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King Elfire greeted the bowing emissaries once they returned from their diplomatic missions to the lands of the continent; each one describing and detailing the results of their negotiations. The King listened thoughtfully, obviously considering the ramifications of these first tentative meetings, until the diplomats finished their briefings to the court. Lord Maedo Murdinball was the first to voice his opinions; a prominent minister and merchant who often took interest in Anicea’s foreign affairs Maedo was seen by many as the nation’s unofficial foreign secretary, a position which had not been filled out of spite following the Alliance’s invasion. “This is excellent news! With the Likome, Indiga and Skibul open to trade and future relations; we can possibly begin laying the groundwork for a future alliance and secure control of the straits. I propose that we immediately send permanent ambassadors to each of the nations so that we can begin negotiations at once.” The dwarf scribbled down some notes as he spoke, “May I present my personal reccomendations for the diplomats to be sent on this task, I feel that – “ Hokum coughed loudly, interrupting his comrade as he began to blabble, “That’s all good and well Maedo, but this matter of the Robualy concerns me. Their coastline dominates the mainland closest to our shores and if they are reluctant to take part in even preliminary talks then the future may not bode well. I would suggest that we continue to strengthen our naval presence beyond our coastal waters, see if we can put pressure on the Robualy to come to the table along with the other nations.” The King nodded in agreement, the access that the Robualy could give Anicea was strategically valuable and could be Anicea’s gateway inland, yet just as much the nation could form a stubborn barrier to any attempts for the kingdom to spread its influence into the continent. Any trade would have to cross through Robualian borders, and suffer Robualian taxes, lest take a costly route further north and – woe behold – if Anicea ever needed to deploy militarily inland, Robualy’s cooperation was all but essential. “Well thought advice General, have the orders carried out, and send another diplomatic mission to Robualy to try and change their minds. I would also like to take some form of action in response to this Terran invasion of Gayur before – “ The King was silenced as the entire room turned to glare at the source of the disturbance, a palace guard running into the throne room, almost forgetting to bow and salute in the King’s presence in his haste. “What is the meaning of this interruption? State your orders or – “ The General’s words fell away as those present looked at the box in the young guard’s arms and the grisly scene that it contained. The King stood out of his throne in shock, as Hokum recognised the features of the diplomat to the Puplori, “By the Gods!”

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

The captain watched with pride as his soldiers marched in unison into the docks where they began to organise themselves with practise efficeiny, gained not only though years of hard training but a universal sense of pride. Two hundred warriors were assembled below him, their boots thundering and the cries of sergeants echoing across the boarding area as they got their men in line. Meanwhile, an Ironclad approached the shore, the behemoth vessel guided into the port by two small civilian craft that were dwarfed before the intimidating warship. These scenes were being repeated across Anicea as the army was mobilised and embarking on the craft in response to the outrageous acts of the Puplori. The people felt as if their national honour had been called into question and there had been overwhelming support in the parliament for the deployment of the military in order to coerce the Puplori into compensating for their actions. The captain himself came from outside of Aramore, his company traditionally deployed to a fort garrison further up the coast, but upon entering the capital he received the jubilation and admiration of the citizenry who had streamed into the streets in order to witness the first major mobilisation of the Anicean army in decades. The actual details were kept secret by the General high command, but rumours on the soldier’s grapevine told of around half of the forces being called into action – a full 100,000 strong army. “Makes you proud doesn’t it?” The captian stopped short and turned to salute to the colonel who had been observing him, “Aye sir. I’ve seen an Ironclad up close before, let alone travel on one; it’s a sight to behold.” The colonel nodded in understanding, “That it is, I myself haven’t worked with the Navy for years and never this close. We’ve never had the need to deploy to the continent for so long.” The older soldier paused momentarily as he seemed to look back on earlier times, before turning full on to his subordinate, “You are aware that this is supposed to look good Captain? We are sacrificing the efficiency and security for the embarkation in order to increase our publicity. Could I perhaps ask for your opinions why?” The captain was taken aback by the question, although he had realised early on that there was little need for quite so much fanfare, let alone a mobilisation of such scale. It had been plaguing his mind for some time but as a soldier he had learned to push all doubts of orders from above his head to the back of his mind, particularly when they came from this far above his head. Now he found his curiosity piqued, “To be seen sir? Perhaps because we haven’t seen action in so long it’s been deemed time to remind the people of the army?” The colonel listened to the response, “You are correct to a point. All of this,” the commander gestured to the vast array of troops before them, “is supposed to send a message. But not to our own people, to those of the continent and Kolnur: Anicea is strong and willing to take actions when she has been wronged. The Grand Alliance has left a vacuum and already wars have broken out as a consequence, we have to put our foot in the door and prevent the chaos from claiming the Kingdom as well.” The Captain didn’t fully understand what the Colonel was hinting at, he had not heard of any wars on the continent, but communication with the mainland had been difficult ever since the Shadow. “What I’m trying to say, Captain, is make it look good when you get there.”

