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Lord Baggro stared aghast at the report.

"So many dead." He breathed, his face twisted in sorrow. Lord Hibracht stared impassively down, seemingly unmoved by the horrific list of information in his hands.

"It was a necessary sacrifice." He said curtly, rolling the scroll up and putting it to one side. "Cyrus, how goes the project I discussed with you?"

Cyrus walked forwards, a thin smile slipping onto his face. "The plans are being put to the engineers now, we hope to have perfected the design within a five to six weeks.

Hibracht's eyes widened. "Six weeks?" He roared. "We cannot wait six weeks for this!"

Cyrus remained impassive, the smile shifting to become a more calming expression. "My lord, the weapon is, volatile, it needs more work before it can be properly utilised.

"What is this weapon?" Baggro asked. Cyrus looked surprised.

"Were you not informed milord?" He asked, Baggro could see his mind working furiously behind his eyes, though his expression remained calm and blank.

"Later." Hibracht said dismissively, waving Baggro away. The gnomish lord bridled.

"You cannot order me around like one of your puppets." He said coldly, waving towards the two generals.

Hibracht stared at him for a moment.

"Of course, I'm sorry my friend, may we discuss the weapon afterwards? I will explain everything."

Baggro nodded. He turned to the assembled generals and merchants.

"What news?" He asked.

"Our troops on the Eastern front request aid. They have sustained heavy casualties recently from the Great Darkness."

There was a long, stony silence.

"What happened?" Baggro asked, his voice trembling with an unreadable emotion.

"The garrison was undermanned milord."

"And where," Baggro began quietly, rage building up behind his words like a looming tidal wave. "Were the other troops?"

The general looked nervous. "The troops were being rerouted to battle the Puplori."

Baggro nodded slowly, then turned his gaze to Hibracht.

"We must discuss this in private, turn to our allies for help in this matter."

He swept from the room with Cyrus and Hibracht behind him.

1000 heavy infantry trained in each territory.
Pistol begins research
Training hall built 32

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Industrial action:

100 Ironclads have been produced in province 67.

100 Ironclads have been produced in province 68.

Superior Forging has been researched in province 66 and factories are already producing the advanced weaponry.

Province 66 is researching Flight. (Turn 1)

Province 67 is producing 100 Ironclads. (Turn 1)

Province 68 is producing a training hall. (Turn 1)

Military Actions:

Ironclads in defensive patrols along the Anicean coast shuffle so that the positioning is:
- 200 in province 66.
- 200 in province 68.
- 150 in province 67.
- Also 850 Ironclads remain in sea province 48.

Hidden military actions occur thanks to Homeland Security.

Diplomatic Action:

- Anicea accepts Salthuisar’s proposal of a Western Alliance whole heartedly and vehemently supports the idea, calling for a joint centre of command for the alliance to be managed to be constructed in Salthuisar: located beyond the city’s walls for obvious reasons of course.

- Anicea pledges 500 Ironclads to be deployed on behalf of the Alliance of the West by the thaw of 1245.

- Anicea officially declares war on the Pure, citing their invasion of Robualy and their refusal to withdraw from sovereign Robualian territory, as justification.

OOC: Sorry all, I’m really tight on time at the moment so only the bare bones. I’ll try to edit in IC sections ASAP.

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The Emperor stood on the balcony his personal residence sipping on a cognac and staring out over the capital city. It was a chilly night but the Emperor paid no head to the weather and was wearing simple military fatigues. He turned to his right and looked at his son Cato who had just returned from the border of the Imperial territories where the Darkness had attacked.

"How bad are the provinces? How are our citizens and troops?" Octavion asked Cato between sips.

Throwing back the rest of his own drink before responding, Cato grimaced and replied, "They are fine Sir. The Darkness didn't make it to any of the cities, but some of the smaller outlying villages were destroyed. And as for our troops, they did wonderfully. Fought bravely and stuck too their training and never waivered. They had to have killed 10 enemy for every one of our soldiers killed. And our casualties were not too high and not one Legion is to undermanned for combat. I would recommend that we send more reinforcements though. The Darkness will be back eventually."

