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Sebastian once again looked at his council, brought back in front of him. Slowly he looked across at them. His generals and so-called commanders had failed him "what, happened?" He eventually said coldly "I remember being promised a clean victory and a new batch supplies that we could use against the shadows. Instead I find myself being threatened by the other nations, our armies shattered and to top of everything you failed to even recognize the size of the force within Gayur!" Practically yelling now Sebastian stood from his throne before slamming his palms down on the table "What happened?!"

"M'lord, there was no way we could expect this reaction from the other nations, and the shear size of the Gayurian force was equal to that of a current power all in a single territory" one Commander began

"Then why, did you not even send a scouting force! What possessed the so-called heroes of Terra to march in to an enemy nation unprepared hopping that victory will magically occur!" At this, one figure stood a single commander near the back of the table, as Sebastian re-called he was only allowed to be here because he was involved with the failed campaign "Your highness" General LeMarc began
"While I understand that this war was doomed to be a failure from the beginning, now is not the time to cast blame. Some of our men are still in danger and the rest are furious, before we punish, we must show the men and the people we still fight for them, and we need to leave the war behind us for now and prepare for the shadows as well."
"To what extent, is the soldiers fury?" another commander asked.

"Sir I commanded the first attack, even before the battle the men were furious of going to war and leaving their homes undefended against the shadows. I had only started to raise morale when I was re-placed by another commander. And a few days ago I found an empty guard post that should of been full of around 20 men. All they left was this" LeMarc said as he pulled a roughly cut piece of cloth from one of his pouches and laid it on the table. On the cloth was a simple circle, inside it a smaller circle with a straight line coming out of and going it to the other edge of the larger circle. Silence filled the room as everyone looked at the flag of the rebellion.

Finally sebastion spoke "Bring all the soldiers back to their post, we will re-build our losses, as for this" he said gesturing to the flag laid our on the table "I want Mclanahan's head on a stick, eradicate any rebels, civilian or soldier as soon as they have this flag they are enemies of the state. And send emissaries out demanding reinforcements from the other nations against the shadows in return of leaving Gayur" And once again Sebastian left the others to themselves, as he left though he thought he heard the General LeMarc begin to speak out against his ideas claiming that the people needed care and not not destruction. But Sebastian ignored him he fought well and seemed to be popular punishing him for speaking against him would only further dampen his reputation.

Diplomats sent to all neighbors demanding reinforcements against the shadows until Terra can reclaim its losses.
Terran declares an unconditional peace with Gayur (and pulls men out while diplomats are sent)
All diplomats from other countries are ordered to return to their country.

All remaining soldiers are pulled back into province 44

4,000 Conscripts (total) in 44 and 43 are to be trained

OOC- Sorry I'm a little late I've been pretty sick recently and decided to procrastinate... anyways I hope its okay and up to standard being a little rushed and all

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Autumn of 1243

They continue to fight. From the wars raging across the lands victors begin to emerge as the armies of a hundred nations clash over seemingly nothing. There are those who aim to expand their land. There are those that seek to protect those who are under attack and then there are those who go to war just to see their enemies blood spilt. However this war can only last so long as the nations begin to exhaust their supplies of soldiers and weapons they will be forced to turn towards an altogether more grave enemy, the Shadow. And if you have waged war against all then you will have no-one to stand beside you in combat.
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The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


Give a man a match and he will be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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Prince Farin was standing on the forecastle of The Sea’s Thunder’s, his personal Ironclad, and saw the main port of the Northern Island come into view on the horizon. He turned and saw the rest of his fleet following in the standard formation for peacetime sailing, although the Prince’s Guard, dwarves in full plate armour over chainmail and heavy, two handed hammers, were on edge. Prince Farin ran his calloused right hand through his thick brown beard, rings on his fingers clinking off the jewelry adorning his facial hair. He shook his head.
The Northern Isle was essentially devoid of any military force, the pirates having vacated the island once the Pirate Lord had married Jenine Guyere. The wedding, a prodigious affair in Kazel in late summer had been paid for entirely by King Gandogar and had cemented the peace between the pirates and Kerin-Curan - although it was all but suicide for anything but an all-out assault on the Royal Navy for them to become a threat. It was now Farin’s task to ensure that the new subjects of the dwarven king, nearly one million of them, accepted his rule. And so, with a smile on his face, he turned back towards the port. Two thousand heavy infantry, including two hundred Prince’s Guard, should be able to subdue any potential uprising. And then the prince thought of the two magi who had been sent with the ambassador. 'The potential to use the Ancestors in a fight' ... The very thought made goosebumps appear on his muscled arms, and he shivered as if someone had walked over his grave. Ten thousand. More than enough to subdue the peasants if they attempted anything.


The sounds of the port came into range of hearing. Almost as if it’s a carnival, he thought with an amused smile on his face.

