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The three figures sat around the table, surveying the parchment. Cyrus Mirador stood up.

"As you can see, milords, this new unit will be able to revolutionize our tactics and minimize our casualites."

Baggro frowned slightly, Mirador's eyes had a strange glint about them, he kept flicking his gaze to Lord Hibracht, who was wholly ingrossed in the plans.

"Yes," Hibracht said, his eyes animated, hungry almost, "This will work well, it is moblie, effective and compliments our standing troops perfectly." He turned to Mirador.

"I want the training to commence immediately! And more troops must be trained to fight this Darkness!"

Mirador nodded, his became cold, but his smile widened. It reminded Baggro of a predatory snake, eyeing prey.

"Of course milord, but I must warn you of something."

Hibracht nodded and looked at him, his eyes bearing the wariness of a man about to recieve news he does not want.

"The people," Mirador began, "grow uneasy with this sped up recruitment, the casualty reports have leaked into public knowledge and they feel that they are being thrown in the way as a barrier between the Republic's enemies and its royalty. The patriotism of our people stands, but it is strained. Faith cannot hold if the people do not belive that the royalty will care for them. One of you must appease them, perform speeches, make sure that they know you care for them. A king's duty is to protect the people, they will only follow if they belive that you share their risks."
He put a strange emphasis on these last three words, ensuring that both kings heard with utter clarity.

Hibracht's face lit up. He sat back in his throne, running his fingers through his beard, thinking hard. "Yes," he whispered to himself, then sat up quickly. "Cyrus, prepare my carriage and inform the central barracks, I will be training myself alongside the new units, I will share the danger with those of our troops who serve the most perilous role!"

Mirador smiled widely, He's planning something, Hibracht's playing right into his hands. thought Baggro, wondering what Mirador's goal was, and what ends he would go to in order to see them fulfilled.

A messenger burst in, he was a young human of maybe 18 years, his straw coloured hair was damp with perspiration and he was breathing heavily. He had clearly been running a long time. "Lord Hibracht, Lord Baggro!" he gasped across the room and handed the letter to Mirador, who wordlessly passed it to Hibracht. The king opened it and read, then passed it to Baggro. Baggro's eyes widened at the sight of it.

"We must discuss this in private." He said curtly, sending a hard, unreadable look in Hibracht's direction. The human king's expression darkened and a palpable sense of conflict churned between the two lords. It seemed that an argument was taking place in looks alone, those who were close to the kings would have known that this was almost exactly what was happing, for the two lords knew exactly what each other would say in response to the news and were already preparing their inevitable counter arguments.

Hibracht sharply ordered Cyrus to relay the information regarding training and troops before following the gnomish king into the private quarters.


1000 Heavy infantry trained in all territories
light cavalry researched
8,000 citizens moved into 33

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Autumn 1244

Deceit and treachery have replaced the war and bloodshed that consumed Kolnur. But which is worse?

The Pirates of Dagren in the West have tricked and lied, attacking Kerin-Curan when they were at their weakest, with their fleet elsewhere and troops abroad, after pleading for aid against a false enemy.

The Pure is surrounded by enemies and all are out for their blood. But perhaps not all is lost. Could there be an unlikely ally in the form of the Turoki? Only time will tell.

New technologies and new ideas have appeared all across Kolnur as the race to technological and magical superiority begins in earnest. Flight is only inchs away and once it is grasped then a whole new way of war will open itself to the nations of Kolnur.

But with these glorious discoveries comes also a sense of approaching doom. Once more the scouts from all nations in Kolnur have returned with grim tidings. Another host of the Shadow is amassing, bigger and more powerful than the last. Can Kolnur stand against the Darkness?

New Traits

Technology Traits

Controlled Flight: The knowledge of flight is now known and it is only a matter of time before ships of the sky, or 'air ships' can be built and war can be waged above the clouds. (Requires Flight trait)

Explosive Rounds: Newly refined black powder has led scientists to create bullets and shells that tear apart upon impact, showering everything nearby with red hot shrapnel, making rifles and artillery even more deadly. (Requires This Is My Boomstick)

Magic Traits

Refined Air-Bending: After perfecting the ability to levitate an object and even a person the great magicians of Kolnur have turned their attentions to ever larger targets. (Requires Air-Bending)

Familiars: Creatures of the elements these magical beasts obey their master, the magicians that summoned them, without question and will gladly throw themselves at the enemy to protect their casters.