The Emperor nodded at the report and turned back out to stare at the city and contemplate what to do next.

Other Actions
Territory 39-Build Training Hall
Territory 41- Build Training Hall
Territory 42- Build Training Hall
Territory 65- Build Training Hall

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Summer 1244

New conflicts are sweeping across Kolnur as power-hungry nations seek to expand their territories. Dark words are spoken in secret courts as shadowed men move to perform vile acts against other nation's people and even their own.

Those nations that were struck by the Shadow's push inwards from the East seek to re-enforce the lands effected and prepare for another strike, perhaps now they may not ignore the Darkness that sits just beyond their borders.

But it was not from the East that the Shadow struck as the days stretched longer in Summer but from the West. Through some foul sorcery the forces of Darkness have crossed the vast ocean that was seen as a barrier against them. Their armies have clashed against the West coast of Kolnur, but not alone. Hideous creatures of the deep have been risen and bound to the Shadows will to throw themselves against the cannons of Kolnur's ships and drag them to the bottom of the sea.

Kolnur is being assailed from all sides and yet still there is war within the continent itself. The nations may tear themselves apart before the Shadow even reaches them

OOC: expect map in about an hour
Attached Images
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The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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The Guild Lords of the Engineer’s Guild stood around Snorri skeptically; ever since he had engaged on the path of flight they had clearly been having doubts. It had always been a stoic belief of the dwarves that their feet belonged either on the ground or beneath it.

“Guild-Lord Snorrisson, we appreciate the magnitude of what you have accomplished here - the sciences of flight have confounded the greatest minds of Kolnur for decades - nay, centuries. However, there are other problems we must confront. The King himself engaged you to complete a task - your prototype is of the highest importance.” One of the others said, well spoken for a dwarf Guild-Lord, refined. He had spent many years mixing heavily with human ‘scientists’ and had picked up some aristocratic tendencies.

“Aye. Your projects have distracted you. The Darkness comes, m’lord. Get yourself together,” another grumbled distantly.

With a short sigh, Snorri shook his head. “I work to advance the lands of Kerin-Curan in ways beyond war. Flight aids all of us. Trade diplomacy will be expediated by it.”

“Karuk! The war comes first. The Darkness advances! The reports are clear. Their Magicks have allowed them to attack to both east and west. Defence is more important than trade and diplomacy!” This comment came from the dwarven Lord-General Bokkad Falisson, who strode through the door confidently, flanked by two guards who soldiers with thick plate armour and heavy hammers.
“Guild-Lord Snorrisson, your presence is requested at the Palace. I am here to ensure you arrive on a ... Timely basis.” The threat behind his words was obvious, but veiled enough that the Guild-Lord couldn’t object. A look flashed between the Guild-Lord and Lord-General - they had once been friends, but there had been an incident where Bokkad had been severely injured by one of Snorri’s experiments.

“I shall attend upon him immediately, Lord-General. I will not need an escort.”


The King sat upon his throne once more, the black marble seat dominating the room. His eyes were stoney as he looked down upon the dwarf at the foot of the dais, right fist held above the left side of his chest in the traditional salute, head bowed. Two Guards flanked the throne, staring imperiously down at the Guild-Lord, and more lined the wall. The King knew that, stationed outside the doors of the Hall, four more barred the doors.

“Snorri Snorrisson. We had an understanding. I would aid the construction of your Guild school, and you would devote yourself to the prototype you demonstrated. I understand other things have developed from your research, such as the Arquebuses. They will be invaluable to our forces in time, I do not doubt. 
“And yet, I have had reports that your time has not been dedicated as per our agreement. This will change. Now, go. Continue your work. I expect you to progress.” Two of the Guards marched forward, and it was obvious that the audience was over. The Guild-Lord turned on the spot, and strode with all of his dignity to the Hall’s doors.


The King sighed and sagged into the throne once the inventor had left, rubbing his temples soothingly. A number of his aides entered once Snorri had left. Amongst their number was a physician, his hair and beard snow white, back hunched forward and dependant on a stick to walk. Two assistants were with him - a human carrying the majority of the least dangerous items in case they were needed, and a dwarf who helped support the elderly dwarf and carried some of the more potent medicines.

