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Default Darkness, a Traditional RP (Recruitment/OOC)


It is the year 1243 in the world of Kolnur. It is a dark time in the world’s history – the Great Alliance of old has fallen into ruin, and Kolnur is feeling its effects. Having lived for 200 years with the Alliance, most of Kolnur’s inhabitants had grown used to the safety it brought, but now this peace is gone. The Lich Deknar’Thuul has raised an army of the undead which is drooling at the thought of toppling the civilised world, as the nations of Kolnur stab each others’ backs and quarrel like children, oblivious to the Shadow which is bearing down upon them. Far to the west, in the nation of Megant, a group is convening to find the whereabouts of the Gemstone Cavern, a legend of Kolnur. The Cavern is reputed to contain that which the entrant most desires – be it eternal youth, riches or even a dead loved one. These people have come from far and wide, in a time of extreme turmoil, and are about to embark on the most influential quest in the history of Kolnur.

Welcome to the Darkness Traditional RP. This is the counterpart of Romero’s Own’s Darkness Conquest RP. In a way, he is co-GM, but I’m running the show. The actions made by the party in this RP can and will affect the actions of the nations in the Conquest RP, and vice versa – for example, the party may need to take detours around warzones, or may end up captured by nations who want the Cavern as well to overpower their foes.
Should you join, you will assume the mantle of such an adventurer, searching for the Gemstone Cavern. Your individual skills will be needed on such a long and dangerous quest, but will not be without its rewards. This is the signup sheet:

Signup Sheet:

Character’s Name: What’s the name? Duh.

Race: Be it Man, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin, Gnome or Ogre, your character will belong to a race. Half-races are allowed.

Home Nation: Which of the PC or NPC nations does your character hail from? For the most part, this will dictate the guidelines of your character, though for many nations it will be possible to have a mould-breaking character. Don’t forget to use logic though, and be careful about rank in relation to the chosen nation. If you want to be high-ranking, ask the nation’s owner first. Otherwise I will have to incinerate you.

Age: Optional, and obvious.

Description: Optional, but recommended. What does your character look like? What does he wear? What’s he like?

Loadout: What weapons and armour does your character carry/wear? What is his combat preference?

Background: Basic background stuff, don’t make it 3 lines or 3 pages. You know the drill.

Perks: Choose 18 perks for your character. They don’t have much of an effect but to show what they can do. You will be able to gain new ones as you go. If you select any Negative Traits (limit 2), instead of costing a Perk Point, it will give you a free one (so if you take 2, you can effectively take 20 perks).


1- Good quality posts. I don’t expect any bestseller writers here, but at least keep it entertaining, and don’t take too much from others’ posts. I will try and get variation to go with the RP so you’re not having a lack of content.
2- Readability. As the forum rules say, try and keep it so that it can be readable, no crazy fonts, sizes or colours, etc. I really don’t want single-paragraph posts, or a complete lack of punctuation.
3- Decent length posts. I would like enough so that your character’s taking part, but not so much that it dominates the thread. Post as many times as you like per update, though.
4- No Godmodding. Your character is probably not a god. So he’s not going to suddenly sprout wings and burn an offending nation to ashes. You get the gist.
5- Post enough. Once per update is required. If you’re away for a time, let me know by PM or by the thread. Most updates will be weekly, but when exams come up, it will drop to fortnightly. 3 missed posts, and your character comes to a sticky end. Period.
6- Character death will happen. Feels will happen. I’m fine with a little bit of infighting, but it’s hard to moderate inter-character fights well. You can’t kill other players unless I give permission. If permission is granted, it’s because you’ve been fighting and there’s a clear winner. Rage for a bit, then come to your senses. Unless you’ve really peed me off, you’ll probably be allowed a new character after a while. Towards the end, people will die and new characters won’t happen.

On Kolnur, there are a variety of nations in war and peace. All NPC nations are open to choose to come from, along with some PC nations. To be a noble or higher, ask the nation’s owner (me or Romero for NPCs, the others are listed here). If a nation’s not here, its owner doesn’t want you coming from it. These nations are:

Megant: Ifur(1), Haik(2), Jurma(3), Asonora(4), Soroni(5), Duripor(6); NPC
Humans only
Megant is a rich and powerful nation that has yet to be affected by the Darkness and so often dismiss the stories of the Shadow as exaggerated tales from attention-seeking soldiers.