The ship’s captain, an affable enough dwarf who had lived as long on the seas as he had on land, approached, bowing low. “My Lord Prince, we shall arrive in Feras’ port within the hour. Those ships not carrying troops are already spreading out to provide a cordon, and those who are have already started maneuvering themselves into docking order.
“We shall dock fifth, my Lord, to secure the harb-”

“No, Captain, we shall dock first. I will not have it said that Farin, son of Gandogar, Prince of Kerin-Curan was too scared to be the first too step foot on new lands. Ah, no arguments, Captain. Send the orders.”

“Yes, my Lord Prince.” With another bow, Captain Fjiern Arliisson backed away and returned to the quarter deck and order the signal bearer to send the orders to rearrange the order.


As his son approached the port of Feras on the North Island, King Gandogar sat in his private study in the tallest tower of Kazel’s High Keep. The desk looked over the port of Kazel, and in the distance on a clear day the mainland of Kolnur could be seen. Behind his high-backed chair, double doors twice as tall as the king were flanked by dwarves in full armour, motionless as statues. Before him, two stewards sat and shared beer with their liege as they discussed the accounts. The wedding had been costly, but nothing the treasury couldn’t absorb. The military was an expense that had been borne for decades and wasn’t worrying.

The main problem Gandogar faced was the expansion to the Northern Isle. Since the founding of the country there had been no imperial drive behind the kings, and their expansion only involved new cities and towns, bigger, more efficient farms. He sighed. His son was more likely to have a better head for expansion than he, but he knew he had had to go - the prince was too hotheaded to stay whilst his father voyaged, and the king was growing too old for even a short sea-journey, although it would be one of the least he had undertaken. He recalled his youth, sailing the seas and captaining a ship. Another sigh, and then he came back to the present.

“We need to ensure we can keep our hold on the Northern Isle secure. Feras is just the beginning, I am afraid.

“Yogar, I have two tasks for you. Firstly, send a message to Guild-Master Snorri Snorrisson. I need those weapons he is working on, and for the main project. I fear delays of more than two years are unacceptable - we need them immediately. And then, we need to open the Bay. You shall summon Guild-Master Hilrim Glororsson - Kazel shall have a Trade Market the like of which is unprecedented in our history. Our allies shall be welcome to trade, after we have determined where we shall base it.
“Yorin, organise diplomats to the Great Trade Republic and Kogan-Sul. Offer them preferential trade, once we have our Market organised. Anything they can offer, we shall look to them for first.”
“Now, go. See to your tasks. I think I shall stay and look out over the bay ... Look at the ships riding the waves ... How I wish I was young enough to man one of them again ...” And then he lapsed into thoughtful silence and the two stewards bowed awkwardly and exited the room, sharing looks of quiet concern.


-Province 12 - Research Arquebuses (Turn 2)
-Province 11 - Build 100 Ironclads (Turn 1)
-Province 7 -Train 1000 Heavy Infantry (Turn 1)

-200 Ironclads in Sea Province 76 move to 77
-200 Ships move to Sea Province 79
-2000 Heavy Infantry move from Province 12 to Province 7

Ambassador sent to Alawat Khan - offer of Preferential Trade Agreement
Ambassador sent to Great Trade Republic - offer of Preferential Trade Agreement

Military Positioning:
Province 12 -
Conscripts - 100,000
23,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
498 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 11 -
Conscripts - 100,000
25,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
500 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 7 -
2 Magi
2000 Heavy Infantry

Naval Positioning:
77, 78, 87, 90, 91, 92 - 100 Ironclads each
76 - 300 Ironclads
86 - 100 Ironclads
79 - 200 Ships

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon

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2nd of Redeath, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)

‘Perhaps the best-known illusionary tactic is that of the concealed army. It requires only enough competent magi to conjure the illusion of thousands upon thousands of spectral bodies, identical to the real army, and competent enough troops to take a great toll to one side. The spirits take most of the line, while the army is stationed in a small section. This small section will hit harder than the spirits, break a line and flood into it, breaking the army apart piecemeal.’ –Aeven the Conjurer, in Illusionary Strategy: A Compendium.

“And so it goes,” Slaér stated. “Your training is complete. Let us hope we are now more competent, and that our forces are ready. Now, I must discuss a matter of great importance, the decision on which I cannot decide alone. We are 500. Our enemies are thousands. Do we recruit more full-time Guardians? Or do we rely on citizen aid?”

The room began to murmur, the crystal ringing with swift memory, as the Defendants began to argue. Rather than try and stop the conflict, he joined in, letting the walls do their work. When it came time to decide, the results were clear. Salthiusar had made an accurate estimate: 8 for and 3 against in the opening, but 3 for, 3 against and 5 abstaining when the conversations had finished. It had been decided that the recruitment drive would take place if war appeared likely, but citizens would need to understand the possibility.