Once he had reached the king, the elderly dwarf studied the king with milky eyes, and a worried look on his face. “My King ... Does it worsen?”
Before his liege could reply, the dwarf gestured to his dwarven assistant who immediately sent a hand delving into one of his pouches and withdrew a vial so delicate and small that barely more than a teardrop of liquid would fit within it. He handed it to his master and then stepped back slightly.
“This is something I would rather not try, your grace, but I fear anything less will only serve to worsen the problem, as sometimes happens with ... Illnesses like yours.”

“Just give me the damnable medicine, Mordrun.”

Three Days Later

Prince Farin was in the training yard, commonly referred to as The Forge, sparring with the elite of his father’s Guard, armour off. The muscles in his arms were taught, large fists clenched around the haft of a large hammer. Three warriors surrounded him, and attempted to land blows. There were obvious signs where they had succeeded, but nothing threatening to the Prince.

A young human boy, one of the Palace runners, ran into the yard and received a number of irritated glares from the soldiers training there - it was out of the ordinary for training within The Forge to be interrupted for any reason. Nervously, he boy slowed and then approached the prince slowly, close enough to be seen but far enough to not be intruding. He looked at his feet awkwardly whilst he waited to be called on.

Growling incomprehensibly, the Prince held up a hand and wordlessly called a halt to the training session, and handed his hammer off to a Palace servant whilst cracking his neck and then his knuckles. “I assume you’re here for me, runner?” he said, voice careless, as he grabbed a cloth and wiped a few beads of sweat from his face.

“Ye-yes, my Prince. King Gandogar requires your immediate presence in the Hall. He ... I beg your pardon, my Prince, but he told me to say he said, ‘Tell him his worthless arse had better be here by the midday bells, or he’ll wish his mother had never given birth to him.’” The boy looked nervous, unsure whether it would have been wiser to leave the King’s quote unspoken, or whether the omission could have left him in more trouble.

The Prince, however, had already started leaving, cursing. He had only minutes to attend upon his father - not enough time to change into courtly clothes or put on his armour. “Well, screw it - he wanted me to go immediately.” he grumbled to himself as he left the yard, striding quickly through the tall, bright and airy corridors of the Palace, completely unlike the close, small corridors of the Engineer’s Guild or any number of other dwarven abodes.


King Gandogar was sat on his throne once more, looking concerned as he leant forward with interest, resting his chin on his interlocked hands. The ruby in the throne seemed to shine with a deeper red than usual in the light from the walls. A human messenger stood before him, different from the humans of Kerin-Curan in so many ways, and yet so similar. Beyond him, in the back third of the Hall, courtiers had packed in so tightly that they could barely move - a cordon of King’s Guards had stopped them getting any further forward.

The Prince appeared from one of the side doors, and seemed confused by the audience and the solitary human before his father for a second, although he continued as if unphased, taking up a place just behind and to the right of the throne.

The King looked sidelong at his heir and nodded, before turning his attention back to the foreigner. “If you would please repeat your message, sir.” The King gestured with his right hand, and the messenger nodded thankfully.

“Your Grace, I come bearing a message from the Pirate Lord of Dagren. I am Captain Yelik, of the Sea Speed. Our lands have recently been the victim of attacks, and many of our soldiers have died. As it stands, if we are attacked again, we may not be able to repel the invaders.
“Due to the agreement between our nations, the Pirate Lord requests your aid in defending our lands.”

Astonished murmurs began in the crowd at the entrance of the Hall, men and women, humans and dwarves conversing in quick, hushed tones. The King allowed this for a couple of minutes, before standing and holding up his right hand in a fist.

“The lands of Dagren have come under attack - we may not know the enemy, or their strength, but our honour would be gone if we did not heed our standing alliance and send them aid. So know this - for the first time in three thousand years, the armies of Kerin-Curan shall be amassed to fight a true enemy!” The King then gestured to a captain of the Guard, and spoke to him in hushed tones. Within minutes, after a few barked commands, the soldiers ushered the members of the court into the antechamber.