Military Traits:

Valayrian Steel: A new deposit of metal has been found deep in the forgotten caves beneath Kolnur and their has been a great rush to utilize and obtain this rare but highly deadly metal.

Against the Dark: Your men have seen the horrors that come from the shadows and have seen that it dies just like any other enemy. No more will your troops fear the Darkness, they will embrace it.

New Units

Huscarls: Tough soldiers with years of experience carrying a heavy shield and a shortsword. They are unmovable in defense but are far out of their comfort zone if pushed to attack.

New Buildings

Castle: A bulwark of power and strength that can hold an entire army. They can take years to capture and are vital in the defense of any province.
Attached Images
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The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


Give a man a match and he will be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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Indoril strode confidently through the streets of Kazel, peaked hood drawn down over his face, blending in with the crowds. He used a knife to cut the strings on coin purses, pocketing the gold, silvers and coppers. He smiled to himself grimly, shaking his head. ‘This is too easy, now,’ he thought to himself.

Finding himself at the docks, the human man saw dwarven guards on the waterfront, cordoning it off. A frown creased his face, and he turned away, walking towards an alley, before finding it too cordoned off. Worry started to touch him, gently stroking his heart with it’s tendrils. He looked towards the buildings at the side of the wide thoroughfare and moved into the shadows, attempting to climb the rugged, functional, dwarven facade.

A low thwung resounded, and a crossbow bolt embedded itself in the wall. “Indoril, formerly of House Aerenhert, now Nameless, I order you to surrender under the authority of King Gandogar Killisson.”

As he said that, the soldiers - now recognisable to the thief, sneak and spy as members of the Oathsworn, elite of the King’s Guards - moved in, leaving a semicircle which consisted on them and the wall. Behind them, a captain with more elaborate armour, holding his helmet in the crook of his arm, stood with a disdainful smile on his face. Above, three dour-faced crossbowman pointed their loaded weapons at him. The human sighed and let go on his perch, dropping to the ground and rolling. He stood and met a bristling wall of spears.

“The King wishes to speak to your ... ‘Good’, self, Indoril Nameless,” the captain said, and a dwarf roughly patted him down for weapons, removing his numerous darts, throwing knives and other blades. Shackles were brought forward for his hands and feet, limiting his movement.


The Court had been dismissed, but Indoril was paraded through them in chains as he was led to the Hall. He saw the face of his father, a minor lord, whose face was a mix of disgust and confusion - they hadn’t been told what was happening.

The doors opened and the thief saw the king for the first time in over a decade and a half; the last time he had visited the Court was as a child with his father. The tall doors closed with a heavy thwuuud, and then there was silence. Long, steel poles were brought forward and attached to his wrists, the manacles and shackles removed, and then held as far apart as possible, stretching the man’s arms to either side. A blow to the back of his knees had him kneeling on the floor.

A steward stepped forward, clearing his throat. “His Grace Gandogar Killisson, King of Kerin-Curan!” The king waved him away and the man lapsed into silence, embarrased. The captain then stepped forward, right fist held over his heart, head bowed.

“As you requested, your grace, the thief Indoril, formerly of House Aerenhert.”

“Thank you, captain.” The king then stood and walked slowly off the dais, until he was standing before the man, not an arms length away.
“You are a dangerous man, Indoril. I have no doubt you could kill any of the soldiers stood here-” A burst of objection sprang from the captain, but the king just looked at him. “You could kill any of the soldiers stood here, but then you would be hunted. A dozen families - no, more - would demand your head, and I would be obliged to give it to them. Now, I offer you something better ... Work for me. I need a man with your skills. Kerin-Curan does.”



Province 7 - Train Heavy Infantry (1000)
Province 11 - Research Controlled Flight, Train Heavy Infantry (1000)
Province 12 - Research Mechanical Walkers (Turn 2), Train Conscripts (2000)

Military Positioning:
Province 12 -
Conscripts - 99,000
23,000 Heavy Infantry
24,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
497 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 11 -
Conscripts - 98,000
22,000 Heavy Infantry
23,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
497 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 7 -
2 Magi
3000 Heavy Infantry

Naval Positioning:
77, 78, 87, 86, 70 - 100 Ironclads each
76 - 300 Ironclads
79 - 200 Ships
90, 91, 92 - 90 Ironclads each

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon

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30th of Redeath, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

“Banish it, for heaven’s sake!” Cried one mage, launching a fireball at the invader. It was angry, violent and ready to kill. It turned and launched itself across the room, into another mage.