9th of Redeath, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)

The rain came down like the tears of a child, or the rays of the sun, continually and determinedly. Salthiusar glowed in response to the dark aura as a result of the inclement weather, to enlighten its streets, its people and itself. For the few farmers who operated outside of the city, it was a haven, watering their final crops, magically enhanced to grow before the cold set in. For all others, it made the world dark and gloomy, except for Irèsp – he did not feel it from the sky. He felt it from the East.

The Shadow was moving, stirring, becoming agitated. It was coming, and he was, for the first time in his thousands of years, unsure if the Guardians would hold it from ransacking Kolnur’s greatest centre of knowledge.

“Even the weakest of caterpillars may one day become a beautiful butterfly, pouring weeks of work into its metamorphosis,” Irèsp advised. “And by the same coin, even the most beautiful of butterflies may be destroyed by a stray wind, blowing it into a tree, or a bird, swooping upon it in a moment of rest. Every day of its life, it lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, and worries about the next day. Every second of work to keep it alive could be demolished in an instant.

“I apply this to our city. It lives and breathes, and listens and sleeps. It has taken centuries of work to build this city, its libraries, its schools, its accommodation, its people. And to think, all of this work could all be destroyed by a single, barbaric force, with no respect for knowledge. Worse still is the enemy that destroys us just for being, or to take all our work for his own. This is why I worry, Slaèr. This is why I toil – why we all toil – to preserve ourselves, and our city. I cannot stand by and watch us be destroyed, whether we are taken by the Shadow, or by a jealous or barbaric neighbour. I have appointed you Protector to protect this work. I cannot let you fail.”

“I understand.” Slaèr, who had been standing by Irèsp in his office, responded.

“Please do not let it all go to waste, I implore you.”

“I shall strive to see it never happens.”

“That reassures me. Now, I must be gone. This evening has made me taciturn, and I must attend to… duties.” Irèsp walked to the door.
“Thank you for the visit, sir.”

Irèsp turned in the threshold. “You know not to call me sir. I deserve no more respect than you. Call me by my name.” He turned again, leaving Slaèr to his work.


3rd of Darkening, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)

As the final harvest commenced, the sun shone through the cold that was insidiously permeating through the city. The market was bustling, the people were bracing themselves for the cold, and the preparations for the Founding Festival had begun. The Founding Festival was held on the 20th of Darkening, every year, commemorating the beginning of the singing of Salthiusar. It ended the next year, on the 30th of Sunken Sun, as the city had been completed so many thousands of years ago.

Breaths began to steam, creating a dissipating cloud above the market, often busy at this time of year. The relative lack of children in the city kept it calm and made it harder to trip over the small, but it also made tit-tat much harder to sell. The traders were selling supplies in the one time of year when sales would change. Most trade was made by contract, and the city itself removed most need for a monetary system – yet it still existed. Most of the guild bodies – the Mage’s Guild, the Salth Library, the Particulara, etc – all provided food, accommodation and clothes to the city’s many scholars, by paying the city’s few traders. Most of these took accommodation for half a month in the city and went travelling, lest they join the ranks of the Salth. However, their wares were still in supply and demand at the time, and none would stop that.

However, this year saw a shift. The market had been opened to other nations, to send their traders to exchange any needed wares. One small bandit clan, who resided on the nearby plains, sent a group of ‘traders’ to steal others’ wares. They were soon put down, the wares returned. One good of note was the crystal tree, always a favourite. They were miniaturised versions of the rare Songwood trees, which grew the crystals for singing into shapes and forms. It was tradition to sing an animal’s shape over the period, to symbolise the festival. It was a busy time. But was it to be the last?


3rd of Darkening, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)

‘Reports have been coming in from the south, stating that nations who have previously kept to themselves have begun to attack one another. Further sources indicate the seabound nations to the west are getting on peacefully, and the Shadow is getting more active by the day in the east.

Founder, I implore you that preparations are made to defend our walls. We cannot take some of these forces.


“That’s not reassuring.” Stated Irèsp.

“I agree with you. We need to up our relations with various nations, and better our defensive tactics.” Slaér replied.

“So invite them to market. Keep the market around for longer, and offer more support for the traders. We need some diversity, and the traders need the money.”

“Your will be done.”

-Salthiusar’s market opens again for the coming year, and may stay open for others if it helps their cause. Placed in Province 18, Salthiusar. All traders will be subject to searches and checks by Guardians throughout their time in the city (to prevent unscrupulous traders getting away with it) and are advised to leave the city for a few days every half month or so, to prevent them gaining the Curse of Years.

-Darkorin, Skibul, Indiga and Esterwynne are invited to trade in Salthiusar’s market freely, based on existing peace.

-Ambassadors sent to Likome, Kerin-Curan, Anicea, Kogan-Sul, The Pure and The Great Trade Republic, requesting a ban on hostilities between the nations and Salthiusar. If peace is agreed, the nations may send traders to trade in Salthiusar.