Dagren: Port Blacksand(7), Captain's Cove (8), Dothrak (8), Uriato (9); NPC
Humans only
Once a powerful pirate nation that ruled the Narrow Straits with an iron fist and a wooden leg, this nation was brought low by the order and law that the Grand Alliance enforced. But with the Alliance gone, the pirates once more turn their eyes to the horizon.

Likome: Wesort (13), Ethori (14), Ioris (20); NPC
Gnomes only
The Likome are a nation that has not felt the Shadow's touch but sympathies with those that have. They supported the Grand Alliance till its final moments and yearn for the Alliance to be reborn.

Darkorin: Lorak(15), Fontir(16), Sizam (19); NPC
Dwarves only
A proud nation that is reluctant to trust others, Darkorin is most commonly found within its mighty cities, waiting and watching.

Skibul: Airia(17), Soriun (21); NPC
Elves only
A nation divided, with its lands split in half by Salthiusar many journey to and from the great city on a regular basis with some even choosing to stay forever.

Indiga: Dasos(22), Noligti(23), Pictio(24); NPC
Goblins only
The one link between the two landmasses of Kolnur is a mysterious land of marshes and forest inhabited by an even more mysterious people.

Puplori: Ugin(25), Orak(26), Jugor(33); NPC
Orcs only
The Puplori are a nation of warring, highly aggressive tribes that roam the wastelands hunting for a fight. The only time the tribes will join together is when they are attacked by an outside force.

Robualy: Horamio(35), Dospratia(40), Idlori(48); NPC
Humans and Dwarves
Ruobaly is a proud nation that has seen its fair share of the Shadow and spilt blood fighting against it. Well versed in war, these people know that, in the face of Darkness, allies are the only hope for Kolnur.

Gayur: Holai (39); NPC
Humans only
A nation that was born of a hundred, their people fled from the approaching Darkness. It lacks a strong leader and its people are still refugees.

Salthiusar: Salthiusar (18); Septok
Elves only
It is a small nation of magical scholars, who live in a city of living crystal: Salthiuar. Those who stay there longer than a month lose fertility but gain age immortality, giving them eternity to learn and research, preserved in age as when they are taken. They are magically-focused and very much a nation of bookworms. Its only way to gain people is the migration of scholars, so only those who want to be there live there. However, upon taking the Salth’s Curse, many choose to abandon their birth nation as their home, and take Salthiusar as their home.

Anicea: Aramore (66), Valbeach (68), Aldhaven (67); Yru0
Gnomes and Dwarves
The Anicean Empire was once the dominant power in all of Kolnur before the Alliance ended their hegemony. To this day, Aniceans like to think of themselves as a leader of Kolnur, influencing the entirety of the land. Although much of the power of the Empire had disappeared beyond the island nation itself with the rise of the Alliance, the Iron Navy remains a proud symbol of Anicea's might and is beginning to play an active role in the fight against the shadow. The Aniceans themselves are a proud people, and their warriors are some of the best trained in all of Kolnur, they firmly believe in duty and honour; an oath of an Anicean soldier is something which can be taken with trust, even by their enemies.

The Empire: (37, 39,) 41, 42, 65; Marshal Ragnar (Note: 37 and 39 are acquired after the start of the RP)
Humans and Ogres
The Empire is a very militaristic nation that utilizes mainly heavy infantry but incorporates light cavalry, archers, light infantry, and artillery. In order for a male to gain citizenship he must serve at least 1 tour in the military which is 8 years. The Empire places a very high standard on loyalty and honour and has laws that reflect this to the extreme, and the worse offense that could be committed in the Empire or to an Imperial citizen is to insult a female citizen.

Kerin-Curan: Kazel (12), Kezak (11); Malochai
Dwarves and Humans
The nation of Kerin-Curan is set upon an island, with only two major cities after which the two main provinces are named - Kazel and Kezak. The dwarves are native to the island, having ruled there for time beyond memory, whilst humans - despite being more prominent - have only resided there for the last three millennia. They were granted sanctuary by the king at the time when they fled from their home of Queestra after being attacked by determined, vicious enemies. Now, they live in harmony under the rule of King Gandogar Killison, widely acknowledged as the finest king to have ever ruled the country. His heir, Farin, is hot-headed and known for his quick temper. The population of Kerin-Curan are bound by their honour and loyalty. Of all of their creations, the city of Kazel and their Navy, called the Iron Fleet or Royal Navy depending upon whom you ask, are their pride and joy.