“Bhalthex!” He swore, as the beast swept him over and into a wall. He began to bleed profusely, which none had never done in Salthiusar for hundreds of years.

The scene was not pretty. The Blade of Mourgior, as it turned out, could easily summon creatures by emptying its contents on summoning circles. However, it happened all too quickly – and the researchers were paying the price. As the beast broke through another of Salthiusar’s columns, causing the city to groan, it launched one of the team’s Guardians aside. The pillar began blackening at the edges, spilling gas everywhere, until the city itself made the pillar crumble and fall away.

Everyone was panicking. They weren’t used to fighting, and hadn’t counted on this being a possibility. Acting quickly, Calleis cast a strong unbinding spell, to no effect. The beast stumbled at a mage’s spell, and stood, snorting. Calleis followed with another banishing spell, to no effect once again. This was a dire strait. Then the beast really got angry. Its face contorted, burning away until it was nought but that of a demon. Lashing its fiery tongue, it charged for a mage.

Just before the mage was toppled, Defendant Haeron, having heard the commotion, burst in, and cast a bolt at the monster’s face. It turned as he drew his sword. The demon cackled, and drew one of its own, holding it ready. Then they clashed. Blade met blade, kick met kick, spell met spell, until the Defendant began to tire. The whole time, the mages had been trying to banish it, to no avail. One of the laboratory assistants took the blade, afraid of its powers, and sunk it into the demon’s back.

It screamed a scream none would ever forget. It was a scream of magic, of hells. The blade glowed, stealing the creature’s life force. The monster crumbled, and all breathed a sigh of relief. The mages who had survived unscathed worked more cautiously, but had gained a massive step in understanding the blade. The Defendant, along with many of the mages, ended up in the Valetior, the city’s hospital, suffering from minor magical wounds – nothing beyond the healers’ skill. Something odd had happened, but true enchantment was within grasp.


10th of Rain’s Birth, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

The ethereal green mass heaved then sunk, expanding then contracting, green gas flowing outwards into the crystalline pipes around it. The gas flowed through the pipes at great speed, passing crystals as it went, strengthening and preserving. Truly, Salthiusar was alive, as it had been for a long, long time. And it was growing, developing. It had not even reached its adolescence yet, but it was nearly upon it.

Fittingly for the month, the skies had opened early in the day, and had been pouring their contents all over Kolnur. Salthiusar’s lights had all illuminated as the world did so, casting brilliant, white light around the darkened city. Many chose to let the animals that lived in the city take shelter in their homes to keep them out of the torrential precipitation, so few were left in the rain – and those who did managed to find shelter around Salthiusar. Some would swear the city made alcoves for the poor creatures.

The night, coupled with the unbelievable rain, made it the perfect time for Irèsp’s task. As he walked, cloaked physically and magically, lights stopped working for a few seconds, until he could pass. By this method, he crept through the city as a shadow, until he reached the North Tower, the only feared thing in the city. Its door was magical, and many a foolish would-be thief had met his end on it. But Irèsp passed through it safely. He left early the following morning, tired but empowered and with new knowledge on his mind.

-Castle built (as Salthiusar, Province 18).
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The Court looked on expectantly as Indoril walked in, hood flung down and tousled, medium length, mud-brown hair bouncing as he moved. When he stopped at the foot of the dais and knelt, the watching nobles muttered amongst themselves, noting especially the lack of guards. People noted the absence of Prince Farin, but put it down to his role within the armies of Kerin-Curan, and the entire nation knew of the treachery of Dagren.

“Indoril, formerly of House Aerenhert,” said one of the King’s stewards, as if the kneeling man needed an introduction to any present. The King waved him away with an impatient air.

“In the past month you have performed an invaluable service for this country, one that places all those here in your debt.
“As such, I hereby renounce all claims to your life, and remove any bounties or rewards placed on you, as my powers as King allow!”
The King’s voice rose to ride the wave of disbelief that came from the Court by way of muttering and a few outraged calls.
“You shall be given a role which suits your skills within the Palace and High Keep. Beyond that, I hereby bestow upon you the title of Master, and from henceforth you shall have a reasonable estate in the city.
“Rise, Lord Indoril Aereskern, the Swift-Handed.”

