their own blood and infected their fellow man in shallow attempts to get help. Under the helmet was a sickly grin like a child with a magnifying glass towering over an ant hill and playing God. He did not interrupt Veptus in his description for he knew the doctor took a degree of pleasure in explaining his arts to those that would be considered uninitiated. Instead he thought briefly on the Olympian and his antics as they left. It was interesting to watch him almost like a child taunting a brother. His rate of progress was absolutely staggering and it almost worried him about the possibility of ever coming to conflict with those of the Vlth legion if they all adapted that quickly. He pushed his own concerns from his mind and brought the reality of the conversation back into focus.

The topic of the Iron Warrior continued.

"Pelegon is using Tyberus the same way a Neophyte would use an instructor to gleam knowledge. . . And he's progressing rapidly. . . You are right in your opinion he will be his own warrior among 4th company soon enough. . . Now the question remains what will happen to the host once the egg within hatches?"

He toyed at the words taking pleasure in the thoughts of suffering. He was much more like Veptus than he'd ever let on. The only true difference between them seemed to be their preferred implements of pain and their intended targets. Veptus had little concern over who felt his sting, a fact that Serhiy knew from his own experience under the Medicae's knife whereas his own interest of pain infliction only brought friends into his crosshairs when it was absolutely necessary. Serhiy paused with silence filling the air while the grenades finished their preparations and an unusual tint of thought graced the Destroyer's mind.

"What of our revolt?. . . Those flapping wind bags under Lorgar. . . the shallow daughters under Fulgrim? . . I do not care for the them. . .Likely my body will not see me to the end of this so I care little. . . But what of you? . . . What are you to gain from this?. . . Are we to exchange one Emperor for another? . . . "

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Aboard the 'Maiden of Sorrow':

Xandrek looks up from the data-slate that he was writing in to pinch the bridge of his nose as he closes his pure black eyes and sighs before looking down at that which he has written so far before then hunching back over the desk and begins to write anew:

"Isstvan V, what will later become known as the Isstvan Massacare was perhaps the turning point of the Heresy when the Imperium learnt that not only four legions had turned but a full eight (It was only later that we leant that so too the Thousand Sons had turned) and that even those supposedly loyal can still drive a knife into the back of their so called allies."

"While it was called a Massacare it was and was not that, we must remember that while a full eight legions crushed the Raven Guard, Salamanders and Iron Hands you must also remember that they too like us are Astartes, and Astartes die hard if nothing else. Beside the loyal legions that we wiped out also marched the Imperial Army which the Eighth Legion spent much time in hunting down and practicing our favored way of war. But also with them marched a Titan Legion: Legio Atarus and if it were not for Legio Mortis siding with the Warmaster then I am sure that their titans would of reaped a heavy toll on all the legions under Horus before finally being destroyed."

"While there are full records in circulation which detail what happened pre-drop aboard the Lex, the Flagship of the Word Bearers Legion and home to Primarch Lorgar Aurelian himself, I can say with pride that myself and my First Claw were there during the battle plans of our primarchs. We were there when the best of us: First Captain Jago 'Sevetar' Sevetarion, our fearsome Prince of Crows first uttered the words that would be a rallying battle cry to all legions that make their home in the Great Eye. We were their and took up the call: Death to the False-Emperor!"

"After returning from the Lex we prepared aboard the 'Maiden of Sorrow' for the drop checking, double-checking and triple checking all of our wargear and ammunition stocks. Astartes against Astartes warfare is perhaps the most brutal form of combat pitting humanities greatest warriors against each other who will stop at nothing until the other has been slain regardless of the cost it takes on ones own body. We of the Eighth Legion had an advantage in this, as stated in numerous other texts that since the return of the Primarch to the Legion the Night Lords had been murdering each other for the better part of two centuries. We know how to kill and maim other Astartes but while we are still Super Human killing machines: We are Murders, very few of us could ever be truly called warriors."

"The task that the Primarch had given to myself and therefore the three companies that I lead, was to target Raven Guard Sergeants, Captains, Tech-Marines, Librarians, Apocatheries, there command structure while also ensuring their transports were wrecked before taking our bloody craft to the Imperial Army fighting. My plan was simply in that before I unleashed my men to carry out their missions and go their own separate ways during the battle as unit and even company cohesion would be near impossible with the 'Massacare' this would result it. The initial frontline of my companies where those squads who were equipped with Boarding and Combat shields, forming a solid wall of protection from the first round of return fire when our 'brothers' realized what was happening and stationed behind our vanguard were my Raptor Squads and Assault Marine squads that would make use of their jump packs after the initial shots to close the gap and allow the rest of the companies to charge in and join the fray."

"While we stood there and watched the Raven Guard retreat up the hill to us I had my sergeants mark out Raven Guard commanders as they came to us though my attention was fixed firmly on our Primarch who stood with the First Company before turning to regard First Captain as I remembered the promise I made to him aboard the Nightfall which even to this day with the First Captain gone I still honour it."

Xandrek looks up from his data-slate to check the chrono-meter on his desk knowing that they would be exiting the warp soon and preparing for planet drop on some back-water planet in the northern fringe of the Imperium where he could unleash his men who were in need of something other than each other to kill. Looking back to the data-slate Xandrek returned to writing in his flowing Nostramon Script.

"Isstvan V was also the first time that those grim bastards I called my men shared a moment of brotherhood, and when I say my men I mean all three companies: Some Four-Hundred Astartes as we laughed at joke I made over our company private vox about the Fourth Legion, the Iron Warriors although Pelegon wasn't happy about it at the time."

Isstvan V, Pre-Attack: Xandrek stands there looking up the Raven Guard at the bottom of the hill moving towards them as they await the signal to open fire, as He and the rest of First Claw stand behind the three deep wall of Night Lords carrying bolters, plasma guns and towering boarding shields. "Look at them my brothers, We come here to make history that will echo down through the ages and what do 'THEY' do." Xandrek lifts his right and to point far to the east at the Fourth Legion and the Iron Warriors. "Our cousins in the Fourth decide to come here and build a doll house to side inside while the rest of us do all the knife work. Pelegon your of the Fourth why don't you tell your brothers that they may aswell build a Beauty Parlor as im sure when we are done those fops in the Third Legion will want to correct their make up." Xandrek laughed and for once was joined by yourself (all of you except Pelegon) as he then slaps the Iron Warrior on the shoulder before looking back to the Raven Guard and then the distant fortress.

Aboard the 'Maiden of Sorrow':
"After that shared joke with my companies we didn't have to wait long for the signal. A single flare was shot from within the fortress as the Salamanders and Raven Guard came within bolter range and across our vox networks the order to open fire was given. Those who are 'born' into the Legions after the Heresy will never understand or even meet anything that compares to those opening moments. The noise was horrendous and deafening as the weaponry of four entire legions were unleashed in a single moment, it was man-made thunder that would forever stay within the minds of those who were there. The first few ranks of those coming to seek our aid simply disintegrated into bits of flesh, Ceramite and clouds of blood as they were met with a wall of bolter rounds ripping into them and I remember well the look of absolute shock on those behind them as they struggled to comprehend what had just happened. From what I've been told by my fellow captains who were there the expression on Corax's and Vulkan's faces was something to beyond and it is to my shame and regret that myself and my battle brothers were stationed away from them."

"With the order given we charged into the fray with myself and Fourth Companies First Claw along with the other Assault and Raptor Squads joining us as we crashed into the ranks of the Raven Guard, the battle if such a bloody afar as a 'Massacare' could be called that was for want of a better word: Glorious."