-Sneaky Sneaky begins to be studied in the Rhetoria, Province 18.
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Lords Hibracht and Baggro stood, looking over the force of troops below them. Baggro looked mournful, surveying the soldiers with a great sadness. Hibracht’s face was set, determined and angry.

“Soldiers of the republic!” Hibracht called out, his voice echoing in the large courtyard of the barracks. His gaze slid across the first rank of troops and the two generals at the front.

“We have been attacked, our emissary murdered,” He let the word hang, the brutality of it sinking in. After a few heartbeats, the king continued. “We have called upon you because our allies, the Korgan-Sul have struck out at the Puplori and we must go to their aid! Warriors of the Great Trade Republic, Lord Baggro and myself have agreed to send you on this noble quest for justice!”

He gestured to Baggro, who said nothing, he merely nodded with a stricken look upon his face. Unable to watch further, he swept from the courtyard and disappeared from view as Hibracht continued to rouse the troops.

“We cannot let ourselves devolve in to warlike savages!” Baggro cried to the handful of merchant’s who had arrived to update him on the trade affairs. The merchants looked startled.

“B-but, milord.” A merchant stammered. “The Puplori attacked us, we must defend ourselves!”

“Yes, but where will it end?” Baggro rounded upon him, a desperate anger in his eyes. “We strike now, let’s say we win, it will spur Hibracht on, he’ll want more. He’ll become obsessed, it has always been the way of humans.” He paused as some of the human merchants stiffened, an offended manner. “Some are more afflicted by this than others.” He said smiling. “But I still feel that this pursuit could bring us to ruin.”

“Milord.” Cyrus Miridor spoke up, spreading his hands in a placating manner. “We have ever been peaceful people, I assure you that Lord Hirbracht will see reason, the people will not stand for undue conflict, but we must show that we are not weak. Some of the other nations see martial strength and political power as synonymous, whilst we do not see things this way, we cannot let them see us as weak, or they will simply see us as prey.”

Baggro sighed. “I suppose you are right Cyrus, but we must be careful.”

He turned to the other merchants.

“How goes the re-establishment of the old trade routes?” He asked

“Good news milord, we estimate that they will be established soon, trade with other nations will be possible in a few weeks at most.”

“That is good news.” Baggro said warmly, he waved over the merchants as they continued down the hall.


Troops moved from 32 to reinforce the Korgan-Sul in 33.
Salthiusar peace offering accepted
Kerin-Curan Preferential Trade Agreement accepted

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General LeMarc

Finally, Lemarc thought to himself, as he watched the last of his men leave the train. The last of the soldiers had returned from the pointless, failure of a war and were now back home, sadly though now they had to face a greater threat, the shadows.
Still, even with the ever growing threat of shadows, the world kept turning and Sebastian was, as usual, desperate to gain favor with the other nations. None to surprisingly though, Lemarc was not allowed into any more meetings with the king or his advisers after his previous 'outburst' as it was called.

Regarding the last meeting though all he knew was that many tacticians and scientist were being collected to work on the equipment, training, and efficiency of a new soldier class, the 'heavy infantry' mostly due to seeing how the standard light infantry were torn asunder by Horses, that LeMarc could reason with but many resources that could be spent preparing defenses were being spent chasing rumors of rebellion. However, a more puzzling development was the construction of the 'hub' a massive trade market made to control the nations internal and foreign trade. Personally LeMarc didn't know what to think of this, while trade would keep the economy moving and possibly strengthen the relationships with other countries, it was a massive distraction from the shadows it was making people ignore the threats on their doorsteps. Then again maybe that's a good thing, a scared population is an unfocused population. And as unpopular Sebastian was, he kept the people moving, mostly using threats, fear tactics distraction or even a massive show of force, he either scarred you into line or lured you into it.

But more and more people were resisting these ideas,specifically the soldiers, many men had disappeared without a trace but so far not a single 'runner' has been caught and no rebel spies have admitted to anything. The other commanders say that the shadows stop men from focusing on and evaluating one another's loyalty, but Lemarc knew that the soldiers, the men who had just been forced to fight for no reason, then sent to fight an enemy told in horror stories knowing that they would be slaughtered to help a single man gain favor, they, would never stop another man who wanted to run from it.

Once again LeMarc looked out to the grand city, ever shinning with its golden glow, and its factories always working pumping out their gray smoke as a beacon of power and success, and off in the distance, far behind the mountains, an endless army of monsters threatened all of it. Silently he made a promise to protect the people and their city and see the shadows defeated for good.