Military actions:
30,000 Heavy Infantry + 20,000 Arquebussers + 1,000 Mechanical Walkers + 10,000 Artillery batteries board 350 Ironclads in province 66. All 500 Ironclads in province 66 move to sea province 46 (Only if I can board and move in the same turn…not too sure if I’m able).

10,000 Heavy Infantry + 10,000 Arquebussers + 2,500 Artillery batteries each from provinces 67 and 68 move into province 66.

100 Ironclads move from province 68 to province 66.

250 Ironclads move from sea province 6 to sea province 21.

Diplomatic actions:

Second negotiation mission sent to Robualy.

Ambassadors sent to Likome, Indiga and Skibul with offers of more trade deals and military co-operation, beginning with the securing of the straits and water provinces between the nations so as to further enhance mutually beneficial shipping.

Condemnation of the Terran attack on Gayur declared, and the Anicean Kingdom respectfully requests that the Terran military withdraw from the smaller nations territory as soon as is possible with both sides sitting down for talks.

The Anicean Kingdom delivers an ultimatum to Puplori: agree to pay compensation to Anicea for the insult perpertrated against them, deliver those responsible for the murder of the Anciean diplomat to Anicea for the deliverance of justice, and allow an Anicean military force to be stationed within their borders. If refused, the Anicean Kingdom would be left with no option but take hostile military action against the Puplori nation and its people.

Anicea sends word of its possible confrontation with the Puplori to its newfound allies, and although states that it would appreciate any assistance, does not insist upon it and rather warns them to bolster the defences along any borders they share with the Puplori in case the aggressive nation attempts to launch any kind of assault.

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"My lord, the Shadow is amassing forces on our northern border."

"Then we will have to trust in the strength of our own steel for now," Matrim growled. "I just hope it will be enough to hold. Have the emisarries been sent yet." The man looked stunned. "Emisarries my lord?" His voice shook as he spoke for there had been many tales told of the fury of the Consul and Matrim was not calm now. But when he spoke his voice was quiet. "Are you telling me," he hissed, "that the emisarries I ordered sent were not sent."

The messenger swallowed audibly and spoke in a quavering voice. "No, my lord." He never saw the blow coming and had I not caught it he would have been flattened by the punch. Matrim turned his fiery gaze on me but calmed down. "Have them sent," the Consul snapped. I turned to go. "Lan, I need more men. Have them trained," Matrim said as I left the room.

I reached the Warders quickly enough and divided them up. "I want Guardians and Sentinels trained, we can't afford to fail against the Shadow and to win we'll need to rebuild our army. I want you to work these new recruits hard because when the time comes they'll be in the battle line. Let them hate you, better they do that than their families hate you for not training them well enough. This isn't a war where we can seek peace. Either we kill it, or it kills us. That is all.