- - - - - - - - - -

Isstvan V Massacare

Azrael: You slam down onto the ground just behind and to the left of Xandrek as you follow the cloaked form of your Captain into battle with your right hand flicking our burying your power-sword into throat of a Raven Guard Sergeant who collapses choking on his own blood dropping his bolter as you watch Xandrek rise from his half crouch and slamming his monstrous tower-shield into the chest of a normal battle brother of the Nineteenth Legion knocking him off of his feet before the battle brother gets tore apart by Pelegon landing on him and ramming his new Nostramon Chain-Glaive straight into the center of his chest as the Xandrek then charges off deeper into the battle with his sword licking out aiming for weak points in armour where you can see that he is aiming for what appears to be a Captain and the reminds of his command squad, including a twin-lightning claw armoured champion and its clear that Xandrek is wanting you to follow which you will do without hesitation as you suspect that even as good as Xandrek is with his blade the way that Raven Guard fight will need your own swordsmanship skills to keep this even with you dealing with the champion as Xandrek goes after the captain.

Veptus: Before joining the rest of First Claw and the other squads in their charge you sight down the barrel of your stalker-pattern bolter and nearly place a bolt round through the right eye lens of a Raven Guard apocathery aiding a limping battle brother who is missing a leg back up the hill and you smile sadistically as you watch the both of them go down, the apocathery himself silent by the battle brother going down with a cry before he gets stood on by his fellows. When you leap to join the rest of First Claw you catch a glimpse of the hulking forms of Fourth Claws Dreadnoughts slam straight into the battle line sending Raven Guard scattering and you can see that each and every one of them has crimson painted gauntlets and for a brief moment you recall that there is a single Dreadnought in forth who was not given it as a punishment though Xandrek has yet to order him to be awakened. Landing down on one knee you have the choice of either stowing your stalker pattern bolter in favor of your sword and pistol or for now you can remain crouched and begin picking off members of the command structure and apocatheries, with you being able to spot one among a command squad which Xandrek and Azrael are heading to.

Var: Landing with a crunch leaving a small creator from your sheet weight in the ground you flick your axe out slamming the blade crunching into the side of a Raven Guard's helmet sliding off the top half before swinging it around into the chest of a second one before taking in the situation as two raptors slam down onto a third Raven Guard battle brother with their lightning claws ripping out chunks of his armour and flesh before moving on activating their jump packs where you watch them both get shot down by return fire from an auto cannon wielding marine further back in the raven guard lines which would need to be dealt with which you could possible do yourself with your axe or you could simply through a frag grenade in his direction that would catch him and those around him. Though you will need to make your decision quickly as to what you are going to do as more Raven Guard charge towards you and the others as the other companies begin streaming down into the Urgal depression to get to grips with those still loyal to the False Emperor although given the flight shacking of the ground behind you, you are soon to be joined by those 'honoured' brothers prematurely entombed within the shells of a Dreadnought.

Tyberus: You plant both of your feet into the shoulders of one of the Raven Guard as you land knocking him onto his back and send him sprawling in the dirt as your power-maul falls down upon one of his battle brothers cracking open his helmet and bursting his skull like an overripe melon. Wrenching your maul free of the remains of the 19th legionnaire you spin on the spot pivoting on your right heel to slam it into the back of another member of the Raven Guard destroying his back mounted power plant dropping him as all the systems in his power armour fail where he is quickly finished by Raskreia dropping down next to him and planting the standard of Fourth Company through the back of the marines skull. Nodding to the banner bearer you realize that the enemies will be draw towards Raskreia because of the banner and that it would make sense to fight along side him for now so that he may owe you a debt later on and atleast to make sure that the banner of Fourth doesn't fall in the opening minutes of the battle and you along with several other assault marines help push back a small counter charge from a squad of Raven Guard Legionaries obviously intent on taking the Fourth Company banner.

Pelegon: Launching off from the ground behind the three deep line of Night Lords you follow Xandrek and the rest of his assault troops into the air above the front line and come down towards where the Fourth Company captain, his champion and his apocathery have landed and as you are still in the air you have time to see Xandrek smash a legionary off of his feet with that tower shield of his allowing you to reverse the grip of your new chain-glaive and plunge the whirring blade into the chest of the battle brother that Xandrek knocked other where you then quickly withdraw it in a shower of blood coating the lower part of your silver armour and turn to see Xandrek and Azrael set off through the melee to what appears to be a captain and his command squad. However before you are able to follow a Raven Guard Sergeant wielding a chain-sword and combat knife comes swinging at you which you are able to block thanks to the extra reach that the chain-glaive affords and you are able to quickly dispatch him with your new weapon (How long that fight lasts if up to you.) before deciding if you keep the chain-glaive our or begin unloading shots with the melta-gun that is strapped to your back.

Raskreia: You land planting the banner of forth through the back of a Raven Guard's helmet which Tyberus has knocked over with his power maul as you land several meters away from Xandrek, Azrael and Veptus which somewhat annoys you as the four of you are always at the forefront together and somehow Pelegon has taken your place by the Captain, Champion and Apocathery. Slamming your power-axe into the collar bone of a Raven Guard legionary wielding a pair of lightning claws you wrench it out as your other hand remains firmly around the banner pole as you several assault marines drop down around you to defend the banner from a small counter attack of six legionaries intent on seeing the banner of Fourth fall before the assault marines when done with the small skirmish activate their jump packs and disappear deeper into the melee as the rest of Fourth company slam into the melee with a solid wall of midnight blue armoured marines and their shields get infront of you and begin forcing their way deeper into the battle allowing you time to move off after the Captain if you wish as you can see him and Azrael making their way towards what appears to be a Raven Guard captain and his own command squad where you can see their banner bearer trying to rally the men to hold the line, From your point in the battle field you can see the whipping banner display the numbers of the Raven Guard 34th Company.

Serhiy: Having long ago used a jump pack the natural affinity with such wargear instantly comes back as you launch off the ground with your battle brothers with your left hand you throw a couple of grenades deeper into the ranks of the Raven Guard not even bothering to watch them detonate as your pistol barks out blowing through the back of a tech-marines head sending bone and armour fragments like pieces of shrapnel flying into those he called his battle brothers. Grinning to yourself you draw your other pistol and begin placing well aimed shots into the Astartes of the 19th legion as you are oddly joined by Sergeant Phalx and his destroyer squad who incline their heads in greeting as they to sending rad and Phosphrex grenades deeper into the combat clearly uncaring of who they hit as long as they kill someone with Sergeant Phalx himself unlimbering his Thunderhammer from off of his back where he then slams it two handed into the chest of a squad sergeant knocking him to the ground and all by destroying the Astartes's chest. Looking up you can see that the other members of First Claw are diving with Veptus, Azrael and Xandrek all staying together like they usually do and you can either join your battle brothers of First Claw or remain with Tenth Claw and do what you are best at.

Varial: Unlike most of your battle brothers in First Claw you did not jump to deeply into the lines of the Raven Guard as you bring your under slung missile launcher to bear while still in mid-air and sending a krak missile spiraling deeper into the masses of the 19th Legion and when you land you can see the results of your shot as several legionaries are hurled into the air missing limbs. As soon as your feet touch the ground you are able to heft your missile launcher up onto your shoulder and sight a Raven Guard Dreadnought lumbering his way towards the battle line where Var landed infront of Fourth's own Dreadnoughts and you are easily able to send a shot smashing into the dreadnoughts shoulder sending him staggering off to one side where his frame then gets peppered with heavy bolter rounds before being finished of by two well aimed las-cannon shots from further back in Fourth companies battle line. You may wish to continue looking for heavy targets as your battle brothers of Fourth give you some cover as they run around and past you or you may strap your missile launcher to your back draw your sword and pistol and set off after your captain.

OOC: For all of your im leaving it pretty open to who you attack, how you attack them, if you kill them and how many. Just remember that you are fighting other Astartes and those of the Raven Guard so they will be as quick, smart, tough and as strong as you.