The lords and ladies of Kerin-Curan who could immediately travel to Kazel had done so, and two days after Captain Yelik had made his announcement to the Court, half of them had gathered in the capital. Men and dwarves sat in the Council Chamber, talking quietly until the king entered, accompanied by Prince Farin, Physician Mordrun and Captain Yelik.

Silence fell immediately, and all faces turned to look at their monarch, who looked to be struggling slightly, although apart from that, he looked better than he had in years.

“Lords and Ladies, man and dwarf ... We have gathered to discuss the response of Kerin-Curan to the call for aid from our ally, Dagren. The Pirate Lord has sent Captain Yelik as an emissary to us.
“I feel we are honour-bound to answer this call for aid, and have a proposal. I shall then open the floor to other suggestions, and then I shall make a decision.
“I propose splitting our aid between each of the three islands which make up Dagren - now that we control the Northern Isle and Feras. I suggest sending a combined total of fifteen thousand soldiers to show our commitment, a third made up of conscripts. This will leave us a sizeable force here, but should be enough to defend the islands.”

A low rumble erupted from the assembled lords and ladies. A few sounded outraged, a few spoke out in support, but the majority were mid-way between the two.

“Your Grace ...” began Lord Guyere, “My daughter is in the lands of Dagren, as I’m sure you know, married to their lord to cement our alliance. I would entreat you all to consider what we would be doing by refusing to send aid.” The real meaning behind his words hung in the air - Do not leave my daughter to die at the hands of an unknown attacker. The king nodded his head thoughtfully.

“Of course, Lord Guyere, I had not forgotten. As I say, if we do not send aid, we should consider ourselves base cowards.”


The debate had been raging for hours, the lords and ladies swinging backwards and forwards in their opinions on aiding Dagren. The current mood favoured sending aid, and King Gandogar was tiring of the endless talking. He had ever been a dwarf who did, despite his steady nature - before his father, Kili Turansson, The Forger, had died Gandogar had often travelled across Kerin-Curan.

He coughed and Mordrun stood awkwardly and shuffled to his side, with a small, clear bottle. The king sighed and drank it, stopping the feel of disgust reaching his face. Prince Farin had been vocal in his support for his father, and Bokkad had weighed in, but beyond his opening statements Gandogar had merely observed the debate. His feelings were obvious.

Eventually, Gandogar took up the ceremonial hammer by his throne and dropped it, as he often did to draw attention to him rather than raise his voice. Silence fell, and all faces looked to him.

“I have listened to the debate, arguments both for and against sending aid to Dagren. I would call upon Captain Yelik once more, in case he has anything more to add, and then present my final decision.” With a wave of his hand, Captain Yelik moved once more to the position before the throne where petitioners stood.

“Your Grace, I have no new information to present. I would, however, like to make a personal entreaty.
“I have lived most of my life on the sea, but the Eastern Isle is my home, and whilst we are seen as a piratical nation, I have seen people with worse lives when visiting supposedly ‘advanced’ societies. I have family on the Eastern Isle, whom I care about deeply. I do not even know if they still live.
“Yes, we practice piracy - I have - and will continue to - practice piracy. It is a way of life. It is how I support my wife and children, how I pay for the medicine my ailing father-in-law requires. 
“And yet our children are raised on the stories of Kerin-Curan, the honour and strength which you symbolise. You do not seek war, and because of the respect you have in Dagren, we do not seek to anger you. Our captains do not raid your lands, do not attack your ships.
“Please, your grace, I entreat you - aid us. You would have the undying gratitude of our people, and our captains.”

The king looked thoughtful for a moment, and leant forward in his throne, resting his chin on his clasped hands. “I thank you for your input, Captain Yelik, and I assure you, I do plan to send aid.”

Leaning on the haft of his hammer, the king stood. “Lords and Ladies of Kerin-Curan! I have made my decision. For the first time in three millennia, and for the first time in our history, we are going war!”

Silence met his words for a moment, and then all the dwarves present, as one, stamped their right foot. This became a quick tempo, resounding throughout the Palace and High Keep.



