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All provinces train 1,000 Huscarls.

Research Against the Dark (Turn 1)

10,000 Heavy Infantry + 10,000 Arquebussers + 3,000 Artillery + 600 Mechanical Walkers + 300 Huscarls move from province 36 to invade province 37.

Superweapon fired at province 44.

Anicea had lashed out against the Shadow, butchering its forces and gutting its ranks, but the undying horde did not take kindly to such acts. As penance for its strike, the kingdom of Anicea burned beneath the largest offensive the darkness had yet launched against its shores. Thousands of warriors fell on the fields of battle, and countless more innocents were slaughtered where the armies failed to hold the line. However, in spite of this, the island nation had shown that it would not merely hold off the inevitable as it was assailed from the waves. As the homeland braced itself for a siege, the Anicean garrison in the occupied Pure territory ventured out from their castle walls and into the ruins of province 37. The first move of a Kolnuran counter-offensive, the Kogan-Sul, Anicea and the Great Trade Republic's armies venture Eastwards with their sites on the lifting of the siege of Esterwynne. However, the question still remained, would success come before the homeland can hold out no more?

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"EVERYTHING!" the Khan bellowed, raging from his tent.

"I want that province back. Send everything we have! Air ships, horses, we must take back that province or all is for naught!"

The Khan's was furious. Pressed from the north, the Shadow had advanced. Despite the fire from Anicea's cannon, the hordes of monstrosities continued to bellow forth. The Khan would take back the lands lost, or die trying.


Message to Anicea,

We have fought together in the past, and we shall fight together once more. The Horde is coming. We hope it is not too late.

Send all available forces to invade 34
All provinces recruit Arquebussers

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Default Salthiusar (18): Turn 19, Autumn 17th Era 67 (Common: 1247)

1st of Redeath, 17th Era 67 (Common: 1247)

“Ironic, isn’t it?” Thunder struck in the distance, a streak of lightning predicting its arrival. The rain was pouring hard, harder than it had any right to be. “The month’s called ‘Redeath’.”

The atmosphere in Salthiusar could not have been more sombre. Calleis and his team had done it: they had found a way to beat the Shadow. However, it would take a whole year to complete, which few believed they had left, and would leave the nation truly and undeniably evil. They were going to delve into the deepest, darkest reaches of magic just to counter the forces whose very existence was based on it. Necromancy was its own solution.

“It is.” Irèsp replied. “It is, my friend. But I cannot laugh at it, nor even take any kind of perverse joy. We shall be a nation of death if we are to survive this.”

Slaér threw back his head and roared with laughter. “It’s too ironic. Don’t you see?”

“I do see. I see as far as you do out on the plains at this very moment.”

Silence reigned.

“The Lich has been sighted,” Irèsp whispered. “Esterwynne is fighting it. The Shadow, Deknar’Thuul. If they could just simply kill him, our woes would vanish in an instant.”

“If that they would.”


-Animate Dead begins being researched, in order to research Black Magic as soon as possible
-1000 Mages are trained (Salthiusar; 18)

Military Positioning:
Salthiusar, 18:
-462 Guardians
-36,229 (+1000) Mages

-1 Guardian
-42 Mages
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Pietor grimaced, wrapping a piece of cloth around the bloody gash on his arm. He surveyed the damage. Hundreds lay dead on the battlefield, not all of them were monsters.

He saw Hibracht approaching and his spirits dropped. He was rallying the captains for a council of war, more were being sent to the front.

From 33 to 37
20,000 Heavy Infantry
20,000 Cavalry
8,000 Arquebussars
8,000 artillery

Train 1000 elites in every territory

(even more) OOC: Sorry for the lack of description, I wrote a much fuller one on Heresy, thought I posted it but obviously I was mistaken. I'll fill the rest in at a later date.

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Lan Halfelven

"So many have fallen, have joined the ranks of the dead. But now the battle is on the turn. We have received messengers from Anicea, Kogan-Sul and the Great Trade Republic. They are on their way. The armies of the Shadow in what had once been the lands of the Turokhi have fallen to Esterwynnian blades and now salvation from the south is within reach."

"But from the north, doom comes."

"The Arch-Lich, Deknar'Thuul rides on a beast of shadow, besieging Kel Delvolwen. Where once we faced mindless hordes, now the forces of the Shadow move with a frightening purpose and clarity of thought, displaying a greater grasp of military tactics than many generals of the world. Only through desperate measures and sheer military genius had we held the cities and where once a sea of foes had assailed us, now it seems every grave in Kolnur has given up its prize to add to the host that blackens the land."

"On the one side, there is hope."

"On the other, only death awaits us."

"I tell you this, despite what many have told me, because I believe in you. I have walked the lands we once called ours, seen the armies that are still gathering to assault us. But all of that does not matter. We are soldiers, each and every one of us. People of Esterwynne, I believe that together we can triumph, though the Shadow beats on our gates. Even now, they assail us. I have been told to rest, that others can carry on the fight in my absence. But I know that while we are still at war, I will never rest."