Indoril stood when ordered, and once the king had finished speaking, he bowed deeply. “Thank you, Your Grace. I plan to show you, and all those gathered here, that I am worthy of the position you have granted me so generously!” With a theatrical second bow, the thief-turned-spy-master turned and bent his head to the entirety of the Court. He looked up and caught his father’s eye, but the lord just stiffened and raised his chin loftily, before turning on his heel and walking out.

‘There will be no repairing the damage done there, it would seem,’ he thought sorrowfully. He was truly sorry for the pain and humiliation he had caused his father when it was found he was not only a prolific philanderer but also an accomplished thief who had been stealing from the nobles of Kazel for years. No few lords had called for his head after it was found their daughters had been drawn to him and then abandoned.


The newly-appointed Spy Master strode confidently through the halls of the High Keep until it merged with the Palace, and then left the main corridor he had been following, meandering his way through a series of web-like passageways, until he came to a room, long unused and far beneath the Great Hall, where a number of other people of import stood around a circular table ten feet across.

There was already a discussion in progress when he entered, but speech ceased when they heard the slap of his supple leather boots on the stone floor, which he had emphasised - if he had so wished, they would never have heard him. The king was present, looking hale and hearty despite the rumours of poor health. Indeed, he looked like he was in his prime. Indoril suppressed a smile. He had a feeling this was due to the situation with Dagren.

“Lord Indoril ... At last; I was afraid you had become lost in our labyrinthine passages,” said Prince Farin caustically; he had not approved of the methods his father had employed by making use of the man’s talents.

“My prince,” he replied, bowing his head, “I am afraid it would take a much more convoluted route to throw me off.”

The king tried to disguise a laugh as a cough, and was thrown a dirty look by his son. “Do not look at me like that, boy. He was the most renowned thief in the city; I’m sure he could find our deepest vaults. Not that he’d want to.” A throwaway remark, but accompanied by a sidelong glance at him as it was and the tone of his voice, and Indoril felt it was better to leave the rest unsaid. “Now, Lord Indoril. Repeat your findings for this Council to hear.”

Looking around, the Spy Master decided that, if it were up to him, he wouldn’t say half the things he had been asked to. There were political schemers, those who had their own vested interests and other reasons they shouldn’t be there. As far as he was concerned, only the King should know the full extent of his illicitly-gained knowledge.
“As you wish, your grace,” he began, leaning on the table palms down and spread. On the table before him was a map of Kolnur, with markers to denote who controlled what and troop dispositions. “I have managed to establish relationships with several informants and managed to place some of our own people on each island of Dagren. Currently, the enemy forces are composed entirely of conscripts. There are about one hundred thousand on each isle.
“We have also established, due to messages sent both to Jenine Guyere and the Pirate Lord Ilkin Avci - separately - that the Pirate Lord has been deposed, by one Captain Tyrion. I have heard of him - a nasty piece of work, but elusive. A Captain Yelik, recognised by one of our men, appears to be his second. He has a small contingent of loyal soldiers left; the best of Dagren, but what that means is anyones guess. We have been assured that Ilkin Avci will aid us when we land on the Eastern Isle. We have assured him we will land there first and cleanse the island for him. 
“On each of the islands, it seems we have survivors from our original expeditions. I am not sure about the ships. Whilst we have people there, they are too few in number to be of any great threat to Tyrion’s plans.
“Yelik is on the Western Isle. So far, it appears that we cannot locate Tyrion. Regardless, we cannot take him out individually. Though I feel personally he is the glue holding this rebellion together, I have been warned by my people that his death may martyr him ... I get the distinct impression that any intervention there by Kerin-Curan will be taken as an insult. We should tread carefully, your grace.”
Prince Farin snorted derisively.