Province 7 - Build Training Hall
Province 11 - Research Engineer's Academy (School of Science)
Province 12 - Research Mechanical Warriors

-16 ships - Sea Province 90

Transport (to Province 8):-
1000 Heavy Infantry
1000 Conscripts
1000 Crossbowmen
2 Mages

-16 Ships- Sea Province 91
Transport (to Province 9):-
1000 Heavy Infantry
1000 Conscripts
1000 Crossbowmen
2 Mages

-16 Ships- Sea Province 92
Transport (to Province 10):-
1000 Heavy Infantry
1000 Conscripts
1000 Crossbowmen
2 Mages


Military Positioning:
Province 12 -
Conscripts - 99,000
23,000 Heavy Infantry
24,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
497 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 11 -
Conscripts - 98,000
22,000 Heavy Infantry
23,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
497 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 7 -
2 Magi
3000 Heavy Infantry

Province 8 -
1000 Heavy Infantry
1000 Conscripts
1000 Crossbowmen
2 Mages

Province 9 -
1000 Heavy Infantry
1000 Conscripts
1000 Crossbowmen
2 Mages

Province 10 -
1000 Heavy Infantry
1000 Conscripts
1000 Crossbowmen
2 Mages

Naval Positioning:
77, 78, 87, 90, 91, 92, 86, 70 - 100 Ironclads each
76 - 300 Ironclads
79 - 200 Ships

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon

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Default Salthiusar (18): Turn 6, Summer of 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

5th of Risen Sun, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

“This is dire,” Said Irèsp. “They’ve crossed the damned sea?” He slammed his hand on the desk, which promptly shook. Every item on the desk emitted a blue glow and rose slightly.

“I’m afraid so, sir.” Replied Phaeric, obviously slightly afraid of Irèsp. When Irèsp got frustrated or scared, he tended to make people wet themselves – as Phaeric, despite his immense self-control, was struggling to prevent. “Likome has requested troops to help against its forces. In fact, Likome has requested it from all members of the Alliance.”

Irèsp, noticing the Guardian’s obvious fear (which was no mean feat), lowered the objects and sat down, calming down. “I’m sorry for that. Withdraw the Guardians we posted over the sea, and quickly. As for Likome, we cannot afford to send many Guardians. We must send troops, however.”

“You surely don’t mean to-”

“I do mean to, Phaeric. We must send citizens. I have feared this moment for long, and it has finally arrived. Send five Magi contingents to Likome. Form and prepare all other contingents for home defence, should the need arise. 1 Guardian, 100 citizens each. If the reports from our next clash with the Shadow come back unfavourably, we must prepare more. It is a regrettable act, but the citizens will undoubtedly understand the need.”

Phaeric nodded in resignation for the report he was to bring to Slaér. “Aek reon illum ekret”, he spoke in Ancient Elvish, a language known by fewer than a thousand in the entirety of Kolnur. Traditionally, before the onset of a war in which deaths would occur, this farewell was used in place of any other that any would use. Meaning ‘may the way be bright’, some scholars argue it often meant a farewell of uncertain following. Phaeric wondered if it would be returned.

“Té’aek munil nocris em hilret.” Irèsp replied, much to Phaeric’s surprise. “It means: And let no Shadow finish us’. I learnt it when I was young, like Slaér, when it was in use. Now, hurry forth.”


7th of Risen Sun, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

Calleis watched his protégé’s minor breakthrough on the knife – how to leak it – with interest. The ethereal streams of blood would pour from the tip when touching the depressions of a summoning circle. Luckily, it only summoned a lesser demon, easily dispelled, but it was something new.

“Interesting.” Calleis mused. “I’ve certainly never seen anything do that before. Hell, I’ve never seen anything so well enchanted. Ideas?”

“Maybe some form of inter-magic attraction?” suggested Eyrion, who had found the blade’s pouring reaction. “We know enchantments normally take a negative force, as do summoning spells. Maybe it’s, well… positive?”

“I think we have something here. Perhaps the blood itself has the positive force, and wants to cross to the magic? Let’s drain it, and see how the blade alone reacts to both forces. I’ll arrange for some Stardust to make its way here. Meanwhile, start draining it. And for Galthrax’s sake, don’t let anything get out.”