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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Finally the time had come. All the bickering and arguing, all the brotherly bloodshed and the paranoia. It was like a fine symphony reaching its crescendo as the planet they would be bleeding on came into view. His conversation with Veptus had long since ended and he'd procured a few grenades containing a gaseous form of the deadly serum; now he was back within the armoury finalizing his equipment for departure. He carried no grenades in the strictest sense. Rather a robust number of phosphex bombs and the destructive toxins Veptus gave him and a balance of kraken rounds for his primary bolt pistol and tox rounds for his secondary bolt pistol. The solid thump of the jump pack resting on his back brought back a flood of memories and grim smiles watching worlds twist and contort into liquefied messes and mortal souls screaming in agony until they eventually drowned on their own toxic blood and crumpling to the floor. He was Death, the destroyer of worlds.

Fast forward briefly planetside and the stench of dirt and rock seemed foreign for the moment. There was an old keep here that meant that long ago the soil drank in the blood of conquest and the poor souls used as fodder in that endeavor but for how long had the land sat and thirsted unable to hear the song of battle or drink the hot red brew? The number of Astartes here staggered the imagination and it seemed like a sea of metal in every direction. Serhiy had witnessed countless abominations and things that mortal men couldn't begin to dream of witnessing and even this, this calm before the storm, this colossal arena that would hold their battle stirred within him a sense of excitement that he'd not held for countless years if not centuries. The epic shift during the play in which the plot unfolded and they would all play their parts and blood would run plentifully this day.

The crack of battle, bolters and all manner of weaponry sung from seemingly every corner of the planet and ancient God's of War must have been awoken from their slumber at the cacophony unfolding. Angels fought against Angels now and his own rocket propelled wings carried him into the fray. The view from above the battlefield would be etched forever in his mind, a sight so wonderous that could never be forgotten. Twin bolt pistols vainly cracked forth rounds drowned out by the sea of weaponry although not missed on their targets who flopped to the ground limp and lifeless. More bolt rounds rang out watching black clad soldiers fall lifelessly. Countless pings and poks dotted his armor as stray rounds glanced off his only to find others and something entirely different occurred and he was besides the Destroyers of the 10th Company. He was never one truly welcomed in the First, tolerated and respected for his skill but not someone that a soul would normally welcome at their side. This presented a rare opportunity and Serhiy found himself marching among irradiated crows much like himself. His weapons would find more use with them and they all could revel in the goo of their opponents. With a near unconscious indication a vox link was established between himself and the 10th Claw.

"Sergeant Phalx! . . .A pleasure! . . .I would fight at your side. . . What is your mission!?"

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Pelegon stood quietly while Xandrek made japes at the expense of the IVth legion. He said nothing, but thought the Night Lords to be fools. The battle, one-sided as it was in their favour, could always turn against them - preparation was all. He had defensive positions to retreat to in the event of a turnaround, they did not. A small part of him wished that the Raven Guard would crush the VIIIth, purely so that he could see the looks in their eyes from the relative safety of a bunker. Pelegon wouldn't laugh, but a smile would not be out of the question.

The Olympian was a man not easily shocked, hardened as he was by a century and a half of the most grinding and brutal warzones from across the length and breadth of the galaxy, but the sight of six marine legions falling upon each other was enough to make him pause, just to take it all in. At that moment, perhaps more than he would at the Siege of Terra, Pelegon realised exactly how significant this war was. From it only one victor could emerge, and whoever it was, Warmaster or Emperor, would be king of a pile of ashes - such vicious fighting could leave nothing behind. Since the first living cells had developed from primordial ooze, they had had to compete, destroying each other to further their existence. Bloodshed had ever been the hallmark of conscious existence, spilling that fluid that was inimical to life, and the astartes were creatures created with no other purpose in mind. To watch thousands of them tearing each other apart, a seat of multi-hued ceramite, drove home that this might be the last, greatest war to have ever existed, and he was, however insignificant, a part of it. Far from feeling apprehension or surprise, Pelegon found his fingers curling into fists, and the urge to kill rising.

A century and a half of fighting, a century and a half of having his face shoved into the mud, a century and a half of holding dying brothers in his arms as the inevitable toll of attrition warfare was paid, a century and a half of rejection by the Imperium in whose names those wars were fought. These Raven Guard were a symptom of the cancer that proved that all he had fought in the name of was worthless, for even now they tried to evade their attacks and preserve their own lives - there was no sense of sacrifice, no sense of nobility. Even when their lives were forfeit they chose to try to extend what existence they had, rather than making their foe pay in blood for every inch they took. He would show them how a true warrior fought, that pain and the destruction of one's own body was not something to be avoided, but harnessed and turned against the foe.

When Xandrek smashed one of the black-armoured crows off his feet with his shield, Pelegon jumped up in the air, the roaring power of his jump-pack's thrusters hurling him ten feet up. The chainglaive was held aloft, and the Iron Warrior brought it down with all his momentum behind it. The Raven Guard died without a sound, his innards strewn over the thirsty red sand and Pelegon's greaves. The Iron Warrior withdrew the weapon, and pressed the barrel of his bolt pistol against the dead one's neck, and gave a swift double-tap that utterly destroyed his neck progenoids. Satisfied, the Olympian looked about, his well-practiced eye seeking out a new target. It found him first.

Over the din, Pelegon's ears, attuned to the din and clamour of battle, heard the movement behind him. He whirled and parried a swift knife stab that, in all likelihood, would have just glanced off his armour anyway. But it wasn't the attack, it was the method in which it was conducted that infuriated him. From behind, like a true coward, without even the strength to look Pelegon in the eyes when cutting him down.

By way of reply, the Iron Warrior headbutted the marine, whose markings gave him away to be a sergeant. He felt the crack under the impact, and when the Raven Guard staggered away, Pelegon saw the crack in his strange beak-shaped helmet. The Iron Warrior saw that he too had a jump pack, though it was of a newer pattern to accompany the weird helmet that he wore. Mark VI, a pattern of which the Olympian had heard but not yet seen. However, when the sergeant stumbled, Pelegon did not give him space to recover, instead thrusting forward with his chainglaive, driving it in the section of armour that had the most exposed power cabling, just over the abdomen. The sergeant was quick, however, and side-stepped the attack that would have seen him impaled, only to meet Pelegon's curled fist.

It was a solid blow, one that caught him right in the temple, and with Pelegon's considerable strength behind it the beaked helmet crumpled, as did the marine wearing it. Without a moment's hesitation the Iron Warrior stepped forward and brought an armoured boot down as hard as he could, the swift movement crushing the XIXth legionnaire's head and helmet into a bloody pulp. Pelegon drew his bolt pistol and placed it against what was left of the Raven Guard's neck and methodically destroyed his neck progenoids. The Olympian didn't have the time to destroy those in his chest, but this would do.

The artificer armour's HUD informed him of Xandrek's position, and Pelegon saw the captain heading for what was left of the Raven Guard's command squad, where their captain was trying to rally his men. The battle-rush was singing in Pelegon's veins, but he felt only icy calm. Their banner waved in the blood-soaked wind like an insult to the IVth legionnaire's senses, and he knew at once that it had to fall. The importance was only symbolic, but it would serve to his comrades in the VIIIth as sufficient reason for him to assist them with dispatching the command squad.

Pelegon leaped forward, the jump pack straining to keep the weighty set of artificer armour aloft, putting his chainglaive and pistol on their mag-locks, and took his meltagun in his right hand and a krak grenade in his left. His vision was now centred on his target, the banner, and upon catching up with Xandrek he decelerated, keeping pace with his commander. Decapitation of command had been his order, and now Pelegon would play his part in seeing it executed.

The banner-bearer saw Pelegon coming, and knew that the grim grey warrior, the only Iron warrior in a sea of black and blue, was making a beeline for him. He ceased attempting to rally his fellow marines and instead drew his boltgun, firing one-handed. But the crows were not practiced in fighting under these conditions, to having to react quickly and make impromptu decisions, and his shots were poorly placed, the few that found their mark impacting harmlessly off Pelegon's ceramite. The Olympian thought with satisfaction as he came close to his mark that he had been correct; the XIXth really were no match for them, being unable to cope with being at the receiving end of an ambush for once.