“I should have known. The sneak-thief afraid of a direct fight. Father, our soldiers are worth theirs. We should attack, now. Catch them off guard! It is our best chance; if we don’t they will fortif-”

“Be quiet, fool. No matter how much more skilled our soldiers are, they have more than three times the number of our trained soldiers. This Tyrion is reputed to be intelligent and ruthless; storming in will get us all killed.
“Lord Indoril is correct. We shall tread carefully. Guild-Lord Snorri Snorrisson is working on something that will give us an advantage, as is the Mechanists Guild School. We shall prepare properly. The Northern Isle needs to be fortified. We cannot leave our own lands without defence. I will not risk losing Kerin-Curan to a pirate.”
The king stopped speaking and took a deep breath, eyes closed and brow furrowed in concentration.
“We have allies. Kogan-Sul has dwarves; relatives of us no matter how far displaced. We will trade with them. We are better smiths, of that there is no doubt. But they have better materials. It has already been discussed.”

Silence took the room, only the crackling of wood in the braziers and fires of the room, which kept it comfortably warm. Some of the lords looked uncomfortable, but said nothing. One Guild-Lord of the Smiths, however, looked relatively smug. Helmfrid Grahame, he was called, one of the best smiths in Kerin-Curan, the second best in Kazel, to only his brother.

He stepped forward. “My king, I would be honoured to carry out this task for you. I would relish the opportunity to travel to Kogan-Sul and teach their smiths - to meet dwarves of another land would be an honour. He nodded, right hand over his heart. The king glared at him, and then nodded.

“Very well. You shall also take Kadri Benici. Go, prepare. You leave at first light. And send a messenger to Kadri.” The ancient dwarf turned to look at the assembled nobles. “Come, we shall continue to plan. Lord Indoril, do you have any more insights?”


Diplomatic Actions:

-Ambassadorial Traders sent to Kogan-Sul carrying Superior Forging 
(move from Land Province 12 to Sea Province 75) 

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon
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The cavalry paraded in looping circles around the courtyard, unloading their weapons into the straw dummies. Their pistols sparked and as one man fired the man in front of him reloaded, each had two pistol, one for standard combat and the other was issued for more intense fighting. The tight ranks of straw dummies with wooden swords and shields was ripped apart by the rippling layers of fire, splinters of wood and bits of straw were spread across the courtyard floor and sergeants were shouting orders to the training cavalrymen. Captain Peiter Valark stood on the balcony observing the drills. These were his men. They had originally been some of the finest Arquebussers in the Republic's army, the 88th Arquebusser light company nicknamed "Valark's Shadow Hunters", but they had been drawn from the Arquebussers into the new Light Cavalry or 'Outrider' companies. He turned away to go into the lecturing halls.

In the various halls troops were sat down, veterans speaking and explaining their accounts of battles against the darkness and their tactics for combatting this foe. Valark sighed, the republic was becoming far too militarised, war seemed to be playing on the minds of the realm's leaders far too much. His hand fingered his new long cavalry sabre idly as he strolled around the central barracks of the Evermarket. Running footsteps clattered down the corridor behind him, he turned round, seeing a newly recruited trooper jogging up to him. The man saluted, slapping his open palm against his chest and inclining his head to Valark.

"Sir!" He said, when Valark returned the gesture, "You have been requested at the main command hall."

Valark nodded and followed the soldier to the room. Inside were the two generals, a dozen or so captains and a haughty human that Valark recognised as Lord Hibracht.

He immediately saluted and bowed. "Milord." He said in form of greeting. He then turned to the generals. "Sir." He acknowledged.

The generals nodded to Valark and Hibracht looked at him with scrutiny.

"Is this him?" He asked. The generals nodded. Hibracht looked Valark squarely in the eyes. "Captain Pieter Valark, you have been charged with being my aide de camp and protector in combat. You will assist me in my training and your company will serve as my personal bodyguard retinue."

Valark nodded, masking his surprise behind a blank face, he found himself nodding.
"Yes milord, is there anything else?"

Hibracht looked a little affronted, but seemed to assume that Valark meant no offence, and shook his head.

"Then, if I may milord, I have a speech on combatting the darkness to deliver to some new recruits."

Hibracht raised his hand. "Captain, may I accompany you? If I am to fight the Darkness, perhaps it would be prudent for me to lear their ways and how to combat them."

Valark smiled inwardly at the 'request', if he were to refuse for whatever reason, he would at the very least be removed from the army and imprisoned, or shot where he stood.

"I would be honoured milord." He replied, smiling widely and gesturing for Hibracht to follow. "I will lead you to the lecturing hall."