Eyrion bowed, and hustled to begin the process. Calleis quickly scribed the new development in the research log, and then sent flying notes to both Irèsp and the Trade Master. Research was step 1. And they hadn’t even finished yet.


7th of Risen Sun, 17th Era 64 (Common: 1244)

Slaér was visibly angry. It was a time of war, and Salthiusar was obsessed with a damned knife? As much as his scholarly and magical interest was aroused by the object, there were much more pressing matters. All 500 contingents had been sent for preparation. Then Calleis’ note landed on Irèsp’s desk, and he turned around to calm down as Irèsp read it. After a sigh, Irèsp spoke in a low tone.

“Slaér, the knife isn’t anything normal. Think of the weapons you could get from this. A single blow knocking one of those metal monstrosities to its knees could be possible by this.”

“Pfft,” Slaér dismissed. “We have magic for that. As useful as a sword is, only 500 of us ever use them, and the rest aren’t going to be a whole lot better off from an enchanted weapon.”

“Then let’s train them to use them.”

“You’re insane.”

“Whether that is true or not, my point still stands. We need a way to recoup losses, as will come. So let’s build a Training Hall.”

“I repeat myself – you’re insane.”

“Oh, come on Slaér! You’re acting like a child! You have lived for thousands of years, and I am almost twice your elder. We have lived long enough to see empires fall to dust, and you’re calling me insane for a suggestion?”

Slaér almost began, but halted before he spoke. He let out a great sigh. “I guess you’re right here. I apologise for any infantilism I have displayed, and wholeheartedly agree with your plan. Genuinely.”

“I thought you’d see sense. Now, shall we integrate it into the Alliance’s base?”



“Do we need to start this again?”

-All of Salthiusar’s troops are prepared for imminent war;
-Enchantment begins research (formally);
-Training Hall is built in Salthiusar, Province 18;
-Five contingents (100 Magi and 1 Guardian each) are sent to Likome (13/14/20, wherever needed/dictated by Likome's government) to hold back the Shadow.
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“Gone? What do you mean, ‘GONE’?” Farin bellowed, as he leant on the stone table before him. He growled and slammed a fist down on the table. His neck as red as a beetroot and a scowl contorted his face. Behind him, his wife ushered their children - who looked confused and scared - into another room.

“Dis-disappeared, my lord. Th-the king requested he be su-summoned and when I got to his apartments, they were em-empty. I was dis-dispatched to request your presence im-immediately in hi-his apartments.” The messenger was quivering in his hardy, light leather boots, the prince’s anger terrifying him. With a snort, the prince grabbed his stein of ale and downed it, before shifting his belt slightly and striding from the room without a word. Once he passed through the door, two Guards fell in behind in.


“I understand we have an errant Captain, father,” Farin remarked sarcastically as he entered, sitting in a plush chair opposite his father. Gandogar turned his fiery gaze upon his son.

“This is no time to be flippant, you ignorant whelp. Lord-General Bokkad has just informed me - the troops we sent to Dagren. We have lost contact. They’re gone.” Farin was speechless, his bearded face paling slightly.

“All nine thousand? How can we lose contact with nine thousand soldiers? They ... They had the power of the Ancestors with them!”

“Precisely. It’s a damned frakking disaster, Farin. Three thousand conscripts ... Three thousand! I should never have sent them ... ”

“No, your grace, you were right to send them! Our allies called on us for aid, and we honoured our agreement. The lords ... Your people will know and understand that!
"It is not our fault they are base, faithless cowards.”

The king sighed and leant forward, grabbing his stein. Like his son had minutes before, he drank it in one swig. Placing it down on the table, stone with intricate carving on it, he tapped the metal vessel and a servant leapt forward to refill it.

“I’m too old and tired for this, Farin. This war comes too late in my life.”

“Karuk, father! Your will is as indomitable as the mountains, your fire as hot as the forges! This war is only going to be another example of how you are the greatest king of Kerin-Curan since the Father founded it!”

“If only that was true, Farin. I fear it is the beginning of the end of my reign, and the beginning of yours ...”

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Roleplay Characters
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Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
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Firelight could be seen from the Great Khan's yurt as the wind ruffled the entrance. Raised voices and slamming of fists could be heard, but the sentries knew not to mettle in the War Council's dealings.