The legionnaire drew a power sword from its sheathe, hitting its activation rune as Pelegon drew near. He could see the faint crackle around the blade as currents began to surge through it, but he had no intention of being within its range. When less than a metre away from him, Pelegon pulled himself up, until he was two metres above him, holding in a hover position.

The jump-pack's thrusters were now close to overheating, and he could feel the shaking as they struggled to keep him aloft. Pelegon flicked the pin from the grenade in a single smooth motion with his thumb, and hurled it at the black-armoured banner bearer, who dived to the side to avoid the tank-breaching explosive. Exactly as he had predicted. Pelegon's melta-gun, with which the Iron Warrior had been drawing a bead, fired. He had known that the marine might dodge an initial shot, but he had no hope of evading if he was already in mid-dive.

The shot caught him right in the midriff, and in a blast of hot air that turned the sand beneath him to glass, the banner-bearer was gone, as was half of the banner. One of the nearby legionnaires, not of the command squad, saw what happened, and hurled himself at the banner, intent on catching it before it fell. Pelegon had also predicted this, and hurled himself at it, snatching it right out of the other marine's grasp. It felt good in his hands, a true trophy of war. After admiring the smooth black pole for a few more seconds, Pelegon brought it up and broke it over his knee.
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I slammed to the ground just behind and to the left of my cloaked captain, flicking my sword out to catch a nearby Raven Guard sergeant in the throat. The marine choked on blood and collapsed, dropping his bolter as he did so.

I watched Xandrek rise to his feet, slamming his monstrous shield into the chest of a Raven Guard marine and sending him flying back. The unfortunate marine was then torn apart as Pelegon landed on him.

Xandrek charged into the milling brothers of the Nineteenth Legion, hacking his way towards the remains of a Raven Guard command squad that included a champion with twin lightning claws. I grinned wolfishly at the sight of him and dived into the chaos, swiftly catching up to Xandrek and guarding his flank as he barrelled through the press. Xandrek smashed a Raven Guard assault marine in the chest with his shield and turned his head to look at me. Though his face was covered by his helmet I knew he would be grinning just as I was. We were similar in that way, we both relished the challenge of battle. The thrill that came with risking our lives in combat and coming out on top.

I slid my sword back into its sheath at my side and grasped the hilt of my Chainsword, bringing it out just in time to block a wild swing from a Raven Guard sergeant with his own Chainsword. I acted quickly, reversing the rotation of the chain of my weapon to knock him off balance before burying the whirring blade in his chest.

I ripped it free and brought it around in a lightning fast swing that sliced the head of another Raven Guard in two, the roaring blades sending blood, brain and skull fragments spraying.

But while the thrill of battle was still there and I still felt relish at the challenge offered to me by space marines, I could feel ad small part of me die every time I cut down a Raven Guard. They were fighting for an Emperor I had served for almost two hundred years, a cause I had once believed in. But now, they were my enemy. If I could, I would’ve stayed on the Maiden of Sorrow but Xandrek needed me and where he went, I went. I made that bargain long ago and I have no intention of ever breaking it. Maybe I was a fool. Maybe I should’ve turned on the Eighth Legion, fought and died with the Loyalists to the Emperor.

Isn’t that odd? While so many of my ‘brothers’ now call him the False-Emperor, or the Corpse-God, I still refer to him by the title the Imperium gave him. I wonder which of them would be the first to cut my head off and stick it on a pike if they knew I regret my actions that day and many of the long days afterwards.

If they were aware that I believed we were wrong in our rebellion, I know that I wouldn’t have lasted an hour before I was mobbed and ripped apart.

But even if I had turned on the Eighth Legion, I know that as soon as Xandrek reached me I would’ve turned my blade on myself rather than fight him. I still would.

Loyalty. It is a forgotten concept in what remains of the Eighth Legion unfortunately. Night Lords lie and cheat and betray left and right. Only four of us remain who are still truly loyal to Xandrek and I am resigned to the fact that my time in this torturous galaxy will soon come to an end. It is only a matter of time until I encounter someone better than me. They will have to be good, for I have been Xandrek’s champion for centuries now, so long that I’ve lost track. But I am tired of the struggle. Tired of the killing. I wonder if I will even bother to fight when the next one comes. I probably will; I owe Xandrek too much to do otherwise

But brooding will get me nowhere, you wish to know the tale of Isstvan.

I was side-by-side with Xandrek when we reached the command squad but what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. The champion I was faced with was not some nameless marine whom I had never fought beside, but none other than Nirantius Cornix, a man who had once been my friend.

I knew he recognised me when he froze for a moment before offering a nod. I nodded in return, sheathing my Chainsword and replacing it with my power sword. We were in a little clearing in the press, Xandrek and the Raven Guard captain off to our right hammering away at each other. Night Lords and Raven Guard were hammering at each other but not one stepped foot inside the invisible circle that surrounded us.

“So Azrael, you followed your captain into this betrayal.” It was not a question, merely a statement of fact made in Nirantius’ calm and low voice.

“I did Nirantius,” I said wearily. “Now he will expect me to kill you. I take no pleasure in this my friend. I owe you my life and this is how I will have to repay you. Please go. Please, just leave. There is enough blood on my hands already, without adding yours.”

“You know that I cannot betray my captain, just as you couldn’t betray yours.”

I laughed bitterly. “Looks like we’re both fools old friend. If you are to win this duel and kill me, do me one last favour. Make it quick.”

“I will my friend. I trust you will do the same for me.”

With that he leapt at me, lunging with his lightning claws at my chest. I stepped to the left to evade one of them and batted the other aside with my sword, smashing my boot into the leaping Raven Guard’s chest to send him flying back. I rushed forward, hoping to reach him before he got back up. But I was too slow and Nirantius was already upright and lunging for me.

I ducked under his claws just in time to meet his foot as he kicked out, catching me in the face and sending me sprawling.

It took a moment for my vision to clear and when it did so I cursed, rolling to one side just as Nirantius’ right lightning claw buried itself in the ground where my head had been. I lashed out with a foot to his groin, doubling him over and giving me time to stand. Then we flew at each other, meeting in a near deafening clash of blades. The claws made him a lethal opponent and their rarity in the Legions made him all the more dangerous, for I had little experience against someone using them as opposed to someone using a sword or axe.

He caught my sword blade between his two claws and I knew he would be smirking beneath his helmet. After all, he could snap it simply by twisting his wrists. To avoid such an ignominious end to my blade I let go of the hilt to let it drop to the ground, yanking my Chainsword from its place at my side and thumbing the activation rune.

The blade roared to life and I drove it forwards at Nirantius’ sternum. The teeth chewed into his plate and almost breached it before he leapt away, leaving my unbroken power sword on the ground in his haste to avoid before skewered.

I sheathed the old weapon and spun the Chainsword in my grip, switching it from hand to hand occasionally as I watched the Raven Guard champion. On the side Xandrek had finished beating the Raven Guard captain into submission and swung his sword with a great cry, severing the man’s head from his shoulders. I saw Nirantius tense, evidently about to leap at Xandrek. I swung my roaring Chainsword at him before he could, stopping it just before the teeth would’ve bitten into his helmet.

“Go Nirantius,” I whispered. “Go. Live to fight another day and maybe you will get a chance to avenge your captain. But know that if you try to strike down Xandrek now, I will kill you old friend. As much as it pains me.”

Blinded by grief and rage Nirantius threw himself at me. I ducked beneath his diving from before driving myself up into his midsection, launching him up and over my shoulders into the press. I saw him turn back to me momentarily before moving away from where I stood, hacking his way through every Night Lord in his way. I turned then, coming face to face with Xandrek, the displeasure of whom I could feel radiating from him

We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment - and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.

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As they careened forward, launching from their elevated position at the crest of the hill Tyberus looked down mid flight and took in all that he could. The roaring echoes of bolters, rockets, thudding auto cannons, every weapon imaginable as whole Legions collided into one another. Veritable seas of destruction were being wrought this day.