The Captain and the King walked briskly together down the corridor towards the lectures…

Castle built in 32
1000 Light Cavalry trained in 30 & 31
1000 Crossbows 33
Against the Dark researched

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(Apologies for having such a useless post guys, but I need something up before the update and I'll edit in the actual post in later. For now you'll have to make do with the summary)


Research Against the Dark in 49
Recruit Sentinels in 49 and 56
Recruit Guardians in 55

We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment - and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.
— Flemeth

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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The Emperor was having a small strategy meeting with the head of the Imperial Diplomatic Corp Tribune, the head of the Imperial military General Turok, and his son Prince Vespasian when knock came on the doors to the Emperors private office. As the honor guard stepped into the room he announced, "My lord. There is a courier here for Tribune Varro and says that it is urgent." With a quick look at Varro the Emperor said, "Send him in". With quick salute the soldier stepped back out the doors and ushered the courier in.

The courier quickly walked to the Varro and handed him a scroll, stood to attention, saluted all the three officers and then quickly left the room again. Varro quickly read the letter and then mumbled under his breath and looked up.

"Your going to want to here this Lord." stated Varro," The Turokhi have refused to release our emissary and are claiming that they are going to execute him if we do not remove all out troops from territory 39. If we do not do this immediately that are going to execute him and declare war on us."

"Why those little ingrate little arses. They think they can stand against the Empire and her legions?" rumbled Turok with murder in his voice and eyes. Turning to the Emperor he then stated, "My lord, let me take command of the western legions and teach these upstarts their place. I will personally nail the heads of those responsible for this insult to their own government building. It would be my honor if you would allow me."

"While the Turokhi need to be dealt with General, let us not overreact. Do go to Territory 39 and take control of the Legions and prepare them to mobilize, but don't attack them yet. Let us give them one more chance to save themselves. And as for the western territories, tell the generals there to improve their fortifications as well as they can. They will have all the resources that they need to do what they can."

Other Actions
Research - Trains

Send emissary to the Turokhi informing them that if they do not release their Imperial Hostage immediately and/or send one soldier into Imperial Lands that the Empire will deem them and enemy of the Empire and will declare war on the Turokhi.

Invading forces sent into 37

-45,000 Heavy Infantry
-35,000 Cavalry
-15,000 Archers
-3,000 Artillery
-1,500 Mages
-70,000 Light Infantry

Territory 39- Build Castle
Territory 41- Train Heavy Infantry
Territory 42- Build Castle
Territory 65- Build Castle

Check out my Angels of Retribution fluff!! All c&c is welcome

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The sun had barely risen above the peak of Mount Kogan, but Mafis was hard at the work of managing the military and domestic needs of Kogan-Sul. In the Munitorum of Kogan-Sul, a war department of sorts, Mafis was being briefed by a group of Master Builders from Clan Fiendfoe. "We have been hard at work on this new structure. With its sloped walls and multi-faceted structure, it will prove resilient to a host of contingencies." Mafis was glad to hear the news. Though a military force in the field was the Khan's preferred mode of defense, Mafis believed these new structures would prove useful nonetheless. Mafis bade his visitors on their way after the briefing."Thank you for the news. The improved defensive capabilities these structures will give us are immense. Dispatch architects and builders to the provinces and begin preparations for construction once we have clearance from the Khan."

The dwarves had not left the hall when a runner arrived bearing word of a visitor from the eastern islands of Kerin-Curan. The guards let the boy through after checking him for weapons and the messenger made his way to Mafis. The boy, panting and covered in sweat from his journey, bowed before the man and held out the scroll that was his charge. Taking the parchment from his hand, the man thanked the boy before dismissing him. Perusing the seal, Mafis was immediately aware of the import of such a document. Producing a pen-knife, Mafis broke the seal and read the contents silently.

"What word, my liege?" asked one of Mafis' assistants.

"We will be entertaining a delegation from Kerin-Curan. Helmfrid Grahame and Kadri Benici should be arriving shortly. Ready our things, we should greet our visitors personally."

Shortly thereafter Mafis and his retinue departed the munitorum with a royal bodyguard. "Are the armored behemoths a necessity?" the assistant whispered to Mafis as they made their way through the city. "No, the network relays that the people are loyal as always and there are no threats in our midst, but we must keep up appearances. Alawat Khan would meet our allies with a warparty in tow but I feel a humble bodyguard is more appropriate."