"Even should we fall in the battles to come, we have written our legends in the stars. This world will never forget us or our sacrifices."

"I go to war. Will you join me?"


Research Imaginary Swords Cut Too
Recruit Sentinels in 49, 55 and 56
Build Training Hall in 45
The people of Esterwynne join the warriors in the fight to defend their country. 1,500 Sentinels, 500 Guardians and 500 Hoplites are recruited in each province bar 45

We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment - and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.
— Flemeth

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Winter of 1247

Kolnur is covered in the white of snow once more. But in too many places across the continent, the crisp white is stained red with the blood of man and beast alike. The Darkness does not stop, the cold does not stop it like it once did. The Shadow will not not stop and once more, thousands fall to the foul creatures that serve the Darkness.

Once more, the colossal cannon of Anicea fired, the sound echoing across the land and the shell flying high, only a season after the same cannon obliterated Province 37, leaving nothing but smoking ruins and the forgotten dead.

Yet it is amongst these smoking ruins, that the first allied offensive in more than 2 years, strikes. The two armies, one flying the flag of Anicea, and the other of the Great Trade Republic, march into Province 37 from their respective home nations and any remaining resistance and creatures of darkness are quickly crushed between the two armies. All that remains is to decide who claims the Province, and to batten own for the winter.

In the East, in the face of one of the most powerful beings in existence, the people of Esterwynne have risen up. The nation has given all it can, but will it hold? And if Esterwynne falls, then how long can Kolnur endure?

For the first time in any living man's memory, Kogan-Sul's true horde has ridden forward from it's lands, and struck against the shattered remains of Province 34, a land Kogan-Sul's people once called home. And the sight is glorious, the horse-lords of Kolnur riding against Kolnur's greatest foe. The Shadow falls away as quickly as it had appeared, but none doubt the Darkness is waiting, watching.

The Great Trade Republic faces the brunt of the Shadow once more. Again, 39 faces an army of creatures that could turn a normal man insane. Yet after so many years of constant war, the soldiers that march beneath the Great Trade Republic's banners are not normal men, and they do not retreat. But they do fall, they fall in their tens of thousands, but they continue to hold. The unspoken question is, for how long?

Kerin-Curan is forced back, it's ships returning to defend it's own shores even as the nation's master engineers use their skills to detonate Province 9. When the smoke clears, and the noise dies, the island is gone. Nothing could tell you if it was ever there. But this gamble works, and Kerin-Curan feels only a fraction of the damage it would have otherwise.

Salthiusar can almost taste power, true power, unrestricted power that could shatter the darkness and save Kolnur. But to achieve it, they must delve into the most evil magic, even as the nations around them flock to the city, asking for refuge and offering their soldiers. If these new-comers were to discover the blackness of Salthiusar's true soul, chaos would ensue.

Kolnur still endures, but the Shadow presses on, and Salthiusar is still almost a year away. Can the nations endure for long enough?
Attached Images
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The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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"This is it, son," King Gandogar murmured as he stood on the hill overlooking the plains outside the second largest city in his country, looking over the soldiers encamped there; one hundred thousand men and dwarves - just one of three such camps, and that didn't include the two thousand mechanical creations the Engineer's Guild had created over the years.

"This is the last fall of my hammer. I don't wish to destroy your inheritance, but if I don't do this ... You may not have anything." The king turned to look at the crown prince, and grasped him roughly by the shoulders and hugged him fiercely.

"I know, father. This is either the last season of Kerin-Curan's existence, or the beginning of a new age for our lands. The men will follow you whatever. As will I."

A curt nod followed, and then both dwarves descended to the camp in silence before splitting up and organising the shipping of the troops across the sea to the heart of the Darkness.


Move all Ironclads in Sea Province 91 to Sea Province 92
Move 19 Ironclads from Sea Province 92 to Sea Province 78
Transport troops to Province 8
Dirigibles move move Province 11 to Province 8
Dirigibles attack Province 8

Province 8
-134,081 Conscripts
-43,287 Heavy Infantry
-40,484 Crossbowmen
-92,671 Heavy Cavalry
-723 Magi
-757 Artillery
-1,296 Mechanised Warriors
-835 Mechanical Walkers

-204 Fighter Dirigibles
-170 Bomber Dirigibles
-95 Interceptor Dirigibles

Province 7
1 Magi
6,127 Heavy Infantry


Sea Province 92
-450 Ironclads

Sea Province 78
-19 Ironclads

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon

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Default Salthiusar (18): Turn 20, Winter 17th Era 68 (Common: 1247-8)

1st of Sunken Sun, 17th Era 68 (Common: 1247)

The snows came to Kolnur as they always did: blustering, freezing, deathly. However, this year they came stronger and harder, causing pain across the lands as the nations began to fall back on their last resorts. Salthiusar had none of this.