Tyberus looked out at the fray immediately beneath himself and the rest of First Claw, shots ringing out from his storm bolter, each round chipping away, the loud thudding volleys creating craters and gouges into the armor of the Raven Guard below. But they were not facing some rebelling Imperial planet, or quashing some minor Xenos incursion, no, they were fighting their Brothers, equipped with the same weaponry and armor as themselves. As he came in with great speed his feet slammed into a Raven Guard who had been busy returning bolter fire down range at his fellow Night Lords but had neglected to look up.

His storm bolter was mag locked before his feet touched the ground, the Raven Guard being slammed onto his back, Tyberus stood over the man, his laughter booming from his vox grille as he brought his power maul crashing down onto the downed Raven Guard's helm, crushing his head utterly and causing the pulped insides to splatter about like a squashed grape.

Spinning on his heel he brought his power maul down on another foe, this one's power unit crumpled utterly, the Astartes' armor robbed of its power the man slumped forward, trying to pull himself to his feet. Before Tyberus could bring his maul down for the death knell, Raskreia skewered the man through the back with the speared end of the company banner. He looked to his battle brother and nodded, seeing as the Raven Guard flocked towards him, seeking to take the banner down.

"I can see their banner Raskreia! We are in battle with the 34th!" Tyberus yelled over the cacaphony of savage war that swept around them, he drew his storm bolter again, taking his power maul in his right hand, holding it about midway up the weapons haft so as he could use it one handed. His storm bolter barked out as a Raven Guard with a jump pack swooped down at them, lighting claws brandished and crackling bright blue and white. The Raven Guard however had been spotted too far away for his talons to be of any use, Tyberus unloaded on the man, his wrecked and bloodied form crashing into the charred landscape just in front of them. The Raven Guard sought to pull himself up, bloodied and mangled as he was now. Tyberus summarily swung the maul down, a massive crater formed where the ceramite of his back plate utterly gave way, blood flowed freely from the gaping hole as Tyberus brought his weapon back to a readied position, scanning his surroundings for a new target.

He moved back closer towards the banner bearer, shouting that he could just barely see Captain Xandrek through the waves of bodies. "We should move towards the Captain!" As he spoke he reloaded his storm bolter and began firing again, seeking to clear a path for himself and the standard bearer to reach their Captain and engage the enemy, the banner of the 34th of the Raven Guard could be seen, whipping in the wind near where he had last glimpsed Xandrek, which meant the enemy's command squad was likely nearby and they needed to rally around their Captain at this critical juncture.
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Veptus pondered Serhiy’s question. It was entirely possible that his body would fail before their rebellion saw its conclusion, but a bolt round or well-timed blade to the gut might cause the Destroyer to outlive any of them, and as a man who had presided over life and death of his ‘brothers’ for his entire career Veptus knew this better than anyone. All Serhiy’s profession did was give him another possible cause he might die from. It was like Raskreia carrying the standard into battle, which instantly drew more attention than anything else, or Veptus being clad in white and midnight blue. They all carried their own risks. They were all choices each of them had made.

“Nothing…” Veptus began “…will be the same after this. Before, humanity was united, determined it and it alone was to be the sole ruler of the stars and that everyone would be of one mind and cause. Now…” Veptus shook his head and chuckled quietly as he heard the centrifuges cycling down. “…, now humanity will be forever wary, nervous that his brother will usurp him and take his throne. Neither Horus nor the Emperor will win this war. The only winner will be chaos…” Veptus spoke the name of the primordial annihilator frivolously, not comprehending its true meaning.

He turned his back to the Destroyer and collected the canister, now full of the gaseous toxin. He took several empty grenade shells from the racks. The Apothecarion was the manufacturer of most of Destroyers bio-weapons. Slowly he filled each grenade with the noxious fumes until none remained. He took the four grenades he had created, two in each hand, and turned back to Serhiy. “Of one thing I am certain…” He walked towards the Destroyer and handed over his new weapons. “…with so much paranoia, people will need to be kept in submission. We will always help to shape humanity’s path.”

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++

Veptus watched as the flare rose from Horus’ bastion. It illuminated the battlefield like an evil sun, malevolent and cruel. He already had his bolter drawn and his sights were searching through the press of Raven Guard heading towards them, heading to die. No shot had yet been fired. Muttered apologies were being made by those who knew members of the Raven Guard, knowing they would have to kill warriors whom they had fought besides. Veptus was not as fervent in his joy at this betrayal as he knew the likes of Jaekal were, but he did not mourn it either. Such things were in the nature of humanity, for one man to seek to have the powers others had and betray them to do so. In his more philosophical moments, Veptus surmised that this was why the other legions hated them so much. They showed them what monsters humans truly were.

The first shots were fired and the entire gunline roared in the most horrific cacophony. Veptus’ autosensed near muted the noise coming through his helmet, and even then it was almost too much for his ears to stand. The Raven Guard died in droves. Elsewhere Salamanders were being cut down by those they had called friend too, and no doubt wherever the Iron Hands were they were faring no better. Veptus lined up his sights on an Apothecary clad in the darkness of the XIX Legion, helping his wounded brother up the hill to die like the rest of Corax’s warriors. There was a universal truth being expressed here. Veptus knew this as he fired his weapon, blowing the brains of the medic out the back of his skull, causing him and his comrade to fall to the floor. Death came for all men, great and small.

In the grand scheme of things, Veptus’ kill was practically meaningless. In the space of a few hours, three whole legions would be decimated to nothing more than a few stragglers who desperately fled their massacre. But, at the same time, Veptus was aware of its importance. That Astarte had been several people’s friend and trusted brother. They had depended on him for support and he had likely saved their lives. Now he was dead, his brain being ground into the dirt as the killing continued unabated. With each shot, each blade swing, each life taken, other lives were torn apart and mangled by grief. Even the 4th Company Dreadnought, those men who had so displeased Xandrek that he saw fit to encase them in a unfeeling torment for eternity were afforded the privilege of destroying bonds that had endured centuries. All save one.

Already the rest of the First Claw were jumping into the fray, their jump packs roaring and their trophies of war clattering as they flew towards their foe, only to be drowned out by the din of gunfire. Veptus could have stayed back and continued to take out select targets, but he didn’t. Partly because he needed to be close enough to the First Claw when the press of combat lead them to, inevitably, take injuries. Mostly because he wanted to be in the heart of the killing frenzy. So, he mag-locked his sniper-rifle to his thigh and drew his two pistols, jumping after his brethren.

Veptus was still one of the most proficient marksmen in the 4th Company, even in the air. As he soared over the ranks of the Raven Guard, his plasma pistol and volkite serpenta spat death at his cousins below. His weapons were specially chosen. Both disintegrated flesh and destroyed matter, leaving nothing to recover. For an Apothecary, there was no greater mark of spite than to select weapons designed to deny his cousins a chance to recover from this blow. Whole sections of marines vanished and were consumed by organic fire.

As he landed, Veptus shot a Raven Guard Astarte through the gullet, his flesh being consumed by the energy of his volkite weapon. A Raven Guard sergeant came at him with a heavy chainsword swinging towards his head. His plasma-pistol vaporized his chest and the man fell to the floor. His plasma-pistol began to feel hot in his hands. His rapid firing from above had clearly strained the fragile circuitry of the weapon. Further use for this moment would be to invite a meltdown. Veptus holstered the pistol and drew his power sword.

Xandrek and Azrael were just ahead of him, ploughing into a command squad of the 34th Company. Pelegon kept pace surprisingly well. Raskreia seemed to have fallen behind. No matter, Veptus was sure the standard bearer would catch up. The more pressing concern was the spot of white scattered in a sea of black and blue. Veptus sprinted, cleaving lives as he went, not stopping to kill those he only maimed. Others would do that for him, and he had his orders. His doppelganger had to die.