'hub being built in area 44
heavy infantry being researched in 43

many men have 'disappeared' strangely though not a single Arquebuser has left his/her post
in total;
Light infantry =30,000
Artillery = 15,000
Heavy Cavalry = 20,000
All men lost in 44 have been replaced by men from 43 (effectively only 43 have lost men)

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wounded space marine: tell... him.... yourself
chaos space marine: wha..
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Lan Halfelven

"We took many casualties from the Shadow along our frontier my lord."

"But we halted the Lich's advance?" Matrim growled at the messenger

"Aye my lord, we drove them back to their own lands. They will not be returning to face Esterwynnian steel for a while." The smugness in the man's tone irked me, he spoke as if he himself had fought in the battle lines, he himself had driven back the Shadow. I had stood in those ranks and watched men I had trained, men I had loved like brothers die. I strode up to the messenger and grabbed him by the collar. "You know nothing of the Shadow boy. I led the Warders when the Alliance fought against it. They feel no fear, no pity, no remorse. We didn't even dent the forces of this one Lich, for he will simply raise another army and then come at us again. I have six Warders watching his force as we speak and every message sent back tells me he is replenishing his forces. Do not speak of what you have no knowledge of," I snarled in his face.

Shocked by the sudden depths of rage that had erupted from me I stepped backwards, leaving the terrified messenger standing, almost paralysed, before me. I saw a single tear streak down his cheek and felt ashamed. He couldn't have even been twenty yet. He turned and fled.

I made to go after him but Matrim laid a placating hand on my shoulder. "I know you regret it," he said quietly. "But that boy will think you're only coming to reprimand him again." He was right but still it stung to be regarded as terrifying when I had spent my entire life trying to protect people like the messenger. "You are right my friend," I said tiredly then smiled laconically. "Maybe I'm getting too old for this. The Gods know, two hundred years is a long time to lead a force like the Warders, particularly for a Half-Elf like me. I should be enjoying my retirement with my wife."

Matrim looked at me and I could see the sorrow in his eyes. I could guess what he was going to say. "Be grateful you still have a wife you could enjoy life with." I started to speak, started to say that I had not meant to make him remember Lyanna, dead since the Shadow washed over our northern lands and took them away. Thousands had died in the first few days of the war, the first casualties of the Fall. Once again, Esterwynne had borne the brunt of an assault that threatened to tear the Alliance apart. But this time we had failed. The Shadow had swept through all our until we finally halted it at the pass of Kel Voronla. The bloodshed there had been unimaginable, the price in men's lives unconceivable. The blood of good men had turned the ground red and still it was not enough. While we held at Kel Voronla the Arch Lich went around us and broke through our allies to the South East.

All our dead had died for nothing.

I put a hand on Matrim's shoulder. "We will make them pay for what they did. We will kill them all if it takes our lives to do it."

"Yes, yes. But we need more forces to do that. Begin training more soldiers."



I heard the pounding footsteps long before the man reached the door and waved a hand. I felt the air itself resist as I pulled my hand back but magic responded easily to me and the door slid open silently, letting the Elven emissary storm into the chamber without slowing. "Those damn Robualy fools threw me out of their country. I had scarcely entered the country before I was being 'escorted' back out again."

"The Robualy have been attacked by The Pure Cailan," I said calmly. "We have reason to assist them, earn ourselves another ally in this wreckage of a world. In addition, in our talks with Anicea they have indicated that they are moving to assist Robualy as well."

Cailan's face contorted. "They don't deserve our..."

I didn't move but Cailan shut up as a tendril of air caressed his throat. I stood. "We help all that we can," I spoke very calmly and very quietly. "We do not leave potential allies against the shadow to die at the hands of religious fanatics." He scowled but nodded.

He left the room and others entered. I gave orders that assistance was to be given to the Robualy and took aside Nikaram. "We are too vulnerable in this new age of spies and assassins," I said quietly. He smiled. The man had been trying to convince the council of the need for what I was requesting for a long time. "I assume that means I have your blessing," he said, wringing his hands.



Homeland Security being researched in 55
Sentinels being trained in 56 and 49
1000 Sentinels, 1000 Guardians and 100 War Magi moved from 49 to 48 to assist Robualy against The Pure. Troops moved around in 56, 55 and 49 to even up the numbers (Can't remember my exact troop numbers)

We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment - and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.
— Flemeth

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The recent Anicean deployment to Robualy had been carried forward on a wave of public support in the name of the nation’s first large scale military action on the continent in well over a century. From the dwarven mountains to the gnomish townships, the air was alive with excited talk and activity; within Aramore the country’s flag waved high on every pole as industry too began to throw itself behind the war effort. Two hundred new Ironclads sailed out from the shipyards amid fanfare and celebration before themselves preparing to voyage off to war in the name of the homeland. Government posters filled the streets with inspiration and parades were held to mark the shipping out of soldiers; to all the world the entire nation of Anicea was putting its weight behind its ally and the war effort. However, behind the locked doors of governance, the war had sparked heated debates and conflict as some questioned whether it was Anicea’s place to interfere in the actions of the mainland, or indeed even if they should care to. These individuals, led by Lord Raric Vanren, pointed to the lack of action insofar by any of the other continental countries as indication enough that the mainland cared little as to what befell the besieged nation, and furthermore was woe to allow any Anicean intervention. Surely, they argued, the countries of the continent had shown no love towards the coastal nation in centuries so why should Anicean men and women die on their shores defending their homes?