Terra/The Order: 44, 43; brendxb
Ogres and humans
The new nation of The Order was formed after a recent rebellion during the Second rising of the Shadow. During the revolution, Order (or Terra at the time) shut its borders and became embroiled in a civil war which spawned many famous stories from both sides.

The Order's revolution took place mainly due to its armies continually being sent to the slaughter for mere political gain; and the massive gap between Ogres and Humans pushed many to fight for equal rights. Now, while the Order is still militaristic, there is more focus on self-preservation, equality and a more balanced co-operation between nations.

The population are considered to be in a state of new found patriotism from the success of their revolution, they are considered heavily industrial and eager to take advantage of new technologies and methods available. In fights, the soldiers have flipped from what they once were. During the Terran reign discipline and honour was forced upon them, now, survival takes precedent. Dirty fighting, and under-hand tricks are encouraged and even taught in military academies; in many cases these 'tricks' have given the soldiers an edge. While there was concern that this could backfire, it has been an overall success, however only because that while the men lack honour there is more loyalty than ever before.

(Note: At the start of the RP, The Order is still officially Terra. Feel free to make a character from either side, which stating Terra or The Order will signify.)

Esterwynne: Kel Darvonhra (49), Kel Delvolwen(55), Kel Morlvyn(56); Santaire
Humans and Elves
One of the original founding members of the Great Alliance, Esterwynne is one of the oldest realms still in existence; indeed it is older even than Anicea. If there was a single country on which the Great Alliance was built, then that country was Esterwynne. Though much of her glory now lies in ruins, lies in the great cities swept away by the Shadow before it was halted at the Battle of the Passes. But though she is now a shadow of the shadow of her greatness, Esterwynne can still boast some of the most well trained, well equipped troops in the known world and her mages are bettered only by the Salth in terms of knowledge, though in terms of sheer destructive power the Esterwynnians are the greater. Esterwynne has fought the Shadow for so long, they no longer fear it. Indeed they view it as a release and in this once great realm peace has become a by-word for death. Esterwynne is led by Moiraire Akh'faern and Matrim Danurcaw, the Mage and the General as they have been mockingly named in the past but the titles are truly deserved. If the oath of an Anicean is something to be trusted, that of an Esterwynnian is something to place your life, the lives of your family and the continued existence of your entire realm in for they care not for the quarrels of kingdoms anymore. To them, every man, elf, ogre, goblin, gnome or dwarf that kills another is a fool for every one dead is one less to fight the Shadow. This has left the people bitter for they know that it is almost a certainty that as soon as the Shadow is defeated, the wolves will turn on them.

Kogan-Sul:Kogan-Sur (27), Kogan-Sul (28), Mount Kogan (29); Therizza
Humans and Dwarves
The nation of Kogan-Sul is one of proud horsemen and skilled dwarves. Known for their bravery in battle and loyalty to their cause, the Kogani go into battle with some of the best weaponry and tactics in Kolnur. While sometimes judged by their rough exterior, the Kogani have taken to diplomacy following the rise of the Shadow, understanding that there may be more to unrelenting conquest in life.

The Wilderness: No Provinces; NPC
All Races
Kolnur is a large place, and there are some people who don’t live in the community of any of its nations. Shamanic clans in the mountains, bandit warbands on nation borders and pirates scouring the sea are all fairly common sights, and some of those peoples enjoy adventure as much as any other, happy to split from their culture. Although civility varies by clan, there is no standard for those without a home nation. (Note: I will need a description of the clan or whatever your character comes from if they began life in the Wilderness – there’s no nation standard to compare against otherwise.)

Racial Bonuses:
Based on race, you may have more or less propensity for certain tasks. You may choose a free perk from a certain category based on your race.

Man: Mental or Technology.
Elf: Mental or Regular Magic.
Dwarf: Combat or Technology.
Gnome: Technology or Shooting.
Orc: Combat or Regular Magic.
Ogre: Physical or Combat.
Goblin: Shooting or Dark Magic.