The apothecary went bear-headed, Veptus assumed he had lost it earlier, but he could tell it was not the old Apothecary of the 34th Company. Veptus wondered how he had died, and how recently, but he doubted this marine would be inclined to tell him. There were no words to say as the Apothecary spotted Veptus, just a wordless cry of hatred and anguish. Veptus laughed psychopathically as the two figured in white ran at each other, their weapons raised.

Unfortunately, this particular Raven Guard apothecary was still bound by the foolish notions that even after being betrayed that Veptus would fight him with some honour. Not so. As they approached each other, Veptus fired his jump pack so that his knee collided with the Apothecary’s jaw at a bone-shattering velocity. This sent the man sprawling, only just being able to roll out of the way as Veptus stabbed the earth where his chest had been. The apothecary got to his knees before Veptus swung his power sword down, it’s crackling energy field stripping the teeth off of the Apothecary’s raised chainsword.

The Apothecary drew his bolt pistol and fired into Veptus’ mid-drift. At such close range, he could not avoid such shot. The best he could do was hop back and to the side, allowing the bolt rounds to only impact and ricochet off of his side. He felt the explosions of two of the shots, but they didn’t pierce the armour fortunately. Being winded and having to retreat gave the Raven Guard the time to rise to his feet, although his helmet was a crumpled mess which leaked blood in a slow drip. He came at Veptus, his half-blunted chainsword roaring.

But the swing was too high and too clumsy, the Apothecary either being blinded by rage, pain or both. Veptus weaved underneath the blow and stuck his sword into the Astarte’s chest, puncturing a lung and his primary heart. Not wasting time, he brought his serpent up to underneath the Apothecary’s chin and fired. The laser-pulse tore through the fibre-bundles and bit into the flesh beneath, consuming the skin of muscle. Veptus fired his jump-pack again, rocketing up briefly. He pushed the twitching body off of his sword, letting it fall to the earth beneath him. He killed his jump pack a moment later, falling to land on top of the Apothecary’s face down corpse as the man vials he carried smashed and bled into the soil. As he came up from landing, another Raven Guard with a bolter ran at him. His sword licked out and tore out his entrails. The Astarte doubled over before Veptus drove his sword into the man’s brain pan. Quickly he moved on, anxious to keep pace with Xandrek and keep the blood flowing…

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

My growing IIIrd legion stuff:

17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

Crusade Army List tactica - Individual Legion tactica

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Var watched the lone crimson glimmer of light as it rose high above the sea of Space Marines before him. Everything else seemed to fall silent as Var took the precious moment of relative calm to simply enjoy the beauty of that flickering light, high up in the sky. But then, that peace was shattered by a deafening cacophony of death as the roared orders to open fire echoed through the vox networks and the entirety of four Space Marine legions opened fire all at once.

The noise was indescribable, and as Var watched the loyalist Adeptus Astartes who were surging towards the newly arrived “re-enforcements” get slaughtered, he leant his head back and laughed, although the sick grating bark that came from his mouth was lost in the sheer roar of the battle all around him. A fine mist seemed to have settled on the Loyalist legions as their battle-brothers were reduced to nothing but flesh and clouds of blood.

Despite the death all around him, Var couldn’t help but marvel at the speed that the remaining loyalists adapted to this new threat and formed battle lines against their newly arrived brothers. With the order from Xandrek still echoing in his ear, Var’s jump-pack roared into life as he leapt into the air, his newly repaired “tail” already twitching with anticipation for the blood it would soon spill. Var knew that all around him other members of the Night Lords were also taking to the air to bring the fight to the Raven Guard before them.

Var hovered for a brief moment above the battle before plunging towards the ground. Disengaging his jump pack just before he hit the ground, Var slammed into the ground, his sheer weight throwing up clouds of black sand as he left a crater in the ground. Taking advantage of the clouds of sand all around him, Var quickly straightened up and, with a simple flick, drove his Power Axe’s blade into the side of the nearest Raven Guard’s helmet. Never knowing what hit him, the Raven Guard fell to the ground, the top half of his head, still encased within the helmet that had offered no protection against the glowing weapon in Var’s hands, slid away. Continuing with his swing, Var struck the chest of a Raven Guard that had burst through the rapidly disappearing loud of sand around the Techmarine. Satisfied by the crunch of contact and the thud of a body hitting the ground, Var took a moment to look around.

Even as a third Raven Guard raised his Plasma Gun to target Var, two Night Lord Raptors dropped from the sky and all but tore the loyalist Space Marine apart with their lightning claws before launching into the air once more, leaving nothing but a mangled mess in their wake. Yet even as Var watched on, the same two Raptors were blown from the sky by heavy-calibre shells fired from the ground. Quickly targeting the new threat, Var spotted the auto-cannon wielding Raven Guard responsible. Even as he watched, the Space Marine released another burst of focussed fire, and another Night Lord fell to the ground, his screams abruptly cut short when he crunched into the ground.

Setting off towards the auto-cannon wielder, Var broke into a run. Year of constant training and killing taking over his body, Var dropped his shoulder as he slammed into the back of a member of the Raven Guard, sending the Space Marine sprawling to the sand, where he subsequently silenced by a Bolter Shell through the head by an unknown Night Lord nearby. Not breaking his stride, Var sprinted through the ranks of the Raven Guard towards his desired target. Too late the Raven Guard spotted the rapidly approaching Var. Turning his weapon towards the Techmarine, attempting to bring his heavy weapon to bear, Var was quicker. With one swing of his Power Axe, Var sliced the autocannon’s barrel in half. Dropping his now-useless weapon, the Raven Guard had no time to react as Var slammed his head into the face of his opponent, the impact crumpling the helmet. Even as the Raven Guard bellowed words of bloody vengeance and treachery, Var’s servo-arms tore open the chest-plate of the Space Marine, exposing his heaving chest to the open air. With only a split-second hesitation, to savour the glorious moment, Var’s tail plunged downwards, easily tearing through the flesh and muscle , and even punching through the membrane within the Astartes to protect his vital organs, before puncturing the Space Marines heart. Not yet satisfied, Var pulled his tail back, crimson blood spurting from the fresh wound and covering Var’s face with bitter, hot ichor. Striking again, Var cut deep once more and sliced through the Raven Guard’s second heart, hidden as it was in his right side.

Finally silenced, Var let the corpse drop to the ground with disgust. Flesh was so weak, so vulnerable. Only the machine would prevail.

Even as Var thought that, he felt the sand beneath him shift and smiled. It seemed that those most “honoured” of the Night Lords would soon be joining the field of battle. When Dreadnoughts walked, men and alien died in their droves.

With the thirst for death coursing through him, Var laughed once more before charging the nearest Raven Guard, roaring a war-cry that only he could hear and swinging his Power Axe.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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Azrael: Xandrek stares at you with the helmet of the Raven Guard captain now attached to one of the rusted and blood stained chains at his waist for several moments before he levels his sword at you. "I will deal with you later Azrael, you will not be getting off lightly so hope that you can find your death on his field before you deal with me." With that Xandrek was off on the move again with Veptus at his side as he activates his jump pack and goes deeper into the melee slamming in amidst a group of Raven Guard marines trying to bring their auto-cannons to bare where his and Veptus's blades flick out taking off arms at the elbows, opening up throats and severing legs at the knee. How do you react to Xandrek's words and what kind of punishment do you think you will face? Will you be joining those 'brothers' with crimson gauntlets? Will you be replaced after Xandrek has flayed you alive and fired you from an air lock or knowing Xandrek has he got another punishment in mind? You then decide to set off after Xandrek as it is likely he will be in the deepest and heaviest fighting of all of Fourth Company and there is a good chance that you can keep him alive and perhaps find your death before he has a chance to punish you. (You may kill up to another four Raven Guard in your post, so feel free to describe it how you want.)