"But Khan, what of the Shadow in the East?" spat Captain Bok-Qacha.

"Pardon my impertinence, but the Aniceans can deal with their own problems. The horde is ready to strike!"

Captain Vachir rose to his feet, "Qacha, the Khan speaks wisely. This war is to be played out with strategy not hot-headednes!"

Rising from his cushion, the Khan strode to the table dominating the center of the yurt. Upon it lay a map of the lands of Kolnur with allied troop deployments and projected enemy forces denoted by clay figurines. Planting his fist in the center, on the location of Mount Kogan, the Khan spoke: "Aye Qacha, I understand your argument. In my youth, I would have listened as well. But we stand on the cusp of something great and terrible in equal measure. We will only survive, and win, with the aid of our allies. Thus, my hand is forced. The contingent will be sent to the Northern Peninsula to aid the people of Likome and the Horde will move bide it's time."

"But sir, your speech! It stirred the men. It reminded me of everything we have been raised to know as truth. We are all ready to follow you into the mouth of Hell! To die valiantly in combat with the Shadow!" Qacha was getting emotional by this point.

"Qacha, the men will do as ordered. That is what they have been trained to do. The Thousand-Thousand Hooves will indeed crash upon the Shadow, but not in the East just yet."

The Khan spoke and his word was law. The armies would be redeployed and the combat with the Shadow in the East would be delayed for another season.


Nearly a season had passed and the threat from the Shadow had undoubtedly grown. The Great Khan's horde had arrived quickly to the repaired fortifications in 26. The season had done the land well, and the Khan was pleased this land had been absorbed so well into the fold. Deploying his men to the field, he gave the order to hold their positions until further orders.

"Bring me a scribe!" the Khan shouted.

"No need for that milord" replied Mafis.

"Skies above! What are you doing here? I thought you were in Kogan-sul tending to the war effort."

"Milord, we corresponded not a fortnight ago. I have been on my routine inspection of the lands of Kogan-sul. Did you not read the letter I wrote?" The faintest smile could be seen on the man's face.

The Khan chuckled, "ah of course. So many plans, I had forgotten. Good to have you here regardless."

"You needed me to pen a letter, milord?" Mafis said, quill already in hand.

"Immediately. This is of great import."

"To whom do I address this?" Mafis knew, though he thought to humor the Khan.

"To the Pure, or whatever they fancy to call themselves. They have been at war with Anicea and I cannot stand by as they slaughter an ally!" The Khan poured a goblet of wine and sat to dictate his demands.

To the Pure,
Your hostilities with the lands of Anicea, Robualy and Esterwynne have not gone unnoticed by the Great Khan. It displeases the Grand Horde immensely at your brazen attacks on these noble states, but does not surprise us. You took the easy path, as any weak leader would. Now, your choice is an easy one. Withdraw from any and all occupied territories and stand down from any and all current fronts. You have until the changing of the seasons to respond. If you decline our hospitably offer, we will be swift in our response.

Mafis chuckled. "Eloquent as always, milord."


Research This is my BOOMSTICK!


1000 Heavy Cavalry 25,26,27,28,29


69,663 Heavy Infantry from 28 to 26
30,438 Artillery from 28 to 26
93,891 Heavy Cavalry from 28 to 26
40,816 Archers from 28 to 26
98,384 Light Cavalry from 28 to 26
173,263 Conscripts from 28 to 26
5,000 Archers, 5,000 Heavy Cavalry deploy with 500 Ironclads to Likomean territory

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All I can say is holy meltafuck.
Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
a massive mess of incorrect information and patrotic [email protected]$%s wiggling.

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"My Lord, the Training Halls in the our regional capitals are complete and the Legions that took casualties from the last raid by the darkness are back to full combat effectiveness," the military aide reported as he read off from the slate he was holding. "Also, we have reports back that the diplomat that you sent to the Turokhi has been imprisoned, and..."

"What was that part?" interrupted the Emperor setting his drink down and turning to the aide with an angry and disbelieving tone. "The Turokhi have done what?"