The retinue reached the gates and waited. The runner had been dispatched once the delegation from Kerin-Curan had docked in the western province so there was a delay between the message's arrival and the honorable delegation reaching the gates. A lookout relayed that he saw a carriage and guards approaching. Noting the colors of Kerin-Curan, the gates were lowered once the party made its purpose known. As the carriage drew into the city square beyond the gates, Mafis approached. Greeting Helmfrid Graham and Kadri Benici warmly, Mafis walked with them for a time. "We here in Kogan-sul welcome our guests from the nation of Kerin-Curan openly. We are aware of your plight and arrangements have been made with the Forgefather. He is quite eager to meet a dwarf from one of the other nations, as it has been an age since he last set eyes on a dwarf not of Clan Fiendfoe." The delegation, with Mafis and bodyguard in tow made their way to the trade district, where they were greeted by Trademaster Sigmund Fiendfoe. Mafis made the appropriate introductions, and left the dwarf to guide the Kerin-Curani to the forges within Mount Kogan for a tour of the facilities and to hammer out the details of the agreement between the two nations.


Alawat-Khan was displeased. Sitting on his couch, his face in contemplation with fist planted beneath his chin, his mind traded between thoughts of how best to react and how immortal the Pure's "Immortal Lord" really was. "I wonder what he would look like roasting on a spit! That would get the horde going, methinks!" He broke out in laughter, with his war council agreeing heartily. The Pure had responded as the Khan had imagined, but it was worth a shot to force them to withdraw from Robualian territory through a show of force. "It matters not. I have twelve shiny new pikes for twelve shaved pates. Before we are done with the Pure, I will be drinking this mead from the Immortal Lord's skull!" He slammed his fist into the arm of his chair, breaking it as he did.

"Have any of you good news? I have half a mind to mount up and ride out tonight!" spat the Khan.

Captain Vachir chimed in. "My Khan, a raven arrived bearing work of Indiga's alliance with us against the Shadow. Our network of spies reported back troop locations, which we have cross-checked with our allies' reports. The bulk of the Pure's forces reside in 35, where I recommend we strike."

The Khan chuckled, "cut the head off the snake."

"Exactly my thoughts, Great Khan. Also, Robually, Anicea and Esterwynne have agreed to an alliance to combat the Pure. Though they are not as many as we, their hearts are true and their resolve is unwavering by all accounts."

"Good, it will have to be. We can tarry no longer. This must be decisive else the Shadow catch us with our saddles still in our tents! Rouse the men, into the breach once more!"


Deep within the heart of Mount Kogan, the Forgefather and Master of Clan Fiendfoe was hard at work, manufacturing the war gear the nation of Kogan-sul relied on so heavily in its conflicts across Kolnur. Setting the edge to a new waraxe, the Forgefather raised his mighty hammer and smote it upon the white-hot blade. Putting his finishing touches on the blade, Snorri Fiendfoe doused it in a trough of water. Taking a moment, he looked upon his hammer and wondered how the war effort faired above ground.

The hammer, which had crushed a thousand skulls in combat ages past was intricately inlaid with mithril filigree in a rendering of his clan's creation myth. One could see a massive giant in combat with a great wyrm, the giant's hand around the dragon's neck and the beast's tail encircling the giant's weapon hand. Below could be seen a smoldering pit of lava and sulfur. Legend held that the giant, having lost his mighty weapon to the dragon's assault, realized his fate was fixed. In the deathgrip of the dragon, he hurled himself into the fire below in order to kill it. The dwarves of Clan Fiendfoe believed that the giant's burnt remains became the lands of Kolnur and his immense head becoming what would be known as Mount Kogan. The giant's mighty hammer became the mineral riches deep below its surface and the dragon's body, wrapped around the giant even in death, became the great sea encircling the lands of Kolnur.

After retrieving the blade from the trough, the Forgefather grabbed another piece of steel, this one to be a mighty two handed sword. He was interrupted midswing by an errant of the Excavators Guild. "Speak!" the Forgefather bellowed, as he knew this news could mean two things; a cave in of one of the exploration tunnels or the discovery of some knew vein of mineral wealth. "My liege, we have found it!"