Guardians trained in 56 and 49
Sentinels trained in 55
Emissaries sent to Robualy, Terra and Anicea to request a peace treaty and make suggestions for an alliance

(Sorry about any spelling errors and how short it is but I'm doing it on a tablet so no spell check)

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on behalf of alexander_millar

“my lord, we have news pertaining to the robualy and the purity of their lands.”

serandil, a member of the council of thirteen and in charge of the matter of war, turned to the speaker, a man dressed in the heavy armour of the city guard, carrying a helm with the golden trim and glyphs show his rank as that of captain, the golden cloak flowing from his broad shoulders show that he was part of the white citadel guard.

“speak my son, what news do you bear as to require my intervention?”

“we have found signs of the corruption within the people of robualy, they may pose a threat of spreading if they are not contained.”

“what proof of this do you have?”

“they wield the black necromantic magic of the great enemy my lord, i have men who would swear before our immortal lord to this fact ”

“very well commander, assemble the armies of your nation, we must destroy this taint before it has the chance to spread”

“your will my lord!!!”

in a flurry the captain left.

Serandil began to think of the implications that this discovery meant.

“it is a sign, and we would do well to head it… the dark enemy is gathering his strength again, and soon all may fall…” he whispered silently

calling to one of his innumerable pages he barked a series of orders, and with these few short words, the fired of war an industry would begin to turn in the white city, and all throughout the pure lands…


province 34- train 100 walkers.

Province 36-research strategists.

Province 37- build academy of war.

declare war on robualy
troops sent from province 34 into province 35

-30 000 war priests
-30 000 arquebussers
-100 000 mechanized warriors
-8 000 cannons
-1 200 mechanical walkers
-200 000 conscripts


The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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Summer of 1243

It seems strange that at the time where it is most important to band together against the approaching Shadow the nations of Kolnur fight and squabble amongst themselves like children. But they do.

The nation of Pupolri is facing attack from all sides after its aggressive actions. Terra has marched her armies into Gayur, beginning the invasion despite the wishes of Anicea. The Pure has taken the lands of Robualy with ease and speed. And all across the land the sounds of construction and training fills the air as Kolnur prepares for war. But against whom?
Attached Images
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The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


Give a man a match and he will be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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The King, ornate golden crown adorning his head, white hair almost drowning it, approached the doors to the Mechanists Guild School, Prince Farin at his side, for once without a weapon. Behind them came ten Kings Guard, in two ranks of five, followed by a number of dignitaries both human and dwarf.

Snorri Snorrisson, backed by his Guild-Brothers and clan - Clan Strong-Hammer - greeted them in the main hall of the newly build Guild School, a large room which could have fit an ironclad with room to spare. It was decorated with technical artifacts and prototypes long since given up on. Fires danced at the top of torches along the wall, and a circular window, with a ten foot radius and made of crystal with steel supports, funneled sunlight into the hall. A human of noble bearing, tall and golden-haired, stepped forward and cleared his throat.

“His Royal Highness, Gandogar, son of Kili and Fourth of his Name, King of the Isle of Kerin-Curan, Baron of Kazel Bay and Descended of the Uniter, named The Anvil and The Elder!” His voice was deeper than many would have expected, coming from so fragile-looking a man - he was clearly used to a life of being indoor and luxury. [b]“He is accompanied by His Royal Lordship, Farin, son of Gandogar, Prince of the Isle of Kerin-Curan, Commander of the Royal Army and Descended of the Uniter, named The Hammer!”

The crowd was silent, waiting for the King’s reaction. The Guild School was a huge step forward, and completely unlike anything built before. The dwarf looked around with his steely gaze, which betrayed nothing, and then he turned his eyes on the Guild Master.

“It would appear by this Hall alone you have used the Royal gold well. I hope that the rest of the Guild School is just as impressive.” His voice rumbled and each word appeared deeply weighed. The rest of the visit showcased the ways that the investment had been spent, delving deeper into the cliff the School was carved from - living quarters for the Engineer’s and Mechanist’s Guilds and Clan Strong-Hammer, with room for thousands more, workshops filled with dwarves and humans working on various devices and processes, and then the presentation of one Snorri Snorrison’s personal project - a projectile weapon powered by black powder.