Hokum raised his hands, attempting to restore order to the chaotic parliament as gnome and dwarf alike exchanged verbal blows and retorts that were more and more leaning away from relating to the actual matter at hand, and towards slanders to old family ancestries or personal accusations. The ridiculous farce had been ongoing for hours and the dwarf, far more at ease on the battlefield than a backroom, was quickly tiring of the constant clashes of self-interest and rear covering that he had been forced to bear witness to. Eventually, it was when a dwarf from the Silverspear Clan deemed it prudent to proceed to hurl his chair at one of his gnomish compatriots in order to redeem the honour of one great-grandmother who had been offended in some way or form, that Hokum bellowed out into the crowd, his face red with fury. “There shall be quiet!” the thundering voice could’ve been heard clear amidst the cacophony of battle, so reverberated around the hall, silencing any and all conversation that dared to make a squeak in its presence. “I care not for ancient feuds, and neither should any of us! We have been entrusted by the King himself with reaching agreement as to whether we should indeed follow through on our threat to the Pure if they refuse to withdraw, and yet we have done nothing but argue over pointless trivialities!” Some of the politicians were noticeably taken aback by the outburst, not expecting such a response, but it was Lord Vanren who was the most composed, “Aye! We stand and bicker whilst our children march to their deaths for a hopeless cause across a chasm of sea. I demand that we recall our soldiers at once, we need to secure our own borders from the Shadow! Let the continent tear itself apart as it will, Anicea cares little!” A number of ‘hear-hears’ sounded out from the Lord’s supporters. Hokum sighed and rubbed his temples in frustration, “Then Anicea shall have forgotten her honour and the Empire would truly have fallen! Esteemed gentlemen and ladies, we were once a stabilising force across Kolnur, preaching the name of peace and prosperity across the four corners with little care as to what foreign dignitary we may have slighted by muddying their precious little line in the sand. Anicea acted with chivalry and nobility, enacting its duty across the lands as an international power; we did not abandon our friends or allies to the dark, and nor did we permit our foes or the villains of the world to have free reign. In the time of the Grand Alliance we could afford to relieve ourselves of the burden of responsibility and leave the infant cries of the continent in their own hands, but that time has come and gone, and now it is we who must once again bear the mantle and safeguard the future – more so at this crucial point in time than ever. The Shadow amasses its forces once again, and yet the nations of Kolnur tear at each other’s throats!” Stormmail looked into the eyes of those throughout the assembley, each and every one of them riveted to his stubborn frame, “You claim to speak for the young who march to war? I tell you to go and ask them why they chose to do so! Every soldier is the best Anicea has to offer, honourable creatures that choose to embrace danger and stand firm against chaos as a bastion of strength amidst horrendous odds. Each of them wishes to prove to the world once again that Anicea is not to be cowed by aggression or threats, but rather riled by them, enraged by them!” By this point the majority of the assembley were nodding in agreement and an applause began to build up its steam, “I say that we show them the support that they deserve in their cause, and cease our petty squabbles whilst they risk life and limb in the name of honour and duty. Comrades! We are Anicea, and by that name we have an obligation to ensure the security of our neighbours as well as that of ourselves, lest we inevitably lose the right to bear the title of our greatest ancestors!” A standing ovation greeted the dwarf as he bowed to the hall before taking his leave. An almost unanimous vote was later cast in favour of the war effort the country began to prepare itself for the coming storm.