If not stated here, a crossbreed can choose either the trait they have in common or Crossover.
Man/Orc: Mental or Physical
Man/Ogre: Not viable
Man/Goblin: Regular Magic or Crossover
Elf/Dwarf: Not viable
Elf/Gnome: Regular Magic or Shooting
Elf/Orc: Not viable
Elf/Ogre: Not viable
Elf/Goblin: Regular or Dark Magic
Dwarf/Goblin: Shooting or Crossover
Gnome/Orc: Not viable
Gnome/Ogre: Not viable
Orc/Goblin: Not viable
Ogre/Goblin: Not viable


They don’t mean anything (much) because there aren’t any numerical systems in this game, but they outline your abilities, and dictate whether you can do special things well.

Mental Traits: 8

Physical Traits: 5

Combat Traits: 8

Shooting Traits: 7

Technology Traits: 7

Magic Traits: 20
You may only take Dark or Light magic traits, not both. Unmarked traits may be taken normally.

Crossovers: 3

Negative Traits: 6 (MAXIMUM 2)

Unique Traits: 7 (May only choose 1)

Not Available At Start: 15 (You CANNOT select any of these at the start, but can be learned during the RP. This list will become longer before they become available.)

Now we have discussed perks, rules and who knows what else, what are you waiting for? Get writing a signup, and join Kolnur’s greatest adventure (so far)!

Map as of 1243. The RP begins in Spring, 1243.

Accepted Characters:
-Grick'grack Nsokub; Goblin/Elf; Indiga; Inquity; NPC
-Marcus Flavius Octavian; Human; The Empire; Marshall Ragnar
-Glaïmbar Bokkadsson, The Steel-Arm; Dwarf; Kerin-Curan; Malochai
-Subetai Barkak; Human; Kogan-Sul; Therizza
-Barog-Shal; Orc; The Wilderness; Burning Star
-Kai Evansur; Human; The Wilderness; Roy-o-Roma; NPC
-Urien en' Mavar; Human; Esterwynne; Santaire
-Nitan Swiftstroke; Gnome/Elf; Anicea; Yru0


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You can add Esterwynne there mate

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Originally Posted by Santaire View Post
You can add Esterwynne there mate
I'd need you to write a nation bio to add it.
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Fair enough

I'll start it now

We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment - and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.
— Flemeth

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
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Originally Posted by Santaire View Post
Fair enough

I'll start it now
Great, thanks.
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I so want to join this but know I can't.....


The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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Character’s Name: Grick'grack Nsokub

Race: Half-Goblin/Half-Elf

Home Nation: Indiga

Age: 217ish seasons

Description: Grick appears at first glance as the ideological paragon goblin. His body stands straighter and taller and his features are smoother. His elven ancestry, although not readily apparent, will be noticed by the scrutinizing observer; the corded muscles, graceful steps, and perfect proportions of his body. These do little to dismiss his obvious goblin heritage, however. The deep red of his eyes, greenish-brown skin and hair, and wickedly clawed hands and feet are the most obvious giveaways, as well as a cruel snarl exposing sharp serrated teeth that could only be his attempt at a smile.

Loadout: 2 serrated kukris, animal hide clothing/light armour, composite shortbow, quiver of arrows, trail rations(dried animal meat mostly), water skin(made from animal bladder), bedding(animal furs)

Background: Grick was raised outside of what passed as normal goblin society. The unfortunate offspring of a goblin scout and elven maiden prisoner, he was never accepted by the tribe, and more often was forced to fend for himself, even from his earliest years. His youth was spent nurturing a deep loathing for his mother, the cause for his unfortunate situation, that eventually blossomed into hatred not only for her, but the rest of the neighboring elves of Skibul and, to a lesser extent synthesize of their sterility, Salthiusar.

After many seasons, the opportunity to be rid of his father finally arose wardrobe evening. His father had drank himself into a stupor on some amalgamation of spirits and piss and passed out, fully exposed. Something stirred within the young Goblin, for that is what he considers himself, and he held his poised blade a moment to consider. The corners of his mouth climbed ever so slightly as a wicked light entered his eyes. Having long since mastered the silent maneuvers so practiced by his father, he moved forward fearlessly. Drawing his pair of dueling kukris, his quickly severed both of his father's hamstrings. As his father tried to cry out in pain, the hilt of one knife crushed into his chest, blasting the air from his lungs, while the other drove deeply into his thigh and severing the femoral artery. Grick then disappeared into the night.