“My King, this prototype isn’t fully functional, but your royal approval would be greatly appreciated. The theory is that the black powder ignites and reacts with the bullet, loaded here,” he explained whilst demonstrating. “This causes the bullet to fire from the barrel. At short ranges it is lethal - our strongest metals are susceptible - and at mid-to-long range it is at least a deterrent. I have grander plans, of which this is only the precursor, but there is still the issue of, ahem, the issue we discussed at the beginning of the Season. I have invested time in researching further, but the majority of my time has been spent here, and I am sure that this technology is relevant.”

The King picked up the prototype Arquebus and ran his hands over it, feeling the exquisite metalwork and Ierao wood (commonly known as Iron Oak) stock. He smiled. “You have my approval, Guild Lord. And, further - once this weapon has been perfected, I shall commission your skills - for myself and my sons."


The next day, and the King was in the Lords Meeting, a congregation which occurred four times a year. All the Lords, human and dwarf, met in the Great Hall and discussed those matters relevant to the entire country. The main concern of the moment was the Shadow, and the uncertain disposition of their ‘allies’, notably the island nation around them, who were less a unified nation than a conglomeration of piratical lords. Their willingness to aid Kerin-Curan should the need be there was unclear, and unreliable at best.

The debate on how the issue should be resolved raged for hours, deep into the night until the King had to stifle a yawn. The Prince noticed, and a deep frown crossed his face, and a thick, muscle bound arm was raised. Silence so deep the revelling down in the city itself could be heard soon held the Meeting in it’s grip, and then the Prince spoke.

“I think I speak for all present when I say that this Meeting has dragged long enough - the food was good, the beer better, but our beds and wives call. It is hours past the Bell Strike. I suggest we put it down to a vote on the preferred methods to be taken.
“So far, these consist of :- Taking the Northern Isle by force and holding it ransom, demand it and threaten complete destruction of their society if they do not comply, or try and join our countries through marriage.
“My favoured course would be a combination of these ... Lord Guyere has already put forward his daughter Jenine Guyere as a possible match, and the best we are liable to create. I thank you for this, Lord Guyere. The Northern Isle would be a sensible bulwark against some potential northern threats. Those in favour, say aye.”

The vote was close, but the slim majority sided with the Prince. The threat of their armies landing on their shores should keep the pirates in line, whilst the promise of marriage should help appease them. Or so the theory went.

The King, whilst not happy with the proposal, could not deny it had it’s merits, although those outside the country likely wouldn’t see them. He picked up the ceremonial hammer by his throne in a meaty fist and dropped it. The resounding thud drew all attention to him.

“The Council has spoken. Your King endorses the proposal. Scribe, let it be recorded - I, King Gandogar Kilison, shall send an emissary to the Pirate Nations with the offer of Lady Jenine Guyere’s hand in marriage in exchange for the Northern Isle. An escort shall accompany our emissary and if they are harmed, it shall be tantamount to an offence on mine own person.” A shocked silence met his words. It was as radical as the King had ever been. His reign had to this point been one of stability and peace.

-Province 12 - Research Arquebuses
-Province 11 - Build 100 Ships

-200 Ironclads in Sea Province 88 move to 76
-100 Ships move to Sea Province 86

-Emissary sent to Pirate Nations (7, 8, 9, 10) - offer of marriage and demand of Northern Isle (Province 7). Two mages sent as escort (from Province 12)

Military Positioning:
Province 12 -
Conscripts - 100,000
25,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
498 Magi
500 Artillery

Province 11 -
Conscripts - 100,000
25,000 Heavy Infantry
25,000 Crossbowmen
49,000 Heavy Cavalry
500 Magi
500 Artillery

Naval Positioning:
77, 78, 87, 90, 91, 92 - 100 Ironclads each
76 - 300 Ironclads
86 - 100 Ironclads, 100 Ships

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon

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"They are doing well!" The Khan bellowed to his retinue as they galloped on horseback to a better vantage point. "Yes, my Khan, the new recruits are taking to the training well indeed!" replied the master trainer. "They should be ready in a fortnight, with more on the way through after that." The Khan's bearded face turned into a smile. The preparations were well underway, and the horde swelled by the day. Weapons and armor were being distributed, and the master-trainers were whipping the already capable recruits into a fighting force.