Entering the Aramore Science Academy, Hokum was immediately greeted by the head scientist, Gildriln Sparkstuff, who went on to lead the dwarf to the chamber where the testing was being carried out – although he was sure to take some minor detours to show off some of the most promising developments to the grizzled General. “We have just recently managed make some extraordinary breakthroughs in a number of fields! Truly we are in some amazing times, in fact, just the other week we managed to identify some strange distortions on some film we were cultivating: it was only slight but it proves to be most interesting.” Hokum raised his eyebrow at the scientists ravings, but decided to humour him, “Surely something amiss with the film my friend?” Gildriln shook his head vigorously, a child-like grin plastered on his face, “No! No! We ran multiple tests and we’re certain of it. Some kind of invisible light must’ve been coming from the device: something beyond the spectrum of colours which our eyes are capable of comprehending!” “Hmmm, oh yes. Invisible waves this indeed warrants further investigation doctor!” Obviously missing the sarcasm entirely in his excitement, Gildriln continued, “True, it was only a small colour change but just think of it Hokum. What we see with our eyes could only be a tiny fraction of the full range available in nature! The possibilities could be endless!” The General shook his head in disbelief, “Well I can see perfectly clear with the colours I’m born with thanks.” Gildriln seemed to finally catch on to the fact that the dwarf was far less invigorated by the prospect of invisible lights than he when they arrived at the testing chamber, its contents protected by a few soldiers in addition to the standard Academy guards. The men saluted upon seeing the General and swiftly performed the necessary security checks. Gildriln seemed to be puzzling over the soldiers when he noticed their insignia, “You two, what are you doing here? There were only two guards posted to guard the test chamber this morning.” The soldiers seemed somewhat hesitant to answer the question at first, “Palace guards, sir. We’ve been ordered to reinforce the regular sentries.” Gildriln nodded in acceptance of the response and gestured for the General to follow him inside; Hokum halted momentarily as he entered the doorway, “Palace guards? If you are posted here does that mean…” The two soldiers nodded in reply, “Ahh.” Hokum then followed the scientist inside.
“Your highness!” Gildriln stood mouth agape at the scene that greeted him inside the chamber. “Oh. Hi, Gildriln! This stuff is amazing, you can hardly feel a thing and it’s as light as a feather.” Princess Ealmara Steelfarmer stood grinning at the lead scientist, fully donned in the shining armour that his team had been labouring on for countless sleepless nights, Grirbferd Tumblebelly hesitantly hoisting a mace aimed at her chest. The young gnome looked akin to a deer caught on the tracks and immediately dropped the weapon where he stood, “I swear! This was all her idea, she ordered me to do it!” Hokum began to break out into laughter as the gnome received a gauntleted punch on the shoulder for his betrayal. “Uncle, I feel like I’m an Ironclad with a crew tough as Ogres; although, Grirbs hasn’t been putting his back into it.” The boy glared at his companion, still tending to his shoulder that would undoubtedly be bruised by now. “Haha! I’ll have them put into production at once then Gildriln, lord knows our lads need them right away; try to have the first shipment arriving before our deadline for the Pure expires – I don’t care how many feathers you have to ruffle or pluck to get it done.” The scientist recovered from his initial shock and nodded to the General before shouting for the guards to deliver some messages to his colleagues as quickly as possible. Hokum then turned to Ealmara, “Your father would have a right fit at this you know. How is the old man anyway?” The dwarf chuckled, knowing full well that his friend would indeed be lucid upon discovering that his daughter was serving as a test subject for some experimental armour piece and also be utterly incapable of stopping her from repeating her actions yet again. “The last thing I heard was that he’s tearing some of your brothers apart up North for trying to monopolise the Mithril mines. And technically as a Royal I’ve got part ownership of the Royal Academies, so I’m simply ensuring that my family’s investment is producing results.” Ealmara grinned mischeviously at the General whilst removing the Mithril helmet, “Don’t try to fool me Princess, I was around when they taught your father that law; your holdings belong to your father and I remember pretty clearly that he was particularly crystal as to where he stood on your relationship with the Academy after that one incident.” The constant grin disappeared upon the mention of the debacle, “I said I was sorry for that! I can’t be held to blame if the darn thing wasn’t labelled correctly.”

Diplomatic action:

Offer of peace treaty from Esterwynne accepted and Anicea responds whole heartedly to ideas of an Alliance, placing emphasis on possible joint operations in securing the border against the Shadow.

The Pure is given until winter 1243 to remove its forces from Robualian territory or face more action by Anicea.

The Market of Aramore is opened in province 66, with all of Anicea's allies given preferential trade agreements.

Offer of peace treaty from Salthuisar is accepted.

Military action:

850 Ironclads amass in sea province 48: 250 from sea province 43, the returning fleet transferred refugees to Aramore via merchant vessel earlier and is met with celebrations, 500 are already stationed there, and 100 move from province 39.

Industrial action:

100 Ironclads have been produced in province 67.

100 Ironclads have been produced in province 68.

Mithril Armour has been researched in province 66 and has begun to be distributed amongst the Anicean military.

Province 66 is researching Superior Forging (turn 1).

Province 67 is producing 100 Ironclads (turn 1).

Province 68 is producing 100 Ironclads (turn 1).

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“The rights are done my lady, and our offerings are ready for the flames”
“Thank you my son, this is indeed great news, I had feared that it would have taken longer”
Lady Viviana, the Keeper of the Flame and a member of the Council of Thirteen released a long sigh.
It had taken near to half a year to complete the rights for the men that the Army of The Pure and Slaughtered so toughly, and now, with everything finally in place, it was time to light the Flame and commit the final earthly belongings of these men to the Pure Flame in the name of The Immortal Lord.
Viviana continued along the hall to her offices, where there was a mountain of paper work that she must complete before the ceremony…
“My Lady! Please, my Lady! I have a most urgent report for you!”
A young man in the white robe of an acolyte was responsible for the outcry.
“Whatever it is my son, it can wait”
“No my Lady, it’s… It’s an order from our lord himself!”
“That is a different matter… Please, do relay it to me”
“Yes Lady!”