The aide restated the last part a little more timidly, "My lord, the governor reported that the diplomatic emissary that you sent to the Turokhi have imprisoned our diplomat. and he requests your orders as to what you would like him to do about it. What orders should I send the governor, my Lord?"

"Those jackals. Send one a messenger to the Turokhi whores that if they do not release our emissary immediately then the Empire will consider this a direct act of war. And the tell the governor of 39 to put his legions on alert." With the orders given to aid the Emperor waved the aid to go and poured himself another cup of aged brandy.

"My Lord, I hate to impose but there is one last thing to report." The aide sheepishly mumbled while looking at the floor." We have finally received a response from the Pure about an alliance and non-aggression pact."

"Well then report man. Your not ganna be put on report for doing your duty"

"Well sir, they have sent back a messenger asking if the offer is still on the table. What do you want me to tell him sir?" The aide asked.

"So, the Pure thinks that the Empire isn't important enough to respond to in a timely fashion? And they don't even have the resect for us to even accept or counter offer?" The Emperor stated with disdain and shot the rest of his brandy down in one large gulp. "Tell the Pure's messenger that their holy diet can shove our alliance proposal up his arse. And then have the messenger escorted out of our lands. And he even tries to delay or anything, have him crucified."

Diplomatic Actions
Messenger sent to the Turokhi demanding the release of the Empires Diplomat

Other Actions
Territory 39- Train Heavy Infantry
Territory 41- Research Trains
Territory 42- Train Heavy Infantry
Territory 65- Train Heavy Infantry

Check out my Angels of Retribution fluff!! All c&c is welcome

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Posted for the Pure


Lord Janos Slynt was hunched over the map, only a single candle illuminating the room forming a pool of golden light around the map table surrounded by the otherwise dark room.

His mind was troubled, as a member of the Thirteen he was responsible for ensuring the survival and expansion of the Pure. And right now that survival was looking unlikely, unless...

Enemies lay to the west, north and south, he knew that. But what of the east? Could it be from there their salvation ....

Lord Slynt was brought back to reality by the sound of footsteps on the marble floor of the throne room. He raised his gaze and saw two men walking towards him.

One of the men held himself upright, walking proudly and with a swagger that could only be achieved from years in the military. The other was slouched, scurrying to keep up with the long strides of his companion, from his stance he instantly appeared as a servant to lord slynt.

Janos straightened as the two men stepped into the light and saw that he was right. One of the men, holding himself proudly, was Lord Commander Nicholas Murbon, chief of the Pure's armies. And beside him stood an acolyte that Janos could not name, clutching a letter.

Lord Slynt turned first to the lord commander, nodding his head to indicate the general should speak.

"Our men are hungry for war sir. What orders should i give them?"

"We are not yet strong enough for the Crusade. We need more troops, and more importantly we need guns. I want Arquebussers trained in every major city."

"Wise words Lord Slynt. Good day."

"Good day and may the Immortal Lord's Light guide you."

As the Lord Commander turned and marched off back the way he had come Lord Slynt turned to the acolyte, holding out his hand for the letter.

The paper was thick and Lord Janos immediately recognized the seal of the Kogan-Sul. Opening it dutifully but already knowing what it would contain he read quickly.

Wasting no time in speaking he reeled off his reply as the acolyte frantically scribbled away.

"The Pure regrets to inform you that too much of it's people time and work have been put into the newly saved lands for them to be given away at the slightest whim of a foreign nation.

Flexing your muscles and threatening may work for the lesser nations but if you took the time to question of the Robualian citizens, now living under the immortal lord, you would find their lives much improved since we removed the stain of the Robualy from their lands. So we will not withdraw, not for you or any nation.

And of this aggression towards other nations i say this, we have not shown open aggression, only flexed our muscles as you have now and replied much as we have to you.

Good day and may the Immortal Lord's light one day shine on you."

Satisfied with his response Lord Slynt sent the acolyte away and turned his attention back to the lands to the east. After a moments thought he raised his hand and called for a scribe...


Arquebussers begin training in provinces 34, 35, 36 and 37.


Letter sent to Kogan-Sul

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


Give a man a match and he will be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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