"Khan, look!" one of his guards pointed to a approaching rider, looking half dead. The cohort hailed the man, asking his business disturbing the Khan. "I beg your forgiveness Khan, but I bring word from the north!" The man reached into a satchel and produced a scroll, crumpled from the long journey.

On our mission, we came upon a Puplori unit. They asked for our aid, as the Republic and Anicea are preparing for war with their nation. We will continue on our mission as instructed.

The Khan dismissed the messenger "You did well to find me directly, boy. Has anyone else seen this?"

"No, my Khan. The ranger handed me the message and bade me make best speed directly to you" was his reply.

"Then you have done the horde a service. There is food and drink and bed in the training hall. Eat and rest, then return to your post on the morrow."

The young man thanked the Khan and was gone in a fury of dust and hoofbeats. The retinue knew not the contents of the letter, but could understand its import. Later that night, Alawat Khan called a meeting with Snori Fiendfoe.


"How goes the preparation old friend?" the Khan said as he washed down a hunk of beef with wine.

"Aye, we've got enough for the time being. What are you thinking we should do? The Shadow isn't to be trifled with. We should forge an alliance with the easterlings and head to the front where our sort belong!"

The Khan smiled, taking another swig, "already done, friend. We have pledged solidarity with the Republic and the Empire."

"What about them Puplori? Last I heard, they behead a diplomat seeking to parlay. Downright dishonorable, if'n ye ask me," Snori spitting on the ground for effect.

"Yes, that does seem odd, doesn't it? Furthermore, I received word from my nephew..."
Snori almost sneezed up his drink in a startle. "Already? You Kogani have a swiftness about you! All I know is our recon elements from the border patrol made contact with a Puplori contingent. To what end I am unaware."

"Yes, they made contact, and seek to parlay," the Khan said, half whispering. "And do you intend on responding?" Snori asked, again in a hushed tone. "I will make my final decision in the morning, but for now, I must rest."


The following morning, the Khan and Snori issued the order. "Mafis, I want you to oversee this deployment. We must be swift, and decisive." Mafis was a masterful planner, and expert logistician, doing the calculations in his head and checking on his abacus. "Yes, milord. The forces should be ready to move in within the week. With our allies aid, I predict our chances are more than nominal of success."

It was settled. The horde would move north, speedily facilitated by the nations rail network, and the Dwarves would engage on their front. With the aid of the Republic, Alawat Khan and Snori Fiendfoe were confident that their decision would bear fruit shortly.

1,000 Heavy Cavalry in 27, 29
2,000 conscripts requisitioned by 28

Official emissaries sent to all nations to gauge disposition

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9th of Wither, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)

Salthiusar’s walls were being pummelled by cannons and catapults. The turquoise crystal shattered in an inwards explosion, glowing blue and slowly repairing as soon as the impact finished. But every single shot took its toll, until, eventually, Salthiusar broke. Hordes of unwashed, screaming barbarians ran over the slowly-repairing walls, slaughtering every man and woman, no matter their purpose. Irèsp watched, intrigued. This didn’t appear to be the outcome he was expecting, and he turned to Slaér, who was magically controlling a large, magically-rendered, scaled-down version of Salthiusar.

“So what are you suggesting?” Irèsp asked. “Bombardments will do as they will, and Salthiusar itself will not strengthen under any magical augmentation we have access to.”