Veptus: After igniting your jump pack you land next to Xandrek and catch the entire of his short one sided conversation with Azrael (See Azrael's update above.) before the Xandrek jerks his head at you for you to follow as he guns his jump pack once again sending him hurtling into the sky once more where as you join him you catch another glimpse of the larger battle and see that while the Raven Guard, Salamanders and Iron Hands are being slaughtered they are trying to take down as many of their traitorous brothers as they can while fighting a fighting retreat back to their own transports, you also managed to catch a glimpse in the distance of a amethyst armoured white haired Demi-God battling his onyx armoured 'Brother' before you land next to Xandrek and seven members of the 'Night Raptors', Sergeant Xheng's assault squad where you can see Xheng himself slam his lightning claws into the gorget of this squads sergeant. You have landed admits a squad of Raven Guard heavy weapon specialists who are all wielding Auto and Las-Cannons which they are hastily trying to bring to bare on you, Xandrek and the others but before they can between you and Xandrek you manage to bring down a total of eight of them by aiming for arms, throats and knee's. (Describe how you bring down four of the Raven Guard, killing or maiming is your choice.)

Var: The marine you charge towards dies before you even have the chance to get within range as he is literally cut in half by a scream of heavy caliber shells as the shaking of the ground under your feet increases and you recognize the shells as 'Kheres' pattern assault cannon shells as Brother Shen charges past you and deeper into the melee with his oversized power-fist sending raven guard flying into the air or pulping them to a red smear. You half turn to see the other nine members of Fourth Companies 'Honored' brethren come stomping towards the battle, all sealed within the 'Contemptor' pattern dreadnought bodies they all sport a manner of different ranged weaponry though all have their right 'arms' replaced either with a massive lightning claw, fist or siege-hammer that they are using to great affect against any marine that comes too close. One of them approaching stops next to you and looks down at you as they tower easily twice the height of a marine: "Tech-Marine Var, an honour to fight beside you once more." if you could you probably would of smiled as you see the name: Brother-Sergeant Eck'Lius on the front of his coffin, one of only thee night lords of fourth not to have red painted gauntlets. (Decide how you are going to reply then you may go and kill up to four Raven Guard how you wish.)

Tyberus: You manage to fight your way closer to where you last saw the Captain and are in time to see him decapitate the Captain of the 34th with a backhand swing before having a short conversation with Azrael before setting off with Veptus deeper into the melee where the two of them crash into a group of auto-cannon wielding Raven Guard where they set about a bloody slaughter as the legionaries struggle to bring their heavy weapons to bare in such close quarters before you then lose sight of the Captain and Corpse-Master again as though you can see the rise and fall of Xandrek's blade above the press of bodies. As you fight your way towards them Raskreia is following you and you and then shortly joined by brother Shen, the latest of Fourth Companies Dreadnoughts slams into a knot of Raven Guard infront of you with his massively oversized powerful pulping 19th legionaries and sending their corpses flying into the air as his Kheres assault cannon chews up black armoured bodies and the ground alike. (You can kill up to another four Raven Guard how you wish as you make your way to Xandrek.)

Pelegon: The Raven Guard who watched you break the banner lunged slamming into your midriff and sending you both crashing down into the mud where the both of you roll about for a few moments using what ever you have in your hands to strike at each other, for the Raven Guard it is the stock of his bolter as his chainsword is sheathed at his waist and for you it is the broken shaft of the banner now with a sharpened edge perfect for the weak points in the armour of an Astartes. Dispatching the legionary you are hauled to your feet by Chief-Librarian Sevestus who nods his head in greeting to you before thrusting the point of his staff out towards a tech-marine of the 19th legion sending a bolt of psychic lightning slamming into his chest with enough force that the Tech-Marine simply explodes into goblets of flesh, bone and metal. Turning back to Xandrek, Veptus and Azrael you are just in time to see Xandrek dispatch Raven Guard Captain by decapitating him and then founding on Azrael who managed to throw what appears to be a still living Raven Guard Company Champion at your feet and is now dealing with the ire of his captain. The Champion then surges to his feet and impales Sevestus on his lightning claws before turning his attention to you as the Chief Librarian slides down to his knee's and collapses.

Raskreia: OOC: You still need to post for the previous update Seraph.

Serhiy: "Burn....Them." Was the only reply you get back from Sergeant Phalx who had been a destroyer so long, having joined them when he was first recruited back on Terra that most of his organs had been replaced with bionic ones and his vocal cords and vox unit so ruined that he spoke even more haltingly than yourself and those he led. At his order he motions to his squad who throw grenades deeper into the melee before un-slinging flamers and hand-flamers before depressing triggers and sending toxic green flames into a mass of oncoming Raven Guard which reduces their armour to a half liquefied mess while leaving the still dying warriors inside their armour screaming in agony. Phalx then nods for you to join the Destroyers of 10th Claw adding yourself to their group display before activating his jump pack and setting off deeper into the battle with his destroyers at his side. (You may kill up to 4 Raven Guard in your post, so be as descriptive as you like.)

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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The Raven Guard legionary slammed into Pelegon with the force of a freight train, the ground meeting the Olympian's back with an equal impact. He kept his grip on the two halves of the flagpole, jabbing them into the other marine's side. Unfortunately, his stabs were not calculated, and scraped harmlessly of the black-armoured legionnaire's flanks. Meanwhile, he was slamming the butt of his bolter into Pelegon's helmet. The armour was comfortably absorbing it, and the marine, whether in fury or stupidity, was hitting the Olympian's forehead rather than his faceplate. He had forgotten to try to pin Pelegon's arms to the ground using his knees, leaving them free to move; a mistake that the Iron Warrior would not have made. He reached up with both hands and wrapped them around the Raven Guard's helmet, establishing as firm a grip as he could; his left around the beak, and his right behind the head.

The neck of an astartes, made of bones harder than ceramite and muscle stronger than steel cable, was not the easiest thing to break - but in this regard, the Iron Warrior was assisted by his own excessive strength and the strange shape of the Mk. VI's beak. It served as a good handle, and the Iron Warrior gave a well-practiced 120-degree twist and pull, dislocating his opponent's neck in a single smooth motion. The marine went limp and collapsed, to the last unaware of the mistake he had made in his rushed attack, and the Iron Warrior put both hands under his shoulders and shoved him off; as he did this, a hand grabbed him by his armoured gorget and hauled him to his feet. A moment later Pelegon found himself eye-to-eye with their librarian, Sevestus, who greeted him with a nod before obliterating a Raven Guard techmarine, who collapsed into a pile of molten slag.

Pelegon bore him no ill-will for their altercation earlier, and was wary of the librarian for the power he had just exhibited - the psychic energy caused Pelegon's teeth to ache, and his mouth filled with the taste of iron as the blood began to pump in excess round his tongue and gums. At this, he remembered the squad he was now a member of, and checked his HUD; Xandrek had briefly had an accelerated heart rate, but now it was dropping...the blood pressure, however, was not. Their Captain was not exerted, but he was angry - and at that moment, Pelegon realised why, seeing their champion, Azrael, staring at the retreating back of a Raven Guard whose claws and honourifics marked him as a champion - or at least the champion was retreating from Azrael. He was advancing toward Pelegon and Sevestus.

With chainglaive in hand, the Iron Warrior lunged forward at the Raven Guard, attempting an impaling stab with the chainglaive, coming up from below. Sevestus synchronised his attack with his staff, swinging it down from above, but the champion evaded the librarian's blow while catching the shaft of Pelegon's glaive between his claws. The Iron Warrior realised that the weapon was lost, and released his grip barely a second before it was sliced apart - unsure what to do, he stepped back. Unfortunately, during this lull, the champion, recognising the librarian for the threat he was, stepped forward and ran both claws into Sevetus' chest. The librarian collapsed bonelessly, and the flatline on Pelegon's HUD indicated that both hearts had been impaled - the Iron Warrior realised the mistake that he had made by relenting his attack, and hurled himself forward at the champion, who again sidestepped the attack, moving like a liquid. Pelegon landed on his chest, but ducked his head between his shoulders and rolled, coming up on his feet beside Sevetus' body, kicking up a deal of sand in the process. Now he was disarmed and facing a much more dangerous opponent. He needed to buy time.