The Forgefather knew immediately of what he spoke. Toiling under Mount Kogan for an age, the Clan Fiendfoe had sought out the fabled Valyrian ore. Some even said the Excavators Guild's founding purpose was the location of these veins, veins which contained some of the rarest, most deadly ore in Kolnur. "Make haste to your masters. Tell them to halt all secondary and tertiary operations. I want all excavation put towards pulling as much of the Valyrian ore out as possible." The errant turned on his heel and was gone down a side tunnel. Snorri Fiendfoe patted his hammer and laughed heartily as the irony of his hammer's engraving presaging this new discovery was not lost on him. Going back to work on the mighty blade, the Forgefather knew this discovery would bode well for Kogan-Sul's war against the Shadow.


1000 Artillery in 25,26,27,28,29


Valyrian Steel

Outfit units with newly acquired Superior Forging gained from trade with Kerin-Curan


69,663 Heavy Infantry invade 35 from 26
30,428 Artillery invade 35 from 26 to
95,891 Heavy Cavalry invade 35 from 26
40,816 Archers invade 35 from 26
98,384 Light Cavalry invade 35 from 26
181,884 Conscripts invade 35 from 26

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Military actions:
40,000 Heavy infantry
30,000 Arquebussers
1,000 Mechanical Walkers
10,000 Artillery batteries
Move from province 40 to province 36.

850 Ironclads in sea province 48 move to sea province 51 and begin bombardement of Pure troops in province 35, attempting to limit their mobility and inflict casualties before they have a chance to strike further into Robualy.

250 Ironclads move from province 67 to sea province 20.
200 Ironclads move from province 66 to sea province 20.
100 Ironclads move from province 68 to province 66.

Industrial actions:
Research Controlled Flight in province 66. (Turn 1)
Build a castle in province 66. (Turn 1)
Build a training centre in province 68. (Turn 1)
Build 100 ironclads in province 67 (Turn 1).

The ‘Phoney War’ was what soldiers and civilians alike had come to call the conflict between the Pure and the alliance arrayed against them. For six months the Pure and Anicea had officially commenced hostilities against one another, and their armies had stood arrayed against each other, poised for a clash of blade, shield and gun. Both countries had geared themselves for war both at home and abroad, with rhetoric and ultimatums being hurled across the sea as the hawks banged the drums of battle. And yet in reality an uneasy complacency had fallen upon the land, as both sides seemed unsure as to how best to proceed now that their ultimatums had been called. Armies dug in in preparation for expected attacks that never came, and as the months rolled by fearful hoarding gave way to normality as the war itself became the butt of some ironic joke. As far as Gwonry Silverspear could see, it was anything but for the people of Robualy. The landscape still bore the scars of the Pure’s invasion, with the unmistakable remains of war littered across no-man’s land where the fanatical army had poured across the poorly defended border into their neighbour’s land. In Anicea many debated what had led to the Pure’s aggression against the country, some argued that the Pure wished to gain access to the Northern coast and challenge Anicean dominance of the North-East Sea, whilst others claimed that the Pure were trying to recover some long lost artefact of religious significance that had been lost form their borders during the fall of the Grand Alliance and the coming of the Shadow; yet more simply came to the conclusion that the Pure attacked for the same reason that they always did: because they could. In the end it mattered little, an Anicean ally had been attacked and the kingdom was honour bound to assist their stricken comrade, and the responsibility of putting an end to the settled peace had fallen on the Commodore’s shoulders. A light fog had fallen that morning, and within the eerie mist over 800 vessels of the Iron Navy steamed behind Gwonry along the Kolnur coast until they came within sight of the sparkling towers of the coastal cities of the occupied lands. A fleet of such monstrous size was impossible to hide for long and so the Gwonry’s vessel had been sent just ahead of the main force to survey the area and enable the fleet to organise itself for a sudden attack. At the 4th hour of the day, when the first people of the city were raising themselves from their nightly slumber, the first of the Iron behemoths slinked out from the fog; weapon’s ports open wide and aimed squarely at the walls of the capital. At first the city watch was slow to react, disbelief slowing their actions, but soon the wailing warning bells began to shatter the silent peace, and the mighty fleet responded in kind with the tune of its cannon.

Chaos Marine - "Where's your god Emperor now!?"
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