“That, Irèsp, is the beauty of the plan,” Began Slaér. “If we can get troops stationed behind the enemy lines-” He reset the simulation and sent a few troops towards the machines of war. “-We can destroy the cause of the bombardment, then flee. A handful of invisible cavalry Guardians would easily be able to ride by and destroy most of them before an army could even realise it.” The elf-models rushed past the various machines, burning and upturning like a violent gust of wind.

“Ah. I see. And this is what our work of ninety nights lead to? I feel it is time well-spent. Very well, my friend. Happy learning.” Irèsp finished, walking from the Rhetoria, Salthiusar’s Academy of War, into the warm summer’s day. The Rhetoria looked no different to any other building in the city, except for the decorations outside.

Walking through the district, he could hear the normal noises of various explosions and experiments from all around. The animals that commonly took residence in the natural areas of the city were normally emboldened by the new heat, walking about the city as if it were new to them. He stopped to tickle a small dog’s belly, who was obviously bathing in the warm day’s sun. Nature was happy, and Salthiusar was in full bloom. However, winter was coming, and he knew it was only a matter of time until they were besieged.


14th of Wither, 17th Era 63 (Common: 1243)

Defendant Glaborel entered the Rhetoria’s lecture room, passing the entrance hall. The entranceway was a stream of water and false lava, intertwining and falling over the doorway. Upon approaching, the streams stopped, starting in the middle and working out to the edge in both directions. The large, ornate door was light as a feather to push open, assisted by Salthiusar’s core. The atrium was simple, the Defendants’ banners adorning the walls, a fountain taking centre stage, and three doors. The left lead to the battle spaces, the forward to the library, and the right to the lecture rooms.

Glaborel was happy with the Rhetoria, in its format, its appearance and its purpose, but he always thought it was another strain on the Guardians’ resources. He nodded to one of the volunteer librarians, whose job it was to gather material on war and strategy. At least the whole setup helped keep everyone practiced, and allowed for emergency population training.

He took a seat and waited for the others, digging into Magical Defences: A Guide to Conquering Your Arcane Foes, by some halfwit dwarf who clearly didn’t understand the basics of magical flow and transfer. By the time he’d finished the third chapter, concerning myths on magical disruption (which were being given as fact), the others had finished arriving. The other nine had been summoned, and Slaér was about to impart some knowledge.

Right on cue, Slaér walked into the lecture room, and began immediately. “We are not well-equipped enough. We have the arms, and an elite team. We have a small army, and we are not well-equipped to make use of its perks. I am, with Irèsp’s approval, commencing study for the Defendants. You will all assign your secretary to take over normal routine for the next few months, and get to the task. You are to study military strategy until we are capable of succeeding in larger-scale warfare. Let me outline what you need to get through, and then I’ll let you go and do it yourselves.”

The room was quiet and orderly, as normal. All had determination written on their faces, but the next month was to be risky. Not a challenge any couldn’t handle.

-Strategists begins being studied in the Academy of War;
-Ambassadors are sent to Indiga, Skibul and Darkorin, to offer magical tutors in exchange for some amount of food, and to keep national relations steady. Updates on the nations’ statuses are requested.
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Emperor Octavian was in his private study reading dispatches at his desk. His desk was a large hardwood desk that had served the emperors of the Empire for centuries and was carved out of precious blood wood, making sheen a dark crimson. On the front of the desk the Imperial eagle, with its wing outstreched, was carved in all its glory. The emperor was reading a report from his territory generals when a knock spounded form the double doors across the room from the desk.

"Enter", the emperor called out whithout looking up.

"Sorry to distub you father', apologized Prince Cato as he entered the room and walked across the study to stand infront of the desk, "but the reports just came in from General Macro in territory 42, and we have recieved an ambassador from the Guyer. I thought that you would want to hear the reports immediately."

The Emperor set the scroll down that he was reading and leaned back in his high back chair and looked up at his son. "What does Macro report Cato? Has he finished the training of the new recruits? And of the scouts that he sent into 59?"