Seasons passed by for Grick uneventfully. He learned to live off the land, developing a quiet respect and balance with nature. He never hunted for sport and used every resource from rack kill. Blood could be drunk, bones could be made into arrowheads, skin could be worn, and meat would be eaten. While stalking a small rodent, Grick got the impression that he was being watched. Moving down towards a small copse of thick trees, he felt the sensation grow. Darting the last few steps into the cover, he was surprised to see a warm campfire with a stew roasting over it. Wary eyes darted for other exits, but before he could find one, a haggard orc moved in.

"Greetings follower of nature." He said. At least Grick thought that was what he said. His words were clipped and came with unfamiliarity, as if he was unused to forming them. "I've watched you a long time and noticed your respect for our surroundings." Again Grick found himself concentrating hard just to understand the orc.

Nodding back to the orc, Grick refrained from speaking, using the pause to sort through his own thoughts on the situation. After a few quiet moments, Grick finally asked, "Why?"

The conversation continued on for a time, with Grick accepting an initially uneasy truce with the orc, Tunkbaz. As seasons passed, the truce developed into a companionship before maturing into a full friendship. Eventually the time came that Grick could learn no more from the shaman and the two parted ways. It was during this time that Grick wandered the far off lands, seeking out the ways of the world. Never comfortable within high city walls, he sought out small villages and hamlets. When presented with larger cities, he always relegated himself to the seedier and darker portions of the town.

It was during these travels that he was exposed to the different forms of justice throughout the lands and noticed the varying, and often radically different, forms of punishment. Grick found himself following these affairs very closely, especially the odd forms of capital punishment. Other times, a victim would be found, but no perpetrator. At these times, Grick felt himself compelled. Whether it was a sense of justice or some macabre fascination was unknown. Having learned to watch for specific mannerisms, as well as using the abilities Tunkbaz taught him of using the earth to retrace steps, it became a common occurrence in cities he visited for the families or friends of victims to find a severed head or blood-stained garment with some identifying mark outside their home a few days later.

Eventually, Grick longed for home and made his way back. His practices practices and ideas on justice, the goblin's soon discovered, had come with him. Whenever a rogue tribe overstepped its limits, different members would mysteriously vanish, only to show up over the next few days, piece by piece. Stolen items would soon be returned, accompanied by a pair of fingers. Grick could not cover the whole of Indiga, but rumours and stories always followed on his heels.

While stalking a small elven patrol along the border, Grick dropped quietly to the ground. His keen senses straining to hear the conversation. Something about the fabled gemstone cavern, granting of wishes, and meeting in Megant. Grick pondered this as the patrol moved off out of sight. Scanning his surroundings, he pushed himself to his feet. Looking one last time over his shoulder at...home? No, he decided. Just another stopover on his journey. Setting his eyes ahead, towards Megant, he began to mentally turn the page. A new chapter.

  • Mental: Recaller, Linguist, Physician, Herbalist
  • Physical: Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee, Sneaky Sneaky
  • Combat: Bladesman, Backstab, Flurry
  • Shooting: Eagle Eye, Sharpshooter, Sniper Assassin
  • Magic: Earthen Wizard, Terramancer, Pestilence, Wither
  • Crossover: Fearless, Healer
  • Unique: Naturalist
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Grick'grack Nsokub is accepted - well thought-out and interesting. One query, however: Would I be assuming correctly that he's 54 and a bit? The age is fine, I'm just making sure we're working to the same calendar.
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Originally Posted by Septok View Post
Grick'grack Nsokub is accepted - well thought-out and interesting. One query, however: Would I be assuming correctly that he's 54 and a bit? The age is fine, I'm just making sure we're working to the same calendar.
Yeah, 54-55ish, which I'm thinking is still young given his elven heritage. Equivalent of a 22-25 year old human. We can call 1189 his birth year.
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I'll have my dwarven character Glaïmbar up later; just about to leave for college

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Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon
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