At the same time, orders were being distributed throughout the hierarchy of The Pure, and the actions were to push the state in a direction that they had not pursued in a century. Religious summons were sent out to all corners of the Land, Ambassadors were being assembled, and, most telling of all… The Great Lord himself had stirred in his White Citadel… War was on the horizon, and all who did not recognise the need for unification would be shown the errors in there ways… For with the encroaching darkness, none can long withstand it without the light…

Diplomatic Action
Offer to cease all military actions against the Robualy for their surrender to the Light and their fealty to The Immortal Lord . The refusal of this offer will be met with the full might of The Pure armies and the utter purification of their Lands and people.

The Republic of Esterwynne’s defense of Robualy is met with a threat, “Do not hinder the Light, for only those who are in league with the Shadow detest the Light”, we know full well of the extent of your power, and we fear not the armies of Esterwynne , but we do not wish to fight some who have proven themselves so well against the Shadow, and upon this ground, we offer help against the enemy at your border, and an agreement of peace between to Nations intent on the destruction of The Shadow.

As to the threats of Anicea, we offer this, do not attempt to stop The Pure, for we have no ill will against you nation, we wish only to secure the future of this land and it’s people, and only through unification can this be achieved. We offer a safe port and open trade with Anicea if they accept, and if they do not…

Peace with Salthiusar is accepted

Military Action

Industrial Action
Province 34- Begin research of Iron Clads, Begin construction of a School of Wizadry
Province 35-Train 1000 Mechanical Warriors, Build a Market
Province 36- Train 1000 Mechanical Warriors
Province 37- Train 1000 Mechanical Warriors
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"Milord, we have beaten them back on all fronts," one of Alawat Khan's war council spoke plainly.
"That is not enough! We should have crushed them in the field!" the Khan bellowed. The armies of Kogan-sul had beaten the Puplori back to their holdfasts, and laid siege to their defenses. The Khan was loathe to lay siege, eager to move on the Shadow, but when needs must, the devil drives so to speak.

"I will lead reinforcements to territory 26. Send word to the fleet to blockade 25, and order coordinated naval gunnery if possible. Also, move up our freshly trained troops from the interior to the front" As the Khan spoke, he made ready to ride. His page helped dress him, affixing his grieves and wrist guards. One of his commanders walked into the yurt, the wind blowing in the room for affect. "Khan, I bring word from territory 33. The Republic has made good on its promise, sending what it can to aid our efforts there" the man spoke as he poured a flagon of water from the pitcher on the table.

Alawat Khan smiled, "good, send the Republic commander my deepest thanks. Convey the order to maintain the cordon around the city. All ranged assets should continue to harry the defenders, with cavalry ready to sweep down on any forces that attempt to leave the walls." The man saluted then left swiftly.


The Khan's warparty moved swiftly despite the winter conditions, arriving at territory 26 before expected. Taking command of the scenario, the Khan ordered the artillery to continue their fire on the gates, with the freshly arrived archers attempting to hit defenders behind the walls. As always, his cavalry would charge any forces unwitting enough to leave the safety of the walls.


In Kogan-sul, Mafis greeted the emissary from Kuran Curan. The resplendently dressed man offered his greeting before conveying his message.

To the Leaders of Kogan-Sul and The Great Trade Republic (heretofore to be known as the 'States') respectively, King Gandogar of Kerin-Curan, extends his greatest courtesies.

He also wishes to set forth an Agreement of Preferential Trade.

This shall entail Trade with merchants from the two aforementioned States taking preference over merchants from other countries and kingdoms. Beyond this, they shall also be offered lower Taxes on all Goods they bring into territories under the Rule of King Gandogar and his successors.

The King has also ordered the creation of a Trade Market in the city of Kazel, and wishes to invite merchants from the States to take prime, permanent positions in the Market.

"I speak for the Khan and Forgefather, as well as the rest of Kogan-sul in accepting his grace King Gandogar's most gracious offer. I will dispatch a representative of the Trader's Guild to Kazel on the morrow, as well as order a prime location in our trade district so that your merchants may commence their business in our city."


50,000 Heavy Cavalry, 25,000 Archers, 50,000 Light Cavalry, 150,000 conscripts from 28 into 26
1000 Ironclads to the shores of 25
1000 Heavy Infantry, 2000 Conscripts from 28 to 26
1000 Heavy Cavalry, 2000 Conscripts from 27 to 25
1000 Heavy Cavalry, 2000 Conscripts from 29 to 28


1,000 Archers in 28


Master Trader sent to Kazel to take a seat at the Trade Market there

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