"Unfortunatly Macro reports that none of heis scouts have reported back and he fears that they have fallen to the shadow sir, but he has finished the training of another 1,000 heavy infantry. And the Ambassador from the Guyer is requesting our aid against the Terrans. Supposedly the Terrans have invaded with a sizable force."states Cato while glancing at a wax tablet he holds in his left hand, "and father, if the Terrans capture the Guyer territory that will put them to both our North and West, and we have no where near the close relationship to the Terrans as we do the Guyer. I recomded that we send an emmissary to the Terrans advising them to leave Guyern terretory. But your will be done Lord. What would you have the Empire do?" states Cato while glancing at a wax tablet he holds in his left hand.

"So the Terrans have invaded Guyer, huh?" States the Emperor in a thoughful, but perplexed tone. "Thought they would have put down there little reble group before doing something like that. Send an Emissary to the Terrans advising them to pull out. The Empire does not want to go to war with them, but neither are we unwilling to. And the Empire does not abandon their friends, and twe will send aid to the to the Guyer if their freedom is threatened."

Territory 41 - Starts construction of a Science Academy, and establishes Trade Market
Territory 42 - Trains Archers
Territory 65 - Trains Light Calvary

Emmissary sent to Terra advising that any more hostilities toward the Guyer will be considered as an act of war toward the Empire.

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The gnome lowered the telescope as he pondered the message flashed by the approaching Ironclad. The orders were unexpected and held immense risks from the moment that they were carried out, so it was only natural that he doubted their authenticity: any mistake on his part as Commodore could have far reaching consequences, not only on his ships and their crews, but on the entirety of Anicea itself. Regardless, the vessel’s codes checked out and it had passed the necessary security checks and the whole fleet was already reforming along the new lines of command. “Commodore Gwonry!” Turning sharply, the gnome laid eyes on the Colonel who stood at attention before being allowed entrance to the bridge. At first Gwonry had held reservations towards his passengers feeling that it was an assault on the Iron Navy’s dignity to be used as a simply taxi service for the land based forces, but he had come to respect the Colonel and his men, who seemed to take it upon themselves to help out their Navy counterparts whenever they were able. “At ease Colonel, what brings you here?” The dwarf stepped gingerly towards Gwonry, seemingly out of place on the swaying deck of the ship, but most definitely improved from when they first set off from the coast. “My thanks sir; I wish to ask as to why we’re changing course? Are we to make landfall earlier than planned?” The Commodore gestured to the vast conglomeration of vessels in the distance as he responded to the dwarf, “Aye, its new orders for the entire fleet. I’m afraid the powers that be have shifted, and the Plupori are going to have to wait.” “I’m sorry sir I don’t quite understand, are we returning to Anicea in that case?” The Colonel seemed somewhat dejected, robbed of the opportunity to redeem the name of the Anicean army in the field of battle. “Not quite yet. We are to deploy you to aid in the defence of Robualy and the securing of the coast, it would appear that the hound of the alliance has decided to test its leash with its master no more.” The Colonel’s eyes widened in shock, “The Pure have invaded the Robualy? By the heavens what sane reason could they have had for such an act! How fares the Robualian military?” “Decimated. The Pure invaded in force and have already occupied a third of the country; our orders are to act as a deterent to any further Pure aggression and oversee their withdrawal from soverign Robualian territory, although I don’t see how anything but force can be understood by those zealots.” The Colonel nodded in response before saluting once more and standing to attention, his next course of action apparent, “I shall inform my men, at once. May the ancestors guide you Gwonry.” The Commodore returned the salute, without a doubt this man was marching into the valley of death, and it yet to be seen whether he would be the one to emerge victorious. “And you Colonel. We shall do all we can to support you from the coast.”

Military actions
500 Ironclads move from sea province 46 in the direction of Robualy.