Power. Pure power was coming to their disposal faster and faster. They had always known how to practise necromancy, the various rituals and cantrips involved in binding the undead into service, but it had been a suppressed dark art. They knew, thanks to earlier research, that Dark Magic corrupts by its very nature. They were staving the evil back, but for how long until they became no better than the Lich?

The snows, of course, did not reach the insides of Salthiusar, which was chilly at best. Inside, the corpses of the Lich’s undead were being practised on, the forces of life and death intertwining to create abominations. As of yet, the graves of the Salth had not been used for their macabre experiments, but a few less morally-inclined had their eyes turned that way.

Slaér strode up to Irèsp, who was watching over a large number of troops practising how to raise the dead. He forcefully grabbed the older elf’s shoulder, and turned him to face him. He did not look happy.
“How long do you think we can keep this up? Calleis says we’re not going to get through to wrecking the Shadow’s forces for at least three seasons yet! How can you be fine with this?”

Irèsp sighed. “We do not know enough about the divine to work the Lich’s destruction from there. We possess better knowledge of the forces of life and death, so we have to either follow in the footsteps of the Lich or let all of our accumulated knowledge fall to a world of the dead. We don’t know what he’s after, so we must take the fight to him in the field.”

“Do you know what some have taken to calling our troops? Black Hearts. Necromancy is destroying us. How can you let this be?”

“Then Black Hearts we are. Black Hearts we shall stay. Black Hearts we shall have, until the Lich is destroyed.”

“I shall pray for you.”

“And I shall not return the favour. We serve no deity but knowledge. I will not allow you to go back on the teachings that we have held forever. We hold no gods.”

“I do now.”

“So be it.”


-Animate Dead finishes being researched.
-1000 Mages are trained in Salthiusar, 18.
-The Archiving is completed. If Salthiusar should fall but the Shadow is defeated, their knowledge will not be lost.

Military Positioning:
Salthiusar, 18:
-462 Guardians
-37,229 Mages (+1000)

-1 Guardian
-42 Mages

Refugee Forces:
Likome Forces, Salthiusar:
-5,602 Heavy Infantry
-7,391 Light Infantry
-1,443 Magi

Darkorin Forces, Salthiusar:
-19,319 Heavy Infantry
-42,571 Heavy Cavalry
-9,359 Artillery

Skibul Forces, Salthiusar:
-17,412 Heavy Infantry
-12,490 Crossbowmen
-9,484 Arquebussers

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Sorry for the lack of proper post, I'll fill in later in the week

1000 elites trained in each territory
I'd like to fortify or assume defensive positions, if there is any such thing...

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Train 1,000 Huscarls in provinces 67,68,69 and 36.
Construct a Castle in province 37.
Cannon fired at province 39.

Forces move from province 37 to invade province 39, with orders to retreat if loses are deemed likely to be too heavy with no chance of victory.
-287 Huscarls
-9,941 Heavy Infantry
-9,967 Arquebussers
-2,894 Artillery
-580 Mechanical Walkers

The land designated as province 37 on the campaign maps of Kolnur, still is drawn a lush green with its fertile valleys and resource rich soil. Once, what seems an eternity ago, it was the breadbasket of the Pure and fed the countless souls of their burgeoning empire. Alass the armies of its neighbours would not stand its transgressions, and so as the bludgeon of force crashed down upon the Pure, even this peaceful territory was not spared. The forces of the Empire marched against their foe in a titanic clash that left the fields running red with butchered remains. Now, as a stronghold of the Empire, the land was rebuilt, its people reconciled and peace restored. Then the Shadow came. Like a swarm of locusts they descended upon the Empire, crushing some of the mightiest armies Kolnur had to offer, and once again strangling the life from province 37. When the guns had fallen silent, and the last Imperial Centurion lay slain beside his brothers, the lions of Anicea woke. The weapon unleashed by the kingdom was the final deathblow for the province, which will unlikely ever again be as it once was, now yet another scar upon the face of the World. The armies of Anicea and the Great Trade Republic marched in to evict what remained of the Shadow from the territrory. By season's end Anicea's flag was flying over the brutalized province, and the mighty cannon had fired again.

Winter 1247, Sunken Sun
By the order of King Steelfarmer, regent of all Anicea, the invasion of province 39 shall continue with due haste, lest the momentum of the offensive be lost. The forces of the Great Trade Republic will remain in province 37 to act as a garrison, and ensure that the forces of Anicea have land to fall back to shall the tactical need arise. Notice to all Anicean soldiers taking part in the attack, Kolnur province 39 - formerly known as Gayur - is under ongoing bombardement by the Cannon of Valbeach, all protecive precautions issued in the previous notice must be undertaken for the course of the attack.

For Anicea!

Chaos Marine - "Where's your god Emperor now!?"
Loyal Astartes - "Right Behind you...."
Chaos Marine - *Turns around*
Chuck Norris with a Powerfist - "FALCON PUNCH!"

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