"At last, a son of Corax who has the strength and courage to attack from the front" Pelegon grated, his voice a guttural, barely human rumble. He was doing his best to suppress his anger, and it was working, but at some toll to his ability to concentrate. The loss of the chainglaive irritated him; to go for so aggressive an attack without knowing his opponent's strength had been foolish.

"Our standard bearer was brother Laridus. He fought by my captain's side bravely for more than a hundred years, and did not deserve the death that you gave him" the champion responded, his tone flat and emotionless. If he was trying to use guilt, it wasn't working.

"Your standard bearer died trying to save his hide from my meltagun" Pelegon sneered, and kicked the head of Sevestus' fallen stave. The weapon flipped up, and the Iron Warrior caught it in his right hand, snatching it out of the air. He had no ability to use it as a psy-focus, but it had a power field around its head and haft, which would mean that at least it would stand up to the champion's claws better than the chainglaive had.

The two began to circle each other, the Iron Warrior cocking his head to the side as he analysed the Raven Guard's stance, and the way his claws were absolutely stock-still. He wouldn't have time to draw his meltagun and fire - which removed the easy way out as an option. He would use the staff to block incoming attacks until he had gap-closed, then try to get the champion in a grapple. That, he knew, he had a decent chance of winning. All sons of Olympia knew how to wrestle, and he was willing to bet that the sons of Deliverance did not indulge in such an activity. Perhaps they chalked it up to being too brutish for their tastes.

"Why does an Olympian fight among a company of thieves and backstabbers?" the champion asked, and dived forward, his claws crackling. Pelegon stepped to the side, swinging the stave, and missed. The two returned to their circling, and the Iron Warrior could feel the champion's eyes burning into his even through his helmet's visor.

"Backstabbers? A rich accusation, coming from you. I fight because I was ordered to the ranks of the VIIIth. What is your name, crow? I want another term for you beside the shit I'll be scraping off my armour later"

"Nirantius" the black-armoured marine responded, his voice low and cool, not rising to the bait "we fight with more honour than you ever could. I have the courage to look my foe in the eye as I end him. I feel their breath on my face, their blood on my hands. I do not cower in a trench and order bombardments from afar. Never hold yourself above me, Iron Warrior"

"Then tell me this..." Pelegon responded. He had a plan now, a formula for an attack. It would either work, or see him dead. In any case, now he would crush the life out of the pathetic crow. The field on which they fought was strewn with boulders, and just such a one would serve to give him the edge that he needed. "How do you look your foe in the eye while plunging a blade into his back?"

With those words, the Iron Warrior advanced, holding the staff high. When within distance, he swung it down, and Nirantius, as expected, raised one claw to deflect it, while lunging at Pelegon's abdomen with the other. Contrary to what the Raven Guard would have expected, the Iron Warrior stepped forward right into the attack, thrusting his hip to the side so that the claw would skitter off the armour there. While doing so, he swept out his other leg, right under the other marine's feet, with the intention of knocking him down. Nirantius staggered, but managed to keep his balance, but that crucial half-second of defenselessness was all that Pelegon needed. Dropping the staff, the Iron Warrior grabbed the marine and grabbed him in a bear hug, pinning his elbows to his side. Nirantius struggled, but Pelegon tensed his muscles with all his strength, his hands meeting behind the small of Nirantius' back and locking themselves in.

Pelegon picked up the Raven Guard, who now kicked and struggled with all his might, but failed to dislodge him. He could feel the servos in his armour straining to keep up with his own muscles, but the readings from his armour did not reach worrying levels. Nirantius engaged his jump-pack, trying to fly away, but built as it was for the lighter Mk VI, it had no chance of lifting both himself and the monstrously-armoured Iron Warrior. Pelegon felt the weight get lifted from his heels with each thrust, but managed to push forward regardless, walking toward the nearest boulder that he judged to be of adequate size. It was only a few metres distant, and though he could not see where he was going, with Nirantius' midriff blocking his vision, his armour's siege-auspex told him when he had reached it, and pushed Nirantius' back into the rock.

"Now, Nirantius" Pelegon grunted, and gave a little wriggle with his shoulders "I'm not holding myself above you. It's the other way round"

With that, Pelegon stepped back, and then drove himself forward, slamming Nirantius into the rock as hard as he could, making sure to swing him what little he could to get as much momentum as possible behind the motion. He felt the thudding impact through the Raven Guard's body and armour, but without a moment's hesitation stepped back and forward, smashing Nirantius against the rock again. The Raven Guard realised what was going on, and his efforts to free himself redoubled, but to no avail. He simply could not free himself from the grip of the much stronger Pelegon, who had him exactly where he wanted. The Iron Warrior beat Nirantius against the wall over and over again, and felt as the other marine's armour began to crack under the impact. The jump pack loosened, then eventually came off altogether, falling into the dirt with a thud - Pelegon kicked it away and kept going, neither slowing nor relenting.

Silent and intractable, like a titan of ancient Terran legend pounding a city into the dust, Pelegon broke Nirantius apart. Warm liquid began to run over his arms, and the Raven Guard's struggling weakened, and Pelegon became aware that the formerly intact midriff armour was now covered in a web of cracks. After what felt like only a handful of seconds, but had been, in fact, nearing on three minutes, Pelegon judged that that was enough, and then continued, counting another twenty impacts. By this point, Nirantius was decidedly deformable and soft in his grip, a bleeding bag of broken bones and ceramite shards loosely held together by the tattered remains of his black carapace. Pelegon dropped him, and the Raven Guard slid down the rock, no longer able to move. His breath was a blood-moistened rattle that caught in the shattered remains of his throat. His helmet had survived the worst of the damage, and the Iron Warrior wrenched it off, looking Nirantius in the eye. His face was a mess of bruises, his nose broken and one eye so badly swollen he could no longer see out of it. Pelegon leaned forward, towering over the sitting marine and backhanded him across the jaw; with a pop his mandible came loose. The Iron Warrior changed his pose, grabbing a handhold in the pitted surface of the boulder in his right hand, and Nirantius in the left, and began to climb.

The boulder was some fifteen feet high, flatter on top, and the Iron Warrior dragged his way up with little difficulty, in spite of the weight of the near-dead marine and his own huge jump-pack. Nirantius was a limbless heap, leaving a long blood streak on the rock behind him where he hit hit. When the Iron Warrior reached the top, he surveyed the hectic battle - he would be a prime target up here, but it was no matter. Nirantius would serve as an example to all. He pulled one of the melta-bombs from his belt, along with a mag-lock from one of the spares he kept there, and fit one to the other, and then primed the deadly explosive.

"Get up" he snarled, and with one arm hauled Nirantius to his feet, holding him up by the collar. He leaned forward, the brutally sloping helmet touching the champion's shattered nose, and breathed out like a bull, the condensation visible in the air.

"I will look you in the eye, Nirantius" Pelegon continued, and with his left hand he clamped the melta-bomb onto Nirantius' midriff. By this point, the Iron Warrior was completely holding him up "I'm giving you a death standing on your feet. Consider it an honour, as you seem unable to do it yourself. Is this cowering in a trench, Nirantius? We are the IVth. We are strength, we are will made manifest. We are Iron!"

The champion opened his broken mouth, trying to reply, but before he could so much as begin to vocalise his thoughts, Pelegon shoved him back as hard as he could. The other marine began to collapse, and Pelegon kicked as hard as he could, planting his foot in Nirantius' midriff. The Raven Guard flew back, and made it four feet away from the boulder before the meltabomb exploded, obliterating him in a superheated blast. Of Nirantius, there remained only a broken jump-pack and a lot of dried blood. Pelegon felt his fingers curling into fists as he realised that he needed something more to kill, and drawing his meltagun, hurled himself back into the fray, intending to reconvene with Xandrek and the rest of the First.

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