100 Ironclads move from province 66 in the direction of Robualy.

*Homeland security trait used to mask troop movements. However, intent on sending a message to the Pure’s forces that Anicea means business, the fleet makes it clear of their general destination, with the steam clowds from over 600 Ironclads visible from the shore travelling towards Anicea’s assailed ally.

250 Ironclads move from sea province 21 to sea province 43.

Diplomatic actions:
Anicea condemns the Pure’s invasion of Robualy and demands that they immediately withdraw from the occupied Robualian territory. Any further attacks on Robualy or failure to vacate sovereign Robualian territory is warned to be treated as hostile action on an ally of the Anicean people and reacted to accordingly.

Anicea asks for aid from any of its allies and other countries in supporting Robualy against the Pure, starting by announcing sanctions against trade by the Pure, stating that any vessels bound for the Pure’s territory, or from, it without a permit by the Anicean government is liable to be seized and/or searched by the Iron Navy without warning.

Anicea stops at officially declaring war against the Plupori, but consider that the other nations wronged by them would be more than capable of dealing justice to the aggressive kingdom.

Anicea has been in talks with Robualy.

Anicea has been in talks with Esterwynne.

Anicea has been in talks with Terra.

OOC: Ok it's a quick post up due to time constraints. If I get a chance, I'll try to plop up another one with the 'market', etc. :D

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“Gods above!” Spat Lord Hibracht, fury radiating from him in an almost chocking wave. He re-read the paper once more.

“Are you sure they have this many?” He asked desperately, “Surely there is a miscalculation?”

“I am afraid, milord, that the scouts did not lie, all saw similar numbers.”

Lord Baggro sighed heavily, reading his own copy of the scouts’ reports once more. His expression was grave.

“How can we sit here with so many troops upon our doorstep?” Fumed Hibracht, the generals nodded in eager agreement.

Baggro stood, clearing his throat loudly.

“Gentlemen, ladies, this state of affairs is regrettable, a force that has been openly hostile towards us is also very well supplied and well manned. But we, as we always have been, are stronger in our ability to defend than we are in our offensive force. We must speak to the populous, few know of the murder of our emissary, but the knowledge spreads day by day.”

“Surely they are baying for blood then?” General Radgerast asked with a sort of satisfied finality in his tone.

A merchant stood, he was newly appointed to the council this season, his name was Cyrus Miridor. He had Grey eyes, thin, clean shaven face and long, well groomed black hair. He has an easy smile and a thin, wiry frame. When he began to speak, even the kings looked respectfully on to see what the young man had to say.

“No, general, they are not.” He said. “They are terrified of an attack, the upheaval it would cause, but they do not seem to care either way if we attack ourselves. THey would be pleased to have the emissary avenged, a victory against in war would no doubt boost their faith in you, provided it does not lead war to their doorstep. I must mention that the Korgan-Sul are preparing for war and are requesting our aid.”

The merchants looked outraged and sullen at these words, but the were generals nodding in agreement. Both the generals gave Miridor curious looks. How did this merchant know so much of the miliitary affairs? Lord Baggro spoke, also nodding in agreement with Miridor’s words.

“This seems like the most logical course of action, perhaps we could also increase our recruitment pool? Add more troops to the garrison? It could serve to alleviate the worries of the civilians a little, if nothing else.”

The generals nodded, sweeping from the room with an air of dignified pride. They would be leading their men to war. Lord Baggro looked mournfully on as they departed.

"The coming of this Darkness casts the world in a much more shadowy hue. We have fallen far, to be so eager to rush to war."

Miridor spoke again, quietly, to the kings this time.

“I have, milords, another matter to discuss, one that would be best done behind closed doors.”

The kings dismissed the merchants and scribes, who hurried from the room. At the same time, the two kings and the mysterious merchant left through a side door, speaking in hushed tones.


Market in the Evermarket (province 30)
1,000 Heavy Infantry & 1,000 Crossbowmen trained in the Evermarket (province 30)

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